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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #90 on: June 28, 2022, 07:53:20 PM »
A cage can be a "safe place" for a sub or pet, someplace they can go and not be bothered. Their owner can add things that would make it more comfortable food and water bowls or a modified feeder with an attachment for water and maybe food if it is put into a blender first (use your imagination). Toys can also be placed inside the cage for the sub/pet to play with (again use your imagination).
A cage can also be a place not so comfortable and safe for the sub/pet if the owner desires. Having it's wrist and ankle cuffs locked to the corners of the cage for instance If the sub/pet is wearing a head harness, having it locked to the top of the cage for one or locking it's cuffs together behind it's back and then to the top of the cage for another.
I love the way the story is going and the title change i think is  appropriate if things get a bit more serious on the bdsm front.
I think your idea of having jackie tied to a long rope or chain tied between two trees far apart will help reinforce her position in the 3-girl triangle It would also allow her to get some sun and fresh air. Maybe those two trees would be close to the lake so she can have a nice view. Of course, this could also be a situation similar to the time she was tied to the billboard (snicker).
Looking forward to the next chapter with great anitipation.
Oh, I wonder if that single telephone ring at the end of the last chapter was a signal from the girls that they were on their way back to the house?
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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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OK, so instead of getting caught up neatly on my backlog I am diving right into this, since I REALLY want to know what is going to happen next!  I think I have a good enough memory of where things left off that I can just go with reading the new part, without backtracking first, so let's see how that goes.

First the "preview", it is interesting, since the feeling and tone almost make it sound and feel like Jackie's two friends have been deliberately working towards this end for years now.  In a very real sense they have, but it still seems odd to consider such careful and deliberate long term planning and guiding / shaping of the situation starting with early teens...  then again, it comes from Jackie almost as much as from her dominant friends, and once the idea was there, which fits well with their upbringing and expectations in life, why would they not look to make it a reality?

Still, and yes, this is a big and significant step forward for all of them!

The sense of shock at being abandoned, naked, chained up and very "helpless", in a whole load of ways, then confronting Dennis without expectation, the feeling is captured well there!  It is good, reassuring and important, to me, to see Dennis start by being concerned / worried when confronted with his "solving the mechanical problem" suddenly turning into "captured human, captured woman", even if she is a bit more on the borderline between girl and woman in people's minds.

Yes, they are your friends, and they do love you, in their own way, but that isn't actually what he asked, is it?  The idea that being abandoned here is more shocking than being chained up doesn't really surprise me though, there has been enough bondage by this point that being placed back into serious restraint is almost "normal" at this point, given you are all away from home once more, but tied up and then just casually abandoned like this...  yes, that is a significant step further, even if it is a very logical step, and something that happens to "pets", if that is the right word here.

I am getting a serious education - so it is OK to sell myself into slavery to pay for my education...  well, in a sense what else is the typical very low paid and no skill job?  It's just less full time and demanding, but without people who care for you...  its "different", but when pushed, how to defend / justify it's "different"?  That's an interesting question isn't it?

Well, you and Dennis are coming at this from VERY different perspectives, so different languages isn't to unreasonable a description of things.

Ah, turning to Dennis not graduating, his shift in focus suggests that he is accepting, to some degree, her point that this is how she pays for her education.  Given how hard he is working, and that he didn't graduate, I am guessing he can see the massive value of what she is getting, so can accept her paying a fairly high price for it.

Some parents won't be able to shoulder the burden of helping with education costs, and that is assuming a loving and supportive family, and sadly not everyone has one of those...  not by a long shot.

If memory serves correctly Jackie, you were told you need your owners permission to have anything in your pussy, but there are certainly other ways to give you the sexual relief you desperately need and desire.  But, for a "decent" man, that may be a step FAR to far...  so much depends on how people understand this odd situation!

*smiles* the Dennis who was so caught up in the technical challenge, interested in the "can I?" that the more nebulous question of "should I?" disappears, especially when he actually had very good reasons for thinking nothing would ever come of this thought experiment :)  I can completely see this...  but we haven't quite been told what the hours he has earned are to be paid in / with have we?  Although there is one very obvious answer standing right before us...  but if Jackie is the payment, how are her owners going to feel about sharing her?  They have definitely been rather possessive so far!

You know, I think I am actually getting a bit sweet on Dennis, trying so hard and honestly to diffuse the situation, calm and distract the girls.  But I see the trap, he gave his word, and if he is someone who values his word, and I sense that he is, then, well, that's that isn't it?  It also explains why Greg is currently absent, he is presumably angry with Jackie's owners.

The "dumb pizza guy?"  Hardly, especially given the elegance of what you have built, but yes, people are often judged by their jobs.  But what reasons did Dana have?  This strongly suggests there is more at work here, so what more?  Are we going to learn of this?

Dana as a male would be a serious bully...  I have not thought of her like that, but it does fit the flashes we have seen of the dark side of her nature.

Well, when Dennis is being asked to explain how this masterpiece of engineering came to be, he has every right to be rightly proud of what he has achieved, and in front of a naked and chained up "pet" he hardly needs to be humble, especially if said "pet" is a key part of his pending payment...  Yes, given that this went ahead, him agreeing to make it to humour the girls does sound a bit silly, but seriously, under "normal" conditions it was a solid bet on his part.  As for who gives out money like this, people who have a lot of money it seems, and who have very entitled daughters who are expecting / demanding to have their needs met! :)

How many classes did Dennis need to get his sheepskin?  Does sheepskin refer to completing his education and graduating?  Context suggests it does, but it's not a term I recognise at all.  As for how much of the money that has been given to Dana, that has been poured into this project would have paid for his remaining classes, I suspect not that large a proportion of it.  There seems to be a serious wealth divide at work here.  Then again, Dana comes from a background where "owning someone" doesn't seem quite so outlandish or unreasonable, definitely a position of wealth and privilege.

I am going to need to stop and consider for a few moments now.  We now know what Dennis has been offered / promise in payment, and yes, there is a serious question of why he wants Jackie over her friends.  It is very easy to see a male wanting / choosing a threesome with two beautifully curvy women over the "skinny pet / slave".  But I really do think this is the wrong perspective, but I am not quite sure what I feel the right perspective is here...

OK, we need more information.  But, I keep coming back to two basic points.  First point, a dominant / pet owner / slave owner needs a submissive / pet / slave in order to be what they want to be.  Second point, Dennis has had all summer, and a fair bit of contact, I assume, with your owners, to pin down the details of what he wants as payment, so if he really does want Jackie, and at this point it seems fairly clear he does, its because that is what he wants, just as much as that is what he was offered.  After all, by his own words, it was anything he wanted, and he has decided that means Jackie!

From an "outside" perspective, the problem is that you yourself sought out Gregory specifically so that he could draw up a slave contract, you yourself organised that you became a slave, an object to be used and abused, and made sure that there were enough, and serious enough, punishments built into the contract to keep on serving.  At this point using you as a prostitute, should your owners decide to do so, is well within the boundaries of what you have sought out and agreed to.  But that simple and bare statement of facts ignores all of the emotional complexities of this, plus your relationship with the girls, your owners.

Yes, you were offered as payment to Gregory, but it never was that simple, was it, even if your owners may have thought that it was.

A great deal of this is going to hinge on how Dennis treats and views you, if there is respect, care, consideration, and so on.  Things that are not yet clear or known at all.  Certainly him starting out by wanting to know if you are really happy with this situation is a good sign though!

That makes sense, Dennis not wanting to be called sir is going to pull you away from your submissive mindset, a very good and important point!  But I do hope that this is because he is trying to approach this whole situation, and you, with care and respect.  If so this is a good start.  But yes, this is a VERY radical change in your situation and role, and you are going to need time to adjust and adapt.

OK, you have remembered the rules under with you went off with Gregory, and actually, yes, we don't know if they still stand.  The idea of the girls leaving you with their cast offs is dark, but it fits with your emotional shock and struggles, having been dumped into a totally shocking and unexpected situation!

I am curious as to the dark thought you don't have the energy to chase down, but you already have enough going on in and through your head right now!  In at the deep end really doesn't even start to cover this, does it?

The insight into Jackie's years of training to be the submissive, the worker, is very well done, it fits perfectly there!

Could do with the money rather than some tail - OUCH but also giggles!  The term and speech feels just right, but it also speaks to Dennis seeing a bigger picture, but also being trapped by a, realistically, completely unforeseeable situation.  He never expected to be here, but now he is, so now what?

I completely see where Jackie's thoughts on how Dennis "must" see her come from, but I cannot help but point out that they don't line up with his words on the subject!  Still, its going to take more than a few nice words to get through the emotional mess going on here!

*ah* that explains the "not as good a friend" as he should have been to Gregory.  The emotions keep on getting more tangled here!

The massage, nothing here screams that Dennis is an overly "bad" man, and I do have the ongoing feeling that he sees more in Jackie than Jackie currently sees in herself.

Well, its not really a surprise that your parents are looking forward to having the house to themselves again, that just seems quite natural and reasonable to me, especially since they think you are off to embrace your dreams, have a wild time and enjoy yourself.  Which in a sense is the plan, just not in a way that they would ever imagine :)

OH MY!  Dennis really doesn't know what to do here or about things, and REALLY isn't going to push, and is looking to protect and shelter Jackie!  HA!  So he is a decent person after all!  But yes, this is a messy situation, and what are her friends expecting to have happened?  In theory he should have some idea of that himself.

I think the "tail" comment should be seen more in light of the "maximum" comment, not the other way around.  No matter how much she offers, how attractive she is, her body doesn't pay his bills, sad to say.

No surprise that Dana threatened to spank the bitchiness out of you, that sounds about right, but also, depending on your mood, you might have even been acting up and out to get a response from her like that *knowing smile*

You know, given she had run off in her pet persona, and nearly got run over on the road (EEEEK!  PANIC STATIONS!) suddenly chaining her up like that, to the house, actually does seem very reasonable, the safe thing to do, a sensible and reasonable thing actually.  It looks totally different in that light, and a very long way from her current situation.

Again, different perspectives here, and knowing different things.  Given they had already seen you as a pet, chaining you up for a few hours and having you wash the cars isn't such a big leap really.  But clearly the girls, or at least Dana, was in a VERY different mind about things, and how they were to progress.  We still don't know why she was so... so worked up that night, for all that we have been told there was a reason.

OK, so Dennis doesn't see you outside on the porch, chained up, the same way you do.  But he has just confessed to thinking with his little head.  He is thinking in terms of a naked woman, one he has been offered in payment, one he actually REALLY likes the look of and would like to have fun with, chained up, naked, exposed, available...  he isn't thinking about your emotions, but probably thinking far more about the visual, about spying on you, about playing with you...  yet still he asks how you still feel about your friends, and thus he is still asking about how you feel about your current situation.

Ah, yes, I also missed that he didn't really tell you plan A first time.  Then again, you are also avoiding his questions to a degree to!

Pleading the fifth...  now to be fair it could have been a plan A that "no one was seriously going to go through with", at least in his mind, thus making avoiding telling her more acceptable.  It does leave a lot of questions hanging though...  but for all of that, he is trying to walk a path of being a decent person here, which gets him a lot of good will in my mind.

Not technically a question, being playful or avoiding the issue, or both, I wonder?

The fact that the men feel they have to take some steps to avoid the girls "forceably" separating Gregory and Jackie is rather disturbing, but does sort of fit the pattern of the girls wanting to have undisputed control over their little slave girl.  I do wonder how well Gregory and Dennis can navigate this minefield though!

But, but, waves paws around a lot...  GRRRR  OK, first, REALLY good to see that Dennis really wants to be sure that Jackie is doing this willingly, even if she then "needs" to be forced.  This is the decent and proper thing to do!

But asking, wondering, how he checked the girls were willing and happy when they aggressively took him to bed and fucked him...  seriously, to start with they were free and you are naked, chained up, helpless, and saying "I need to be taken, forced, made".  IT IS SO DIFFERENT!!!  There, I feel better for saying that :)

Good, this matters to Dennis, he is someone I can get behind in all of this :)

Well that is a suitably clear and obvious answer, Dennis is now in the clear with you :)  As for the power of being picked up, well, you want to be made to do things, that sort of raw and effortless physical power is going to turn you to jelly in nothing flat!

In the kitchen, and the fact that Dennis is deliberately avoiding giving her the stimulation, the release that she wants does indeed speak to the idea of a dominant responding to and wanting a submissive, and Jackie is massively, obviously and completely a submissive, someone to control, use and dominate!

Now that was sexy, powerful and well done, but also rather unexpected!  Then to learn that Dennis deliberately didn't bring any condoms...  if I had to guess I would say it was because he needed to be sure, really sure, that Jackie was OK with all of this, and didn't want to get caught up in the moment and regret it afterwards.

What he actually wants from her is a surprise, but at the same time its nice to encounter a male who isn't single mindedly obsessed with receiving oral sex :)

Well, this has definitely moved the story and the events forward one hell of a big step, but at the same time it has raised one hell of a lot of questions, questions that I do hope we will start to receive answers to with time!

As for the phone ringing, a wrong number, a message about people coming home, something else?  If it is a warning people are coming home, it seems fast, unless the girls expected just "a quickie" from Dennis.  More questions :)

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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The one ringer was something I remember from a very long time ago, phone calls expensive, and incomplete ones, ones not answered, giving change back from the payphone they were likely placed from. Dana is wealthy by birth, but cheap too, especially with her own cash, or even change. Also, if something had been happening at that point in time, stopping the action to answer would be a cramp.

 The pet cage could be used as anything really, but I have to think about that part, I actually like Jackie having a "safe space" to retreat to. I could even imagine relocating the cage to under an overlarge end table, covering it with a cloth when naked Jackie had to be made to disappear for a short while, like a surprise visit by somebody in authority.

I'm also happy that you like the title change, and I agree that things have to ramp up here a little, it's to be expected without any parental supervision, living on their own and all of that. I think at some point "acting" normal around others will be the act part, and naked slave mode with be the default mode for Jackie going forward.

Thank you again drulema, I very much appreciate your thoughts here, Jackie.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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Thank you, Feline, there is something about the Dennis character that makes me want to give him a bigger part here. I don't know for sure if Gregory will end up with Jackie, or Dennis will, or even if she will just continue to serve the girls going forward. The girls are entitled, and I think they just see certain others as slightly below themselves, as in I may love my pet, but I love my mate, the one I share a bed with, even more.

Jackie is a tool for them, but they still love her, it's complicated to be sure, and they are likely trying to sort this all out too. I like that they are all growing with this together too, coming of age in the 1970's like this challenging to be sure.

I also think that Dennis F-ed up something special for his friend by thinking with his guy parts, so he might be disinclined to do too much of that going forward, in as much as a young man can.

I also like that Dana's motivations aren't purely evil in chaining their friend to the house, and she might even feel some responsibility here for what she and Tracy had created; an at times mindless pet that runs the risk of getting run over, or of having less than honorable men take advantage of her should the girls have gone through with their original plans of leaving Jackie behind as they went off to school together.

It's just a thought, but what if Dennis took some of his payment in sublet form, renting Jackie out, but not for sex. Housecleaning, homework, waitress work at the pizza place maybe? Just some ideas on how "tail" can become cash, without involving her girl parts specifically. I'm not sure if Dennis' payments should be free of any restrictions, as in all of Jackie is fair game, but if that is the case and he does take all of Jackie, he may well ruin a second woman that Greg wants for himself.

The sheepskin is a degree, I think at one time they were actually printed on actual sheepskin, so this is the 1970's reference that I used.

I also like that Dennis isn't all about getting oral from Jackie. Despite what is common in porn, in my humble experience not all guys want that, at least all the time anyway. I use that cliche many times myself when I write erotic things just like everybody else, but I've known guys that just aren't all that into it. Giving such is obviously quite submissive for me, and I get off on that aspect of it myself, but it really is giving without getting in return, and most guys don't want to make out afterwards either, so it kind of cuts the passion for me, even though I know that sounds counterintuitive.

I agree that minimum wage teenager jobs can be a lot like slavery too, but being chained to the house and subject to corporal punishments kind of bumps that up a notch. The girls won't fire her, but she can't leave either.

Anyway, the girls somewhat innocent summer of teen dares is officially over, and now the real fun and education begins, Jackie.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
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I don't have too much to say.

First congratulations for finishing the first story-arch. The summer of dares ends when the summer of dares ends. Cuddo's for not preptuating it to ethernity.
I don't if it is feasible but I would think about some other title then "property of Dana and Tracy" something less... in your face maybe.

You did a lot of heavy lifting in the characterisation of Dennis and Gregory here.
I'm looking forward to the continuation of the story from here on.

Thank you for all your effort!

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #95 on: August 01, 2022, 03:28:46 PM »
Personally I do find the heavy focus on giving men, and with some authors, women, oral sex seems overdone.  But that is partly because I just think so much of the more "subtle" stuff gets overlooked.  The power of touch, there is so much skin area that can be teased, caressed, explored...  there is so much to be said for teasing, going slowly, exploring a build up, etc.

But that is by the by, but still, it was actually very refreshing, and adds good depth to Dennis to see someone who is trying to be beyond and to move beyond just thinking with their penis :)

Reading the idea of having Dennis use Jackie as a general worker, its very logical, but I have an immediate "NOPE" reaction to it.  It's very logical from his point of view, it solves problems and gives him some much needed income from all of this work, but I just cannot see Dana and Tracy going for it.  To start with, it removes their "slave / pet" from their home, so they loose having her available on demand...  it occurs to me in saying this that I am thinking that they just assume, naturally, that their calls on Jackie override Dennis's calls, so when they are around, even if she is doing something for / with Dennis, she can be called away to tend to their wants, or just because they want to show their power over her, and thus, by extension, over Dennis.  Keeping everyone in their "right and proper place" in the power hierarchy.

Beyond this, having Jackie dressed, as would be required, and unrestrained, but not at school, it goes against their growing world view of her as a pet, and acts against the general training for her being a slave, a pet and an object.

Remember, its just a few hours ago that it was suggested she should get up on stage and strip for a bunch of truckers, and Jackie made the mistake of saying no.  While I doubt that was a serious suggestion at the time, I cannot help thinking that having been told No, Dana and Tracy will conclude that this now HAS to happen, probably more than once, since their slave has to learn and remember her place, and learn not to contradict her betters.  So less about the actual act and more about the defiance.

Also, thinking about it, I don't see Dana and Tracy wanting to "share" their maid.  Yes, jumping labels here, but Jackie is being put in a position to serve several different roles for them.

As for considering how fair / unfair all of this is for Dennis, I doubt the idea has ever even occurred to the two girls, but they will probably have their own opinions on how he gets paid, gets to use their property "under loan" or even "under supervision".  And this is before considering if they get jealous at seeing a strong man wanting Jackie over them...

A lot going on here, and really looking forward to seeing more of this, and also hopefully learning the answers to some of the outstanding questions :)

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #96 on: August 03, 2022, 11:06:03 AM »
Not all guys like oral, it's just the way it is. I know porn type movies like we used to go to back in our teen days (in an actual XXX movie house) always had like three acts, and that was obviously one of them. Ken, hubby, and I all used to go together as a joke, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who got seriously wound up afterwards. I sat between both guys in the dark theater, and it would be a lie to say that both sets of hands didn't go exploring on me, this about as close to an actual threesome as we ever got together. I was usually one of only a few women in the place, (if any) as it was usually single guys sitting well apart from everybody else. I suspect my presence gave them something additional to self-entertain to, especially since we didn't exactly hide out snuggly closeness.

As far as guy oral, I guess it depends on how it's done, as in kneeling before a man submissively, or in bed between his legs, or in a 69 where he's doing something wonderful for you at the same time. Most guys don't exactly want to make out right afterwards either, so for me it kind of cools the action, giving without getting, depending of course on the exact conditions. That time with Ken in the tent when he used some rope was just super-hot and sexy though, but that was more of a rarity to see if I actually could, rather than a go-to activity. Maybe that's because I wasn't as good at it as I thought I was back in the day, or maybe other activities are just more fun and sexy. Maybe Ken was just getting the Cathy incident worked out in his head, and he really was pretending that I was her for a bit, making me/her choke on him for a few seconds. I didn't mind because I knew he'd never really hurt me, even if he did leave me with a sore throat.

Anyway, I wanted to give Dennis this particular characteristic, because he shares it with another real-world character, but I don't want to spoil the story just yet.

I also agree with your observations as to the girls lending out my alter ego for work outside the summerhouse proper, where control might be hard to maintain. I think I've set up a conflict though, because Dennis wants to turn this "job" of his into cash, so it should be interesting to see how they sort this out. Not to be too cliche, but if guys are logical, and women are passionate, they obviously see this from different angles to be sure.

As far as performing a striptease at the truck stop, this is another ultra-hot fantasy of mine that I never had the courage, nor true opportunity to do. Being somewhat less that confident in my appearance back then didn't help, but the guys in my circle of friends probably thought I looked just fine, and I have an actual nude picture that maybe confirms this. Still to this day when I look in the mirror, I see what's wrong, not what's right, it's just the way I'm made, the result of a million different experiences that I've had, just like we've all had.

Anyway, thank you again for your thoughts here, Jackie.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #97 on: August 11, 2022, 01:54:22 PM »
SO tempted to go on a rant about how society is so geared to making people, so often women, feel deeply insecure about how they look, their figures, every little detail, every possible difference from some invented ideal...  but I doubt I would be telling you anything you don't already know.  Logic is one thing, and years of indoctrination is another thing entirely...

Just don't think less of me if I want you for your mind as much as your body, OK? ;)

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #98 on: August 12, 2022, 12:43:37 AM »
Logic is one thing, and years of indoctrination is another thing entirely

Add in hundreds of millenia of evolution too.  As one of those detestable, partriarchial males I am still hardwired to look, despite decades of training in ordered, rational, logical thinking.

just don't think less of me if I want you for your mind as much as your body,

There are plenty of stories for those who want the body first.  Thanks to jackierabbit for deviating from the norm (is that possible, given the subject matter) in providing an alternative to those of us who seek the mental over the physical.

And in defense of indoctrination, moral judgment is intimately tied to perspective...
  Jack Peacock
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