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My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« on: December 23, 2015, 07:37:54 am »
You can view the story here on the plaza:

Part 1:
FF/f; building; abandoned; hospital; strip; naked; hum; bond; belt; wheelchair; scare; force; cons; X

Part 2: The Kidnapping
FF/f; cartrunk; strip; naked; bond; saranwrap; gag; kidnap; transport; tease; fantasies; cons; X

Part 3: The Therapy Pool Chair
FF/f; cartrunk; strip; naked; bond; saranwrap; gag; transport; wrap; straitjacket; chairtie; straps; tease; mast; climax; cons; X

Part 4: Property Of Dana And Tracy
FF/f; Solo-f; D/s; enslave; shopping; storeclerk; petstore; collar; leash; nametag; hum; bond; padlock; locker; tease; cons/reluct; X

Part 5: Property Of Dana And Tracy 2
FF/f; D/s; naked; sheet; outdoors; car; transport; collar; leash; bond; cuffs; gag; tease; bdsm; spank; denial; cons; X

Part 6: The Summer House Pooch
FF/f; D/s; naked; outdoors; car; transport; collar; leash; bond; cuffs; petgirl; photo; trick; enslave; maid; cons/reluct; X

Part 7: The Summer House Pooch 2
FFF/f; D/s; naked; outdoors; petgirl; collar; leash; bond; cuffs; enslave; maid; bathe; sponge; gag; denial; mast; climax; cons; X

Part 8: Caught
FFF/f; FF; solo-f; D/s; lesb; maid; apron; naked; outdoors; petgirl; collar; exhib; denial; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

Part 9: Taken In Trade
F+/f; solo-f; FFM/f; D/s; naked; outdoors; collar; exhib; petgirl; caught; transport; cage; emb; mast; climax; cons; X

Part 10: With Friends Like These...
FF/f; FMf; D/s; naked; cage; collar; encased; petgirl; emb; fantasy; hosp; M+; mast; cons/reluct; X

Part 11: My Full Dogification
FFF/f; MFF/f; D/s; naked; cage; collar; tail mask; hood; paws; sheath; petgirl; cons; X

Part 12: Embracing my Canine Transformation
FM/f; M/f; D/s; naked; collar; tail; mask; hood; paws; sheath; petgirl; surprise; emb; display; cage; cons; X

Part 13: A New Kind Of Torment
FFM/f; D/s; petgirl; cage; truck; transport; naked; cuffs; hobble; collar; leash; bond; discovery; memoryloss; cons; X

Part 14: Forgiven
FFM/f; D/s; petgirl; naked; memoryloss; cons; X
M/f; F+/f; oral; bond; leash; straps; tape; diner; tattoo; contract; enslave; spank; naked; hum; strip; teen; cons; rom; X
F+/f; M+F+/f; fpov; bond; chain; collar; cabin; D/s; hum; naked; slave; cons; X
F+/f; fpov; bond; naked; collar; chain; hum; outdoors; blindfold; gag; public; cons; X
F+/f; MF/f; fpov; bond; collar; strip; naked; public; blindfold; chain; college; cons; X

The Property Of Dana And Tracy
M/f; frottage; oral; chain; collar; captive; naked; slave; cons; XX
M/f; F+/f; fpov; bond; sex; chain; naked; cage; exhib; rom; cons; X
F+/f; fpov; mast; petgirl; outdoors; leash; collar; cage; transported; cons; X
F+/f; fpov; cage; public; naked; petgirl; collar; leash; exhib; cons; X

Please feel free to leave your kind comments & feedback here about this story.

Thanks  ;)
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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2015, 07:50:39 am »
I loved the first 9 parts, and said many brilliantly conceived words about how moving, fun and naughty they were, so Jackie, keep on feeling inspired, please!

Thoughts on part 10 to follow, once I get more caught up with things, but I am heading this way, be assured of this :)

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #2 on: December 25, 2015, 03:51:01 am »
I am going to write this as I read part 10, commenting as and when I have something to say, since I suspect I will miss key thoughts if I just wait until the end to write my comments :)

It is no wonder Gregory is suspicious, and this being something this friends organised is the more likely course of events.  Still, more likely does not actually mean its what happened, life does like its little surprises.  The club?  Now that is an interesting word, full of possibilities, openings and potential :)  Something that deserves further exploration, hint, hint!

Having watched the show as Jackie got out of the car and showed herself off so, it's no wonder Gregory things this was all staged and arranged by his friends, his suspicions make even more sense now.

His present...  how delicious!  The thoughts and feelings that must be going through Jackie, and her friends, at the perfectly reasonable, to Gregory, line of thinking that she is a treat being offered up, without having a say in it or what happens...  surely to good an opportunity for her friends to totally dismiss, but it has to be handled carefully.

A more dominant Tracy, the Tracy / Dana dynamic is growing, and becoming ever more interesting.  Oh my!  Tracy, you evil genius you, that's inspired!  Now it is a common statement that actions speak louder than words, and clearly Tracy wants to push the pet angle, still, converting a flustered and accident prone Jackie into one who is "basically begging" to be treated as a pet, regardless of her words, I do admire and respect that, and it puts a very happy smile on my face :)

Oh Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, punished for your "alleged misbehaviour"?  You don't yet seem to have worked out that firstly, your friends know about your actual, real misbehaviour, and secondly, we are getting well past the point of needing excuses for punishing you, it is enough that your friend's want to, and that you crave it and love it *evil smirk*

As for your new status as the "spoils of war", or as I would think of you, the trophy / slave, its not so obvious yet just from the story, but given the story and the forum conversation, the bet between your friends shows that you have been the spoils of war for a while now, you just haven't fully caught up with your new status is all *muwahhh*

Considering Dana vs Tracy, I am starting to think that perhaps Tracy is the more subtle, more conniving one of the two.  Dana is starting to feel more direct and up front about her dominant behaviour, while Tracy is starting to emerge as someone who is sneaky, watching for and exploiting openings, settings things up in advance.  Which can appear less dominant from the outside, but is actually just a different approach to control.  Plus we are seeing they have a fluid dynamic between themselves.

Ah, and the bets expand in the story, and Jackie is discovering how much she does not know about the internal dynamic of her friends :)  I really like how you are mixing the internal relationships in with the bondage and naughtiness, I feel we need both to bring the characters to life and to really involve the reader in the bondage and wickedness :)

Tracy, wow, so much said so quickly and efficiently, and really ramping up the power and intensity of the experience for Jackie, all while letting Jackie know her friends are onto her naughty behaviour, and consequences are going to start arriving any moment now...

I find myself pausing to consider and think through:

>> If I specifically asked for things in my diary that I had no intention of doing it made me a hypocrite before my friends, as well as challenging the trust I had placed in them.

Strictly speaking yes, I agree, but I don't see this in simple black and white terms.  Until very recently, arguably until about 10 minutes ago, Jackie did not realise how fully and completely what was written in her diary might be realised by her friends.  Her diary has been all about expressing and communicating her fantasies, dreams and desires.  Now one key element of these is that she not be in control, that all of the decisions be taken out of her hands.

Still, there is a fundamental difference between fantasy and reality, a fact that Jackie is suddenly being confronted with, and that I am sure her friends already realise.  Also, there is the whole class of "I like not liking it" fantasies, where not wanting to do something, experience something, but being made to experience it anyway because her friends push her into it, is what the fantasy is all about.

Being exposed to a stranger fits well here.  A significant part of the power of the fantasy lies in really NOT wanting it to happen, but having it happen even as Jackie is desperately wishing it isn't happening, so in that sense it's something she wants, while not wanting.  Something she would not do herself, but will end up very much enjoying, even as she is massively embarrassed, when made to do so by her friends.

I think that makes sense when written down :)  After this, it will be interesting to see what Jackie writes in her diary going forward, now she realises anything and everything she writes down may actually come to pass...  such power, such freedom, such a rush...  so long as she is suitably, actually massively horny, this is likely to encourage her, while discouraging her when she has just cum and feels more sensible and level headed *evil smirk*

Gregory offering mentorship, very mature, sensible and level headed.  This is really nice to see, someone adult and mature, being sensible, yet careful about this, opening the door to the girls, but not pushing or pressuring any of them!  The world needs more people like this, and being like this is generally the better approach longer term as well.

Oooh, a private discussion between Gregory and the two friends, Jenny's stomach must be doing flips at this point!  Plus of course they are right, the cage does need to be checked for size *radiates innocence*

*rolls eyes* I wonder if this is me being far to cynical, or Jenny not really catching up yet with the way things are going, and what her friends are clearly thinking.  Tracy's recently revealed sexual leanings have very little to do with who will be "paying" for things here, instead it is all about who is the slave and who is the master.  The whole point of having a slave is that they are the one who gets offered up in payment, especially when Gregory has just made it clear he is already eyeing Tracy up and getting ideas.

Again I find myself wondering if it's me or Jacky...  Jacky does not seem to have caught up with the thought that a pet does not need a coat in a cage...  perhaps I really am a pervert ;)

Muwahhhh, Jackie is so busy fretting over the lack of a lock, which I suspect will be very swiftly fixed, that she didn't even see the coat removal looming in her immediate future, yummy!

Now that is an interesting statement, why would Tracy think that Jackie had conspired with Dana?  Is there reason for this?  Or just the emotions, the uncertainty, fear and delicious submission speaking?

<< 'Command me firmly' I thought in my mind, and I will try to be worthy of such commands.

Now that's a striking turn of phrase, and sounds like it would make an excellent quote from her diary, or more likely an excellent addition to her diary at the next opportunity, since I am not sure it would have made it there yet *smirk*

Oh my, absolutely delicious, absolutely wonderful!  The change in Jackie's mental approach, the liberation, the acceptance, the embracing of being a bad dog, since she is not in charge, and thus no longer has responsibility for things, for any of this.  The clues and hints have been there for a while, but things really are coming together now!  Of course, I do strongly suspect Jackie is wrong in one particular, I very much doubt her friends, her owners, will allow her such freedom of motion and action for being bad, but that is a "little detail" that she has yet to discover for herself :)

*sigh* and *grrrr*  I feel a short rant coming on fast.  I cannot fault Jackie here, the pet or the author, but it still depresses and upsets me.  Why should Jackie the pet have to think in terms of "my rather ordinary small breasts".  Ever look at any of the websites devoted to female beauty, rather than raw porn?  Those websites tend to celebrate small, pert and beautiful breasts.  Watch men, watch Gregory, breasts and women are all beautiful!  The constant diminishing of women, and calling out their perceived faults rather than their self evident beauty and attractiveness...  I find it all so depressing and upsetting.  It is simply not right!

Settled down in the cage, such a lovely sight and mental image :)  Now that is a very interesting dream!  Also, the first strong hint, from memory, of a more male sexual aspect to the bondage games, and the possible fate of our bound lady.  More than that though, hinting in her diary about being abandoned at the hospital?  Such wicked dreams you have...  such naughty fantasies *teasing smirk*

That ending, so teasing, so wicked, so perfectly well timed!  I mean, her friends must know what Jackie is likely to be doing all alone in the cage, she has demonstrated that tie her up and leave her alone and this is what happens, after all.  And now Gregory, a man with extra toys, is in on the open secret...

I do find myself wondering if he has a chastity belt, or other devices that will have the same result, in his possession, and that is up for negotiation...  he has just seen first hand that Jackie needs the "help" *evil smirk*

Having read this, and thinking back, I am of the opinion that the title of part 9 should be "Taken In Trade?", with the question mark added, since even here, at the end of part 10, the nature of any payment is still not clear.  I think the sense of wondering and hinting works well.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #3 on: December 27, 2015, 12:11:51 pm »
Thank you for your kind comments. I spent a lot of time on this one, I finding that the deeper we go into this adventure the harder it is to write. I suspect that is because your thoughts keep me up on my A game, or at least to the limit of my abilities. There are also several distinct characters in this one, and their actions have to square with their developing personalities, a good trick for me when writing one story, let alone several at the same time. ( One wonders how Lobo does it.)

(The following is quite jumbled and in no particular order, I apologize for that in advanced, but your thoughtful comments demanded a response sooner than later.)

I struggle with titles all the time, and I agree with you that "Taken In Trade?" would have been a better title for this one. I will award myself five firm smacks with the paddle for that little error, to be delivered without mercy by the firm hand I sometimes require. lol

 Gregory's club will be making it into a future episode, as will Gregory, he's just too much of a character to use and discard. The girls couldn't just dump their loving friend off with a stranger either, even a nice one, but if he became a trusted friend he could always pet sit, or borrow Jackie for a show at his club. Such actions must be taken incrementally to be believable, and desirable to participate in.

 Tracy and Dana are growing on this little adventure as is Jackie, the sweet freedom of total dominance within Jackie's sight should the girls just take that next step. The girls each had blundered into total control of their friend, but that may have to be pointed out in the diary as well at some point, as was the welcome nature of the experience for Jackie.

The lost bet conspiracy I was referring to happened when Jackie first discovered that she was the subject of the girls wagers. That particular one had Dana manipulating Jackie into choosing to be a pet once initially at the summer house, and lead to Tracy sitting in Dana's car while holding her leash and making her keep pace with the car on the very long driveway. Tracy then earned Jackie's paddling in her place, and that's where we discovered the intimate relationship between both dominate girls.

"I like not liking it" is an excellent way of stating it, and I may steal that from you if you don't mind. I also think the "command me firmly..." thought should end up in the diary, but only if Dana and Tracy ever develop doubts about Jackie's desire for such commitment.

Tracy has been the unofficial number two of the girls three way relationship for a very long time, and number two always has to try harder. Right now she's on top, but stuck with a pet instead of the maid she desires, I wondering who might be compelled to play maid for her?

Jackie still needs to misbehave to receive what she wants from the girls guilt free, (at least for now), just as playing strip poker is really just a guilt free excuse to strip for your fellow players.

Jackie is getting more body confident as we go along as well, she going from running in terror with a slammed door at the hospital, to laying down nude on the center line of the of the county road after a naked run in the rain to get the mail. Gregory watching her crawl into her new cage was a perfect time for the submissive little pet to question if she "measured up" to his expectations however, this her first dare performed for one outside of the girls tight group. I suspect she may still do this for a time as new boundaries are broken, but in the company of her stunningly turned out friends such might be expected.

Gregory also has some toys that will keep Jackie out of trouble and properly on edge for motivational purposes, in or out of her cage, all at the exact time of her submissive sexual awaking, a sadistic coincidence if there was ever one. I also suspect that with all that erotic energy, (once the safety valve of self entertainment has been unnaturally tampered with), poor frustrated Jackie will be driven into all kinds of trouble.

Thank you again for your kind words, and please excuse the randomness of my response, I am most certainly NOT on my A game today, Jackie.


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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2016, 06:43:19 am »
I have enjoyed the transition of Jackie through the 11 chapters so far. Her inhibitions seem to be evaporating with each new experience and her current mindset that of being a pet appears to be something she truly relishes. To what end will this take her? Does she really care? Will she begin to see Dana and Tracy solely as her owners and not friends? Will her persona of being a girl/pet evolve into her simply being a pet? Interesting questions that I look forward to learning the answers in subsequent chapters.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2016, 10:44:35 am »
Thank you Drulema, I have enjoyed writing it. I think that in the short term Jackie will be "forced" to fully embrace her pet persona, and that in addition to her new accessories will keep the kink level very high for her. All three girls are on a mission of discovery on their first summer of adulthood, and the way this is going we get to experience it along with them.

 Pets are fun, but a lot of work, and I see more practicality in a maid for Dana and Tracy, most especially if they decide to attend the local college instead and live at the summer house with their friend possibly doing the same. Jackie could serve her friends (in true maid fashion) while not in class to pay her share of the room and board, Dana's parents allowing them the use of the summerhouse instead of footing the room and board at another more expensive school thinking all three girls would be more likely to watch out for each other together than separated.

I could also see Dana's or Tracy's parents making the condition of no boys at the summerhouse during school, thinking that such conditions might keep their little darlings safe, little knowing what we do about how that will likely turn out.

Thank you again for your kind comments, Jackie.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2016, 11:24:47 pm »
Thank you Jackie for responding. I enjoy your style of writing. Things aren't just happening with Jackie, but rather her emotions are expressed and a basis for her actions is there in her thoughts. She likes what's happening, she trusts her friends, she may not know what's around the corner, but she is curious to find out. She may be apprehensive, but she is not scared. This may be her only opportunity to explore taboos and her kinky side and she relishes where this may lead her. Though I agree that maintaining a her solely as a pet is work for Dana and Tracy I think it would be something all three would like to continue past this summer, but more on a "as time allows" basis. Having Jackie as their maid seems not only practical, but allows for different scenarios to be played out. My opinion would be for Jackie to remain naked and possibly with a collar of some sort that would be a constant reminder for her of her status though maybe not a blatant symbol of bdsm; something more subtle. In lieu of that maybe a small tattoo with Dana's and Tracy's initials within a chain design perhaps. After her time as pet, she would come to see herself as less of an equal to Dana and Tracy; always follow behind them, not sit on furniture and speak only when allowed to. Her submissive side would become more pronounced and take over her persona. These are just my thoughts of how I perceive the girl's evolution between themselves of course centering around Jackie.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #7 on: May 23, 2016, 10:48:31 am »
Thank you for some wonderful suggestions Drulema. I like the power exchange going on here, and I have always felt that the sexiest part of any body is what is happing in ones mind. Jackie started out somewhat submissive, most especially in her pretty friends company, but she has been conditioned to this thought process for some time. Her friends obviously care about her, but they are privileged girls, and having a pet or a maid to do what they don't want to have to for themselves seems desirable to them I'm sure. One could argue that Jackie had been groomed for this very task for years by her friends, but I think it could also be somewhat more innocent, her friends just discovering how deep this kink in their friend runs in their own summer of discovery and wishing to use this discovery to their own best interest.

The giving of power to another is exciting to me, but along with that is the full responsibility for that person's well being. In Jackie's servitude, (no matter in pet, or maid persona), there is a certain liberation from the responsibilities for oneself, (must remember to feed and bathe the pet), and for the right person this is a huge turn on.

I was considering leaving her in the dog chain collar with tag as a kinky little reminder of her status, and I could see the maid Jackie having two uniforms, one of just her skin, or her skin and the apron for when the girls were alone, and a more traditional uniform if in company or for other reasons of practicality. A tattoo of possession on her little rump where a traditional bikini would cover it could be fun, she reflecting back on her experiences years in the future no matter how things worked out.

Thank you again for your kind words and thought provoking comments, Jackie.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #8 on: May 23, 2016, 11:55:13 pm »
Jackie's summer of discovery is somethig she has envisioned and documented in her diary. It hinges on her trust of her friends. Will she continue down the path she is taking and how far will her submissive side take her. Her friends are also discovering things about themselves that may have been simmering under the surface and being together tending to Jackie may bring something out between the two of them.

Jackie is obviously becoming secure in her own skin, her mind is telling her "it's just another small step" based on her fantasies and how far she has come to this point and the next and the one after that. There's still a question in her mind as to will there be a final step and will she be willing to take it? Will all of her past experiences lead her logically to take that last one? Will there be any hesitation (dipping her toe in first) or will she have been conditioned up to that point to just take the plunge? Will her decision (if there truly ever is one) be based on everything that has come before or will it hinge on her friends and her trust (and maybe love) of them?

A proper maid uniform, hmmm! Would be interesting to see if she is required to wear it only for the girls parents! Will not wearing one when Dana and Tracy's friends are over be her decision or her friends? Will there be a rule that she wear the uniform when parents are over occur to Jackie to only mean parents and she surprises everyone when she is nude when friends are over and not think for a second it's not what Dana and Tracy meant?

Being taken to the club as a pet provides some interesting scenarios and I think some real serious training and immersion on Jackie's part. Will this be a critical point for Dana and Tracy? What really happened to Gregory's previous pet!?

Don't let any of these thoughts deflect you from your intended course for the story. Just some random thoughts I hold the author responsible for for writing such an interesting story!

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #9 on: June 17, 2016, 05:54:04 pm »
summer of dares, part 11

Thoughts as I read part 11, finally getting there :)

I should probably go back and re-read at least the last few parts to refresh my memory, but I want to get on and read part 11, and I have a back log, so I will just go with what's in my memory.

Ooh, poor Jackie, interrupted so close to her goal!  I would call this wicked, but, she is locked naked in a dog cage, and has been caught masturbating several times now by her friends, when she is supposed to be "behaving" herself, so it is wicked, but its exactly the sort of wicked we are looking for and enjoying.  An evil mind is wondering if Jackie was being monitored, so people would know the correct time to come and interrupt her dream...  *evil smirk*

An interesting perspective on how she is changing.  But considering that her private sexual fantasies, as revealed by her diary, are being brought to life, that she is literally living her sexual fantasies 24 / 7, many miles from home, with no safety net and no backing out, well, it would be a surprise if she was not constantly horny :)

He prefers sir, reminding her of the power dynamic.  I do wonder what this hours long conversation covered, thats a LOT of time, considering a naked woman in a cage, to explore wicked thoughts and ideas!  I do wonder what the "its more than luck" comment is pointing at.  Is there something clever here?  Or just the observation that it takes hard work and trust to make these things happen, along with the luck of meeting and knowing the right people.

I like his sad but accepting response to thinking that Jackie wants to be released so soon, the confusion over the nature of "going".  He may want her captive, but he is reasonable and fair about things, not pushing when he should not.

Oh dear, friends not instantly rushing to her rescue...  are they just being naughty?  Treating her like a pet?  Or don't they understand the actual situation?  Or maybe a bit of one and a bit of another?

Now that is a very telling turn of phrase, and a fascinating insight into Jackie's mental state.  Her friends come in and stand over her, rather than treating her like a cherished pet!  Clearly thinking of herself as a pet really quite strongly by now.

Pets cannot talk!  Rolls on the floor laughing!  Oh, someone's in trouble now!  But also, it is interesting to see how far, fast and firmly this is being pushed.  I do wonder, guided by the story codes, just what the conversation and collected items have been suggesting and implying...

No borrowed coat, no surprise really, but also, so much for avoiding putting on a show for Gregory *very evil smirk*

Have a shower but no loosing your motivation?!  I think this is the first time her pre/post orgasmic state and level of motivation has actually been mentioned by her friends, but it just proves they know exactly what is going on, they are monitoring it, and given Jackie's naughty ways, I am expecting to see more steps taken soon to control how "motivated" she stays, and for how long.

Being joined in the shower, washed like this, it is interesting on several fronts.  This feels so much more casual and relaxed on her friend's part, than earlier, when she was washed down as a dog.  But that might have been a different friend, and things have moved on since then.

Jacky failing to realise that her friend might be keenly interested in her more modest breasts, so believable, yet so sad.  It is the person and their responses as much as the size of the curves that really matters.

Ooh, total immersion in pet role?!  This sounds good!  Also, wisdom and experience from Greg, deeper knowledge of what they are doing and the forces they are playing with, something very important here.  *evil smirk* if all three of them like her as a pet, showing that Jackie's views and wishes sometimes have to give way to what her friends want from her :)  And the talk of punishment, so wonderfully and delightfully firm and commanding, the emotions that must be running through Jackie...  Yummy!

Smirk, the idea that Jackie, down on all fours, is almost modest compared to what she has done before...  technically correct, yet it does make me smile, considering the wickedness of her outfit and what is happening.

I am having to puzzle over:

>> As if answering my silent question Gregory opened a special looking box he had been holding, he apparently electing to put whatever it was on me himself, the girls and he sharing a smile that gave me a foreboding feeling. I at least knew they approved of whatever his surprise was, but my friends had changed as of late, so this was getting to be an easier hurdle to cross by the minute.

why is this getting to be an easier hurdle to cross?  Yes, your friends have changed of late, becoming far more commanding, firm and wicked, but you are also changing, unleashing your sexual submissive nature in a way you never have before.  Perhaps this is the point, you are all adapting the the new role of mistress and slave?  That feels like what you are saying here, but I had to stop and think about it a bit.

I do like the comparison of Gregory's command, vs her friends still learning what command is like, and doing it by accident, a very good sense and insight into how this is, and her feelings and reactions :)

Very textured paws...  keeping her out of trouble in more than one sense I see!  Evil, I love it! :)

Motivated indeed!  Soon the building, ever building lust, is going to do a lot of pushing and motivating...  muwahhhh!

It has taken me an age to get here, but well worth the wait.  Hopefully you have plans for where to take this?  I am not sure if I want to see Jackie be naughty and get punished, or get the hinted at awesome reward...  perhaps both?

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #10 on: June 24, 2016, 10:53:53 am »
First off I must apologize for not responding earlier to your as always well thought out observations, but I have had a lot going on lately. The "voice of command" part where Gregory's words turn into Jackie's actions, (or earlier when the same happened with her pretty friends briefly) has happened with myself on occasion. It is a wonderful experience when it happens, but very difficult to ride that high lever of utter submission for very long in the real world with other real humans, at least for myself. That giving of control to another trusted soul, even without the promised gift of ultimate physical gratification, is where I think Jackie wants to visit on this vacation to see if she likes it as much as she suspects she will. The physical desire I think is what is motivating her and breaking down her paradigms, I myself capable of some very wild things when motivated the same way, the payoff for that submission when or if it is allowed to happen almost indescribable.

The after part I think could be a potentially serious crash for some, (as in what have I done?), but never for one with a loving and playful partner equipped with the complimentary dominate version of their own submissive kink. This I think for most of us is more practically a place to visit on occasion for fun and entertainment, (like a vacation away from home), but a difficult place to stay indefinitely, like living at one section of Disney world for years at a time.

Dana and Tracy, and possibly even Gregory aren't doing this exclusively for Jackie though, they are doing more giving at the moment, but I know for a fact that they plan on doing a fair amount of getting at some point. Once you freely give something to someone else after all it's theirs to do with what they please, whether that's your coat, or your freedom, it's all the same from a certain point of view. One would expect a gift given with love would and should be treated well by the recipient, but that in the end is really up to them and more a reflection of their own character.

Jackie is potentially the ultimate gift for all three if some form of sharing could be worked out between them, this something I think might be worth exploring in the following chapters.

Thank you for your observations and kind words, Jackie.


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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #11 on: June 29, 2016, 02:51:32 am »
At the risk of drifting off topic here, your comments do trigger a couple of thoughts, and important points.

The voice of command, the submission, giving over control, from my personal experience and observations over the years this has a LOT to do with both trust, history and setting.  With the right setting, the right surroundings and expectations it can put everyone into a more receptive mood, both dom and sub, making the switch easier to make, and easier to maintain for periods of time.  It can be a LOT of work on the dom's part, but with three people to share the work, keeping control of Jackie becomes quite doable.

For the setting, alone and isolated, and once the props, the clothes, lack of clothes, bondage, etc, are added, this is all going to help to make Jackie much more receptive, especially when horny, or otherwise chasing a reward :)  Nothing like a bit of positive encouragement and reinforcement to help things along.

As for a crash, some people are prone to a down / depressed mood after the intense high of a positive experience.  Readjusting back to "normal" life and all that.  Here you have already touched on a real aspect of this effect, how Jackie's mood and behaviour changes so much when no longer horny and searching for her release, and the resulting mood "cycles".

Yes...  once the trust has been given over, along with the control and the keys, what then happens is no longer something Jackie has any real say over, or control over...  She is dependent on the good nature of her friends, of her owners...  There is some real wickedness to her friends, loving and safe wickedness, but real wickedness all the same, and I am very much looking forward to seeing where this gets everyone, and the fun times to come :)

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #12 on: May 01, 2017, 07:14:58 am »
Jackie! When is the next chapter of this cool story going to be posted?

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #13 on: September 05, 2017, 02:25:28 am »
Just read Chapter 12 and it was a delightful read! Jackie is fitting into her role as pet nicely and fulfilling one of her innermost fantasies. So, Dennis is going to transport Jackie's new cage back to the summer house. Sounds like Jackie's petrification will last awhile and Jackie will be undergoing training by Dana and Tracy with the possibility of being shown at some future show. Nice! A show will undoubtedly involve grooming which may involve another of Greg's friends? Jackie seems to be warming up to the idea of being "shown". I wonder if she "shows" well if others would be interested in acquiring her? So, looking forward to the subsequent chapters and seeing how she progresses.

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Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #14 on: September 06, 2017, 12:52:38 pm »
So yummy!

After a strong start, things slowed up a bit when they arrived at the house, and like Gregory, I agree that the back and forth between maid and pet was stopping the feelings building up in the most satisfactory way.

Now we're solidly in one of my favourite places. The heavy foreshadowing of the cage door catches wasn't wasted. There are some touches I love here. The bristly gloves to hamper any pet naughtiness, the human pet show, the 'truck' bed with the cage.

The stage seems set, I look forward to exciting new events. Poor Jackie, she's going to be so frustrated. I'm all a-quiver, waiting for her to discover how eager to please an appropriately motivated puppy can be.


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