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Title: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: Gromet on December 23, 2015, 07:37:54 AM
You can view the story here on the plaza:

Part 1:
FF/f; building; abandoned; hospital; strip; naked; hum; bond; belt; wheelchair; scare; force; cons; X

Part 2: The Kidnapping
FF/f; cartrunk; strip; naked; bond; saranwrap; gag; kidnap; transport; tease; fantasies; cons; X

Part 3: The Therapy Pool Chair
FF/f; cartrunk; strip; naked; bond; saranwrap; gag; transport; wrap; straitjacket; chairtie; straps; tease; mast; climax; cons; X

Part 4: Property Of Dana And Tracy
FF/f; Solo-f; D/s; enslave; shopping; storeclerk; petstore; collar; leash; nametag; hum; bond; padlock; locker; tease; cons/reluct; X

Part 5: Property Of Dana And Tracy 2
FF/f; D/s; naked; sheet; outdoors; car; transport; collar; leash; bond; cuffs; gag; tease; bdsm; spank; denial; cons; X

Part 6: The Summer House Pooch
FF/f; D/s; naked; outdoors; car; transport; collar; leash; bond; cuffs; petgirl; photo; trick; enslave; maid; cons/reluct; X

Part 7: The Summer House Pooch 2
FFF/f; D/s; naked; outdoors; petgirl; collar; leash; bond; cuffs; enslave; maid; bathe; sponge; gag; denial; mast; climax; cons; X

Part 8: Caught
FFF/f; FF; solo-f; D/s; lesb; maid; apron; naked; outdoors; petgirl; collar; exhib; denial; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

Part 9: Taken In Trade
F+/f; solo-f; FFM/f; D/s; naked; outdoors; collar; exhib; petgirl; caught; transport; cage; emb; mast; climax; cons; X

Part 10: With Friends Like These...
FF/f; FMf; D/s; naked; cage; collar; encased; petgirl; emb; fantasy; hosp; M+; mast; cons/reluct; X

Part 11: My Full Dogification
FFF/f; MFF/f; D/s; naked; cage; collar; tail mask; hood; paws; sheath; petgirl; cons; X

Part 12: Embracing my Canine Transformation
FM/f; M/f; D/s; naked; collar; tail; mask; hood; paws; sheath; petgirl; surprise; emb; display; cage; cons; X

Part 13: A New Kind Of Torment
FFM/f; D/s; petgirl; cage; truck; transport; naked; cuffs; hobble; collar; leash; bond; discovery; memoryloss; cons; X

Part 14: Forgiven
FFM/f; D/s; petgirl; naked; memoryloss; cons; X
M/f; F+/f; oral; bond; leash; straps; tape; diner; tattoo; contract; enslave; spank; naked; hum; strip; teen; cons; rom; X
F+/f; M+F+/f; fpov; bond; chain; collar; cabin; D/s; hum; naked; slave; cons; X
F+/f; fpov; bond; naked; collar; chain; hum; outdoors; blindfold; gag; public; cons; X

Please feel free to leave your kind comments & feedback here about this story.

Thanks  ;)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on December 23, 2015, 07:50:39 AM
I loved the first 9 parts, and said many brilliantly conceived words about how moving, fun and naughty they were, so Jackie, keep on feeling inspired, please!

Thoughts on part 10 to follow, once I get more caught up with things, but I am heading this way, be assured of this :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on December 25, 2015, 03:51:01 AM
I am going to write this as I read part 10, commenting as and when I have something to say, since I suspect I will miss key thoughts if I just wait until the end to write my comments :)

It is no wonder Gregory is suspicious, and this being something this friends organised is the more likely course of events.  Still, more likely does not actually mean its what happened, life does like its little surprises.  The club?  Now that is an interesting word, full of possibilities, openings and potential :)  Something that deserves further exploration, hint, hint!

Having watched the show as Jackie got out of the car and showed herself off so, it's no wonder Gregory things this was all staged and arranged by his friends, his suspicions make even more sense now.

His present...  how delicious!  The thoughts and feelings that must be going through Jackie, and her friends, at the perfectly reasonable, to Gregory, line of thinking that she is a treat being offered up, without having a say in it or what happens...  surely to good an opportunity for her friends to totally dismiss, but it has to be handled carefully.

A more dominant Tracy, the Tracy / Dana dynamic is growing, and becoming ever more interesting.  Oh my!  Tracy, you evil genius you, that's inspired!  Now it is a common statement that actions speak louder than words, and clearly Tracy wants to push the pet angle, still, converting a flustered and accident prone Jackie into one who is "basically begging" to be treated as a pet, regardless of her words, I do admire and respect that, and it puts a very happy smile on my face :)

Oh Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, punished for your "alleged misbehaviour"?  You don't yet seem to have worked out that firstly, your friends know about your actual, real misbehaviour, and secondly, we are getting well past the point of needing excuses for punishing you, it is enough that your friend's want to, and that you crave it and love it *evil smirk*

As for your new status as the "spoils of war", or as I would think of you, the trophy / slave, its not so obvious yet just from the story, but given the story and the forum conversation, the bet between your friends shows that you have been the spoils of war for a while now, you just haven't fully caught up with your new status is all *muwahhh*

Considering Dana vs Tracy, I am starting to think that perhaps Tracy is the more subtle, more conniving one of the two.  Dana is starting to feel more direct and up front about her dominant behaviour, while Tracy is starting to emerge as someone who is sneaky, watching for and exploiting openings, settings things up in advance.  Which can appear less dominant from the outside, but is actually just a different approach to control.  Plus we are seeing they have a fluid dynamic between themselves.

Ah, and the bets expand in the story, and Jackie is discovering how much she does not know about the internal dynamic of her friends :)  I really like how you are mixing the internal relationships in with the bondage and naughtiness, I feel we need both to bring the characters to life and to really involve the reader in the bondage and wickedness :)

Tracy, wow, so much said so quickly and efficiently, and really ramping up the power and intensity of the experience for Jackie, all while letting Jackie know her friends are onto her naughty behaviour, and consequences are going to start arriving any moment now...

I find myself pausing to consider and think through:

>> If I specifically asked for things in my diary that I had no intention of doing it made me a hypocrite before my friends, as well as challenging the trust I had placed in them.

Strictly speaking yes, I agree, but I don't see this in simple black and white terms.  Until very recently, arguably until about 10 minutes ago, Jackie did not realise how fully and completely what was written in her diary might be realised by her friends.  Her diary has been all about expressing and communicating her fantasies, dreams and desires.  Now one key element of these is that she not be in control, that all of the decisions be taken out of her hands.

Still, there is a fundamental difference between fantasy and reality, a fact that Jackie is suddenly being confronted with, and that I am sure her friends already realise.  Also, there is the whole class of "I like not liking it" fantasies, where not wanting to do something, experience something, but being made to experience it anyway because her friends push her into it, is what the fantasy is all about.

Being exposed to a stranger fits well here.  A significant part of the power of the fantasy lies in really NOT wanting it to happen, but having it happen even as Jackie is desperately wishing it isn't happening, so in that sense it's something she wants, while not wanting.  Something she would not do herself, but will end up very much enjoying, even as she is massively embarrassed, when made to do so by her friends.

I think that makes sense when written down :)  After this, it will be interesting to see what Jackie writes in her diary going forward, now she realises anything and everything she writes down may actually come to pass...  such power, such freedom, such a rush...  so long as she is suitably, actually massively horny, this is likely to encourage her, while discouraging her when she has just cum and feels more sensible and level headed *evil smirk*

Gregory offering mentorship, very mature, sensible and level headed.  This is really nice to see, someone adult and mature, being sensible, yet careful about this, opening the door to the girls, but not pushing or pressuring any of them!  The world needs more people like this, and being like this is generally the better approach longer term as well.

Oooh, a private discussion between Gregory and the two friends, Jenny's stomach must be doing flips at this point!  Plus of course they are right, the cage does need to be checked for size *radiates innocence*

*rolls eyes* I wonder if this is me being far to cynical, or Jenny not really catching up yet with the way things are going, and what her friends are clearly thinking.  Tracy's recently revealed sexual leanings have very little to do with who will be "paying" for things here, instead it is all about who is the slave and who is the master.  The whole point of having a slave is that they are the one who gets offered up in payment, especially when Gregory has just made it clear he is already eyeing Tracy up and getting ideas.

Again I find myself wondering if it's me or Jacky...  Jacky does not seem to have caught up with the thought that a pet does not need a coat in a cage...  perhaps I really am a pervert ;)

Muwahhhh, Jackie is so busy fretting over the lack of a lock, which I suspect will be very swiftly fixed, that she didn't even see the coat removal looming in her immediate future, yummy!

Now that is an interesting statement, why would Tracy think that Jackie had conspired with Dana?  Is there reason for this?  Or just the emotions, the uncertainty, fear and delicious submission speaking?

<< 'Command me firmly' I thought in my mind, and I will try to be worthy of such commands.

Now that's a striking turn of phrase, and sounds like it would make an excellent quote from her diary, or more likely an excellent addition to her diary at the next opportunity, since I am not sure it would have made it there yet *smirk*

Oh my, absolutely delicious, absolutely wonderful!  The change in Jackie's mental approach, the liberation, the acceptance, the embracing of being a bad dog, since she is not in charge, and thus no longer has responsibility for things, for any of this.  The clues and hints have been there for a while, but things really are coming together now!  Of course, I do strongly suspect Jackie is wrong in one particular, I very much doubt her friends, her owners, will allow her such freedom of motion and action for being bad, but that is a "little detail" that she has yet to discover for herself :)

*sigh* and *grrrr*  I feel a short rant coming on fast.  I cannot fault Jackie here, the pet or the author, but it still depresses and upsets me.  Why should Jackie the pet have to think in terms of "my rather ordinary small breasts".  Ever look at any of the websites devoted to female beauty, rather than raw porn?  Those websites tend to celebrate small, pert and beautiful breasts.  Watch men, watch Gregory, breasts and women are all beautiful!  The constant diminishing of women, and calling out their perceived faults rather than their self evident beauty and attractiveness...  I find it all so depressing and upsetting.  It is simply not right!

Settled down in the cage, such a lovely sight and mental image :)  Now that is a very interesting dream!  Also, the first strong hint, from memory, of a more male sexual aspect to the bondage games, and the possible fate of our bound lady.  More than that though, hinting in her diary about being abandoned at the hospital?  Such wicked dreams you have...  such naughty fantasies *teasing smirk*

That ending, so teasing, so wicked, so perfectly well timed!  I mean, her friends must know what Jackie is likely to be doing all alone in the cage, she has demonstrated that tie her up and leave her alone and this is what happens, after all.  And now Gregory, a man with extra toys, is in on the open secret...

I do find myself wondering if he has a chastity belt, or other devices that will have the same result, in his possession, and that is up for negotiation...  he has just seen first hand that Jackie needs the "help" *evil smirk*

Having read this, and thinking back, I am of the opinion that the title of part 9 should be "Taken In Trade?", with the question mark added, since even here, at the end of part 10, the nature of any payment is still not clear.  I think the sense of wondering and hinting works well.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on December 27, 2015, 12:11:51 PM
Thank you for your kind comments. I spent a lot of time on this one, I finding that the deeper we go into this adventure the harder it is to write. I suspect that is because your thoughts keep me up on my A game, or at least to the limit of my abilities. There are also several distinct characters in this one, and their actions have to square with their developing personalities, a good trick for me when writing one story, let alone several at the same time. ( One wonders how Lobo does it.)

(The following is quite jumbled and in no particular order, I apologize for that in advanced, but your thoughtful comments demanded a response sooner than later.)

I struggle with titles all the time, and I agree with you that "Taken In Trade?" would have been a better title for this one. I will award myself five firm smacks with the paddle for that little error, to be delivered without mercy by the firm hand I sometimes require. lol

 Gregory's club will be making it into a future episode, as will Gregory, he's just too much of a character to use and discard. The girls couldn't just dump their loving friend off with a stranger either, even a nice one, but if he became a trusted friend he could always pet sit, or borrow Jackie for a show at his club. Such actions must be taken incrementally to be believable, and desirable to participate in.

 Tracy and Dana are growing on this little adventure as is Jackie, the sweet freedom of total dominance within Jackie's sight should the girls just take that next step. The girls each had blundered into total control of their friend, but that may have to be pointed out in the diary as well at some point, as was the welcome nature of the experience for Jackie.

The lost bet conspiracy I was referring to happened when Jackie first discovered that she was the subject of the girls wagers. That particular one had Dana manipulating Jackie into choosing to be a pet once initially at the summer house, and lead to Tracy sitting in Dana's car while holding her leash and making her keep pace with the car on the very long driveway. Tracy then earned Jackie's paddling in her place, and that's where we discovered the intimate relationship between both dominate girls.

"I like not liking it" is an excellent way of stating it, and I may steal that from you if you don't mind. I also think the "command me firmly..." thought should end up in the diary, but only if Dana and Tracy ever develop doubts about Jackie's desire for such commitment.

Tracy has been the unofficial number two of the girls three way relationship for a very long time, and number two always has to try harder. Right now she's on top, but stuck with a pet instead of the maid she desires, I wondering who might be compelled to play maid for her?

Jackie still needs to misbehave to receive what she wants from the girls guilt free, (at least for now), just as playing strip poker is really just a guilt free excuse to strip for your fellow players.

Jackie is getting more body confident as we go along as well, she going from running in terror with a slammed door at the hospital, to laying down nude on the center line of the of the county road after a naked run in the rain to get the mail. Gregory watching her crawl into her new cage was a perfect time for the submissive little pet to question if she "measured up" to his expectations however, this her first dare performed for one outside of the girls tight group. I suspect she may still do this for a time as new boundaries are broken, but in the company of her stunningly turned out friends such might be expected.

Gregory also has some toys that will keep Jackie out of trouble and properly on edge for motivational purposes, in or out of her cage, all at the exact time of her submissive sexual awaking, a sadistic coincidence if there was ever one. I also suspect that with all that erotic energy, (once the safety valve of self entertainment has been unnaturally tampered with), poor frustrated Jackie will be driven into all kinds of trouble.

Thank you again for your kind words, and please excuse the randomness of my response, I am most certainly NOT on my A game today, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on May 20, 2016, 06:43:19 AM
I have enjoyed the transition of Jackie through the 11 chapters so far. Her inhibitions seem to be evaporating with each new experience and her current mindset that of being a pet appears to be something she truly relishes. To what end will this take her? Does she really care? Will she begin to see Dana and Tracy solely as her owners and not friends? Will her persona of being a girl/pet evolve into her simply being a pet? Interesting questions that I look forward to learning the answers in subsequent chapters.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on May 20, 2016, 10:44:35 AM
Thank you Drulema, I have enjoyed writing it. I think that in the short term Jackie will be "forced" to fully embrace her pet persona, and that in addition to her new accessories will keep the kink level very high for her. All three girls are on a mission of discovery on their first summer of adulthood, and the way this is going we get to experience it along with them.

 Pets are fun, but a lot of work, and I see more practicality in a maid for Dana and Tracy, most especially if they decide to attend the local college instead and live at the summer house with their friend possibly doing the same. Jackie could serve her friends (in true maid fashion) while not in class to pay her share of the room and board, Dana's parents allowing them the use of the summerhouse instead of footing the room and board at another more expensive school thinking all three girls would be more likely to watch out for each other together than separated.

I could also see Dana's or Tracy's parents making the condition of no boys at the summerhouse during school, thinking that such conditions might keep their little darlings safe, little knowing what we do about how that will likely turn out.

Thank you again for your kind comments, Jackie.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on May 20, 2016, 11:24:47 PM
Thank you Jackie for responding. I enjoy your style of writing. Things aren't just happening with Jackie, but rather her emotions are expressed and a basis for her actions is there in her thoughts. She likes what's happening, she trusts her friends, she may not know what's around the corner, but she is curious to find out. She may be apprehensive, but she is not scared. This may be her only opportunity to explore taboos and her kinky side and she relishes where this may lead her. Though I agree that maintaining a her solely as a pet is work for Dana and Tracy I think it would be something all three would like to continue past this summer, but more on a "as time allows" basis. Having Jackie as their maid seems not only practical, but allows for different scenarios to be played out. My opinion would be for Jackie to remain naked and possibly with a collar of some sort that would be a constant reminder for her of her status though maybe not a blatant symbol of bdsm; something more subtle. In lieu of that maybe a small tattoo with Dana's and Tracy's initials within a chain design perhaps. After her time as pet, she would come to see herself as less of an equal to Dana and Tracy; always follow behind them, not sit on furniture and speak only when allowed to. Her submissive side would become more pronounced and take over her persona. These are just my thoughts of how I perceive the girl's evolution between themselves of course centering around Jackie.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on May 23, 2016, 10:48:31 AM
Thank you for some wonderful suggestions Drulema. I like the power exchange going on here, and I have always felt that the sexiest part of any body is what is happing in ones mind. Jackie started out somewhat submissive, most especially in her pretty friends company, but she has been conditioned to this thought process for some time. Her friends obviously care about her, but they are privileged girls, and having a pet or a maid to do what they don't want to have to for themselves seems desirable to them I'm sure. One could argue that Jackie had been groomed for this very task for years by her friends, but I think it could also be somewhat more innocent, her friends just discovering how deep this kink in their friend runs in their own summer of discovery and wishing to use this discovery to their own best interest.

The giving of power to another is exciting to me, but along with that is the full responsibility for that person's well being. In Jackie's servitude, (no matter in pet, or maid persona), there is a certain liberation from the responsibilities for oneself, (must remember to feed and bathe the pet), and for the right person this is a huge turn on.

I was considering leaving her in the dog chain collar with tag as a kinky little reminder of her status, and I could see the maid Jackie having two uniforms, one of just her skin, or her skin and the apron for when the girls were alone, and a more traditional uniform if in company or for other reasons of practicality. A tattoo of possession on her little rump where a traditional bikini would cover it could be fun, she reflecting back on her experiences years in the future no matter how things worked out.

Thank you again for your kind words and thought provoking comments, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on May 23, 2016, 11:55:13 PM
Jackie's summer of discovery is somethig she has envisioned and documented in her diary. It hinges on her trust of her friends. Will she continue down the path she is taking and how far will her submissive side take her. Her friends are also discovering things about themselves that may have been simmering under the surface and being together tending to Jackie may bring something out between the two of them.

Jackie is obviously becoming secure in her own skin, her mind is telling her "it's just another small step" based on her fantasies and how far she has come to this point and the next and the one after that. There's still a question in her mind as to will there be a final step and will she be willing to take it? Will all of her past experiences lead her logically to take that last one? Will there be any hesitation (dipping her toe in first) or will she have been conditioned up to that point to just take the plunge? Will her decision (if there truly ever is one) be based on everything that has come before or will it hinge on her friends and her trust (and maybe love) of them?

A proper maid uniform, hmmm! Would be interesting to see if she is required to wear it only for the girls parents! Will not wearing one when Dana and Tracy's friends are over be her decision or her friends? Will there be a rule that she wear the uniform when parents are over occur to Jackie to only mean parents and she surprises everyone when she is nude when friends are over and not think for a second it's not what Dana and Tracy meant?

Being taken to the club as a pet provides some interesting scenarios and I think some real serious training and immersion on Jackie's part. Will this be a critical point for Dana and Tracy? What really happened to Gregory's previous pet!?

Don't let any of these thoughts deflect you from your intended course for the story. Just some random thoughts I hold the author responsible for for writing such an interesting story!
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on June 17, 2016, 05:54:04 PM
summer of dares, part 11

Thoughts as I read part 11, finally getting there :)

I should probably go back and re-read at least the last few parts to refresh my memory, but I want to get on and read part 11, and I have a back log, so I will just go with what's in my memory.

Ooh, poor Jackie, interrupted so close to her goal!  I would call this wicked, but, she is locked naked in a dog cage, and has been caught masturbating several times now by her friends, when she is supposed to be "behaving" herself, so it is wicked, but its exactly the sort of wicked we are looking for and enjoying.  An evil mind is wondering if Jackie was being monitored, so people would know the correct time to come and interrupt her dream...  *evil smirk*

An interesting perspective on how she is changing.  But considering that her private sexual fantasies, as revealed by her diary, are being brought to life, that she is literally living her sexual fantasies 24 / 7, many miles from home, with no safety net and no backing out, well, it would be a surprise if she was not constantly horny :)

He prefers sir, reminding her of the power dynamic.  I do wonder what this hours long conversation covered, thats a LOT of time, considering a naked woman in a cage, to explore wicked thoughts and ideas!  I do wonder what the "its more than luck" comment is pointing at.  Is there something clever here?  Or just the observation that it takes hard work and trust to make these things happen, along with the luck of meeting and knowing the right people.

I like his sad but accepting response to thinking that Jackie wants to be released so soon, the confusion over the nature of "going".  He may want her captive, but he is reasonable and fair about things, not pushing when he should not.

Oh dear, friends not instantly rushing to her rescue...  are they just being naughty?  Treating her like a pet?  Or don't they understand the actual situation?  Or maybe a bit of one and a bit of another?

Now that is a very telling turn of phrase, and a fascinating insight into Jackie's mental state.  Her friends come in and stand over her, rather than treating her like a cherished pet!  Clearly thinking of herself as a pet really quite strongly by now.

Pets cannot talk!  Rolls on the floor laughing!  Oh, someone's in trouble now!  But also, it is interesting to see how far, fast and firmly this is being pushed.  I do wonder, guided by the story codes, just what the conversation and collected items have been suggesting and implying...

No borrowed coat, no surprise really, but also, so much for avoiding putting on a show for Gregory *very evil smirk*

Have a shower but no loosing your motivation?!  I think this is the first time her pre/post orgasmic state and level of motivation has actually been mentioned by her friends, but it just proves they know exactly what is going on, they are monitoring it, and given Jackie's naughty ways, I am expecting to see more steps taken soon to control how "motivated" she stays, and for how long.

Being joined in the shower, washed like this, it is interesting on several fronts.  This feels so much more casual and relaxed on her friend's part, than earlier, when she was washed down as a dog.  But that might have been a different friend, and things have moved on since then.

Jacky failing to realise that her friend might be keenly interested in her more modest breasts, so believable, yet so sad.  It is the person and their responses as much as the size of the curves that really matters.

Ooh, total immersion in pet role?!  This sounds good!  Also, wisdom and experience from Greg, deeper knowledge of what they are doing and the forces they are playing with, something very important here.  *evil smirk* if all three of them like her as a pet, showing that Jackie's views and wishes sometimes have to give way to what her friends want from her :)  And the talk of punishment, so wonderfully and delightfully firm and commanding, the emotions that must be running through Jackie...  Yummy!

Smirk, the idea that Jackie, down on all fours, is almost modest compared to what she has done before...  technically correct, yet it does make me smile, considering the wickedness of her outfit and what is happening.

I am having to puzzle over:

>> As if answering my silent question Gregory opened a special looking box he had been holding, he apparently electing to put whatever it was on me himself, the girls and he sharing a smile that gave me a foreboding feeling. I at least knew they approved of whatever his surprise was, but my friends had changed as of late, so this was getting to be an easier hurdle to cross by the minute.

why is this getting to be an easier hurdle to cross?  Yes, your friends have changed of late, becoming far more commanding, firm and wicked, but you are also changing, unleashing your sexual submissive nature in a way you never have before.  Perhaps this is the point, you are all adapting the the new role of mistress and slave?  That feels like what you are saying here, but I had to stop and think about it a bit.

I do like the comparison of Gregory's command, vs her friends still learning what command is like, and doing it by accident, a very good sense and insight into how this is, and her feelings and reactions :)

Very textured paws...  keeping her out of trouble in more than one sense I see!  Evil, I love it! :)

Motivated indeed!  Soon the building, ever building lust, is going to do a lot of pushing and motivating...  muwahhhh!

It has taken me an age to get here, but well worth the wait.  Hopefully you have plans for where to take this?  I am not sure if I want to see Jackie be naughty and get punished, or get the hinted at awesome reward...  perhaps both?
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on June 24, 2016, 10:53:53 AM
First off I must apologize for not responding earlier to your as always well thought out observations, but I have had a lot going on lately. The "voice of command" part where Gregory's words turn into Jackie's actions, (or earlier when the same happened with her pretty friends briefly) has happened with myself on occasion. It is a wonderful experience when it happens, but very difficult to ride that high lever of utter submission for very long in the real world with other real humans, at least for myself. That giving of control to another trusted soul, even without the promised gift of ultimate physical gratification, is where I think Jackie wants to visit on this vacation to see if she likes it as much as she suspects she will. The physical desire I think is what is motivating her and breaking down her paradigms, I myself capable of some very wild things when motivated the same way, the payoff for that submission when or if it is allowed to happen almost indescribable.

The after part I think could be a potentially serious crash for some, (as in what have I done?), but never for one with a loving and playful partner equipped with the complimentary dominate version of their own submissive kink. This I think for most of us is more practically a place to visit on occasion for fun and entertainment, (like a vacation away from home), but a difficult place to stay indefinitely, like living at one section of Disney world for years at a time.

Dana and Tracy, and possibly even Gregory aren't doing this exclusively for Jackie though, they are doing more giving at the moment, but I know for a fact that they plan on doing a fair amount of getting at some point. Once you freely give something to someone else after all it's theirs to do with what they please, whether that's your coat, or your freedom, it's all the same from a certain point of view. One would expect a gift given with love would and should be treated well by the recipient, but that in the end is really up to them and more a reflection of their own character.

Jackie is potentially the ultimate gift for all three if some form of sharing could be worked out between them, this something I think might be worth exploring in the following chapters.

Thank you for your observations and kind words, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on June 29, 2016, 02:51:32 AM
At the risk of drifting off topic here, your comments do trigger a couple of thoughts, and important points.

The voice of command, the submission, giving over control, from my personal experience and observations over the years this has a LOT to do with both trust, history and setting.  With the right setting, the right surroundings and expectations it can put everyone into a more receptive mood, both dom and sub, making the switch easier to make, and easier to maintain for periods of time.  It can be a LOT of work on the dom's part, but with three people to share the work, keeping control of Jackie becomes quite doable.

For the setting, alone and isolated, and once the props, the clothes, lack of clothes, bondage, etc, are added, this is all going to help to make Jackie much more receptive, especially when horny, or otherwise chasing a reward :)  Nothing like a bit of positive encouragement and reinforcement to help things along.

As for a crash, some people are prone to a down / depressed mood after the intense high of a positive experience.  Readjusting back to "normal" life and all that.  Here you have already touched on a real aspect of this effect, how Jackie's mood and behaviour changes so much when no longer horny and searching for her release, and the resulting mood "cycles".

Yes...  once the trust has been given over, along with the control and the keys, what then happens is no longer something Jackie has any real say over, or control over...  She is dependent on the good nature of her friends, of her owners...  There is some real wickedness to her friends, loving and safe wickedness, but real wickedness all the same, and I am very much looking forward to seeing where this gets everyone, and the fun times to come :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on May 01, 2017, 07:14:58 AM
Jackie! When is the next chapter of this cool story going to be posted?
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on September 05, 2017, 02:25:28 AM
Just read Chapter 12 and it was a delightful read! Jackie is fitting into her role as pet nicely and fulfilling one of her innermost fantasies. So, Dennis is going to transport Jackie's new cage back to the summer house. Sounds like Jackie's petrification will last awhile and Jackie will be undergoing training by Dana and Tracy with the possibility of being shown at some future show. Nice! A show will undoubtedly involve grooming which may involve another of Greg's friends? Jackie seems to be warming up to the idea of being "shown". I wonder if she "shows" well if others would be interested in acquiring her? So, looking forward to the subsequent chapters and seeing how she progresses.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: AmyAmy on September 06, 2017, 12:52:38 PM
So yummy!

After a strong start, things slowed up a bit when they arrived at the house, and like Gregory, I agree that the back and forth between maid and pet was stopping the feelings building up in the most satisfactory way.

Now we're solidly in one of my favourite places. The heavy foreshadowing of the cage door catches wasn't wasted. There are some touches I love here. The bristly gloves to hamper any pet naughtiness, the human pet show, the 'truck' bed with the cage.

The stage seems set, I look forward to exciting new events. Poor Jackie, she's going to be so frustrated. I'm all a-quiver, waiting for her to discover how eager to please an appropriately motivated puppy can be.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on September 11, 2017, 10:11:00 AM
Thank you Drulema for you kind words, and I must apologize for my tarty response. I think Jackie will train up well, and I also think she has found a way to upstage per pretty and well dressed friends. I do wonder if the girls will tolerate her being the center of attention for very long, and if they don't what they will do to put things more properly back in order from their perspective. They have either unknowingly, (or quite intentionally), been grooming their friend Jackie for a life of servitude, and for her to be stolen away by one of the men in this story after all their hard work would be ironic, especially in light of their general preference for female lovers. What did happen to Gregory's first pet? Now that's a question, was she stolen away by another pet owner with deeper pockets after a good showing, or did she run away on her own after the kink of their relationship had run it's course?

Thank you again for your thought provoking words, Jackie.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on September 11, 2017, 10:54:05 AM
Thank you Amy. I always struggle with how much to put into a story, too many details make for a boring read, too few leaving you to have to explain some detail after it becomes relevant, like the lack of a proper cage door locking mechanism. Such would almost seem a given in this world we play in, half a dozen well placed small pad locks permanently trapping Jackie inside the cage, or at least until the key holder decided to let her out. I don't believe Jackie ever pondered loosing the use of her fingers or hands in this manor, her own abilities diminished and trapping her in the cage rather than her friends enhanced by some mechanical means.
 She will be much more dependent on them this way, possibly to the point of irritation, and while Tracy and Dana's position on top will be secure, it comes at the cost of loosing a human servant that I think they will come to see between them as being more practical. Dana and Tracy are pampered and privileged, no one expects them to want to cook and clean up after themselves, and why should they when somebody else can do that for them pretty much free of charge, or at least for room and board?

I think Jackie will get off on being displayed in her identity concealing mask, but what she might not realize is that her pretty friends will be recognized, and when the three are seen out and about at some later date together everybody will suspect she was their masked pet at the show. I think that will be the motivation for her continued service to her friends well into the future if she should have any second thoughts, as would be a discrete tattoo that would link her pet persona and the human one should that become necessary.

Thank you again and please excuse my tarty response as I have had a lot going on here lately, Jackie.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on November 06, 2017, 07:57:29 PM
Finally I have been able to settle down and properly enjoy reading part 12

As before, I am going to write this as I read this next part of this wonderful story.  I have just gone back and re-read parts 10 and 11, to make sure that my memory is refreshed on the most recent events, even though I have a fairly clear memory of the story arc to this point.

Re-reading these two parts, I am really struck, again, by the sheer density of "little" details, each of which adds so much flavour and detail to the characters, the emotions, and the richness of what is happening here!  A lot of erotic stories have characters I care about, but few stories, few writers, have such nuanced and fascinating characters, where the inner state and thoughts of the characters are of such interest, and such a point of consideration for me as I am reading and enjoying :)

No stairs yet...  hang on, I don't recall stairs being an issue.  This is interesting, where are we going to?  What are we up to now?  The same building or a different location?  I assume the same building, but we are clearly setting out to go further and explore new parts.

Bound and free, controlled yet free to act out within the boundaries of your role...  yes, the duality is fun and fascinating, isn't it :)

*very evil smirk*  the planets not aligning, or perhaps, as before, your self pleasure acting to limit and control your willingness, acting as a break on the run away train of experience, a break that is now being disabled if not totally removed!  Things are lining up to get very interesting indeed going forward :)

Oh dear, is our little Jackie pet starting to feel frustrated at the realisation of her dreams, fantasies and desires?  Muwahhhhh!

OK, now I am a little confused, perhaps I should have gone back more parts.  We seem to be upstairs, or at least Jackie is, yet the sense is that she is also on the same floor as both the sitting room and the front door.  This seems an unusual house layout.  A minor point though, the arrival of food, and perhaps more importantly another man is much more interesting and intriguing at this point in time!

"bearing gifts of food for hungry humans", now that is a telling turn of phrase, a telling way of thinking about these things!  Jackie really does seem to be accepting and sinking into her pet persona here, and drawing the distinction between humans and pets!  Also delightfully limited in her ability to move and hide by her bondage, by her outfit :)

OK, I just did not go back far enough, we are deliberately upstairs and the front door is downstairs.  Excellent building arrangement though, the stairs acting as another barrier, another point of control for wayward pets *evil smirk*

Oh dear, does our pet not expect others to visit the house while she is staying over?  What ever gave her that idea?  *evil smirk*

Well duh!  Of course your friends, the girls, are in on your exposure like this, Gregory does not strike me as the sort of person to make such a silly mistake, but it is good to see you working this out, and also realising that yet again you are being pushed forward.  Which brings up an interesting side thought, while kept in pet persona, and without full use of her hands, Jackie won't be able to make any additions to her diary, so the "pushing forward" of events is going to have to come from others...

Well, clearly our pizza delivering friend is well informed on the pet lifestyle.  But a show?!  It seems the girls don't yet know about this, but they also seem open to the idea...  oh dear... *smirk*

Rules for how stock is transported?!  Oh my!  This is getting VERY interesting, very promising indeed!

Oh my!  LOL!  Conversation as spontaneous as the next sunrise indeed!  What a lovely way of putting it!

Again, talk of reciprocation, of payment in some form or other...  You keep teasing me like this, with this open ended question, what is on offer and who from?

Decision to make, well behaved or not, AH, and OH!  OH again!  OH!  OK, so the girls new all about this, and when the lie about not deciding to go to the show happened, I read that as them being surprised at the news of the show, but no, suddenly it seems the lie was about deciding, since going to the show was already the plan.  And behaving or not, a very clever and in fitting way of getting on going permission to keep pushing things forward!

My dear Jackie, vowing not to have second thoughts is all well and good, but it might not always be so easy if things keep on going forward, and exploring new heights of wicked kinkiness!

Um, does the word "maximum" from Dennis have some meaning here?  I don't think this is a reference to anything earlier in this story, so I will just have to wait and see it seems.

Oh my!  Suddenly Jackie is discovering and coming into her own power here, and using the power and appeal that has always been hers to grab a man's attention and to hold it most firmly on her!  But also the clear reminder and demonstration, via the name tag, that she is property, property of her friends, and theirs to do with as they will, and their current will is to keep Jackie most firmly in pet mode and status for now...

I want more!!!  Please be writing more parts to your wonderful stories, please :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on November 11, 2017, 12:53:04 PM
Thank you so much for your wonderful insights, they force me to write better, or at least try to. Jackie is in for the long haul, that much is obvious, and I intend to let her let go and just enjoy the experience for what it is, comfortable in the knowledge that her friends love her and are ultimately responsible for her. They may at some point double cross her, or more accurately put their wants and "needs" above those of their friend, but such would be in character for them and their pampered upbringing as compared to Jackie's. There has always been an implied level of grooming with Jackie, they with their own long term opportunistic plans that I have yet to state clearly, unless of course some handsome man should come along and spoil them.

This story is a quality vs quantity thing for me, and I hope for your patience as I work on it.

Thank you again for your kind words, Jackie.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on November 12, 2017, 02:30:51 PM
Starting with quality vs quantity, the fact that I write my thoughts on each part, virtually line by line, should say it all :)  Yes, I would like more parts, more quickly, and even to talk you into returning to one or two of your older stories that have not seen any new parts in quite some time, but quality is what really matters here!

Some of your thoughts here really rather surprise me, and I wonder why that is, why my perspective on this is quite so different.  Thinking back, there have always been hints and comments about Jackie being a "helper" or even "maid" for her two friends, but in the story so far, in the scenes so far, this has always taken something of a back seat.  It is there, but mostly what I am seeing, picking up on and responding to is the work her friends are having to do, the time, energy and sometimes money that is being devoted to making Jackie's fantasies come to life, that it has felt much more like they exist to look after Jackie, than Jackie is there to look after them.

Plus, probably coloured by personal experience of how much work each side has to put in for scenes to come to life :)

But yes, there does come a point where their needs, desires and wants start to take priority over Jackie's, especially since there is a strong sense that they have been reading and responding, very promptly, to the new entries Jackie has been placing into her diary.

Which does leave me wondering what forms of payment are being hinted at and discussed with the two new men who have just appeared to help us with pet Jackie.  We know, clearly, that her friends are into women, but there are also clear hints that both of them admire a good looking man when one appears, and probably don't want to pay second fiddle to Jackie.  But how is this to play out?

A lot of it depends on the psychology of it, of how things are presented, worded and framed.  Offering sexual services can either be love making, something shared, something about both parties, or it can be quite one sided, one way or the other.  Somehow I don't see Jackie being offered up for sex at this point, it would go against the keep her horny and denied plan, and I feel it would make her friends jealous.  But what if Jackie is offered up to provide blow jobs, perhaps still while locked in a cage, keeping her clearly marked as an "animal", this would offer a form of usage, of payment, without automatically interfering with the friends desire to keep the men's attention on them as women, rather than on their naked friend.

The men appear worldly enough, experienced enough that they may well see and accept this distinction, but still, it might require Jackie to be punished for "using her body to try and steal the men away" from her friends, even though the friends were the ones to offer her up in the first place :)

The waiting for the next part gives me plenty of time to look forward to what you have in mind, and to keep up on life's other distractions, so don't rush, but also don't dawdle, I still have other stories of yours to pester you about as well :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on June 27, 2018, 08:38:56 AM
I recall an amazing writer that wrote 12 chapters of an awesome story about a girl and her summer of dares. I wonder what happened to this writer and now I seek to find out. I would hate to think the end has come to Jackie and her adventures.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on June 27, 2018, 10:21:18 AM
I very much appreciate your interest, and I assure you that I am still writing this story. I have the ending already in my head, but getting the girls from here to there is my present stumbling block, and I also have some other projects running at the same time.

 The girls are good friends, but Dana and Tracy's privileged lazy teen character traits will have to play into this at some point, the last chapter leaving my alter ego Jackie as the center of attention, something that Dana and Tracy just can't have. There is an element of patient construction in the girls relationship with Jackie, not that the three aren't good friends, but just that one of them is expected to serve the other two without compensation, nor expectation of compensation.

Jackie is therefore likely to become a "useful tool" for the girls exclusive use unless someone spoils their plans, and seeing how pets are a lot of work, and neither Dana or Tracy are inclined to do any more work than necessary, I don't see how a twenty four seven pet is a practicle long term "tool" for either of them. A short term play toy, yes, especially if such play helps Jackie fully submit and know her place in things.

These are the issues I intend to address in the next chapter/chapters that I am presently writing, and thank you again for your inspirational comments, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on June 27, 2018, 03:36:28 PM
I am more glad to "not hear" about medical issues then I am to hear that the story is rambling around your head! Usually when a writer or artist I follow leaves a story alone for so long, it's because of, well other things besides creative block.
Not to influence the way you continue Jackie's story, I had been thinking that her submissive nature would increase and pet play would become a permanent part of her being and Dana and Tracy would seize upon it for their benefit. I also felt that maybe Jackie would be separated from them somewhere down the road, either temporarily or permanently,
However the story continues (and I hope does not end soon), I am sure I and other readers will be drawn further into it.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on September 08, 2018, 06:01:49 PM
I was so excited to see and update to Jackie's story and read it slowly, savoring every emotion, every interaction, every thought going through her head and then... Argh!!!
If this story was an averagely crafted one, I would just go on to the next one, not giving it a second thought that I had to wait for more, more, more!
But I admit I hate sitting on the edge of my chair for the next chapter as Jackie appears to be getting deeper into "subspace" and her role as a playful puppy.
So, with all dignity tossed out on my part, when is the next chapter coming???
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on September 15, 2018, 08:56:12 AM
Thank you so much for your kind words, I am writing the second part of Jackie's 'missing time' adventure as we speak, but it was impossible for me to jam the whole experience into just one chapter without it looking like I had done so. Dana and Tracy are more than partially responsible for what had happened, they deep down terrified at what could have happened had fortune gone a slightly different way, the seriousness of this "game" and their shallow actions at odds with each other and in need of a fresh look, but to be fair they are teenagers.

I intend to explain Dana and Tracy's unique and individual motivations toward their even more unique pet in the next chapter, the girls having to come to a new understanding between themselves though for this to happen. I expect that there will be some friction between the major players, but they all love each other, and as long as they keep this in mind it should all work out ok.

Gregory and Dennis are the wild variable here, but both men couldn't be any more different. Gregory is thoughtful and a long term thinker with a strategic plan of his own that we have yet to learn, and in contrast Dennis is a fun loving mix of hormones and sneakers with more predictable desires and asperations.

In the end though it was Jackie's adventure, and her desires on the subject obviously matter, I at odds whether to have her have total recall at some point, or just to document the parts she can remember in her diary for later use. She could do this in such a way that would goad her pretty friends into a repeat performance when they read her written words on the subject, or those same words could scare the girls off from ever allowing the Jackie pet persona to appear again for fear that they might loose her for good.

Thank you again for your kind words, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on September 28, 2018, 05:56:58 PM
Summer of dares, part 13 thoughts.

Finally here, this has been sitting on my "I want to read and comment on" pile for a little while, right on top, and now it's time, thankfully :)

*smirk* Jackie seems very comfortable and happy with being the centre of attention.  Certainly she is not showing any signs of awareness of the pending price for upstaging her friends.  So having this so clearly marked and pointed out is rather amusing, and just adds to the sense and feeling of anticipation that is hanging over this, and what is about to happen next.

Now that is sweet, so romantic and lovely, such trust and faith in Jackie, as she once more embraces handing over all of the control, and all of the safety concerns that go with it to her friends.  Yes, it is amazing that she gets to be free to enjoy subspace like this, but I do still wonder what the price of all of this will be, and when it will start to come due.  Of course, that is part of the fun, the waiting to find out :)

Strangely comforting, that is an interesting turn of phrase here.  From the outside looking in, feeling so relaxed and comfortable in subspace may indeed seem and feel strange, but with the necessary level of trust, of experience and comfort, of course Jackie is going to be sinking into this, it is clearly speaking to a core part of who and what she is, and the feeling of letting go like this is quite amazing!

As for it being sexual, or not being sexual, the rules get a lot more mixed up and interesting by this time.  Yes, your naked female parts are being touched, but thats just a side effect of the action, not the point of the action, so it makes perfect sense to me that this does not feel sexual in the moment.

The comment about Jackie looking like a willing participant interests and puzzles me.  It is almost as if she is passing on all responsibility for taking part onto someone else, yet this is the whole point.  She is a willing participant, in the sense that she has said to her friends "take control and do unto me".

Huh?!  This seems like a fairly serious context jump, so just have to wait and see what happened.  I do like that she is still tied so that she cannot release her pent up passion, we need to keep her interested and well behaved after all *evil smirk*

Crying was a little puzzling, but emotional low, with you now.  The bigger the high, the bigger the drop on the other side...

Watching the wording, watching the way Jackie feels she knows and trusts Gregory is "odd", I think that is the best word.  Her reactions and apparent knowledge of him speak to quite a lot of time, exposure and trust, thing that just had not had the time to properly develop.  So the time gap helps to explain this.

I must say though, a time gap like this that needs to be filled in, this really is Not a story telling technique that I am familiar with, so I am very curious and a little on edge to see where this is going, and what happened to get us to this point.

Ran away, well away, into the woods?!  This really does not seem to fit with what I know and expect here.  Was this a function of the puppy personality?  Time will tell, but thats really quite confusing.

Being revealed naked and spread out like this, in a way the lack of any form of embarrassment seems quite normal and reasonable to me, even as it is being pointed out that this is considered noteworthy by her friends.  Why though...  I think I am taking this view because of the very relaxed and trusting way Jackie is responding to Gregory, she is reacting like someone who has had quite a lot of time, contact and trust with him.  Against this background being shown off as a naked and bound "slave girl", her now default and fairly constant state, seems quite normal and reasonable.

I am actually more concerned about the bruised and scratched up state of her body!

The fact that naked and making food all seem so natural and reasonable now fit with the general sense of progressing well as a "naked slave", but do not fit so well with 2 solid days spent as a dog.  The mystery deepens.

Um...  now Dana is showing serious signs of being really pissed with Jackie.  The mystery does infact keep on getting deeper.

Why the anger?  The same question as already asked, but now it seems so sharp that loosing the friendship, the friendship that has helped to make all of this possible in the first place, possible.  That is some serious and deep seated upset and anger.

I wonder to what degree Gregory is after the "wrong" woman here.  He clearly seems very taken with Jackie, which makes perfect sense for a dominant male, but I can see her friends really not liking his preference for the "plain slave" over them...

Yes, I agree, what the hell is going on here?  Jackie is still naked and tied up, serving her role, but her dynamic with her friends is obviously going to be very different to her dynamic with Gregory, and he has just effectively accused her friends of being partly behind a major mess.  It is telling that Jackie's strong and immediate response is to leap to the defense of her friends, and in effect to attack Gregory in the process.

So why is Gregory trying to reinforce the hierarchy here and now, like this?

Jealocy?!  A powerful emotion.  The hints suggest that her friends were competing with each other for Dennis's attentions, and that Jackie the puppy somehow got into the middle of this competition, and went looking for her own share of the attention...  but this is just trying to put the pieces together, and leaves one hell of a lot still to be worked out and understood.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on October 03, 2018, 11:11:16 AM
I found myself in a struggle to get the girls from "here to there" and at the same time remembering that the girls, as teenagers, (even though the obviously love each other) should be expected to do something shallow and teenagerish. Dana and Tracy found themselves lacking in attention after putting so much effort into this ostensibly for their friends benefit, they going to the proverbial well of their appearance and sex appeal to again capture the spotlight from pet Jackie. Pet Jackie then escaped from her cage and took off, something real pets will do if they feel unwanted in their adopted home, of if their in heat and looking to breed...

I plan on explaining this missing time in the next chapter, and Jackie's debt to a few strangers who helped find her after she had slipped into full pet mode and became lost in the woods. The fright of Jackie getting this deep into character will likely have an effect on any possible future pet scenarios thought, and one of the girls will be happy about this, and the other not so  much.

As to the actual missing time and gap in the story, I wanted to try to tell this from Jackie's perspective, and to her everything that happened once in full pet mode happened to the pet Jackie and not the human one that can fully recall it. It's a very scary scenario, and one that I don't think the girls will want to try out again, at least without some safety built in this time. Jackie may also be committed to do something in repayment for the strangers help, at least one time, but she might not even know this yet.

I may have left this chapter with too many unanswered questions, but I will correct that in the future, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on November 11, 2018, 09:45:05 PM
You did leave a lot of unanswered questions here, but I find this is common with your writing.  Since you like to have plots with substance, lots of ideas at once, the result is that things move forward, but raise as many questions as they answer.

Yes, you are right, I myself have been loosing track of the ages of the girls sometimes, seeing them so adult, at least in my own mind, this does cause me to sometimes loose sight of their teenage nature and age, so it is good to be reminded of this.

The whole mind state of being a pet, how this shifts her mental state, how she behaves, I really don't have much of a sense of this, its quite outside of my knowledge, so I am really fascinated to see how this develops, what you have to say and to show us here.  Moving into new territory is always interesting to my mind :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: teanndaorsa on February 10, 2020, 09:05:41 PM
Part 14 up today
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on February 12, 2020, 05:37:21 PM
I couldn't click my mouse button fast enough to read this chapter! Not disappointed at all. So, my questions with everything is how is Jackie going to stay as a pet, be trained along with her friends so she can be shown at the pet show and all perform perfectly, and will she stay as a pet with Gregory during her training and afterwards? Looking forward to more chapters with the proverbial "bated breath"!
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on February 13, 2020, 09:25:37 AM
Thank you so much Drulema, I've been struggling with some serious writers block lately, and your words of encouragement obviously help with that.

 At the beginning of this adventure it looked like this might be the girls last summer together before they went their separate ways, and now that looks much less likely, but somebody might have to do the menial things for both Dana and Tracy that they never really have had to at home. Sure they had been given the chore of cleaning up their rooms or even their houses from time to time, but Jackie had been manipulated into that service in their stead when the girls could get away with it.

Did Tracy and Dana each grow up with a maid because of their wealth, even a part time one? I don't think I've covered this, but it could explain/reinforce their stereotype of cleaning and general housework being somebody else's job. If so, both girls could at some level be willing to do almost anything not to have to do such things deemed below them, enslaving their less wealthy friend seeming logical from a certain selfish perspective. Again, the girls are all teenagers, and some teenagers, especially privileged ones, can be quite lazy if left to their own devices.

Dana and Tracy are now on the same page with all this, their perhaps unintentional grooming of their friend coming to fruition. Maybe the girls didn't even intend to create a quasi slave originally, but now that they have one, (by accident or design), it makes sense to use her rather than letting Gregory steal her away for much the same.  Neither of the girls really need a pet, one would be fun and all that, and they may still play at having a pet when it suits them, but a full time live in maid instead means Tracy doesn't have to play maid herself.

This of course sets up a conflict as Jackie is committed to play pet at least one more time to be shown publicly by all three in all her nearly naked glory. Will this entail some serious training in a public setting beforehand?

 I suspect she will once again slip into full sub space pet mode at some point, but this time with far more security so she can't possibly escape. Perhaps an early version of a shocker collar could be employed, but I don't know if such a thing existed yet in the timeframe that this story takes place. Maybe even Gregory invents the first shocker collar, Jackie being his guinea pig of sorts, and Gregory then becoming handsomely wealthy from his invention?

I think that part could be fun, what are your thoughts?

Thank you again for your kind words of encouragement, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on February 13, 2020, 06:37:12 PM
I agree that Dana & Tracy should have their own slave/maid and Jackie's mindset at this point is conditioned for that to happen. I also feel as you said, that Dana & Tracy are of the same mind to keep Jackie so maybe all 3 will attend the same college and have their own place off campus away from prying eyes. Jackie would attend classes, maintain the residence as a slave/maid, do the girl's homework and also provide sexual relief. I do feel that Jackie should be trained as a pet with some assistance from Gregory and be shown at least once prior to becoming the girl's slave/maid. Jackie's acceptance at being naked among other people seems "normal" for her, but may need reinforcement by being "shown". As far as security for Jackie as a pet, maybe something like an "invisible fence" can be modified to limit Jackie's movements. Maybe Dana & Tracy would enjoy a day or two of "pet" Jackie once in awhile. It would be a shame not to since Jackie's mindset has totally accepted it. However their lives continue, I'll be sure to enjoy the journey.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on February 27, 2020, 02:25:13 PM
After careful consideration my first reactions are "um" and "wibble", both in a good way :)

What has happened here seems somehow both totally natural and reasonable, but also quite strange and a bit "off".  Now to see if I can get these thoughts to line up nicely...

Nope, I am going to be jumping around a bit here.  First Gregory, he seems so...  disconnected from all of this.  My main feeling and sense that his focus and interest in all of this is Jackie, both as a submissive and as a pet, with a very "distant" interest in her two friends.  Not the normal reaction I would expect from a red blooded young male, when presented with two lovely ladies who have just engaged in a blatant threesome just to make sure they are the centre of attention, and to feel desired and important.

I do understand that Gregory is much more interested and focused on the pet element at work here, and also much more aware of, and bound by, the responsibilities that come with being in charge here.  I am left with the sense that what Gregory wants here is diverging quick quickly from what Jackie's friends want, desire, and feel up to handling here...  yet still they have commitments to him, an obligation to complete...

Watching Jackie accept and basically embrace all of the responsibility for what happened feels both very right and very wrong at the same time.  Right in that it is fitting, it matches so very well with her submissive nature, the realisation of her fantasies, the shape of the desires that she has shared with her friends and put so firmly on display.  Even Gregory is supporting and encouraging this take on events, with his acceptance of the ongoing restraint, insisting on being called Sir, and obviously looking to keep on getting access to Jackie in her pet persona.

Yet for all of this a part of me wants to ask, and to demand, what of the responsibility of the others for putting Jackie into this position to begin with?  Even as this may be an "unfair" focus, it is part of the price that the dominant pays in this world, the price of responsibility.  So yes, yet again the youth of the girls is shown off, but also the massive level of trust, and the sense that they are almost a single "being", all three joined so closely and tightly together.

Looking once more at Gregory's point about how deeply into her pet role Jackie went, I am left with the thought and feeling that we are rapidly approaching, if not already past, the point where Jackie, for her continued happiness and stability, needs to keep her dominant friends both in her life and in charge of her life, to give her the structure and "freedom" that she wants and needs, even as she feeds them ideas and encouragement.

Which I assume is what this story is partly pointing towards and at.

Looking forward, it is clear that the friends want the benefits of having a "slave", without such a massive overhead of responsibility as comes with having a full time pet.  Yet given that the idea of a pet came in part from them, and given the ongoing responsibilities here, I cannot see "pet" Jackie being left to far behind or alone...

A conversation with all of their parents, something is obviously up and being planned, longer term, and much bigger in scope than simply the holiday together.

I like, a lot, what I am seeing in drulema's post, but a couple of thoughts occur to me.  Having "maid Jackie" keeping house, running around after them, etc, makes perfect sense for the girls while they are away at college, and longer term, since they are not going to want to give up on this free and fun labour.  Yet enrolling Jackie into college herself, having her do both her own classes and their own assignments, they risk spreading Jackie to thin, and also giving her to much of a sense of her own independence...  not something they are going to warm to.

Plus there is the ongoing risk of having a submissive, naked and bound maid around the house pulling attention and focus away from them when they have guests over...

So I find myself thinking along a slightly different front.  Having Jackie with them at college, but with a light course load, something more focused on her new "career" as a maid servant perhaps, along with some system to keep her confined to the house when outside of classes.  The comment about the timeline and what technology is available has confused me slightly, since I don't recall picking up hints of this before, but it does complicate matters.

Simply locking Jackie the maid into restraints, an outfit that will attract all attention in public, and keeping the house keys out of her reach will help, but isn't guaranteed on its own.  I suspect there is some form of "obvious" answer here, but I also wonder about some form of "ankle chain on a runner" that would give her freedom of motion about the rooms in the house they want her to have access to, while keeping her constantly locked up, so she never has the chance to escape.

Beyond this, to handle the problem of her distracting guests from the ladies of the house, I am thinking a separate room / building out back for the maid, keeping her separate from the body of the house, so out of sight, out of mind at times.  Also an outside run for the times she needs to be kept as a pet, to keep her in practice, but also properly under control / lock and key?
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on February 29, 2020, 09:10:01 AM
I intend to have all three girls petition their parents to attend the local college instead of going away to the schools already chosen for them. In Dana and Tracy's case this will be sold as a better budget option for their wealthy parents that will allow the three friends to stay together and keep each other out of trouble. In Jackie's case this will be something she can afford, most certainly if she attends part time, which I hadn't considered until you suggested it... thank you.

Will each of the girls have to pay room and board to Dana's parents to stay at the summer house while at school, even a token amount? Or, will they just have to have regular visits from Dana's parents or older brother to ensure the summer house is being kept up properly? Jackie will have to earn her keep one way or the other, perhaps Jackie working off her debt with the girls for the "rent money" they had fronted from their own accounts, as if an indentured servant.

I intended this story to start in the 1970's, although I didn't state this specifically. The large car with it's V-8 engine and large trunk, corded phone on the wall of the summer house, and lacking cell phones with GPS maybe not making this as clear as I had intended though. I think this time frame makes the girl's kink just a little more "out there" and ahead of their time, I thinking, perhaps erroneously, that girls romantically and sexually involved with other girls was just a little less common back then. I could obviously be mistaken with this, but that was the premise I was going with.

I think also that girls from that time frame weren't all necessarily college bound as it seems today, getting married off and being home raising a family more common than it is today. There is nothing wrong with either, but it seems to me, where I live, that such things were possible in the 1970's on one paycheck, where today it almost always takes two.

I liked the idea of a shocker dog collar, (already invented in the 1970's), married together with some kind of invisible fencing technology, (not invented yet) to keep Jackie on the property and out of harms way. Could Gregory invent this, or even perfect it's design and make himself quite wealthy. I like the idea of Jackie being his guinea pig to work out the "kinks" pun intended, but what are your thoughts?

Gregory also has a little hidden guilt at the Jackie running away incident, something that will come out eventually as Jackie remembers more and more of the details of her missing time while on the run in pet persona. I intended it to be just a little unbelievable that Jackie, (on hands and knees), could outrun Gregory on two legs and escape into the woods to disappear, unless he were somehow preoccupied or distracted.

I hope your not disappointed with the direction of the story going forward, and as always thank you for your thought provoking comments, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on March 11, 2020, 02:32:43 PM
First things first, "disappointed" is simply NOT a word that applies, at all :)

I am seriously enjoying each and every part of this, and as I start to work through my rather large story backlog, I have an eye on your authors page on gromet's plaza, so many more of your stories to discover and explore! :)))

After my last reply I remembered a rather terrible, from my point of view, experience with "tree climbing".  Simply not something I enjoyed at all, but the way the safety harnesses work came back to mind.  Basically it was a "double lock".  In order to release side A, you had to secure something to side B before side A could be released.  This way the customer was guaranteed to always be secured, via the lock and harness, to the safely line.  I don't remember very well how it worked, but the mechanism was fairly simple, and without a spare "key" you could not get out mid way round.

It occurred to me that something like this would aid as a fairly simple security measure for Jackie, while she is being kept in one building or one area.  Something simple while the shock collar is looked into :)

This would require some extra form of "control", something external to hold over Jackie to make sure she didn't go running off when at her classes, and outside of direct supervision.  I know and accept that to submissive Jackie the very idea is unacceptable, but after she ran away as a puppy, everyone is going to want some extra safeguards in place.  It can start with something as simple as no cash, no money, no extra clothes and not learning how to drive.  Harder to run away then, but only a start point...  something may come to me in a bit.

The closest to "disappointment" this is coming is missing returning to the mystery and interest of the "deserted" mental health hospital, a venue that seemed so very full of promise, and also its own mystery or two that you teased me with some parts ago.  Of course, once based at a local college then it is within reach once more, if and when a change of venue becomes useful.

Looking at the deepening and changing relationship between the girls, it's sometimes hard to call them women, I do think a change of direction is required, making this into something deeper, more meaningful and longer lasting!  Simply one summer of dares and it is over...  this no longer fits, not with the changes that are taking place, and the looming reality of having to hire your own maid, or horror of horrors, do the work yourself for her two entitled friends!!!  Much as their parents look after and indulge them, it seems unlikely that they would be sent to college with a live in maid to tend for them!  At least not thanks to their parents.

The clues for the historical setting are all there, especially once listed, I just never really picked up on them, being much more focused on other things :)

Certainly society in general seems / looks much less accepting of their differences than it seems today.  Of course, society tends to be more accepting of rich people doing "eccentric" things, so this is another point of control for the friends, and another line of social control, as Jackie is expected not to act up around her "betters", at least in some social settings.

Given the very strong focus from Gregory on pet play, and the fact that both Jackie and her friends are drawn, to a degree, to this, says that some form of dog control is going to be needed.  Given Gregory is well established inside a good sized (they have shows) pet play culture, there is plenty of scope for him to have contacts who have looked into a shock collar, even if this isn't something he is going to develop entirely on his own.

A related thought, if he starts developing this, but Jackie's friends are able to come in as business partners for his fledgling idea, they bring the money and some contacts, he the technical skills, Jackie the test model and test case...  This could help to tie things together a little more neatly.

Yes, Jackie as a dog escaping seems "to easy", but down on all fours, obstructions are very different than they are to an upright human, especially one not looking to wade through mud, thorns, slippery banks, etc.  The sort of terrain dog's love to disappear into, which are a total pain to follow on two legs!  Plus, how can Gregory not have been somewhat distracted, and had his mind on other things? *evil smirk*

The idea of Dana's older brother, and "payment", it raises an obvious question and thought.  One form of payment is obviously Jackie offering up some form of sexual services, we are already showing clear movement in this direction.  BUT, also, anything that happens has to be done without invoking to much jealousy from her friends, even as her friends are happy to use sex to bribe and manipulate a boy they fancy having a three way with.

This actually, in a way, leads me back towards pet Jackie, since having "pet Jackie" in a sexual setting is much less "threatening" than "here is our friend, another woman, competing with us for sexual attention and interest".

ps - how do I encourage you to revisit "dumped by the side of the road" one of these days? :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on March 14, 2020, 11:31:41 AM
All wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing them. I wonder of handy Dennis could be the one to install the ankle cable run to keep Jackie in place inside the summer house when not attended by her friends? It would make sense as involving some outside contractor would raise all kinds of questions, and Dennis is already up to speed on the girls kink so this would be logical as well.

I don't know how one would either hide such a thing, or explain it away during some kind of surprise inspection from Dana's older brother, or even her parents as it is their house. That part could be fun, especially if the older brother "caught" Jackie naked and attached to the cable run on an unexpected inspection. Would he be cool with the girl's naked games, or wish to turn them in if Jackie and or Tracy didn't offer up some "assurances" that this was a voluntary situation?

What kind of relationship do the siblings have? One of loving respect, or of nagging competitiveness for their parent's attention? Is Dana the favorite, or is the brother, or are there even other's in the family and is Dana the youngest and looking to make a name for herself?

Having the girls as investors and profiting from Jackie's servitude would be fitting on several levels, and I could see some extensive R&D on this project that would ensure some long term pet time for Jackie. This might not be what Dana and Tracy really want, but I could see them willing to use their pet in this way none the less to bring Gregory's invention to market.

Could this be the girl's shared school project, bring a "fictitious" idea through the patent process and to market for final grade? The girls could be business majors after all, so this could work.

Could Dana's brother end up being involved, either as an advisor, or an additional investor, his silence on the unique status of Jackie's imprisonment bought and paid for in this way? Has he always had a secret crush on Jackie, perhaps he even accidently seeing some of the naked pushed into the pool dares the girls have played at in the past?

The girls have to go back to the hospital to retrieve Jackie's things, but will they be there? Was Jackie's dream a premonition, and are they preparing to demo the expansive complex to prevent kids from wandering around inside and possibly getting injured while the girls are on their vacation?

Could Jackie's missing or unrecoverable things include her driver's license inside her wallet, inside the locker in the hospital? Could this be something she just can't admit to loosing, or something once admitted,  her parents unwilling to arrange a replacement for to teach some lesson in responsibility?

I could go back to dumped on the side of the road, the dare jar is still nearly full, but in possession of one who might just see the wanna be dom as the more natural submissive. I was kind of going in this direction to make it not so predictable, perhaps even inviting a third party in to be dom to both girls. The girls training time could be designed to bring this to light, this not the first time in human history that one went looking for what she thought she wanted, only to find that she was mistaken.

Thank you again for your thoughtful words, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on March 16, 2020, 12:37:11 PM
Many questions to think on, many interesting ideas to consider...

Yes, Dennis helping with any "handyman" jobs makes sense.  I suspect it won't just be the cable runs that are needed.  Extra locks are likely to be useful, after all, if Jackie doesn't require clothes, but still needs access to rooms to clean and tidy them, why allow her the ability to open wardrobes, etc?  Extra overhead for her keepers, so just another element of her "upkeep" that they will have to be "paid" for...  after all, it is unfair to inconvenience them so just for Jackie's "benefit" without some proper thanks from her.

The changes might not be obvious at first, at least if Jackie isn't naked and chained up, but even a casual visit or two to the house will start to raise questions and suspicions...  odd little things that on their own aren't worth mentioning, but leave one wondering if something strange is going on...

Dana's brother, even Dana and Tracy's siblings...  Thinking back on what I know and have seen of Dana and Tracy, they are both strong willed people, they can be competitive / argumentative at times, both quite used to getting their own way, people who are willing and more than able to impose their will on others.  Yet they are still teenagers, they don't have the maturity of adults yet.

Given this, any siblings are likely to either be very quiet and shy, effectively submissive in this situation, or strong willed and often at odds with the "stupid and immature" actions of the "girls".  Actually, I can see exactly this sort of description being used upon first discovering what is going on with Jackie.

This opens up an interesting angle, someone with a more mature and level headed approach to things, getting a bit more attention to be paid to sorting out the every day practicalities of keeping a maid / pet / slave at home.  But this would of course interfere with Dana and Tracy's total control over Jackie, which is just something else that they will need to punish Jackie for *evil smirk*

With a bit of care this can all tie in together.  On the surface keeping Jackie as a slave is just a silly idea, just waiting to go wrong.  So it will take time and effort on Jackie's part to show and convince that this is something she wants and needs.  More than this though, if you can show that there is a business opportunity here, a way to turn this "childish hobby" into a device that makes money, once development is done, then this puts a very different perspective on things.  This allows some skirting of the ethical issues here, allowing us to focus more on this is what everyone involved wants, and look, we can even throw in plenty of sexual favours to sweeten the deal.

Yes, prolonged pet time for Jackie will sort of work for Tracy, if I remember correctly, and certainly for Gregory, but not so much for Dana.  But this will be required to actually pursue the R&D that is central to making this idea work.

The hospital seems so ideal, a home away from home, especially when work needs to be done on their house to make it more secure and suitable.  Also, if and when Dana and Tracy want to have friends over, parents who are not in the loop visit, etc, they are going to need somewhere safe and secure to keep their property where she cannot run away again.  So having the hospital demolished doesn't seem helpful at all, but yes, using the possessions already there as a start point for exercising more control over Jackie, and leverage via Jackie's parents sounds ideal :)

Dumped by the side of the road is a story I haven't returned to in a while, but it managed to strike a very deep cord in me, and I have often hoped and wondered if you would return to this.  So if the desire to explore this did strike you, I would love to see the results.  But also, I want to see more of this story, and the other current stories you are working on as well! :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: teanndaorsa on September 08, 2020, 10:42:00 PM
Part 15 up today.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on September 11, 2020, 01:56:41 AM
Well, you did it!
You wrote another chapter that kept my interest from start to finish!
Now, things look to be getting a little more defined at the same time a little more complex.
Jackie is now the maid, servant, slave & pet of Dana & Tracy (though how much time she will spend as each is undefined - currently).
She also seems to be at ...the beginning of a beautiful friendship - Rick Blaine. :)
And what does the future hold for Jackie & Peter, Tim & Frank, hmmm?
And how are the girls going to explain Jackie's "living/sleeping arrangement"?
I thought Jackie getting the tattoo was perfectly timed & placed (LOL). I'm imagining it says "Property of Dana & Tracy", but I'm also sure that's way to expected.
If it had some reference to "pet", I could see Jackie being made to get a ring pierced "somewhere" so Dana could later add a tag to it.
Can't wait (really, I can not wait!) for the next chapter!
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on September 12, 2020, 01:05:09 PM
Thank you drulema, I rewrote that one more than once, the girls relationship wandering into this new deal territory. I think the three brothers will be fun going forward, and also make some competition for Gregory. I left plenty of room on the contract for more signatures, and I think the tattoo will be a paw print with the initials of the primary "owners." I can also see some kind of prototype invisible fence contraption in the future, perhaps with the demonstration being at a future pet show.

I still want this to be fun, but maybe just a little more serious form of fun going forward, Jackie.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on September 12, 2020, 06:29:27 PM
Fun? YES! I think Jackie is testing her submissive nature and her diary entries show that. But they are becoming more serious as she slides into what is becoming more of a 24/7 role of servitude. The paw print tattoo is a good idea, but what do you think about 2 or maybe 3 paw prints, each with Dana's, Tracy's & possibly Greg's initials?
And does the summerhouse have a basement? Maybe a room where Jackie can be kept "stored" away? I'm sure Greg would have a few items to add that would keep Jackie restrained in there.
And of course, the "pet" show must go on!
Did you get my reference "the beginning of a beautiful friendship"?
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on September 13, 2020, 10:40:24 AM
First of all, I love old movies, but I haven't seen Casablanca in years. The quote fits perfectly though, because Jackie is marooned there at the summer house now, and by her own hand.

 I think the tattoo will have room for several sets of initials, and the date it was put on, this part perhaps critical, but I don't want to give away the entire story just yet. Gregory also made a huge mistake with his contract, but more on that later...

Where to keep Jackie when she's not "in use" or would otherwise be inconvenient? An outside only entrance to the basement comes to mind, perhaps one locked from the outside with a heavy door when necessary? I also like dumping her off at the abandoned hospital, or perhaps just pitching a tent someplace remote on the property with a heavy chain attached to a tree to keep her put. The boys even had a tree house on the property once, and Jackie could always be left there for a day, with the ladder removed, or she somehow restrained to keep her from climbing down.

One of the boys could catch her in the treehouse though, but would he take advantage if he did? I could also see the treehouse being filled with Playboy and Penthouse type magazines from their own teen years, or even with the new looking means to restrain Jackie in place, I'm thinking shiny new eye bolts and padlocks. This would give away it's more recent uses, even if Jackie wasn't presently locked up inside it when they visited it, and invite further curiosity.

Just some random thoughts on the direction of this story going forward, and thank you for some wonderful ideas, Jackie.


Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on September 16, 2020, 07:11:05 AM
Yeah, I miss the old movies; they had substance.
Regarding where Jackie can be stored - if it's an old summer house, maybe it has an old root cellar or storeroom that hasn't been used in years. Maybe use one of the old mattresses stored in the attic.
I like the hospital idea too; maybe kept there over night or for a day or 2 with enough food and water of course.
I'm imagining if she had to be kept out of sight, it would probably need to be for a day or longer. I doubt anyone stopping by would be staying for just a few hours.
Whatever direction future chapters go or any new implements introduced I anticipate another great read!
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on September 18, 2020, 10:11:09 AM
All great ideas, especially the root cellar. This particular summerhouse didn't have one, to the best of my knowledge, but that doesn't mean the one from my story couldn't have one. I have come upon them while hiking, just stone structures built into a bank with a domed roof, but a stout door of either steel bars, or thick oak timbers could always be fabricated by someone handy, if I only had such a character...

Thank you for your kind words, Jackie.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on September 19, 2020, 01:23:19 AM
LOL, if only!
Ok, a small old wine cellar - what's a fine summer house without one!
And it has probably been replaced by a wine refrigerator so the wine cellar hasn't been used in years.
Old homes had root cellars - at least mine did. Not very clean as I recall and quite cool and small with all the shelves in it. but remove those and a lot more room!
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on October 15, 2020, 05:41:55 PM
Before starting I have just re-read parts 13 and 14, to remind myself properly of where we left off, and to get my head back in the right space for these characters :)  I am also reminded again of just how delicious all of this is, and the wonderful erotic charge it carries!

The first thought is simple, this part seems quite a lot longer, GOOD!  I get so into enjoying each part, finding them so short, it can get me all worked up and going, but then it stops, leaving me normally with more questions than when I started!  Tease!!!!

I am tempted to mutter something about what happens to evil teases, but this is a different conversation, for a different place.

Well, that’s one way to start the next part with a “bang”.  This suggests a sudden change of direction for all three of them, picking a new college, setting up to be long term residents in this summer house.  Still, it’s no wonder that there are going to be some conditions, we have just been considering that in their own way Dana and Tracy are still teenagers and immature, at times, so no wonder there is some concern at handing them to much on a plate.

*smirk* yes, you are 18, and thus an adult, but this doesn’t make you the bill payer, apparently a little detail that you are not used to considering or dealing with :)  Definitely a well off and entitled background.

The three of you keeping each other out of trouble, such a lovely world view, and no doubt it makes a great deal of sense from her parent’s point of view.  Of course we all know it’s not going to be quite that simple don’t we *smirk*

LOL, the contrast between the phone call with her parents about all of her options, while pointing out the current, and hopefully ongoing reality of not actually having any options of her own, or even choices of her own, just as she wants it to be :)

You know, the tone of the thoughts about being the maid for both friends, and also the one doing most of the course work / homework, you almost sound hopeful, like this is something you are looking forward to and very much want to do...  strange that, really :)

Not considering how long term, how permanent these changes are going to be...  well, only moments ago you were basically “away with the fairies”, so deep in sub space that you became the pet you were being.  Before that, mostly you have just lived your own life, wanting and perhaps pushing, in your own subtle ways for this, but not living it, not getting much of it.  I doubt any of you really have any sense of what the scope of this will be, but your friends will have a much better sense, in the sense that they know how living with a maid is and feels.

But for you, really stepping into the unknown, leaping with great energy from a very high cliff into the unknown, with only your friends and their love for you to catch and support you!  Brave, epic, amazing, loving, powerful, and perhaps foolish, but oh, wow!

Now that is an “interesting”, as in I have a tingle, and I am wondering if I should be worried, turn of phrase.  You are willing “at the time” to do anything for the girls.  Then again, you really don’t know what you are getting into, so how can it be otherwise.  Still, there is a certain ominous note to this comment...

Now that surprises me a bit, how come Gregory is so surprised that it is going to take the girls so much time and focus to become properly presentable to appear in public?  The degree of this might be more than usual, but surely the basic principle and point is something that he is well familiar with?  Perhaps he has just spent a lot of time moving in a different world, with different rules.

Gregory really is remarkably “calm” around the diary writing, so it does raise the question of how much of it he has read or knows.  We are LONG past the point where the diary can be considered to be private in any sense, but until now it was only shared between the three girls...  time will tell.

Ooh, now this is an interesting line of thinking.  A contract of servitude, since she is not the one paying the bills.  You can make the argument that not doing this does make you a hypocrite, but I do feel that you require a fairly specific world view, point of view, to reach that conclusion and to be sure of it.  Certainly not a point of view that most would take, instead taking this more on a day by day basis.  Still, the logic of this is sound and in this situation hard to argue.  Still, do you have any sense of what you are opening the door to here?  Probably not, but how else to set about finding out?

Adjunct professors, now that is interesting, this makes Gregory older, and in all likelihood more mature than I had somehow been thinking.  He has always felt very mature and wise for his years, but somehow, without a good reference point, I had thought of him as basically the same age as the girls, which had also puzzled me in the background, since he seemed very mature and wise for his years.  So this actually puts things into a better light and makes more sense of them.

AGAIN with the massively leading, yet almost subtle, hints and comments!  The decision to make the contract has already clearly been made, yet the comment that it is just for the three girls “at the time”...  screams how the number of involved people is expected to increase over time!

Of course, just taking the people already in hand, Gregory seems likely to be an ongoing, even if only intermittent partner to all of this, and there are the siblings of both of your friends, most especially of Dana, who it has been hinted will be involved in looking after the house, and thus around and in contact with at least some of your kinky goings on.

OH MY GOD!!!  I am really torn at this point, in part I am so impressed and proud of her, giving Gregory, and more specifically Dana a complete blank check, so to speak, for the contract that is to be drawn up and signed, stating up front that it is expected to run for years, and to bind and control her actions totally and completely.  Only with the trust, love and background between the girls could this be a good idea, which is why part of me is screaming “red alert!” very loudly.  Nothing says dangerous idiot who has no idea as “take me, I have no limits, everything is fine”.  Again, this amazing blend of innocent, passion and determination!

As for this striking a cord in Gregory, well, yet more evidence of how deeply his connection and history into the world of kink and the realities of dominance and submission run!

I feel unsure, uneasy, unsettled, by her returning again to the thought and the point that there needs to be such a serious punishment for her running off on them like she did.  I can see, follow and understand her thinking and point of view here, what is driving this for her.  But at the same time I keep on thinking that this came about due to things outside of her control, and instead she needs “healing”, not punishment.  One of those times where perhaps my natural instinct to be a romantic gets in the way, or perhaps just a different point of view.  I don’t disagree or object, I just feel uneasy...  it depends on how it plays out really.

Beyond this though, the point about keeping the heavy punishments for failing to keep up the contract makes perfect sense.  After all, by now we all know (well Gregory probably doesn’t) just how much her drive and motivation drops away after an orgasm, so she knows going into this that there needs to be something to help keep her focused.  Plus, and this is just occurring to me, obvious now I have thought of it, how much of this is her asking for harsher treatment, bigger punishments, to be taken, pushed and forced further and further, without actually just coming out and asking for it.

By framing it like this, she is making sure that it happens, that it has to happen, it is only right and proper that it happens, but its not her asking or requesting it...  WOW, impressive bit of cunning there!  I like :)

Your outfit, OK, so it’s pervert thinking, but I love the mental image of the sweatshirt looking like, and then becoming, the only thing that you are wearing :)

Upstaging your friends again...  well, looking like that it’s not really a surprise.  You know, you do seem to be doing a LOT of upstaging them at the moment...  talk about racking up the punishments!

WOW, that was fast, getting the details the girls want in the contract worked out and agreed in just the time it took her to get ready...  this suggests they are rather broad and sweeping, leaving LOTS of room for the details to be discovered later, no doubt deliberately.

Now that is interesting, clearly her interest in and focus on Gregory has already moved well past the casual comfortable stage to the “I must have you” stage...  things are getting more complex, and also more interesting here.  On this front, we don’t (I think) know what Gregory teaches, so we don’t know how easy or hard it will be to avoid being his student.  Still, sensible rules for the college to have.

OK, now you are being deliberately mysterious!  Corporal punishment, sounding really severe in the contract, makes sense.  Only the girls and not you can amend it, makes sense.  But this other part...  what are you getting at?!

Now I am just being down right suspicious, but the copier and the contract, pressing the button twice, we aren’t setting up a stray and “at loose” copy of the contract are we, ready to be discovered by some 3rd party, thus drawing them into this?  Or is this just reasonable detail about what real life is like?

The stern and menacing Dana, something we are familiar with, even if it does feel at odds with her presentation.  At the same time, it is amazing how far she has come, all of this has come, on this journey so far!

That is one question answered, and already setting the stage for all sorts of fun, wicked or just problematic outcomes.  The housemaid is required to be naked, and is guaranteed to be punished for asking for any form of clothes at all!  It all depends on who will be visiting them, and how expected, or unexpected, the visits will be...

Why is a black pen an important detail?  I recall once hearing that signing in blue was a good policy, since that way you can tell it’s not the original if it is then copied via a black and white printer.  But this feels like something else entirely, that Jackie doesn’t know either.  And finally we have a date, putting all of this into a date range / sense.

Back to the earlier point about who is covered by the contract, now make quite clear with all of the space being left carefully clear for future signatures!

A tattoo, this seems amazingly fast, but at the same time, we are moving into a different world, a different stage now.

OH MY!  “not OUR tab”, talk about an interesting and very telling comment, especially given the firm and special emphasis.  It’s now explicit who will be paying Gregory for all of his kind help!

Nods, suddenly Jackie is getting a better, a solid and real sense, of the MASSIVE step she has just taken, the height and depth of the cliff she has thrown herself off of, and also of just how seriously and completely her friends are looking to accept and embrace this new world and reality!

I am enjoying the contrast between the setting of the tattoo studio and the owners manor, playing on expectations and setting so very well :)

Yep, sharing Jackie’s sense of shock, almost a sense of horror at how things are going, but at the same time this is a very real example of *exactly* what you have been asking and pushing for, a very real and visible reminder of things that you will remember forever.  As for the “generally no one will ever see it” point of view, normally correct.  I do note that at this point Jackie actually still has no idea what the tattoo looks like, and won’t know for some time, given it’s placement.

Interesting perspective on the cost, and actually needed, since inflation has a power all of its own.  Also though showing in another sense the investment into her being made by her friends and owners.

Oh dear, testing Dana like this, not that you see or feel it like this.  And your reluctance to pull down your shorts is perfectly reasonable, but suddenly clothes seem like such a luxury, one that you are suddenly loosing!

Now they have her naked its time to go for a drink next door...  yep, fits the new normal, but still, bloody hell, things have come a LONG way and moved SO FAST!  Then suddenly we have the caring and sensitive checking from Sean, seeing the marks on her skin, needing to make sure she really is OK and not in trouble.

Seeing the straps...  no, you wouldn’t ask would you?  Well, yes you do, proves me wrong, but delights me so much at the same time!  Talk about making sure to make her own fun :)

Just when I thought I had caught up with Jackie’s state of mind, she is looking forward to her friends getting a report of her bad behaviour as well!  Really looking to keep on pushing them, everything, the entire situation forward!

Challenge accepted from Sean, I *really* am coming to like this man, such a wonderful combination of caring, sensitive, yet no nonsense and sure of himself!

It is so good to see someone really struggling and pushing against her restraints, to really make sure that they are as solid, firm and unyielding as possible!  No half measures to be accepted here, plus only listing a couple of straps as tight enough, again asking for more in her own gentle yet relentless way...

Of course Sean doesn’t take advantage of you, look at what we know of him, but the comment, it tells us everything we need to know about your raging hormones and where you head is in all of this :)

Joking about ratting her out to her friends, again, the people are so alive and real, so believable and human :)  Oh dear, forgetting “sir” every time she talks to him, well, the contract has only just gone live!  Then basically pushing Sean to do the spanking himself, since she will be so much more cruel, delightfully devious :)

Sean still checking in with her, as he should, and as is only fitting and proper!

Now that is really curious, the mystery tattoo stands to help open up new business opportunities for Sean, clearly then it is something he has never done before.

Locking off sex for her, cruel, but also a fitting point of control.  But doing this at the very same time as ordering her to find a very special way to reward and thank Gregory, it leaves one wondering what she is going to be offering...  also very minor editing point, at the end of this paragraph it is Dana whispering, not Tracy as you have put.

LOL, Gregory has to get her home by sunrise, but if not, it is Jackie who gets punished, not him!  Plus the whole “these two are your parents effect at work here...  so yummy, especially with the audience!

Offering herself up so very clearly to and for Gregory, while Gregory is showing such maturity, restraint and awareness...  yes, they are on very different pages here.

OK, the “oddness” is ramping up a bit now.  She is pushing Gregory fairly hard here, yet if anything he is backing away...  Looks like we are about to start getting some answers though, good!

That was a very good way of handling some of his insecurity, and of helping to get him focused and back on task.  Again though, really pushing and NEEDING the firmness of control, the taking, the forcing, absolutely needing something serious to be held over her head as a punishment to force and enforce her behaviour and compliance.  This is just becoming clearer and clearer, but in a way has been there for quite some time, just focused into her diary before now.

Such a sweet and lovely ending, a really precious note and time.  So many questions left unanswered for now though...

Have I mentioned that you are accused of being a wicked and evil tease?
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on October 17, 2020, 03:23:36 PM
Thank you for your kind thoughts, and yes, I am a tease, but I love characters that have depth to them. I think this leads to more questions, and sub plots, but I like that. I was worried with the length, but there was a lot to tell, and I struggled with this one particularly, the getting the girls from "here to there" requiring several rewrites.

I love keeping the girls together for college, although I will admit that this wasn't my first thought when I started this adventure. It was a forgone conclusion who would be doing the bulk of the actual doing between the three though, the contract I think just making the chain of command (and consequences) clearer for all concerned. This in effect also makes Jackie a tradeable/barterable object for the next five years or so, Jackie potentially the coin that buys that which the girls want. This could be all in good fun, or even start out this way, only to morph into something darker by the time the girls have a much more limited "need" for Jackie.

I too loved the naked and hobbled "reality" while discussing the theory of choices on the telephone, by this time such things being "business as usual" for both the girls, and Gregory.

I think Jackie is conditioned to expect to do the work, both out of obligation for food and rent, and as a matter of "grooming" by her pretty and privileged friends.

Dana and Tracy are used to having a maid, but on and off while growing up. I hadn't intended this, but what if they had an endless rotating group of them, each families' eccentric nature driving away good help time and again? Such abnormal tendencies might not be noticed by those outside the family, but a live in maid might not be able to take such things, even a very sweet one. Or, it could be a money thing, as in we can't afford a maid and college for three kids at once.

I am of course writing this fictional account post experience, so saying that I was willing "at the time" implies that at some point my participation became less than willing, hens the need for the contract, and swift and harsh punishments to keep me properly motivated.

The copier mishap I may or may not use in the future, but it does imply that there might be a copy of that very kinky document laying around someplace, just as the black pen implies that a black and white copy of the signed document and the original might be hard to tell apart. Back then I don't even think there were color copiers, at least ones that were affordable, even for a small college.

When I went to school I had some adjunct professors, they actually were the better ones to be honest, and while the ones I had were older and worked in the field during the day, my understanding was that adjuncts were non tenured staff. So in this case I had intended Gregory to be just a few years older than the girls, but self conscious about his rather average endowments, possibly his last pet dumping him because of this, once the novelty of their shared kink wore off.

For a young professor self-conscious about such things, it might make sense to grab one in her teens while she was just a little not so worldly and wise. As the saying goes: "There's nothing wrong with average, until you've had extraordinary with which to compare it with." To go along with this line of reasoning, I think Gregory was intimidated by both Dana, and Tracy, the girls outward sex appeal just a little more than Gregory thought he could handle, especially if he had been dumped for being less than man enough for his last pet. If that's the case, Jackie might have to build him up just a bit, despite he being older and so apparently "in control" of himself.

There is a lot of room for additional signatures on the contract, but perhaps Jackie didn't realize this, or intend for it to be this way. We are just going to have to see where this part goes...

Sean is a good character, but I don't know what to do with him yet, and his tattoo bench is awesome, I so want one for myself! He is like the intimating muscular biker guy... who loves puppies; in other words, a walking contradiction.

Stripping Jackie naked in the tattoo parlor; I could so see that happening, what a rush to be made to do something like that, especially for a teen where nobody knows her.

The end I thought was fun, Jackie finally getting something for herself, sex wise, but not from either of the girls like one might have expected to happen first. And, setting up Dana and Tracy to have parental like control over Jackie I thought was ironic, seeing how they are the ones that need some control and discipline themselves.

I only caught the editorial whoopsie after you pointed it out, so I award myself five firm swats with the paddle for such, unless you think that too light.

Thank you again for your insights, and yes, I am a wicked tease, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on October 26, 2020, 01:47:32 PM
Something darker...  thinking about this, I can see Dana and Tracy coming to consider their little submissive maid as a very “normal” thing, and as the time at college goes by, and they get caught up with their studies, their social lives, and Jackie’s role becomes more routine, they will have times when they pay less attention to her, treat her more casually, and as a result could think less about the impact of their actions on her, especially with the contract in hand, giving them such total free reign.

So not deliberately getting darker, but slowly getting darker as it becomes more normal, something they just do casually, without thinking to much about it.

Your comment a few posts back about a big mistake in the contract still puzzles me though.  From what I see / understand of it, the contract is Jackie’s way of saying “I am yours, I really mean it, do what you will, how you will”, so while the contract is not legally binding, it is binding, but the exact wording of the contract doesn’t matter so much to Jackie, it is all about the intent and focus of the contract.

So I am not sure what mistake could exist, since in Jackie’s world she has already given her friends full and total control over everything, and encouraged and supported them in making sure to take a properly harsh hand with her, to make sure that she never forgets her place in all of this.

As for at the time, even “now” Jackie recognises the key need for their to be strict punishments to keep her motivated and focused in her submissive service to her friends, even as it seems clear she has no real idea of how far or deep all of this is going to go and take her!

The idea of Gregory needing to be supported and built up makes a lot of sense, and so does the idea that his previous pet / girlfriend dumped him in part because of his small penis, even as this really does make me quite *angry*.  Their are solutions here, especially with someone who is able to support and help her pet kink so well...  of course, if his last pet was playing at being a pet, and simply grew tired of the game, combined with wanting a more directly stimulating lover.

So yes, I can see him needing and benefiting from a supportive and comforting girl / woman, even as the fact that Jackie’s pussy is now off limits actually works to his advantage, directly distracting everyone from his size, or lack there of.

Sean...  I can actually very easily see Dana and Tracy simply viewing him as a useful means to an end, finding the sight of the naked and very helpless Jackie as a delightful bonus to marking their property, and then never thinking of him again until it is time to take Jackie back again.  At the same time though, I can see Jackie carrying something of a torch for him, and trying, in her own gentle, polite and subtle way, to try and get to see him again, perhaps to be handed over to him as a “model” now and then, providing a different approach and feeling to one of her “handlers”.

No, the length was NOT a problem at all!  Remember, at this point, to really get the most out of this stories you have to be happy to be invested into something with a fair bit of length, complex characters and lots of “moving parts”.  By this point length really stops being a consideration, so long as the length actually has content, and isn’t just fluff and filler :)

As for being a tease...  no, I don’t think a few firm swats are really going to do anything here...  I am not sure you are properly considering how you are leaving certain very sensitive, delicate and invested readers hanging, waiting for pleasure to be continued and completed...  for days, weeks, months, sometimes years...  I am thinking that the proper treatment for a tease tends to include a good amount of teasing and being left on the edge to consider her actions more properly and fully...  with a good number of firm swats thrown in for good measure, obviously, to help focus the mind!  You did ask...  and I am avoiding being to wicked here, but a certain, suitably wicked thought does occur to me...  *evil smirk*
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on October 31, 2020, 12:31:02 PM
I'm terrible with chastity, with being left on the edge, but I don't mind doing such things to others, I think in some measure that makes me a hypocrite. In any event, I am trying to write more, my writers block/lack of motivation seeming to be gone, for now.

I think the "mistake" in the contract is the one that makes it transferable, or expandable, to whomever signs it. This "gift" of Jackie's intended for the girls alone, others, with other motivations, maybe not quite so nice and merciful. The girl's siblings come to mind, especially Dana's, as they might have a rather distorted world view on how to treat the "family's servants." The boys could be just wonderful, or much less so, especially to one perceived as below their lofty social status.

It could be something else too, I sometimes like to leave little "red herrings" lying about in my stories, there to weave into the plot later, if needed. The photocopier incident is one such thing, but the presence of an additional copy of such a kinky document is sure to be a problem, if found by the wrong person. What if the dean were to somehow discover it himself, he then suspecting a white slavery ring operating out of his own college?

Could Gregory or Sean become suspects in all this, Jackie having to "spill the beans" to protect each at some point? Instead, could somebody at the college think this was a great idea, tricking Jackie into signing a second contract with a latter date, making the first "null and void" and attaching her instead to this second "owner?" Or perhaps a second term of ownership, after the first had expired?

I see Gregory as perfect for Jackie, in the end, but how they get there is the real story.

Thank you again for your wonderful and thought provoking words, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on November 09, 2020, 05:16:54 PM
I see absolutely nothing hypocritical in liking doing something to someone else while not enjoying being on the receiving end yourself.  This just suggests you are not a "perfect 50/50" switch...  given that I have never come close to encountering such a being, this is hardly a surprise, even as people seem to feel that this is an ideal that should be striven for :)

Still, perhaps be careful offering yourself up to wicked pussy cats who are overly eager to find MOST excellent ways to motivate you...  *evil smirk*  then again, perhaps you want to be highly motivated... 8)

As an avid and happy reader of your works I am really pleased to hear that you are writing more often and more smoothly, so long as this makes you happy, that is what matters in all of this after all!

Others having power over Jackie, yes, Jackie does seem somewhat eager to encourage those with power over her, which is definitely likely to encourage wickedness in those who are already prone to it.  I also suspect that some males who find themselves with power over Jackie won't be that interested in listening to the rule about which parts of her body are off limits to them...  but then again their is a difference between what Jackie chooses to offer up voluntarily, and what is taken by her owners...

Jackie wants and needs a certain wickedness in how she is treated, but at the same time I still want to see her taken care of, treated well and looked after, even as she is given the wickedness and dominance that is required to keep her happy and healthy.  Now who wants it both ways at once? :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on November 16, 2020, 10:02:20 AM
Thank you, I'm always mindful of being a hypocrite, and I do at times need motivation, but fortunately not at this time.

 I love the idea of one of the brothers lusting after Jackie, perhaps even more than one of them? I could imagine the boys secretly watching the three girls in the pool from a distance, perhaps from one of their bedrooms even. With Dana and Tracy looking similar enough at a distance, body wise, both boys could have had a collective "YUCK!" at the thought of checking out their own sister accidently. Jackie's body type is certainly different, even at a distance, and she has no brother to contend with either, as in "don't even think about it with my little sister!"

This might be unnecessary with the headstrong attitudes of the girls, but they might not be aware of it. Could both girls be so interested in each other only because all the neighborhood boys have already been chased off by overprotective brothers with good intentions?

I could then imagine Dana's brother coming up to the summerhouse for a surprise inspection, or perhaps even some emergency repair, only to find the subject of his own teen lust naked and collared on a run cable, or hobbled even. What would Jackie do to keep the girls little secret quite? What would the brother demand she do?

Just some random thought on the next chapter or two, and thank you for your kind words, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on November 17, 2020, 05:56:06 PM
Hypocrisy exists, but I don't think I have ever really sensed any from you :)  As for motivation, I mainly try lots and lots of positive encouragement, feeling that it works best.  But, well, you only need to ask...  *teasing smiles*

Somehow I don't see either Dana or Tracy being put off by brothers warning off other boys, instead it seems to me that this would simply be seen as a challenge to their feminine wiles and natures, to prove that they are so desirable and irresistible, as they naturally view themselves, as rich and entitled "women", that they simply need to show the natural and obviously always present desire by any male for them is stronger than the fear any brothers generate.

Which, if you think like this, would make the idea that their naked maid / slave is the one that men prefer, would only make them more angry and feeling that the naughty naked slave needs to be punished for being such a wicked little tart!

Based on this thinking, given that both friends are quite open to men when it suits them, it may simply be that they generally consider males to be "beneath" them, easily manipulated and shallow, while they share a common enjoyment of teasing and controlling Jackie, and from here a growing closeness came.  Any sexual aspect of controlling Jackie would be transferred to each other, as the "worthy" target of such feelings, since they do consider themselves to be superior to Jackie, even as they love and treasure her.

My gut instinct for Jackie being surprised by one of the brothers is panic, freezing like a deer in the headlights, denial, wanting to hide.  Certainly she would be the "first" to offer herself up, in any and all ways, to buy the silence of any brother, but I don't see her making any such offer spontaneously.  Once she is over the shock of discovery then yes, but if upon discovery she is put on the spot, questioned, badgered, answers and demanded, and since her situation, naked, bound, a captive, cannot be explained away, I see her having to allow her "owners" to handle this, while trying to distract the brother with herself, to protect her owners.

As for what the brother would demand, I wonder...  would it make sense to argue that as a "pet", an "object" that is "part of the house" - by dint of being secured to it, Jackie automatically comes under their control, along with the house, rather than Dana's control?  This is before the contract of ownership comes up, which would only and naturally reinforce this idea...  yes, this might be an idea for you to toy with *wicked smiles*
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on November 19, 2020, 08:56:29 AM
Terrific ideas, all of them, and easily worked into the next chapter or two, thank you for them. I especially like the concept of the girls seeing boys as beneath them, and only good for a specific limited purpose. Your observations on human nature are also much appreciated, as in Jackie's shock at being discovered in all her naked glory while tethered to the house itself.

 I have to balance this with this being "business as usual" for Jackie once weeks into her new life. I have had the experience of doing some deep woods self bondage myself, the ordeal I had planned for myself this particular time leaving me without a stich and handcuffed behind my back for almost the entire day, so long in fact that naked and in the woods felt almost normal by the time I had recovered my key. There are also the experiences of my significant other, he getting quite used to being naked around both "Ken" and I, but I also realize that he's a guy and wired just a little differently than I am.

I wonder if Jackie might have "borrowed" one of her friends expensive Walkman personal radios, she jammin out to some favorite tune of hers and oblivious to the visiting brother, and his good manners call ahead on the wall telephone that she didn't hear, she only realizing he was there when he walked up to her from behind with a shocked look on his face of his own? I don't know for sure if they even existed back then, but in Apollo 13 (that happens around the same time period) Neil Armstrong had a Walkman on the ship, so perhaps one of the wealthy girls could too?

I could also see the visiting brother wanting to take Jackie out someplace (like on a date) away from the girls, just to hear from her own lips while away from them that she was okay with all of this. This would make him a good guy and potential competition for Gregory, (and not a scoundrel), so I have to think about that one carefully.

As I said, all terrific ideas, and these get my creative juices flowing, thanks again, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on December 08, 2020, 05:13:53 PM
Jackie does need her "normal" time, but this normal time isn't going to happen around the house, her friends / owners are not going to want her getting ideas above her station.  Of course, that is just likely to make them angry with her when they are reminded, yet again, that men, being male, are more interested in the naked slave girl than they are in her stunningly attractive owners...  apparently forgetting that dominant, bossy and forceful women often aren't as easily appreciated as naked, pliant, chained up slave girls!

No doubt also Jackie's fault :)

Personally I always find strong personalities to be interesting, but it does seem that the average male cannot handle a strong women, and Jackie's owners are definitely strong women :)

It would be very good to see one of the visiting brothers want to take Jackie away from all of this, to try and get her side of things, to try and convince her that she can reveal the "terrible secret" that his sister is using to control and manipulate her...  all the more so if there are hints of manipulative behaviour in the girls history, having tried to use secrets to manipulate the staff, when staff have been around...

Her friends are not evil, but I can see a strong and wilful rich teenager trying to take advantage of some "secret" over the household maid to bend her to her will.  All the more ironic if such "secret" is already well known to her parents, rendering her "power and authority" powerless, empty, and having it backfire on her.  A small background moment that would help to shape a warmer, more concerned and considerate male presence in Jackie's life.

As for Jackie borrowing an expensive walkman, well, if it has been a week or two of basically "normal", college, cleaning the house naked, nothing really standing out, yet building sexual frustration, especially with serving her owners / friends breakfast in bed each morning, seeing them sharing the same bed, having them rub in their frequent sexual release, reminding her of her own denial, she is likely to want to encourage some more "fun play time", or punishment, depending on who is describing it :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: teanndaorsa on March 31, 2021, 08:13:25 PM
Part 16 up tonight, enjoy!
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on April 03, 2021, 12:28:40 AM
Before reading this, I just re-read part 15, to get back into the flow, and to remind myself of some of the specific details, and exactly where we left off.  Wow, part 15 was sexy, erotic, and really grabbed my emotions!  It also left me with so many random questions, all of those little hints, all of those comments about important details that are just not filled in...

Now though, onto part 16, and as before I am going to write my thoughts as I read the story, since I suspect I will have quite a few thoughts to share :)

“puppy love”, I am not sure if I want to groan at the “pun”, feel sympathy that Jackie isn’t being wrapped up in the fluffy fairy tale that Gregory is offering, or just point out that just before the end of part 15 Gregory was still asking her what she wants, which really isn’t what she wants, she has just suggested and signed a VERY harsh sounding contract, to avoid having to make her own decisions after all :)

Now THAT makes me think and feel that Gregory is a proper gentleman!  I do respect and enjoy the idea of a man who is so capable, also willing and interested, as to wring every last orgasm from his partner that they can handle.  Still...  it does seem a shame to stop just because they cannot handle any more pleasure!  Still, that sort of torture and punishment doesn’t really seem to be something that Gregory will be trying to inflict any time soon, if at all.  Maybe later, when he feels more wicked?

Nods, it does beg the question of if Gregory will get to have “normal” sex with our little slave.  I suspect it will be offered up sooner or later, but from memory keeping Jackie wanting and desperate is generally a good part of the day to day plan going forward, so not to often.

Not wanting, not deserving clothes makes perfect sense in this situation.  It is the innocence of it that seems odd...  the only obvious way, off the top of my head, that this makes sense *ah* a second thought.  First thought, I was referring back to her time as a puppy, clothes being a human thing, not something that a pet gets, or expects.  Another angle though might be the sense of her friends being her “parents / owners”, her being just an object, and an object simply doesn’t need or deserve clothes.  It’s not about sexual exposure, its simply the nature of an object.  As for the sexual nature of being exposed in public, Jackie is clear that she views her friends as far more attractive, sexy and desirable, so isn’t thinking in terms of showing off her incredibly sexy body as an exhibitionist might.

Tracy taking the lead on her return home does seem slight odd, but there is starting to be a clear division of labour, of responsibility between her two friends, her two owners.

You know, part of me objects to her sleeping in her cage without being locked into it!  Somehow that just feels wrong...  but it cannot be helped if she is expected to get up and get breakfast going for the household.  It really does bring me back to the thought that some form of ongoing “household” bondage is called for, to really reinforce and remind her of her status and position.

I do enjoy the “subtle” reinforcement that she has not a single item in the laundry basket, even though she is the one doing the washing :)  And we are still waiting to learn about this tattoo!

Nods, yes, now is it just Jackie, or all three of them, who are starting to see and realise the scope of the task of keeping her as a slave and servant?  After all, even with the contract, she does have her own needs, and her friends clearly both love her, and get a great deal of pleasure from seeing to her needs.

Now that is interesting, another point suggesting that Dana is unhappy with Jackie for some reason...  and this after she was silent when Jackie got back from her time with Gregory.  Envy at Jackie getting a man herself?  I am going to have to wait and see, or it could be to do with Dana’s parents...  any number of things really.

Oh dear...  brewing conflict, Tracy not bring it up either...  its not clear yet what Jackie has done “wrong”, but maybe things have gone to far, to fast?  Not that Dana seemed in the least bit unhappy with the idea of the contract, and she was all for the tattoo, and having Jackie “pay” Gregory...

This does bring up a point, a question that’s going to be ongoing, is Jackie just a naked servant in the eyes of their guests, or a sex slave?  The expectations that (mostly male) guests are going to have will obviously be very different depending on the answer here...

*smirk* your labour being offered up as their thank you to the men, well, yes, but this idea has come as much from you, at this point, as it has come from them :)  Again though with all the mysterious hints!  What is going on?!  Oh, I LOVE the insight into Jackie’s head, into her world, but this is really leaving me wanting more, and wanting to know what is going on with her friends...

Returning home soon...  seriously, PLEASE tell me that you are going to get some more use out of the mental hospital?!  I am not sure why, but I REALLY do want to see more use of that location, and all of the wonderful opportunities that it offers up for wickedness :)

*rolls eyes*  they have plans to discuss that Jackie doesn’t need to know about just yet - well DUH!  Slave!  Still, having said that, *REALLY* tempting and interesting tease here, what are you getting at here???  I especially like:

In the end I maybe even deserved this though, as there are consequences for one's actions, both good, and bad.

now THAT, in context, is a comment that really makes me tingle!!!

Disturbing silence and tracking her...  love the mood setting!!!  As for the kitchen, I almost want to say that you are labouring the point about her work load, but actually no, I do think that this needs to be spelled out clearly, and the point reinforced like this.  It is important, both for the scale of what is happening, but also to properly set the scene and mood.

Good to know that both men offered to help.  As for showcasing your abilities in the kitchen, perhaps this is just a combination of what is expected of a domestic servant, and good training for the years to come.

OK, I feel very torn here.  Saying that she has stolen attention from her friends, due to proving that she can cook and feed everyone, and being the one to take all of the orders and deliver all of the food, especially while naked, is silly and wrong, since this is only happening as a direct result of the orders she has been given, not due to some deliberate choice on her part.  Having said that, if something is wrong, who is most likely to get the blame?  The slave, or the owner who gave the orders?  Sometimes the owner will accept the fault is theirs, through their orders, but especially given the warning comments about Dana being really unhappy, there is only ever one person who is going to be held responsible here...

Now why is Gregory the least happy to see the dog chain?  I would have expected Gregory to approve, whole heartedly, of pets being kept chained up, assuming this is what the chain is for.  Perhaps Gregory is having second thoughts about Jackie as a slave / property, rather than a possible girlfriend?  But there aren’t any other obvious signs of this, at least not so far.  Ah, and she makes exactly the same point, and it turns out there is a reason, which we will hopefully learn eventually.

Huh?  So the chain is justified, but asking:

"And the other option?" Gregory asked sympathetically.

a clear sense that Gregory is trying to argue her corner, and everyone agrees the meal was very good.  Yes, the cook can see the areas that need to be improved, such is often the way, but clearly there were no major issues the others saw.  But why is it here, apparently so related to the question of the chain?

OK, so apparently they were hoping, or at least looking out for, some major problem to justify something, a punishment of some sort?  Maybe?

Now I almost want to cry, to hug and cuddle, reassure and treasure Jackie, her feeling like a child, reminded so strongly of a clearly unpleasant childhood memory...  powerful emotional stuff!!!

OK, what the hell?!?!

So, she has to clean the cars, this makes sense, and seems, on the surface, like a “minor” point.  Clearly this mysterious plan A is a significant step up from plan B, and it seems that Dana is really pushing for it, but why the need to find a valid justification?  Aren’t there enough reasons already in hand?  Or does she need to bring everyone else round to agree to plan A?

Now THAT is interesting!  For all that, in her logical brain, Jackie seems to be considering rebelling, finding her treatment to be far from her liking, but the moment she is given the “proper” command, as in the command in the “proper” manor, her body simply responds and obeys!  So a key part of her is very much on board with all of this treatment she is receiving!

Ah, so again the thinking that she wants Gregory to see her has a partner, not as a slave, as an object.  Yet, for all of this, once the kink is flowing, you clearly want Gregory to be treating you much more like a slave than a partner, don’t you? :)

Awe at the tattoo?!  Come on!!!  What is going on here?!

Ooh, NICE tattoo!  I like this :)  Yes, no wonder there is a fairly serious emotional impact from this!  It really is an ownership mark, but we did basically know that going into this, didn’t we?

Nods, and finally we see that Dana is REALLY not happy with Jackie right now!!!

Dana not having any fun either...  nod, of course, now it is stated it is obvious, being this bother and angry is going to sap all of the “fun” from this for Dana, and that is just going to make her mood even worse.

Well...  that is quite the ending, and quite the set of unanswered questions!  What the hell are they planning and working out that they need so many materials for?  What are the unknown plan A and plan B all about?  Why is Dana so angry?  Although here at least we do have a few clues.

I am assuming that Jackie isn’t going to be left outside all night, but that is far from certain at this point.  In fact the darkness, the locked door, the blinds going down, all strongly suggests that outside and chained up all night is exactly what is going to happen.  Hopefully if so a blanket, or some such, will at least be provided.

Strong stuff, powerful writing, and as always, it seems with you, I am left desperately wanting more, NOW!!!
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on April 04, 2021, 12:31:12 PM
Thank you Feline. There had to be some conflict in this story, and I think the mention of Dana's brother has maybe stirred something up with her, although the precise relationship to that, and her irritation with my alter ego, might need some time to come out. Maybe it's just dawning on Dana that Jackie really has it all, despite Dana's perceived advantage, appearance wise. I also think having whatever you want to eat just by asking for it, and not having to work around the house at all, might have the effect of both "pretty" girls blowing up like a tick in the coming years. It could even be a fun twist if they both packed on like fifty pounds each while away at college, sweatpants and college sweatshirts the only thing that fits them, their fine clothes no longer an advantage.

The project they're all collectively working on is designed to keep Jackie tethered to the summerhouse, but still allow free reign within the walls of it so she can work, the chain, or maybe a small part of it, just one part of the system that they are designing.

Dennis is going to be doing the work while the girls are back home again, the summerhouse modified under a safety pretense, one that Dana's parents will pay for as they don't want anything bad to happen to Dana and her friends while away at school. Gregory isn't necessarily happy about the safety aspects of chaining up Jackie either, at least when nobody's home, the two not seeing eye to eye on this little detail. Gregory can only offer council to the girls, really only advise and steer things in the safest direction, and Dana is like a woman on a mission in this and won't be talked out of it.

How Dennis is to be "paid" for his services is another matter, the materials for this little project coming from Dana's father's checkbook, but his actual time is another matter. The thing, this system they designed is related to something you had suggested, so I thank you for that. I just had to find a way to hide it in plain sight, as did Dana, there a certain irony to getting her father to pay for the very things that keep their indentured servant from running off. Her parents would be furious with her if they found out that she had manipulated her friend into slavery, almost as furious as when she had screwed with a family maid once and made her so angry she up and quit without notice. They made Dana clean her house as punishment for that little outburst, but in true form she manipulated Jackie into doing it for her.

As far as cooking and being fully responsible for a holiday meal like this, I remember the first time I had done so, in a little kitchen with few extra pots and no microwave oven too. It's a lot of work, but there is a pride to it too, as in "I can really do this." In the context of the story, I wanted to show how busy and worked almost to the breaking point Jackie was here, obviously Dana at least looking for her to fail and justify their harsh sounding "plan A." Not with family and friends specifically, but I have been in the company of people that "hoped I failed" and the feeling comes through to me clearly, but perhaps I'm sensitive to such things.

I also think Jackie doesn't necessarily mind living away from home, perhaps things not so rosy and perfect there, this of course a reference to the childhood memory in my story, but I have no real world reference for this. It's a detail about Jackie's character though, perhaps a partial explanation for why she clings to her two pretty friends like she does, and why she has allowed them to groom her for servitude. Maybe Jackie even serves like this in her own home to a lesser degree, cooking and cleaning, so doing this for her two friends is really nothing more than an exchange of masters, with some obvious kink thrown in too.

I do plan on revisiting the mental hospital, the girls pretty much have to so they can collect Jackie's things, but after that I just don't know, that part might have to be a surprise...

I don't know about offering Jackie up as a general purpose sex slave either, although we went almost all the way there with Gregory as a one time "thank you" for all his hard work. Could this be what triggered Dana, even though Jackie didn't go "all the way" with Gregory while parking in the dark with him? Maybe Dana is sweet on Gregory too, at least until she finds out about his "little" problem, or is that perceived little problem? Maybe even Dana has never had a guy that she couldn't seduce, if she wanted to, Gregory blowing off her implied offers and then pissing her off with Jackie as a result. I know first hand how illogical hormone driven teenage logic can be, and this could play into that nicely too.

Maybe this "date" with Gregory was supposed to be one sided, as in Gregory using the teen for his exclusive carnal pleasure, taking and not giving in return. Perhaps Dana expected Jackie to be returned to her that night with the evidence of some rough usage, and when she came in instead with a tired and sated smile, it set Dana off?

As far as the not deserving clothes, I think that's a fun state of mind, but not specifically sexual, at least to me. It's more innocent, but maybe only to Jackie, where the summerhouse's guests will likely see this as an offer, an ease of access to Jackie's female charms. She's submissively compliant too, what guy wouldn't like that?

 The next chapter should be fun too, lots of action, and yes, my alter ego does at least get a blanket to sleep with... on the porch all night long.

Thank you again for your kind words, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on April 06, 2021, 01:33:55 PM
The comment about the girls weight reminds me of a background thought I had when re-reading part 15.  The clear expectation on Jackie’s part, almost certainly completely correctly, is that her friends are going to have her doing basically all of their homework.  Now at first this is ideal, and just what her friends want, away from home, waited on hand and foot, and no unwanted obligations or work, while getting good grades, and free to go out and party all the time.

But with time this will alter some of the underlying points of their relationship.  It isn’t going to suddenly change the submissive nature of Jackie, or the dominant nature of her friends, but it is going to shift knowledge of the classes and the skills that come with it into Jackie’s hands.  It is going to shift some of the underlying power in this situation, something that her friends really aren’t going to see coming until it is rather to late, I am sure!

It will also be good for Jackie, increasing her general skill set, which will help her in the long term, which I approve of :)

Good to see that a system is being worked out for Jackie’s captivity, yummy!  I can definitely seeing Gregory being “wiser”, more adult and cautious about all of this, much more aware of some of the risks that you have to watch for in all of this, while Dana really does feel like someone diving in head first and going full force forward, without really considering where this is going to take her, or them.

You bring up some very interesting points about Jackie’s home life and background...  yes, she has always felt comfortable with her friends, looked to spend as much time as possible with them, while also being content, if not actively eager to take on the submissive role and do the jobs.  Thinking about it from this point of view, looking back, there has never been any sense of push back or difficulty with Jackie spending a lot of time with her friends, going off for a week on holiday, or now heading off to college with them...  it could very easily be because she is seen as much as a burden as a part of the family at home.  There is a common theme that women are second class citizens (angry muttering) so it’s easy to see that her home life is one of work, responsibility, and being generally disregarded and not cared about.  Given this sort of background, being “valued and appreciated” for her work by her friends, as well as having a familiar role, of “general dogs body” would be comfortable.

No, I very much doubt that you are sensitive to the feeling that people are looking for you to fail.  When I have come across people / situations like this, the one(s) hoping you will fail are hardly subtle about it, instead almost wanting to rub your face in the point.

Considering the 3 girls and Gregory for a moment, the two friends are used to being the “main attraction”, they have everything that men should want.  But for various reasons Gregory is much more interested in their friend than them.  When she is sent off to “satisfy him and pay him”, instead of being just used, as is probably what the friends are used to from most male company, she is gone for a long time, and comes back clearly very well satisfied herself.  Not what they were expecting at all, the whole waiting up for her to return screams that they expected her to basically provide Gregory a quickie or two, and that was that.

But this feeds into the bigger general question of paying for Dennis to do all of the required work, work that is “only needed” due to them having a slave to keep in hand.  Oh I am quire sure that Dana, and probably Tracy, are REALLY into the idea of keeping their little slave chained up and captive all of the time.  But in simple terms, what do any of these three women have to offer men?

Social status doesn’t work any more, not while you are so far away from home, and competing with so many other college students.  Money?  A lot of what men are going to want, and are going to be looking for here, boils down to sex.  The two friends can offer a threesome, should they choose, but both of them have to be on board, and they don’t want to cheapen this very enticing offer / trade good.  Beyond this, if the man in question just wants a quick sexual thrill, then even with her vagina off the table, Jackie is still the “ideal” candidate...  how are her owners supposed to compete?  How are they going to compete?

And indeed, how do they stop her being seen as simply a sexual object for the taking?

Gregory wants something more from her, which is only likely to make her friends more jealous, and also less willing to listen to his advice and perspective.

I only really see two good approaches going forward.  Trying to compete with a naked “sex slave”, which is how she is going to be seen by default by everyone, isn’t going to play to her friends strengths.  So maybe keep Jackie in her puppy persona more often when they have people round.  This will at least create some distance between the sex toy (animal) and her owners (human).  Or lock her into some form of chastity belt, to simply take her off the table as a simple option.  But this still doesn’t remove the temptation, or her oral skills.

So I keep wondering if making Jackie very casually available for sex, for certain select men, is the solution that her friends will settle on, on the theory that if she is just always available, to “everyone”, then she is less desirable and attractive, making her attractive, and possibly threesome offering friends the “high end” option that you want to work for and desire, while also paying for the work the men do.  I am just sure this “feels right” though, but so far I am not sure what else to suggest.  I will see if it comes to me :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on April 07, 2021, 11:04:55 AM
These are all great ideas, and I appreciate them. For some with practical considerations, getting an education is about gaining knowledge and acquiring skills, and for others it's all about the document, the actual skin hanging on your proverbial "I love me wall." But, this less prestigious small college isn't an instantly recognizable ivy league institution, and none of these three will likely enter the work force anyway, so the actual degree is of a lesser consideration. In this scenario Jackie could easily get the most out of this, doing the actual class work for her friends at home.

As far as Jackie's home life, this is the 1970's so most women were expected to cook, clean, and have lots of babies, or so my perception of the time goes. I know that's an over simplification, because there were women engineers and doctors involved in the Apollo program, and obviously other places too. Back then I got the feeling that you didn't hire on a woman for a "man's" job, unless it would be stupid not to, as in she was far too good a catch to let the competition get her instead.

As far as the sex toy version of Jackie, I could see condoms skirting the girls strict forbiddance of Jackie's girl parts, and I have a feeling that they were more common back in the 1970's than they are today, the "pill" I think safer today than it was back then. Any of the men Jackie was gifted to could always use the "pull it out and pray" method instead, ignoring the girls forbiddance in the heat of the moment, and that could add some excitement to the entire situation. Wouldn't it be fun if Dana's brother was gifted Jackie to buy his silence on the whole "friend as naked slave thing" he having a secret crush on her pretty much forever, and then he knocking Jackie up, Dana and Jackie then becoming sister in laws?

I don't think I'll do that, as it would cut Gregory out of the story, but it would be fun.

I do like the idea of the invisible fence being tested on Jackie in her pet persona, and this would keep her in pet status and less available, sexually, to the visiting guys; when she wasn't cooking, cleaning, and doing homework. As far as offering Jackie up to almost everybody, or even a select few, I don't know that I want to do that, but I'm not sure myself what to do either.

Thank you again for some great ideas, Jackie.

Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on April 08, 2021, 11:34:40 AM
Yes, it is easy to forget the time period this is set in, and the fairly serious differences in how gender and roles are seen and how "set" they are in society and peoples minds.

Thinking about the restrictions on Jackie, a rather evil thought occurs to me.  All it would take is one of the visitors to the house to mention the presence of Jackie, and "casually mention in passing" that she has to follow all orders, and end up speculating that if she is told to shut up, well, a naked and chained up sex slave who hasn't told you (because she was ordered to be silent) that she isn't allowed to offer up her vagina for sex, combined with her being *very* desperate...

It isn't hard to see how entitled male friends of Dennis would enjoy taking advantage of this loophole...  after all, I am *sure* Dennis would never think of making spare copies of any keys to the property, just in case he needed to check on his work while Jackie's owners are out, and she is home alone...  I wonder what it will take for Dana to start to realise, to see, that leaving Jackie alone at home, chained up, naked and ordered, under very strict penalties, to obey everyones orders, is leaving a massive amount of temptation out to others, who aren't going to see Jackie, or the situation, the same way that Dana and Tracy do.

Possibly rather dark, but also, a good, if maybe brutal, way of getting Gregories point of view to be taken a hell of a lot more seriously, and the general responsibilities for slave supervision and safety to become very clear!  Then again, locking Jackie into a cage, to really limit others access to her body, also works, and probably fits much better with Dana's current state of mind and emotional views on unfair competition :)
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: teanndaorsa on June 27, 2021, 10:05:11 PM
Part 17 up tonight, enjoy
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: drulema on June 30, 2021, 09:18:54 PM
Well, whatever has Dana in a lather, she is not mercilessly taking it out on Jackie, though Jackie is the handiest one to punish being Dana & Tracy's slave girl. Not informing Jackie what she did to earn Dana's wrath is a punishment in itself and I think is meant to keep Jackie on her toes as it were.
Jackie, having asked for and signed a contract binding her initially to Dana & Tracy will obviously live to the letter of it. Fun and games is over. She now is property; property owned by Dana &Tracy. Beginning with having Jackie get the tattoo to now, Dana has been making it totally clear she owns Jackie. But she is not going to let any harm come to her property either. Is it because she still has feelings for her "friend" or simply because she enjoys her dominance over Jackie, i don't know. In any case, she is setting precedence as to what will happen to and with Jackie over the next 4 years.
I like that a lot of the groundwork for the next 4 years is being set in detail over these last few chapters giving us an insight into Jackie's thoughts as things progress.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on July 02, 2021, 08:23:00 AM
I love that there are no real ground rules for all this between the girls, except for the diary, and now the potentially harsh contract too. All of them together are figuring this out at the same time, ("on the fly" so to speak) and I'm trying to show all the characters growing into this with each other, giving a sense of realism to this fantasy. Of the four so far I think Dennis is the least deep character, but possibly because we don't know what makes him tick just yet.

 The summerhouse itself is a real place from my past, so this helps with the setting in my mind at least, but I'm trying to paint a picture of the idyllic nature of the place without getting bogged down in the details.

 Dana and Dennis are working on an evil surprise for Jackie, one that Tracy is reluctantly on board for, and Gregory even less so. I think it will "anchor" any ill feeling she may develop about her servitude to the house itself though, not that this is necessarily by design, but rather happenstance. Not that this is exactly the same thing, but your puppy doesn't hate the vet, she does associate the antiseptic smell of the vet's office with unpleasant things though, so this is why it's so hard to get her out of the car once you're there with her.

Anyway, the scene with the billboard is just something that trips my trigger. I love the being dumped off naked and helpless someplace, and I have stood near billboards like that, hearing the rush of traffic passing just out of sight while my mind wanders to the endless kinky possibilities...

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, such things keep me motivated to tell this story to it's conclusion, Jackie. 
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on July 07, 2021, 04:48:33 PM
I actually got impatient, and just read this, since I wanted to enjoy this, before coming back and pulling my thoughts together :)

The harsh night outside, her treatment, and clear position in the household is making it quite clear that her friends aren't having any problems adapting to the roles of harsh task mistress, or keeping her in her place.  But at the same time, we are still left in the dark as to what she actually did wrong here, still leaving the best working theory that the presence of a "naked and available sex object" was unwanted competition.

A tricky problem to solve that, since if she is actually being kept as a naked and available slave, so "property" in a very real sense, she is going to be very much perceived as a sex object / sex toy, by lots of people, her friends indeed.  So how do they compete with this?  One thing asking a bunch of emotionally mature adults this, but I do have to remember that we are still dealing with teenagers here...

Very interesting that Tracy and Dana are taking different approaches here, but also as it should be, for while the two do seem to move in perfect harmony at times, at other times it is quite clear how differently they view and approach things, and they have different feelings and needs here.  As for a wake up call as to the nature of your slavery, well, you did insist on a very harsh contract to keep you on task, regardless of your views and changing feelings!

Yes, some information on what she did "wrong" would be helpful if her owners want her to behave differently in future, but if the root problem is more down to the fact that she is a naked slave, then there is nothing she is in a position to do or change.  Not that this is automatically going to save her from the wrath of her owners...

It makes me smile, her observation about having to get used to no privacy when using the toilet, since there are clear hints, and interest, in keeping her in dog mode, and dog mode isn't going to come with human toilet privileges, we can be sure of that! :)

I can see her keepers enjoying not being quite so "responsible" for her while back home, but at the same time, I can see them missing the feelings of power and control, and also of convenience of having their own personal slave on tap 24/7.  Well, clearly only one person is to blame for this lack of being properly available as a slave, and she is likely to end up being punished, in some form or other, for this terrible state of affairs *evil smirk*

Also yes, very much an experiment, where most of the risk, and in a sense the rewards, fall on your shoulders alone.

Having to "come last" with Gregory as well is another interesting example of logical consequences of this whole situation that she simply didn't see coming, but at the same time, I do enjoy the sense of maturity with which she accepts that having someone being much less equal can help to defuse tensions.

No wonder she is confused about leaving all of the food there, but also, yes, there are going to be lots of things about your own life and treatment that you won't be told about in advance, and most certainly won't be consulted on either!

I do enjoy the simple sexy delight of travelling in daylight so nearly naked.  Also it is very interesting, reasonable but still a delight, how she is already looking for ways to "push" her owners into taking her in hand.  Only a few hours after fearing being left chained up and alone in the house, and she is looking for more :)  Yummy!

The comment about being reluctant to admit that she would have been miserable, left at home, alone and abandoned by her friends, if they had gone off to the fancy university without her seems "odd", in the sense that surely this is to be expected, given how close the three of them clearly are, and have been for so very long?  The whole sense of this being an escape from her normal life reinforces this point.  But at the same time, it is good and important to see how she feels about her owners, and still very much wants to be with them, for them to be a "group".

It's amusing, the speculation about the adults having manipulated some of this situation to have come to pass, but my suspicion is much more that the adults simply accepted and took advantage of the three of you wanting to move out and move on with your lives as a unit, giving all three families space and time to themselves once more.

Now that is an interesting statement and perspective, separating out the summer house as the cause of all of her work and obligations, from her loving friends, who are still very much her friends, and having different feelings about them.  At the same time though, for all that it seems strange, it also sounds good, since having a good relationship with her owners and friends is very important all the way through this.

Dumped by the side of the road, both a very fitting fantasy, the ideal time for such a "fun" little game, but also a lovely reminder of your other story series, that I still have very fond memories of, and a ludicrously hot fantasy!

The comments about the girls enjoying food so much make me smile, since this puts me in mind of our conversation here, including food and weight over time.  At the same time Jackie being used to doing without so many things, making this return to normality easier on her, is an interesting "other side" of things.

Leashed up here like this...  the idea of her as a stripper for an audience is interesting, and I wonder if this is an idea that will be returned to.  I don't see her needing to go out and earn money like that, but maybe requiring the house slave to put on a private performance is something some of her male, and perhaps female, "owners" will explore...  after all, once you have a slave, might as well make full use of her!

As for the nickname, off the top of my head this feels like the first time she has ever actually been named :)  Just a passing thought, but still it makes me smile.

Now that is a powerful, and easy to overlook moment!  The truck horns, the fear, the very real suspicion that she has been spotted, but instead of her main fear being her own safety after she is grabbed and kidnapped by a passing trucker, she is fearing for her friends, their reactions and feelings at loosing her!!!  THIS matters, this shows us the heart of Jackie, and her views on her friends, the love and trust that is enabling this "game", this "experiment".

And there is the "other half" of this trust and love!  For all that they have done together, that the girls have done to Jackie, Tracy stayed to watch over her, to guard her, and as soon as Dana realised the risk and the danger she was straight back, moving instantly to protect and save Jackie!  It is a two way street, this trust and love, after all!

In a lot of ways I think we needed this change of emotional pace, and a clear reminder of where everyone stands, even as I suspect things are not going to be quite so "back to normal" as Jackie is expecting...  well, we can hope can't we?  *evil smirk*

Now off to catch up with playing maid, which I only discovered was updated a few days ago.
Title: Re: My Summer Of Dares by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on July 09, 2021, 10:08:27 AM
Thank you for such wonderful observations. In the contract I had to put a name, so I expanded my Jaackierabbit nick name into a real sounding name, Jaqueline D. Lapin (aka Jackie the rabbit) in French, or so I hoped. I guess a second meaning of lapin can also mean a castrated male rabbit, amusing to my better half I'm sure, but I didn't know about that meaning when I had written that, and I obviously not a woman who speaks any French, other than just a few words I've picked up over the years.

I think that the girls are fun, but also teens, and they all have to grow into this with an open mind. I like the hating the house, not the people in the house mentality, something I think psychologists might call transference, or so I saw on TV once. The next chapter explains this hating the house thing just a bit better I think.

The escaping from her potentially boring life at home is a real thing, and I can't blame her in this, just as I can't blame her and the other's parents for working out how to get an empty nest just a few years sooner that normal.

I also feel that it's easier to really let go when somebody else has your back, and is responsible for the mess they've gotten you into. I could also see Jackie playing stripper one time on a dare, perhaps even at the billboard's porn palace. It's something I've always wanted to do myself, but I don't have near the courage to do so publicly, but in this story's context, doing so far from home and friends could be an acceptable risk.

I am curious as to the hot fantasy associated with Dumped On The Side Of The Road; is this something I could write into another chapter of that series? I think there still might be a dare jar someplace, and we could put almost any dare in there, as well as having somebody else join up with the girls for fun. If you're interested it might be fun to put your ideas into that story, I have done this before with character names and I think it's a fun distraction as we can name the characters anything we like.

Just a thought, let me know what you think, Jackie.