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Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #30 on: July 01, 2022, 06:06:55 PM »
Still catching up with myself, which seems to be a regular state of affairs :)

I have just finished going back and re-reading, and enjoying, part 6, to get myself back up to speed on where we were.  So many questions left hanging, so many hints, the feeling of such wicked plots in action...  so lets see what you have for us!

Well, the bedtie story code, along with its friends, is a good start *evil smirk*

Lovely imagery.  Since Jack is still coming to grips with the idea and the concept of taking charge of you, I do wonder how much of this comfort and relaxation is due to external encouragement, and how much is coming naturally from within, due to this rather bizarre situation.  Perhaps we will find out with time :)

Lies, surely this is lies!  What more could there be to marriage than great sex?!  Strange ideas...  next you will want connection, communication, trust, to share your deepest thoughts and fantasies with someone...  nope, doesn't sound anything like how marriage is supposed to work *raspberry*  At the same time, it's a little sad to think that there is something so important to Jackie that has somehow not been reached or touched in her marriage, especially since from memory she seemed so very happy with Mike.

Ah, yes, Jack has been given the tools for his fantasy life, but he is also trying to live his real life like a gentleman...  talk about a different take on rock and a hard place!

Given the rather clear hints that Tammy has dropped, and the hints of other plans in action, I don't for a second thing that Tammy believes you are a well paid, or even massively well paid, actor!  Although, it does seem that all sorts of things are available for enough money *shrug*

Waiting to catch you out is a very logical fear, a very reasonable expectation, but it simply doesn't fit with the pattern so far established.  Not that this tells me much about what she is actually up to, but that really doesn't fit or make sense.  She is after something much bigger, she has to be, but what?!

Yes, fucking and love making are very different things, but you have rather bluntly asked for the 3rd option, to be taken, dominated and used...  I would argue something quite different than the first two, but perhaps every bit as powerful, in its own way, as love making...  As for you being confused, well, you never asked to be placed into this situation, that is worth remembering, and you have made Jack work for it, at least a bit.

Interesting comments about Mike dressing you down, although I am tempted to ask if he was trying to keep you all to himself, rather than hiding what you have.  But if so, you are clearly not thinking in those terms, so if that was his plan he never shared it clearly.

Why or how would one know if human anatomy was defective?  There can be very subtle, but effective, defects, that you would never see, but that would be totally effective.

Well its hardly a surprise that your mind is running around, trying to make sense of everything and grasping at all sorts of random thoughts.  There are plenty of things going on here that are being kept from you, and you are in the middle of things, and clearly intelligent and interested enough to want to know what the hell is happening :)

Well, once there is one big important secret, it is only fair to wonder if there are more...  and yes, the rings alone seem a thin reason to so change his approach to how you dress, and to send you off like this.  Perhaps Jack's explanation, when it finally appears, will explain some of this?

That's a dark and nasty thought, that Mike wanted someone else and was using this as a method to pass you on, but the first response is to point out that all of this came from Tammy, and Jack's office, nothing to do with Mike at all.  Yes, perhaps he ceased a change in a million, but it seems most unlikely.  But then again, the whole situation is hardly "normal" or "reasonable".

No phone contact and all these questions, and I cannot even say trust your husband, since there are to many secrets on the loose.  You need a good distraction, that would "help" *evil smirk*

Way to put Jack on the spot, and I have to admit, his reaction to what Mike is doing doesn't inspire confidence.  What lies has he told...  good question.  The holiday may not be only for two weeks?  Well, if he didn't know, I can certainly forgive that, he was already asking enough and pushing enough, and this is something quite outside of his own control.

*snort* tuna fish casserole?!  *giggles* nice way to lighten the mood, and I have to forgive this one as well.  Am I being to soft on him?  Two forgivings in a row?!

OK, now THAT is sweet, lovely, romantic and goooee!!!  GO JAKE!!!!  Yes, she should definitely dress to show off more *evil plotting*

Now if only you had a nice private hotel room where Jack could be properly rewarded for these special moments...  of course, the impulse may well not survive that long, plus you don't want to be the one taking the initiative here on this front...  yep, a rather serious dilemma!

*giggles* at the fantasy of being arrested, and how far she wanted to take the fantasy, especially the fact that if it ever were to happen she wouldn't be in a position to stop it...  maybe I do have a dirty mind after all ;)

*rolls eyes* or we just note and accept that authority figures and uniforms are common points of fantasy and sexual interest :)

Interesting that Jack seems to have this idea of you as such a good girl, but remember, you have been dressed and presented as SO very modest and "good girl" for quite a while now by your husband, so this idea doesn't exactly exist in isolation, now does it?  Plus, I suspect / know you have been keeping a lot of this side of you hidden from him, since its not how a polite married woman behaves with a man who isn't her husband.

*nods* where the hell did "might have to give you back" come from?  As I understand it, giving her back, virtually untouched in fact, was always the official story here...  apparently there is a hell of a lot more going on here!

OK, so Jack is keeping his word...  which also seems to mean keeping secrets for now.  Yes, he is "manning up" and "taking charge", but as noted, very much not in the desired manor.  What the hell is going on here?!

Taking charge can take a myriad of forms, and it seems Jack has to start small with being in charge of you.  At the same time, him taking charge, even in such a small way, is a nice distraction from this very confused mess of thoughts and feelings here!  So I would say relax and enjoy it, you are here now and part of all of this, after all :)

*SNORT* no, you don't have a deep and complex need for sexual approval, you have been "sent off" with another man, to play the sex toy, after your husband has been hiding you away.  Lots of perfectly obvious and shallow reasons to want and need sexual approval, and you clearly deserve it!

I am quite torn here.  Jack is doing the RIGHT thing by being such a careful gentleman, but at the same time it is quite the wrong thing, since it goes directly against the clear instructions he has been given by Jackie, and this is the wrong thing for Jackie...  but it is still the *right* thing in so many ways...  oh this is all so complex!  Can he just not get women?  Stupid question, I know, but it had to be asked.

Nods, how the hell come Mike never discussed all of this with Jackie?!  No wonder Jack is feeling deeply adrift, surely he never thought that Mike would not clearly discuss things, especially since Mike seemed more than happy to dress and present his wife as sex on legs?!  Random massive urge to slap Mike round the head with a large piece of wood...

So asking if Jack wants happy wife or bitch is a good way to move things forward :)  I approve, and a bit of humour seems rather called for here to!

So you have been taught to respond well to positive signals from your husband, that just speaks to good times between the two of you.  As for Jack and the massively mixed signals, well, learning that Mike never actually talked to you about any of this... I bet a WHOLE lot of confusion has just been resolved, since you have been dumped here without any bloody idea of what your husband things, or what is really going on...  you need help and guidance after all as well!

OK, so yes, Jack isn't a taker, but I think right now a giver is rather more of what you need from the man in your bed with you.

OOoooh, a note, so not saying a word, thrusting the keys into his hand...  well, we are at the point where someone needs to make things clearer, and given the revelation both that there is a secret Jack is keeping, and that Mike avoided discussing anything, it is left to you to push things forward, if they are to move forward...

*nods* selfless and giving, yes, very good words for the Jack we are seeing.  There is still a lot going on we don't understand, but he really is trying so hard to be a gentleman, that gets him a lot of credit in my world, even if it isn't selling the tale he told about his "marriage" and "wife/slut".

Now that is interesting, are you asking if you are not worth proper cuffs from Mike?  If so, then thats actually a remarkably good question...  but how long has what ever is going on in the background, between Mike and Jack, about you, been going on, and does that factor into all of this?

You know, I am starting to detect a theme with your fantasies here... *smirk*

Ouch...  oh bloody hell!  Gentle and loving kisses, how can that be wrong, but given the fantasy, and just possibly what the note says, it really is the wrong response.  I REALLY hope the note is bloody clear and explicit, Jack needs to be told quite clearly what page you want him on!

So many thoughts and questions rolling through your head... but yes, the blindfold is making it worse, you don't have the feedback or the clues as to what Jack is thinking, and until Jack reaches the note I really don't have any hope of him reaching the right page any time soon, if at all...

OK, we can debate the line between topping from the bottom and trying to show him what you want, but at this point REALLY clear communication about what you want has to happen, and YOU need to be "in charge" of making it happen.  Hopefully afterwards he can start being in charge as desired.

Yes, you want to be taken, you want him to be in charge, but at the same time, it seems he is finally starting to accept that you are his for the taking, and he is taking you the way HE wants...  so maybe there is hope for this yet?  Plus this slow, loving exploration, while driving you mad, is really HOT!

Well, a strong interest in your arse, in various ways, is certainly understandable, and perhaps he is just trying to work out what you really want?  We still don't have any sense of how much Mark has shared about your private life after all...  and Jack's interests and desires are very much unknowns...  but the way the topic has so often been avoided by both of them...  well it makes me wonder, especially with all the oddness here.

The ending...  yes, actually that really does feel just right!  So much frustration, so many unknowns, so many secrets, being pushed and pulled in so many ways, it really is time for Jackie to let go and try to finally get Jack on the right page.  There should be such a thing as a gentleman dominant after all!

So much pleasure reading this, such wonderful characters, but also SO MANY bloody questions and unknowns!!!  Someone is very nearly in trouble here...  and I hope you know who you are!

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Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #31 on: July 03, 2022, 10:24:32 AM »
First off, thank you as always for such thoughtful feedback, I love that you appreciate these characters and their unique flaws. Everybody here, (except maybe Mike), wants something from another, their nice enough characters, but everybody has their own motivations here, and I plan on explaining/revealing those next. Maybe Mike thinks he's in over his head with Jackie, maybe he had hopes that she'd calm down a little after almost a year of marriage, (once he put a ring on it) maybe he even thought she'd give up on the baby thing, tone the hunger for kink down a bit? Maybe he's a good guy here too, maybe he just can't talk about things, put his thoughts to words, pretty much like a lot of guys, especially younger ones?

Tammy maybe wants a lever to move her rising star Jack, and that isn't turning out like she thought it would when she concocted this second honeymoon scheme. So now she has to determine what's really going on here, because what IS going on is just too crazy to be true, as in there has to be another more logical explanation. Jack is just too dependable to throw it all away for a woman who isn't even his! Tammy is rooting for Jack, she's already talked him up to the top floor people, (this "won" vacation is the final job interview) and for him to betray her and the company like this will make all of them look bad, so Tammy is searching for some way out of this apparent mess, if her fears and her odd husband's explanation of Jackie's motivations are accurate. Psychology isn't an exact science though; people can deeply believe what simply isn't true, or so it goes on some of those crime shows that I don't really follow.

Jack lusts for what his best friend has, but takes for granted, although he's kept this a deep secret... somehow! There was also a drunken offer tied to the loan for the rings, that if Mike couldn't give her what she wants "someday," Jack would, and this has been bumped up schedule wise by Tammy's intervention. A position will be coming up soon at the company, along with a relocation, but the salary offer will make this an impossible opportunity to walk away from. It will require relocation for the newlyweds, but also enough money that the new family can start making babies together, with her staying home to raise them. It's also an economic trap for Jack, with an ever-growing family at home dependent on him he won't be able to easily leave their employ. And, removed from their family support tree there will be no grandmothers to watch the little ones so that Jackie can chase her so-so career again, to supplement their family income.

Tammy is like a chess grand master, but Jack's deception has scuttled her well laid plans. She can't really retaliate against Jack without compromising herself, career wise, so Jackie is the next logical target, control Jackie, control Jack. She already has the power of suggestion over Jackie, but none of us know how far that extends.

Anyway, I think Jack and Jackie have to have a nice long post coital conversation about the future, maybe Jack thought he could somehow just be a sperm doner and then press on with his own life, but once spending some serious alone time with Jackie he's decided that the gloves come off and he's keeping Jackie, best friend or not. "If you foolishly leave the keys in your sexy almost new sportscar right out in the driveway buddy, you can't really complain when somebody steals it away from you, even if it's a friend." Maybe the thing Jack is waiting for is actually knocking Jackie up, and once that happens all kinds of things change in both men's and women's minds. I've seen this firsthand, men get very possessive and protective, and we get very pragmatic, nesting I've heard it called.

I think the two lovebirds are going to be compelled to "renew" their vows less that one calendar year into their marriage, on their actual anniversary date but earlier in the day, technically annulling Jackie's first marriage to Mike at the last possible moment, or so the legal arguments will go. I am unsure if I want Jackie to live out her fantasy of getting arrested by the sexy female beach cop, it's something I've always fantasized about myself, but super unlikely to happen in the real world. Could this be something, story wise, that Tammy arranges, both to get a little payback for Jackie perpetuating this lie with her, and to have her in the proper place at the proper time for the second ceremony?

I'm curious what you think of the direction of the story, and I as well wanted you to know that there is an ending close at hand, thank you again, Jackie

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Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #32 on: August 01, 2022, 03:15:12 PM »
It is the complex characters that so draw me into all of this, that make all of this so interesting and fun!

It does actually make sense that Mike is in over his head.  There wasn't an overt sense of that up front, but seeing the comment, looking at it that way, it makes a great deal of sense.  After all, if he assumes that things are going to go one way once they get together, but instead they start to go a different way, then he can find that a situation that he thought he would be fine with turned into one that he just could not handle at all well.

To be fair to Tammy, who would have thought the situation would be anything like this?  There is looking for some leverage, to get Jack positioned how she wants, and to make sure that his family life will work well with his work life, and then there is stepping into a total mess...  Tammy really doesn't come across as someone who is going to back down or be distracted from her goal in all of this...  so a compliant Jackie makes things "easier", at least in theory, since she has some more control over one of the key pieces on the board.

My first and immediate reaction is that Jackie should absolutely be arrested by the sexy female beach cop, because it would be hot, and also because it adds a very solid, very immediate and "primal" - in the "go protect your mate" sense - lever to work on Jack with.  More than this though, it provides a way of getting hold of any documents, passports, etc, that Jack and Jackie brought with them, in case there is anything there to help make sense of this confusing, and obviously not what she is told it really is situation.

The nesting instinct, I had not really considered this, but actually yes, this would make a lot of sense, and I can see how this would suddenly start to provide enough pressure for things to settle into a new shape, and to stay there!

I am really glad there is a goal, a target in all of this, I am just not sure I like the idea of an ending close at hand, since I am really enjoying the journey, and it feels that there is still quite a lot to sort through, make sense of and resolve!

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Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #33 on: August 03, 2022, 10:13:38 AM »
I'm ever mindful of all the projects that I have running concurrently, and I sometimes feel guilty that I don't spend more time focused on just one or two of them to be honest. It's just the way my mind works though, if I can't find inspiration for one story line, I jump to another. It's probably slightly maddening for one who reads and follows these, especially if their personality drifts towards the "I want it all in one bite" attitude. It can take years for me to finish one, so I'm going to try to finish a few before starting any more. That being said, I have two that should publish soon that are intended as one-off stories, Girl Crush and Dystopia, with the potential for a part two for each if there is interest.

I know some people have trouble finding things to write about, but with the real-life things I've actually done, combined with the things I'd still like to do, my problem is quite the opposite, as in focusing on the things I'd really like to write about. I of course assume that if these things excite me, they might be fun for somebody else to read too.

While I'm doing all that I'm also working on the retelling of Ken's Birthday Gift, and two others related to that. One is almost complete fiction and based on some very vivid daydreams that I had back then, and the other two are very close to the actual events without letting any of the unnamed players know that it's actually about them, should any of them read this one day. That's the problem with telling real stories, making sure the details aren't too specific, the descriptions aren't too exact.

So anyway, with all that being said, I have to have a proper conclusion for these characters, to do anything less would do them a disservice, so I will tell the rest of the story without rushing it. I was also on the fence to be honest about having my alter ego arrested by the sexy female cop, because I as well find that super sexy and hot, the power, loss of freedom and control, especially so very far from a known justice system, and perhaps even with Tammy's intervention. Since you think it's hot too, I'll do it, maybe live out that personal fantasy of mine vicariously through one of my characters.

Thank you again for your well thought out observations and motivations, Jackie.

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Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #34 on: August 11, 2022, 01:49:20 PM »
The wait for updates to your stories is frustrating, but having said that, quality takes time, and the thought and depth that goes into these parts is always very clear, and has always been a large part of the appeal for me :)  "sexy" is all well and good, but if the writing and the characters cannot get me to invest in the characters and their situation then it is only going to be shallow sexy.  Fun in passing, but not much more.

As for the arrest, yes, doing it because it is hot could easily lead you in a poor story direction.  On the surface there is no good reason for it to happen, based purely on Jackie's actions and behaviour on the island, but as an action orchestrated by Tammy, and for Tammy's benefit...  then something that seems wrong and out of place fits into the greater picture, making a greater whole :)

As always, looking forward to seeing more of your writing get posted ;D


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