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Title: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: Gromet on July 03, 2016, 10:04:41 AM
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Thanks   ;)
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on July 04, 2016, 07:08:31 PM
I have really enjoyed this, once I got past the jaw dropping "what the HELL" moment, when the secrets were revealed, and I found out what was driving and behind this trip, and why it had to be her.  That is definitely a different take and perspective on why she was the lady asked to go on the trip, and to be shown off.

But more than this, this arrangement, this secret between the two men clearly has a long and deep history, this was no spur of the moment plan, this is something years in the making, that is suddenly being tested and brought out into the open.  What really speaks to me here is the emotions, the feelings, the complexity and the characters as we explore this new situation, this new world and perspective.  I love the wifes changing feelings, how she enjoys teasing, but is not really seeing herself as a sexual object in this setting or context.

Also, I am fascinated to see and learn more about what is driving her husband.  Did he fail to repay the debt because there was never the money to do so?  Or is there some other reason, some other force at work here?  Why is an apparently strong and dominant man so happy to share his wife, to send her off with his best friend?

I am looking forward to seeing more of these characters, and to hopefully learning the answers to some of these questions.  Also, how much pressure will the "happy couple" be placed under on this trip to actually behave as man and wife?  Since the point of the trip is to expose a sham, simply having her turn up is unlikely to be all that is required to carry off the lie.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on July 06, 2016, 01:57:13 AM
Thank you so much Feline, this type of scenario holds a great deal of interest for me these days. The borrowing of one's significant other is a huge turn on for me, and even the best of intentions can be skewed when alone with a desirable partner in a tropical paradise. Perhaps the men have shared a lover in the past, this little arrangement a payback for that, or perhaps it is simply that there is a debt owed and this little infidelity a convenient way to pay it off. I do think the law of unintended consequences may sneak in here at some point, this second deception only necessary because of the first one, and each lie thereafter leading to an even greater deception to keep the sham going.

Will either or both of them get caught and punished for their deception, possibly the submissive wife taking the full blame and allowing the suspicious office manager to settle up with her physically for their collective deception? I could imagine all manor of fun doing that, especially so far from home and caught red handed.

Thank you again for your kind words, Jackie.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: Arkane on July 06, 2016, 04:32:30 PM
No comments to write, but I really enjoyed the story so far.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on July 06, 2016, 05:23:58 PM
I have been considering this further, and wondering what might be in store...  simply inviting the man and his mystery wife, a wife long assumed to be a lie on the holiday is a good test, a good trap, but if his boss is prepared to go to these lengths, then the boss must be prepared for him to turn up with a woman who looks like the woman in the photograph.  That would not be a massive step to arrange.

So what further tests, what further pressure will be brought to bare, and what expectations are at work here?  Her real husband is sending her off with sexy outfits, dressing her for the part of an attractive and desirable woman, preparing for her to act the roll of the desirable woman.

Obviously sharing a room with a single double bed is a given, but will they share the bed at first?  What emotional storms and journeys are at work here?  Suddenly the wife, the lied to and manipulated wife, the wife who has given herself over to, and promised allegiance and submission to her husband holds all the power.  I keep coming back to her saying how she is her husbands to command and to use...  just how far does that gift and promise go?

Oooh, a naughty thought, will they decide to practice her being the loving and relaxed "wife" before the holiday?  She needs to learn the lies he has been spinning about her, she needs to know how to act the wife, to know of his work, and to be relaxed and natural with him in person to carry off this lie...  this practice before the holiday, while her real husband is hovering in the wings adds a whole new emotional dimension to what is going on here :)

And yes, how deep is the lie, how deep is the plotting, and what punishment, what fall out is going to come from this?
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on July 08, 2016, 08:39:03 AM
Thank you Arkane, I think all three of them are in for an adventure, Jackie.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on July 08, 2016, 09:32:38 AM
Thank you Feline. I hadn't pondered the two practicing their deception before leaving for the islands, but that would be delicious fun, and awkward at best for the watching husband if he were in attendance. I am willing to bet that the suspicious office manager will have a quality picture of the wedding picture on Jack's desk with her, as well as the plane's tickets in the shared wife's name requiring a photo license to collect them before boarding these days. Both her drivers license and passport would have a different last name than her "husband's" explainable these days for business purposes, but the address on them would be different. They live on the same street so it would take a sharp eye to spot that if the opportunity presented itself, but the office manager seems pretty sharp and not so easily fooled.

If I were the suspicious office manager I would book my and my husband's seats intertwined with Jack's and his "wife's" so the four could ostensibly get to know each other on the trip down as well, but really to trip up the deception that she is nearly certain is happening.

I intended to throw them together in those seats with little preplanning as the two know each other pretty well already, although not as intimately as a husband and wife might, they intending to get their stories in alignment on the long flight down, that plan obviously foiled by the suspicious office manager.

Thank you for your thoughts, I intend this to be a fun story, Jackie.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on July 11, 2016, 02:25:44 AM
Given the office manager has been probing and questioning this "marriage", and arranging tests for a while now, Jack has to realise that the setup and testing is going to go well beyond simply having him turn up with a woman who looks like the woman in the picture.  But what other forms will the tests take?

Obvious yet naughty are things like swimming pool and sunbathing, so he is expected to be "intimate", rubbing sun cream all over his wife.
Having one order for both of them when eating out or going for a drink.
Applying some form of stress, to see if they will step up to defend each other.

I wonder if a really wicked office manager would feed the happily married couple aphrodisiacs, and then listen to see what happened?  Or suggest everyone ends up at a sexually charged setting?  Strip club, nudist beach, etc.

There is a lot of history here, I want to know more about where this came from, but also, I want to see and enjoy the squirming of the men and the probing and wickedness of the wife as they practice and try out this act before having to do it for real :)
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on July 14, 2016, 12:36:50 AM
I was thinking marriage and intimacy counseling for newlyweds one year out who hardly seem to know each other as a condition for advancement or job retention. The office manager could be a misunderstood soul just wanting what is best for one of her rising stars, she making it her goal to see the "happy couple" with hands all over each other by the end of their vacation. I was also thinking that Jack may have learned from Mike some of the things his temporary "wife" likes in the privacy of her bedroom with her real husband, he very unwisely boasting of their alleged deeds to his coworkers and the tale being spread around the office. Could his friends at work have gotten together to buy the lovebirds some accessories to make Jack's control of his new randy wife just a little bit easier on their well earned vacation? At the same time could these things be wrapped and waiting in their honeymoon suite, the couple obligated to give them a try less the true story get out?

I intend to have some fun with this one, and thank you for your thoughts, Jackie.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on July 14, 2016, 09:27:38 PM
You are a bad influence on me, and are leading me into wickedness.  This is my public excuse for what I am currently thinking, and imagining here...  that, or I am just a very VERY bad pussy cat ;)

I suddenly have this mental image of a wicked and naughty office manager, who has heard the stories and the rumours of Jack and what sort of kinky things he gets up to with his "wife" in private, including the whispered rumour that his "wife" is his slave and property, and that he keeps her locked away and chained up in the cellar, never letting her out in public.  You know how rumours are, once they get going they will insist on spreading...

There have even been whispers that Jack must be keeping his wife against her will, since she is never seen, never comes to any of the events, and he is forever making excuses for her.

Given the growing importance of Jack's role at the company, and the possibilities for advancement, and a more public role that are opening up before him, the company, and his office manager, cannot take the risk of a nasty sex scandal engulfing Jack, and thus the company should he be promoted any further.  So apart from finding out if there even is a wife, let alone the wife Jack claims, the company needs to know what sort of relationship, both public and private, he has with his mythical wife.

So after a day or two to settle into the holiday, and the discovery of all of the toys, and the expectation that some of the toys will be used in a semi-public manor, an intimacy and relationship counsellor will be introduced, to not only probe the words and emotions of Jack and his "wife", but also to watch them in their intimate time together, to make sure that any kinky aspects of the relationship are safe, consensual, and not going to blow up and cause the company problems.  After all, a strong man keeping his wife in line at home can make for a form and commanding employee, and be seen as an asset to a forward looking and open minded company, so long as he knows right from wrong, and can control himself.  I keep thinking back to the wife having promised to honour and obey her husband, being in effect property to be loaned out and thus becoming Jack's for the duration...

This idea might be developing a life of its own here, but the premiss here...  the years of lying, the years of money going into this, the teasing and flirting, there is something a lot more than the mere desire for a public wife at work here.  Jack and Mike have something going on here, and it is high time we found out more about it.

Yes, fun is vital here, and I hope you can see the light hearted and fun thoughts behind these wicked suggestions of mine :)
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on February 28, 2017, 06:51:31 PM
Part 2 is here, happy bounces! :)  This is something I have been looking forward to for a while.  I have already read this once, but I am now going to read it again, while outlining my thoughts on all of this.

The first block, obviously our lucky wife, if that's the right word, has just been taken clothes shopping, and for a rather different wardrobe than normal.  No wonder she is asking questions, but I must say, her husband seems remarkably clueless as to why she is feeling and reacting this way.  Suddenly going from a husband who wants her to dress conservatively, modestly, to, it seems, hide her charms in public, suddenly she is being asked to flaunt her charms, especially for and with another man...  not to mention the whole "required" slip, that he is required to dress her in a far more provocative style than he normally prefers?!  What is going on in the background with these two men, and the strange relationship towards the wife.

Well, yes, it is rather obvious they need to get their stories, their lines straight before heading out.  I do rather strongly suspect they need to do a hell of a lot more than this, but I will come back to this soon enough.  Suddenly our wife is being set up on a date, a date where she is supposed to, basically, look like sex on legs, for someone other than her husband, and her husband isn't even going to be around?!  Talk about some mixed signals, and a massive change from what she is used to in this relationship, especially since being showered with complements is clearly something she is not used to from her husband.

Oh my, the importance of open and honest communication...  yes, a well deserved slap in the face there :)

I do so adore the problem solving aspect of the wife in all of this.  While in a very real sense she is caught up in a whirlwind of events, and trying to make sense of them, she is also clearly working away at understanding and figuring out what is happening here, and why.

The phone call asking her out for the meal, what so interests me here is that this clearly intelligent and motivated woman feels she very rarely has the power or control.  This seems odd to me, I would normally expect a more even distribution of power in a happy marriage, but maybe I have strange views :)

Oh my lord!  Watching her on the phone to her "new husband", leaving him instantly tongue tied and helpless, since she simply asked about what she should wear for their date!  On one hand, I am absolutely loving the power play and interactions here, but at the same time, there is no way he is even close to pulling off the lie that they are a happily married couple if this is how he reacts to what is basically a reasonable and polite question on the phone!

So of course she twists the knife, and proves the point, with the three options, including slutty!  Obviously the new wardrobe that her husband was "required" to get her is quite the departure from her normal wardrobe!  Which does make me wonder how much time she will need to get used to this new look of hers?

*giggles* the dress, the presentation, and the effect on all three people.  Yes, the men have seen her in less, but the less they saw her in was never so provocative, and it never had the associations or context of this dress!  So this is going a lot further, even if on paper it isn't.  Oh these little details, and how they bring the emotions to life!

But then the drive over to the restaurant, the hand on the leg, if he is so wary, hesitant, and flustered by such an "innocent" touch between man and wife, well, how the hell does he think they can carry off this illusion and act?

At the same time, the power that she has, the power and control, and how she is using it and taunting others with it…  really delightful!

The meal, again, the contrast between how her husband has come to treat her, and how attentive, yet strangely unsure of himself (at times) her "new" husband is.  He seems willing to answer some questions, but is avoiding others.

The pet names, the playful yet firm bottom slaps, combine this with the potency of the situation, and the erotic fantasies that are already running through her head, and I do find myself wondering just how long it will be before a firm slap on the bottom pushes her over into becoming a very willing and accepting sexual object for her new husband…

The final lines have me wondering though.  I had to go back to part 1 to double check, and we are told it is 2 weeks there.  So what is she asking, and what is he avoiding saying?  Given his apparent hold over her husband, the hold his actions clearly show is very strong, and that he is quite happy and willing to use, why should his "borrowing" of her stop at two weeks…  does she even want it to stop at two weeks I wonder…
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on March 02, 2017, 11:21:51 AM
Thank you Feline, your thoughts always provoke a deeper thought process on my end, I hope leading to a better story.
I think the out of character provocative clothing and accessories become a costume of sorts for the wife while she plays her part, perhaps when or if she reverts to dressing down again she will hope to again play the part of Mike's wife somewhat convincingly. She may of course come to like all the attention she gets from both men while dressing up, Mike having to get used to her new look whether he likes it or not.

I read an article in a men's magazine once that had ten clues that your wife or girlfriend was about to, or already had cheated on you, one of which was a drastic wardrobe change designed to get another man's attention. I thought that this dressing up played nicely with that line of thinking, and is the reason I included it here.

Mike is a strong man and not at all the cliché cuckold husband, but there is something going on here that will need an explanation at some point, perhaps he stole the girl of Jack's dreams away once when they were younger, or perhaps Mike saved his life or bailed him out of some tough spot that implies a deeper debt than the price of an expensive ring.

I think the only way the happy couple are going to be able to pull off this charade in the islands is for they to feint some sort of blow out argument, or to become intimately close while under the watchful eye of the office manager who has definite plans for her rising star, and his lovely wife once she gets to know her.

I think that "first kiss" will be monumental, let alone the other things that might happen, Jack I think knowing in full detail what his new temporary wife really likes, perhaps Mike even being taught everything he knows by his wise and experienced friend, lessons that will surely come back to haunt him at some point as he sits home and waits.

Another possibility, and this would be a huge twist, is that Jack doesn't like girls, and the secret of the marriage is to hide that fact from his company that might not appreciate this all that much. In that case Mike would have to know the truth, and that Jack was one hell of an actor, Mike playing along knowing nothing was likely to happen on any vacation.

I like that the wife has submissive tendencies that she's comfortable with, but that this doesn't imply any lack of whit on her part, she wise enough to see the situation for what she thinks it might be and then being playful with it. Maybe both men are seriously up tight about this trip for different reasons, and she committed to having some fun with it?

Two weeks is a clue by the way, there being no way this is a once and done situation, especially if the wife makes a bold impression on her "husband's" employer. She's not entirely happy with her own job, what if she were offered a position inside Jack's company with some necessary travel now and again, or even a relocation to a new or needy office in need of his commanding leadership?

Thank you again for your kind words and inspiration, and please excuse my jumbled in a hurry response, Jackie.

Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on June 08, 2018, 04:03:26 PM
Yay, after what feels like a lot of waiting, part 3 has now been posted :)  I remember the outlines well, but I wanted to be more clear on the details, so the first step was a delightful and fun filled re-reading of the first two parts.  Now, let us see what further naughtiness is going on here...  also how many of the teasing questions that have been left hanging are going to be answered...

Yep, being envious of your best friends wife, a very serious complement, especially from such a successful man.  But this doesn't even start to explain the ring, the wedding, etc.  There is jealousy, and then there is setting out to make a full fledged production of being married to her, with her husbands knowledge and help?!

Leftovers?!  Interesting, is this indeed about food, or your mind reading far to much into something simple?  After all, there really is nothing wrong at all with nice leftovers, if the meal was good and the bits kept well, it can be every bit as good as the original meal.  But is this a deeper meaning?  There is a strong and growing sense in her (Jackie's?) thoughts and the way she frames them that she is going to be a rather fulfilling and agreeable wife to her "other" husband on this trip...  But is this merely fantasy talking, or something she might yet act on?

Wow, that is an interesting set of thoughts and moments!  The competition, on one paw Jackie is thinking in terms of her being "shared" between her two husbands, or at least thinking that this is how her "husbands" are looking at things.  Yet at the same time some of her thoughts are clearly much more along the lines of her being a prize to be sought after, courted and won, with only one winner getting her.

Her husband being horny after her date might be something as simple as him wanting to remind her and reinforce with her the point that he is still her husband and lover.  The thought that they went out and consummated their "marriage" seems an odd one for him to have, but certainly not impossible.  But this does bring up a very interesting parallel thought.  We have just been reading and learning (in the first 2 parts) that Jackie considers herself as the submissive in the bedroom who has to obey and allow her husband to have and to take what he wants.  Yet at the same time it is clearly the case that this is also a much more equal and reasonable situation, where he only takes on the dominant role when she has willingly agreed to accept the submissive role first.  All perfectly fair and reasonable, but it does beg the question of how she would react to being presented as a very sexual woman while on holiday in her new sexy and suggestive wardrobe, and spending a lot of personal time with her "other husband" who is finding all of his jealousy, desire and need for her focused on her with no safeguards to hold back the dominant pressure of his personality and needs...

And how does this balance with the fact that Jackie is clearly no passive shrinking violet?  She is more than willing to show the men in her life who is in charge, and to wield her power over them.

Packing, I do love the emotional overtones here, how symbolic and meaningful this is, how seeing her pack a different form and style of wardrobe will help reinforce just how different things are going to be.  But also this focuses the mind on just how little warning anyone had for this holiday, how little time there is to practice or get things ready.  Then again, that was no doubt deliberate, since if they are trying to catch Jack out they won't have wanted to give him time to set up anything to escape their trap.

A limo ride to the airport, no expense spared...  it took a few moments for the full (yet subtly done) slap to the face power of this sank in.  You are showing just how much is riding on this, how much money and pressure from Jack's work, and thus how much is riding on this for Jack, and by extension on Jack's "wife".

The comment about having Mike drive Jack and his wife to the airport really made me smile, putting me so firmly in mind of how your wonderful "Playing Chauffer" starts :)

Then we have the very interesting turn of phrase about Jackie "submitting" to her husband, which feels natural now, and the parallel of needing to "submit" to Jack in her role as his wife.  How submissive is she supposed to seem?  And how much of the time is she the one with the real power here?  Lot's of men will talk in terms of having a submissive woman, but will Jack's female boss expect a doormat with big tits, or an actual real woman with a brain, personality, will and the ability to stand by and support her man at the company?  Since we have been told that having a wife is basically a requirement for doing well at his work, I rather doubt that any old air headed sex toy woman will do, and instead the company is going to be looking for, and requiring, a woman with a spine, big balls and the brain to match...  *MUWAHHHHHH*  if so, this is going to be SO interesting.

And the game is off!  The boss and her husband picking Jack up?  Now why is Mike here then?  This is a turn up for the books, but also shows exactly why Jack was so nervous about their deception and his lies being exposed before the game had really begun, perhaps he had some reason to suspect something like this might happen.

Seeing Jack take the lead and Mike follow along so willingly isn't really a surprise to me, the writing has been on the wall for a while now, but to see this so clearly and naturally in a moment of stress will highlight it very clearly for "their" wife.

The "boys" dismissed to handle the luggage, and the two women left alone for the tour of the house.  Skillfully done.  Not the most complex test, but a simple and easy way to start, and bound to trip up anyone who is not familiar with the house details!  Delightfully devious, and obviously suggestive of a lot more tests and prying to come in the days ahead!

Much to think about here.  So the "wrong" house number has been picked up on, plus the other general clues.  There is plenty of evidence showing that this is a pretend marriage, so what is the game?  What is going on here?

The trapping questions, the poking and waiting to see what will be revealed, a good tactic and very smoothly done.  But what of the care package for this second honeymoon?!  That is both deeply disturbing, in the sense of what it hints at, and deeply wonderful, given what it hints at, especially since we have been told that Jack is prone to giving his "wife" a playful slap on the bottom whenever and wherever the fancy takes him.  Also the house decoration, the comment about "what Jack likes", it paints the picture of a submissive and accepting woman.  Or of someone paid to play the role...

So perhaps this is about seeing how far the role will be taken?

Then though the comments about the drive, and Pete's manor in the car.  The way this is phrased it feels like Pete is expected to be more interested in the sexy show of Jackie in her sexy outfit than he is.  As if he is studying her, to busy studying her to admire her...

OOh, now that is an interesting and telling comment.  She did not look Tammy in the eye while lying to her about her "brother", the evidence would seem to be mounting, step by step.

It took until the next section, and the point that Tammy would actually check with the jewellers about the rings for me to appreciate fully this mistake.  To my mind what one customer has ordered is private information, not simply to be disclosed to another customer for the asking.  Perhaps naive and unrealistic, but it is my start point here.  Plus trying to claim that such a familiar style is not what it seems to be is likely to be just as much of a mistake.

Still though, a custom designed and matching set of rings, the scale and scope of the deception here keeps on growing.  It seems that making her out to be his wife is VERY VERY important indeed to Jack.

I also want to know what is in this mystery package, but we now clearly see who is in charge, the charmer!  Flattery like that is definitely going to get her attention, and get on her good side :)

*sigh* the real husband taking your body for granted, yet wanting to jealously guard it at the same time and keep it hidden from others.  A familiar enough situation, and very easy to believe.

LOL, oh that is both sexy and very naughty!  Teasing and flirting with him like that, and then using the resulting erection to make sure that she gets her way and gets to check out the contents of the mystery box.  Yes, you are edging very close to crossing a line here, and it feels like stepping over the line will happen fairly soon, leaving the question of what the next two weeks hold very much up in the air...

I do find myself torn on her thoughts about teasing Jack, and trying to find out if she can get him to react to her body like this.  She has plenty of history and experience with flirting with both of these men in her life, and parading around without a lot on, to confirm to her that she is both desirable and attractive to both men.  So why the need to feel and see this confirmed?  Yet at the same time, wanting and needing this conformation are so very natural and reasonable...  definitely considering this on more than one level simultaneously :)

A wifely discipline kit?!  LOL, the hints were there!

But this bet...  oh yes and oh dear, someone's mouth is running away with them...  no surprise there.  But the reaction from Jack is what really interests me here.  He seems genuinely surprised and shocked at how this is turning out, and that she is really serious about offering herself up like this.  Yet again I wonder what he thinks is going on here, and going to happen here...
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on June 14, 2018, 11:05:33 AM
Thank you Feline for sharing your thoughts on this adventure, I enjoy this interaction as much as the actual writing part of well... writing, and I very much appreciate it.

 This story is told from the wife's perspective, we can call her Jackie, that works well enough and I in all fairness should have given her a name in the beginning for clarity. I award myself five firm swats with the paddle for that little mistake that I will likely make time and again.

That being said though, Jack's feelings on the subject of borrowing Jackie for this little adventure into implied infidelity are his, and it is my feeling that he is torn between embarrassment at having to go through with this charade, and at the same time wanting that which he knows he shouldn't. Reluctantly checking out Jackie's leg all the way to the hem of her short and hiked up minidress in his little sports car while on the way to Michelangelo's I think demonstrates this. Jack eventually gets over his no touch paradigm with his best friend's wife at her (Jackie's) insistance, and with Mike not in the same proverbial room with him his hand lingers just a little while longer that Jackie had anticipated, commenting with exterme flattery that it's a nice leg, we left to wonder when the last time was that Mike, her true husband had noticed that nice leg himself.

Jack is obviously conflicted, but we don't know the details of any agreement between Jack and Mike, so the conflict could be internal, ie. a self control thing, or external, I don't want to screw up both a friendship and a marriage thing.

Jack has fantasies, being the dominate man in Jackie's life that he thinks he can't ever be, his fantasy habit of giving her a little swat on her behind to get her going proof of this, as is his gift of a wifely disipline kit from his cooworkers that may have actually been given by another ********spoiler alert*********

Jackie is wound up herself on this little vacation, dressed up and pretending to be an oversexed hotwife while Jack compliments her body, the perfect trifecta to this being the wifely disipline kit and that Jackie loves to be bound up and helpless, that tripping her trigger for the man who makes it happen, even if it's Jack.

Thank you for your thought provoking words of encouragement, Jackie.

Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on June 16, 2018, 11:37:14 AM
I am not sure you are trying that hard to avoid being punished here...  Well, if punishment is what it takes to keep the writing and the stories flowing...  *evil smirk*

I know that when I have done some writing seeing the story and characters through someone else's eyes and emotions matters a lot to me, since I want to know if and how I am touching and reaching them.  This is very similar for me, I really do enjoy seeing this wonderful story from your point of view as well as from mine, it adds some fascinating depth to everything that is going on here.

While reading / writing the story, as you say all from the wife's perspective, she does not need to be identified by name.  In a sense a name could almost get in the way, since we want to identify with her directly, as she is, not via a name, if that makes sense.  But a name does help when talking about her later on, behind her back, so to speak :)

Jack is fascinating, and yes, I see what you mean about being reluctant, and there is clearly a lot of embarrassment here, real caution and wariness, but...  how to try and pin down the thought...  at a basic level I can see Jack fancying his friends wife from a distance, even being jealous of him, desiring her, dreaming of being her husband instead, maybe even secret and guilty dreams of replacing her husband and becoming the man of her dreams himself.  These seem natural enough thoughts and reactions to me, and a lot of his actions sum this up very well.

But what gets me, the heart of this story points hinges on, the fact that instead of merely having and accepting these "forbidden" thoughts and desires he has shared the essence of them with her husband, got himself and wears a matching, custom designed and very expensive wedding ring, and has actively and deliberately passed himself off as her real husband at work for quite some time now!

I want to be clear that I am not judging him here, to have this level of desire, attraction and I suspect faithfulness towards a woman is a good and admirable thing, but it IS deep, powerful, and clearly starts well before their wedding day, since the extra wedding ring was no small step!

Once given permission to release and focus all of these "suppressed" feelings, I suspect the feelings are going to emerge with a hell of a lot of power, passion and need!

Now your choice of words here, about being reluctant to check out her leg in the car really catches my attention, since I read and felt about it quite differently, or perhaps am just using words differently.  He LOOKED, so keenly and actively, with such desire that his driving was instantly effected, and even while trying to play the cool, controlled and well behaved man, who's job and future is clearly in Jackie's hands, he still failed to keep his eyes and attention front and centre.  He was not the distant and passionless gentleman :)

He was reluctant to touch, to go beyond a certain point, but up to that line, there was no sense of reluctance, plus he has a long and happy history of ogling, being flirted with, and visually feasting on Jackie whenever she presented herself in a swimming costume, or other revealing outfit :)

Yes, the point about her husband admiring her leg is interesting, but again I find myself coming at this from the other side.  My interpretation and take on events is that Mike has a very active sex life with Jackie, clearly enjoys and lusts after his wife, but at the same time wants to keep her hidden, to keep her all for himself.  For me, given this mental model, I see Jackie as actively desired and lusted after whenever she is in private, but kept "on a pedestal" in public, to try and keep others from lusting after her the same way.

Again, we are seeing the same facts differently, which is part of what makes this so interesting.  Jack's "office fantasy" description of slapping his wife on the bottom to get her going, all he really has to form the basis of his "marriage" is his desires and fantasies, so if he is describing this in your fairly typical "male and matcho" environment, which is how his job sounds, his female boss also seems to fit this general pattern, there is going to be a general tendency towards sexing up the views and treatment of his wife, of playing up the "sexy slut at home" role, complete with treating her like this.

But this spoiler...  what are you thinking and plotting here?!  The first and most obvious take on this for me is that the wifely discipline kit, and with it the fairly strong hint of "sex here we come" came via Mark, her real husband?  But while reading the story, especially the way Jack's boss seemed so full of wicked delight about the gift suggested that it was exactly the sort of thing that would have come from work, and in part directly from his boss, who is trying to achieve something...  either to pry the lie apart, or more interestingly, to use the obvious lie to leverage things, to achieve something...  perhaps having a manipulative Jack and a willing accomplice in Jackie is helpful for the company, in that it speaks to his management potential - being a wicked and evil man.

Jackie is very worked up indeed, but then who wouldn't be?  Being so clearly and overtly lusted after and desired by another man, sent off with a wardrobe of clothes that are all designed to show off and draw attention to her body, to scream "sex", and with the clear instructions to act and behave like sex on legs...  add to this the clear sense, true or not, that her husband is sending her off with permission to act the full role of a wife, including any and all wifely duties...

Then on top of this feed her desires and fantasies, give her everything she could want, with a cherry on top...  any limits Jackie might try to set on her own behaviour are likely to prove very insubstantial, especially when you combine the stress of constantly being probed for weaknesses, Jack playing up the role of "man with a sex toy" for his work colleges, and the constant promise of bondage and spanking to come...  not forgetting the fact that she is constantly being paraded around in perfect flirting outfits in front of a load of strange men who will probably make no effort what so ever to keep their lustful thoughts, leering, and perhaps even playful propositions to themselves...

Ooooh, now that's an interesting thought.  Assuming for the second that Jack's boss assumes that Jackie is "simply" a hired woman playing at the role of wife, will she try and encourage, in her own subtle yet powerful manor, the other men present to try and separate Jackie from her "husband"?  After all, if she is a free agent who has no real emotional loyalty to her "employer", this might make a very effective tactic.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on November 11, 2018, 05:33:06 PM
Reading part 4, and putting down some thoughts and comments as I read this.

What is striking me quite clearly at the moment, beyond the obviousness of the "both men share the same kink and talk about it" observation, that permeates the whole wifely discipline kit, are the interesting mixed messages Jackie is giving, in her own thoughts to herself.

At this point, part way through the first section of part 4, Jackie has both concluded that all she needs now is for Jack to "force" this issue, thus freeing her from any and all concerns and constraints about acting the wife in all of the appropriate ways.

Yet just as we have had this observation, this thought and consideration, Jackie is also still teasing Jack, and wondering why she is teasing and pushing so...  almost as if she is trying to have it both ways at once.  I feel it is safe to say we are well past the point of wondering if Jack finds her attractive and desirable how.  His views and desires are perfectly clear!

Then again, we were not long ago reminded that Jackie feels her (real) husband takes her body for granted, so who can argue with a sexy lady wanting, desiring and revelling in such positive reinforcement of her looks and desirability :)

Now this is interesting, and unexpected.  Jackie is getting closer and closer to offering herself up on a plate, yet Jack has just said that what he wants is something he should not be wanting.  This holiday, this charade is only going to work if he wants, obviously and actively, his "wife" during the entire holiday.  Combine this with the long running history of him wanting / needing / desiring / claiming...  or whatever is going on here, Jackie, it is a little surprising that he seems to be pulling back like this.

Then again, perhaps not so surprising, he has been having to behave himself and deny or at least limit his desires for Jackie for quite some time now, so an ingrained habit.

A cold shower?  I didn't think Jack would take that route, but it does keep the tension simmering along nicely :)

Yes, underdressed in the presence of Jack's fully dressed boss, this is one of those "um, what to do" moments life likes to throw at us.

Stumbling over the drink order for his wife...  the million and one little things that you should know about your wife, but that you don't know about your best friends wife...  How are they supposed to sell this charade?

*smirk* drinking the baby maker?  Isn't any old alcohol supposed to make a lady susceptible to a man's advances?  Or am I just feeling a tiny bit cynical again? :)

OK, let me revise that comment, this drink does seem to be rather epically strong!  Almost as if it was selected specifically for this feature... ;)

Pete asked about the house tour, and Jackie still cannot see the point...  yep, clearly being ganged up on, and it all screams that Jack's boss knows the basics of what is going on here, so why all of the games?  Plus, what IS Jack actually up to?

At least he has finally admitted he has always wanted Jackie, so we are making a bit of progress finally :)

Jackie's choice of curse word at the end actually makes a lot of sense to me, this is a new, bolder and more forward version of Jackie, both by nature of the situation, and due to the role that she is being required to play.  So of course this is going to be reflected in her words and actions.

Jack though...  things have been heading this way for quite a while now, and with ever growing passion.  If he were really so firm in his commitment to keep his hands off of his "wife" he really went about it the wrong way.  But this look of shock, surprise, it again goes right to the heart of the question of what is going on here with Jack and his feelings for Jackie.

On something of a random aside, assuming all of this is a grand "trap" to see if Jack will have sex with Jackie, given the seriousness of the situation, if Jackie was a made up woman then what would stop Jack from finding and hiring an escort who looked sufficiently like Jackie, and who would be willing to have sex with him?  Not automatically easy, but not impossible either.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on November 12, 2018, 10:36:45 AM
Pete is a hypnotherapist, and the "Baby Maker" drink just there to make his job easier and quicker once he and my alter ego were manipulated into being alone, as was Tammy's plan from the beginning. Pete then easily slipped my alter ego into a light trance, asked a bunch of questions that Tammy had specifically asked about, and then received some very truthful and candid answerers in return.

Pete then had enough time to ask some very personal follow up questions, and then plant some happy attitudes toward Tammy and this vacation, and even plant the sugestion for over the top desire for my stand in husband. He did this specifically knowing Jack wasn't my real husband just to ignight a firestorm of emotion, and emotional collateral dammage afterwards.

That's the reason for Jackie's disconnect between Jack's words and rational logic once back in their room, and for Jackie's suddenly warm feeling toward both Pete and Tammy after their impromptu session. Feeling "wonderfully naughty" was an ad hoc Pete suggestion, one that Jackie hardly needed, but then again did as she had been obviously conflicted earlier. I tried to portrat that, (perhaps not all that clearly) in Jackie's tempting of Jack with offered sexual favors, but stopping just short of jumping his bones as she had been conditiond to respond to her true husband's advances when he was in the mood.

 Clearly things are different now, but the upcomming morning after should be fun, as will the continuing subliminal suggestions that she need her temporary husband often, and without limit, this wantonness perhaps applying to the handsome and muscular Jeffery if Jack isn't willing or able. I am undecided if a sip of a Mamajunna is what will put Jackie back into horny slut mode, or a phrase of some kind, or perhaps some other trigger. I could also envision Jack being given the trigger at some point to use as his conscience allows, and this as well could be fun, and a test of his character.

I also can see, at some point, Tammy and Jackie going out some place remote on the island and Tammy laying down a little bound corporal punishment for lying to her and being snippy when they had first met, Tammy wanting to make sure Jackie got the message about who was the top dog between them.

The ultimate surprise could be that Jack is in line for a huge promotion, perhaps even to run the resort they are presently staying at, this entire charade just a job interview to see if he had "what it takes" to succede at any cost.

Thank you again for your motivation and kind thoughts, Jackie.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on November 12, 2018, 02:00:02 PM
I don't recall any mention before of Pete being a hypnotherapist, but suddenly things make SO much more sense!  Cool!

There was a clear and sharp change in Jackie, but I simply accepted that it was down to all of the alcohol on an empty stomach, which was obviously part of the setting.

As for a trigger...  my first thought / gut instinct here is not to go with the Mamajunna, since this seems a little bit to specific, but instead any colourful cocktail.  Given Jackie is normally a wine drinker, while cocktails are widely available, this gives us a bit more scope for fun down the line.

Seeing how far Jack is prepared to go actually makes a great deal of sense here, and explains a lot.  I am reminded of the observation that sometimes the heads of big companies, the ones who are successful, are also quite close in nature to psychopaths, it is just applied differently.

You have carefully avoided any mention or hint of the background to all of this though, there has to be a big driving force behind all of this...  behind the second wedding ring, the loan, the picture, etc.  I haven't forgotten that I still want to know all about this when the time comes :)

Which leads to the interesting observation that if Jack becomes aware of the trigger for Jackie's much more enthusiastic behaviour, what will he do with this knowledge?  He comes across as very conflicted where Jackie is concerned, and I had the feeling that while he was certainly a willing lover, if Jackie hadn't pushed so hard and firmly, nothing sexual would have happened that night.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: teanndaorsa on April 20, 2020, 08:56:09 AM
Part 5 of this up today!
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on June 09, 2020, 01:48:53 PM
Finally part 5, and I have finally caught up with it!  Ouch, seeing the dates here, it took me longer than I realised to catch up with it!

Before starting I re-read the first 4 parts, to make sure I was back up to speed, and thinking in the right way about all of this.

Jackie has a mystery secret?  oooh...  wild guess, based on context, she thinks her husband, Mike, is infertile.  Hence no birth control being used, and the comment in the last part about seed going into her fertile body.

Watching her thinking this through, trying to decide if she is the victim of Jack, the free woman embracing her desires and passions, if, and to what degree she is free and encouraged to do as she wants by Mike...  absolutely delicious!  Such wonderful emotions, moments, questions, all of the mixed signals playing out in her mind and feelings...  this makes me, and her, feel very alive, I can feel myself in her at this moment, and delight in this feeling, and the sense that this is just the start of the wickedness to come...

*nods* I approve of her conclusion, that going forward Jack should be more in charge in the bedroom, and that the sexual aspect of their “honeymoon” should continue.  Plus, being logical rather than emotional, the continued “lie” about their marriage rather requires this.

Knowing from the forum thread that Jack’s bosses husband is skilled with words and getting into your mind (not bothering to look up his name or the precise job title right now) explains a lot of what is going on here.  The clues are really there, but I was finding it hard to put them together properly without that information from you.  Then again, reading the story one part here, one part there, as you write it, complicates things a little :)

Still though, I *really* do find myself wondering what game the boss is playing...  the evidence to prove that Jack is not really married to her is ample, and obviously well in hand, yet at the same time, the more we learn and see, the deeper and bigger the “lie” that Jack really is her husband becomes.  This is no simple or casual lie that Jack told at work, instead it is more like this is something that he *needs* deep down, even as, we saw in part 4, he is fighting his desires for her, to keep the proper distance and to treat her with the respect and care that the wife of another man deserves...

*considers*  this is interesting, the idea that dressing with such deliberate, and excessive, sexiness, being presented and asked to act and behave as “sex on legs”, would mainly effect others reactions towards her, but not Jackie’s thoughts and reactions herself...  I can see how she would reach this logical conclusion, when thinking about presenting herself like this, but I don’t see how she expects this to be the case when she is actively flirting, “throwing herself” at her “husband”, and doing all she can to make sure that her very presence, and every single item in her holiday wardrobe is all about offering her up and presenting her as a sexual being and object...

Why do I think this...  I think because, to me, the mind and body have to be in the same place for it to work.  Jackie can be dressed in the most amazingly sexy way, makeup and hair done, bathed and relaxed, but unless she thinks and feels sexy, unless her mood and body language are aligned with her outfit, it just isn’t going to work or come across.  And when she has been so presented, so offered up, she has definitely been feeling and showing this as well.

Then Jack returns, and things get interesting...

I love the internal conversation she is having with herself when Jack gets back, reading this, I feel like I am seeing and living this from both sides, which makes it almost painfully clear why this conversation is a total mess.  Jackie is working out what she wants, and why she wants what she wants, but is certainly not sharing any of the key steps in her thinking, so it’s no wonder at all that Jack is at a total loss as to what is going on here.

At the same time, I actually have quite a bit of sympathy for Jackie here, before we even get to the fact that her mind is being turned inside out.  Basically she has worked out and decided that the best way forward for them both is for Jack to treat her the way he has been bragging, possibly for years, that he treats her.  Yet when presented with this, he wants to stick to the polite, respectful, nice and romantic way of treating a lady...  rather than taking the “noisy kinky nympho” that he has in hand...

Delightful, bloody delightful!  It does look that Jack is finally starting to get the idea, but I get the feeling that unless he can work out that the lack of a “stop sign” means “keep going as hard as you can” this could once more unravel, and Jackie doesn’t want to have this conversation again, or even admit that it ever happened at all...
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on June 11, 2020, 09:08:55 AM
Thank you for your observations, I love to be able to "see" this from another's perspective, and I am convinced that the sexiest part of anybody is what's going on between their ears. Jackie is almost a bipolar mess with all this going on around her, but I think things will settle out now that the boundary has been crossed, and the proverbial seeds planted.

Mike, Jackie's true husband, may or may not be impotent, but Jackie at least thinks he is. I am unsure if I should make this due to a childhood illness, or perhaps an accident that Jack knows about, as the two had been friends long before Jackie came into the picture. Could the extra wedding ring be a tongue in cheek joke between the men, a reminder that Jack might have to act as a stand in with Jackie for any potential baby making duties if Mike's hardware comes up short?

Another option on the extra wedding ring, and the co-husbands kind of relationship we seem to be heading towards, could be that one of them saved the other's life once. But how exactly the two men would share one wife would be a logistical disaster, even if they all DIDN'T get caught.

I'm also trying to show that Jackie has two minds, the independent logical one, and the other half of her that's easier to bend when in the presence of several select people that Pete has installed into her subconscious. Jackie will have little will to resist, Jack, Tammy, and Pete by design, Pete adding one more name that should be obvious, just to add some tension to an already tense situation. Jackie may end up being a gift to that last man as a reward for all his help, or even Pete might borrow Jackie for a day himself just because he can, with his dominate wife's permission of course... Or, maybe not?

If Jackie does return from her second honeymoon potentially knocked up, it might be a little bit exciting to see what the product of that looks like, but no matter what, I could see her wanting to jump Mike's bones the second she gets home, just to make the timeline on everything work out properly just in case.

I intend for Tammy to have a kind of power over Jackie, (installed by her husband Pete) as she really didn't like the way Jackie talked to her back at Jack's house. Tammy is sweet on the outside, when she has to be, but very tough on the inside, and is the reason Jack is ever so slightly intimidated by her.

Tammy likes Jack, likes his think outside the box way of solving problems, but she has been charged with vetting him for bigger and better things within the company by her own superiors, and Tammy very much wants to see him succeed.

I perhaps see Tammy turning this entire lie into a most glowing recommendation for promotion, or perhaps she even allowing it to pass, under the conditions that Jack bring her around to any company functions, or perhaps even move her with him if he receives a relocation with his promotion.

I also like the idea of a strong drink being an additional trigger for Jackie, such could be fun no matter where, or with whom, such drinking occurred. I've also heard that you really can't program somebody to do something that they really didn't want to do in the first place, hypnotherapist wise, so this "desire" to be with Jack and throw herself at him had to be there already, in some measure, before this charade ever started.

Thank you for your kind thoughts, Jackie.


Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on July 16, 2020, 06:14:49 PM
I totally agree, the sexiest part of someone is always the mind, with, generally, the eyes coming in second place for me.  But it's not so much the eyes as the expression, the body language, the sense of being able to get a sense of what is going on inside, any step towards being able to "see" inside, to know and understand what is happening :)

Which is what I try to offer you when I offer feedback, on the theory that you also want to know what is going on here, and what is happening.

I am not sure where it came from, but just reading the ideas for why the two wedding rings, for both men, my mind instantly jumped to the thought that Mike had asked for a loan, back when he wanted to propose to Jackie, the woman both men desired in their own way, and when asked by his best friend Jack, jokingly, what he was planning to offer up as collateral, the obvious answer to a (probably slightly drunk) Mike was to offer up Jackie herself as collateral.

I can just see two men, on their own, slightly drunk, very good friends, enjoying the in joke of using the wife to be as the collateral for the loan to buy the wedding ring.  Then, as these in jokes sometimes do, the joke grew over time, leading to the joke that Jack needed a wedding ring himself, as part of his claim on the collateral.  Throw in a "you would never dare" or a couple of "go on, I dare you, it would be funny", along with Jack realising slowly just how much he is coming to love Jackie, and how he wished that he was the one she had chosen, the idea slowly grows, until it seems natural between the two of them for Jack to end up with his own wedding ring.

Of course, with this "constant claim" on the collateral, there is no rush or urgency for Mike to pay Jack back, since in Jack's mind, in a private little corner, while the loan has not been repaid, Jackie is always just on the verge of becoming his...

Which, in a way, actually explains his overly polite, gentlemanly and careful way around her, not wanting to scare her off, or ever tip her of to the little ongoing "in joke", the one that spilled over into his work life, and that got completely away from him.

For the idea of Mike being sterile, an illness seems more reasonable than an injury, simply because I would half expect any injury that had this effect to leave tell tale scars that Jackie would be well familiar with, thus bringing the point up and confirming her suspicions.

Another angle on this, if both men know that Jackie has a "secret" desire to have children, and Mike always kept this a secret from her, not wanting to ruin his chances with the woman he was falling for, it would tie into the whole running joke of collateral, and making sure that Jackie would get something out of it that she wanted if / when she was "collected" in place of the debt owed.

It's a bit unexpected, but to me this makes more sense than the other suggestions for explaining the duplicate wedding rings.

I do have a strong sense of Jackie being in two minds here, of her having two major sides to her personality.  You have always shown her as a fairly strong willed and determined woman outside of the bedroom, look at when Jack wanted to take her out for a date, and she made him reschedule and ask her properly.  At the same time, once in the bedroom, once in her submissive role, Jackie really is a deeply submissive woman, but she *needs* to be put in that place, to have control *taken* from her, rather than offering herself up as a sex object.

Which makes the whole presentation of her, on this holiday, as the professional woman around the house and sex slave in the bedroom (idealised male fantasy) surprisingly accurate and close to the truth.

I find myself wanting to take a different approach with Tammy.  I didn't notice, don't remember, anything that would really justify Tammy disliking Jackie so much from their house meeting.  But, instead, remember that Tammy is Jack's boss, she is preparing him for something big, but something that will still keep him working under her in the company, she wants to make sure that she, not Jackie, is the one with the power in her relationship with Jack.

She clearly has a very good idea of the reality of the situation, but the key question for her is who is in charge, Jack or Jackie?  Jackie has been given the power to ruin, and thus the power to control Jack, all due to Jack getting himself into this position to begin with.  So, going forward, if Jack is going to progress, and his performance is going to reflect well on Tammy, then Tammy and Pete have to be *sure* that they have Jackie under control, that Jack will be the one in charge in their ongoing relationship.

Ongoing relationship since I find I have the sense (memory?) that the company require senior managers to have a partner, preferably to be married, due to the social aspects of the job, the meet and greet, winning over important clients, etc.  So either ensure that Jackie fulfils this role, under their careful control and monitoring, or discard the very promising and potential filled Jack.

All of which would make it make even more sense for Jackie to find herself being "offered around" a bit more, especially as Jack is being "subtly" nudged to take a more dominant and commanding hand with his "wife".

I am also familiar with the concept that you cannot get someone to do anything they would not normally do via hypnosis, but I do remember seeing one film where this point was throw aside, by explaining that you can get someone to do just about anything at all with hypnosis, simply by presenting them with the right situation and pressures.  Jackie would normally never be unfaithful, but if she is "required" to act and embrace the roll of the submissive sex slave wife, then she is not being unfaithful is she, she is simply following her husbands wishes, following her wedding vows...
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: jackierabbit1 on July 19, 2020, 05:22:32 PM
I like the concept of Jackie as collateral on the loan, it does make sense with the extra ring, and the "in no hurry" to pay the loan back attitude. I could also see a childhood illness potentially rendering Jackie's true husband sterile, the doctor's not knowing for sure back then until the adult married Mike tried things out in the flesh, so to speak.

 A drunken request between best friends in a moment of weakness and doubt before the engagement also seems plausible, the best man at the wedding more than willing to be just a stand in for baby making duties, until he finds himself falling in love with Jackie. Could the ring payments have been held intentionally, until Mike either produced a child of his own, or humbly was forced to asked his friend for help?

Could this also be the reason a "catch" like Jack had no wife of his own yet, he waiting to see if his services were needed elsewhere, not wanting to "cheat" on his own wife or serious girlfriend to help Jackie? If that's the case, Jack has put a serious part of his life on hold, either altruistically for his best friend, or maybe selfishly to steal Jackie away and make her his real wife. I wonder what would happen if Tammy suggested the two love birds "renew" their vows as part of their anniversary honeymoon, maybe as part of some huge surprise party?

I intend to have Tammy have a power over Jackie, she not able to say "no" to her in the smallest of things, the conflict alone that could cause almost a story all by itself. Jack at some point will discover he has a similar power over her, but what he does with that power both short term, and long term, I haven't decided yet. Bedding her was easy, as compared to winning her heart.

I love the feedback you give me in these stories, the seeing things from your eyes aspect of this making these stories better, and I thank you for it, Jackie.

Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on July 20, 2020, 04:48:53 PM

At the end of the current part, we are sort of left hanging, as Jackie tells the "perfect gentleman" Jack that she is basically there for the taking, but the only way he is going to get her, going to have her, is by really stepping up and TAKING her.  On the surface, given how careful, gentle and respectful he has been so far, all of the way through really, this seems quite unlikely.

Oh I am sure the desire and the urge is there, but is it going to overcome his long history and deeply ingrained habit of being polite and respectful towards his best friends wife, this taken woman...

But, if instead of the perfect gentleman he has been harbouring, and damping down a slowly growing passion for some time now, a love and a lust for Jackie, and using the "perfect gentleman" as the perfect straight jacket for his emotions, needs and desires...  if the passion and the drive is there to take Jackie in exactly this way just needs to be unleashed...

I don't think her "cryptic" comments would be enough on their own, but perhaps a few drinks, the right word or two, a bit of high adrenaline activity, high speed powerboat races, perhaps, to really get Jack worked up and weaken his resolve...

Yes, this could lead to the "locked door" bursting open, and the passion sweeping Jackie up and away.  But at the same time this is just a "holiday fling" at most for Jackie.  She is an actress playing a role, and everything will return to "normal" when she goes home, or so she keeps on telling herself.

Against this background I absolutely love the idea of then "renewing" their wedding vows, in front of various senior people from work, just to add the extra pressure for both of them, given Jackie will need to be presented going forward at various functions and events, as Jack's wife and partner.  This will both give Jack the "formal excuse" to let his passions out, and give Jackie both a really confusing situation to try and deal with, having made real and binding promises to two different men, especially if these are "old fashioned" vows, exactly the sort of "honour, obey, and now you are my property" that Tammy is likely to replace the more normal and traditional vows with!

Several times over Jackie has defended and excused her actions as following on from following through on her vows and promises, so this will really add to the split personalty effect that she is living with and fighting.  Also giving an opening, the thin end of the wedge, to start turning "simply a holiday fling, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" into something more, something that spreads out into the rest of her life, something that she cannot dismiss or compartmentalise the same way.

Throw in a "pregnancy scare" a week into the holiday...  maybe one of the things the company is working on is very early detection of pregnancy, and everyone gets a test kit, as part of a bundle of random products that different branches of the company makes, to help make them more aware of the broader company and its actions.  Suddenly the "never been able to get pregnant, assured it was her" Jackie is faced with "proof" that there is something going on, on top of all of the mystery of the second wedding ring, and secrets her husband has been keeping from her for years now...
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: teanndaorsa on February 04, 2021, 10:52:01 PM
Part 6 up today, enjoy.
Title: Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
Post by: feline on March 18, 2021, 04:45:28 PM
And playing catch up with myself again :)

As before, this is wonderfully well written, and very sexy and emotional!  It is good to see Jackie finally finding the right ways to explain, and encourage, Jack to give her the honeymoon experience she has decided that she is really after.  Seeing her have to work through this adds so much depth to the experience and the journey, but it also keeps me wondering just how much out side influence she is under...

Certainly some of this is coming out because this is who she really is, but at the same time, she is clearly being pushed and directed.

Talking of that, the bit with the visit in the hotel room, that just screams being monitored by cameras, so that Jack's boss knew just when to arrive, when to have the desired effect and impact...  Which just brings us to the next big questions, the sealed envelope, and the comment, well the requirement actually, for a no tan lines tan...  It feels like Jackie is almost "company property" at this point, being prepared, manoeuvred and used to get Jack where they want him, how they want him...

Very sexy and powerful, if also leaving a lot of unanswered questions about the goals of all of this...  way to keep us interested and motivated :)
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Thank you. I think they're fun characters, and I think Jack is soon to discover that he too has a power over Jackie, that she can't say no to him. What he does with this knowledge will be quite telling, perhaps Jack hiding some serious jealousy over the wife his best friend has, and he's forced to borrow.

Thank you again, Jackie.
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Part 7 up tonight, enjoy!
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This site can be quite the treasure trove.

This story is another one I just missed.
It was fun catching up.

It was something different, I mean it in a good way. It was a cuckold-story but kind of a wholesome one, without emotional hardship, extreme humiliation and alike.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading through it. I felt a connection to the people you created and I think I could relate to their feelings, motivations and emotions.

Well done! Thank you very much for sharing!

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Thank you, Tom. I know from personal experience that not every cuckold is a wimpy wuss of a man, and while I know that's the cliche for such stories, I wanted this one to have real feeling characters. I think Jack and my alter ego will come to the conclusion that they are the true soulmates, and the only thing left to sort out is Jack's employer's true motivations, and of course how to deal with the first marriage (less than a year old) that works for everybody. Mike isn't really a bad guy either, just not a custom fit.

Thank you again for your kind words, Jackie.
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Still catching up with myself, which seems to be a regular state of affairs :)

I have just finished going back and re-reading, and enjoying, part 6, to get myself back up to speed on where we were.  So many questions left hanging, so many hints, the feeling of such wicked plots in action...  so lets see what you have for us!

Well, the bedtie story code, along with its friends, is a good start *evil smirk*

Lovely imagery.  Since Jack is still coming to grips with the idea and the concept of taking charge of you, I do wonder how much of this comfort and relaxation is due to external encouragement, and how much is coming naturally from within, due to this rather bizarre situation.  Perhaps we will find out with time :)

Lies, surely this is lies!  What more could there be to marriage than great sex?!  Strange ideas...  next you will want connection, communication, trust, to share your deepest thoughts and fantasies with someone...  nope, doesn't sound anything like how marriage is supposed to work *raspberry*  At the same time, it's a little sad to think that there is something so important to Jackie that has somehow not been reached or touched in her marriage, especially since from memory she seemed so very happy with Mike.

Ah, yes, Jack has been given the tools for his fantasy life, but he is also trying to live his real life like a gentleman...  talk about a different take on rock and a hard place!

Given the rather clear hints that Tammy has dropped, and the hints of other plans in action, I don't for a second thing that Tammy believes you are a well paid, or even massively well paid, actor!  Although, it does seem that all sorts of things are available for enough money *shrug*

Waiting to catch you out is a very logical fear, a very reasonable expectation, but it simply doesn't fit with the pattern so far established.  Not that this tells me much about what she is actually up to, but that really doesn't fit or make sense.  She is after something much bigger, she has to be, but what?!

Yes, fucking and love making are very different things, but you have rather bluntly asked for the 3rd option, to be taken, dominated and used...  I would argue something quite different than the first two, but perhaps every bit as powerful, in its own way, as love making...  As for you being confused, well, you never asked to be placed into this situation, that is worth remembering, and you have made Jack work for it, at least a bit.

Interesting comments about Mike dressing you down, although I am tempted to ask if he was trying to keep you all to himself, rather than hiding what you have.  But if so, you are clearly not thinking in those terms, so if that was his plan he never shared it clearly.

Why or how would one know if human anatomy was defective?  There can be very subtle, but effective, defects, that you would never see, but that would be totally effective.

Well its hardly a surprise that your mind is running around, trying to make sense of everything and grasping at all sorts of random thoughts.  There are plenty of things going on here that are being kept from you, and you are in the middle of things, and clearly intelligent and interested enough to want to know what the hell is happening :)

Well, once there is one big important secret, it is only fair to wonder if there are more...  and yes, the rings alone seem a thin reason to so change his approach to how you dress, and to send you off like this.  Perhaps Jack's explanation, when it finally appears, will explain some of this?

That's a dark and nasty thought, that Mike wanted someone else and was using this as a method to pass you on, but the first response is to point out that all of this came from Tammy, and Jack's office, nothing to do with Mike at all.  Yes, perhaps he ceased a change in a million, but it seems most unlikely.  But then again, the whole situation is hardly "normal" or "reasonable".

No phone contact and all these questions, and I cannot even say trust your husband, since there are to many secrets on the loose.  You need a good distraction, that would "help" *evil smirk*

Way to put Jack on the spot, and I have to admit, his reaction to what Mike is doing doesn't inspire confidence.  What lies has he told...  good question.  The holiday may not be only for two weeks?  Well, if he didn't know, I can certainly forgive that, he was already asking enough and pushing enough, and this is something quite outside of his own control.

*snort* tuna fish casserole?!  *giggles* nice way to lighten the mood, and I have to forgive this one as well.  Am I being to soft on him?  Two forgivings in a row?!

OK, now THAT is sweet, lovely, romantic and goooee!!!  GO JAKE!!!!  Yes, she should definitely dress to show off more *evil plotting*

Now if only you had a nice private hotel room where Jack could be properly rewarded for these special moments...  of course, the impulse may well not survive that long, plus you don't want to be the one taking the initiative here on this front...  yep, a rather serious dilemma!

*giggles* at the fantasy of being arrested, and how far she wanted to take the fantasy, especially the fact that if it ever were to happen she wouldn't be in a position to stop it...  maybe I do have a dirty mind after all ;)

*rolls eyes* or we just note and accept that authority figures and uniforms are common points of fantasy and sexual interest :)

Interesting that Jack seems to have this idea of you as such a good girl, but remember, you have been dressed and presented as SO very modest and "good girl" for quite a while now by your husband, so this idea doesn't exactly exist in isolation, now does it?  Plus, I suspect / know you have been keeping a lot of this side of you hidden from him, since its not how a polite married woman behaves with a man who isn't her husband.

*nods* where the hell did "might have to give you back" come from?  As I understand it, giving her back, virtually untouched in fact, was always the official story here...  apparently there is a hell of a lot more going on here!

OK, so Jack is keeping his word...  which also seems to mean keeping secrets for now.  Yes, he is "manning up" and "taking charge", but as noted, very much not in the desired manor.  What the hell is going on here?!

Taking charge can take a myriad of forms, and it seems Jack has to start small with being in charge of you.  At the same time, him taking charge, even in such a small way, is a nice distraction from this very confused mess of thoughts and feelings here!  So I would say relax and enjoy it, you are here now and part of all of this, after all :)

*SNORT* no, you don't have a deep and complex need for sexual approval, you have been "sent off" with another man, to play the sex toy, after your husband has been hiding you away.  Lots of perfectly obvious and shallow reasons to want and need sexual approval, and you clearly deserve it!

I am quite torn here.  Jack is doing the RIGHT thing by being such a careful gentleman, but at the same time it is quite the wrong thing, since it goes directly against the clear instructions he has been given by Jackie, and this is the wrong thing for Jackie...  but it is still the *right* thing in so many ways...  oh this is all so complex!  Can he just not get women?  Stupid question, I know, but it had to be asked.

Nods, how the hell come Mike never discussed all of this with Jackie?!  No wonder Jack is feeling deeply adrift, surely he never thought that Mike would not clearly discuss things, especially since Mike seemed more than happy to dress and present his wife as sex on legs?!  Random massive urge to slap Mike round the head with a large piece of wood...

So asking if Jack wants happy wife or bitch is a good way to move things forward :)  I approve, and a bit of humour seems rather called for here to!

So you have been taught to respond well to positive signals from your husband, that just speaks to good times between the two of you.  As for Jack and the massively mixed signals, well, learning that Mike never actually talked to you about any of this... I bet a WHOLE lot of confusion has just been resolved, since you have been dumped here without any bloody idea of what your husband things, or what is really going on...  you need help and guidance after all as well!

OK, so yes, Jack isn't a taker, but I think right now a giver is rather more of what you need from the man in your bed with you.

OOoooh, a note, so not saying a word, thrusting the keys into his hand...  well, we are at the point where someone needs to make things clearer, and given the revelation both that there is a secret Jack is keeping, and that Mike avoided discussing anything, it is left to you to push things forward, if they are to move forward...

*nods* selfless and giving, yes, very good words for the Jack we are seeing.  There is still a lot going on we don't understand, but he really is trying so hard to be a gentleman, that gets him a lot of credit in my world, even if it isn't selling the tale he told about his "marriage" and "wife/slut".

Now that is interesting, are you asking if you are not worth proper cuffs from Mike?  If so, then thats actually a remarkably good question...  but how long has what ever is going on in the background, between Mike and Jack, about you, been going on, and does that factor into all of this?

You know, I am starting to detect a theme with your fantasies here... *smirk*

Ouch...  oh bloody hell!  Gentle and loving kisses, how can that be wrong, but given the fantasy, and just possibly what the note says, it really is the wrong response.  I REALLY hope the note is bloody clear and explicit, Jack needs to be told quite clearly what page you want him on!

So many thoughts and questions rolling through your head... but yes, the blindfold is making it worse, you don't have the feedback or the clues as to what Jack is thinking, and until Jack reaches the note I really don't have any hope of him reaching the right page any time soon, if at all...

OK, we can debate the line between topping from the bottom and trying to show him what you want, but at this point REALLY clear communication about what you want has to happen, and YOU need to be "in charge" of making it happen.  Hopefully afterwards he can start being in charge as desired.

Yes, you want to be taken, you want him to be in charge, but at the same time, it seems he is finally starting to accept that you are his for the taking, and he is taking you the way HE wants...  so maybe there is hope for this yet?  Plus this slow, loving exploration, while driving you mad, is really HOT!

Well, a strong interest in your arse, in various ways, is certainly understandable, and perhaps he is just trying to work out what you really want?  We still don't have any sense of how much Mark has shared about your private life after all...  and Jack's interests and desires are very much unknowns...  but the way the topic has so often been avoided by both of them...  well it makes me wonder, especially with all the oddness here.

The ending...  yes, actually that really does feel just right!  So much frustration, so many unknowns, so many secrets, being pushed and pulled in so many ways, it really is time for Jackie to let go and try to finally get Jack on the right page.  There should be such a thing as a gentleman dominant after all!

So much pleasure reading this, such wonderful characters, but also SO MANY bloody questions and unknowns!!!  Someone is very nearly in trouble here...  and I hope you know who you are!
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First off, thank you as always for such thoughtful feedback, I love that you appreciate these characters and their unique flaws. Everybody here, (except maybe Mike), wants something from another, their nice enough characters, but everybody has their own motivations here, and I plan on explaining/revealing those next. Maybe Mike thinks he's in over his head with Jackie, maybe he had hopes that she'd calm down a little after almost a year of marriage, (once he put a ring on it) maybe he even thought she'd give up on the baby thing, tone the hunger for kink down a bit? Maybe he's a good guy here too, maybe he just can't talk about things, put his thoughts to words, pretty much like a lot of guys, especially younger ones?

Tammy maybe wants a lever to move her rising star Jack, and that isn't turning out like she thought it would when she concocted this second honeymoon scheme. So now she has to determine what's really going on here, because what IS going on is just too crazy to be true, as in there has to be another more logical explanation. Jack is just too dependable to throw it all away for a woman who isn't even his! Tammy is rooting for Jack, she's already talked him up to the top floor people, (this "won" vacation is the final job interview) and for him to betray her and the company like this will make all of them look bad, so Tammy is searching for some way out of this apparent mess, if her fears and her odd husband's explanation of Jackie's motivations are accurate. Psychology isn't an exact science though; people can deeply believe what simply isn't true, or so it goes on some of those crime shows that I don't really follow.

Jack lusts for what his best friend has, but takes for granted, although he's kept this a deep secret... somehow! There was also a drunken offer tied to the loan for the rings, that if Mike couldn't give her what she wants "someday," Jack would, and this has been bumped up schedule wise by Tammy's intervention. A position will be coming up soon at the company, along with a relocation, but the salary offer will make this an impossible opportunity to walk away from. It will require relocation for the newlyweds, but also enough money that the new family can start making babies together, with her staying home to raise them. It's also an economic trap for Jack, with an ever-growing family at home dependent on him he won't be able to easily leave their employ. And, removed from their family support tree there will be no grandmothers to watch the little ones so that Jackie can chase her so-so career again, to supplement their family income.

Tammy is like a chess grand master, but Jack's deception has scuttled her well laid plans. She can't really retaliate against Jack without compromising herself, career wise, so Jackie is the next logical target, control Jackie, control Jack. She already has the power of suggestion over Jackie, but none of us know how far that extends.

Anyway, I think Jack and Jackie have to have a nice long post coital conversation about the future, maybe Jack thought he could somehow just be a sperm doner and then press on with his own life, but once spending some serious alone time with Jackie he's decided that the gloves come off and he's keeping Jackie, best friend or not. "If you foolishly leave the keys in your sexy almost new sportscar right out in the driveway buddy, you can't really complain when somebody steals it away from you, even if it's a friend." Maybe the thing Jack is waiting for is actually knocking Jackie up, and once that happens all kinds of things change in both men's and women's minds. I've seen this firsthand, men get very possessive and protective, and we get very pragmatic, nesting I've heard it called.

I think the two lovebirds are going to be compelled to "renew" their vows less that one calendar year into their marriage, on their actual anniversary date but earlier in the day, technically annulling Jackie's first marriage to Mike at the last possible moment, or so the legal arguments will go. I am unsure if I want Jackie to live out her fantasy of getting arrested by the sexy female beach cop, it's something I've always fantasized about myself, but super unlikely to happen in the real world. Could this be something, story wise, that Tammy arranges, both to get a little payback for Jackie perpetuating this lie with her, and to have her in the proper place at the proper time for the second ceremony?

I'm curious what you think of the direction of the story, and I as well wanted you to know that there is an ending close at hand, thank you again, Jackie
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It is the complex characters that so draw me into all of this, that make all of this so interesting and fun!

It does actually make sense that Mike is in over his head.  There wasn't an overt sense of that up front, but seeing the comment, looking at it that way, it makes a great deal of sense.  After all, if he assumes that things are going to go one way once they get together, but instead they start to go a different way, then he can find that a situation that he thought he would be fine with turned into one that he just could not handle at all well.

To be fair to Tammy, who would have thought the situation would be anything like this?  There is looking for some leverage, to get Jack positioned how she wants, and to make sure that his family life will work well with his work life, and then there is stepping into a total mess...  Tammy really doesn't come across as someone who is going to back down or be distracted from her goal in all of this...  so a compliant Jackie makes things "easier", at least in theory, since she has some more control over one of the key pieces on the board.

My first and immediate reaction is that Jackie should absolutely be arrested by the sexy female beach cop, because it would be hot, and also because it adds a very solid, very immediate and "primal" - in the "go protect your mate" sense - lever to work on Jack with.  More than this though, it provides a way of getting hold of any documents, passports, etc, that Jack and Jackie brought with them, in case there is anything there to help make sense of this confusing, and obviously not what she is told it really is situation.

The nesting instinct, I had not really considered this, but actually yes, this would make a lot of sense, and I can see how this would suddenly start to provide enough pressure for things to settle into a new shape, and to stay there!

I am really glad there is a goal, a target in all of this, I am just not sure I like the idea of an ending close at hand, since I am really enjoying the journey, and it feels that there is still quite a lot to sort through, make sense of and resolve!
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I'm ever mindful of all the projects that I have running concurrently, and I sometimes feel guilty that I don't spend more time focused on just one or two of them to be honest. It's just the way my mind works though, if I can't find inspiration for one story line, I jump to another. It's probably slightly maddening for one who reads and follows these, especially if their personality drifts towards the "I want it all in one bite" attitude. It can take years for me to finish one, so I'm going to try to finish a few before starting any more. That being said, I have two that should publish soon that are intended as one-off stories, Girl Crush and Dystopia, with the potential for a part two for each if there is interest.

I know some people have trouble finding things to write about, but with the real-life things I've actually done, combined with the things I'd still like to do, my problem is quite the opposite, as in focusing on the things I'd really like to write about. I of course assume that if these things excite me, they might be fun for somebody else to read too.

While I'm doing all that I'm also working on the retelling of Ken's Birthday Gift, and two others related to that. One is almost complete fiction and based on some very vivid daydreams that I had back then, and the other two are very close to the actual events without letting any of the unnamed players know that it's actually about them, should any of them read this one day. That's the problem with telling real stories, making sure the details aren't too specific, the descriptions aren't too exact.

So anyway, with all that being said, I have to have a proper conclusion for these characters, to do anything less would do them a disservice, so I will tell the rest of the story without rushing it. I was also on the fence to be honest about having my alter ego arrested by the sexy female cop, because I as well find that super sexy and hot, the power, loss of freedom and control, especially so very far from a known justice system, and perhaps even with Tammy's intervention. Since you think it's hot too, I'll do it, maybe live out that personal fantasy of mine vicariously through one of my characters.

Thank you again for your well thought out observations and motivations, Jackie.

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The wait for updates to your stories is frustrating, but having said that, quality takes time, and the thought and depth that goes into these parts is always very clear, and has always been a large part of the appeal for me :)  "sexy" is all well and good, but if the writing and the characters cannot get me to invest in the characters and their situation then it is only going to be shallow sexy.  Fun in passing, but not much more.

As for the arrest, yes, doing it because it is hot could easily lead you in a poor story direction.  On the surface there is no good reason for it to happen, based purely on Jackie's actions and behaviour on the island, but as an action orchestrated by Tammy, and for Tammy's benefit...  then something that seems wrong and out of place fits into the greater picture, making a greater whole :)

As always, looking forward to seeing more of your writing get posted ;D