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I Remember That Summer Very Well by West Coast Comet
« on: February 19, 2016, 12:15:23 pm »
Vivian and I were sitting on the top deck of the cruise ship, enjoying the beautiful weather, with a couple of those drinks with little umbrellas stuck through orange slices.   She and her husband are our good friends, and we often vacation together.  No, Viv and I are not having an affair.  To my knowledge she has never been unfaithful to her husband.  However, I do flirt outrageously with her when my wife is not around.  It is all in good fun, and she enjoys the attention, being a bit of a tease.
Today, her husband was down in the saloon, gambling (he was good!).  My wife had gone off-ship on some sort of organized tour, so it was just Viv and me sitting there.  Our conversation got around to kinky behavior and she admitted she enjoyed a little “restraint” from time to time.   I dug in and started asking a lot of questions about how she got started?  What did she like, and so on?  She had just enough alcohol to lose her inhibitions talking about her kinks, and I was going to enjoy it, if just vicariously. 
“I remember that summer very well” Vivian said, as she looked out to sea, “I was always hanging around with my older brother, Jim, and his friends.   They would alternate between tolerating me, flirting with me, and being obnoxious toward me.    I guess I liked the attention… well I liked any attention to tell the truth.  I had “grown up” over the past winter, and now had a girl’s figure”. 
Vivian turned to me and turned her hands up, “Like anything new, you want to try out the new toy and see what it does.   I was no different.  I don’t know that I had any sort of deep analytical thoughts about it at the time.  I just knew I liked to be around those boys because it made me feel good.  In retrospect, I think I was just craving male attention, and, just maybe, I was perhaps a little over-sexed at the time”
I said, “Viv, I think you are still over-sexed!” 
She smiled, and said, “Always dear”
She continued, “I really didn’t have a crush on any one of them.  Jim’s friends, you know, Ronnie, Rob, and Ray-Ray all seemed like nice guys to me.   Jim called them the “R Boys”.  They probably tolerated me because I was Jim’s sister, but maybe, just maybe, it was because I had some nice…”  Vivian looked down at her breasts and then grinned at me. 
“They were always especially nice to me when I was outside wearing my bikini, so I think my figure had a lot to do with my acceptance.  It didn’t hurt that I would flirt with them too”.
“We would often sit in the back yard.  The boys would drink beers, and I had a soft drink.  I was under age, of course.  However, when Jim would go inside, the guys always let me have a chug of their beer.  I was a small person with a slight frame, with little alcohol tolerance, so I could get a buzz off just a few chugs.   I guess I got pretty funny when buzzed, so the R-boys started smuggling vodka and pouring some in my soft drink.  I think they wanted to see how crazy I would get, all without Jim realizing what was going on.  Jim never did figure it out, which was probably good for the R-boys since he had a bad temper and an over-protective sense about his little sister”
I know Jim, of course.  I have known Jim for some time.  He was the starting offensive Tackle in high school, and went into the Marines after graduation.  And yes, he was one intimidating son-of-a-bitch, even when being friendly.   I made a remark about this and inadvertently changed her direction – Damn it!
“Yes, Jim could be a son-of-a-bitch at times” Viv said, “but he was always great to me”
“You know Ronnie was on that football team too” She said after a pause and a sip of the umbrella drink, “He wasn’t all that great an athlete, but he was a quick study.   He would play the opposing quarterback during scrimmages.  They called it their ‘Scout team’ I think.   He could learn the opponent’s playbook so quickly that he was surprisingly good at playing that part of the game”
Wanting to change the subject back to kinky stuff, I quickly dismissed this information.  I’d heard it before.  I pushed her about her start down that dark tunnel.
“Well, some of the guys had gone to that movie, Cat People.  They were all talking about the last scene where the Cat Woman, Natasha something-or-other got tied up naked in some shack in the middle of a swamp” 
She paused, “Who was that guy?”
I responded, “William Hurt, I think”
Viv sipped on her drink and went back to her story, “They all thought it was a big deal.   The boys were really getting wound up talking about that scene, to the point where it made me a little jealous.   As I think of it, both jealous of their attention, and jealous of the woman’s experience.  Something about her predicament made me excited”
Vivian turned toward at me and looked over the top of her sunglasses, “You know I used to wear really skimpy swim suits and really dark sunglasses those days.  I would move around kind of sexy on the chaise lounge, or at least what I thought was sexy back then.  I would sneak peaks at the boys to see if I could arouse them.  God, I was a tease!”
“You know Jim used to work every other Saturday.  He had some job that wanted him to cover part of the Saturday shift.  He would leave around noon.  The R-Boys used to go home when he left, but that summer, they would keep hanging around.   I figured it was mostly me, and just a little bit, the above-ground pool my parents had installed.  We built a deck around the pool at the level of the top of the pool, so it was like having an in-ground pool.  We’d sit on that deck all Saturday, taking a dip whenever we got too hot, sipping on beers and talking bullshit.” 
Keeping this woman on track was a challenge, I leaned over and said, “So, you were jealous of Natasha, eh?”
“That’s was what I recall”, she said with a grin, “…and that’s what got me in trouble”
After another sip, Viv continued, “All the specifics about Cat People came up after Jim left.  I think they were a little worried that his reaction to all that talk about a naked girl tied up and ravished would seem inappropriate around his little sister.  It probably was, just a bit, but I was listening intently.   I distinctly remember imagining myself in that predicament, and feeling aroused.   I noticed the guys stealing looks at my chest, which was “headlights on”, and recall feeling a little embarrassed and aroused”
“Over on the table, my mother had left a ball of thick hemp string she was using in her gardening.  I got up and casually walked over and pulled off a long piece, cutting it with the little knife she had left on the table next to the string.  I came sauntering back with my best sexy walk, holding the string in my hand, kind of waving it around”.
“Okay boys, show me how this poor girl was tied up I told them”, Vivian said to me, “You know I was just a little bit drunk, but that emboldened me to be aggressive, I guess”
“I still remember to this day the horrified look on their faces.   I could have shot them with a gun and surprised them less” Vivian giggled a little bit at the teenage angst of 18 year old boys.  “They just stared at me with their mouths open”
“Well, I took the initiative” Vivian voice got a little horse, “I put my hands together in front of me and wrapped the string around about 6-7 times.  I had to kind of flip it around, so it was very loose.   I tied a little square knot, leaving about 2 feet of loose ends hanging out of the knot”. 
Vivian held her hands together to show me as she went on with her story. 
“I sat down on the lounger and put my hands over my head.  I think I did some sarcastic whining like: ‘Oh look, I am the Cat Woman.  Tie me down so you can have your way with me!’  Oh course I was just teasing.   To my surprise, Ronnie got up and grabbed my wrists”
Ronnie said, ‘If you are going to tie yourself up, do it right.   The Boy Scouts taught me that you need to cinch these ties to make them proper ties.’   
With that, he wound the loose ends between my wrists, around the wrist wraps, and tied a second knot.  Then he wrapped the loose end around the top bar of the lounge and tied that off as well.  Vivian put her hands above her head and leaned back on the deck chair to sort of show me what was happening in her story.   Her breasts bulged a little as she lifted her arms.  I could swear she took a look at my crotch to see if her story was having an effect on me.  It was.  She grinned.
She continued, “Ronnie had made the string tie reasonably tight.  I pulled at my string bondage, but could not remove my hands.  They were pinned above my head.  I felt very vulnerable, and very sexy at the same time.  I think all three guys were staring at me“. 
Vivian took another sip, draining the last of her drink.   I quickly waved down a waiter and got her another.  This was too good of a story to have it stop for lack of verbal lubrication.  Got myself one too.   For some reason my mouth was getting dry.  Vivian was a very desirable woman, with a great figure even now, two kids and 20 years later.  She was one of those slim, handsome women who will always look younger than they are.   
She smiled at me, “You know, it became a matter of pride after that.  I refused to ask those guys to untie me, and they refused to offer.  All the talk about Natasha seemed to die down.  I could see the guys staring at me as the conversation whittled down to topics already discussed, along with some other small talk.  The R-Boys were all focused on me.   I liked that feeling, being the tease I was”
I added, “…And still are!”
“That’s right!” she retorted.  “The boys made sure I had plenty of the doctored drink.  I was getting really drunk at that point, but finally I had to pee.  I told them that I had to go in the house and pee, and they would need to untie me”
Ronnie laughed and said, “You are out’a luck Viv.  You made your own bed, now lie in it”, he continued, “You think William Hurt let Natasha go just because she had to pee?  Hell no!  Besides, I don’t think you are going to change into a leopard”
Vivian said she responded with “Well I might.  Who knows, I could turn into a lion or tiger!”
Ronnie came back with “Maybe a small cat, a pussy cat” 
“That caused an uproar with the group.  Each one muttering “Pussy” under their breath, with a pretend cough” Vivian said. 
Vivian went on with her story, “Finally I started really whining to the guys.  Ronnie reached over and pulled the bow tie under the top board of the lounger, and my hands were free… well they were still tied together, but free of the lounge.   Ronnie said, ‘Let her pee in the pool!’ and with that, the boys grabbed my arms and boosted me into the deep end of the pool.  I swam over to the edge.   I did take care of business and said, ‘Very funny assholes.  Now pull me out of here’.  Instead they all jumped into the deep end splashing and laughing”.
Viv sighed, “God that was a fun day.  We seemed to weave this sexual thread right into the day of swimming and drinking.  It was all so innocent, yet so sexy”.   Vivian licked her lips and shifted her lovely body just a little.  She rubbed her hand along her side and down to her thigh.  I think if I wasn’t there she would have touched herself. 
You could cut her pheromones and my testosterone with a knife.   Hell, I would have jumped her right there on the cruise ship deck, but I knew her charms were not for me.  She liked being a tease, and I was okay with that.  I would take my pleasure vicariously.   As far as I know, Vivian has always been faithful to her husband.  I knew tonight I would be particularly amorous with my wife, however, in my head I would be screwing Vivian. 
After some small talk, I had to get her story back on track again, “So what happened after they threw you in the pool with your hands tied?”
She pulled on her drink straw for a big gulp, kind of simulating a blow job.  This was a private joke she and I shared.  It came from years back when I tried to convince her that giving me a blow job would not affect how faithful she was to her husband. 
“So you like my story, huh?” She said with a tease in her voice.
“Well it’s tolerable.   I am willing to listen if it helps with unburdening your soul” I said facetiously. 
“Fuck you” she responded. 
“Okay, okay.  I like your story and I won’t rest easy until I hear the rest of it” I admitted. 
“All right then” She went on, “They kept me tied up all afternoon, and didn’t release me until just before my parents came home.  To tell you the truth, I like it.  I really liked the attention and the helplessness”
We had to get up and move out of the sun because the cruise ship deck was getting too hot.  We went down to the shaded lounge and got comfortable in one of the booths. 
She continued, “That next Saturday, Jim had tickets to a baseball game.  The R-Boys were going with him, so I had the pool to myself.   My parent both worked on Saturdays, so I had the run of the house and pool.   I’m laying out there and I get this wild idea.   I walk over and pull off another long piece of string.   I stop and think, and I go back and pull off 2 more.  The Cat Woman predicament was running through my mind”
Vivian stopped, and put her hands in her hair, “Listen, I will tell this story, but I never want to hear that you repeated it to anyone.  Not you wife, or your priest.  Nobody.  You have to promise me this!  No kidding about this in front of anyone!  This is just between you and me!”
I reassured her that if I ever told my wife, it would raise more questions about Vivian and me than I could answer before the divorce papers arrived.   I told her we were friends, and I would not do anything to jeopardize that friendship.
“All right, fine” she pulled off her sunglasses and carefully looked me in the eyes, “I will trust you, but if you screw with me on this….”  Her voice trailed off.  I shook my head ‘no’. 
She took a deep breath, looked around to see if anyone could hear, and started again, “I decided to tie myself up like the Cat Woman.  Now our yard had a high fence around it, making it very private.  I felt safe there, knowing nobody could see me.
I wrapped one of the strings several times around my ankle and around the side of the lounger.  I didn’t want it to pinch me, so I used a lot of string.   I must have looped the string 20 times around my ankle and the lounger bar.   I remembered how Ronnie had tightened the loops by cinching and I did the same.  I remember testing the tie and thinking Holy shit, it works!  Then I tied my other ankle to the other side of the lounger, spreading my legs.   God I can recall this so clearly!  The brown hemp was wrapped almost all the way around my ankles in a thick bunch, and then there was this tight knot between the bar of the lounger and my ankle wraps”
Viv was almost panting now.  I could feel her sort of buzzing. 
“I remembered the Cat People scene, and got this wild idea.  I pulled the ties on my bottom and pulled it off!   I really don’t know why except that I was in some sort of over-sexed fever.  Then I pulled off my top.  I was completely naked!”  She licked her lips and shifted in her chair.   ”I felt so sexy it took my breath away.  I figured if I was going to tie myself up, why not go all the way?”
“I wrapped the third string around my hands, in front, a bunch of times, just like I did my legs.  Tied it loosely, and then cinched it.  I used my teeth to pull the knot tight.  At that time I didn’t realize how difficult it was to untie hemp string.  I had done a good job and could not pull my hands out.  The hemp was a thick bundle, and it went almost all the way around each of my wrists.   I reached up and tied my hands to the top bar, with a knot I could reach, if needed.  If I remember correctly, I wound that ends of the string around the upper bar and through the cinch area of my wrist bindings 3-4 times”. 
“I laid there in my lust for a while then I decided to drop the lounger down to the reclining position.  It was difficult, but I managed to drop it flat.  It went down with a bang!”
She paused, “I made a mistake in doing that, a big mistake.  Number one: to pull the lounger back up, you had to lift you weight off it.  Being tied to it made it impossible to raise it.  Number two, the distance from where my ankles were tied to where my hands were tied increased as the lounger went down.  In fact it stretched me out tight”.  She held her arms up in the air above her head to demonstrate the position.
Vivian sucked in some air.  I could see her blushing red across her chest and cheeks.  She went on, “I think I said an ‘Oh shit!’ or two when I realized what I had done.  There was no escape.  There I was, staked-out naked and unable to escape.  I remember pulling and struggling, but it did no good.   I could no longer reach the tie to the top bar, and besides, the knots were now pulled so tightly I doubt I could have untied them anyway.   I couldn’t lift the back.  I was just stuck.   I was going to be there until someone untied me.  I pulled and struggled but the hemp wouldn’t give me an inch!”   
“I was probably out there an hour or so.  After a while I was in sort of a daze I think.   For some reason, my situation felt wonderful.  I mean, what could I do?  I just had to accept my fate.   It felt very sexy to be tied like that.  Kind of on-display and unable to stop any sort of sexual advance.  Helpless.    I figured all I could do was tell my parents I was sorry, when they found me, and I would just have to live through the embarrassment, somehow.   I just had to stay there until they got home around 5:00 PM.  Hell, I wasn’t going anywhere”
Vivian gave me one of those looks, “You are imagining this aren’t you?  I think this story is making you excited, isn’t it?”
“You got anything better to do than to tell me your deepest darkest secrets?” I said.   
Vivian looked around again to be sure nobody was listening.  Then she spoke in a whisper, “Suddenly I realized there was someone looking at me from behind.  I remember jumping with surprise, and yelling some obscenities”, she smiled at me nervously.   
Again she looked me in the eyes, peering over her sunglasses, “I haven’t told this to anyone, and I don’t know that I should be telling you this.  You can be an asshole at times.  This is not anything I ever, ever want to hear you talk about!  Got it!”
She was being serious, and I understood what she was getting at.   I responded, “Vivian, you and I have been friends for a long time.  Being friends with you and your husband is something I truly treasure.  I would never violate your trust and endanger our friendship by gossiping about something you have told me to keep private” 
Vivian made a cutting motion with her fingers, “I will cut your balls off if you screw this up”
She then laughed and continued, “Above me stood Ronnie.  It turns out he couldn’t pull together enough money to buy his ticket from Jim, so he decided to come over for a swim, and hang out.   Now he had discovered me tied to the lounger by my own hand, naked as I was born, and horny as hell”.
“What did he do?  Was he a gentleman, like I would suppose him to be?” I asked. 
“Not exactly”, Vivian said, “Let me tell this as it happened”
Looking down at the lovely young lady tied to the lounger, Ronnie just smiled and said, “Viv, who tied you up?  Were you thinking you were the Cat Woman?”
Vivian said that she was dumbfounded, and didn’t speak for a minute or two, “I was pretty embarrassed to tell you the truth.  I was a tease, but the idea of really showing any boy all my… charms, was pretty radicle for me”
“I mumbled that I was just fooling around with the string, and the back fell down stretching me out” Viv said, “I am sort of stuck here and could use some help.  Please don’t tell Jim or my parents that you caught me like this”
Ronnie responded that Jim will never know, because Jim would pound Ronnie just for being here.  As for her parents, well nothing would ensure Jim hearing about this than telling her parents. 
Vivian pulled again on her string bindings and said, “Okay, you have seen enough.   Now get the knife and cut me loose.  I need to get my bikini back on and get out of the sun.  The sun is starting to swing around and I am out of the shade”
Ronnie smirked and said, “I think you are just getting started here.  I won’t tell anyone, but I am not in any hurry to cut you out of that chair.   I’d better wait to see if you will turn into a cat… a pussy cat”
“Smart ass!  Cut me out of this!” Vivian demanded.
“Ronnie walked over and got the sun tan lotion.  He proceeded to start rubbing it all over my body” Vivian continued, “When he started rubbing it around and all over my breasts, I started to groan and moan.   After all, nobody had every touched my beasts before, and it felt so good!”
As she was talking, Vivian began to crush her breasts with her arms, squeezing them together with her forearms.  It was driving me crazy to watch.  I could tell that telling this story was really turning her on.  She leaned her head back just a little showing her neck and licked her lips slowly.
“You are enjoying this aren’t you?” she said. 
“Looks like you are too.  I think you are going to molest your husband tonight.  Too bad he is around, or I might stand a chance with you” I joked back, but I was seriously thinking about jumping her bones right about then. 
“I know” she said, “Let me continue”
“Ronnie began to kiss me.  At first just simple kisses, then he began to French me, all the time rubbing my breasts” she said.  “Soon he started rubbing sun lotion further south, if you know what I mean”
I played the dumb ass, “He was rubbing your feet?  I didn’t know Ronnie had a foot fetish!”
“No, not exactly that far south”, Vivian smiled, “He went into your no-fly zone” as she rubbed in the fact that I was not going to get ‘there’, ever.    She was still the tease she had always been. 
Vivian gave me a big grin, “He touched me where I had never been touched before, and using his fingers, he managed to get me off, twice!  I think I was wrecked from there on.  I remember him climbing on top of me, and how damned good it felt to make love with him.   We just hit it off, like magic.  I think he kept me tied up for the whole afternoon.  It was just… heavenly!”
I could see her eyes glazing over as she recalled the blissful moments when she lost her virginity.   Vivian turned a bit in the booth and pulled her legs up to her chest, hugging her knees.  She said, “Don’t you be repeating any of this.  If Jim ever hears this story, he might still beat the snot out of Ronnie!”
I looked across the bar room and saw her husband walking toward us with a big grin.  He was dodging around slow walking couples and tables, moving quickly.
Vivian’s husband walked up to the table and said, “Hey Rob, Viv!  You won’t believe how lucky I’ve been!  I ran the table at craps and got a bundle!” 
Of course I’m thinking about the story Vivian just told me and I’m thinking hell yes, you are lucky, but I don’t say anything.
Vivian gets up and gives him a big hug and a long kiss, “Ronnie, I don’t care how lucky you’ve been at the craps table, you are going to get luckier tonight!” 
Vivian and Ronnie walk off, arm in arm.  As they do, she looks back at me and shakes her finger in a no-no gesture, then gives me a big smile.
I think back to that day and realize how mistaken I had been when I thought I was lucky to have enough money to go to the ball park with Jim, and poor Ronnie didn’t.   In the end, it was Ronnie that was the lucky one. 

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Re: I Remember That Summer Very Well by West Coast Comet
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A fabulous tale! A coming-of-age story with teasing and flirtation, all consensual (well, mostly), a sense of humor, with a little twist at the end. Everything I like in a story.

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