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Hot Tub Soaking
« on: February 04, 2022, 08:44:07 am »
Well, here it is: put on a favorite latex hood (eyes nose and mouth openings), a medium gag with a locked strap, a tall rubber neck collar also locked, and hand carried my hand cuffs.  At 11PM (2300) walked to the hot tub, opened it up, set the jets to a Low setting, settled in, and debated what to do with the hand cuffs; in front or behind the back??
Since this was new and I did not know IF I could climb out safely without the use of my hands, it was in the front. 
Oh, the keys?  In the house.  I stayed for the entire jet cycle of about 25 minutes, and found my way to the boarders of sub space.  All the while wondering IF the neighbors were seeing any of this. 
Once the jets were off, I carefully exited, and went inside to find the keys.  It would be a bad time to slip and fall. 
But, it was a good time for me. 


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