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Amy the Giantess by Unknown
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F/m; shrink; revenge; breastplay; insert; reluct/nc; X

Amy's boyfriend was a monster; he would constantly abuse her physically and psychologically, punching, kicking, and verbally taunting her. She wondered to herself how she became involved with a person like this and why she continued to stay in this relationship.

Whack! She felt the sharp pain on her cheek as Jeff slapped her in the face.

Jeff shouted, "You no-good bitch! You know I want to eat dinner at 6:30 sharp! It is 6:35 and my food is not on the table. Damn you!"

"I'm sorry. I'm getting it right now."

She hurried into the kitchen and got his food and placed it on the dining room table. As she placed the last dish on the table, he kicked her in the leg, causing her to fall on the floor. Amy did not know which hurt the worst, the arm that she fell on or the leg that Jeff just kicked. She got up crying as Jeff just watched her and laughed, and went upstairs to her room and laid down on her bed; she was glad she did not hear him coming after her.

Amy was a 19-year-old college student; she was very beautiful, busty, and had deep blue eyes and golden-blond hair. She would commute to college each weekday in her car, and come home in the late afternoon to face him. Even through all of this abuse she managed to do well in school, maintaining a 3.3 gradepoint average. Jeff was also 19, and had brown hair and blue eyes; he worked as a manager at a local gas station. The pay was not that great, but it paid for the small house in a rural area that they were renting.

During the first few months that they knew each other, Jeff was very different. He would treat her with kindness and respect and she would do the same. Then he started drinking and that's when things went downhill; it started out a few beers per night and then escalated into hard liquor. While intoxicated is when he would assault her, when she would cower down before him, pleading that he not hurt her anymore; but the beatings and the verbal torment continued to get worse, and though he would sometimes apologize the next day and promise to never hurt her again, these promises were broken often within 24 hours.

Almost all the time she thought of leaving, but she worried about continuing her college education; her parents were divorced, her father was nowhere to be found, and her mother hardly had enough money to support herself, let alone Amy's education. She worked on the weekends to help pay for college, received a small scholarship to assist, and currently had a fairly large loan; she was just about making it now, and if she left that means she would have to find someplace else to live, which would cost her money that she did not have. For now, staying seemed to be in her best financial interests, and she believed she had no placeelse to turn. In addition, she was afraid that if she left him, he would come after her and harm her to a greater degree than he had done previously.

When she awoke the next morning, she got her clothes ready for the day and then got into the shower; as she removed her clothes she wore the day before, as she did not change them after last night's incident, she noticed the black-and-blue marks on the right leg and arm. Quickly showering and dressing, she grabbed her book-bag and walked downstairs. Fortunately Jeff was sleeping on the couch in the living room, as she tip-toed past him and quietly opened, closed, and locked the front door.

When she arrived home for the day at 4:00, she found herself thankfully alone. She began preparing supper and was somewhat relieved at the fact that she had an hour before he got home and it began all over again. As it neared five o'clock, fear began to fill her mind as she thought of the things she would be put through. A few minutes past five, Jeff burst into the house, mumbling obscenities, and then pounded his way into the kitchen. As he walked in, Amy could smell the alcohol on his breath and see the anger in his eyes.

"What is this shit?!?", he thundered as he looked at his wife. "I thought I told you I wanted you to greet me at the damn door!"

"But," her voice quivering, "I am preparing your dinner now so it..."

"Shut it, whore!"

He then clenched his right fist and slammed it into her shoulder. She screamed as the sharp pain centered in her shoulder and spread throughout her already sore arm.

"Please stop! Please...", she cried as tears ran down her cheeks.

But he would not listen. He slapped her in the face and punched her in the jaw; then he kicked her in the stomach. She fell to the floor, sobbing as she experienced pain in many areas of her body. What had seemed like to her like 20 minutes was only about 1 minute, but after the last kick he grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and left the kitchen. After lying on the floor trying to collect herself and permit the pain to subside, she slowly got up a few minutes later. She finally decided that she would have to leave; it was becoming too much and she realized that he would probably never change. She limped to the back door and walked outside of the house. She just wanted to be alone for a while, so she walked into the woods in the back of the house.

Since they resided in a rural area with no neighbors for two miles around, she was pretty much assured that she would not be disturbed. The chirping of the crickets and some of the other sounds the animals made comforted her, as she continued to walk deeper and deeper in the woods. The pain was becoming too much, so she sat down on the soft, leafy ground; she became drowsy and laid down on the forest floor, and fell asleep.

She abruptly awoke to a bright white light and a muffled hum coming from the sky. Terrified, she got up and tried to runaway, but a beam from the large circular object above knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, she found herself slightly dazed and when she looked up, there was no sign of the object she had seen before. Strangely, she longer felt any pain; she pulled up her sleeve, and there were no black-and-blue marks on her arm; she pulled up her pant's leg, and found the same occurrence. All traces of her injuries seemed to have just disappeared!

As she pulled her sleeves down, she felt the weight of something around her neck; started, Amy grabbed the object. It was a necklace with a large white circular pendant attached to it. She examined the pendant more closely and noticed there were markings on the back which she could not identify. When she touched the back of the pendant, suddenly a bright, white light was emitted from the front; the light beam grew larger until it engulfed a tree in front of her. Then the unbelievable happened. The tree started to shrink in size! Within a few seconds a tree that had been about 40 feet tall was only about 30 feet, then 20 feet... After a little over ten seconds, the white light beam disappeared. She looked at the tree and found it only to be a few inches tall! The proportions were the same but it was just much smaller than it had been a few seconds before; moreover, it appeared healthy and did not seem to suffer from any ill effects.

She wanted to examine this new device more. She began to walk back to the house but veered off slightly from the normal path, and arrived at an old, abandoned pick-up truck that she knew was left in the woods. Pointing the front of the white pendant at the old vehicle, and touching the back of it, the white light engulfed the truck, and it too began to quickly decrease in size. When the beam cut off, she looked on the ground near her feet. The truck now was only a toy! She picked it up, amazed at what awesome power this pendant had, and placed it in her pants' pocket.

Suddenly, reality set in. Amy remembered Jeff and his ways. But just as suddenly she thought about the awesome power that she now wielded.

"Could it be this easy," she thought to herself?

Months of torment and abuse would now come to an end; she wondered if this "shrinking ray" as she began to term it, could reduce the size of a tree and a truck, why could it not do the same to a person? She ran to the house in anticipation that her troubles would now be over. As she entered the back door, she smelled smoke and saw that the food was burning on the stove and in the oven; she quickly shut off these appliances, removed the smoking material, and took the small truck out of her pocket and placed it on the counter. Then, taking off her shoes, she confidently walked out of the kitchen, into the dining room and then into the living room, where she saw Jeff sitting on the couch watching TV.

"Where the hell did you go, bitch?!? Where's my dinner?!?", Jeff thundered.

As he got up and clenched his fists, Amy quickly grabbed the pendant that was hanging from her neck, pointed the front of it at Jeff, and put her fingers on the back. The white light engulfed him and he began to shrink. He continued yelling, as he began noticing the room and its contents becoming larger around him; he looked straight ahead at his girlfriend, and saw her becoming larger and larger.

"What the hell! Dammit, what is this!", he exclaimed.

Amy just smiled as Jeff became smaller and smaller. The beam vanished and Amy looked down on the floor to examine her former abuser. He was a mere two inches tall! The main problem in her life had just been reduced to the size of her thumb, like a toy soldier!

She could hardly contain her joy, but quickly put on a stern face. She bent down to her tiny boyfriend and looked straight into his minuscule eyes.

"THERE ARE GOING TO BE A FEW CHANGES AROUND HERE!", she delightfully exclaimed. "You have punched, kicked, slapped, and taunted me for a long time! Now it is time for retaliation!"

He started to shout some obscenities. Without warning she stood up and slammed her enormous foot within a few inches of his puny body. He immediately ceased talking, put his head to the floor and put his hands around his face; she could see him trembling in terror at her enormous size.


He remained in position as she lifted her foot again and stomped it down right in front of him. She revelled in delight at the terror he must be experiencing. Amy bent down to again examine the tiny man; he was shaking even more now and his pants were soaking wet.

"We can't have you like this, can we?", Amy pondered aloud.

She reached down with her giant hand and grabbed onto Jeff; she wrapped her thumb and forefinger around him, and thought about terminating him right now. No, she thought. First, she was going to have her revenge. She picked him up off floor, and raised him slightly below eye-level; she could feel him inhale and exhale and his tiny heart beating away. By the speed of the heart beats she could tell he was terrified. She walked into the kitchen with Jeff and placed him on the counter next to the sink.

"Now, honey, you need to have a bath so you will be nice and clean," she voiced in a sarcastic tone.

He remained silent, afraid to speak.

"C'mon dear. Aren't you going to say anything? This is not going to be fun if you don't talk to me."

Jeff, with a trembling in his voice, mumbled, "Please don't hurt me. I'll do anything you want. Just please let me go."

Amy responded, "Of course you will do anything I want. You don't seem to have a choice in the matter, do you?"

With that the enormous woman began to get Jeff ready for his washing. She ripped off his shirt like paper; then she removed his pants and finally his underwear. His Lilliputian cock was flaccid, so she took her giant index finger and touched his dick; as she moved her finger back-and-forth along his rod slightly, she felt it become erect against his will.

"Oh, I'm just seeing whether the ray had any effect on the effectiveness of your manhood. It doesn't seem to. Well I can't have you enjoying this, after all, this is supposed to be punishment."

With her giant forefinger, she flicked him lightly in his little balls, and then stepped back to see the reaction. He doubled over in pain, and grabbed his aching nuts, all the time while Amy had a grin on her face. She thoroughly enjoyed the complete and total control she had over this minuscule man; in fact, she had not experienced an emotional high like this in years. While the pitiful little male was clutching at his groin, she picked him up and gently, but firmly, and removed his hands from his sore balls ; his dick had returned to the flaccid state.

"Good, now that's better. It's bath time."

She could hear him whimpering and pleading for her to stop and let him go, but this just encouraged her to continue. Amy turned on the faucet lightly and regulated the water to a lukewarm temperature; she put Jeff under the spray, as he writhed in her wet hands like a little worm. This caused her to firm her grip, and he quickly got the message and stopped resisting. She applied soap to his slippery body and washed him thoroughly. Then she turned off the faucet and placed her boyfriend into a paper towel and dried him. After he was dry, she carried the naked man to the kitchen table and sat down on a chair that was next to it; he was placed on the table, looking down, afraid to face his giant girlfriend.

"Now look at me, bug!"

Startled, he abruptly made eye contact with her. Just by staring into her large blue eyes he could tell that she meant business. He was now frightened more than any other time in his life; he began to think of how he got into this. He tried to devise a way in his head to escape her, but he so no way; he came to the realization that now his girlfriend had total domination over him.

Suddenly his thoughts were broken by the loud, thunderous voice of Amy.

"We have been doing things your way for a long time now; now it is my turn to make the demands. Understand, little wimp, that the more you do to displease me, the more you will suffer. Now it's my turn to have some fun."

She stood up, pulled off the white t-shirt that she was wearing, now having only a bra covering her upper body; Amy could see the apprehension on tom's face as he was trying to discern what she was planning. She unfastened her bra, un-restraining her firm, massive mounds, allowing them to jiggle slightly when she moved; he could see that Amy was aroused, with her hard nipples protruding towards him. Jeff became horrified at the thought of him becoming trapped under or between her large tits; after all, to him they had a mass similar to that of at least a medium-sized truck. With Jeff still on the table, she bent down closer to him, allowing her enormous breasts to bobble mortifyingly close to his small body.

"You know what Jeff? Wearing a bra can get pretty uncomfortable after awhile. Well, I am going to see if I really need to wear one. There was this magazine article I read a few weeks ago that explained how to perform a simple test to determine if support is necessary. It's really simple; I just place a pencil under a breast, and release it. If the pencil remains under the boob, a bra is necessary, but if it falls, no bra is needed. But, Jeff, I do not have a pencil handy. Hmmm, what should I do? I know! You are a little thicker than a pencil, but I think you'll do fine."

Jeff cringed as he anticipated what was soon going to happen to him; he panicked and ran on the table in the opposite direction from the giantess. Colliding with a soft, but firm wall, he looked up and found it to be Amy's hand.

"Naughty, naughty, little Jeff. I did not say you could go anywhere."

He was lifted off the table, clenched in Amy's hand. Amy turned her palm upright, and opened her massive hand, relieving the physical pressure off of his minuscule body. Holding her new toy in the palm of her hand, she looked at him and smiled smugly. He looked to the sides and down, and examined his hopeless situation; if he fell off, or if Amy dropped him onto the floor, it would almost mean certain death. Slowly, she began to close her hand, and Jeff became trapped between her giant thumb and forefinger; the vengeful woman lowered her arm, passing her victim down past her well-formed bosom. With her free hand shelifted her right breast up slightly, and brought him underneath. She placed him under her immense tit.

"Now, tiny Jeff, is the moment we've been waiting for."

He was held face down, so he could view the floor a long way down. He could feel the warmth of her breast on his bare back. Then Amy released the boob she was holding, while slowly letting go of Jeff. Jeff felt himself falling for what seemed like an eternity, until his puny body finally came to an abrupt stop.

Amy had caught him in her hand; she lifted him up to her face, and found him dazed, but did not seem to have any major injuries. She could see tears pouring out of his eyes, but this did not deter her from her actions.

"Well, I guess I do not need to wear those uncomfortable bras any more. You have been a great help."

He was still crying uncontrollably, mumbling things which Amy could not decipher.

"Now, dear, don't cry. Maybe you are cold. How about if I warm you up a little."

Jeff was again put down on the kitchen table, very close to the edge. He was in a lying position facing the ceiling, afraid to move with his giant girlfriend looming over him. Amy moved closer to the table, allowing one of her breasts to hang a few inches directly above him. He put his arms around his head, seeing the monstrous mass just above him; even though he was terrified, the little man in awe at the sheer size of her firm breasts. Amy slowly lowered herself, allowing her breast just to rest lightly on Jeff; by this time, he was screaming for his life, at the prospect of his body being crushed by this woman's titanic tit. She lowered herself more, putting enough pressure on him to force the air out of his puny lungs; seeing that he could not survive this much longer, and not wanting to finish him off yet, she stood up. Jeff took in big gulps of air, replenishing the oxygen that he had lost. Amy could feel her pussy getting wet at the excitement and sheer joy she was experiencing; she wished it would never stop.

Amy reached out for her boyfriend, picking him up and moving him closer and closer to her now familiar breasts. She placed the tiny man on her tit, just above her erect nipple; she released her grip as Jeff held on for dear life. Jeff found the mound warm and soft, and could feel her hard nipple, whose diameter was slightly larger than his head, near his groin area; because of the breast's large size he found it difficult to hold on, but because he was close to the top, he had a slight advantage, in that he was partly supported by the massive mammary. Amy found this tiny weight on one of her assets stimulating. She slowly walked around the room, observing if Jeff could hold on.

"Well done! You know Jeff. You are really lucky. Many men would love to hold onto my breasts, and now you have them all to yourself," she said laughingly.

As she walked, her breasts would bobble slightly, giving Jeff a little ride. Looking towards her other free orb, he could see it move as each of her feet met the floor.

"Well this is getting boring. Maybe I should try something more active."

Tom's heart began to race even faster, as he attempted to anticipate what she had in mind.

The giantess left the kitchen, passed through the dining room, and arrived in the living room; she walked up to the TV, and bent down, causing Jeff to hold on as hard as his little arms and hands could. She reached into the cabinet underneath the TV and VCR and picked up a videocassette.

"Now this looks good. What do you think, Jeff?"

She turned the label of the tape so that he could read it: "Action Aerobics" was the title. The helpless male now thought it was all coming to an end; he knew he would not be able to hold on, as her breasts bounced wildly out of control. The TV was turned on, and the tape inserted into the VCR; the picture quickly came on, to the disappointment of Jeff.

First, the three women in the video, all dressed in revealing body suits with crop tops, began to perform warm-up stretching exercises. Amy followed their motions, causing her breasts to wobble slightly; she continued to do this for a few minutes, and the only thing Jeff could do was hold on. Then after the warm-up exercises came the part that he feared most, the aerobics; Amy looked down at her tiny victim, and smiled a self-satisfying grin; tom's face had turned pale in anticipation of his fate, while both he and the giantess' body were sweating, causing his grip to loosen.

The women in the video were performing jumping jacks, and Amy began to imitate them; she started slow at first, allowing her gigantic globes to bounce slightly, with the morsel of a man hanging on for the ride. She increased the pace, causing her breasts to move even more violently; again speeding up, her breasts were now jumping out of control, moving up and down, and colliding with each other rapidly. This was all that poor Jeff could take; he lost his grip on the giant mound, and his insignificant body was sent hurtling to the floor below. Amy immediately stopped jumping, and almost instantly grabbed her little boyfriend out of the air; she looked him over and found him to be exhausted, but still in relatively good health.

She carried him to the kitchen, and put him on the counter next to the refrigerator; she opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of soda. She poured herself a glass, and poured a little of the liquid in the soda bottle cap; she lifted the cap and put it in front of the humiliated little man.

"You may drink that. I don't want you dying now; I'm not finished with you yet."

Jeff was not sure whether to be glad he was being permitted to drink, or be horrified at what other devious plans she had for him. But, he drank the soda that was provided for him as the giant woman looked at him with blazing blue eyes. The titanic female then took a piece of bread, broke off a tiny piece, and put it next to him; he picked up the small portion, which was larger than his head, and broke off smaller sections so he could consume them. She felt the need to use the bathroom, so Jeff was again trapped in her hand; after opening the bathroom door, he was placed on the counter next to the sink. Amy pulled down her pants and sat on the toilet, causing a stream of yellow liquid almost as thick as him to flow down into the bowl. He could see her blonde hairy pussy from his position, and began to worry what would happen if he was to become trapped in it. Amy thought about dropping him in her pants, but there would probably not be enough oxygen for him.

"Do you have to go?" she asked her toy.

He replied that he did, so Amy stood up, pulled up her pants, and reached for him; she held him by his upper body and lowered him just over the bowl. He began to tremble as he thought of himself drowning in the lake of water below.

"Well, what are you waiting for?"

He reached for his penis, his hands still shaking, and began to urinate. After he was done, Amy again gained a firm grasp of her victim, and carried him upstairs to the bedroom. She thought about what to do with Jeff while she slept, and decided to allow him to sleep on her; that way, if he tried to escape, she would feel his movement, and put an end to his plans.

"Now, little bug, listen up! I am going to give you the privilege of sleeping on my breast tonight. If you attempt to escape you will be punished. Do you understand?"

He said that he did. Amy lay down on the bed, and then put her hand over her right breast and opened it. Jeff fell into the warm, soft hill; at least now, the force of gravity was completely with him, so he would not as easily fall off. It was actually very comfortable, like a firm mattress; he put his legs over her erect nipple, and put his head on the mountain of flesh. Amy turned a night light on, shut off the main light, and quickly fell asleep, in the knowledge that she was not in danger anymore, with her abuser finally getting his due.

As Amy was in her deep slumber, Jeff became restless; even though he was warned not to attempt escape, he needed to free himself from her control. He cautiously sat up and looked around; he faced his tormentor's head and saw that she was still sleeping. Looking at the necklace with the pendant around her neck, he felt if he could just get to it, he may be able to reverse his condition. He examined his situation, looking for the best method to accomplish his goal; he looked over to her other breast, silently admiring its mammoth proportions. Slowly, he slid to the edge of the voluminous tit, towards the center of the giantess' body, while keeping a close eye on her face.

Carefully, he lowered himself in the valley between her massive mammaries; looking at the giant masses on both sides of him, he cringed at the thought of what would happen he was caught between them. He lightly walked towards her head, still closely examining her face for any signs of movement; within a few seconds he reached the white circular pendant, and looked it over in the dim luminescence of the night light. Jeff did not know what to make of it, it looked like an ordinary piece of jewellery to him; but, thinking back over how he had arrived at his current condition, he remembered that the front of the pendant was facing him, and that his girlfriend had touched the back of it with her fingers. Warily, he reached down and touched it; it was cold and smooth. He put both hands under the pendant, and tried to lift it; for him, it was very heavy, but using all of his strength, he lifted it slightly. Quickly, before he lost his grip, he touched the underside. . .

Nothing happened. It would only work for Amy. Dejected he planned another method of escape. If he could only get to the edge of the bed, and climb down the covers onto the floor, he may be able to reach safety, or get to the telephone and call for help; Jeff then worried of how he was to get to the telephone, and even if he got there, how was he to lift up the massive receiver to place a call. But, those were concerns for another time; now, he just wanted to get away from Amy. He started walking back to her breasts, turning around every few seconds to determine his master's state of consciousness. He walked into the valley between her bare breasts and proceeded towards her navel; he decided the best course would probably be to get off her at her legs, because if he got off at her chest area, he would have to climb over her arms too. Walking around her belly button, he got near her pussy; he could vividly smell the juices that came from it, and see the moistness around it. Finally he reached her leg; he became ecstatic at the belief that he was finally going to be free.

Just then Amy moved slightly; Jeff became terrified at the thought of being discovered in his present location. She put her hand over her breast where he was supposed to be, but she did not feel him; moving her hand around, she still could not locate her slave. She immediately opened her eyes and looked at her chest; her eyes filled with rage as she did not see Jeff. She looked further down her body, and spotted him, cowering in fear on her leg.

"Little worm!", she shouted. "What did I tell you to do? I said you were to remain on my damn breast! You will be punished for this disobedience."

She lifted her upper body off the bed and instantly grabbed her little boyfriend tightly. He shook in terror as he tried to anticipate what awaited him. She lifted his insignificant body to her large face, looking the little male right in the eyes. She applied what was slight pressure for her to tom's chest, but enough strength to force the air out of his body; the look on his face was something she had not seen before, a study in deadly horror. She held him like this for a few seconds, then releasing her firm grip, while the miniature man took deep breaths. Next, with her free hand, she flicked her index finger right into his balls; he screamed in immeasurable pain and tried to soothe his aching genitals with his hand, but Amy's firm grip on his small body prevented him from doing so. Again, without mercy, she whacked him in his nuts, and he again cried out in anguish. Opening the night stand drawer, she dropped him in, and closed the drawer tightly.

Amy woke up earlier than usual and opened the drawer where Tom was placed. He was sleeping, but he immediately woke up when he felt the jar and saw her angry face; she just peered at him for a few seconds and then closed the drawer, leaving him in almost total darkness. She went to the bathroom, took a shower, and completed other tasks in order to get ready for college. When she came out, she was wearing pants but was completely topless. Opening the drawer, she lifted Jeff out and placed him on top of the nightstand. She bent down, staring down at him, with her colossal orbs dangling in front of him.

"For what you did last night you will be punished. One of your punishments will be to stay in between my boobs today; for the entire day you will be trapped in between my massive tits, helpless like a puny little mouse."

She laughed hard and thought of the best method to accomplish this. If she wore one of her regular bras, her breasts would be pushed together, leaving no room for puny little Jeff; even though she was firm enough to go bra-less, she needed some place to attach her slave to. So she opened her dresser drawer, reached in, and pulled out a large bra; it would not provide any support but would be good for her purposes.

Amy got a handkerchief from the top of her dresser, and obtained her sewing kit from another drawer. She cut, folded ,and sewed the handkerchief, so that it formed a small pouch; she attached this pouch with thread to the inside center of the large bra. She grabbed the little man and placed him in the small pouch she had just made; using thread, she bound his tiny arms and legs, and with a piece of cotton, gagged him so he would not make any noise. She reached for the bra with the attached pouch and put it on; since it was so loose fitting, it was relatively comfortable, but not as satisfactory as no bra at all. Now Jeff was trapped between her massive orbs, and there was nothing he could do about it. Amy put on a blue t-shirt, taking away much of the light for her Lilliputian slave.

Through the dim light that was permitted to pass through the shirt, and the light that was emanating from her neckline, he could see her massive breasts jiggle, and could feel himself moving, as she took each step. Feeling boxed in, he tried to yell, but all his shrieking and yelping were muffled by the cotton gag over his mouth; he began to worry if she did anything active, he would be crushed between her gigantic globes.

Amy was again becoming intoxicated at the power that she was wielding over her once abusive boyfriend; she hoped that her nipples would not become too erect, as to show through the shirt that she was wearing. She left the house, entered her car, and drove to college; once inside the building, Jeff could hear all the voices, but of course, could not see anyone; nobody was aware of his presence between his girlfriend's massive orbs.

Before entering class, Amy saw one of her friends, and they both hugged each other. Jeff tried to shriek in terror, as he viewed her voluminous breasts being compressed towards her body, as the two giantesses came in physical contact; but, the hug was broken off, and he was relieved that they did not hug any harder.

As the hours passed, Jeff became more and more distressed as he pondered what type of punishment Amy had in mind. He thought of what he could do or say to convince her to spare him ofw hatever awaited him; he decided to apologize to her for all the misdeeds he had perpetrated on her in the past, and to plead for his life.

Finally, Amy's last class was completed and she headed for the parking lot; the miniature man's heart began to race even faster on the way home, as he knew punishment time was getting nearer. He felt as if a heart attack was imminent as she walked into the house.

She walked up the stairs into the bedroom and removed her shirt, allowing Jeff to see the outside world again.

"Did you enjoy yourself down there?", Amy mockingly voiced, as she removed her slave's gag and removed him from the bra. She then placed him on the nightstand near the bed.

Jeff squeaked, "Plea. . . Please don't hurt me. I promise I will never disobey you again. I'm sorry for all the times I abused you. Please give me another chance, I beg of you."

"Well, let's see about that. Why should I give you anything? You were a monster who abused me continually, and now you are just a little mouse. Now you will never be able to hurt anyone else again!"

Amy slowly removed her pants, as Jeff imagined of what was going to happen to him. Removing her underwear, he could see her blonde cunt, and looking up, could see a grin on her face.

Abruptly, she grabbed the helpless male and rapidly lowered him to her pussy. She positioned his feet towards her wet cunt and shoved him in, only permitting his head to remain outside her body. He shrieked in terror as the air was forced out of his lungs and felt the tightness around his bitsy body. The vengeful giantess began to move him in and out of her vagina partly, using him as a living dildo; his breaths were forced to coincide with her motions, inhaling while most of his body was on the outside, and being forced to exhale when he was pushed in.

She was beginning to reach climax, and he could feel extra pressure on himself from Amy's powerful muscles. Finally, orgasm was reached, and she pulled him out, raising him to eye level.

"Now that was fun! We're going to have to do that more often. But, now on to more important things. I finally decided what I am going to do with you. If you behave yourself, you will have the privilege of satisfying me whenever I want you to; you will also have the honor of having me doing anything to you that amuses me at the moment. But if you don't obey me, and give me problems, well. . ., let's just say that you better obey me."

Jeff now knew that life as he knew it was over, and that from now on Amy would control him. He decided that his only choice was to obey the giantess, and that maybe in the future she may let him go if he behaved well.

Amy removed her bra, and placed him on her gigantic orb and walked into the bathroom.


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