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Amy the Woman-Eater by Nightmare
« on: February 19, 2016, 04:27:09 am »
F/f+; giantess; shrink; swallow; eat; digest; soft; cons/nc; X

I am Amy, I'm 20 years old with long black hair down to my lower back, I'm medium build with pale white skin, I'm also 7ft 11 inch's tall in my world I am a giantess. Which brings me to my story, when I was 16 my mother told me that I came from a long bloodline of giantesses and shrinker's, people who could shrink people to 3 inches tall. That goes back to old Ireland when they were goddess's to the people.

At first I did not believe her so I asked her how. She said it was with my will power, I could use my thoughts to shrink people and objects. So I went to try it, now at first I did not plan what I did that night. I just wanted to play with it. I played with cars, shoes and every thing I tried it on worked, they all became a lot smaller. Then for the first time in my life I did a human. It was no shock that it was a women, I have been loving women for years. She was this petty Gothic girl my age, I did not get her name. But let me go on and say that what I felt for her was not anything about sex.

Anyway she let me into her apartment. We walked inside and my will lost it, she started to shrink to 3 inch's right down to her earrings which were in her scale now. As for what to do now I truly did not plan for this to work, I was in panic of what to do. But then I saw what would drive me to this day. A book of dark fairy-tales on a coffee table that was open to a very eye opening story, about this giant who had the fair lady with him and he had just killed the knight underfoot that was coming to save her and then the giant simply ate her. That story gave me a very raw feeling of power. There was no knight to save her, yet there was a giantess that had not had lunch or dinner, and there was the fair lady with no help.

Well they say that life plays of art so why not eat her. I grabbed her legs first, then I forced her down into my mouth, I felt her feet kicking in the back of my throat and it felt very good. It was hard at first but after a few more rough pushes I saw her face go in my mouth. Then I swallowed her whole, then after that I felt her inside my belly it was great. I was 16 and for me I was a damn fool because after that my hunger for women got very, very bad. To the point were I would have 10 or even 30 little women for lunch, dinner, and even in the Morning for breakfast.

My mother saw nothing evil about it, my father knew nothing about it. Both states of minds would haunt me to this day. Now it might help to know that it is very hard to find my food supplies, even harder to find five in the same place and damn harder for them to be friends but I'm skipping ahead.

Now I known Liz for a long time and I really love her like she was my own sister and like I said was a hungry fool, I thought how lovely it would be for her to be inside of me. But she was the keeper of a sickened soul of a brother named Hunter. He had every mental illness you could think of, 5 in all and all to do with rage and the fact he could not control it. What scared me the most about him was that they, his mother and father, let him have an medieval sword that he'd had since he was 8, now he was 13 and could cut in to the air and making it scream in the air.

But Liz and I were the only ones in the house. Then like clockwork I shrunk her down and I put her in my mouth more gently than normal, but yet it was so not normal. She just let me do this to her and she just smiled at me. Maybe she liked it, maybe some how she knew what would happen I may never know, I just know she was easy even to the point of helping me swallow her by sliding down my throat like a slide. Then she hit my stomach with a splash, which is weird because I never normally heard them hit my belly.

It was done I felt good until I saw Hunter outside looking in the window with anger in his eyes that I have never seen in no human before or have after. He hit the glass with inhuman force. I ran for the door. But he was their with his 33 inch sword ready to cut me. I ran for the back door and ran like hell. With Hunter swinging that sword over my head. I knew that I was going to die, but in a twist of fate somebody called the cops and they just got there when he hit my head with the blade. They pined him down and took him away to my dad who is the top mental heath doctors in the state.

No one believed him that I ate Liz, they thought he'd killed her, even my mother did didn't believe that I would hurt her. (I let her down on that one)

So he got to go in the local mad house, and I was able to live my teen life. (I don't know who I hurt most Liz or Hunter). So me and my friends Ashley, Sam, Alex, and Storm. (all women) ate our fair share of the women at school, on spring break, and yes in the summertime. But I was always thinking of Hunter, who was still in the mad house, still accused of killing his sister, the one I'd eaten so sweetly so long ago, I had deep feelings of guilt over it, but time heals all wounds.

As for me who eats 3 inch women for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. With good friends and family, life if can't great any better.


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