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Billy part 4
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Robyn had turned the quirt around the handle slipped between his cheeks,
she pushed, "Come on, get moving."

He moaned. She pushed again, followed behind him, keeping the quirt
pressing between his cheeks, pushing. Wiggling. Occasionally she would
turn it around and smack him. At the end of a long row, when he was
turning to go back, she stopped him. Standing close, she pressed her
body against him, the quirt was behind him, and she smacked his bum.
His eyes opened wider. She kissed him, as he was kissing back, feeling
her soft lips again, her tongue playing with his, he felt another sharp
smack on his bum, and another. Nothing was easy. Pain, pleasure, reward
punishment, it was constant, how was he going to stand it all day. She
smelled so good, she was so soft, but had too, as he felt another sharp
smack on his bum. She stepped back, her eyes looked wild.

He continued cutting the lawn, she followed back to the house, at times
she was spanking him, but there were other times, when her hot hand was
on his bum, caressing. Moving across the slippery nylon. Rubbing where
his bum was red. As they arrived at the house, ready to turn for
another run, she pinched him. Hard. He wiggled. She kissed him again
and went into the house.

Billy was left in turmoil of feelings. Left to cut the large lawn.
Chained, corseted. Tied like a slave to the mower. Exposed. With each
and every step  it hadn't changed, each step he took sent so many
feeling charging through him. Everything was so tight, the stockings
were unbelievable. They slid a bit on his pantyhose, then were tugged
up, then became alive as they massaged. He couldn't take his mind off
of it, between the stockings and the corset, the pantyhose that were
pulled up so high, tugged between his cheeks, he was reminded
constantly of what he was wearing. Between the locks binding him, and
the position his hands were kept in, he couldn't take off anything.
Just keep walking, pushing the mower in the hot sun, back and forth,
his high heels sinking into the lawn when he forgot to put all the
weight on his toes. He was overwhelmed again, it was just too much, he
came to a shuddering stop, and he wiggled and squirmed. His heels sank
in the lawn, he didn't notice. When he pulled himself together he tried
to take a step. But his heels were deeply in the lawn. He tried lifting
his foot out, but the hobble stopped him before he could raise it high
enough, his heel sank back into the lawn. He struggled, so far away
from the house, in the hot sun. He was quite stuck. His hands were tied
to the mower handle, he couldn't reach the knots. He was trapped there,
until someone from the house came to check on him.

He heard a noise.

He looked around but didn't see anyone coming from the house. There it
was again, he heard voices.


Kids playing somewhere. They were getting louder. He was in the open,
in the middle of the large lawn, stuck.

There were voices. They were getting closer.

He shivered and looked around. He really didn't want to be seen like

"LOOK AT THAT GIRL!" he heard someone call out.

Oh No.

Two boys and a girl came out of the woods, they had sticks and had been
sword fighting with them. They walked up. Looked at the chains, the
rope, saw the girl was tied to the lawn mower.

"Are you playing a game too?" the girl asked him, swishing her sword in
the air. Billy nodded. He didn't know what to do. The boy pointed, I
can see her bum. He said laughing," The girl looked and noticed the red
stripes on the girls bum.

"What are those red lines?" she asked. She poked one with her stick,
billy felt it poke his bum.

He didn't answer. One of the boys said, "I bet she was spanked," The
other boy nodded and the girl giggled.

"Were you spanked?" she asked billy.

He nodded again, blushing deeply.

"Bad girl," one of the boys said and smacked him with is sword stick.

They all laughed.

Billy squirmed.

The other boy picked up his sword, smacked billy with it. "Yes, bad
girl," he said laughing.

The girl watched the two boys  spanking the pretty girl who was
wiggling trying to get her bum away from the swinging sticks. She
wanted a turn too. It looked like fun. The girl couldn't get away. She
went in with them, between the three of them there was a constant flow
of sticks smacking poor billy that was wiggling and squirming madly.
His feet were stuck in the ground, and his hands tied to the handle,
with the tight corset, he was not moving too much so no one was

One of them looked up and saw in the distance someone was coming from
the house, they ran into the forest. Debbie arrived and had seen what
they were doing, she noticed billy was stuck in the grass, his heels
mired in deeply. As she walked behind him she saw how red his bum was.
She smiled. Now this was a punishment he was never going to forget.

She decided to add to this. She spoke loudly, expecting the mischievous
children were not far away. "Billy, I am very annoyed with you, I told
you to cut the lawn and you are just loafing out here. I have a good
mind to spank you again." Looking around a bit she continued, "No
daughter of mine is going to get away with loafing," You can stay here
and think about what you did, I am going to get something to spank you
with, you definitely need a good spanking young lady."

Billy shuddered. No don't leave me alone here, he thought. Wait she
said daughter. She knew those evil children close by, what they were
doing and what they would probably do again if she left.

If he spoke, they may notice he was not the pretty girl they thought he
was. It was such a trap, stand there and let them spank him or speak
and face the humiliation.

Debbie walked off, turning she added, "I will be back in a half an
hour, if you are still standing there loafing I am going to turn your
behind very red you mark my words."

Moments later she was gone, he waited, hoping that they were gone, that
they had not heard what Debbie had said. But then he heard whispers.

Billy was facing the away from the trees where the voices were coming
from, with his wrists tied to the mower he was stuck in place, the
tight corset prevented him from turning to the side, just as Debbie
intended, it really did keep his posture under control. He didn't hear
them as they quietly came up behind him. He jumped a bit when he felt
one of them poke his exposed bum with one of their stick swords. The
point was not sharp but the surprise of being poked startled him, then
his heart started to hammer again. He was poked again in a different
spot, like they were checking a roast to see if it was cooked, he was
prodded. Then a second stick started to poke. this one had a bit of a
point and he jumped again. He heard giggles. He tried to squirm and
evade them, but there was no hope of that, the corset really kept him
from turning at all.

One of the meaner boys brought his stick closer and stood beside him.
"You are a bad girl, I heard your mother scolding you,"  Billy looked
at him, his long eyelashes fluttered, he knew if he answered the boy,
they would know that it was not a girl standing there helplessly. So he
kept quiet. The boy raised his stick and smacked him. Billy bit his
lip. His stick was very narrow, about the size of a finger. It really
hurt. The other two kept poking him with their sticks, one of them had
moved off his cheeks and the stick was pushed between his cheeks.
Billy's eyes opened wide, he tried to pull away but the stick followed,
prodding. Whoever was pushing it giggled, "Look I speared her," he
heard. It was the other boy. He had the sharper stick. Billy squirmed
as much as he was able to, but that seemed to make things worse, he
felt the fabric tear a bit, the tip of the stick moved in farther.
Billy really did jump this time, arching his back as he tried to pull

The girl told the boy to stop. "Why she is funny, look at her wiggle,"
he told her.

Billy thought at least the girl was nice, maybe she would save him from
the boys. She really wasn't nice though.

She stood up and went closer to billy. She spread his cheeks. "Look,
you made a hole in her pantyhose."

The boy just laughed and swung his sword in the air proudly.

There was  a row of sunflower plants at the end of the lawn, just
beside where they were standing. The girl started giggling.

"What's up?" she was asked.

She went to the flowers, selected one, they hadn't grown that tall yet,
it was early in the season. She broke off the stem of the flower, it
was a clean break and a very solid stalk. "What are you doing with
that?" They asked her together.

Billy squirmed, he didn't like where he thought this was going. The one
boy smacked him again, a red line was left across his cheeks.

She whispered to the boys, they both started to laugh. The meanest one
took his thin sword and smacked billy again and again, very hard. That
got his attention. "Bend over," he was told. Billy resisted, he was
smacked again, and it really stung. He bent over. He really didn't want
to, but that darn thin branch was hurting much more than any other
spanking he had received so far. His bum was exposed, he knew if he
straightened up he would feel that branch across his bum again. The
girl approached quietly, the boys watched.

Debbie waited a half an hour and then made her way back to check on
billy. He was standing alone where she left him, still stuck in the
lawn. As she got closer though, she noticed something very odd. There
was a sunflower sticking out of his bum.

'What on Earth?' she thought.

Billy was blushing furiously. No wonder she thought. "Well you have
gotten yourself into quite the fix haven't you?"

Billy nodded. Debbie helped him tug his shoes out of the grass, "Walk
on your toes more so you don't stick in like that billy," she told him.
she said nothing about him being a flower vase though.

"Hurry and finish the lawn please, you still have the back and other
side to cut." They had a very large lawn, this was going to take some
time. He couldn't get over the fact that she was not addressing the
flower that was protruding out his cute little bum.

She didn't give him any more attention, leaving him there to continue
mowing the lawn she returned to the house. Billy was shocked. The
flower had a thick stem, the flower was not full grown, but it was
large and when he took a step, with his wiggle, the flower wiggled and
bounced. He stopped quickly. The flower bounced again, transferring all
that movement to the stem which disappeared between his cheeks. He
moaned. He took another step, the tight stockings still seeming so
alive on his legs, making each move he took a complex series of
feelings. Then the tight corset that was containing  him, squeezing him
without mercy, would tug on the garters, sending more feelings through

Now, with every tiny move he made, that flower, with the thick stem,
was tormenting him beyond his ability to contend with. It was all so
overwhelming, it was too much. The hot sun beat upon him, he was still
tied to the mower, no one was near, he had to finish the lawn, and
there was no recourse. But each step he took was so difficult. If
someone watched him they would see him twitching, jerking as he
shuffled along behind the mower, wiggling his behind, knowing he would
be punished even further if he was caught not doing so. Everything
worked to send feelings throughout him, the wiggling of his behind
moved the flower so much more, it wiggled as much as he did. He wanted
his dress to be pulled down, having his behind on display, knowing
people did go by was keeping him on the edge, every noise made him
shiver. He could feel the flower wiggling from side to side, sometimes
bouncing up and down, it must look quite the site.

It was hours later before he cut the last strip of grass, his breathing
was labored, he was struggling to stay composed. Now he had to push the
mower back to the house, hoping to be freed from it, but the flower was
so embarrassing, sticking out like that, bouncing, it was obvious where
the stem went. It was like he had a tail for darn sakes. If Robyn found
him, he knew he would be tormented more, she would tease him, play with
it, and wiggle it. She would not remove it though, he was sure of that.
Those darn kids.

He rounded the corner to the front of the house, hoping Debbie would
find him first, she after all knew about the flower, she could remove
it, send him on his next chores, but with out more humiliation. He
looked by the garage. Her car was gone. She was called to work. Billy's
day was about to become very interesting, if he could only get that
darned flower out before Robyn saw him.

As he contemplated ways to remove the flower, with his hands bound in
front of him, he saw Robyn leaving the house, the quirt in her hand and
a big smile on her face. She hadn't seen the flower yet. "It is about
time you finished the grass. Amy wants her lunch now, she is
hungryyyyyy again she said. Mom had to go to work again, she is hoping
to be back by dinner but may be late."  She grinned. "So I guess this
means I get to play with you for the rest of the day."

Billy was frozen in place, Robyn untied his wrists, still not noticing
what the bratty kids had done to him. She took his leash and started to
pull him into the house. He followed, the flower wiggling in his bum,
the tight corset tugging on his stockings, he didn't know how much
longer he was going to be able to take all of these feelings. When they
got in the kitchen she dropped the leash, he knew it was time to make
their lunch, but she was watching. She was tapping her hand with the
quirt. "Would you like a spanking before you make lunch?" she asked

This was going to be it billy thought, there was no way he was going to
get the flower out before she saw it. She grinned as she approached,
she knew he liked being spanked yesterday, she wasn't going to ask him
again, she was just going to see if she could get him to moan again.
She took his shoulder and gently turned him toward the kitchen counter,
looked down ready to give his exposed bum a few swats. The flower was
there, just sticking out, bouncing up and down, there were some vivid
red lines across his bum. Her mouth dropped open, she looked up at him.

"Billy! You must explain this," Robyn demanded, looking again at the
flower sticking out of his bum. The vivid red stripes covered his
behind, he had obviously been punished severely, but by who? Her mother?

Billy explained about the children, how they spanked him until her
Mother appeared and then vanished, how they came back when she left and
spanked him more. He told her how they were poking his behind with their
sharp sticks and how one of them started to poke his stick between his
cheeks until he poked a hole into his pantyhose. That the girl, who he
thought was nice compared to the boys, then while laughing, poked the
flower stem into his behind, quite far in, and left it there. If her
Mother hadn't returned again, he would still be stuck out in the field
at their mercy, who knows what games they would have played.

Billy didn't turn to face Robyn, he stood facing the counter with his
bound hands holding onto the edge. He asked quietly, "Robyn, please take
it out."

Robyn thought for a moment. "Did Mom see the flower?"

"Uhm, yes."

"She didn't take it out obviously," Robyn pondered out loud. "Billy if
mom wanted the flower to be removed, she would have done so. I think she
has left it there to teach you a lesson. If I take it out, she may
punish me."

Billy thought for a moment. The vision of Robyn receiving a spanking was
a bit exciting for some reason, her taunt behind was beyond cute, her
jeans were painted on.

Robyn reached over and wiggled the flower a bit.

Billy gasped and jumped.

She giggled. "It bounces when you move."

"Yes I know. I wish you would take it out."

Robyn pulled on the flower a bit, it started to slide out, but then it
stopped, she noticed that the stem was stuck on his pantyhose, the hole
was large enough to let the stem in, but had sort of gripped it, maybe
some fibers were stuck into the stem. She tugged a bit more but it was
not coming out. So she let go, the flower slowly slid back in, on its
own, the pantyhose that she had pulled up so high on billy were very
tight, the elastic fibers pulled the flower back into his bum.

As the flower had slid out, the feeling made billy freeze, to have Robyn
pulling something out of his bum was such an odd feeling, but when she
let go and it slid back in his gasp was very audible. So Robyn did it
again watching his face. His eyes were closed.

She wiggled the flower again, he bent over a bit and his eyes opened
wider. "Robyn what are you doing?" he stammered.

Just then Amy came into the kitchen, wondering where lunch was, after
all, they had a maid now didn't they?

As she rounded the corner she saw Robyn standing by billy, she had
forgotten that her mom told them to leave billy's dress raised so his
bum showed all day, so they could spank him easier and more often. Today
was a day of punishment for the lie he had told.

Then Amy stopped, froze. Mouth dropped open. She saw the flower peeking
out between his cheeks, the ones the pantyhose were holding so tightly.
"Wha... Uhmm.... Hey, what is that?" she finally managed.

Robyn giggled. "Billy is trying flower power."

"Huh?" Amy answered, coming closer.

"When billy was cutting the lawn, some bratty children caught him stuck
in the lawn so they spanked him with sticks." Robyn traced some of the
lines across billy's bum to show Amy. Billy felt the touch, it was so
electric, but demeaning too, to have his behind exposed like that,
unable to prevent someone from just touching it, as though it was their

"But what about the flower?" Amy asked.

Robyn told her, watching as Amy came closer. She reached out and wiggled
the flower. "It is in his bum?" she asked in wonder.

Billy froze again, Amy was still wiggling the flower, he gripped the
counter. He couldn't turn, he couldn't reach back with his hands. If
they wanted to wiggle the flower, he couldn't do anything about it.

It was so degrading, and it was doing things to him.

Robyn just watched, she watched Amy explore the flower, she watched
billy squirm. Amy's fingers slid across the nylon covering the red welts
on his behind, lightly. He shivered. "Do they still hurt?" she asked

"Yes," was all billy could manage in reply, she had not stopped wiggling
the flower, he was entering his trance again. What was she doing?

She tugged on the flower suddenly, pulling it out, quickly, she pulled
it out farther than Robyn had and much quicker, but she didn't have a
good grip on it, so when the nylon wouldn't stretch anymore the flower
was pulled out of her hand as it zipped back into his bum, but much
faster than when Robyn had done it. Billy lurched forward and gasped

Amy was surprised, she took the flower in her hand again and gave it a
good tug, just as before it zoomed back into place. Billy moaned. Amy
was a determined girl. She hadn't realized that the stem of the flower
was not a perfectly shaped tube, it was bumpy, irregular, it thickened
at the part she couldn't see. The nylon had a very strong grip on it,
and the fibers of the pantyhose had imbedded themselves into the stem.
They were not going to release the flower. The bumpy stem, with the
thickened part, well they were just sliding in and out not to little
effect either.

Amy pulled it out again, more slowly this time, when it stopped she
tried pulling harder, The flower came out a tiny bit more but stopped
again. Then it slipped out of her hand and really charged back in. Billy
lurched over the counter, bent over the top. Amy moved forward and
gripped the flower again, but pushed it in a bit deeper before she
started to tug on it. When billy felt it move in deeper he yelped and
squirmed on the counter. Robyn stepped closer and raised her quirt, she
gave him a smack. "Hold still," she ordered. Wondering where this was
going to go.

Billy felt the stinging smack across his cheeks, just below the flower.
The timing was bad, it heightened the feelings he was having, the
feelings that were becoming out of control. The tight corset, was
pressing, it covered his front, but it gave a point of rubbing too, he
was trapped in the silky panties but it didn't mean that things didn't
move in them, and rub, and grow against the tight corset.

Each step he had taken in the back yard had been torture, he had rubbed,
in his silky prison, against the snug fitting corset. Rubbed and rubbed
with each step, with that darn flower wiggling. He had paused many
times, to regain control only to have it taken away with his next step.
He knew if a large wet spot appeared, it would be difficult to explain
how this was against his wishes. How could he be stimulated if he didn't
like it, it would cause everyone to wonder why he was stimulated, if he
didn't want to be dressed up. Forced to dress up. No that wouldn't do at
all, so he fought for control at all times.

But now, with Amy, that stem moving in and out, over and over, then
Robyn spanking him. control was becoming such a major issue, he was
rapidly losing it.

Amy twisted the flower, trying to unscrew it, that must be it, it must
be screwed in she thought. She turned it many times as she pulled it
out, the pantyhose twisting around the stem with each turn, tightening
their grip. Billy was really squirming she noticed. Then suddenly the
flower pulled out of her hand again, because she had twisted the fibers
so tightly, it didn't come as far out, she was surprised. So was poor
billy, when the flower screwed its way back into his bum.

He gasped, twitched. Robyn spanked him again, hard, over and over. Amy
gripped the flower and thought it may wiggle out, she pumped it in and
out a few times, to loosen its grip. Robyn continued to spank him, with
each smack he yelped and twitched, As Amy pumped he was grinding against
the counter he was bent over.

Neither girl was going to stop, both were absorbed in their task. Amy
was pulling it out farther and pushing it back in, getting ready to tug
it out. Robyn was just enjoying watching billy squirm. His tight little
bum was twitching.

Amy started to twist the flower again, pulling and turning it, twisting,
and it again, zoomed out. Well not so much zoomed as screwed its way
back in, quite deeply. Billy called out, "Ahhhhhh"

The feelings were too much, Robyn had placed her hand on the small of
his back so she was holding him down on the counter, Amy was literally
screwing his bum, he could put it no other way, he was tied and helpless
as she was bent on her task of removing the flower, Totally unaware of
what she was doing to billy. He was being spanked, the quirt leaving
little red marks on his lower cheeks. When the flower had broke free of
her grip the last time she snatched it up again, as she did, it moved in
a bit deeper, she figured wiggling more may loosen it, so that is what
she was now doing, wiggling it deeply in his bum.

Billy started to spasm.

It was just too much. His behind tightened, he was jerking about. Robyn
was still smacking him. Amy was still wiggling and he was lost in his
release. But they didn't stop. it kept going. Robyn finally told Amy,
"You better leave that in there, I don't think mom wanted us to take it

"Oh," she replied letting the flower go, watching it zoom back in one
more time. "I don't think it will come out anyway," she said.

Billy's heart was hammering, Robyn was looking at him knowingly. She had
a coy little smile on her face. His blush started at his toes and went
to the top of his head. He turned his head, he was still bent over and
she still had her hand at the small of his back. She gave him another
slap with the quirt. "Ok billy, your rest is over, make our lunch

Amy watched the flower bounce as billy stood up straight and started to
make sandwiches, he wiggled across the room to gather bread and then to
the refrigerator to get some cold cuts. The flower went from side to
side, or sometimes up and down, when he would changed directions, it
would circle. It never remained still, even when he was standing still
working, it seemed to be wiggling a bit.

He brought them a tray of sandwiches, standing beside the table, Robyn
reached over with a grin and wiggled the flower when he served Amy. He
jumped and clenched his cheeks together.  She pushed it in a little, he
arched his back, she pulled it out slowly. Amy didn't see what she was
doing as billy put the tray on the table. "billy, would you do me a
favor?" Robyn asked.

Billy looked at her and she smiled sweetly. "My feet are very sore
today, could you give them a rub like you did for Mom last night?"

Billy curtsied. He was given a command, he had to do as she asked,
"Thank you billy," she told him pointing under the table. Billy knelt
down and crawled under. His flower was sticking out and wiggling. "Be
careful not to sit on your flower billy," she told him. Her feet
stretched out on to his lap, sliding up his nylons, toes wiggling. Her
feet were very cute billy thought, taking one into his hands to begin
massaging it. Amy used his leg as a foot rest as well, it just seemed so
convenient to have a soft foot rest, and his nylon covered legs did feel
nice as she rubbed her bare feet over them.

Robyn slipped her foot between his thighs, the one not being massaged by
him was wiggling its way up his legs until her toes, reaching their
goal, made billy bang his head against the table in surprise. She
stopped there, her toes had slipped beneath the snug fitting corset. Her
toes were wiggling against something that was growing. She was right!
Her toes felt wet now, squishy maybe. She rubbed more then slowly and
carefully pulled her foot out from beneath his dress. Slowly she raised
it, past the foot he was rubbing, billy was watching as her toes were
slowly being raised to his face. She was so mischievous, he saw that
they were shiny a bit, not just damp. He knew why, blushing deeply as
her toes brushed against his nose, then pressed in, rubbing, smearing.
She slid her toes slowly down over his lips then lowered it to his
thighs. Again she slid it up between his legs, sliding easily on his
pantyhose, slipping under both his dress and the tight corset. Her toes
were pressed in against the wet patch, and the other thing, that seemed
much harder now.

She grinned, and rubbed sensually, her foot became quite wet again as
she squeezed the dampness through the material. It clung to her toes.
Out came her foot, making its way back up to billy's face, he watched
again as her foot came closer and closer. The musky scent strong as her
toes spread over his nose, slowly rubbing, the moisture spreading to his
face, under his nose, down to his lips, she swirled her toes.

Billy continued to rub her foot, his face was getting quite wet now, he
couldn't raise his hands to wipe it off, he was holding her foot. He
jumped again, her foot was sliding between his legs once again.
Anticipation heightened his response, he was hypersensitive now. His
head banged on the table top again.

Amy, unaware of his sisters torments, finished her lunch and said she
was going to phone her friend about their day trip tomorrow, so off she
went, leaving the poor bound maid kneeling before Robyn, massaging her
foot while she tormented him with her other foot. It was on its way back
up, once again gleaming with its collection, having milked his panties,
kneading his throbbing member, it was back just under his nose. She
tapped lightly against his lips.

She tapped again.

He just knelt there, rubbing her foot.

"Open your mouth billy," she whispered.

He had no choice she tapped again. He opened his mouth and her toes
slipped in. They were covered in the dampness.

"Clean them off billy," She commanded.

He had no choice, his tongue probed, tasted, and cleaned off her wet

He was so embarrassed. So humbled.

She pulled her toes out, raised her foot just a bit. "The sole too
billy, lick the sole clean."

Long licks, lapping, cleaning, removing all the taste, all the dampness
from her foot, his dampness. Obeying meekly.

Robyn pulled her foot away, she stared out of the kitchen, dismissively
calling out. "Clean up in here billy."

Just as he finished sorting out the kitchen, they heard a car arrive in
the driveway. "Mom is home early," Amy called out happily.

Debbie entered the house, saw that the kitchen was spotless. The lawn
was trimmed, just smiled. I do like having you around billy, it is so
nice to have all the chores completed. We need to run you home now, I am
sure your chores at home are piling up, but I intend to ask your Mom if
you can make coming her a regular thing, maybe a couple of days a week.
I will discuss it with her later."

She offered billy no chance to consider this, she was just announcing
that she may obtain the use of him, not even like a servant, as they
would be paid but as something else.

Billy looked down. She smiled. "I see you still have your pretty

Amy entered the kitchen just then. "I tried to pull it out Mom, but it
is snagged on his pantyhose and they won't let it go, I really tried

"Well we are taking him home now, or shortly, so maybe his Mom or Krissy
can get it out," Debbie told her.

Robyn piped up, "Mom don't forget we have to return the movies before
two or there will be late charges."

"Oh right, we don't want late charges again, we will drop them off first
then," Debbie said noticing the time was getting close.

"Okay girls, let's get busy, are you ready to go?"

"Yes," they chorused eager to go for a ride into town.

"Robyn, can you put Gingers bed in the back of the car?"

Robyn looked puzzled. "billy will not be able to sit down with his
flower, so the best way to transport him is in Gingers carrier, he can't
sit down after all."

Robyn grinned, ran off to get the pet cage. Billy was going to be caged
again, it made her tummy tingle thinking about that.

Billy's tummy was tingling too, being forced into the tiny cage again,
with chains on, but he was going to be sent home with the flower
sticking out of his bum, his sister was going to have a field day with
this he just knew it. He squirmed standing there, in the kitchen, bound,
with the tight corset squeezing him, the stockings still making his legs
tingle, helpless.

Amy took his leash and led him out of the house. Robyn had the carrier
in the car, the hatchback was still open. The little maid was helped
into the car with some careful pushing. Robyn pinched his bum to speed
him along, his dress was still raised exposing his behind. He backed
into the little cage, it was what he thought of it after being locked in
it so long. Robyn closed the door, he heard a click and peeked out to
see the big lock was again in the hasp.

He was locked in.

Wait, they were going into town first. Oh Noooooo.

The road was bumpy, billy was pushed against the back of the carrier,
his flower would hit the back wall and thrust in when he hit the plastic
wall, bum first. When he managed to pull away from the wall, his
pantyhose tugged the flower back out a bit. But then they would hit
another bump and he was thrust once again against the back plastic wall
of the carrier, the flower would slip back in deeper. It stem being
bumpy and with a thickened section, really caused sensations in his bum.
No one knew it, but he was being pumped on the rough road, in and out.

He couldn't do anything to prevent it, it was totally out of his
control. Corners were really bad, he would be tossed hard against the
wall, the flower would zoom in deeply, his pantyhose were so tight that
it would be tugged out, just as quickly when he slid the other way. In
and out. For twenty minutes.

Then they reached the paved smooth road into town. The ride was short
now, but billy could see out. He saw the stores, he saw cars, he saw
people walking on the sidewalks, if he could see them...

They parked, Robyn ran the movies to the drop box at the video rental
store, just making it time wise. Debbie said they had some extra time
and were in town, maybe they should get their new shoes she had promised
them last week, Both girls clapped, they were very happy.

Billy wasn't so happy.

The car pulled into the mall, Debbie was a fast driver it seemed, sharp
corners, lots of them, billy was slammed back and forth helplessly.

The mall!

They parked and everyone got out, well everyone except billy who was
really concerned he would be told to come along. But no, he was left,
not just left but no one said anything to him at all, they got out of
the car, locked the doors and went into the mall, leaving their pet
locked in its cage, locked in the car. At least they left some windows
open, a bit.

He scrunched down, hoped no one would see or look into the car, They
were not fast shoppers, billy started to doze off, then woke in panic.

He had not updated the website last night, of course he couldn't he was
locked in this cage last night, but his mother and Krissy, and maybe
even Debbie would be checking the site, see there was no update, what
would happen if they noticed that happened when he was not at home?

What would happen if his mother managed to figure out he created the

She would then know, he wanted to be forced to dress as a girl, to be
forced to do all the family chores, to be spanked, to be chained up to
make the chores so much harder to do, but he had to do them, to be
spanked more because of those chains made him reveal his panties when he
raised his ams and he had to raise them to do the chores. that he wanted
all of that, what if she knew?

Would she then say, okay billy, you can be the household slave, if this
is what you want, we will dress you as a pretty girl all the time, teach
you to do your makeup, your hair, punish you if you do not do a good
job. You will do all of our chores, we will tie you up, we will spank
you just for the fun of it.... would she do that?

He groaned, he had to stop thinking of that, he had enough accidents

Someone walked by the car, a boy and girl they were looking in, he
didn't move. He was not sure if they saw anything or not, they were not
very old, they called out to their father, but he just told them to
hurry up.  Then he heard their father tell them it must be a dog.

But he looked back wondering.

Billy shivered, and it was hot.

The car doors opened, he froze. Oh phew it was them back, finally. The
hatch opened, new shoes were dumped in beside the cage, "Robyn hurry
up," Debbie called, leaving the hatch open, the cooler air swirled
around billy, Debbie got in the car, left the hatch open for Robyn to
toss her shoes in. billy was very visible now. He could see people, lots
of them.

Shoes were tossed in, bouncing off the cage and the hatch slammed shut,
Robyn got in the car, billy realized he was in the back with their old
shoes, they had their new ones on. Their old shoes, smelled too. No one
asked how he was, he was just stored with their old shoes, at least
their shoes weren't locked in a cage.

He was.

They went to the ice cream drive through, billy wasn't offered one, but
then how would he eat it. But wait, after leaving the drive through,
they pulled into a little park to eat their treats, the hatch back was
opened again, and the cage was unlocked. Robyn put a small dish of ice
cream in, just by his face which he had to keep pressed down to fit in
the carrier. She closed the door and locked it again, He heard the hatch
slam shut again. Did she ever close it slowly?

They were sitting at a picnic table, he licked his dish of ice cream, it
was nice, but his face was still covered with other things, so there was
an odd taste to it as well.

The hatch opened once again, his door was unlocked and Robyn removed the
dish, wiped his face with a scented wipe. It was her scent, so she must
be cleaning his face with the wipe she used first. His door was again
locked, the hatch slammed shut.

"Robyn!" Debbie exclaimed. "Be gentle, our car has to last a bit longer

They started home. Home was another twenty minutes down that bumpy road.

Billy had not thought of the return trip.

Or the corners race car Debbie took so violently, slamming him back and
forth through town.

The flower didn't forget though, it seemed as it plunged into his bum at
the first corner. The pantyhose remembered too as they tugged it back

"Mom you are a crazy driver," Robyn said, grabbing on to the dashboard.

Debbie laughed, what do you mean, she turned the wheel back and forth
rapidly causing the car to twitch on the road, she did it for a minute
or so, they were all laughing it was like a ride at an amusement park.

Not for billy though, the rapid turns were slamming the flower in and
out at a fast rate, the back of the cage was banging his bum too, he was
sliding on the slippery plastic floor back and forth, the flower was
going in and out at the fastest rate yet.

he moaned.

oh no, not again. But the car wouldn't stop  banging him. Repeatedly.

Even when he had another accident, he still had fifteen minutes of
banging to go, the car was not finished with him, the road was rough. He
was bumped and banged, the flower just kept on going.

He lost control again, just before they pulled into his long lane way.

At least the drive was smooth now. Sara and Krissy were standing out
front when they heard the car pull in ready to greet their neighbors.
Everyone got out, well except for billy, and hugged greetings.

"Where is billy?" Krissy asked looking around.

"Oh!" Debbie exclaimed opening the hatch back. The pet carrier filling
their view.

Krissy giggled. "He is in there?"

Debbie nodded. "That website said kneeling was great for his hip, but to
kneel folded up like that for a long time, well he will cheat won't he?"
Sara and Krissy nodded.

"So I thought, what if he couldn't get up? Remembered our old dogs pet
carrier and put two and two together. Tada, billy kneeling."

Robyn and Debbie lifted the carrier out of the hatchback and placed it
on the lawn. Everyone could see the chained maid kneeling in the tiny
cage, the tiny cage with the big lock.

"OH!" Sara said. "What a great idea, billy can sleep in it, which will
help his hip all night, and then during the day when we have no chores
for him, we can put him in there."

'What!' billy thought, locked in this carrier each night? Through the
day too? Locked away?

He still wasn't released, they were talking about their new shoes now,
he was dismissed, left kneeling locked in his cage at their feet.

Finally Robyn pulled out the key and gave it to Krissy. She bent down
and unlocked the door. Billy crawled out, there were two gasps, his
flower was revealed.

He stood. The flower wiggled, Krissy giggled.

Billy blushed. looked down, his chains jingled.

Krissy reached over and wiggled the flower.

Billy groaned.

She wiggled it more and tugged, it shot out of her hand and back into
his bum.

"See?" Amy called out. "It is stuck."

Krissy tugged it again, farther, it shot back in, she quickly realized
the pantyhose were gripping it. This didn't stop her from tugging it
repeatedly, as though she would get it out, each time it shot back in,
she knew what she was doing, billy was squirming, his cheeks tightening,
he moaned again.

"It really does seem stuck doesn't it. Billy you need changing too, why
don't you head in and I will clean you up and change you into something
pretty." She knew the something pretty would make billy blush, it did.

Billy started walking back to the house, he was wiggling with his tiny
steps. Sara noticed and commented, "Wow he finally has a good wiggle,
how did you manage that?"

Debbie told her about the corset, and how it was helping his bending,
but she said, "I think the flower is making him remember to wiggle, it
sort of wiggles as he goes becoming a constant reminder for him."

"Hmmmmmmm," Sara pondered thoughtfully.

Krissy couldn't wait to see billy in just the stockings and corset.
Debbie handed her two more pair of the stockings, White and beige. "She
threw these in with the corset, it was an amazing deal, they really do
compress his legs though, I think each step he takes makes them tingle
all over."

Krissy grinned, she was going to have such fun playing dress up with her

After their good-byes Krissy head up to find billy waiting in her room.
"Well we have to see if we can get this flower out billy, it really is

Billy groaned. Krissy tugged it, knowing it was going to shoot back in,
she wiggled it, she pushed it in, she screwed it up and circled it,
billy was dancing on the spot as she tormented him pulling, pushing,
turning and wiggling the flower. She went on much longer than Amy, and
with much more movement. She even tried pushing it in and pulling it out
repeatedly, to see if she could get it to break free. Billy was moaning
and quivering, he even convulsed once, but she didn't stop.

"Well we are going to have to cut the pantyhose billy, I am not happy
about that. You should be more careful so things like this don't happen.
I think a spanking will be in order."

Be more careful? How could he be more careful he was chained up
helplessly all the time, anyone could do anything to his bum and he had
no way to stop them. All the stripes on it showed that.

She unlocked his chains, removed his apron and then the little black
dress, dropping them on the floor for him to wash later. He stood there
in the long corset his stockings and high heels which were still locked
on. He looked very cute she thought.

She found the corset to be very interesting with the cutaway for his
bum. The flower was still peeking out too. She almost didn't want to
take that out, she could see what it was doing to him.

The laces were a bit hard to untie but she managed, then the corset
slipped off easily, she unlocked his heels and told him to go shower.

He was so relieved having been worried she would undress him and
discover his accidents. He slipped off the heels and collapsed to the
floor in pain.

"What is the matter billy?" she asked very concerned. "Is it your hip?"

"My feet, they are so sore, I can't walk on them he said in obvious

"Where they sore before you took off your heels?"

"Not like this, they hurt, but I could walk, now I can't walk."

"Put your heels back on," Krissy said, "let's see what happens."

She helped him put the heels back on, the pain vanished.

He was very confused. "Why does taking them off make my feet hurt so
much?" he asked Krissy.

She thought for a moment. "Billy, you have been wearing very high heels
all the time, you even slept in them last night. Your legs and feet are
adapting to the heels, removing them is going to hurt now."

"You mean I have to wear high heels all the time or I won't be able to

She nodded. "Here, let's try a lower heel to see what happens." She went
to her closet and took out a pair with a three inch heel. She removed
his shoes and slipped on the new ones. He stood, grimaced and sat down
quickly. Jumped up having forgotten the flower, which plunged in when he
sat on it, so when he stood it moved back out, but his feet were
cramping again so he knelt in pain.

"It is no good, they still hurt," he moaned.

Krissy was concerned, she removed his shoes again, Billy, you can't
shower with heels on, you will mess up the shower. So don't try to
stand, crawl into the bathroom, wash up and then we can get some high
heels on your feet again. Okay?"

Billy agreed, he tugged the shoes off his stockinged feet and crawled
out of her room, the flower peeking out of his behind, wiggling back and
forth like a doggies tail Krissy thought.

Billy removed the stockings and pantyhose, tugging the blasted flower
out of his bum carefully. He freed it from the pantyhose and threw it
out, hoping to never see anything like that again. Often you don't get
what you hope for though.

The shower felt magnificent. He rinsed out the panties, Robyn had pulled
them up so high on him they had settled tightly in his crack, shifting
to one side to let that girl poke the flower in. What a couple of days
he thought, it was nice to be home.

Krissy let him have a long shower, she knew he needed it, she opened the
bathroom door and slipped a fresh pair of panties and a pair of beige
pantyhose on the counter for him, she left a pretty summer dress too.
She grinned. He was not going to love it.

Billy finished up, it was hard to shower kneeling at the bottom of the
shower stall. He slipped out and still kneeling he dried himself off.
Then he saw Krissy had left him fresh clothing. He wondered what he was
going to have to wear now.

The panties and pantyhose were near the edge of the counter, so he just
took them and slipped them on. The panties were a bright  pink with
lace, they were all lace, high cut so they would show lots of cheek. He
smiled and pulled them on, they were pretty. Carefully he pulled the
pantyhose up snugly. Then he looked for shoes, she had left none, so he
was going to have to crawl out again, great.

He looked for a dress or something, sure enough she left a dress. A
light summer dress, he had always liked it when she wore it, it had a
flared skirt that the wind often took, it was also just about the
girliest dress she had, It was almost the same colour as the panties.
There was some blue mixed in with the pink as a highlight color, a large
bow at the back and it was short. She had grown out of it, seems she
kept it though, he wondered why.

He slipped it on, wondering if it was going to cover his panties even
when he wasn't bending.

He crawled back into her room, she had him sit in a chair and fixed his
makeup and hair, Changing the style so he had some braids. She changed
the theme back to soft pinks, it suited his face more and seemed to make
him look younger. With the short summer dress he would look much

She had him kneel on the chair so he wouldn't have to stand and removed
the dress. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Corset," she said holding it up.

"Do I have to wear that again?"

"Yup." She grinned slipping it around him. She was pretty adapt at
putting the corset on him he noticed, tightening the laces a bit more
than Debbie had done. Then she slipped the dress back on, the bow
accented the tiny waist that the corset gave him.

He was told to sit back down and she got a pair of stockings. He felt
her pulling them up and as she fastened them he looked down, the white
stocking had a lacy top as well, and with the pink dress, he felt so
girly. He bit his pink lip watching. He picked that up from Robyn I bet,
Krissy thought.

The second stocking was fastened, it was time for shoes, finally billy
would be able to stand up.

Krissy slipped his foot into the boot. boot? he looked down but just saw
a flash of white. The boot felt different from the shoes he had worn so
far, maybe because it was a boot?

He heard a click, the boot was locked on, Krissy took his other white
stockinged foot and slid it into the other boot, tightened the laces and
locked it on. She was smiling her evil smile again billy thought.

"Okay princess stand up," she told him.

He shivered a bit, he knew she had gone to lengths to make him very
pretty, being called princess.. well it got to him.

He stood, she was helping him for some reason. he gasped, he saw the
girl in the long mirror staring at him, with pink pouty lips. Soft pink
highlights on her cheeks and beautiful eyes with matching highlights
that picked up the colors in her dress. Her blonde hair cascaded down
her back, center braids traveling the length. He saw her tug at the hem
of her short dress, it was so pretty, but the hem didn't come down
enough to cover her garters or her stocking tops. It looked like she was
wearing pantyhose too on her pretty legs, those white stockings though,
seemed so young, so girly. But then so was the dress. Krissy took the
girls hand and painted her nails, a matching pink color. It was
overwhelming, the change from the maid to the girl.

Then there were the shoes, that was where it seemed confusing, they were
not the shoes of a young girl. unless she was being punished. The girl
was being held up by her sister, because the shoes were so hard to stand
in, to walk in.

The heels towered, they were white boots, laced up, a tiny white padlock
fastened each boot to the girls foot. She was standing on her toes, like
a ballerina would. Maybe that was why those boots were called ballet

Billy took a step forward, on his toes, he felt the stockings grip his
legs, tug on the garters, like before. the tight corset gripping him.
all this concealed behind the little girls dress. All this punishment
hidden away, unknown to any viewers who would only see a pretty girl
with odd shoes.

Krissy and billy were looking in the mirror, Krissy was watching billy,
who was looking at the ultra girly girl that was staring back at her.
Sara, just then walked in the room to see how her children were making

Krissy filled her in about billy not being able to walk without heels on
his feet, Sara had heard of similar situations before from people that
wore very high heels for long periods. She looked at the ballet boots
that billy had locked on his feet now. "Are your feet sore now billy?"
she asked concerned.

Billy was surprised, he actually hadn't thought about it, but his feet
were not sore. "Uhm, no Mom, actually they aren't."

"Perhaps because you have worn such high heels, your feet are accustomed
to shoes with a higher heel, without the high heel causes the pain. These
boots that you have on now should be very good for your hip, do you think
that you will be able to manage them? It looks like you will have to wear
high heels all the time now."

Billy liked the shoes, the heels were incredibly high, he was standing on
the tips of his toes, but his feet were supported. He liked the feeling
of having to wear them, walking may be something else though. "I will try
Mom," he said.

Sara smiled. "Oh good billy that is all we can ask right? I do want to
talk to you for a bit though."

Oh oh, thought billy.

"Your sister and I are doing everything we can to help you with your hip,
to avoid surgery that may not even help. I know some of it seems that it
may even be cruel, you do understand that we are only concerned for you

Billy assured her that he understood.

"Are you ok with us continuing as we are? Following suggestions from the
site and incorporating the things that we discover help as well?"

Billy liked some of the things they discovered, he really liked how he
didn't have to make the site rigid with its ideas, that they came up with
their own also, it was much more exciting. "Yes Mom, it seems to be
helping, my hip hasn't popped out since we started."

What was odd, was that billy really did have snapping hip syndrome, and
his hip had been popping out, and he had fallen a few times, it did hurt
too, but the strange part was, since being forced to wear the high heels,
it hadn't done it.

"Okay then billy, I have some more ideas I want to try, the site wasn't
updated today, but I am sure they can't update it every day, we will
watch for more ideas from them as well and continue with what we are

Billy was relieved, he was not sure where her talk was going to go.

"Billy, I want to sort of give you the day off today," she told him.
"Getting used to those shoes will be very difficult, maybe you could just
do what you want today, sit when they are too much, try to walk as much
as you can though, okay?"

"Sure Mom," he told her.

"Krissy, maybe you could just put a pair of manacles on his wrists today

It was a day off, but his shoes were still locked on, and his wrists were
to be cuffed. But he thought that was great.

Krissy picked the cuffs up from the pile of chains and locked them on
billy's wrists, the pink wrist bands on the cuffs matched the pink dress
she thought. She liked locking him up in his pretty dress. Then he
couldn't take it off. "Krissy, can you use the longer chain that was on
his ankles, he may need more movement in his wrists to be able to balance
in those heels."

Krissy changed the chains, locking the longer chain on billy's wrist,
looking into his pretty eyes. "There you go princess," she told him.

Sara smiled. "Princess? Oh he does look like a princess doesn't he?"

Billy looked in the mirror, he thought that he looked like a doll that
his sister was playing dress up with, and he loved it.

Sara watched billy take some steps, Krissy was holding his hand to help
him balance as he teetered across the room taking little steps. It didn't
take long before he seemed to have the hang of it and was managing on his
own, not gracefully, but managing.

"Billy, I want you to practice walking as much as you can today, but rest
too okay?"

"Do I have to get the mail and the paper today?" he asked.

"Yes, but that is the only chore you have. I would like you to try
walking on the treadmill a few times today though, you can set the speed
low and hold on to the bar for balance. That should give you lots of
practice in a safe environment, then later this afternoon you can get the

Billy started out of the room, taking a few steps, almost reaching the
door when his Mom called out. "billy, you are not wiggling, you were
wiggling so perfectly a little while ago."

"Sorry Mom," he called out, "I forgot."

That was odd, she thought, he wasn't forgetting a while ago, he was
walking then, with an exaggerated wiggle, just like the site recommended.

Billy slowly walked out of the room, he was free to do what he wanted
today, wow. The first thing he wanted to do was update the website, just
in case he was locked in that cage again. He needed to get a bit more
control back, everything was spinning so far out of his control. As he
made his way to his room, where his computer was, he thought about his
morning. The flower being thrust into his bum, pulled out, turned,
twisted, and poked in over and over again, he almost swooned thinking
about it, and he stopped and rested his head against his door frame. If
he wasn't careful he was going to have an accident again.

Krissy was walking out of her room and saw him leaning against his door.
"You okay princess?" she asked concerned.

He looked over. "Oh yes, I was just resting, I lost my balance for a

"Well be sure to take small steps, we don't want to have to take you to
the hospital dressed like that," she winked.

Billy powered up his laptop and quickly proceeded to update the website.
Hopefully he thought, this would give him a chance to keep updating
rather than being locked up 24/7.

He realized he needed practice with these shoes and his mother's idea of
using their treadmill made a lot of sense, Sara had bought it when she
was on an exercise kick a few years back, it wasn't used much now but
worked great. It was down in the basement, so he made his way carefully
down the stairs. Holding the handrail as he descended, the chain binding
his wrists rattled against the banister. Being forced to walk on his toes
like this felt so odd. He as dressed as a young girl, much younger than
he was, with the white stockings and the ultra pretty dress, but the
boots changed the look considerably. He passed a mirror at the bottom of
the stairs and saw that pretty girl staring back at him again, his sister
had put on much more makeup than she ever wore. More than any young girl
would wear for certain. He would not recognize himself if you showed him
a picture, no one would in fact.

Billy pushed himself to walk for as long as he could at a very slow pace,
holding on to the handlebars to keep his balance, he found it was
becoming easier to walk more smoothly. Sara heard the treadmill going and
came down to see how he was doing. "Billy!" she called out. "You are
still not walking with a wiggle, you have to try to remember, and I don't
understand why you keep forgetting."

Billy hadn't heard her coming up behind him and quickly started to wiggle
his bum as he walked. "You know, it is a day off from chores, but it
doesn't mean you don't have to wiggle and curtsey for us billy, it also
doesn't mean I won't give you a spanking."

Billy gulped. "Yes Mom, I will try to remember." Shortly after he had
enough for now of the walking and took a drink outside to sit on the
patio to rest, he was surprised at his comfort going outside dressed this
way now, just a few days ago his heart hammered when he was outside
wearing pantyhose. Now he was dressed to the extreme and sitting in a
chair outside. It did make him tingle though.

Billy was finding his day off very relaxing after his past few days of
torment. But they were very exciting days too, and he was thinking of
some of the things that he had gone through, he thought of Robyn a lot

Back on the treadmill again a while later for more practice, Billy was
becoming very smooth handling the ultra high heels, still not graceful,
if that was even possible, but he wasn't stumbling any longer. His mother
called down. "Billy, you best check the mail now please."

His heart did a little pitter. The long walk, totally exposed, standing
on the street, dressed this way, his heart started beating much faster
the more that he thought about it. He really hoped no one would go by, it
would be so hard to explain.
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