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Billy part 3
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knowing he was going to be spanked but was forced to accept it.
He raised his arms and sure enough she
swung the ruler hard across his right cheek. Before he had the door
open she had hit him again on the same spot, Glass in hand, he could
only take one at a time, he lowered it to the counter, two more
smacks. She waited, he had to get the next glass. She hit pretty hard.
He wanted it this time though. To be spanked by a virtual stranger, it
was way beyond what he had planned when he made the website. She was
cute too.

He reached up again, another smack, hard. The door opened two more as
he gripped the glass, another one as he lowered it, then he moaned and
leaned over the counter, he couldn't help it. She immediately hit him
across both cheeks, very hard. He was bent over the kitchen counter,
she just kept spanking him across both cheeks with the ruler. He
squirmed, he had to stand up. Finally he did, he was blushing, she was
a bit flushed as well, breathing harder. She just looked at him, "The
juice is in the fridge." she said very quietly.

She walked out of the kitchen leaving billy standing there panting.
Quietly he went to the fridge, pulled out the grape juice, filled the
two glasses and put the juice back. He saw a tray, he put the glasses
on the tray and went into the living room. He was blushing, he knelt
between the two of them and held out the tray. Robyn looked at him,
taking the glass slowly. Amy took hers smiling and drank right away.
Robyn took a sip and put the glass back on the tray! She turned back
to the TV to watch the movie they were enjoying. billy just quietly
knelt there holding her glass.

Amy looked over. "Is that all you want?"

Robyn said, "Of my drink?"


"No, I took a sip, I will drink more. There is no table here."

Billy was the table. The slave holding the table, the slave that she
had just spanked, spanked hard, she knew something. She took another
tiny sip and put the glass back on the tray, he had to kneel there,
holding it, with his wrists chained together. If he complained, he
knew she was ready to fill his mouth, and she wasn't wearing any socks

Billy knelt there for quite a while, quietly holding her drink. She
finally finished, Amy had finished a while ago and put the empty glass
on the tray. Billy knew he was dismissed, he left the room as quietly
as the rattling chains allowed. It was time to deal with the pail of
soaking panties.

He stood before the sink, it was smaller than they had at home, and he
didn't have to bend for the most part. Taking a pair of panties out of
the soaking water he started to scrub them, when finished he placed
them on a towel. He best check on the girls, they were quiet and he
was the babysitter, well sort of.

He minced out of the room and peeked into the living room, they were
still watching TV, so he headed back to the laundry room, he did this
a few times, finally Robyn called out "Why do you keep coming in here?
You are not getting your chores done." She stood and followed him back
to the laundry room.

"I was just checking to make sure everything was ok with the two of
you," he said, defending his actions.

"Well we are fine, stay in here and finish, there is a lot to wash."
She looked around and then took his leash, that she had left dangling
from his collar, and looped it around a towel rack on the wall, tying
a knot. "There, now you will stay until finished." and left.

Billy looked at the leash tied to the wall, this was going to make
washing more difficult, why everything had to be made more difficult,
then he realized the leash was just clipped to his collar, he raised
his hands and removed the clip.

Two more panties and a pair of socks were washed and waiting on the
towel when Robyn peeked in the room again. "How dare you remove your
leash!" she left in a huff.

'Oh oh, I wonder what she is going to do,' billy thought.

Seconds later she returned, she took the leash and clipped it to his
collar again, then pulled out a large combination lock, like the ones
used on lockers at school, and clicked it shut. Now he was locked in
place. "Any complaints?" she asked.

He shook his head, the blonde locks that framed his face danced back
and forth. He blinked a few times, his long eyelashes fluttered. "Did
you put on your makeup? It is very pretty."

"No, Krissy does that in the morning. I don't want makeup but they
make me wear it."

She looked at his soft features. "That sounds like a complaint too."

"No, I am not complaining, sorry."

"Oh so you like your makeup then?"

He had no choice, answer yes or he would likely have something placed
in his mouth for the rest of the day. "Uhm, yes I like it." he looked
down, dejected. He was so controlled.

"Good, because you look very pretty."

She left him, bound, cleaning her panties. He would be there for an
hour or so, the pile was huge, they couldn't have any clean underwear
left in their drawers.

He was checked on frequently, the girls would come in to talk to him,
watch him clean, check on the cleaning that he did, to be sure he was
doing a good job. Neither of them had offered to release his collar,
they left him bound to finish his duties. Robyn asked him often if he
had any complaints, she really seemed to want him to do so. He always
said no. The collar was tugging on his neck all the time, reminding
him that he was bound in place. His feet were sore, he couldn't move
them much. He kept shuffling them, even when the girls were in, but he
was careful not to say they were sore, as this would be a complaint.

Robyn came in again, he was about half way through, he was still
moving his feet a lot, raising one foot, then the other, trying to
relieve the pain the high heels were causing. She said, "you are going
to poke holes in the floor with your heels if you keep doing that, Mom
will be very annoyed and I will probably get heck for it."

She bent down, he hadn't seen that she brought in a short length of
rope. She looped it around his ankles, tied a tight knot and ran it up
his legs, looping another bit around his knees, tying them together
tightly and then to the handle at the cabinet door, tying it securely.
It too was out of reach as he couldn't crouch down with his collar
leashed to the towel rack on the wall. He couldn't lift his feet
anymore. She grinned, "Amy and I play cowboys and Indians a lot, I am
very good at tying someone up. Now you won't get me into trouble."

She left the room. His hands were stuck in front of him, chained, now
his legs were stuck together tightly, his collar holding him tight
against the sink. he was reduced to a being no more than a washing
machine, unable to move. He was left there until he was finished, when
he was in fact done, he waited, he waited stuck there for fifteen
minutes before either of them checked on him. They only came in
because they now wanted lunch.

He was released and told he could continue the laundry after, but that
they were hungry now, Amy was, as she said, hungryyyyyy.

He looked in the refrigerator, found some leftover pasta that they
said they liked, so it was easy to heat it up. He set the kitchen
table and managed to put the food on the table before they caught him,
as he had bent over quite a few times being in a hurry. He was not
sure of Robyn, she seemed to take control very easily, control over
him at any rate. He felt quite meek when in her presence.

He went into the living room, holding the hem of his dress he did a
deep court curtsy and waited. Robyn told him, "You may rise." He did,
she asked if lunch was ready.

He nodded, and then looked down. his long stocking clad legs filling
his vision, he could see the tips of those punishing pumps just below
his ankle chain. Robyn was passing by, she took hold of his leash and
tugged. "Come on daydreamer," pulling him into the kitchen.

Amy noticed there were only two place settings "Aren't you going to
eat lunch too?"

"Oh Amy, he is a maid, maids don't eat with us, they eat later, right

"Umh, I guess so, that is what I have to do at home," he stammered,
she really got to him.

"What do you do while they eat?" Amy asked, taking a bite.

"They make me kneel beside the table," he told her, instantly
regretting it.

Robyn pointed down. "kneel then."

As they ate, he knelt beside the table, head lowered, hands resting on
his thighs. At least his feet were resting for a bit. "Are you going
to hang the clothes outside on the line now?" Robyn asked looking
down at him as she finished her lunch.

"Yes I was going to."

"You will have to raise your arms up then, to reach the line," she
said, looking into his eyes.

He nodded.

"It will be like getting the glass out of the cabinet then," she
added, meaningfully.

As he cleared the table Amy asked Robyn if she was coming back to
watch the TV.

"No, I am going to show billy where the clothesline is and make sure
he hangs our clothes up properly, we don't want them blowing away in
the wind." She was looking at billy then, allowing the message to sink
in, he was going to be watched, he was going to be raising his hands,
his hem, it was going to be 'like getting the glass out of the cabinet

She actually helped him load up the laundry basket, and even carried
half of the laundry out to the line. Then, "Does Krissy watch you hang
the clothes at home?"

"Uhm, yes," he almost whispered.

"At home, you have to raise your arms up? Your panties show there

He blushed again. "Uhm, yes." This time it was a whisper.

"What does Krissy do?"

"She spanks me," he admitted.

"The entire time you hang the clothes?"

"Yes." He knew now, she was about to do the same.

The clothes line was around the house, she was tugging his leash as he
carried the basket, mincing along, wiggling, frustrated. She showed
him where the pegs were kept, there was a table to hold the laundry,
so he wouldn't have to bend. He was still going to expose his panties
though. For quite a while, this was a big load of laundry.

His heart was pounding a bit as he picked up a skirt to hang. He took
two pegs and turned to the line, it was a rope line that you pulled,
rather than the unit they had at home that was on a pole. He reached
up, placed the hem of the skirt against the line and started to fasten
the peg when the first smack hit his behind, right across the middle,
both cheeks. Owww. He tried to ignore what he knew was going to be a
long spanking and put the second peg on, tugging the line out a bit,
ready for the next article to hang. She had slapped his bum about six
times now, each time in the same spot. He tried squirming as he
lowered his hands to pick up the next item.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Hanging the laundry," he said puzzled.

"No, silly I know that, you are dancing or something."

Billy blushed. "I wasn't dancing."

"What were you doing then?" Knowing full well what he was doing.

"I was just trying to avoid your spanking," he admitted.

"Hmmm, isn't that a complaint of sorts then?"

He sensed a trap, "no."

"Well then hold still, if you move away I will assume that you are
complaining that you are being spanked. You know that I have to spank
you if I see your panties."

Now he couldn't move? He knew what she would do if he did, so now he
must just hang the clothes, and allow her to spank his bum, if he even
flinched she may gag him. She still wasn't wearing any socks either.

Resigned, billy selected a pair of Amy's panties and two pegs, his
arms raised and the spanking began. With each article he hung, he
received quite a few smacks, each across both cheeks, and each in the
same spot. She never missed. He found he was getting slower and slower
hanging items, allowing for more smacks, he could hear her breathing
becoming more labored as she continued. The evil girl was sitting in
a chair beside him, aiming with deliberate care.

Billy was not quite half way through when he had to stop. "Why are you
stopping?" she asked.

Billy wanted to say because his bum was getting very sore, but that
would be a complaint, he struggled for an answer. Nothing came to
mind, He either had to complain, or keep going, she was watching
intently, waiting for the complaint.

"Sorry," he mumbled and picked up a pair of her panties to hang. They
were almost like the ones he was wearing, white with a flower pattern,

She grinned. "like them?"

He blushed again, grabbed some pegs and continued hanging the clothes
up. The first smack seemed extra hard, he yelped.

"What was that?" she asked

"Nothing, that one just hurt a bit more is all," he said.

"You are not complaining are you?"

"No, it just hurt."

"So it is ok then if I spank you harder?"

He was trapped. "It will hurt more, but if that is what you want to
do, I can't stop you." he said, hoping she wouldn't

Of course she did.

She was determined to make him complain. She was being so careful to
hit the same spot each time, it was becoming quite red too. She hit
him again, the smack was quite loud. He moaned. He wasn't moving much,
she hit his bum again. He moaned one more time. He was standing still
holding on to the line with his dress raised. She hit him a few more
times very quickly. He wiggled a bit, sort of squirmed. Suddenly she
paused. "are you enjoying this?"

He came back to reality. Blushing deeply. He finished hanging her

"I asked you a question," she reminded him.

"What being spanked?" he asked, as if that were a silly question.


"Why would I enjoy being spanked?" he asked, trying to cover, to
change the subject.

"I don't know, you were moaning a bit and not moving. If you answer
honestly I will tell you something."

He looked at her, she obviously knew. "It makes me feel funny inside."
he admitted,

"So you like it then?"

He nodded, barely.

"Well I like spanking you, watching when you squirm, when you moan. I
won't say anything, it will be our secret."

Billy looked at her.

"Ask me to keep spanking you," she whispered.

Billy bit his lip. he looked at her, she waited. She knew, he admitted
it. he shuffled, the chains held him. He looked at her again, her
facial expression hadn't changed. "please spank me." he whispered.

"It's ok you can squirm if you want. I like it when you squirm." She
seemed excited. "Ready?"

He nodded and started to pick up a pair of socks to hang, she was
ready, watching, his arms raised and she struck.

Ouch, that was much harder, he wiggled a bit, and she actually giggled
and hit him again.

"How long can you stand still?" she asked.

He held on to the line and she just kept going, he was squirming, she
was hitting all over as he wiggled and moaned, finally he dropped his
arms down. She took a deep breath. He glanced over, she was flushed.

"Ready?" he heard her whisper.

They continued, on and on. Billy was loving it but his bum was
becoming quite sore. On the last spank, she put a lot into it, he
yelped loudly.

"You know, I should gag you for that, I am sure that was a complaint."
She was sort of teasing but billy knew she really wanted to do it.

He didn't say anything. He wanted to rub his sore behind, but with the
chains he couldn't.

"Billy?" she whispered.

"Yes?" he answered, she was still flushed.

"I really want to."

"Want to what?" he asked, confused.

"gag you," she said, looking straight into his eyes.

"Just for a little while, it could be our secret too."

He didn't say anything.

"You did yelp, that is complaining, your sister said I should stick a
sock in your mouth if you complained."

He looked at her bare feet. "You aren't wearing socks."

"Uhm, she said to use panties if no socks were available." She seemed
almost nervous.

He sighed, she wasn't going to let this go.

"billy, I want to spank you more too, all the way back into the

He shivered.

"I am going to insist billy," she said again, firmly.

"You want me to get a pair of panties down off of the line?" billy
asked finally.

She shook her head, her soft curls flipped back and forth.

She reached under her skirt and wiggled in her seat, she tugged down
her panties and slowly stepped out of them. She balled them up and
stood up. Looking at him, not saying a word.

She reached out and took the loop on his collar in her hand, her
panties were in the other. "Open wide," she commanded, looking stern.

He was not sure if he detected a scent from the panties or not, they
were under his nose now, brushing his lips. he opened his mouth.

She pushed them in, poking with her finger. "Close your mouth."

He did, the panties vanished. He was gagged.

She turned him around, lifted the hem of his dress and used the apron
strap to hold it up, so his bum was bare, just covered with his
panties and the pantyhose.

She took the leash, told him to start walking she would walk beside,
slightly to the back of him, as he took the first step she smacked his
bum. With the hobbles he couldn't go very fast. With each tiny step,
she had time to spank him twice. He tried to go faster, but she was
pulling back on his leash, slowing him down. Often she would tug on
the leash, stopping him completely and just start to spank fast. Then
she would let him walk again, each step, two more spanks. He moaned a
lot, especially when she made him stop so she could spank him more.

He could taste something different in her panties, not like Krissy's
salty socks.

He was a mess of emotions, he never felt more like a slave than he did
at that moment, totally controlled by Robyn, each step, when he could
take them, being punished with each one, it seemed to go on forever.

She wasn't hitting too hard, it was more humiliation than pain. When
they reached the door to the house she tugged down his dress. "keep
the panties in for now, until I tell you to take them out. Unless you
want Amy to know you have my panties in your mouth?" she looked at

He shook his head. She grinned.

They went into the house and separated, she went to watch TV with Amy,
he continued to the kitchen to clean it up.

"Did he do a good job hanging the laundry?" Amy asked.

"Not really, I had to spank him a few times," Robyn admitted.

Billy heard them talking. A few times?!" his bum had never been so
sore, but it was a different type of sore too. He moved his tongue
around, pushing the panties a bit, they seemed a bit wet he thought,
the taste was stronger now too, where they were wet.

He finished the kitchen, it was really looking good he thought. He was
sure it hadn't been cleaned in a few weeks it was so bad, the dishes
were out of the dishwasher, he even snuck outside and brought the
laundry back in. The hot sun and strong wind had dried everything
quickly. He went to their rooms and left the articles on their beds,
he didn't want to go through their drawers.

Robyn came up behind him, she pointed to her top drawer. "My panties
and socks go in there, jeans and skirts in my closet." She looked at
him, "do you still have my panties in your mouth?"

He nodded.

"Show me."

He opened his mouth, the white panties slipped between his lips. She
reached out and her finger hooked them. She tugged them out. "Ewe,
they are wet," she said and rubbed them over his face, well mostly
over his nose and mouth. Then tossed them in her hamper.

That hint of scent he detected before, seemed to be back, he could
smell it now, much stronger, it must have been the panties.

"It's dinner time," she told him.

He put away her clothes, as she had asked and went to the kitchen. He
found ground beef, and buns so he made them hamburgers. Amy charged
in, "Oh I love hamburgers." she told him happily.

The two of them sat down, just then Debbie arrived, walked in to see
her daughters sitting at the table being served by the cute maid. "Oh
hamburgers, we love those don't we girls?"

"Billy made lots Mom, you can have dinner with us too," Amy told her

"Billy that is so great, I am famished and so tired, you have no idea
how coming home to see dinner made makes me feel. You are terrific and
look at this kitchen! It is positively shining."

She sat at the table that was against the far wall in the center
position, her daughters at each end, watching as billy wiggled back to
the cabinet to get her a plate. He reached up and she noticed his bum
was quite red, obviously he had been spanked recently. She didn't say
anything though, he brought the plate over, dropped to his knees and
offered it to her with his arms raised.

She took the plate slowly, he was very submissive. As they started to
eat, he remained kneeling. Amy told her that is what he did at home
when they ate. She kicked off her shoes, the heels were torturing her
feet. She asked billy if he could put them in her room for her.

He reached out and took each shoe, rose to his feet and walked down
the hall, wiggling and clinking. The shoes had a strong scent mixed
with the leather. It was not totally horrible, it was very alluring
for billy. When he was in her room he raised a shoe to his face and
took a deep sniff.

A few minutes later he was kneeling by the table again, Amy asked how
her mother’s day had gone. Debbie answered. "It was a long day, I am
very tired, and my feet are really killing me. Soaking in a tub later
will feel great. How was your day?"

Robyn looked over. "Mom, Krissy said that billy did a great foot
massage maybe that would help your feet?"

Debbie looked down at billy. "Would you mind billy? I sure would love

Billy looked up at her. He really wanted too. "Uhm, sure, if you want,
I can."

"I really don't want to wait, could you scoot under the table and do
it while I eat?" she asked hopefully.

Billy crawled under the table, his chains dragged on the tiles, his
bum was completely exposed now, Debbie could see red welts where he
had been spanked, he looked at Robyn. She shrugged with a bit of a
smile. The little minx.

Billy knelt under the table taking Debbie's stocking clad foot into
his hands and started to rub them, she wiggled her toes. She rested
her other foot on is thigh, rubbing slightly up and down the nylon
covering his leg was slippery as it met the nylon on her foot. It was
a pleasant experience. She didn't think at what the contact was doing
to billy though.

She ate very slowly, loving the foot rub, her sliding foot still moved
up and down billie's thighs constantly, going up quite high now, under
his dress, but again, she didn't know that, she was in a daze. The
long day ended, a nice foot rub, dinner, the house cleaned. her
daughters happy. She wondered about keeping billy, it would be nice to
have a maid full time...

Billy was bent over slightly to fit under the table, his ankles bound
together and wrists the same, kneeling at their feet. The aroma
arising from Debbie's feet was intoxicating. Musky, mixed with a hit
of leather from her shoes, her feet were damp, and he knew his hands
were taking on the same aroma. No one could see him, under the table,
they were all in conversation discussing her job. He bent his head
down, closer to the foot he was holding, kneading the sole his nose
brushed lightly over her toes. He inhaled deeply. He moved his soft
lips over them, brushing them as he continued a deep rub on her soft
soles with each of his thumbs. She wiggled her toes, just at the right
moment and the parted his lips, entering briefly. as he lifted his
head a slightly salty taste had been left on his lips.

Robyn was listening to her mother, but she was not sitting idol. Her
feet began to wander, stretching out her toes brushed his bare arm.
She slid her foot across his arm, leaning back slightly her foot moved
to the center of his chest, just below his chin. She didn't know he
had to stoop foreword to fit under the table, so she hadn't realized
his face was hovering above her bare foot, just inches above.
Exploring she raised her foot, surprised when she brushed his face so
quickly. She didn't pull back, merely started moving it slightly
maintaining contact. Pulling back just a bit, her toes were brushing
his lips. She grinned.

Billy was tingling all over, bound under the table, virtually forced
to rub her nylon clad foot. The smells were concentrating under the
table. Her skirt had risen slightly, he was sitting before her long
legs, and he saw peeks of her white panties now and then, under her
skirt. Just then he had felt Robyn's foot graze his arm, he was not
surprised, Amy had brushed against his other arm a few times and was
now resting her feet on his thighs. They were hot and she kept
wiggling her toes too. He stole another look up Debbie's skirt, just
then Robyn's foot slipped under his face, he tried to lift his head
but it was hitting the table. She raised it and he felt her soft skin
slide over his lips. She must be stretching, there wasn't much room
under the table. Then her toes tickled his nose, slid across his lips
and wiggled. Another scent was mixing as she maintained contact. Maybe
it was not such an accidental stretch.

Her toes started pressing more, firmer against his lips, her other
foot slid up his side, under his arm and she kicked a bit. She wanted
something. She kicked again, he opened his mouth and her toes slipped
in. He couldn't pull away his back was too the wall, his head stuck
under the table, his hands filled, with Debbie's foot. His tongue
brushed her toes, they were farther in his mouth now, and they stopped
wiggling when his tongue brushed them, he pulled it back, the taste
was quite strong. She wiggled her toes and kicked him, harder. His
tongue brushed them again. She stopped wiggling, his lips closed, his
tongue tasted more of her toes. Each time he stopped licking or
sucking, she kicked him. He was kneeling in front of Debbie, peeking
up her skirt, sucking on her daughters toes and she was just eating
dinner, oblivious to all that was happening below the table, sliding
her foot up and down his leg.

Each time he tried to remove her foot, she kicked, she was not going
to let him stop. His tongue slipping between her toes, they were very
soft. Amy's feet were moving a bit now too. feeling how slippery his
legs were, covered in the black pantyhose. He was becoming overloaded
with sensations. They had all finished eating, were just sitting
talking, each seemed to be enjoying themselves and didn't want to
leave the table. Debbie loved the foot rub and didn't want it to stop.
Robyn, well she was just in control of billy again, he was tickling
her toes, but it felt glorious.

"Well girls, should we go watch some TV and stretch out on more
comfortable chairs?" Debbie finally asked.

Amy was eager, she pulled away from the table quickly, started to
gather up her dishes. Robyn told her, "Don't worry, billy will clean

Robyn pulled her toes out of his mouth, then smeared them all over his
face, mostly around his lips and nose before pulling her foot back.

Debbie was still sitting at the table, one foot in his lap the other
his hands. "That feels so amazing billy I really hate to stop. Be a
dear though and sort out the kitchen for us." She reluctantly pulled
her feet away from him and went into the living room with her
daughters. Billy was left kneeling under the table. Trying to gather

He crawled out and stood. Lifting his hands to his face he sniffed,
the scent left on his hands was powerful. There was a smell from Robyn
too covering his face. Resigned to maid duties again, he gathered
their dinner dishes, glasses and cutlery, placing all in the
dishwasher. He had already washed the pan he made the burgers in.
After wiping down the table he went to the living room, wondering if
he was to be taken home soon. He thought he was called in to babysit,
with Debbie home, there was no need for a babysitter any longer.

He stood in the doorway, Debbie looked up. "Finished already?" she

He nodded about to ask if he could be taken home now, but Debbie rose
and came out of the living room. She took his leash with a smile and
asked him to follow her, she pulled him into her room, pointing to the
piles of clothing on her bed. "Could you put these away properly
please?" She tugged him toward her dresser, opened the top drawer,
panties were in neat piles. "My panties go in here." Closing the
drawer, she opened the next one, "socks and pantyhose in here." More
tugs and he was next to the closet. She opened the door. "Skirts on
the left, slacks on the right, tops in the middle. Do you understand?"

He looked into her eyes, curtsied. "You can do the same in Amy's room,
if you look around you will find out where things go." She dropped his
leash and left the room, a wisp of her perfume lingered.

He picked up her delicate panties, folded them as the ones in her
drawer were, neatly putting them away. Socks and pantyhose followed,
she had some stockings and a garter belt as well. The rest of the
clothing went in the closet and then he went into Amy's room. This
seemed much more than a babysitting job, no mention of being paid was
made either.

He returned to the living room, sure he would be taken home now.
Debbie looked at him as he entered. he was so cute. Krissy was an
amazing makeup artist, he could pass as a girl with ease. "I don't
suppose you can continue my foot rub? You only did one foot, it did
feel so marvelous billy."

He nodded, heart beating stronger. He wanted to do this. She moved her
feet aside and he knelt before her, she quickly slipped one foot onto
his thigh. "I love how my stockinged foot feels on your stockinged leg
billy." She giggled as she moved it up and down. She then raised her
other foot slowly. A little higher than she had when he was under the
table. She scent rose quickly to his nose, he inhaled a bit more
obviously, she noticed. "Oh I am sorry billy, do my feet smell

He shook his head. "Oh you are just being nice, they must smell bad.
Billy if they smell bad please be honest, I don't like my girls
telling fibs."


He shook his head again "No they don't smell bad at all." he tried to
assure her.

Robyn piped up. "Maybe he just likes the smell Mom?"

Debbie giggled. "Oh that can't be, She raised her foot more, up to his
nose. Billy take a sniff, please tell me if they smell horrible."

Obediently he took a deep sniff, of course they had a strong musky
scent. She didn't move her foot. "They don't smell bad at all" he
again said.

"Oh they must," she said. "You are just being nice, I bet you couldn't
stand it if I left my foot there for a while so that was all you could

He was holding her foot now, starting to rub it. "If your foot smelled
awful I would tell you," he promised.

"Well then let’s keep it right there, to see if you are being honest."
So he was forced to hold her foot, right in front of his nose, as he
massaged it. Her other foot was still exploring his thigh, never
stopping moving. The slippery nylons felt good for billy too.

She forgot him for a few minutes as Amy told her about the movie they
had watched. Robyn was watching billy intently, with her mother’s foot
almost touching his nose. Her pink painted toenails hovering, so

Debbie wiggled them as he had found a ticklish spot, jerking slightly
her toes were mashed against his face. She held them there, pressed
against his nose. "Sure they don't smell billy."

He mumbled a no. "Fine, I will keep them there for a while then, as a

Twenty minutes later, her toes were still pressed against his nose, he
was holding her foot, rubbing it, inhaling the powerful scent,
everything beyond his control. He could feel the dampness, it was
covering his face, lips, and nose. The smell was going to remain long
after she moved her foot away.

"Well billy, are you ready to admit they smell yet?" Debbie asked him,
wiggling her toes.

Billy started to answer again, to assure her the smell was not as
horrible as she kept saying, but her wiggling toes slipped in his
mouth when he started to talk, finding a way past his parted lips,
brushing his tongue as he started to form his words. He was surprised,
the taste was very strong, her wiggling toes went in quite far.

Robyn laughed, Debbie said, "Oh dear, I didn't expect that," and
started to giggle too. She wiggled her toes more in his mouth that
caused them to slide in a bit more, his tongue was firmly in contact
now. "Well do they taste bad billy?" she asked between giggles.

He mumbled a no. She laughed. "Oh should I leave them there then?"

He blushed, that was exactly what he wanted. Robyn decided to press
things. "leave them there Mom, let’s see how long he can take it."

Debbie was up for the challenge. "Ok billy, you are on, let's see how
long you can stand having my toes in your mouth, I bet they taste

Billie's eyes were open wide in shock, this day had been a chapter out
of one of his fantasies. He decided to try something, he pulled her
wet toes out of his mouth, but not too far, they were still brushing
his lips, "Ok what do I win if I keep them in then and for how long"
he asked. Hoping she would pick some absurd time.

She didn't disappoint. "Hmmmm, what do you think Robyn? Half an hour
of toe sucking?" giggling as she looked at billy, her foot pressed
against his mouth.

"Oh no mom, more," Robyn said. "There has to be a punishment for early
withdrawal too."

Debbie thought, "Ok billy, one hour, if my foot comes out of your
mouth before the hour is up, then you agree to stay overnight and be
our maid again tomorrow. I will call your mom to arrange it."

Billy was tormented, they were all watching to see if he accepted the
challenge. He wanted to, to be forced to suck her toes for an hour,
but he wanted to be their maid tomorrow too. Maybe he could do both.

"Where will he sleep Mom?" Amy inquired.

Robyn wanted to torment him more. "Mom, what about Gingers bed?"

Ginger was their pet dog that had passed away the previous year. Her
leash was the one on billie's collar.

"Oh Robyn, Ginger slept in that big pet carrier. It is not really a

"Ginger liked it, and billy would fit in it just fine I bet."

Debbie looked at billy. "Well billy? Are you going to take the

He mustered some bravado. "Of course I could do it, he said, muffled
slightly by her foot."

"Alight then, open up," she said. As he did, her toes slipped into his
mouth. She looked at the clock, Seven o'clock. If you pull them out
before eight, you will be spending the night."

Robyn added, "In Gingers bed?"

Debbie sighed. "Yes in Gingers bed."

Billy knelt there, they were watching the TV, glancing at him now and
then, as he was there with her foot firmly in his mouth. He was
sucking, his tongue was sliding around her toes. She insisted that he
keep rubbing her foot too. She was still sliding her other foot up and
down his leg. She would sigh now and then, and stretch out. Often that
would push her toes in a bit more. Billy would glance at Robyn now and
then, she was almost staring at him all the time. He could see up
Debbie's skirt easily now, there was another scent that was tickling
his nose too, a new one, from somewhere.

"Oh I almost forgot billy." He looked up at her, he looked cute
sitting there, sucking her toes, it did feel so nice. "I was reading
that website today on my break. A lot of your problem is posture from
what I gathered, restricting bending and movements?"

He nodded carefully, he said yes, but it was so muffled they all

"Well I did have a thought and stopped at a specialty shop on the way
home. I spoke to the owner, she recommended a longline corset. It is
very firm and would keep you from bending."

Billy listened, he had not thought of that, it would be very
restrictive, but then they didn't have anything like that at home and
money was short.

"I bought one," she announced.

She what?

"You are the same size as Robyn so it was easy to size, I have a
secret, you are almost the same age too, I just don't like leaving
them home alone, but the shop had a corset, a long one, that was a
special order, she was unable to sell it and practically gave it to

She looked at him, "If you lose this bet, tomorrow I will put it on
you, we don't have to have the keys to your chains as it opens up
completely, then laces shut, I will be able to put it on under your
dress with ease. It has garters though, and stockings are required to
keep it in position. She provided a pair of them also, they are a
specialty stocking that are designed with a lot of compression. They
will really squeeze your legs but they may be perfect for you, we can
slip them on under your manacles. You can keep your pantyhose on under
them, it will be a cute look, I bet your stocking tops will show under
your hem, that dress is so short."

Billy wobbled, it was too much, he teetered and fell over, her foot
slipped out of his mouth.

He wondered how big the pet carrier was...
Robyn was giggling as billy lay on the floor, he had become overwhelmed
with sensations and with what Debbie had just told him. They were going
to put him in a corset, lace him up, and put stockings on him. The
smell of her foot had been so intoxicating, the feelings as her other
foot was caressing his leg, sliding on his pantyhose, and it was
sending such powerful sensations throughout him. He just couldn't take
it anymore. He was overwhelmed.

Amy was concerned, "What happened, are you ok billy?" she asked as she
jumped out of her chair. Billy watched as she came over to help him up,
it was hard with his wrists cuffed, to get up on his own, he was still
a bit wobbly, he looked at Robyn, she was smiling. Debbie looked stern
for some reason.

"What happened to him Mommy?" Amy asked again.

"Obviously my feet do smell and billy was not telling the truth, the
smell overpowered him and he just couldn't take it anymore," she said.
"If he had been honest, this would not have happened. You both know how
much I dislike lies."

Amy nodded, Debbie was a stickler for telling the truth. Now billy was
in a quandary if he said it was not foot odor that knocked him over, he
would have to come up with something believable. He couldn't admit to
the real reasons, so it was easier to go along with Debbie, after all
what could happen?

"Billy when my daughters lie to me, they are punished. I make certain
that the punishments are always something that they remember for a good
long time. You will be treated no differently, I can't have you setting
a bad example and getting away with it."

Billy wondered what punishments would be memorable. "Robyn, please get
Gingers bed," Debbie asked her daughter. Moments later Robyn came back
into the living room with the pet carrier, it was a plastic case with a
metal grill door, well a cage door. There was a couple of cage windows
on the sides and one on the top, for ventilation. The back was a solid
wall. What billy did notice, was how small it seemed.

Robyn put the carrier on the floor. Debbie pointed to it. "You will
have to back into it billy, please do so now."

Billy looked at the small carrier, he didn't see how he was going to
fit. Debbie was looking very stern though. In reality, his heart was
pounding a bit, he wanted to be locked up in this tiny cage, and it was
like a dream to be locked in it. Quietly he positioned himself so he
could sort of crawl backwards, working his way into the small space.
Once his legs were in they slid on the plastic floor easily and he
managed to push himself all the way in. He was not kneeling, he was
folded double, chest on his knees. His hands were on the floor of the
cage, the cuffs on his wrists being attached to the chain forced them
just below his collar, so his head was also resting on the floor of the
cage. He fit. Well sort of. But he couldn't move, not a bit.

"Perfect," Debbie said. "For Part of your punishment you will be
spending the rest of this evening in there, you will be sleeping in
there too. I hope you remember this." Billy was working on the
sensations again as he listened to Debbie. He was dressed as a girl,
completely, chained helplessly, wearing such high heel shoes that were
locked on. Now in a tiny cage in the living room of people he just met
that day, people that were treating him as a slave. Locking their slave
away for the rest of the night, like a pet.

Locked is just what happened too, Debbie slipped a very large looking
padlock on the hasp of the cage door and clicked it shut. The click
sounded very final. She pushed the cage off to the side over by Robyn's
chair. Billy had a limited view out the tiny cage door, all of it
filled with Robyn's feet. They continued watching a movie, chatting
away as if there was not a boy locked in a tiny cage on their floor
dressed as a French maid with very high heels and chains binding him
helplessly. As though it was a common happening in their household, an
everyday occurrence for them. Billy's face was almost pressed to the
cage door watching as Robyn's feet pressed against the tiny cage, her
toes poking through, grasping the wire of the cage with her toes
teasingly. The aroma was filling the cage, billy was blocking most of
the vents he was packed in so tightly. He shifted a bit and his face
was now pressed against the cage. Robyn immediately slid her toes over
his face, stopping as her toes rested against the side of the cage
where his nose was on the cage door. Billy tried to move, but his
stockings just slid on the cage floor, it was hard to get any grip, so
his face was still pressed tightly against the tiny bars that made up
the door. The smell was very powerful now, it was doing things to him.

When the movie ended, Debbie announced it was time for bed. Billy
required assistance with his undergarments, with his hands bound he
couldn't really pull them up or down. When Debbie pulled his pantyhose
back up, pulled his dress down she led him back to his cage and locked
him in for the night. Hours into the night Billy was thrashing about,
struggling and squirming, his body had had enough of being stuck in
such a restricted position. It was all to no avail though, he was
indeed stuck there, locked in his chains and locked in the tiny cage.

Morning arrived, he saw Debbie walk through the room, opening the
drapes, the sun streamed into the room. Finally he was going to be
released. She left, he heard the shower start. He was left locked in
the cage. Robyn came into the room, sat in the chair before him, her
feet were just by the cage door. "You are locked in," she told him.

He didn't answer, he was struggling with powerful emotions. She was
about to peek in to see if he was awake when Debbie came in. "Do you
want the bathroom?" she asked. Robyn nodded and went right away. Debbie
left the room, left billy locked in his cage.

Robyn came in a while later, she had just showered as well. She bent
down, she had keys!

The cage door opened. "Come on out billy," she told him. His muscles
were stiff, locked in that position all night, it took a bit but he
managed to crawl out and kneeled in front of the cage. "Oh, you really
pissed Mom off didn't you? She really doesn't like lying. It is always
better to tell her the truth, no matter what it is. Like yesterday when
I asked you if you liked being spanked. If you said no, I would have
known you were lying and I would have stopped spanking you. Because you
told the truth, I rewarded you." She grinned. His reward was a lot of
hard spankings.

She smiled. "Mom said to take you into the bathroom, let you do your
business and clean you up." She tugged his leash, pulling him to his

He followed her to the bathroom, it hurt to walk, he was still locked
in his shoes, his legs were so sore from kneeling all night. They
entered the bathroom, she closed the door and locked it.

She pointed to the toilet. He blushed. "Well?" she asked.

"I can't pull down my pantyhose and panties with my wrists locked," he

She giggled. "Oh then, I will pull down your pantyhose and panties,"
She accented the your, making him blush more. Bending down her hands
slid up his legs, slowly. She took the waistband to his pantyhose and
pulled them down. His panties came with them. She looked up at him,
kneeling before him for a change, they both were statues, quiet.

"Off you go," she whispered.

He went to the toilet, finished gratefully, it had been so long. He
felt wonderful when he finished. Then realized, he was going to need
help cleaning up. Noooo.

Robyn had a face cloth in her hand. "Oh don't be a baby, stand up."

She cleaned him as she would clean a baby, tugged his panties back up,
she pulled them up as high as she could, they slipped into his crack as
far as they possibly could, he squirmed. Then did the same with his
pantyhose, being careful not to rip them. Taking his leash again she
tugged him toward the sink which was filled with warm soapy water. She
unfastened the button at the back of the dress and unzipped as far as
the zipper would go. She then took the hem of the dress in her hands
and pulled it over his head. He stood there with the dress over his
head and arms, he felt like a goof.

She washed him gently, caressing almost as much, pressing her body
against him, the warm cloth sliding under his arms, along is back. She
moved behind him, pressed tightly against him and washed his chest. Her
chin resting on his shoulder, looking down as she worked. Drying him
off with a soft towel, she then picked up her deodorant. It was not
unscented. It was heavily perfumed, she applied it carefully under his
arms, with an evil grin she picked up a bottle of perfume and dabbed it
on. Leaving him adorned with her scent.

She tugged the dress back down, picked up a curling iron and went to
work on his hair. As billy watched in the mirror it was clear that she
was an artist, she removed his makeup, changed his lips to a soft red,
his eyes had hints of a soft red that made you look twice.  His lashes
were thickened, he blinked, and she smiled as his long lashes
fluttered. He looked in the mirror, that was just not him, that pretty
girl looking back at him. There were too very pretty girls standing
there, side by side, pressed together fairly tightly considering there
was a lot of space in the bathroom. Robyn turned toward him, looking at
her work. He watched her as her eyes danced from feature to feature,
when they found his eyes, they rested, they stared quietly for a moment
at each other, very quiet, and she was standing so close. Her hand came
up and cupped his cheek softly, almost as softly as her lips were when
they grazed his. He tasted her tongue as it darted into his mouth. She
was holding his head now, lips pressed together. It was the softest
most powerful kiss he had ever had. Her hand slipped down his back
slowly, found his bum and cupped it, tugging him closer. She broke the
kiss, then pressed her lips against his, her eyes were staring deeply
into his. She whispered her lips sliding across his. "I am going to
spank you today, I am going to spank you a lot. You are going to suck
my toes again too, lick my feet. I wonder what else I should get you to
lick," She kissed him again. He was so under her power.

She picked up her toothbrush, standing very close to him, her body
pressing lightly against his, she brushed his teeth. Her face was very
close to his as she peeked into his mouth, the closeness was not
unknown to either of them, there were feelings passing between them,
each contact was electric.

They were quiet again, billy whispered, "How old are you?"

She told him, he was surprised. "You are only three months younger than
I am."

She nodded thoughtfully. Turning, she tugged his leash, pulling him off
balance, he was in such a daze, and she grinned over her shoulder. He
was led into Debbie's room.  Debbie was waiting. "It took you long
enough, is he all cleaned up?" she asked Robyn.

"He smells good too," Robyn said handing her mother the leash. Debbie
took it and told him to sit at the foot of her bed. She knelt before
him. Well we are going to have a harder time with these chains locked
on, but I am sure we will manage," she told him. Manage? ohhhh the
corset, he was about to be put in a corset. She took his shoe and
removed the back strap, by doing this she managed to pull the shoe off
his foot. It was still locked to his ankle but his foot was bare now,
well except for his black pantyhose.

She held up a stocking. "These have a lot of compression billy, you are
going to feel squeezed with every step you take, they will tug and
squeeze all over." He noticed the black stocking did look different,
there was a wide lace decoration at the top too. Lifting his left leg
on to her lap Debbie worked it over his foot, tugging it carefully
under the ankle strap of his shoe and the pink manacle encircling his
ankle. It didn't seem as hard as she had expected, the stocking was
sliding quite easily over his pantyhose. As Debbie pulled the stocking
up he felt her fingers sliding along his legs, it was sending shivers
up his back as she got higher and higher. Robyn was looking at the
other stocking, "Wow these really do squeeze don't they." Pulling her
hand out of the stocking.

Debbie nodded. "billy is going to be reminded with each step, each
movement just how much. They will squeeze and tug constantly. Each
movement will ripple up and down his legs." She reached the hem of his
dress, the stocking finished there, the lace band just below the hem of
his dress. She asked Robyn if she wanted to put the other stocking on.

Billy's heart started to beat faster. Debbie left to get the corset.
Robyn knelt down and took his foot in her hands, they were so hot. She
worked the stocking over his foot, just as her mother had done, under
the ankle strap and under the manacle, she tugged at the lock. 'They
are cute, I like the pink," her hands caressed softly, sliding over is
pantyhose as she worked the stocking up his calf. She bit her lip as
she worked it over his knee and then her hands were on his thigh,
moving up. She was lingering, tugging carefully, teasing his leg. She
pulled the stocking in place just as Debbie came back into the room
with a large flat box.

"Stand please," Debbie told him.

She opened it moving aside tissue paper and removed a long shiny pink
corset. Robyn unfastened his dress again, flipping it over his head as
she had done before. "Robyn pull his pantyhose up as high as you can,
they will act as a liner under the corset."

Robyn took the waistband of the pantyhose, tugging gently, telling
billy to wiggle and squirm, she pulled and tugged until the hem was
just under his arms. They were pulled so tight the seam in the
pantyhose had worked between his cheeks. Separating and enhancing them.
They placed the corset in front of him, wrapping it around his waist it
fastened with a few clips. Then the lacing began. First it was made
snug, squeezing him. he couldn't see what they were doing, but he was
being squeezed all over. Before they went at the laces again, Debbie
started attaching the garters to his stockings. There were six garters.
Robyn did one leg while Debbie did the other, billy could feel their
hands sliding over his behind, stockings were tugged up, and he felt
the pulling begin. More fingers sliding, shivers were dancing up his
back. he didn't know who was doing what, who was touching him where.
Then they were all fastened. He felt one garter, over his behind pulled
back. Then it was released, it smacked his behind loudly. "Robyn!"
Debbie scolded. Robyn giggled.

They went back at the laces, billy was not fat, in fact he was quite
slender. The corset tightened, shaping him. Soon the hourglass shape
was noticeable. Not long after it was pronounced. They tugged his dress
back down. Robyn took his apron and tied it back in place, it drew his
dress in. he had an amazing shape. Robyn started to laugh.

Debbie looked at her. "What is so funny?"

Robyn pointed, "Billy has bigger boobs than I do now," Debbie looked,
sure enough as the corset had a built in bra attached, with pointed
cups leaving billy with an impressive bust. Debbie giggled. "He looks
cute though."

Robyn nodded. "He is pretty."

Billy was swaying a bit, the corset was so tight, the stockings were so
tight, he was being squeezed all over. The phone rang, Debbie went to
answer it. Robyn looked at billy. he looked back. He took a step, the
corset was so long, and it went from "his" breasts down to just short
of the hem of his dress. Down to his thighs. Firming and shaping,
covering any possible bulges. He didn't feel his behind squeezed
though, he took a step and felt the dress sliding across his cheeks.
They felt different, Robyn had pulled the pantyhose up so much, they
were separated. Squeezed but not by the corset. He was wondering how it
went down to his thighs without squeezing his bum. Robyn noticed him
looking in the long mirror, twirling a bit so he could see behind. She
flipped up his dress. He gasped. The corset had a cut out section,
framing his bum perfectly. "I will still be able to spank you," she
whispered, sliding her hand over one of his cheeks. It was electric,
her fingers slipping off the tight pantyhose.

She dropped the hem before Debbie returned. "Well billy, you are ready
to start the day, off to the kitchen please, it is breakfast time."

He took a step toward the hall, his stockings pulled, squeezed,
shimmering feelings danced across his leg. He took another step, the
same happened with his other leg. When he stopped walking they
squeezed, it was like they were alive. The garters tugged, he felt the
straps move, pull. The corset squeezed, he took another step, it was
like a thousand fingers were playing with his legs. Each step, it never
stopped. He didn't feel the hem of his dress raised, he was in another
trance. The smack was loud it pulled him out of his trance. Debbie was
holding some sort of rubber strap. She hit him again. He gasped.

"The kitchen billy, breakfast, move it, let's get busy. No slacking for
you today. Here Robyn." She handed Robyn the quirt.

Billy's day was just getting started. The hem of his dress had not been
lowered. As he took a step Robyn smacked him, all the way into the
kitchen. The pantyhose were pulled so tightly across his bum each smack
was loud, painful, electric.

When he reached the kitchen she sat down, to watch, she hadn't pulled
down his hem. He was blushing deeply. His behind had red lines where
she had spanked him. He looked so cute standing there, the stockings
fastened with garters to the corset, his behind peeking through, shaped
and squeezed but bare, just those lines decorating it. His panties had
been pulled up so high, his behind was almost bare. Amy came in to see
how long before breakfast was ready. She saw the lines on his bum.

"Did you spank him?" she asked Robyn. Robyn nodded. "Shouldn't we pull
his dress down?"

"Mom said no," Robyn told her. "To spank him if he moves too slowly,
she is still annoyed he lied."

"Oh," Amy said thoughtfully, he had a cute bum she thought. She spanked
him with her hand, "get to work missy" she said.

Robyn was giggling. Billy was blushing, deeply. He tried to move faster
but the stockings and corset were sending overwhelming feelings through
him, when Amy spanked him he almost collapsed.

Debbie came in as billy was serving toast. "After lunch billy, I would
like you to cut our lawn. The push mower is in the garage, you don't
need gas it works with push power."

Cut the lawn? Like this? All those steps, with the stockings pulling
and tugging, the hot sun on him, they had a huge lawn. His heels were
so high, every step was going to be a torment.

"Robyn check on him now and then please, leave his dress up, if he is
working too slow, speed him up with the quirt."

Robyn grinned at billy. She took the quirt and waved it in the air
menacingly. Amy looked at it. "Where did you get that?"

"It was in the garage with some of the horse riding equipment they used
here in the past," Debbie told her.

Amy shivered this time, it looked like that would hurt, to be smacked
with the quirt. She looked at the stripes on his bum again. Yup, it
would hurt.

Later Billy was tugging the lawn mower out of the garage. Robyn came
over with a tiny piece of rope. He looked, wondering. She quickly
fastened the chain at his wrist to the handle of the lawn mower.
"There, off you go now," She gave him a couple smacks to get him going.
She walked along behind him, as he pushed the mower, swinging the strap
gently against his bum. The sensations became so strong again. Now he
was tied to the lawn mower, out in the open, his bum exposed, being
spanked with each step. He hadn't realized he stopped, the feelings,
the tugging the squeezing was just too much. Then he felt a poke, it
was between his cheeks. Right between. He gasped and jumped.
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