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Continually Increasing Bondage
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Below is the first chapter of Continually Increasing Bondage, which is a sequel to my earlier story Ever Increasing Bondage.

Please let me know what you think, either by leaving a message here, or by email to [email protected]


Lauren shifted her arms from side to side, in an effort to see how much movement she was capable of. Not very much was the quickly discovered answer. The leather straitjacket creaked softly as she tested its restraining qualities; attributes which she knew, from many hours of experience, to be of a very high standard indeed.  Even so, testing the efficacy of the tightly strapped garment was always an attractive way of passing the time; although, in truth, her other options in this regard were somewhat limited just at the moment.

Trying to relinquish the hugging embrace that her arms were obliged to keep around her body, proved beyond her means, as she had known it would. Attempting to pull her arms away from her chest and bring them up above her head, also proved futile, as the restraining strap through which both sleeves had been threaded was an insurmountable barrier in her efforts to get herself free from the unforgiving outfit.  And the broad strap that ran between her legs and pulled tightly into her crotch prevented the jacket being raised upwards. The straps at her back – five in all, ranging from her waist up to her neck – had all been securely and tightly buckled to deter the wearer from thoughts of escape.  Her arms, in their slim cul-de-sac tunnels of unbreakable leather, had likewise been secured at her back with an expertise that left her with very little ‘wiggle-room’.

The binding of her legs had also been undertaken with precision and attention to detail, so that any thought of standing up, let alone walking, were goals that would remain unattainable for the foreseeable future. With the soles of her feet in close proximity to her buttocks, ropes had been strictly wrapped around her calves and thighs to keep her in one of the strictest frog-ties that she’d ever experienced. Having been originally placed on her knees and toes, Lauren had, soon after being left to her own devices, managed, with some difficulty, to flop over so that she now lay on her left side. Any attempt to return to her former position was now completely out of the question.

Lauren gazed around the room. The door away to her left was shut, with the handle well beyond her reach. But even if she could have somehow grasped this and pulled on it, the door still wouldn’t have opened. For as she knew from the clicking sound that had followed its closure, she had been locked in.  The room was in twilight, with the curtains closed, but this wasn’t the only reason that Lauren had difficulty seeing from one side of the small space to the other. The other circumstance that had to be factored into the equation was that her head had been encased in a pair of her own black tights; bringing a hazy, indistinct quality to her vision. Beneath the tights, her lower face was completely obscured by circuit after circuit of grey duct tape, which ensured that another, rolled up pair of tights that filled her mouth, could not be spat out.

All was silent, both inside the small room and on the far side of the door, which suggested that her rigger - as he’d hinted he might – had left the house for a while. How long had he been gone now? By her best estimate it must be at least an hour. How long would it be before he returned? That was a more difficult question to answer, as it might be just a few minutes, or it could be several hours.

Despite the fact that she was one hundred percent certain of her inability of escape her predicament, Lauren continued to squirm and wriggle in her bonds. But this owed nothing to any false hope of liberation, but had everything to do with heightening the pleasure inherent in her plight; the constant reiteration of just how helpless she was simply adding to the excitement of her situation.  The soft leather of the straitjacket brushed smoothly over the shiny black spandex cats-suit that she habitually wore at such times as this. Every time she moved her legs, – whether in her desire to enhance her bondage experience, or simply to change position and exercise cramped muscles – the friction of the ropes and straps digging into the shiny stretch material that clung ultra-tightly to every square inch of her limbs and body, caused a shiver of excitement to course through her. Although it was sixty minutes or so since he’d left her here, she could still feel – or imagined she could feel – the warmth of his hands, as they’d gently stroked her thighs and slowly pushed deeper between her legs; teasing and tantalising her by getting her all hot and bothered just prior to his departure.  Now, with the aftershock of his touch still lingering, Lauren pulled on the tight crotch strap, in order to attempt to recreate the magic of his fingers. It wasn’t the same, of course, but she consoled herself with the knowledge that when he did - eventually – see fit to return, she was in for a treat.


Jasmine scanned through the email a second time, not quite believing what she’d just read.  It was more than three months now since she’d seen or heard from her cousin Amber, but the trauma associated with that last encounter still lingered fresh in her memory. So this out-of-the-blue communication from her estranged relative sent a shiver down her spine. Those two days that she’d spent as a prisoner waiting to be sold into slavery had been a bit of a shared family ordeal, as it had involved not only her detested cousin, but Jasmine’s identical twin sister Jade as well.

Not that the perilous situation they found themselves in was Amber’s fault...well not entirely anyway. But to be chained up, bound, gagged, hooded and entombed in unbreakable packing crates for more than forty eight hours was not something you forgot in a hurry, especially when you’d been informed that life as you knew it was about to end, and that the remainder of your days were to be spent as the property of some rich pervert on the other side of the world. No, the person directly responsible for the planned transaction that would see them spirited out of the country, never to be seen again, was now in prison herself, having been convicted of kidnapping, false imprisonment, people trafficking  and a string of various other offences. But even so, the circumstances that had led to this horrific state of affairs could be traced back to Amber’s actions in taking the twins - plus their one-time friend Lauren - captive and keeping them tied up. The devious woman had then staged a mock kidnapping that would lead the trio to believe they were going to drown whilst buried up to their necks on a sandy beach. Jasmine shivered at the recollection of these incidents, which had been the starting point for a series of events that had swiftly spiralled out of control.  Okay so, as luck would have it, they’d been rescued just in time by the intervention of the police after an anonymous tip-off. But if that hadn’t happened, they would surely have perished in those makeshift coffins, as their abductor had then found herself in a rather unenviable and inescapable predicament of her own.

As she finished reading, Jasmine shook her head in disbelief. She just had to show this to her sister as soon as possible.  Taking the stairs down into the cellar of the family home, Jasmine made her way towards a vague black shape that was just visible in the corner of the dimly lit room.  She knelt down beside the object and placed her hand on the round bulge at one end. As she did so, the package moved slightly, and a soft murmur emanated from within.

“Jade, are you awake?”

The bundle on the floor stretched out, revealing that the black substance which covered the contents was pliable and shimmered slightly in the light. At once, Jasmine began to unbuckle and remove several leather straps that had been tightly fastened around the female-shaped parcel, before unzipping the figure hugging darlex sack beneath which her sister languished.

Jade’s head appeared from the clinging sheath, the lower half of which was swathed in grey duct tape. With the help of her sister, Jade’s body and legs slowly inched out of the enveloping sack, revealing that she was attired in a black spandex cat-suit from neck to toe, which hugged her lithe young figure.  In contrast to the black of her outfit, the brilliance of the white ropes that surrounded almost every inch of her legs and torso, highlighted the severe way in which she’d been bound. Her hands were invisible beneath her, but the soft clink of metal betrayed the fact that her wrists were manacled in strong steel handcuffs.

Jasmine began to unpeel the tape from her sibling’s face, and eagerly began to explain the reason for letting her sister out of her bonds.

“Sorry Jade, I know that I said I’d leave you here all day, but something’s come up that you really need to see.”

Quickly untying the ropes that bound Jade’s legs together in several places from thigh to ankle, Jasmine helped her sister to her feet and led her out of the cellar with her hands still cuffed behind her back and her arms lashed to her body.  Jade, however, seemed unimpressed by this unexpected interruption of what should have been a peaceful leisure period.

“What’s so important that it couldn’t wait for a few hours?  I was really enjoying myself and looking forward to a bit of quality bondage time.”

“Be patient and I’ll show you. Now come with me.”

Grabbing her arm, Jasmine led her twin through the silence of the old farmhouse. Their parents were so rarely here these days, preferring instead to spend the majority of their time at their villa in Spain. Consequently, this meant that Jasmine and Jade had the run of the old place most of the time and were able to do as they pleased. And what pleased them the most was bondage in all its diverse forms, varieties and perversions.

Reaching the study, Jasmine ushered Jade to the desk and bade her sit down in front of the laptop.

“Take a look at the email that our favourite cousin just sent.”

Jade began to read.

The message that Amber had sent was short and to the point. It also left a lot of questions unanswered. The gist of the brief communiqué was that she needed to meet with the twins urgently; this lunchtime, in fact. There was no clue as to what was so important that it couldn’t wait. Nor why, after all this time, she’d decided to break the silence between them.  Jade read the missive twice, then turned to her sister.

“Do you think this is genuine? Or some kind of trap?”

Jasmine gazed out of the window, deep in contemplation.

“I’ve been wondering that myself since the email arrived. Why contact us after all this time? Why now? Knowing Amber, it could be some sort of devious plot to entice us into her web and kidnap us.”

She began pacing the room.

“But on the other hand, she’s proposing to meet both of us in a crowded pub, in the middle of the day. What can she do to us there? Providing we don’t allow her to separate us, lure us into her car, or take us to some deserted spot and overpower us, then we should be okay.”

She came back to where her sister sat.

“So what have we got to lose? I’m intrigued to see what she’s got to say. We can always walk out whenever we want, if she seems to be plotting something devious....Oh,  and we’ll need to keep our eyes open to make sure that she doesn’t try to spike our drinks.”

After a minute of two of further discussion, the pair agreed that they would meet Amber at the proposed time and place. Jasmine replaced her sister at the screen and quickly rattled off a reply to confirm the arrangement.  She looked at the clock.

“Right, that only gives us an hour or so before we need to be on our way. Better get ready, I guess.”

She stood up and headed for the door. Jade, however, foresaw a slight problem.

“Er, Jasmine?”

Jasmine turned and looked quizzically at her spandex clad twin. In case she needed reminding, Jade turned around to refresh Jasmine’s memory. She held her arms out as far as she could, which caused a faint clinking sound to stir the still air of the study, accompanied by a momentary glint of metal, as the bracelets caught the light from the window.

“Unless you’re planning to parade me through the pub like this, you might want to consider letting me out of these handcuffs!”


The Oyster Reach pub and restaurant at Bourne Bridge on the outskirts of Ipswich was just beginning to get busy when Jade and Jasmine entered at noon that Saturday. Outside, the earlier sunshine had given way to a grey and overcast day, with gulls squabbling and screeching over scraps of food from the nearby roadside café on the bridge. The wind whistled and hummed eerily around the yachts’ masts – moored and covered for the winter at the nearby marina.

Finding themselves a table by the window, the twins sat in silence, nervously sipping at their drinks – a glass of Australian Chardonnay for Jasmine, Bacardi and Coke for Jade - their attention fixed on the road outside, from which direction their cousin would be expected to arrive. Amber was late; a tactic that both knew was probably deliberate in order to keep them waiting and thus prolong the uncertainty surrounding the nature of this cryptically requested rendezvous.

Ten long minutes elapsed, with no sign of their wayward cousin. Jasmine went to the bar to get more drinks, her shapely figure and slender legs in their clinging wet-look leggings turning a few of the male customers’ heads as she sashayed back to the table.  For a second or two, Jade was distracted from her vigil at the window, but as she turned back and looked towards the bridge, she noticed a familiar car turning off the main road onto Bourne Hill. It was Amber, no doubt about it.  The duo glanced nervously at each other.

“Remember to show that you’re not intimidated by her in any way” were Jasmine’s only words of advice to her sister.


Amber sauntered across the busy bar, not paying any attention to the looks she received from the other punters. In a long black leather coat done up to the neck and reaching beyond her knees, her only other visible attire was the high heeled boots, manufactured from the same material and identical in colour to the coat. Contrasting with this all black image, her blonde hair framed the milk-white complexion of her face, and fell loosely around her shoulders. Her eyes were dark and her lips painted a bright, garish shade of red. In her hand she carried a newspaper.

Without any kind of greeting, she sat down in the chair directly opposite her cousins, who had positioned themselves side by side, facing their oldest adversary. It was Jade who broke the silence.

“Aren’t you having a drink, Amber?”

Amber looked Jade up and down, immediately noticing the still visible red welts on her wrists from the recently relinquished handcuffs.  She smiled her most devious smile.

“No darlings, I need to keep a clear head. And so should you, given the news that I’m just about to impart to you.”

Jasmine felt her hackles rising.

“Just what is it you want exactly Amber? I thought we’d made it clear that we wanted nothing more to do with you. Now, say what you’ve got to say and leave us alone.”

A momentary flash of anger crossed Amber’s face, before she regained control of her emotions. The big fake smile returned.

“Now now Jasmine, that’s no way to talk to your cousin, is it?  Nice to see you too, I’m sure.”

Amber sat forward in her seat and slapped the newspaper down on the table between them.

“I wouldn’t have contacted you if this wasn’t of vital importance. Something’s cropped up that you really need to know about, and what I’ve got to tell you today could be of benefit to all of us.”

She opened the newspaper and began flicking through the pages, until she came to the item she was looking for. Turning the page around for the twins to see, she pointed to a short article in one corner.

“There. Read this.”

Both Jasmine and Jade scanned the four paragraph feature indicated by Amber. The banner at the top read “Four Escape from Women’s Prison.” The small print gave details of the nature of the breakout; how these female convicts overpowered and tied up two of their guards and escaped in the back of a truck delivering supplies to the establishment in which they were serving their sentences. The names of the four women were printed at the bottom, although these meant nothing to either of the twins. Jade was first to finish reading. She looked up at Amber and shrugged.

“So, what’s this got to do with us?”

Amber sighed and rolled her eyes. She leant over and pointed to the third of the four names listed.

“Don’t you know who this is?”

She looked at each twin in turn, but both stared back blankly at her. Again she sighed, as if frustrated by her relatives’ stupidity.

“That, my dear cousins, is the real name of your friend and mine, Lady Hazel Paine.”


“So what are you expecting us to do about it?”

Jasmine shot the question across the table at Amber, deliberately cultivating an air of belligerence, although inwardly she felt vulnerable and insecure just being in the presence of the woman she blamed for instigating the events that had so nearly led to their lives being changed forever.  Amber, however, seemed to see through this hostility, and clearly had her response already worked out.

“Because Jasmine, the fact that Hazel is on the loose again could make life around here quite interesting.”

Jade’s eyes became wide.

“Do you think she’ll be coming after us again?”

Amber was dismissive of this.

“After us? No Jade, I don’t think she’ll come after us. But I do think she’ll be looking to take revenge on the people who left her tied up then turned her in to the authorities. And that’s why I’ve called you here today; because this opens up a number of opportunities that we could take full advantage of.”

Jasmine and Jade exchanged glances; the telepathic link common in identical twins seemed to have kicked in, and both exclaimed, almost in unison:

“We need to warn Lauren and Steve!”

Amber looked wearily at the pair.

“Why would you want to do that? May I remind you that Lauren has said she wants nothing more to do with any of us? And in case you‘ve contracted collective amnesia, maybe I should also refresh your memories to the fact that, whilst we were languishing in Hazel’s dungeon for more than two days, those two were off enjoying themselves. Did they think for a second about us then? Of course they didn’t. As an afterthought, they decided to tip the police off about Hazel’s whereabouts, which eventually led to our release. But that was more luck than judgement on their part. So why should we warn them?”

Despite the logic of Amber’s argument, Jasmine objected to what she saw as hypocrisy on her cousin’s part.

“They’d only just started on their relationship. I think that they probably had other things on their minds at that time. And anyway, you’ve been known to keep us tied up for days on end, so you’re hardly in a position to judge.”

Amber reacted with anger at Jasmine’s attempt at mitigation.

“That’s different! I always let you out in the end, didn’t I? As far as those two were concerned we could have been left to rot in that cellar.”

Amber’s raised voice caused nearby customers in the pub to glance in the direction of the trio. Her momentary rage spent, and conscious of the need for discretion, she lowered her voice and continued,

“And besides that, Steve then goes and writes the whole episode down and publishes it on various fetish story sites on the internet. ‘Ever Increasing Bondage’ or something like that I think he called it. He even used our real names for Christ’s sake!”

“Only our first names though. Nobody could identify us just from that.”

“No? How many sets of twins with the names Jade and Jasmine do you think there are in Suffolk?”

This was true of course. Anyone reading the story who knew the twins would almost certainly recognise the characters involved. The sisters looked at each other for a few seconds, before Jasmine once again spoke.

“So, if you’re not proposing to warn them about the possible dangers, what’s the point of asking us here today? I know you well enough Amber, to understand that you don’t do anything that doesn’t serve your own self interests. So let’s hear what you have in mind.”

Amber leant further across the table and, in hardly more than a whisper, she answered,

“We kidnap Lauren.”


For a few brief seconds, the hubbub of the busy bar seemed to fade to nothing, as if time itself was momentarily on hold. Jasmine and Jade gazed at their clearly deranged cousin open mouthed for several seconds, not quite believing what Amber had just proposed. It was Jade who finally found her voice.

“I’m sorry Amber, did you just suggest kidnapping Lauren?... Why?”

Amber’s patience seemed to be wearing thin, and her reply was delivered in a tone usually reserved for addressing a rather dense child.

“Well Jade, if you really haven’t worked it out, I guess I’ve got no alternative but to spell it out to you. But not in here. I suggest we go somewhere a bit more private to discuss this.”

Jasmine was immediately on her guard at this suggestion.

“No way Amber. We agreed to meet you in a public place, and that’s where we’re going to stay. I know you too well to trust you on something like this. Before we know it, you’ll have us both tied up in the boot of your car if we’re not careful.”

Amber smiled and put on a mock show of surprise.

“Me? I’m hurt to think that you’d ever doubt my sincerity. But seriously though, it’s too crowded in here to discuss such a delicate matter. At least we should go outside...if you’re not too scared to be in the open with your favourite cousin!”

The twins looked out of the window at the wooden benches with their parasols folded down. In summer, the pub’s garden area would have been a hive of activity. But on a winter’s day, apart from the occasional smoker, the area was usually deserted. The fenced off area was right next to the main road, however, and with the windows of the main bar looking directly out onto the  empty tables, there seemed little risk involved.

Taking their drinks with them, the twins led the way outside. The breeze had a biting edge to it, and the contrast between the warmth of the packed bar and the outdoor conditions caused both Jasmine and Jade to shiver. Or was it the presence of their hated cousin that brought about these involuntary convulsions? Sitting down at the first bench they came to, Amber wasted no time in beginning to explain the rationale behind the bombshell she’d just dropped.

“Okay girls, there are several good reasons why abducting Lauren could benefit us all. Firstly, there’s the unfinished business with Hazel.  I’ve had enough dealings with that bitch to know that she won’t be happy until she’s taken her revenge on Steve and Lauren for getting her sent down.  And I’m sure you want to get even with her too, for almost selling us into slavery. So, by kidnapping Lauren, we can use her as bait to lure Hazel in. Not only can we demand cash from her in exchange for sweet little Lauren, but – once we’re in receipt of the money -  we can draw her into our trap, overpower her and put her into a bondage situation she won’t forget in a hurry. Then, a couple of days later, we hand her over to the police. So, in a nutshell: take her money, teach her a lesson, then have her removed from our lives for a few years. What’s not to like about that?”

Amber drew breath and waited a few seconds, but as there was no comment forthcoming from the clearly dumbfounded twins, she continued,

“And of course, as I mentioned earlier, we still have outstanding issues with the way Steve and Lauren managed to ‘forget’ all about us for two days. So, once Lauren is safely in our clutches, we send Steve a ransom note, making out Hazel’s got her and is demanding full payment if he ever wants to see her again. They’re so inseparable these days that I’m sure he’ll pay anything to get his woman back again.”

Jasmine, after both she and her sister had sat in silence whilst listening to Amber’s masterplan, finally found her voice.

“So we end up extorting money from both Hazel and Steve?”

“Exactly Jasmine, now you’re using your brain at last. All my bondage equipment and toys were confiscated when the police found Hazel in my dungeon, and the house was sealed up, so I had to fine somewhere else to incarcerate my punters. The money we rake in will be ample compensation for the expenses I’ve had since losing all my gear.”

She paused for a second before continuing,

“And you never know, there may even be a third possible revenue stream to this venture too, as I’m sure the authorities will offer a substantial reward for information pertaining to the recapture of such a hardened criminal.”

Jade, who still couldn’t quite believe what she’d just heard, countered with a question.

“But why do you need us to help you? You’ve always despised us and said that the only thing we were good for was practicing your bondage skills on. Why not hire a couple of your male friends to help you out? A bit like you did when you got those three heavies to bury us on Covehithe beach?”

Amber sighed wearily once again and rolled her eyes.

“Because, my dear Jade, Lauren trusts you and your sister much more than she will ever trust me. She and Steve seem to spend most of their time together right now, and it would be almost impossible for me to get Lauren on her own in a secluded enough place to overpower her. The pair of you will be able to lure her away from Steve and into our trap. Just offer an olive branch, ask her if you can meet up, then leave the rest to me.”

Amber stood up and gazed across the road. Ipswich Town had a home match that afternoon, and that, plus the usual Saturday shoppers going into and out of town, meant that the traffic was beginning to build up. More and more customers were entering the pub through the door only a few feet away from where the trio sat, and on the nearby bridge, the burger bar was doing a roaring trade from passersby.

After a minute or so lost in thought, Amber looked down at her still seated relatives.

“So what do you think girls? Are you willing to help? Naturally any money we receive will be split fifty/fifty.”

The twins looked at each other for a split second, then blurted out in unison.


Of course, fifty percent for me and fifty percent for you two.”

“No way Amber. If you want our cooperation it has to be a three way split.”

Amber found Jasmine’s angry retort amusing.

“That’s good. Very good indeed. The fact that you’re concentrating on the money, rather than some misplaced loyalty to a former friend, shows that you’re interested in taking up my offer. Okay, you’ve twisted my arm. A three way split it is then.”

The twins once more glanced at each other.

“What do you think Jade? The money would certainly come in handy, seeing as we’re both currently unemployed.”

“I’m not sure Jas. This is kidnapping we’re talking about here, after all. We could all be sent down for a long while if we get caught.”

Amber smiled, having obviously noticed a slight split in the twin’s usually staunch solidarity, with Jasmine more keen than Jade on this whole proposed venture.

“You don’t have to let me know right now. Think about it overnight and give me a ring in the morning. But if you really do still feel empathy with Lauren, then remember this. Hazel will be out for revenge, and if she gets to Lauren first, then her days really are numbered. At least doing things my way will have a happy ending for everyone except Hazel...eventually, that is!”

Picking up the newspaper, she strolled off through the beer garden and disappeared from sight around the side of the building, leaving a pair of very perplexed and bemused twins to finish their drinks in silence.

to be continued...

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Re: Continually Increasing Bondage
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I´m very intrigued how the twins will decide and how the plot will unfold  :)     I enjoy your stories very much! Keep up the good work!

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Re: Continually Increasing Bondage
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Thanks Marko

I'm currently dividing my time between writing 'The Secrets of Shackleton Grange' and this new one, with the former taking precedence at the moment. So I can't be sure when the next chapter will be ready. Hopefully not too long though.


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Re: Continually Increasing Bondage
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I enjoyed the second part as much as the first! The split between the twins was an nice surprise, didn´t see that coming. I wonder how Jasmine will react to Jades "betrayal" at the end of the second chapter. Surely there will be stringent bondage involved, of that I´m sure. What I do not get is that Jasmine falls for Amber again. I don´t think it will pay off in the end. Nice storytelling and I love the way how you let the read have a look in the minds of your characters!


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