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Swift tailor, sort of
« on: August 30, 2018, 05:35:21 PM »
Hi there, it's been a while since I brought myself to write in this forum. This is a story I've been working on on the last month. I think that the sentences' times are still pretty sketchy, but I cannot bring myself to work on it, so here is the deal, can you tellme if it is any good? Thanks, appreciate that.



Swift tailor, sort of...

Part 1

Well, how can I put it? I’m finally living my dream. It's rapidly turning in a nightmare, but my dream nonetheless.
My name is Mariam, I live in the city. Twenty four years old, just finished fashion school. Currently I'm single, and I stay in an apartment in the center of town. I’ve always like sewing and designing clothes, with a keen eye on the racy ones.
A couple of years ago I discovered that I like to work leather and obsessed with it I began experimenting.
With some spare money I bought a second hand sewing machine, that is able to punch thru it and so I started to produce jackets, skirts whatever.
To support myself and my studies I opened an Etsy shop and sold some creations online. Not a steady income, but sure a creative outlet.
Last year I received a custom request for some sort of bondage clothing, a jacket whose arms were sewn into the pockets so the wearer could not be able to use them. After selling it to the customer, I altered the design and put it on the shop. There the flow started to rise up steadily. To balance the request and the effort I raised the prices and now I seem to have found a balance of sort. So I continue my studies, I keep my shop going, and I get some free time to pursue my interests.
During this phase I discovered a couple of things. First that I like to be restricted and restrained. Since I got request by the net it is nearly impossible that the customer is able to model the thing for me. So I have to model myself. I asked Clarice, a friend of mine to help me offering her food in exchange for modeling, but in the end I like more trying out personally the things I produce. So the agreement stays but the roles changes. So she had the chance to close me in one of the jackets, or helped me put on a pencil skirt ending in a tight corset. Or putting me in a high neck top without arms that forced me to hug my torso. Sort of straightjacket, but definitely classier.
This brought me to another discovery: self bondage, and last summer, because Clarice was on holiday and I was strict on deadlines I had to do by myself. This forced me to tweak the design of the jackets to be able to put it on and off without anyone helping.
In the same period I saw something that triggered my imagination in ways I couldn't foresee.
I saw on a website something called “fuck suit”. It's the mother of all thing restricted. Basically it's a bodysuit in which arms and legs are folded in pockets, so that the wearer is not able to walk or grab things besides going around as a dog and using knees and elbows to prance around.
The design I saw was fitted with a hood without holes for the eyes or the mouth, and with a zipper starting from the navel, running thru the crotch, up the back, reaching the back of the head.
It was astounding, the pictures I saw were of a superb leather product, done by an amazing crafter.
There was a woman trapped in the suit, and it was made to her measure in a way that, even if she was fully covered in leather, she could easily be completely naked.
Immediately, I wanted to be her. Hell, I desperately wanted to be her.
I made there and then a plan in my head. This was a big project, of a size completely out of my league.
Broke down the model in three parts: legs, arms and torso, hood.
Since I wanted at first to play with design, I needed a material easy to work and easy to modify. I chose jeans. It doesn't stretch, it's resistant, and it costs much less than anything else. And this because I found a couple of old pants in my closet I could play with.
I remember quite vividly the exact moment in which I took these out on my bed to inspect them. Just plain pants, no frills, no inserts, as I like them.
I took the one with the highest waist and started by unsewing both legs, and then I created the pockets folding the material.
In a couple of days I had prepared a mock up model. The first time I tried them on, I stumbled upon the first problem. The opening of the pockets was too narrow for the folded leg.
After a bit of tweaking I discovered that if I entered feet first and folded the leg inside the pocket it would be tight but more feasible than snucking inside knee first.
To achieve that I created a foot pocket to accommodate fingers and such.
This was a huge step forward. In this configuration I had solved the problem.
The first time I tested this prototype, it was snug yet comfortable. And I was able to button the trousers all the way up.
The feeling was incredible, and I started to put them on while I was working or studying to get accustomed to them. During this time I found that it was so nice and easy that I forgot I was not able to use my feet in that. I was reading a book on my bed, wearing those pants and I was so caught up in this that as I heard a noise I moved out of the bed, just to crush on the floor unable to stand up.
The second part of the suit was way trickier. I dismantled the other trousers and with the pieces first I created a sort of a leotard. It was designed like this because in the meantime I was working on a customer request of a straight leotard, a swimsuit with arms and those arms were stuck on the side. That was really fun try on, but I employed Clarice with that task. As I managed to perfect the torso part, I moved to the arm pockets. Actually I had to work separately on each one, because I could fix one to the torso and then tweak it with the other arm. I found the same problem that I had with legs, and I resolved it in the same fashion, I would have to fold my arms inside the pockets. Snug but comfortable.
As I perfected the left pocket, I just had to copy that for the right. It was good. Then I tried that along with the leg part. First I put the suit legs, then I wore the swimsuit on top of it.
This was a flawed design, in a lot of ways. The crotch part was messed up, and also there was something absolutely off. The swimsuit was so high that some skin was shown between pants and openings. That was a bummer, and I had to return to the drawing table.
Long story short, I decided to connect the swimsuit part with the leg part.
This forced me to actually break down what I had done so far to build it back.
So I proceeded to connect the torso part to the trousers, then I closed the front zip, and opened the back for a rear entry.
It took me ten days, since I had something for a client to do. I modelled the suit and trimmed whatever details I found.
For a customer I had made a hood, starting from a model that I got from my own head. This was tricky, but I used a technique I learned from the web.
First I used some plastic wrap on my head, then I proceeded to duct tape the whole thing, first using a mirror, then using my fingers to cover everything, leaving just a couple of holes for my nostrils. Then I used a rounded scissors to cut the mold.
In this way I had the paper model, that I could draw on leather.
I had decided that it was to be done in black kid leather. I had found an internet supplier, that I had used in the past and I could afford a decent amount of leather, for a fair price.
Mind you, without any particular reason, I kept Clarice in the dark about all of this. It was going pretty swiftly, and fast, but in the meantime I had to call her for some products. I had her put me in the straitjacket I was talking about, and it was very very good.
And then I called her for an armbinder, with an opening for hands, and it was perfect, restrictive and perfect. Both of them were sold for a good amount of money.
The suit, seemed to me, was entirely another project, in which I was the customer, and so it would be more difficult to explain without telling too much. Up to that point, I think that Clarice had still to realize how much wearing my contraptions turned me on.
It was a professional environment, and so I constantly asked her to fumble with laces and hasps, so I thought that my secret was safe. In and out, just to tweak with details. My secret was safe but, boy, I came to realize that I would like to be left in those things for an amount of time.
Then it came the time to start working directly on leather. First I dismantled completely my mock-up model to use it as a template for cuts and forms.
I had learned that usually you have to be very careful on the stress points, so double sewing, stitching, and generally use some heavy duty technique to connect those parts.
I was working in a frantic state, because it was apparent that I was nearing my objective very fast.
I worked on that on every little scrap of time that I could spare from other commitments and I went on to sew late in the night and early in the morning.
That sort of explain my situation right now, but let me come to that. So yesterday night I have completed it, fixing all the parts together. It was gorgeous, all the sewings were tight and strong. I had fixed the zipper starting from my belly, passing thru the crotch and up to the back of the hood. Finally it was real and complete.
I went to sleep last night exhausted but happy. But I was excited, also. And this led me to a poor night sleep. But today was the day I was to try on this thing, no delays accepted.
So I woke up early, made breakfast, shower and whatever. Then I proceed to try it out. I was still in my undies from the night, and I decided to stay that way. Then I thread a piece of rope from the hasp of the zipper and connect it to the handle of the door of my living room, leaving a couple of foot of slack. It was my first choice as a fixed point. Then I sat on my living room rug, it’s pretty large and I judged that there was nothing dangerous I could stumble on during this trial.
Sitting on the rope I first put one leg into the pocket. I had fiddled with the design and it was snug, but comfy and I could bend the leg right into place. I could feel pressure and confinement. Good, on with the other. Same here, it was the same measure and it fitted the same. Awesome.
With my legs in the suit, I squatted forward closing the zipper using the rope tension and pairing the two parts. It went smoothly and in a flash I had closed all the way to the middle of my back, the feeling was constricting but wonderful. Here came the tricky part.
I had thought about that a lot and I have found that the process would be to crouch a little and wear the hood, then insert the arms. Finally I would have to straight my back, turn to face the fixed point and squat backwards until the suit was zipped up, this would help me exert pressure and control during the whole process..
Then when I wanted out I would face my back to the fixed point then shuffle further away sliding the cursors down my back and actually freeing myself.
I had convinced myself it would work right that way, and that it was risk free. Else….
No, there was no else. It would have worked, it would be a hoot.
So I crouched folding my torso and put the hood on. I’ve tweaked also this design to make it more snug and tight, so I could feel the top of the head a little adherent.Then I folded first the left and then the right arm inserting them in the upper pockets.
Then it was a moment of truth, the first tightness I could feel as I got the zipper in the middle of my back tugging at the rope.
The sensation on my belly was wonderful, tight but not constricting. Then I rotate myself facing the handle, aka my fixed point. There I could feel the rope passing over my left shoulder and this could help me to tug more efficiently.
Well, it worked, as I shuffled back I could feel the suit closing encircling my torso. At the height of my shoulder blades I felt some resistance. If I knew better, I should have stopped there and check the thing, but I was so intrigued in this, that I pushed the zipper further up. Did not give a tug, but instead I tried to apply pressure in a constant fashion. After sometime, that I cannot imagine how long it was, I felt the zipper break free of the snag, continuing its journey up. In the same moment I felt that the arms pocket were drawn behind. I must have fiddled with measurements and so the back part was a little too tight hindering the movement and forcing my arms to remain open.
No problem, I could easily fix it as soon as I got out of this suit. But curiosity got the best of me and I decided that I would like to see how the hood fit, and pushing with the head at the rope I forced the zip to the top. I found some resistance and I pushed further. Then I realized a couple of things. First, arching my back to exert more pressure threw me out of balance, second, that the fixed point I chose was not so fixed after all. As soon as I closed the zip I heard a loud “snap” and immediately start to fall backward on my rug.
Oh, shit.
Seems to me it took a long time to hit the floor, but was too much worried to feel panic. That would come later.
But as I recoil for the pretty uneventful fall, I could finally take stock of the situation.
Legs pockets work like a charm effectively keeping them neatly folded and unusable, I could feel the tightness in the torso section, snug, comfy but strict, just like I wanted. The arms were kept folded and stretched by the tightness of the back section, their movement hindered, neck was snug but not constricting. Then there was the hood.
As I may have told you before, I had tweaked with the hood design, modifying the one I had done for my customer. Those adjustments were that I made the chin more streamlined and the cheeks more snug, underlining the nose section, because I thought that in this way it would be more adherent to my eyelids. And I placed two little grommets where the nostrils would be, to guarantee an unlimited intake.
Even this worked like a charm, but not in the way I thought. With this actions I created a sort of funnel where my chin would be fitted tightly, as I pulled myself in place, the leather stretched around my head pushing my chin up. So I could not open my mouth anymore and all the noises I could muster to make were meek “mmmm”.
And also since I had thought that eye slits would be something that I could do in the future I was in pitch black.
And I was in a big trouble, stuck there like a turtle, upside down on my back. I tried to fight the panic, thinking about solutions. Were there any weak points in the suit? I had double stitched the seams, and it would take a lot of force to break them, and in the position I found myself I could not gain any leverage for that.
Frustrated I tried to scream with all my might, but my jaw was pushed upward blocking any sound from my mouth.
Was it the end? Who is going to help me out of this? I started frantically to trash around to find some loose points or to weaken something and get out. At the end I was sweaty, tired and frustrated. I wanted out. But I could not. In that position, in that situation time started to move funny, It seemed like hours. But then a thought dawned on me. Later today I had an appointment with Clarice.
Maybe she could be able to save me.
But she did not have the keys to my flat, damn!
I’m royally fucked. Royally.
As I begin to adjust to the situation and to its own inevitability, I find that I’m able to relax myself and after a while I must have dozed off.

It’s the first time that I sleep in this kind of thing and I must confess that I’m pretty amazed by my body response. Problem is that when I wake up I have completely lost track of time. And since I’m totally in the dark, I cannot see If it is day or night.
This must be it, this is how it ends. They will find my dead from starvation body in an awesome leather suit, beautifully done and manufactured. In a bout of panic induced activity, I struggle a little then I hear a sound.
Thru the fabric I can hear something. Then I hear my apartment door opening. Immediately I sprung in a frenzy to move away, with no results.
The sound of my hurried breath is deafening in the hood, so I force to calm down. There are voices in the entrance to my apartment, I manage to single them out. One of them is Clarice, the other is the landlady of the building.
“Listen, I had an appointment with Mary, she will not have a problem if you let me in. Send her a message, so she will know that you let me in. Don’t worry. Yes I have called her phone a ton of times, God knows where she left it.”
“Let me check inside, with you, young lady.”
Wonderful, just wonderful. I could live with Clarice finding me like this, but that nosy old bitch….
I heard them close the door, and I heard the voice of the landlady trailing in the direction of the bathroom.
My heart was pounding out of my chest, as I heard.
“Oh, wow.” Then instantly all sound were muffled I could feel that something was draped over me. I was literally petrified by fear, horror and humiliation.
“Found it, she has left the phone in the kitchen. Here is the mystery. Thanks for your help. Since this is here, she will be back in a matter of minutes.”
Clarice then proceed to gently push the old bitch out of the apartment. And after a while I could hear the sound of door closing.
Then an enormous amount of time later, I heard some steps, than something was moved around me. And finally the voice.
“Well,  well, well, what do we have here?”

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Re: Swift tailor, sort of
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I think it’s great.l love stories were people get stuck accidentally.  You should right more.

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Re: Swift tailor, sort of
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And this is part two

Swift tailor, sort of - part two

Even if I could answer this question, I was hardly finding any words to explain the predicament in which I was just been found by Clarice.
She was a friend but since our friendship was primarily a work relationship. I mean, we did go out a couple of times but we were with other people and did have not a real chance to talk. Then the times that she came to my flat were somewhat hurried. My fault, but I did not seem to have in me any ability to build any real connection with them. I failed to see if she was in any way interested in what I was doing or modeling in the clothes I was sewing.
I could feel her inspecting my suit, moving my legs and arms and I could hear her excitement.
“Mary, is that you?”
I nodded.
“Did you get it by yourself?”
Another nod.
“Do you want out?”
Another nod.
“Are you in any pain?”
I shook my head, I was trapped not in pain.
“Ok, I will let you out, but first I want to see this beauty.”
Oh my---- I did even catch up that she had something like this in her. In panic I tried once again to free myself but the position and my sewing skills clearly prevented me.
“Don’t you worry, dear. Just some fun. I’m not going to hurt you…..”
“Unless you want me to, obviously.”
Here I am, trapped in a dilemma. She got my pause as a yes, and I can feel her hands on my body, touching and prancing. I try to scoot away, but it is a nice touch, not something threatening. Something soothing instead, I can hear the sound of my pumping heart directly in my hears. It is something that is rising in me.
Still managing to move is quite useless, got no lever to move. And then the massages get more serious and I can feel a response in my body, my pelvis buckling, my breath speeding.
She must have sensed it, since she starts to really grope my body in a very sensual way. Never been attracted by women yet still this is like an out-of-body experience.I could not care less that there is a woman actually causing me an orgasm, and it feels absolutely great.

After what seems an interminable build up, I feel her hands going to my crotch, there she finds the zipper and in a matter of seconds I’m exposed. I try to protest as she put her heads inside my folded legs and proceed to lick my pussy outside my slip.
The only protests comes in the form of a growl as I come directly in my panties.
“Look what you have done!” There is a sort of a joke in her voice.
“I cannot absolutely leave you like that.”
I’m in the heights of pleasure as I sense that she is cutting my panties and wiping my crotch with a tissue.
I feel that a line has been crossed but I’m not really sure if I want to protest or not. Then she close the zipper again. Well, it dawn on me that right now I’m in the nude underneath, and that the suit is the only piece of clothing that I have on.
But by now I wanted out, I wanted some time to think about what has just happened and what it means for me. But, au contraire, part of me was very much enjoying the situation and was debating if it would be better if Clarice decided to leave me tucked here for the rest of the day, maybe the whole night, maybe forever….

It was a pure mindtrip, all this reasoning, since I was completely and utterly at her mercy. I try to guess what she is doing in my flat just from the noises but it is mostly rustling of carpets and shuffling.
Then I feel like she is picking me up and carrying me to some place else. As she put me on my bed I can feel the mattress welcoming the weight of my body and I relax a little bit. After some more movements, I feel that she is fumbling with the zipper.
Some of the pressure and the tension is relieved and as soon as she has reached the nape of my neck she starts to peel off the hood.

The sun from the windows startle my eyes, I need to squeeze them to adjust. Immediately I open the mouth to talk but she put a finger on my lips telling me to shut up.
“Did you like it?”
I just nodded, looking at her right in the eyes.
“It is the first time I did it on a girl, do not think I dig it. But I really hope I did it fine.”
“Yes, definitely.” I whisper these words beyond my own embarrassment.
“Well, do you want out?”
“Yes, please.”
She just accepted and proceeded to undo my zipper. As they got out, my arms were pretty stiff for the position, and as I disrobe the suit, I started to massage my legs that were cramped as well.
“It is really a masterpiece!” She was full of enthusiasm, and immediately asked me to try it out.
The interior part of the suit was dry, I did not sweat too much in there.
“Hold on, I need to take a shower.”
“Wait, you zip me in. Then you take all the showers you need.”
“Are you sure? Look, it is pretty intense.” I was taken by her enthusiasm. And, to my surprise, she was undressing to her underwear.
“Come on, can't wait.”
She has my same size and same figure, so as right there on my bed I helped her to put her legs in the suit.
I had to explain how to position the feet correctly and how to insert the right leg and start to push them in position, then it is the left.
As I pull the zipper I notice that she is bustier than me, so the torso part is a little bit tighter.
“Suck in.” I command her, I feel strange, like my attitude is changed. As she keep her tummy in, I succeed in closing the suit, then I help her to tuck her arms in.
“Are you really sure?” I asked another time.
She simply nodded and then I went on in putting her head in.
Wow, how the hood came tight like a second skin, I could see she was trying to open her mouth but it was so snug on the cheeks that it forced her jaw up blocking her tongue. And as I closed the zipper I realized what she saw in me in that suit.
She was squirming trying to break free, to no avail. And just this, just seeing her movements was something that moved me.
I realized that I was nude and that I had to shower and pee and get some rest. And boy, I had passed most of the day in that suit.
I lean her over my bed and went to the bathroom, continuing to peek out every once in awhile just to check on her.
After that I felt hungry and I went to the kitchen passing around the squirming figure on my bed. She rolled and buckled as if very aroused by the feeling of her entrapment.
It was late afternoon after my little snack and I thought I could have some fun myself.
I got on the bed, beside her, she was on her side, her shoulder were not as broad as mine so she had more movement in the arms and chest.
As she felt the mattress shifting under my weight I could see that she was trying to listen and understand what I was doing.
I leaned on her back and passing both my arms under her armpit I cupped both her breasts, at the same time I grappled her folded legs with mine.
I could feel she was surprised by this, she tried to break free but there was no way. And then her breath starts to get more labored and she move her crotch in a growing rhythm. If I was a man it would be a really nice ride, but it was just some grinding of her butt on my crotch. Despite that it was very good, it was sensual and I figured that if I was in her position it would be a fuck to meld my brain.
She must be more enthused than me because after a while I heard her come and try to scream at the top of her lungs from pleasure.
Then, with a soft voice, I asked.
“Do you want out?”
With a slight movement of her head she told me no. So I get some covers and left her in the room. Still what we had only simulated on the bed was stuck in my mind. As I sip some coffee I was led to wonder what it would be like.....

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Re: Swift tailor, sort of
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wow nice writting, please add more to the story, I want to know what happens next

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Re: Swift tailor, sort of
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And here is the third and final part.


Clarice asked me to be let out the following morning. She was spent but really happy of the suit. And she asked almost immediately if I could make one for her and how much would it cost.
But she also said that she wanted certain changes to her suit, to customize it.
We were talking in my kitchen as she explained to me what she wanted and I think my jaw must have fallen down, as she asked her options.
“Are you sure? It seems a little crazy to me?” But in reality, there was something growing in me. Then I blurted.
“Mmmm…. This is something that I do see myself into.”
Without even realizing it, I must have said something too much. But Clarice kept silent and seemed to let it pass.
The following day I returned to the scratch board and with the model on hand I proceed to make another suit just similar to the one I had prepared from nothing.
Within a couple of days, I called her back, I had received some samples of the leather to be used. There was a speck of black, a tan one, and a brown one….
She decided for the tan, and I ordered directly online right there, the night ended with me measuring her with the tailor tape, along with giggles and tickling. We were having a really good time. In a couple of days I had it at home and started to work on it.
The second time was smoother and easier to prepare and to start to sew. I had something to tweak for the special request but in a couple of days I could finally call her on the phone.
“For real? Seriously? Oh my….”
Her voice was really full of joy and excitement, I never had the idea of such anticipation.
“Could you bring it to my house?”
“Absolutely. I’ve your money.” We had an agreement that she should pay for all the materials involved, she had forced it on me, because my first reaction is that it would be a gift.
“Don’t mention it. Ok, I’m on my way.”
She lives in a different neighbourhood, I had to take the car to go there. As I parked near her condo, I took a sport bag that was in the car to tuck the suit in. I thought it would be weird to walk around with a mass of tan leather in my arms.
She lives in a flat in a condo, second floor. I ringed the bell and get to her flat.
It is not a very large crib, an open space with the bed on a side an a kitchen on the other. Arranged with stylish but not so expensive furniture, it was cozy. On a wall there was a huge dresser containing all her clothes.
She was wearing a bathrobe and there was some chilly wine on the table.
Excited, told me.
“Come on, let me see….” All the while almost ripping the bag from my hands, in a matter of seconds the suit was on the bed. I must say that it looked gorgeous. Clarice was joyous, and then she took a bag from the dresser and two things were on the bed along the suit.
They were a corset and an high collar, in the same leather.
I was surprised, very surprised.
“Can I ask you something?”
In a shocked state, I just nodded.
“Could you please zip me in? And return in a couple of hours?”
“Wait, can I try it on you, before? When I will be in the suit I will not be able to see myself.”
“Well…. I suppose….”
“Please….” her excitement was overwhelming, and I simply nodded.
“Great, could you please undress?”
“Can I have some wine?”
While I was leaving all my clothes on the bed along the suit, she gave me a glass of cold wine. It was wonderful, and it did nothing to clear my thoughts in the matter.
As I remained in my underwear she took the glass back and moved me on the bed taking the clothes aside. Her suit has more options than the prototype.
“You should remove the bra…”
Yes, the openings. She had me to create some openings, on the crotch and on the breasts, and also there was a hole for the mouth.
As I unclasped my bra, she was moving my right leg into the pocket, then my left. I’d say it was a little tighter than the other suit but I had made a good job with the feet pockets so it was not too uncomfortable.
The zip started in the middle on the back over the crotch opening, and it made the suit snug on my tummy.
The breast openings were in fact holes, slightly tight than the breasts themselves, so with Clarice’s help I inserted each until the suit circled the base of each of my boobs, enlarging them. Then there were the arm pockets.
As she zipped up to my neck, I glimpsed a sight of myself in a mirror in the corner. Wow, my boobs seemed somewhat larger, some fleshy bulbs engorged in front of me.
Clarice must have catched my drift because she put a hand on them and the feeling was astounding, completely wonderful.
“Ok, open up.”
“What? No…”
She had produced a ring gag that she proceeded to put on me. It had a plastic ring that went beyond my teeth and suddenly I had no word of protest.
Stretching the hood on my head, she finally closed the zipper completely shut, and I was in the dark, since no eyes’ holes were requested.
I tried to move inside my suit and with surprise, I felt her apply first the corset then the collar.
She was working very quickly and I could feel the pressure on my belly and the blockage of my neck.
Oh, my….. I was stuck!
“You are gorgeous, I can’t wait…”
I felt her seating behind me and start massaging my bulging tits, then she put a finger in my mouth and then I could feel her hands exploring the rest of the suit, ending their journey inside the hem of my underwear that was completely free to grab.
I was very aroused by all of this, and she must have felt it on the tip of her fingers.
“Mariam, you naughty vixen!”
There was a joy in her voice.
“Listen I got an idea. When you called me saying the suit was ready, I wanted to close me in as soon as it was possible, and since I’d like to have some real action, I have called a friend of mine, Roger, to play with me. He is a really fine guy, someone I can trust with my life.”
At that point I had trouble to imagine where this was going.
“So my plan was to ask for you to truss me up, leave me her on the bed for him and then return in a couple of hours, or next morning  to free me.”
Ok, she has completely lost her marbles. Or, she was listening to my blurts, after all?
“What if, I leave you there with Roger. He will fuck you out of your mind and I go in the roof terrace and view all the scene thru my apartment’s security cameras?”
I tried to say something, I had a lot of question and protests? Would he be aware of the exchange? What if something should go wrong?
“In this suit you and me are just the same. Do not worry, he will have other things to care about. So, what you say? Move it, the clock is ticking, he will be here soon.”
I was in a trance like state, and without any real thinking I nodded for what the collar allowed me. She was directly addressing my fantasy, she did listen.
As I was still processing this decision, I heard her rummaging about then return to me and I could feel the cold steel of a.pair of scissors getting rid of my underwear. In what kind of thing I was letting myself be drawn?
“Ok, Mariam, he should be here anytime, now. I would rest if I were in your place.” She pushed me sideways to let me recline on the bed and then I could feel the light presence of blankets and duvet drawn over my body. As a final thing, she locked the collar and the corset with two small padlocks, this made me spontaneously try to free myself. She caressed my head to calmness.
The darkness and the cozy heat fought with my anticipation, and time suddenly seemed to lag. In a little while I lost track of it and my body, that at first made some attempts to fight the suit, started to relax. The position was quite comfortable and I found myself sleeping in a sexual driven haze.
I abruptly woke up, when someone was grabbing both my boobs. It was a strange and new mixture of pain and stimulation. I tried to cry for help but the sound leaving my mouth was minimal. After the initial shock, the whole setup came back to me in bits and pieces.
This must be Roger, that is playing with my boobs thinking they are Clarice’s. And I realized that I did not know what do Clarice like. Does she likes spanking? Pain?
Where the hell I’ve gotten myself into?
“Hi, Clarice, you look gorgeous, you know that?” His voice was literally dripping lust.
“This thing is mindblowing.” And with that turned me on my back and started to lick my nipples. His tongue brought jolts of electricity to my senses, and I squirmed in my restraint. His hands went to my crotch, playing with my labia and with my clit. My back buckled fighting against the corset, a solid constriction to my movements. Meanwhile my arms and legs were trying to flail but as enclosed as they were, just added to the feeling of impotence.
I tried to scream, but the gag just let me wail softly.
He moved down to my pussy, with his tongue, and started to eat her in the most relentless way. I was trying to flee but trussed in the suit, I could not get any traction.
The first one hit me while his head was inside my thighs, I could only close my legs in a vice to keep him there. It was breathtaking, between the orgasm and the corset I was able just to get some shallow sips of air.
I could feel my brain melting in a lake of lust, and I could only continue my hallucination as he positioned himself on me. Suddenly I felt the point on an erect cock entering my mouth, kept open by the gag.
In a frenzy, I tried to push it out with my tongue, then I felt that he was wearing a condom and while I was not particularly keen on blowjobs, it was something that I could get along. After all, what choice did I have?
As I accepted and started to work on the tip of his erection, he returned to give his attentions to my nether regions, grabbing my buttocks with his full hands.
I was completely mind blown, as I sped my tongue on his dick, he gain speed on my vagina, all the while spreading my ass cheeks.
Also with his movements he was crushing my engorged breasts. The sensory overload was so massive that a little part of me thought that I would have died there and then.
This whole thing seemed to last long and once I reached another climax it seemed to be completely unstoppable.
I went down as I felt his semen filling the condom and actually pushing on the rear of my throat. He immediately left keeping the condom, and then I could breathe again easily.
He leaned at my side, still out of breath himself.
“Wow. Cla, you are a machine. Are you ok?”
I just nodded, still trying to regain some sanity. I was still recoiling from that height, still was I able to speak correctly, I would not be able to explain him the situation. But most of it,there was this adrenaline rush that made me want to continue with this ruse.
“Baby, this is a masterpiece. Do you want out? Where are the keys?”
I just move my head sideways to tell him that I’d like to stay like this. On top of that, I did not know where those damn keys were.
“Who is going to let you out?”
Man, how do you think I could answer this?
“Well, I’ve brought something for you. It’s something that you talked about the other time. Do you want to guess?”
He was so engrossed with this that I thought best to play along, and I heard some shuffling, a drawer opening and then I felt that something was smeared between my buttocks. Then a finger was inserted in my butthole smearing this substance. Definitely not prepared for it, but I had no strength in me to vocal any opposition. Something cold was then gently pushed against my anus. I immediately thought it was a butt plug, something I was not into, but something that I definitely had the chance to know surfing the net. His pressure was light but relentless, and I managed to relax my clenching muscles enough to let the point past my sphincter.
The peak of the thing is ball shaped, but under that there is another ball and then another. I was breathing heavily because the strain from my butt was real and uncomfortable. After what seemed like a long time, the pressure was gone and all I could feel was a sense of fullness and my body trying to expel the thing, without any real result.
Obviously Roger had other plans and conducted me in a dog position resting on my knees and elbows. First he flogged my labia with his penis then as soon as he got rock hard he got me from behind and started to pump furiously gripping my body by the waist.
Between his penetration and the butt plug, this was another Krakatoa-like orgasm beginning to build. At some points, my elbows slipped and I went head down on the bed, this moved my back in a way that I could feel his cock pumping even more. I think that I nearly blacked out with my peak, and try to slip on the linen. But his grip was strong and firm and he continued to pull and push in a steady pace.
The third consecutive orgasm hit me right when he was coming. And as he let go of my waist I literally collapsed on the bed, still trembling from the aftermath of that.
I was utterly spent and I think I must have dozed off while he was staying behind caressing and pinching lightly my body.
I woke up once again on my side and I could feel his erect manhood between my thighs trying to ruse me up.
I think I’ve become very wet in a matter of seconds because he entered me sideways forcing my right leg to stay up and using it as a push point. At that point I was screaming at the top of my lungs, but there was just a moan for the gag. He gave it all, twice more times, that night.
He took advantage of my boobss using them to squeeze his dick and prompting another erection and then he licked me to kingdom come, making me literally faint from exhaustion.
He may have told me softly “Ok, I gotta go. Your friend wrote that she will take you out in the morrow. Thank you, Clarice.” but I was far to burned up to listen.
I really do not have idea how much I must have slept, but when I woke there was an ensuing panic that took a grip of my mind. I struggled against the suit, against the collar, against the corset. My muscles were fighting to get the gag out of my mouth, my butt was clenching to push the plug out of my hole. And the more my efforts were useless, the more I panicked and tried to scream at the top of my lungs.
It was maddening. Then I heard her voice, she was caressing my head, soothing me with words and finally I heard Clarice fumbling with the locks.
As the collar went off I could finally move my neck and my head, then the zipper was open and the hood was down. Light was flooding my eyes and I had to squeeze them tight to gain some eyesight. As I opened them, she was opening the latches of the gag. Finally I could speak, even if I had nothing to say. The struggles robbed me of my energy, leaving me in a fatigued stupor.
I was unaware that she was unlocking the corset and sliding my legs out of the suit. Then she covered me with a blanket and left me alone to slowly wake.
I regained my strength smelling coffee, and still in the nude I went to her as she sat on the table. I collapsed on the seat and gulped in surprise feeling the plug still in position.
“Oh my god…..”
I felt it with my fingers and gingerly try to push it out. It seemed stuck.
Clarice was still sipping her coffee, looking at the scene. She took my hands in hers and told me.
“Do not worry, you just have to relax and it will come out easily. After all it was gift for me, and I’d like it back.”
We both burst into a fit of laughter, at the weirdness of the whole situation and at the tone of her request.
As she told, the plug went out with a loud “plop” while I was showering. As I had it in my hand I could not believe how big it was and I wondered how it was possible to have it lodged in my anus. Still, beside all the discomfort and the strangeness of it all, I could not say that it was a bad experiment.
Showered and refreshed I returned to the table where Clarice was still waiting for me. She had a tablet in front of her, and she was looking the images she took during the night. We sat silently mesmerized by the thing. I was astounded to realize that it was me doing that things, with Roger. And yet it seemed a little strange to look at me being shagged by a man, and sitting alongside his fiancee, or girlfriend or whatever.
“Mar, you were absolutely astounding. I really hope you get some satisfaction out of it.”
“It was an otherworldly experience. He fucked my brains out of it, and the inability to communicate with him it was scary at times and it made me feel totally out of any control.”
Clarice was listening raptly at my words, she knew it was something that she would like to experience first hand.
“Say no more, we have to rope in Roger for another night, and this time I will be in the suit. Definitely.”


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