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Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #15 on: November 11, 2018, 05:33:06 PM »
Reading part 4, and putting down some thoughts and comments as I read this.

What is striking me quite clearly at the moment, beyond the obviousness of the "both men share the same kink and talk about it" observation, that permeates the whole wifely discipline kit, are the interesting mixed messages Jackie is giving, in her own thoughts to herself.

At this point, part way through the first section of part 4, Jackie has both concluded that all she needs now is for Jack to "force" this issue, thus freeing her from any and all concerns and constraints about acting the wife in all of the appropriate ways.

Yet just as we have had this observation, this thought and consideration, Jackie is also still teasing Jack, and wondering why she is teasing and pushing so...  almost as if she is trying to have it both ways at once.  I feel it is safe to say we are well past the point of wondering if Jack finds her attractive and desirable how.  His views and desires are perfectly clear!

Then again, we were not long ago reminded that Jackie feels her (real) husband takes her body for granted, so who can argue with a sexy lady wanting, desiring and revelling in such positive reinforcement of her looks and desirability :)

Now this is interesting, and unexpected.  Jackie is getting closer and closer to offering herself up on a plate, yet Jack has just said that what he wants is something he should not be wanting.  This holiday, this charade is only going to work if he wants, obviously and actively, his "wife" during the entire holiday.  Combine this with the long running history of him wanting / needing / desiring / claiming...  or whatever is going on here, Jackie, it is a little surprising that he seems to be pulling back like this.

Then again, perhaps not so surprising, he has been having to behave himself and deny or at least limit his desires for Jackie for quite some time now, so an ingrained habit.

A cold shower?  I didn't think Jack would take that route, but it does keep the tension simmering along nicely :)

Yes, underdressed in the presence of Jack's fully dressed boss, this is one of those "um, what to do" moments life likes to throw at us.

Stumbling over the drink order for his wife...  the million and one little things that you should know about your wife, but that you don't know about your best friends wife...  How are they supposed to sell this charade?

*smirk* drinking the baby maker?  Isn't any old alcohol supposed to make a lady susceptible to a man's advances?  Or am I just feeling a tiny bit cynical again? :)

OK, let me revise that comment, this drink does seem to be rather epically strong!  Almost as if it was selected specifically for this feature... ;)

Pete asked about the house tour, and Jackie still cannot see the point...  yep, clearly being ganged up on, and it all screams that Jack's boss knows the basics of what is going on here, so why all of the games?  Plus, what IS Jack actually up to?

At least he has finally admitted he has always wanted Jackie, so we are making a bit of progress finally :)

Jackie's choice of curse word at the end actually makes a lot of sense to me, this is a new, bolder and more forward version of Jackie, both by nature of the situation, and due to the role that she is being required to play.  So of course this is going to be reflected in her words and actions.

Jack though...  things have been heading this way for quite a while now, and with ever growing passion.  If he were really so firm in his commitment to keep his hands off of his "wife" he really went about it the wrong way.  But this look of shock, surprise, it again goes right to the heart of the question of what is going on here with Jack and his feelings for Jackie.

On something of a random aside, assuming all of this is a grand "trap" to see if Jack will have sex with Jackie, given the seriousness of the situation, if Jackie was a made up woman then what would stop Jack from finding and hiring an escort who looked sufficiently like Jackie, and who would be willing to have sex with him?  Not automatically easy, but not impossible either.

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Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #16 on: November 12, 2018, 10:36:45 AM »
Pete is a hypnotherapist, and the "Baby Maker" drink just there to make his job easier and quicker once he and my alter ego were manipulated into being alone, as was Tammy's plan from the beginning. Pete then easily slipped my alter ego into a light trance, asked a bunch of questions that Tammy had specifically asked about, and then received some very truthful and candid answerers in return.

Pete then had enough time to ask some very personal follow up questions, and then plant some happy attitudes toward Tammy and this vacation, and even plant the sugestion for over the top desire for my stand in husband. He did this specifically knowing Jack wasn't my real husband just to ignight a firestorm of emotion, and emotional collateral dammage afterwards.

That's the reason for Jackie's disconnect between Jack's words and rational logic once back in their room, and for Jackie's suddenly warm feeling toward both Pete and Tammy after their impromptu session. Feeling "wonderfully naughty" was an ad hoc Pete suggestion, one that Jackie hardly needed, but then again did as she had been obviously conflicted earlier. I tried to portrat that, (perhaps not all that clearly) in Jackie's tempting of Jack with offered sexual favors, but stopping just short of jumping his bones as she had been conditiond to respond to her true husband's advances when he was in the mood.

 Clearly things are different now, but the upcomming morning after should be fun, as will the continuing subliminal suggestions that she need her temporary husband often, and without limit, this wantonness perhaps applying to the handsome and muscular Jeffery if Jack isn't willing or able. I am undecided if a sip of a Mamajunna is what will put Jackie back into horny slut mode, or a phrase of some kind, or perhaps some other trigger. I could also envision Jack being given the trigger at some point to use as his conscience allows, and this as well could be fun, and a test of his character.

I also can see, at some point, Tammy and Jackie going out some place remote on the island and Tammy laying down a little bound corporal punishment for lying to her and being snippy when they had first met, Tammy wanting to make sure Jackie got the message about who was the top dog between them.

The ultimate surprise could be that Jack is in line for a huge promotion, perhaps even to run the resort they are presently staying at, this entire charade just a job interview to see if he had "what it takes" to succede at any cost.

Thank you again for your motivation and kind thoughts, Jackie.

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Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #17 on: November 12, 2018, 02:00:02 PM »
I don't recall any mention before of Pete being a hypnotherapist, but suddenly things make SO much more sense!  Cool!

There was a clear and sharp change in Jackie, but I simply accepted that it was down to all of the alcohol on an empty stomach, which was obviously part of the setting.

As for a trigger...  my first thought / gut instinct here is not to go with the Mamajunna, since this seems a little bit to specific, but instead any colourful cocktail.  Given Jackie is normally a wine drinker, while cocktails are widely available, this gives us a bit more scope for fun down the line.

Seeing how far Jack is prepared to go actually makes a great deal of sense here, and explains a lot.  I am reminded of the observation that sometimes the heads of big companies, the ones who are successful, are also quite close in nature to psychopaths, it is just applied differently.

You have carefully avoided any mention or hint of the background to all of this though, there has to be a big driving force behind all of this...  behind the second wedding ring, the loan, the picture, etc.  I haven't forgotten that I still want to know all about this when the time comes :)

Which leads to the interesting observation that if Jack becomes aware of the trigger for Jackie's much more enthusiastic behaviour, what will he do with this knowledge?  He comes across as very conflicted where Jackie is concerned, and I had the feeling that while he was certainly a willing lover, if Jackie hadn't pushed so hard and firmly, nothing sexual would have happened that night.

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Re: Indecent Proposal by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #18 on: April 20, 2020, 08:56:09 AM »
Part 5 of this up today!


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