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The Giant's Wand by S M Ackerman
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Solo-f; M/f; bond; bdsm; giantess; magic; mythical; cons; X

This story is the precursor to the 'The Wand' stories, this story explains the origins of giants, and how the wand came to be where it was, and how they, the giants fell into legend, and it gives more detail about the wand itself and background to the story.


The Royal Academy of Science 2009.

In the year 1880, in a cave system somewhere in Europe, two cave explorers discovered a lettered cylinder of immense proportions. Inside of the sealed cylinder, and under the auspices of the Catholic Churches guidance, the cylinder was secretly conveyed to Rome. Where on the direct order of the Pope of that time, the cylinder was opened, and a hundred years of studying its contents was begun, in secret.

“Now Gentlemen!”

The speaker looked out over the crowded inner sanctum of the Royal Academy, he hesitated just a fraction to long, making some in attendance uncomfortable, but attentive none the less, before continuing.

“It is my pleasure to present to you the fully deciphered contents of that cylinder, and it is for you honoured Ladies and Gentlemen of science to decide how best, if at all, this information is used! ”

A tall, slim (almost willowy), dark haired female entered onto the stage, she stepped up to the wooden dais, placing her wooden pointer down upon its surface safely wedged by papers, she looked out across the room at the eager faces waiting to hear the tale as told by the ancient scroll. Her green eyes flashing she prepared to shock them to the very core, shaking both the foundations of life, and the beliefs of the people gathered before her.

She began to speak.

The Giants Loss.

Long ago, before the primates that would develop into mankind had even begun their perilous trip toward civilisation. Long before the Dwarf’s of the high mountains and low passes, mined jewels for the Elves of light, there lived an already ancient race of Giants.

Their home was a single continent, a raft floating on the boiling seas of a young planet, an island on which they learned, grew up, and developed a culture almost as complex as man’s would become. A culture, which existed and thrived without the existence of pointless and trivial entities, such as a government! The Giants lived and having created their perfect, but single city, one completely surrounded by land, both cultivated and grazed upon, they existed contentedly ruled by a most ancient Royal Order.

Their Queen had but two real purposes in her life, the first to make the Laws that govern, the second to provide the gift that brings life to the city and its occupants and via them to the plains beyond. She, each tenth year chooses the fertile one’s, and grants them her permission to create the next generation of Giants, and so life on their island proceeds, much as it had proceeded for generations untold.

Once every thousand years the old Queen dies, she will have chosen and educated her replacement and the cycle will continue, one thousand years at a time.

The old Queen had, as was her duty, selected Minerva to replace her when her time came. Minerva was not the perfect choice according to some, but the Queen had chosen her, and there was, and would be, no argument tolerated.

Her word was their Law, and Law’s to the Giants could never be broken! To even contemplate breaking even the most trivial of laws, would lead they understood, to total self-destruction! Anarchy would reign across their world, and all life would fail! Under no pressure would the populous ever consider refuting a Law, or the right of the Queen to impose it. Minerva was selected, the law protected her and her right to reign, and so it would be when the time came.

Minerva did not want the honour that the Queen presented to her, by her selection. She had a life of her own, interests that stimulated, and a lover that could take her to the highest peaks of ecstasy or down into the lowest troughs of despair. Minerva tried to talk, then when that failed she begged the Queen to change her mind, all to no avail, the choice was made and Minerva was announced as the new Queen in waiting. For three centuries she waited, her life passing from youth into womanhood, her adventures into sex becoming more extreme with every passing decade. Her lover provided the only attachment to her previous life, the only source for her pleasure, and he would remain forever so to her, despite everything changing, she was determined.

Sex without bondage to Minerva was just unthinkable, she liked the feeling of the ropes as they tightened around her flesh, she loved the restriction and contentment she felt as straps were added and tightened, as her body was restricted. Sex without bondage was unthinkable to her and that was the first thought that flowed through her mind, when finally the day of her ascension arrived.

The old Queen gave up living and passed on her title and gifts to the now four hundred years old Minerva. The new Queen Minerva was greeted by the people of the city world with cheers and partying and accepted fully. She became their reason to function, and she became the method that ensured the survival of their race, but still in the deep recesses of her mind waited the call of the rope, the need to be secured and held fast, the desire to endure the torments of her lover prevailed in her thoughts. Minerva remained both Queen to the people, and slave to her lover.

He had grown into adulthood with Minerva, he had learned to love her, to care for her, and to satisfy her needs as well as his own. He was the male that could rock her world, though now she was Queen their meetings were that more infrequent. She had duties to perform, decisions to make, rules to create and see enforced, he had only his farm to maintain, his livestock to look after, the people of their world to feed with his produce. Still despite these duties they occasionally met, and whenever they did, the ropes bit into flesh and wonderful pleasure was created between them.

For a few hours infrequently, Minerva laid aside her wand of power and shrugged off the mantle of ruler-ship to lay naked, bound by her lover, pleasing both him and herself by her submission. The ropes and chains expanded in use with each visit, the desires to be restrained developed as did the techniques used. She would decide the nature of the game she wanted to play, detail its method and supply her Thorusus with a letter and a date on which he might, if he wished to, perform with her.

They would meet in some private place, usually on his farm in one of the empty grass barns, once there all mantles of power, and wand’s of magic were laid aside, and her bondage and subjection commenced.

He would tie and secure her, touch and abuse her, but only as she willed him to, until either he, or she, could stand the feeling no further, and then they would finalise and copulate, making the time pass for each other in a string of orgasmic explosions! With their lusts slaked, they would kiss and part company, each to returning to their duties and lives, but with each knowing that they would return and re-do everything again and again.

Minerva had been taken by the old Queen to the place of sorrows, a cavern entered into via a secret entrance, sealed magically eons before by the first of the many ruling Queen’s. Inside she had been educated amidst the towering stalagmites into the secrets of the dark magic, she had been shown the wand of power that awaited her on the day she took up the rule of their world. She had been shown brief glimpses of the past, mixed with the thoughts of her predecessors, as she communed with their sleeping entities. Minerva had been drawn into the role she would encompass and live out, she had her duty to the peoples, to the city, to their world, but for Minerva there was something missing! Deep inside of her she realised, she must remain unfulfilled, that joining with another would never be an option for her, that her life would and could only be a series of brief contacts.

That first day of her education, Minerva had revealed to her the great secret, the reason why she and her predecessors existed, and must always exist. She was shown the magic that would grant fertility to the chosen, and learned that advanced as their race was in many ways, they were also infertile! Only she, the chosen Queen, could grant a limited fertility to some! That day she learned that the first Queen had instigated this condition in them, she had chosen to make all infertile with her magic! She had created the order in their society that ensured that the Queen’s should forever rule, or the race would die out! The shock at this revelation drove all other thoughts from Minerva’s mind, as she realised that she, like others before her, held the secret of life or death for all Giants, their race existed only because of her! She had been granted the ultimate power; deep inside of her she quite liked the feeling that this knowledge gifted to her!

Queen Minerva the third’s rule, commenced one decade and three weeks from the date of her first introduction to the cavern. The Queen died exactly as she had stated she would, and Minerva took up the reins of power smoothly. For ten more years all went well, but as the first choosing drew closer, Minerva felt the growing need for her lover to bind her. She desired to submit to his will, suffer at his hands, indulge in sexual torment far beyond the normal of their previous joining’s.

She thought long and hard, planning in detail, and executing perfectly her desires. She would show her lover the cavern, and in their, locked from the world she would be bound by him, held captive to take her pleasure, then rejuvenated by her release, she would select the chosen and grant life to the next generations, and none would be the wiser!

Ten days prior to the date of the selection she informed her court that she intended to retire to think, and was never to be disturbed. Nine days later her lover of choice arrived, hand in hand she led him into the catacombs and through the tunnels, out into the wild areas of her lands. There with knowledge protected for eons she opened the cavern entrance, and having blind folded him she led him into the most secret place on the planet.

She had prepared well for her torment, she had selected only the finest craftsman made chain and leather restraints. She had locks and gags and instruments of torment, all neatly laid out for her lover to select from. She had a pillar rearing from the floor on which she would be impaled, steel forged rings fitted to a platform of wood surrounded the pillar, as points that her bondage chains could be affixed to. High above her head another platform swung. Wrist cuffs dangled from it eager to secure her. A winch raised and lowered the top platform, the control for it out of her reach, only her chosen lover would be able to release the switches that were fastening her in place. She had whips and canes, straps ranging in thickness from three inches to twenty, which could flay her hide from her bones if he desired to.

She had prepared well, this time her desires would be sated fully. She had given him her instructions and he had agreed to them, whilst they resided in this secret place together she would scream out her agony and he would ensure that she did! Minerva believed that she had planned well, and through her planning she would finally achieve a state of sexual ecstasy beyond her wildest dreams.

For five long days she would remain secured within the womb like cavern, during which time he would torment her beyond anything she had previously experienced. She would know what it was to be helpless and suffer for her pleasures!

Unfortunately for Minerva, not all plans are able to be completed, not all desires fulfilled, though hers that day as she straddled the raised peak of stone, and felt it insert deep into her wonton sex would be. Though not in the way, or for the duration she desired. Minerva would be held captive, she would not be able to affect her release without assistance, but her lover would not be able to provide her with that assistance, despite his intention to.

Steel chains bound her ankles to the baseboard; her legs stretched wide, her sex impaled by the stone of her own choice. Her wrists he secured with the hanging manacle’s, then he wound tight the crank, its chains raising her arms, stretching her muscles, transferring her body weight to the chains, now lifting her slightly, pulling her ankle chains tight. Queen Minerva wallowed in her captivity.

He stood in front of her looking up at his love as she struggled against her steel restraints, seeking out any weakness in them, finding none. He smiled at the thoughts that flitted through his mind; it was to be his last smile and final thoughts. For high above his head a great stone pillar, weakened by the frequent violent shakes of this young world, fell.

His death was witnessed by only one Giantess, she that had been bound and was looking at him when the great weight fell, to crush the life from his powerful male body. A single scream echoed around the most secret cavern, death had arrived, captivity had become assured, and fantasy had become a reality for Minerva.

For thousands of decades Minerva lived as a captive within the magical protection of the secret cavern of sorrows. Outside in her world the giants failed to breed, their were no young to continue the race, no gift from their absent Queen.

Beneath their feet the land split and became islands which drifted apart. Their civilisation crumbled then failed and the giants died out as a race! Leaving the young planet to the care and control of others, legends of their existence flourished and remained, passed from one to another by word of mouth, as new civilisations first formed, flourished for a time and then they too then died out.

During all of this time Minerva hung in her chains, a captive forever, kept alive and youthful by the power of the cavern. Her wand which could so easily have freed her, rested in a stone-niche across the cavern, tormenting her, always in sight, but forever beyond her reach!

The rock cracked as some calamity occurred, her wand rolled back and vanished from sight, it, unlike Minerva had escaped the caverns captivity.

The wand fell into the air and settled on a rock, where later water and then ice, and then water again, carried it further from the secret cavern with its captive held tight inside. For centuries the wand lay resting and waiting, its power concealed, dormant but ever ready.

Life developed slowly on the new world surface, life without much intelligence slowly climbed down from the tree’s. Humanity in its simplest guise had survived the ripping apart of their one island, and the forming of many continents. It had survived the cold of ice, the harshness of a primeval existence, and now a simple creature measuring little more than four feet tall, picked up the stick that was the wand, which had belonged previously to the last remaining Giantess!

The creature, being a pack animal, living as a part of a small nomadic group, returned to its companions bearing the wand of power in its tiny hair covered hand. Others of its kind looked at the stick enviously, but the creature sensing something important about the wand, waved them off, growling and revealing her sharp teeth, whilst thrusting the wand forward.

Lightening exploded from the tip of the wand, to pour into the gathered group around the bearer. Within their feeble bodies the wand generated the first real inkling of intelligence. The group stood a little straighter and their eyes gained a new insight, civilisation was set in motion! Sadly for the finder and bearer of the wand, the now more intelligent group killed the young female mostly because she was now inferior to them, partly to steal her wand and depart with it.

The wand travelled far and wide across the world, it granted its power to those it sought-out, through them it lived, but always it desired to return to its rightful Mistress. The wand existed as various civilisation grew up, as mankind developed, during those turbulent times it added its aid wherever it desired, but always with the intent of returning to Minerva its Mistress.

A great upheaval occurred during one Empire, God Emperors fell, Rome fell, and the wand was a part of that catastrophe. Deep in the secret cavern the violent shifting of the Earth stirred the rocks above Minerva’s head. Huge rocks fell, smashing into the winch that held the chains that bound her tight. Shattering its wheels and freeing the chain which in turn freed Minerva’s wrists. For year she worked upon her feet bindings with stone chips, until they to were free, finally she lifted her massive body up and off of the rock, which for hundreds of thousands of years had tormented her sex. The first act she carried out once free was to shatter her tormentor into tiny pieces, then she set out from the cavern, into a new and very different world to the last one she had seen!

Her people were now gone, turned to dust and nearly forgotten by time, destroyed by her lust she realised. Feeling the loss deeply she determined to regain that which she had thrown away, she desired her power and position as ruler back.

A Giantess amidst the normal sized humans would have soon been detected! Once Minerva realised her vulnerability without having her wand for protection, she sought out and worked ancient magic with which she shrank herself as much as she could! She was still tall, six foot three tall, but now she could pass amidst the inheritors of her world, mostly unnoticed.

For centuries she wandered, always seeking out her wand, always reaching out for it, calling it to her, but it took well into the twentieth century for her and the wand to be reunited. Her reunion occurred with the glass of a patio door shattering, her wand was held in the fist of a woman who clearly did not know what she was doing, but was driven by revenge! The wand sensing the presence of its true Mistress, flew from the hand of the woman usurper to snuggle contentedly once more into Minerva’s hand, Giantess and her wand of power were reunited once more.

The Royal academy of science 2009.

“That ladies and gentlemen is the story of the wand as depicted by the giant scroll and added to by me, well so far! That is the tale translated from the scroll found in 1880 and deciphered only recently. This Ladies and Gentlemen is the wand of power the scroll and story describes, and I Ladies and Gentlemen, am Minerva, true and lawful Queen of the Giants, and I want my world back!”

To prove her words were true she began to grow in stature before the stunned eyes of modern science, the last remaining Giantess returned to her former glory, with domination filling her heart and mind, world domination!

Outside of the Royal Academy of Science. 2009.

“Still the police have no idea what is happening inside of the building, we do know that officers attempted to enter the building and un-believable as it sounds, they seemed to first freeze and then turn to stone.

Even as I report this to you live, there are statues, which once were policemen scattered across the upper steps of the main entrance to the Royal Academy of Science.

The camera panned towards the steps and just as the reporter had reported, there were the statues.

Minerva is free from her bondage, and has a new fantasy to live and she has the wand to ensure that her will is obeyed, forever!

Mankind’s reign is over, the time of Minerva has arrived!

The End.


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