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Girls' Night Out by Adeline
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FF; F/m; potion; shrunk; giantess; tease; mast; oral; climax; swallowed; digested; soft; cons/nc; X

This story continues from A Wish Come True

Adeline had hurried over to Jennifer Demott's apartment as soon as she had gotten the telephone call. She had sensed that something had been bothering her friend for the past week but decided it would be better to wait for Jennifer to bring up whatever was troubling her. The two women had been friends since college and would do anything for one another. Adeline was tall, slender, and athletic; the kind of figure that looked good in clothes, which she used to full advantage in her dealings with men. Meeting men had never been a problem for Adeline but she usually did not continue a relationship more than a month or two; becoming bored and moving on. 

Adeline had known Jennifer since college where they roomed together and became best friends. Jennifer was slightly shorter than Adeline and fuller through the hips and breasts. Jennifer had always been more emotionally intense, a trait Adeline attributed to her Italian ancestry. 

Now she sat in Jennifer's kitchen, sipping from a cup of herbal tea and studying the brunette intently. Jennifer's green, cat like, eyes were moist and she seemed visibly upset. Adeline smiled softly at her friend. Jennifer cast her eyes down toward the table. "You remember last Friday when we had that conversation about shrinking men?" 

"Yah, I remember. You wanted to know what I would do if I could shrink a man to two or three inches tall." 

"You have to promise that you won't think I am sick or twisted." 

Reaching across the table, Adeline grasped her friend's hand. "Just tell me what has you so upset." 

Jennifer looked the blonde in the eyes and smiled. "Well. . . I have been dying to tell you but it just seemed so weird. See, Mark came over last Thursday with a really strange request. He had developed some kind of wrinkle reducing stuff only it caused people to shrink instead." 

Adeline laughed, "Interesting side effect." 

Jennifer tried to smile. "He told me that he had always fantasized about being captured by a giant woman and eaten alive. I thought he was joking at first but he was absolutely serious. He had it all thought out. He wanted me to keep him trapped in my underwear all day at work then swallow him whole." Jennifer's eyes moistened, "Adeline, I feel so awful." 

"So where is Mark right now? What happened to him?" 

"He's gone." 

"What do you mean, 'gone'? Did You actually swallow him?" 

Jennifer nodded slowly, "I swallowed him whole. I didn't want to at first. I didn't want any part of it but Mark seemed so sure of his plan. See, I was only supposed to leave him in my stomach for a couple of minutes then cough him back up. He wanted to know what it was like being trapped alive inside a woman's stomach and thought he would be able to survive inside me for several minutes. He had some other stuff that was supposed to reverse the shrinking process once we were finished." 

"You said that you swallowed him. So what happened? Was the trauma of being swallowed and coughed back up too much for him?" 

Jennifer stared down at the table and sighed, "I didn't try to cough him back up. I left him trapped inside me." 

"Well, that was a little less than a week ago. Could Mark still be alive?" 

"I know he's not alive because I don't feel him any more." 

A smile crept across Adeline's face. "You mean you could feel him moving inside you? You have got to tell me all about this! What was it like? How did it feel?" 

Jennifer looked at her friend intensely, "It felt incredible! That was the whole problem. I had put him in the crotch of my panties and by the end of the day I was very turned on. I had him with me when we were eating lunch together. I wanted to tell you so badly. Anyway, when I got home I put on a teddy and began to rub myself, you know. I got so turned on and the next thing I knew I was telling him I wanted him inside me and dropping him into my mouth! The feeling of power that I had over him was utterly intoxicating. He was screaming and struggling inside me, clawing at my gums. I began toying with him, teasing him, and that just turned me on even more. I had this incredibly intense orgasm and swallowed him. I didn't realize what I was doing until I felt him squirming down my throat. I was lying there in this sort of post orgasmic fog when I felt a tickling sensation just below my left breast and realized that I was feeling Mark moving inside my stomach. I could have coughed him up right then but the thought of him being trapped alive inside me and feeling him struggling, trying to escape, drove me wild. I came several more times even more intensely than the first." 

Adeline grinned, "I'm getting excited just hearing you talk about it. So why didn't you cough him up afterward?" 

Jennifer shook her head. "This is going to sound terrible, I know, but I just liked the idea of him being inside me and I didn't want to let him out." 

"This is so incredible! I certainly don't think you're sick or weird. At least not any weirder than I am. For as far back as I can remember I have had the fantasy of shrinking a man and swallowing him just as you described. God! I am so turned on right now. This is just way too cool!" 

"Then you don't think I'm crazy or perverted?" 

"What are you thinking, girl! I would have swallowed him in a heartbeat and savored every minute of it. This is something I have fantasized about since I was a kid. I am so totally envious." 

Jennifer looked at Adeline incredulously. "You're saying that you have had this same fantasy?" 

"From the time I was a little girl. I used to get aroused just watching cartoons where a cat would swallow a mouse. I would fantasize about shrinking my boyfriends and keeping them as playthings before finally devouring them. I would give anything to have done what you did." 

Jennifer smiled coyly at her friend. "Then why don't you. Mark had a huge big bottle of the stuff so there's no reason we can't do it again." 

Adeline leaned back in the chair, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement. "Yes! I definitely want to do it. But who should be our victim? You already made your boyfriend disappear and I'm not seeing anyone at the moment." 

"We're both attractive women. There's no reason we can't pick someone up at a bar or something. Those places are filled with men who want to get lucky for one night." 

Adeline smiled. "Yah. Only this time he wont know how lucky he really is!" The two friends laughed and began to plan their Friday girls night out. 

Adeline arrived home from the office just shortly past six. She felt like a school girl on her first date. This was a special night and she wanted everything to be just right. This had been her fantasy from the time she was quite young and it seemed important to give the opportunity her full attention. 

The previous day, Adeline had gone lingerie shopping after work. After trying on several bras, Adeline had settled on a sheer lace underwire bra and matching lavender panties. She now hurriedly cut off the tags and slipped the garments on. The bikini panties were a silky nylon with stretch lace trim that exposed just a hint of golden pubic hair. Her body nearly hummed with excited anticipation as she leaned over the vanity to apply her makeup. 

Adeline picked Jennifer up at her apartment just before nine and they headed across town to the area near the college. 

Although it was still early, the club was already beginning to fill. Adeline and Jennifer picked a table in the back corner. It was dimly lit and well suited for their purpose. A rather attractive boy came round to take their order. Tall and muscular, he carried himself with a certain degree of confidence. "What can I get you two ladies?" 

Jennifer ordered a Margarita and after a moment of thought Adeline smiled and said, "make that two." 

Jennifer looked at her friend. "What about him?" 

"Who? You mean our waiter?" 

Jennifer nodded. "He looks like he's in good shape. Might put up a better fight inside you." 

"Well... he is really cute, but he works here and we need to get someone to have a drink with us. I'm sure he can't drink on the job. Might be fun to try though, eh." 

When the waiter returned, Adeline crossed her arms under her breasts and leaned slightly forward, letting the neck of her sweater drape open. As the waiter bent over to hand the women their drinks, he had a clear view of Adeline's lace adorned cleavage. He absently wondered if she was coming on to him, then let the thought go. 

"Do you want to start a tab?" the boy inquired to Adeline's chest. 

"Sure, that's fine" Adeline coyly replied. The boy nodded and sauntered off. 

Jennifer sipped her drink. "I think he is definitely interested." A DJ began playing music from an elevated glass booth near the bar. "Say Adeline why don't we go up and dance? It will give us a chance to circulate and check the place out." 

Jennifer pointed out a business man sitting at the bar by himself but Adeline didn't seem particularly interested. The set ended and the two women returned to their table. The waiter returned carrying a drink. "My name's Jeff," he said as if that should mean something to them. "I have a short break and wondered if you would mind if I join you?" 

Both women stared at him, amazed at their luck. Jennifer spoke first. "I'm Jennifer and this is Adeline," she gestured toward her friend. Jeff pulled up a chair. As if he had heard the earlier conversation the boy said, "it's just a coke. I'd be in big trouble if I got caught drinking on the job." 

Adeline slipped her hand into her purse, extracting a tiny vial. She carefully removed the cap not wanting to spill the precious contents. She gently nudged Jennifer's ankle with the toe of her shoe. 

"Jeff, could you tell me where the ladies' room is." Jeff turned to point toward the opposite corner and Adeline quickly poured the contents of the vial into Jeff's coke. 

Adeline smiled at the boy. "Why don't you come over here and sit by me so we can talk?" Jeff readily complied. He took a long drink of his coke. "I haven't seen you or your friend in here before." 

"Well we used to come here fairly often when we were in college. Actually, we thought it might be fun to come back and visit one of our old haunts." 

The boy took another long drink of his coke as Jennifer returned. "Well, I see you two have gotten a little more cozy." 

"I was just telling Jeff that we used to come here when we were in college. Doesn't seem that long ago. Say Jeff, are you feeling all right? You look a little queasy." 

The boy shook his head as if to shake off the effects of the drug that was already affecting him on a molecular level. "I dunno. . . I feel a little dizzy." The room began to swirl around to the beat of the music, then darkness. 

Adeline grabbed Jeff and slid him down in his seat. As the boy shrank Adeline grasped his arm to pull him free of his clothes. She used her free hand to tug the waist band of her skirt open. Then, she carefully slipped her hand inside and dropped the 2 inch tall boy into her panties. "Well, that was much easier than I thought." 

Jennifer was busy stuffing the boy's clothes under the booth. She looked up, "I suppose we should go before someone misses him." 

Jeff came to in a world that made no sense. He was aware of muffled music mingled with the sound of women talking. He felt something pressing against him and pushed his hands out. It felt smooth and gave very slightly with the pressure of his hands. As he began to struggle, Jeff was aware that he was also entangled in something. There was a faint, familiar, musty smell and as he tried to remember he heard one of the voices say "I think our friend is awake. I just felt him squirm." 

His mind would not accept what his senses were telling him until Adeline unzipped her skirt letting it drop to the floor. She was standing in front of a mirror and through the sheer weave of her panties he could see Adeline's reflection. The various movements he had been feeling now made horrible sense. He saw Jennifer slip off her skirt and blouse. He watched her pelvis come toward him until he was once again in darkness as the two women embraced and kissed. 

Jennifer began to gently tease Adeline's nipples through the lace bra and she felt them become firm. Adeline reached behind and unhooked the bra letting it fall to the floor. The blonde's firm round breasts pressed into Jennifer's chest as they kissed long and hard. 

Jennifer slipped her hand into Adeline's panties feeling the soft pubic hair against her palm. She scooped Jeff up with her fingers and slowly withdrew her hand. She studied the tiny boy and handed him to Adeline who gently cradled him in her palm. A tiny voice screamed "What have you done to me?" 

Adeline raised him to her face. "It should be obvious what we have done to you. We shrank you to two inches tall. The question you should be asking is why." She sat on the bed and slid onto her back, placing Jeff on her flat abdomen. "I want you to climb onto my nipple and stroke it." Jeff looked around the flat expanse of Adeline's abdomen assessing his options. There was little he could do. He would be quickly caught if he attempted to run and then there was the question of what she might do if he angered her. He looked up her abdomen at the mountains of flesh that were Adeline's breasts and began to walk toward them. Jeff walked between them and circled around to the nipple of Adeline's left breast. It immediately became firm under him as he began to gently stroke the dark skin of the areola. 

Jennifer glided over to the bed and slid her hand slowly down Adeline's abdomen. The sensation was light, almost tickling, but not quite, causing the skin to involuntarily quiver beneath her fingers. Jennifer twirled her fingers teasingly through Adeline's wiry pubic hair admiring her flat, muscled abdomen and tight, firm thighs. Her hand moved down exploring the soft folds of Adeline's labia. Adeline opened her legs further and softly moaned as Jennifer traced her finger lightly along the inner lips. 

"Mmmmm. . . What you're both doing feels incredible," Adeline cooed. 

Jennifer softly rubbed Adeline's vulva with the palm of her hand allowing her index finger to slip between the now moist lips and slowly enter her, exploring the muscled vaginal walls. Jennifer shifted her position slightly and began to trace the rim of Adeline's belly button with the tip of her tongue moving it slowly, enticingly, up Adeline's abdomen toward her breasts. Jeff held tightly onto the erect nipple of Adeline's heaving breast in an attempt to maintain his perch. He felt hot breath against his back and looked up in time to see Jennifer's open mouth descending over him. Her lips engulfed him and his ears popped as Jennifer sucked the nipple into her mouth. In the darkness, he felt Jennifer's tongue swirling around him, covering him in saliva seemingly oblivious to his presence. Jennifer sucked the breast deeply into her mouth, teasing the nipple one last time with her tongue, then slowly letting the breast slide out, closing her lips, and trapping Jeff inside her mouth. 

As Jeff squirmed inside her, Jennifer was reminded of the last time she had held a man in her mouth as the same feelings of power and dominance surfaced again. Jennifer was very aroused and she had to fight the urge to swallow Jeff. She lay down beside Adeline and began to trace the outline of her ear, pulling in the earlobe and gently biting it. Jennifer's lips brushed Adeline's cheek like delicate butterfly wings as she moved toward her mouth. As their lips met, Adeline opened her mouth, sucking Jennifer's lower lip. Their tongues embraced and Jeff was caught in a flurry of moaning squirming flesh. He was sliding downward and could see occasional glimpses of wet pink flesh and an open throat below him. 

The two women were so passionately involved that they scarcely noticed Jeff's presence. Soft moans uttered up Adeline's throat as she became increasingly aroused. Jeff scrambled to grip a slick white molar but was knocked loose as the tip of Jennifer's tongue brushed past. He was sliding into the woman's throat and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Her uvula was now directly above him and he was aware of the closed in pink moistness of the back of her mouth. The angle suddenly shifted and Jeff plummeted the remaining short distance into Adeline's throat. The throat muscles contracted and he could feel himself being pulled in. He struggled frantically but there was nothing to hold onto and his wiggling seemed only to hasten his slide. Her throat now gripped its small cargo quite firmly and the only way was down. He doubted she could stop even if she wanted to. With a final undulation, the throat pulsed smoothly, powerfully, sucking him in and propelling him downward. Jeff thrust his arms and legs outward in a desperate attempt to stop his descent but there was nothing he could do. The hot, wet flesh gripped him too tightly, pushing him inexorably toward the waiting stomach. 

Adeline coughed as she felt the squirming lump sliding down her throat and realized that it must be Jeff. . . but it was too late to stop him from going down. A moment later Jeff was conscious of being forced through a firm ring of muscle, then tumbling down a gentle slope into a hot liquid pool. 

Jennifer looked at Adeline who had abruptly stopped mid kiss. "What's wrong?" 

"I think I just swallowed Jeff," Adeline gasped. "I didn't even realize it until he was sliding down my throat." 

"Well, that was the plan," Jennifer laughed. 

Adeline suddenly flinched. "I think I just felt him. It was this sharp sensation, right about here." Adeline placed her hand on her ribs at the curve of her left breast. 

"Isn't it cool!" 

Adeline was silent for a moment. "There, I felt it again. That is so weird! Mmmmm. . . He is actually trapped alive inside me. You were right Jenn, I do like it." 

Adeline pulled Jennifer to her and kissed her then slowly pulled back, looking into her deep green eyes. "What a delightful sensation. It kind of tickles but not like a tickle. More like something fluttering inside." 

Jennifer, returned the kiss then slowly moved her lips down Adeline's throat, allowing the tip of her tongue to trace the crevasse between her breasts, then moving further down her abdomen until her mouth was over Adeline's mons. The soft flesh beneath Jennifer's lips quivered involuntarily as Adeline softly moaned. The tip of Jennifer's tongue lightly stroked the soft wet lips of Adeline's labia. The scent of Patchouli mixed with musk filled Jennifer's nostrils as her tongue probed further inside, grazing the firm nub that was Adeline's clitoris. 

Electric tickles shot up Adeline's spine. The combination of Jennifer's mouth and Jeff's movements inside her was incredibly intense. Jeff could hear Adeline's loud moans and the thought of being trapped alive inside her while she was in the midst of sexual ecstasy infuriated him. He clawed at the fleshy walls that imprisoned him unaware that his efforts were only intensifying his capture's pleasure. 

Firm thighs tightened their grip around Jennifer's head muffling Adeline's throaty moans. Adeline was writhing on the bed; the bottom sheet clutched tightly in her hands as she moaned. "Ohhmygod! Ohhhmygod! Don't stop!" She felt the energy building inside her as she approached orgasm. As if to deny her pleasure, Jennifer kept Adeline right on the edge but not enough send her over. She slid her index finger inside Adeline, pressing upward toward her pubis until she found the ribbed spot she was looking for. 

"God I don't know what you are doing," Adeline gasped, "but it feels sooo incredible!" 

Jennifer placed her mouth over Adeline's left breast while keeping her finger inside. The sensations on her nipple, inside her vagina, and inside her stomach were more than Adeline needed and her body rocked with orgasmic energy as wave after wave came over her. Time seemed to stand still as she was aware only of the intense contractions in her pelvis and the electric sensations that shot through her body from her toes to her fingers. 

Slowly, the sensations subsided. "God I feel so out of it." 

Jennifer smiled and softly kissed her friend on the forehead before quietly getting up to finish undressing. Jennifer turned out the lamp leaving the room lit only with the dim glow of the street light and slipped gently into bed, curling up next to her already sleeping friend. 

Adeline woke the next morning momentarily disoriented, then remembered that she was in Jennifer's bed. Her friend stirred and cuddled up next to her. 

"Did I actually swallow a two inch tall man or was that some kind of wild dream?" 

Jennifer smiled. "So, how are you feeling this morning. You certainly seemed to be enjoying yourself last night." 

Adeline rubbed her stomach. "I don't feel anything in there." 

"I think Mark only lasted about a half hour. After that I didn't feel him moving anymore. Its too bad. I wish they would live a little longer, maybe a few days. I'm afraid your friend is probably entirely digested by now." 

Jennifer slipped out of bed and padded into the bathroom, emerging a few minutes later wearing her bathrobe. "Would you like some coffee?" 

"No thanks but some hot tea would be nice." 

Adeline was slipping on her clothes when she heard the shrieking tea kettle calling her to the kitchen. 

"It feels neat to know that he is still some where inside me. You know what I mean?" 

"I felt horribly guilty the next morning when I woke up and realized Mark was gone for good, even though I knew he wanted to be swallowed. I doubt the reality of being slowly digested alive in a woman's stomach is as pleasant as the fantasy." 

"But it feels so incredible, Jennifer." 

"So... Having done this once do you want to do it again?" 

Adeline smiled. "Do you even have to ask that? You know I do. It was so easy to lure that guy to our table, almost doesn't seem sporting." 

"Yah but the look on his face when you scooped him up in your hand was priceless." 

They both laughed. 

"Adeline I've decided to let you have some of the shrinking potion. Mark left me with enough of this stuff to shrink the entire city. Its more than I'll ever use so I want you to take half. Just promise to let me in on some of your escapades." 

Adeline beamed. "Honey you know I will!" 


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