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Giantess Neighbor by Unknown
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F/m; shrink; giantess; tease; pantyhose; crush; mast; nc/reluct; X

I write this in the hope that someday someone will read this and know the great pleasures and great pain that all men will experience in the near future.

One Saturday night while sitting at home watching television I suddenly was startled by the ringing of my telephone. I picked up the phone and said "hello."

It was my beautiful neighbor Christine on the other end. She said, "I noticed you were home on Saturday night. I don't have anything to do either, why don't you come over and we'll watch TV together."

I said, "Sure, I will be right over." I cannot believe that she would call and invite me over. I have always had a crush on her because she is so beautiful.

I walked over to her house and knocked on the door. When she answered she was standing there dressed in a black lycra mini-dress with black stockings and black high heels. I asked, "Why are you all dressed up if you are just watching TV."

She said, "I had a date tonight but he canceled and I didn't want to change. Why don't you come on in." I walked into the house and she led me to the living room. We sat down together on the couch and she put on a video tape. She played Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman. She said, "I have always loved this movie. I love the way Daryl Hannah picks up her little man at the end and has a chance to crush him. Too bad she doesn't."

I replied "I have never seen this movie." Even though I have seen it a million times I did not want her to know that I secretly love this movie.

She went into the kitchen and came back with two glasses of wine. She handed me the glass and said, "Here's a toast to giant women and tiny shrunken men all around the world." I did not quite understand her but I toasted with her anyway.

As we watched the movie I began to feel a little funny. I was having trouble focusing on the movie. But I shrugged it off and we began to talk. She asked me "Don't you wish that you could be shrunken down to a few inches tall and be played with by a giant woman." I was taken a little by surprise be her question. I have always had this fantasy of being shrunken down by her and played with like a little doll.. I decided to open up about my fantasy and told her about how I always thought of her.

She was smiling from ear to ear and said, "You are about to have your fantasy come true." I asked how this was possible and she said, " I slipped a shrinking powder in your drink. In a few minutes you will be about 4 inches tall."

I said ,"That's not possible, no one can shrink another person." My head was really beginning to spin now. I tried to stand up and I remember falling to the floor with the room spinning around me. The last thing I remember was seeing a giant pair of black high heels in front of me before I passed out.

I woke up with a terrible headache. I could not figure out where I was because it was so dark. I was lying in something very soft and silky. It felt so soft and comfortable that I fell asleep.

I awoke to a loud grinding noise and my surroundings began to shake. My vision was suddenly filled with a bright light. I looked up and saw what appeared to be giant fingers draped over a wall. From behind the fingers appeared Christine's face as large as ever. Her face came close and filled my entire vision. She said, "How do you feel. Have you had a nice nap?" I tried to speak but the words did not come out. She said "Don't be scared I won't hurt you, not yet anyway." She then said, "Do you realize where you are, look around and see how lucky you are." I looked around and now with the light streaming in I could see that I was lying on a giant pair of pantyhose. I was lying in Christine's dresser draw. There were many pairs of pantyhose in all different colors and lots of panties. I also realized for the first time that I was totally naked. She said, "A lot of guys would love to get in to my panties and you have done so literally." She began to laugh loudly.

She reached in and I felt her fingers curl around my body and lift me softly out of the pantyhose draw. She carried me a little ways and put me down on her bed. She then knelt down next to the bed. I noticed she was still wearing the black mini-dress. She bent over me. I could feel her hot breath blowing over my naked body. She leaned over and pressed her giant beautiful red lips against my naked body. She then said," If you behave and do what your told like a good little boy I will give you pleasures you never ever dreamed of. But if you try to escape me I will squash you under my foot like an insect." As she said that last line I got a shiver down my spine. I knew she meant what she said.

I asked her how she made me so small. She said, "I belong to an organization of women who have invented a shrinking powder that shrinks all men. It doesn't have any affect on women though. Right now we have only experimented with it to see how long the affects last. But someday we plan on putting large doses in the city's drinking water. Then it won't be long before we have all the men shrunk down to tiny play things."

I said to her, "You can't just go around shrinking men. We have lives were human beings not play things."

She laughed and said, "To us women your just living dolls to play with or step on.. Now just accept your new fate and enjoy it. I think it is time for you to realize the pleasures that can come out of this."

She picked me up and held me in her hand. She then climbed on to her bed. She reached down and placed me on her giant stocking foot. She said, "My feet hurt will you massage them. " I realized there will be great benefits to being small. I slowly stroked her beautiful foot. I can see her long red painted toes through the black nylon as I rubbed her foot. I slowly moved my body in an erotic motion on her foot enjoying the silkiness of her stockings on my naked body. I eventually cummed all over her foot not being able to help myself. Then I lied there exhausted. She leans down and scoops me off her foot and says, "We'll it looks like you have made a little bit of a mess on my foot. I really can't blame you it looked like you were enjoying it." She carried me back to the draw and placed me back down into the pantyhose. She said, "It is late now and I need to go out early tomorrow so it is time for you to go back to bed." I watched as she closed the draw and it became dark.

In the morning I awoke to the sound of the draw being opened again. Christine reached in and picked me up. She put me on top of the dresser and said, "I am going out with a few of my friends today. When I get home I'll have a surprise for you. Now you be good, just play with my pantyhose and panties until I get back. I'll leave the draw open a crack so you'll have some light."

I waited a little while to make sure she was gone and I put my plan to work. I pushed all the pantyhose over to one side of the draw and piled them until I could climb out of the draw. At the top of the pile I began to tie some of the nylons together to make a rope. I then climbed down to the floor. Everything was so big. I knew it would take me a while to get out of the house. I did not know what I would do once I got out of the house but I know that I just wanted to escape and get home. I ran through a big entranceway out into a hallway. I then noticed a huge stairway heading down and realized Christine's bedroom was on the second floor. It took me a while but I eventually reached the bottom. I rounded the corner and made my way back through the living room towards the kitchen and the front door. When I got to the kitchen I saw some very large posts that I surmised to be the kitchen table. Sitting at the table was Christine's mother Sandy. She had a knee length skirt on with tan pantyhose and no shoes. She was reading the newspaper. I always thought Sandy was quite attractive for a woman in her mid 40's.

I walked under the table over to where her stocking feet were. I then thought that maybe she would be able to help me out. If I could get her attention without being stepped on I could tell her what her daughter did to me. I stood there for a moment and admired how beautiful her feet looked in her shiny pantyhose. Those toes looked incredibly silky. I decided to take a chance and touch her toes. I stroked them slowly to make sure she would not feel me. I guess I must have rubbed too hard because she flinched her foot and knocked me over. I then heard, "Who is that down there."

I looked up to see Sandy looking down at me. She then picked up her foot and placed it on top of me. I thought this was the end of me. The pressure wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. She placed her foot over my body so just my head was sticking out from her toes. She then dragged me out from under the table. She removed her foot and then picked me up. She smiled and said, "Anthony, what are you doing down there." I explained to her how Christine shrank me and told her of her evil plans to shrink all men.

After I explained all the events leading up to this point Sandy didn't seem to be surprised by anything I said. She replied, "I know that Christine shrunk you. She told me last night. I also founded that organization of women. We call the organization SMALL it stands for Small Man's Allegiance to Lovely Ladies. Do you remember when my husband disappeared about a year ago. We told everyone that he must have been kidnapped. We were just in the beginning stages of the formula. We decide to try our first experiment on my husband. It worked great except for the fact that we shrank him down too small. He was only about 1/4 inch tall. It was so hard to keep track of him. One time Christine placed him a pair of my pantyhose so he would not be lost. We'll she forgot about him and I decided to put the pantyhose on. I then put on a pair of my high heels and went off to my SMALL meeting. All night I felt like I had a small pebble in my shoe. But I just ignored it and continued with the meeting. Finally during a heated discussion of how we were going to shrink the world Christine stood up and asked me if the pantyhose I was wearing was the ones I left hanging on the chair in my bedroom. I answered yes and she began to laugh. She said that she forgot that she had put her father in them so she would not lose him. I then realized the feeling of the pebble in my shoe. Everyone then gathered around as I removed my shoe. I could see a small little blood stain on the side of my big toe. I then took off my pantyhose and held my husband in my hand. He was amazingly still alive, but not for long. His body was pulverized. Every bone in his body must have been broken. He died a few hours later. We were not able to do anything for him because he was so small. I can just imagine how awful it was for him with every step that I took my giant toes just crushed his little body more and more. This episode seemed to excite the group and my late husband is an example of what will happen to the world. You are lucky that Christine is a gentle giantess. Some of the women in the group have killed their husbands or boyfriends violently. It is amazing how many ways there are to kill a little man."

I listened to this story with utter fear. I now realize that I will spend the rest of my life a slave to a giant woman. Sandy said, "Christine may be a gentle giantess but she will not be happy when she gets home and I tell her you tried to escape. I'll have to put you someplace where you won't be able to try it again. But first lets has some fun".

She put me back on the floor and placed her foot back over me. She began to rub her silky toes over my naked body. I was in ecstasy as her nylons glided up and down my body. Her toes were like poetry in motion. My penis was so rock hard as she stroked it with her stocking foot. She stroked me until I came all over her foot. She then carried me upstairs and took a pair of Christine's pantyhose out of the draw. She dropped me into one of the legs. I tumbled all the way down to the toe of the nylons. She then draped the pantyhose over the chair and this is where I waited until Christine came home.

She walked into the bedroom with her mother. I heard her Sandy explaining to Christine that she put me in the pantyhose because I had tried to escape. Christine did not look very happy. I had a bad feeling about what was to come. Sandy left the room and Christine locked the door. She then came over to the pantyhose and peered in at me. She said, "I told you that I will treat you well and make you feel great when you behave. I had a surprise for you. But seeing that you were a naughty little boy I am going to have to teach you a lesson."

She placed me on her bed and I watched as she removed her jeans. She was wearing a black bodysuit with incredible silky, tan, sheer to waist pantyhose. She then put on a pair of sexy, strappy high heel shoes. She placed me on the floor by her feet and I looked up in awe at how beautiful this girl really was. She reached into her handbag and pulled something out that was very small. She then reached down and put it next to me. It was another man. She said, "I went to the mall today and shrunk down a little friend for you. You were both going to spend the day having your naked little bodies rubbed all over my beautiful legs. I guess only he is going to have all the fun".

The little man was shaking all over as she nudged him with her shoe. She then reached down and picked him up. I watched as she held him between her thumb and index finger and rubbed him up and down those beautiful legs. I couldn't stand to watch anymore as he was having all the fun. I began to pound on her toe and yell for her to let me have a turn. I told her how sorry I was and that I won't do it again. She looked down angrily at me and said, "I know you will not do it again because if you do this will happen to you." She then put the man down on the floor and I watched as she placed her giant high heeled foot over his body. He screamed for me to help him. I then pleaded with Christine not to step on him. But it was to no avail as she placed all her weight on her foot and crushed the little man into her floor. When she lifted her foot up there was only a little bloody grease spot where the man once was.

She then reached down and picked me up. She held me in front of her face and said, "I don't like to be violent like that but if I have to make an example to show you that I mean business I will. Next time it will be you that I step on." I told her over and over again that I will not try to escape. She then proceeded to rub me all over her legs. My naked body was rubbed all over her silky thighs. She rubbed me over her knees, shins and down to her feet and toes. It was the most incredible feeling I ever had. She put her hand inside her pantyhose and masturbated as she did this to me. As I came all over her thigh while being held in between her fingers she also came at the same time. We both laid back exhausted. We looked at each other and began to laugh. She said, "We are going to have some incredible times together." I agreed.

We sat around talking for a little while. I told her what her mother said about the organization and there plans to shrink the world. Christine admitted that she felt bad that she was responsible for her fathers death but she realizes that she has to cope with these feelings in order to survive in the new world. She explains how some women in the group have tortured some of their husbands before killing them. I asked why some women would do this. She said , "Most of the ones that do it is because their husbands hit them and abuse them. This is their way of getting revenge. Some of the women like the power over the little men and enjoy watching them beg for their lives before they squash them under there feet. Some of the women are just plain wicked."

She continued, "One women in the group her name is Cindy. She placed the powder in the soup at her fiancees bachelor party. She waited until they all shrank down and then went in and killed them all. Her fiancee watched as his friends were murdered one by one. She stepped on most of them with her high heels but others she pulled their arms and legs off. Other guys she bit there heads off popped there bodies into her mouth like candy. She confirmed one fact for us. If you shrink a man down and then have him take the powder again he will shrink some more. She made one guy drink over and over from the soup bowl. He shrank so small that when she squashed him with her thumb she wasn't even sure if she got him. She then lifted her skirt and placed her boyfriend in her stocking top. She put him in there so his legs were tucked into the lace part of the stocking top and his upper torso was free. It must have been to much pressure for him. When she got home she lifted her skirt and the only thing left was his lower half. The band on the stocking cut him right in half. So as you see I am certainly a gentle giantess. The next time that I put you in my pantyhose draw don't try to escape." She had instilled fear in me that I will never forget.

For the next few weeks Christine has treated me great. Every day I am toyed with and played with. She has really made me very happy. But I am writing this diary in the hopes that it will save the lives of others were are not as fortunate as I am. Beware!

Part II

I have spent the last few months living in Christines pantyhose draw. Even though I love the silken world that I now live in, I am begining to miss the normal life I once had.

Christine has been keeping me hidden from her mother for sometime now. With each day that goes by the SMALL Organization gains new members and with each day that goes by her mother becomes more and more wicked. Christine fears for my life now and takes me with her just about everwhere she goes.

One evening Christine takes me out of the draw and puts me on her bed. She lies down next to me and strokes my body with her long fingers and beautiful red painted nails. I really feel relaxed with her now, she treats me so well. I know that she is not always the gentle giantess she appears to be with me. Every once and awhile she gets the urge to shrink a man and step on him. There is something about being a giantess, these women get these feelings where they have to feel powerful and show their domination of their little shrunken playthings. But I know that Christine will never hurt me, she will always watch over me.

She leans down and puts her beautiful lips near me and whispers, "I have the urge again". Right away I know what she means. She says, "I need to shrink a man. I am going to go out tonight and get one". I know that whatever I say to try and stop her won't work. So I do'nt even try anymore. She says, "Tonight I feel sexy. I am going to go out to a nightclub in my sexiest outfit and pick up the guy that hits on me the most". I love watching her as she gets dressed. I love the way she puts on the silky black stockings. She puts in one foot and pulls them up over her kness and up to those great thighs. She put on a micro mini-skirt and a pair of sexy strappy high heeled shoes. She leans over and gives me a kiss goodbye and says, "I'll be home later tonight with a little friend. Don't wait up". She then turns and leaves. I realize there is not much for me to do now. I lie back and think about my future, what it holds for me and what lies in store for the men of the world. I wonder if someone will be able to thwart the plans of these women or if they will really succeed in shrinking mankind. As I pondered my fate I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to a warm wind blowing over me. At first I am not sure where I am, but as I regain my senses I see where the breeze is coming from. I look in horror as I see Sandy leaning over me with her hot breath blowing on me. She then smiles at me and I know that smile can only mean trouble. She then stands up to her full height. She is wearing a black satin nightie that is untied halfway down revealing her beautiful round breasts. She looks down at me and says, "You must think you have died and gone to heaven. Young men always get turned on by a sexy older woman. But what about a giant sexy older woman".

I was amazed at how sexy she was for a 40 year old woman. She also said, "I know you love it when me and Christine wear our pantyhose so I bought a new pair of very silky sheer pantyhose for you". She backed up and spun around showing me her legs. She had on a pair of beige sheer to waist pantyhose that looked great. She then laid down on the bed next to me. When she came down her breast fell out of the nightie. She rolled over and pinned me to the bed with it. She said, "Suck on my nipple and make me feel good and I will make you cum like you never have before".

She didn't have to twist my arm. I took her giant erect nipple in my mouth. I licked and sucked it making her whimper and moan. I did this while she masturbated. As she was reaching climax her body was convulsing and shaking. I couldn't hold her nipple any longer and when she finally came her whole breast was lying on top of me, crushing me into the bed. I couldn't breathe anymore. I was suffocating. I thought I was going to black out when she finally lifted off me. I lied there trying to catch my breath when she said, "Sorry, little man did I hurt you. We wouldnt want that now would we. You really shouldnt go around having sex with giantesses, you might get hurt". She was laughing loudly now and had that evil look on her face again.

She smiled at me and said, "I do keep my promises. Are you ready for the feeling of a lifetime".

She picked me up between her fingers and stroked my penis until it was stiff. She then took my naked body and put it on her thigh. She then started to slide me down her leg. She slid me down her thigh, over her knee, down her shin to her foot and across her toes. That incredible silk feeling of her pantyhose on my naked body was absolutely fantastic. She then pulled me back up her leg and back down again. She did this over and over on each leg. She then took my hands and held them above my head and took my feet in the other hand a stretched me out. She then started to pull me back and forth over her beautiful toes. The silky sheer feeling of the nylons was killing me. Back and forth I went gliding over the silken toes until finally I couldn't contain myself anymore and I came all over her toes.

She then held me over her mouth and lowered me in. She licked the sweat and cum off my body. She held me between those luscious lips sucking on my body. She then dropped my into the palm of her hand. She looked at me and said, "It looked like you really enjoyed that. I must say, I do know how to treat a man. Even if he is only 4 inches tall".

I was so exhausted that I had trouble answering. I told her that if I was going to have that done to me all the time I won't mind being so small the rest of my life.

She replied, "Well the only problem is, that the rest of your life is about to end now".

I cringed as she said this. She then closed her hand tightly around my body and was putting a great deal of pressure on me. She said, "I have that urge to kill again and there are no other little men a round except you. Squeezing you to death would be too easy though. I have to think of some new way of making you die horribly".

I didnt think it would end this way. One minute I am in ecstacy, being rubbed on her stocking legs and now she wants to kill me. Sandy continued, "I could put you on the floor and step on you with the spike of my high heel shoe. Or I could slowly eat you starting with your feet. Or maybe I could give you the powder again and shrink you down to about 1/8 of an inch tall. Then I could just squash you between my toes. I think that is what Im going to do".

She put the powder in a glass of water and begun to pour it over me. I held my mouth closed but she squeezed me until I screamed in pain. The water then went down my throat. The powder began to shrink me. She had me down to 2 inches then 1 inch then all of a sudden the bedroom door opened and Christine walked in. She looked at her mother and screamed, "What are you doing to him".

Sandy answered, "I'm shrinking your litlle boyfriend until he disappears".

Christine then grabbed her mother and pulled her away from me. She screamed, "Ma, I can't believe you did that to him. He was mine. I don't care what you do when you torture and kill other men but not Anthony".

Sandy said, "You saved him this time, but next time he might not be so lucky". She then turned and left the room .

Christine turned and looked down at me and said, "Anthony I am so sorry that I left you alone".

I told her it was not her fault that her mother is this way. She said, "It is going to be so much harder for us now that your so small. It is going to be hard to keep track of you."


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