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Splitting Adams by William Levy
« on: January 13, 2016, 03:06:33 pm »
MF; F/m; science; duplicate; shrink; oral; sex; swallow; cons; X

This a work of erotic fiction, containing ideas and scenes which would probably be better kept away from the young, immature, or easily impressionable. In other words, ADULTS ONLY! No resemblance to anyone, living, dead, or fictional is intended. All rights reserved, no reproduction in any medium for profit is allowed without prior permission.

Adam was a hopeless case. Brilliant of mind, fit of form, and wildly, madly in love. The last being the real problem. The object of his affections was his lab assistant, Eva.

Eva was a striking figure. Dusky in a Mediterranean way, with long black tresses, smoky blue eyes, and an almond shaped face. Plus a figure that put the word hourglass through it's paces. Truly heroic sized breasts jutted out over a slender, muscular waist and belly, flaring into hips and taut thighs that made most men think wistfully of Sherpa guides. All this, and six feet tall as well.

And this was the true problem, the one that kept Adam awake at night. Because, despite Eva being not unreceptive to his advances, in his heart of hearts, Adam knew the spectacle they presented to the world at large. In the heels she preferred, Eva towered over Adam by at least a foot. And Adam couldn't help worrying that someday Eva might leave for a 'real man-sized man'. But Adam was a brilliant, if eccentric physicist, one with a plan.

He and Eva retreated to his mountain lab, where he went to work on a device he called a quantum re-adjuster. The idea was simple, in an elegant sort of way. Since he was too small, change the basic format of his entire body, to increase his size to one comparable to his amorata. So, one night, in a traditional lightning storm, Adam stepped, naked, into a glassite chamber in the big tower. Eva threw the large knife switch, then the spoon and fork switches nearby. A crackling of power, actinic glows, and a smell of ozone later, she flipped it all off and opened the door. And fainted.

She came to, in Adam's arms. He gave her a sip of water, while twelve feet away, he studied the notes he'd made. Eva nearly fainted again. But she hung on, grimly. "What happened?" She finally managed.

Both of the Adams, for there were now two of them, faced her. "I'm not entirely sure," they chorused, "but apparently I hit some sort of quantum barrier and rebounded."

They pointed at each other. "And this happened. A duplicate."

"Not quite." Eva pointed out, standing. "Each of you is, um, smaller than the original."

"Oh, my." They gaped up at her. "It must have divided my mass into two equal forms. Damn!" They struck their palms. "I'm losing ground!"

Formerly about five foot three, each of the new Adams was about four feet tall!

"I haven't a clue how to reverse this," he muttered, both of him looking disconsolately at the floor.

"Well, it's late." Eva said, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. "Let's get some sleep on it."

Adam stared up at her quizzically.

She smiled at them. "Hey, it's a chance to try a threesome, without you getting jealous at all." She squeezed them against her sides.

They soon discovered the accident hadn't affected Adam's libido in the slightest. In fact, mounting Eva from behind while she fellated him, and feeling both, took Adam to new heights of enthusiastic passion. And Eva enjoyed the extra attention, and the extra hands, tongue, and penis. After an hour or so of record breaking orgasms, they fell into an exhausted pile on the bed. But the next morning, they began to realize the depths of the problem, when they awoke. As a quintet. "Oh, gods! It happened again!" Adam howled, all four of him.

They rushed down to the lab, where a few hours of intense testing and math yielded the answer. "It's an ongoing process." Adam looked morosely at his other selves. Three foot size, they were all wearing old tee shirts like dresses.

"Maybe if we apply the charge in reverse?" Eva suggested.

Adam shrugged. "It's worth a shot."

All four of him stripped down and climbed into the chamber. A flash of power later, they were all back out and furiously running the tests again.

"Hmm. Looks better, but we can't be sure." Adam passed the charts back and forth between himself while he thought. "Just to be safe, I'd better stay close together tonight."

Eva agreed, despite the interesting concept of being gang-banged by the same guy, and helped Adam set up a sleeping pad in the chamber.

The next morning, Eva opened the door to the lab apprehensively. It was amazing. Eight Adams greeted her, running around the room with various bits of equipment.

"I think we've just about stopped it," He said, in chorus. "But tonight will be the test, as to whether it will continue, stop, or reverse itself."

Eva nodded, numbly, and spent the rest of the day reaching items for her horde of twenty inch lovers. That evening, as she served up some pan chicken, she caught herself looking at the tiny figures speculatively Eva shuddered, and went to bed early, claiming a headache.

The next day, Adam greeted her with a hearty "It's stopped!" as she came upstairs.

By now, the lab looked like a elfish workshop, with sixteen twelve inch naked men running hither and yon.

"And I think I know what will reverse it!" He chattered excitedly, from half a dozen mouths, while the rest kept working.

Faster than she would have dreamed possible, the tiny men rebuilt the entire chamber, and clambered inside. A tiny spark and a slight glow, and the chamber slid open. And thirty-two eight inch Adams climbed out wearily.

"I give up!" he moaned in chorus, as Eva clucked over him sympathetically.

Adam spent the day moping, literally all over the place, beside himself in misery. "I don't think I can face it, going through life like this!" Adam complained to Eva as she prepared for bed.

"Why don't you come up with me, and we'll see if we can't change that attitude!" She gave a sensuous stretch, and grinned down at him.

"But what could I…" Intrigued, Adam followed her, her rolling ass acting like the Pied Piper to the mouse-like crowd that followed.

Downstairs, Eva stripped, and lay down on the bed. "Now, show me what you can do!" She challenged Adam. Stung into action, the horde of minute Adams swarmed over her recumbent form, pinching, fondling, and rubbing their bodies over hers. Eva moaned in pleasure at the tiny assault. Emboldened, one of the Adams climbed up onto her face and began to rub its tiny member against her lips. Her lips parted, and her tongue slipped out bathing him in saliva.

"Do you remember," she gasped, "how we met?"

Adam paused for a moment, sixty-four tiny eyes all staring at her. "Yeah, it was at that costume party. You were dressed up as a cavewoman."

"And you came as a hot dog." She giggled. "Came several times, if I recall…" Eva reflected for a moment, then plunged ahead. "I never told you, but it was that costume that first attracted me. A hot dog, in a bun, but it was a man…"

Adam felt disturbed, but somehow proud. "Yeah? So…"

"Well, so…. This!" Eva opened her mouth wide, and the Adam on her chin stumbled in. She helped him deeper with her fingers, finally swallowing him with a convulsive jerk. She closed her eyes, and felt a warm tingling extending from her belly to her clit.

"Oh my god…." Adam, the remaining thirty-one anyway, stared in sick horror at what had just occurred. He could feel himself sliding down her throat, the muscles tightening and loosening, forcing him down in the darkness, until at last he plopped into her stomach and lay there, stunned. And…. excited.

When Eva opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sight of thirty-one tiny penises, fully erect. She could feel the one inside, feebly wriggling about, and she smiled. "That wasn't so bad now, was it?"

As one, they nodded. Eva picked up another one, and rubbed him against her full red lips. Cupping him in her palm, she sucked him into her mouth like spaghetti. He struggled momentarily, then slid swiftly down her throat to join the other. Picking up two, she rubbed one of him against her crotch, while she slowly licked the other up and down. When both of him were thoroughly soaked, Eva pressed them together. Opening wide, she swallowed them at the same time in that position. It was hard, and she almost gagged, but they finally made it to her rapidly filling tummy.

Deep down, Eva could still feel all four moving. It made her very wet to wonder how long it would be until they stopped, until they began to digest. She picked up all the remaining twenty-eight quite easily. They were all standing around with blissful looks on their faces, twitching a bit and rubbing themselves. The hard part was the swallowing. Still, she didn't like to leave a job half done. But they tasted so good!

Four had pretty well filled her, but she found if she waited a bit, her stomach would swell enough to permit more entries. By the time she finished the last one, she began to feel a little guilty. Then her massively bloated stomach began to quiver and heave, as thirty-two tiny forms began to orgasm simultaneously. She joined in, and her aching pussy delivered half a dozen powerful surges that left her wet and gasping on the bed.

Eva noticed that her belly was calm and quiet now. She could almost feel the warm rich nutrients streaming into her system. Smiling fondly at the memory of Adam, she gave a soft burp and rolled over on her side. It would be a couple of days before she'd be able to get up easily, but it had been worth it. She thought about the machine in the tower. Maybe…. She drifted off to sleep.
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