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Miniscule Matters by Jason Reed
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MF; bar; pickup; sex; majick; shrink; F/m; giantess; bond; cage; shoes; smell; torment; revenge; cons/nc; X


“Man, it is live in here tonight. Damn the bitches here tonight fine as hell,” Kevin said. There was so much noise in the club that Dennis had the hardest time hearing Kevin. It was just as difficult to make out what he was saying, but Dennis caught this particular statement. He certainly agreed with it. “You aint lying! What’s so special about tonight Kevin? Did we miss something,” Dennis asked.

Dennis and Kevin missed nothing at all! This just happened to be a fairly busy night in Atlanta, Georgia. Summer nights are usually like this. The buses rolling along each street! The cab drivers moving about the city like other cab drivers working in some major metropolis. Tourists would just flood the streets with their cameras. Lights would just flash about as they would snap shots to satisfy their interest and capture photos of the very things that would make many of those good memories. And what a town!

There are just so many people in this club right now – literally even for the ratio of women to men. Dennis however happens to be one of the married men in the club. His wife Darshana was out of town and slated to remain out of town for the next two weeks visiting family in Bombay, India. What a shame. Dennis was actually rejoicing in the fact that Darshana was nowhere in town. He had sex on his mind. Sad, but this is something that he doesn’t at all lack at home. The problem is that Dennis has always wanted more than one sexual partner.

But his fondness for acts of infidelity never sat well with Darshana. The mere thought that he actually asked her to participate in a threesome didn’t really sit well with her either. But Darshana couldn’t omit the fact that she loved him so. His inquiry of a threesome came before they married. The funny thing is that Darshana wasn’t really too concerned about Dennis cheating. She too had things on her mind….like maintaining her beliefs as well as her reputation. With her being Hindi and Dennis being some low down jock that always felt he should get his way, both had problems throughout their marriage which somehow has lasted for three years thus far.

Amazing the differences between these two – Dennis and Darshana. Dennis grew up in rugged environment. All of his life, Dennis had been involved in the streets. He grew up in the streets (not literally), having gotten in and out of trouble throughout his entire teenage life. Surprisingly, it never really interfered with his education. And Dennis fortunately found himself a good job that worked well with his college schedule. The average forklift operator probably only makes around ten bucks an hour. Dennis luckily found a forklift job that paid him about twelve bucks more.

But many of his colleagues could make the argument that it was Darshana that got him that job. Hell, she’s actually the head of the Human Resources department of this very facility that Dennis works in. And it was a good thing that the long hours of work played no part in the dysfunction of their home. Dennis honestly feels that Darshana has regrets of marrying an African American male. He still, till this day, just doesn’t seem to get the bigger picture.

Darshana is a hard working woman. There wasn’t anything that she wouldn’t do for Dennis. Surprisingly, the one thing that Dennis wanted was something that she couldn’t partake in – a life filled with monogamous relationships. As indicated earlier on, Darshana is a Hindi woman with a great passion for family and love for her husband. His lack of love and concern for her is what caused her to feel utterly disgusted and in many ways humiliated. Most women, when they suspect that their men would someday cheat on them, would already have a good lawyer in mind to use in divorce proceedings. This just wasn’t the case for Darshana. Thanks to a decision that Dennis made before they got married, Darshana invested in a little bit of an insurance policy. This is where things get a bit interesting.

The very next morning, after their wedding, Darshana warned Dennis that cheating on her would be very detrimental to his future – not just psychologically but mostly physical. Dennis took this the way many men would in the streets… if “this jip had some sort of squad or click that would take him out” as many thugs would say. If only he knew……….


“I can’t seem to remember where I parked,” Kevin said.

“You parked on the upper level. Hey, do you remember that bitch I was talking to earlier on….like when we first got here,” Dennis said.

“Yes I do – Erica right,” Kevin asked.

“Yeah, well, she’s supposed to be following me to my crib,” Dennis replied.

“WHAT? Don’t tell me you’re gonna try to get some…..from a fat chick? Wow! I am not going to let you live this down. What happen to you playa….you losing your game,” Kevin said.

“Look doc, I’m horny and I need some ass. And shut up! Erica isn’t really fat. She just got a little meat on her….that’s all. You know your ass aint above hitting a plus sized chic. I’ve seen your taste too playa….you shouldn’t even talk. I could use your girlfriend’s glasses like mirrors on my car – one on my driver door and one on the passenger door. Maybe then I can see what she sees in you…..little shit,” Dennis responded.

“Ha, ha…very funny! Whatever homey! I’ll just check you later….make sure you take plenty of pictures….if you know what I mean,” Kevin said.

“Ahh….yeah right,” Dennis replied.

Kevin moved along as he headed to the upper level of the parking garage. Dennis shook his head as his best friend left him there waiting by his vehicle for the Erica. This garage was right next to the club in which Dennis was just waiting for Erica to exit the club so that he could have her follow him home. He certainly didn’t have any thoughts in his mind about taking pictures of this woman while they both engage in sex. And Erica knew what Dennis wanted and wasn’t shy at all about giving it to him.

Erica wasn’t really “fat”. Her body was very well proportioned. Perhaps “plus sized” would be a better description, but for Kevin to have said “fat” was a little like overkill. For Dennis, Erica just looked like fun. Her skin tone is slightly lighter than his – almost like the complexion of coffee and cream mixed. Her hair is long and nearly stopped just above the small of her back. This is her real hair! Erica attended the club this night in a hot red number. A top with no sleeves but rather a string that just went around her neck and tied with a bow just where her neck meets her shoulders! Her breasts were just awesome – succulent! They just seemed perky the entire night and it certainly wasn’t due to a well-fitted bra that she purchased. But this top that she had on just seemed to do her a bit of justice with her shape. It was like some mesh material that seemed to shine and stand out in the slight darkness on the dance floor.

But Dennis didn’t really care for her pants which were also red. Her pants were nearly the same material that that her top was but had slits all across the thigh portions of them. It was like Erica was trying to make a statement that she was a freak and proud of it. And it could be clearly seen that she had on leggings or tights underneath that looked far more like pantyhose as they glistened….but they were tights.

She finished off her dress by wearing a pair of ankle boots. Now sure, it was a bit hot for these damn boots. But the idea of it all is that these boots were a bit kinky looking with the outfit. They didn’t look like regular boots. There wasn’t a covering for her heels (the heels of her feet) with this boot in which it was like a sling back design instead. The front of her boots were covered making the whole thing looked like some sort of sling back heel pair of shoes. But these were boots as considered by the designer. In any case, Erica turned a lot of heads with her style as well as her makeup application. She didn’t disappoint at all.

“There you are! I didn’t know that you were out here waiting on me,” Erica said.

“Well, of course. You know what’s on my mind,” Dennis responded.

“Mmm hmm….and you’re sure that I am not going to have to worry about your wife showing up? She’s still out of town right,” Erica asked.

“Kitten [Dennis rubbing his fingers through Erica’s hair], I wouldn’t take you home with me if I wasn’t certain. That bitch isn’t going to be back for at least two weeks. I’ve got the house all to myself,” Dennis replied.

Erica just shook her head. In one respect however, she really didn’t give a damn. She is just as horny as Dennis is. In one hand, the way she felt, his dick belonged to her. On the other hand, Erica had other things in mind besides screwing Dennis. What Dennis didn’t know was that Erica had a fondness for money. She simply wanted to fuck him senseless (in a literal sense and she could) and once he would fall asleep, she planned on taking all of his cash and whatever expensive item she could possibly get her hands on.

It’s been three hours now. The club was only three miles from Dennis’s house. Dennis and his wife own a house just outside of downtown. In any case, Dennis and Erica arrived there and immediately begin making out. They kissed and kissed from they’re vehicles, to the front door, and then to the bedroom. Dennis, even in his drunken state, wouldn’t let this opportunity go for anything. He was like a beast out of control and the more and more the foreplay went on, the more and more turned on he became. Finally, the inevitable happened. Both Dennis and Erica fucked like they hadn’t fucked before. Dennis was happy about getting the pussy whereas Erica was happy that she was fucking someone silly that was on the verge of passing out. Eventually…. Dennis did just that!

Having waited about thirty minutes more, Erica would proceed to kiss Dennis’s hands and just rub his brow. In a way, this is what she would do to those she robbed just before robbing them.

“You certainly have a nice package Dennis [said as she looked at his condom covered penis]. Your wife is going to kill you when she realizes that you let some fat bitch into your home and took all she wanted. You certainly aren’t all that smart! HA! All too easy! Sweet dreams sweet pea,” Erica said.

Erica kissed Dennis on the cheek one last time and then got back into her clothes. She made a little noise by accident but wasn’t really worried about it. For every man that she fucked, they all ended up down for the count. She just has that reputation of putting people to sleep….. for a long time. So far, since beginning her career in theft, the shortest amount of time any man she fucked to sleep would stay sleep has been nine hours. The bitch is good – no doubts there. Dennis only jerked in his sleep once and that was while Erica was putting her pants on. She carelessly sat down where her ass was positioned right at his nose. She let loose the biggest fart and giggled as Dennis shrugged. He didn’t open his eyes however. It was as if he slipped into a deeper sleep. This caused her to burst out laughing loudly…. and he still didn’t budge.

Erica walked out to her car and grabbed a bag – one similar to the bags that many soldiers use to travel. They are usually called “sea bags”. While she was at her car, she slipped on a pair of black Isotoner slippers so that she could move around a little quicker about Dennis’s house. Her high heeled boots were thrown into her back seat. Again, she wasn’t concerned about waking Dennis up. She was confident that he was comfortably lost in her little “dream fucked world”. Her feet was aching something terrible and she just wanted to work comfortably as she robbed the house. After having bagged up quite a bit of items – from jewelry, different electronics and movies, Erica would take the bag back to the car and toss it in her trunk. But there was one thing that she had been eyeing all night. She felt that she just couldn’t let it go. She immediately walked back into the house and onto the bedroom where Dennis was simply out cold.

“C’mon….damn it! C’mon,” Erica said.

Erica was trying desperately to pull the ring off of Dennis’s finger. She pulled and pulled and yet it didn’t even move a smidget!! And talk about the combination of desperate and cruel. By accident, Erica accidently stepped in dog shit just before reentering the house. It is still dark out and very difficult to see. That same slipper that was planted into the dogs droppings was used in a rather disgusting way. Erica, in a sense, showed how she felt about Dennis. She tried yanking on the ring one last time by planting her right slipper clad foot on his face and pulling it with her hands like someone looking for leverage points. That just happened to be the same slipper decked out in dog crap. The damn thing still didn’t budge. After that attempt, Erica would just let go…. but she wasn’t giving up quite so easily.

“Look negro [she puts her hands on her hips] – that ring is coming off your finger even if I have to cut it off. Mmm… maybe if I oil your finger… maybe it will slip off,” Erica said.

Erica ran back to her car. As usual, women ride with all sorts of cosmetics. They ride with all sorts of things like lotions and even Vaseline. Erica searched her car frantically just knowing that she had something like this in her car. And as she tossed things two and fro around her car, she just happened to look up and notice something rather interesting as she peered into the master bedroom window. It was a flash of light as if someone was lighting a cigarette. This thing just happened for a fraction of a second. She was actually stunned by the sight of this.

“No fucking way…. he’s up and awake! Well, time to turn it up a notch my little fuck boy,” Erica said as she grabbed a pistol from her glove compartment.

Erica stormed back into the house, this time with a pistol in her right hand. She wanted that ring and still couldn’t believe that Dennis had found some way to get up after she fucked his brains out…. so to speak! She was so shocked by this. He passed out sometime during a period where she sat on his face and enjoyed oral servitude. At any rate, as far as she was concerned, it was just time to get a little drastic. But once Erica would reach the bedroom…… Dennis was nowhere to be found.

Erica’s heart was now racing now. She realized that she was so consumed with the idea of getting his wedding ring to the point to where she was oblivious to the possibility that he could have a gun as well. As she carefully moved around the room, she hoped that she wasn’t on the losing side of this sudden cat and mouse game….. or what she thought was a cat and mouse game! Thanks to a little moonlight, there was something left on the bed. This is where things really didn’t make any sense at all.

Erica couldn’t help but notice the condom that was used during their sex. Directly next to the condom, of all things, was the ring! Erica looked around the room suspecting that maybe this was some sort of setup. But at the same time, she carefully began to move towards the bed…… seeking to snatch the ring as quickly as possible. To her surprise, she was able to grab the ring without any sudden surprises… like Dennis simply popping out of nowhere to stop her. In fact, she even had the same cautious attitude about making her way out of the house now that she had what she had come back in for.

Once she made it out of the front door, she casually walked towards her car while looking over her shoulder. She could clearly see there wasn’t anyone near her vehicle and it just began to rattle her mind at how easy it was for her to leave the front porch and head on to her car for her getaway. In any case, Erica was able to get behind the wheel and pull off. She was certain that the tracks of dog shit she trekked all throughout the house were an indication that someone else had been there. But by the same token, this was one happy home she was suddenly amused about breaking up!! She couldn’t wait until later in the day where she could stop by a pawn shop to get money for all of the things that she snatched. And was specifically curious about just how much money she would get for the ring that Dennis once had on his finger.

“Ahh…. damn… what the fuck is this,” Dennis said.

Dennis had finally woke up – not having moved about the house like Erica had thought. But what didn’t make sense to him were his surroundings. He felt like he was sitting inside some sort of rubber contraption. He began to panic a little since none of this really made any sense at all. Having sat up, he turned around and noticed that the rubber like surroundings came to an end as it looked as if it were an opening just a few feet away from where he sat. He immediately began heading towards that opening where he felt he could at least muster a thought as to just what the hell was going on.

Dennis, after climbing through this rubber mesh, couldn’t help but notice that there was some kind of sticky substance in different parts of the rubber surface. Once he made it out, he was just in total awe at what he saw.

“FUCK ME,” Dennis said.

Everything was just….. HUGE! Dennis noticed the television in his room. It was incredibly wide to him even though he was nowhere near it. His dresser looked ginormous. It didn’t take him long to figure out what he was standing on and where – and even it was huge. Dennis realized that somehow, someway, he had shrunk to a miniscule shape and height.

“This is impossible. Somehow that bitch shrunk me. I’ve gotta get some help,” Dennis said.

Dennis began running across the bed. The side that he normally slept on seemed far larger than ever. In fact, the edge of his side of the bed is what he was heading for, immediately with the idea of climbing off the bed and hoping to get to his cell phone that he knew was still in his pants pocket somewhere on the floor. What he hadn’t realized was that his phone had been taken by Erica too. At any rate, he successfully climbed down a part of the bedspread that was draped over the edge of the bed that he had been charging for. He is completely naked and the wooden floor there was just unbelievable cold considering the fact that it was still the middle of the summer season. In a way, it was a good thing that it was daylight outside. If this had of been earlier around the time that Erica had left the house, he wouldn’t be able to see so clearly. And to add to her credit, Dennis is just another victim that had been fucked into oblivion… waking up nearly ten hours later.

Dennis looked all around his surroundings realizing just how huge everything was – just how much bigger than everything was in comparison to his miniscule size. But sadly, one thing he noticed was that the clothing that he pulled off was nowhere to be seen. Now Erica didn’t take his clothing or shoes at all. She hid them as a diversion tactic. Or more like just in case he would awake around the time she was filling that “sea bag” of his and a few of Darshana’s belongings. If it were the case and he had woken up around that time, surely he would look for something to put on his body before running after her outside the home. Perhaps this could have been considered brilliance. But Dennis’s attention was suddenly captured by something else.

At Dennis’s height, he could clearly see under his bed and out to the other side of it. This would be the side that his wife normally slept on and often times, would keep her belongings there like books, a heating pad that she would use during the time of the month for her cycle, and of all things…… a pair of shoes. Dennis just couldn’t look past this. He immediately started walking towards the shoes to get a closer view. He was just in awe with each step that he took there on the cool wooden floor. The shoes just seemed to get larger the closer and closer he had gotten to them.

Dennis finally reached the shoes – a pair of tired old looking gold leather slippers that contained rather dingy looking insoles. In fact, the foot beds of the shoes were both incredibly beaten in and had the shape of his wife’ feet worn into them! The minute that Dennis had gotten closer to the right slipper, he was able to rub his fingers across the section just where her heel goes. He was amazed at the awesome soft feeling that he felt. Still, it was a bit overwhelming just how much bigger his wife’s shoes was than he was at this point! He just knew that if he didn’t get help soon that it was a possibility that his wife would come home and step on him without really noticing – simply wiping him out of existence as if he were nothing more than an insignificant bug. Or rather that is get help before she would come back into town. At his size, that could take forever.

“Damn it! There’s got to be some way to get back to normal. And what the fuck is that smell? Awe shit! How the fuck does she wear these….. smelly things,” Dennis argued.

These shoes stunk! It certainly didn’t take Dennis long to be fed up with how they smelled. And in any case, it wasn’t really all that surprising to him. In a way, this moment seemed to stand out for him. Since Dennis is the man of the house, his wife has had no choice but to take heed to a certain rule that he had put in place…. concerning her specifically. Since day one of their marriage, Dennis had ordered that Darshana places her footwear outside of the house – more specifically in the garage just next to the door leading to the inside. In fact, he didn’t really care where she kept her shoes so long as they didn’t make their way into the house. He always said that her shoes wreaked something awful…..which they really did. Darshana was a little insulted, but complied with her husband’s demands. She knew it had something to do with the slight smell alone considering the fact that he never said anything to anyone else that would kick their shoes off and leave them inside.

Just as Dennis walked a few feet away from the dreaded slippers, he was suddenly startled by the sound of the front door opening. At least that’s what he thought though from his position upstairs on the bedroom floor.

“Oh shit she’s back. I’ve got to hide before she finds out that I am no longer inside that condom,” Dennis said.

He suspected that it was Erica returning to check on him…… but he was so far away from the truth. It was Darshana. Darshana entered her home just as she would any other time. She kicked her sandals off there just at the bottom step of the staircase leading to the garage door. When she stepped inside, the only thing that she found odd instantly was the fact that the AC wasn’t on at all. This was rather interesting in and of itself. Dennis was standing on the bare wooden floor and was rather cold whereas Darshana was standing on the same wooden floor and was burning up.While he was sleep, Erica had someone roll along back to the house, hop into Dennis’s car and drive off. That was Dennis’s Mercedes – gone. The fact that his car wasn’t there only lured Darshana to believe that he was working a little overtime. Once Darshana walked into her living room, Dennis was convinced that this wasn’t Erica at all.

“Oh my gawd we’ve been robbed,” Darshana said.

Darshana was just about to dial 911 but thought to go around the house to see what else may have been taken. Eventually, she would dial her husband’s phone. She began to get a little frustrated as she called him and walked about the bottom floor.

“C’mon answer the phone. I know you are at work but answer the damn phone. [She hung up and called someone else] Yeah, hey, you’re not going to believe this. Someone broke into the house. Huh? Well, I don’t know. He’s gotta be at work. I know he’s gonna be pissed when he gets home. It even looks as if the person decided to vandalize our home too. I’m seeing where they tracked dog shit on different parts of the living room floor carpet. Anyway, I called my husband but he’s not answering his phone. I know he’s at work which is more than likely the reason why he’s not answering,” Darshana said.

Darshana called her close friend Sylvia. Her heart pounded as she walked around the bottom floor. She had decided to come home early only because she really missed being home. As crazy as she felt her husband was, she missed him too. Darshana is madly in love with her husband even with his antics….. but she has the kind of love however that could so easily be used as weapon if she were to be mistreated.

Darshana begin walking up the steps to the top floor. She was so much smaller than Dennis at his normal height. Now, she was massive – a Hindi giantess that could end his life with ease. Her footfalls were like thunder. The vibrations felt from the steps only sent it’s rumbling to Dennis’s heart. He realized that being out in the open could be dangerous. It wasn’t like Darshana watches the floor as the walks. Dennis quickly turned around and took off running for the nightstand on Darshana’s side of the bed. He had finally made it under the nightstand, quickly passing the raunchy slippers that he caught a whiff of earlier on.

“Well Sylvia, I believe the house is empty. Obviously whoever broke in must be gone. It’s possible that this might have happened sometime after my husband left for work. [Darshana slips her dainty and soft bare feet into her raunchy house slippers]. Oh don’t be silly. I know that he’s at work. I have no reason to suspect -,” Darshana said. She stopped her speech for a moment but continued with a much different tone of voice.

“Sylvia, let me call you back. I’ve got to take care of something,” Darshana said.

The condom! Darshana spotted the condom on her bed…… and was all the more pissed and convinced of something totally different. She was convinced that her husband was close by……. and she was well aware of the fact that he was no longer himself.

“Well, I warned you didn’t I? You just couldn’t resist having sex with another woman. But the funny thing is that I didn’t need the discovery of a condom in my bed to figure this out. So come on out. Come on out here and face me…. little man! That’s right. COME BEFORE ME NOW,” Darshana said.

Now Dennis was already frightened and in awe at the sight of his wife shoving her massive feet into the slippers directly in front of him. But he was slapping himself only because he had wished that had gotten rid of that condom that he was trapped inside of briefly.

A few feet away, he could see his wife’s big feet in her big house slippers. As he snuck a little closer to the open, he looked up to find her standing there as if she was some sort of vengeful goddess – her hands balled to fists with her fists pressed firmly to her hips. There she stood looking around on the floor for any sign of tiny life. Dennis didn’t know if it was safe to surrender or not. One thing was certain, he knew that whatever happened, she would find him sooner or later and would pulverize his ass.

“I SAID,” Darshana said as she began tapping the front of her right slipper on the floor. [THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP].

Dennis fell to his knees at the sound of this. This thumping was irritating him. In fact, the tapping continued in which Dennis would begin screaming as much as it hurt his ears. This screaming was loud enough to be heard…… a very big mistake with him trying to avoid his wife.

“THERE YOU ARE……,” Darshana said as she spotted Dennis just underneath her nightstand.

“Please baby… wait….. stop,” Dennis said. He tried to take off running but he was quickly in the grip of Darshana’s right hand.

“HA, HA, HA! You think you can actually run from me. Your little ass will pay for this,” Darshana said.

“Aaarrrggghh! Please let me go – the pain,” Dennis cried out in agony.

Darshana gripped him tightly. She said that he would pay for this as if he had some lesson to learn. If only she knew, Dennis had learned his lesson by now. He was already saying in his mind that he had messed with the wrong bitch. But Darshana is certainly far from what one would consider as such. She, at the moment, was nothing more than a sweet young gal’ that was utterly humiliated and angry with having been cheated on.


“Please Darshana, you are hurting me. Please let me go,” Dennis yelled in pain.


Darshana continued to hold Dennis in her right hand without any thought of loosening her grip. Dennis felt as if he were getting the life squeezed out of him. Meanwhile, Darshana began to prance all around the bedroom (while holding Dennis). She was looking for the ring but couldn’t find it. This of course was the ring that Erica took just before she left the house.

“I’ll find you’re ring later. But for right now….. for right now little one…. you and I have a little catching up to do,” Darshana said.

Dennis just writhed in pain. It was kind of silly in a way, but he was trying to pull himself away from his wife. Earlier on, she ate something that was onion packed. Through her speech, her breath just kicked something awful. In her eyes, it was nothing more than signs of a woman scorned. In Dennis’s case, this woman happens to be a giant. The thrashing of her teeth as she talked combined with her wet eyes from the tears of anger, only made him all the more afraid in which he immediately pissed himself in fear. Darshana wasn’t stupid at all. She knew that he pissed himself literally. The only thing it meant to her was that she could do whatever she wanted with him. And there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it.

After calming down a bit, Darshana went to the garage to grab an old bird cage that she never used. In fact, the whole point of purchasing the cage was to use just in case Dennis had cheated on her. This was something that became apparent to Dennis as well for throughout their marriage, he didn’t recall them ever planning to purchase a bird as a pet. He was calming down and thinking back to something that Darshana had mentioned earlier on. She had mentioned something about not needing the evidence of the condom to know that he had cheated on her. He figured that something distinct had to be in play here. The fact that she warned him so long ago not to do anything like this only made him ponder all the more….. especially with this shrinking being the result. After Darshana placed her husband in the cage, she walked to the dining room table and slammed the cage hard onto the table. Dennis had never been so afraid in his life.

Darshana removed her T-shirt and draped it over a chair there in front of the table. The only thing she had on at this point was her jeans, bra and slippers – save the panties she had on underneath it all. It was rather hot to her whereas for Dennis, he was still a little chilly since he was completely naked and had been since last night’s screw!

“Now…time for our little chat you little bastard. Where’s the damn ring,” Darshana asked.

“How the hell should I know? Look, please, whatever you did to me please change me back. I apologize. I will never do it -,” Dennis said but was cut off.

“It’s too late for that. I guess that tramp must have taken it sometime as you both screwed. At least she didn’t crush you….something I may do later on – much later on. I hope that you are satisfied with your blunder. You will never be what you were again. Instead, you will be mine – a slave for as long as I see fit to keep you alive,” Darshana said.

“What? Please, I want to be normal again. I can change. Please Darshana…. I can change,” Dennis pleaded.

“I wouldn’t change you back even if I could. I can assure you that I really had nothing to do with your little small incident. But thanks to your decision to cheat, I will find me another man to marry and grow a family with. In the meantime however, I am going to have my fun with you…. you sick bastard,” Darshana said.

Darshana got up and left the dining room table. Dennis pleaded more for her to let him go. He didn’t accept what she said either about not having anything to do with him having shrunken down to his present size. It was apparent to him that she knew more about what was going on than he did.

When Darshana came back into view, Dennis noticed that she was still crying. Suddenly, Dennis noticed that she placed one of her sandals there on the table. This sandal she wore with its match the entire trip home from India. He also noticed that she had some thread in hand. Suddenly, not knowing what this giantess hellcat had in mind, she opened the cage and pulled her tiny husband from inside. As he screamed, she began to engage in her plight. She immediately started tying his legs to the thong that goes between her toes. She wrapped thread around his waist and the thong portion of the sandal as well. She then proceeded to tie his arms and hands to the arch connected to the thong of the sandal above. This just happened so fast as if she was experienced in doing something like this. Before long, Dennis found himself hovering above the musky insole. This shoe she had worn for more than a day straight. The smell wasn’t that pleasant at all.

“Shut up! You’re tears mean nothing. You will hang there little one until I get back home. Enjoy the stench. And don’t think for once that I am stopping here. Consider this torture. Tic for tat you little asshole. Tic for tat,” Darshana said.

Her accent was more distinct with her anger than her calmness. After being satisfied with her husband’s position, she walked over to the sunroom in their home. There’s a window there facing the direction of where the sun sets. It was a rather hot day today and the sun just beamed its light bright to the sunroom floor. Darshana knew of all things, as much as he hated her shoes, this would be something that wouldn’t just be humiliating but also torturous. Once she reached the sunroom, she placed the sandal directly in the middle of the floor – directly into the way of the beaming light. This was just mean. With her shoe being a shiny silver color, the light that beamed into the silver insole only casted a beaming reflection back towards the thong and arch strap connected to it. Dennis was now afraid that he was going to end up blinded. At the same time, his skin began to feel like it was cooking with the heat bouncing back from the insole of Darshana’s sandal.

“Now – you will bake until I am satisfied – you little piece of shit! But there’s more where this is coming from….I promise you it will get worse,” Darshana said.

“Please Darshana…….. ahhhhh….. the light…… it hurts,” Dennis cried.

“Good,” Darshana said.

Darshana walked away planning to go to the grocery store as well as a convenient store for a few choice items. Of course, a few of these items were for nothing shy of torturing her hubby even more. Before she got into her car, she put her shirt back on and slipped her feet into a pair of flats outside in the garage. These flats she chose specifically because they were the very shoes that her husband hated most. After wiping her last tears, she got behind the wheel and pulled off. There wasn’t any thought of Dennis left suffering. In fact, she found the whole thing amusing at this point. She was far from finished.

Meanwhile, back in the sunroom, Dennis had already vomited. Perhaps it was more scientific but rather quite simple to understand. Darshana had worn this sandal for the entire journey back to the states from her homeland. The amount of sweat that left her foot was probably hardened and at that, dried by the time she had sat down at the dining room table. She kicked the damn sandals off when she had gotten home. The whole altercation between the time she had gotten home and the time she had her little chat with Dennis at the dining room table had taken about an hour and a half. But this beaming light as it shined on the insole, only caused a chemical reaction of sorts where the scent of her shoes only began to emit like a damp mist from a lake. At normal size, no one would ever see this. But unfortunately, Dennis was getting rather acquainted. But the smell was just one of the problems.

This was just so cruel. With the blinding light that blasted him from the insole, it too caused a chemical reaction…… heat! Dennis felt like he was in some sort of tanning booth. Altogether, it was just cruel to him and he didn’t think that he was worthy of this treatment. He just couldn’t take any more of this punishment from his wife and wanted so much for her to come home. Eventually, poor Dennis would pass out….. due to the overwhelming heat and conditions as he had been suspended to this funky smelly sandal belonging to his wife.
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