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Tiny Troubles by Kentwolf
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Solo-M; shrink; nude; durable; F/m; crush; foot; flatten; bag; insert; bodymod; stuck; cons/nc; X

Sean smiled to himself as he screwed the last bolt tightly onto his latest attempt at an invention, though he was an aspiring actor, he also favoured himself as a creative inventor though so far all he had done is almost burn down the house a few times. He was 22 years old with longish brown hair and a slim figure, he lived with his Girlfriend Lizzie, who was a Professional dancer at the local theatres, she even taught dance in a school twice a week. Lizzie was a very pretty girl, 21 years old with a beautiful figure and long brown hair.

As he stepped back to admire his newly finished device he glanced around his hidden room, he had found this secret wall space when they had looked at the house and instantly knew they had to live here. He had his own “secret lab” to invent in, even Lizzie didn’t know it existed, nor any of the things he had built behind its walls. He had soundproofed it and everything. He needed to test his new device before he even considered selling it to the military or MI6. It was designed (which he hoped would work) to shrink an object or person to the height and size of two inches tall. He figured it would help to sneak into placed for covert operations and even diffusing bombs if they could shrink the parts that would explode.

After shrinking an orange and a lampshade and returning them to normal size, he knew the only step left was a human test subject, he pulled out his phone and called up Lizzie. It rang a few times before going to her answering message, she was probably on stage performing at the moment so he left a message “Hey Babe, I got to head up north for a week or two. Work stuff. Might be the big break i;ve been waiting for. Love ya!” he said and hung up, not really planning on leaving the house, but needed an alibi for his absence as he would really want to test for a longer period of time to see if there were any side effects and Lizzie would freak if she knew.

After checking and re-checking the machine he stepped in front of the laser sight and pushed the remote button, quickly placing it on the floor to be pushed later and closed his eyes nervously. A beam of red light shot out of the machine and hit him square in the face. Within seconds he diminished in size and volume as his clothes billowed out, as they hadn’t been hit, they weren’t affected and remained normal size. The beam followed him down until he hit the height of a feeble 2 inches then shut itself off. Sean opened his eyes and looked around in shock, all around him was a mountain of fabric, denim and cotton, he glanced down at himself and realised he was naked. Blushing slightly he began crawling through the gaps in-between his garments and glanced around. The world was huge, everything seemed to tower over him and he whistled, impressed by his accomplishment.

He began to walk for the hidden little switch that would allow the door to slide open for about 30 seconds, as it did he was almost knocked back by the gust of wind its movement caused, but managed to stay upright. He ran for it quickly as the door clicked and began sliding shut again, he saw it closing in on him from both sides and ran faster, jumping the last few inches as it slammed shut on his foot, leaving it trapped in the invisible seam where the door was, he glanced back in shock. His foot should be in agony, but it didn’t hurt, he slowly pulled it out and watched in amazement as it slowly popped back into shape. He wriggled his toes and grinned “holy crap, i'm somehow super durable. That's defiantly going on the pro list!” he cheered to himself before calming down and walking around. It took him a while to walk anywhere in the house, but he had the time.

A few hours later he realised that he didn’t feel the slightest bit hungry, or thirsty despite the amount he had been running around, nor had he needed the bathroom. It seemed that when he was tiny, any of his bodily functions stopped. He thought for a few seconds before getting an idea, he began climbing up slowly and carefully up to the kitchen counter, strolling casually to the kitchen sink that he had left full of dishes in soak for later and grinned. Grabbing a spoon that was a lot bigger than himself, he jumped into the sink, quickly sinking to the bottom thanks to the weight of the spoon. He waited under the water expecting to begin having the burning lung feeling, but he got nothing. Apparently he didn’t even need to breath if he couldn’t. It was amazing. He lost track of time while down there but after a couple of hours, he surfaced and swam out. He sat and dried himself with one of the huge tea towels on the counter and jumped down to the floor below. He landed with a splat, flattening out on the floor before slowly popping back to normal. It was incredible, he clearly didn’t need the long test he had planned, his device didn’t seem to cause any bad side effects, only good ones.

He began walking back for his secret door when he heard the front door open and the relived sigh of his girlfriend as she came in after a long days work. He quickly hid under the sofa and glanced out as she walked into the room. She was wearing a black coat covering her body, though he could see her black sleek leggings and her shiny black heels as she walked in, pulling her hair out of the bun she had worn it in for the show, she threw off her coat revealing a tight leotard and black dance skirt under it. He realised she must have forgotten to bring clothes to her show like she often did and just worn her rehearsal outfit home. He was amazed at the beautiful giant walking across the room, sitting down on the sofa above him and turning on the TV. Seeing her like this was amazing, he couldn’t turn down the possibility of this. Deciding to wait a while before turning back he crawled to the front of the sofa and sat down to watch TV by her huge perfectly shaped feet, she had kicked off her heels, they were lying on the floor nearby like patent leather monoliths to Sean and her feet were hidden away inside the tight shiny leggings.

The hours passed and he watched her feet move around, he even watched as she walked to the kitchen to make something to eat, then came back, he giggled quietly to himself, not that she would have been able to hear him at his height even if he yelled. This was an amazing experience, but he figured it was time to return to normal. Unfortunately, as he stood up and began walking, he failed to notice her feet vanish. She peeled the leggings off her legs and threw them across the sofa, he realised too late of what was happening as a shadow fell over him, glancing up he saw her feet coming back down, he tried to run but he didn’t have time. SLAM, her left foot crushed him flat into the carpet. She wriggled her toes, thinking she felt something for a moment, but shrugged it off.

Sean on the other hand, couldn’t shrug anything off. He couldn’t even move. He could feel every line of her skin pressing on his back and the soft carpet fibres brushing against his face. For the next hour he was stuck like that, before she finally turned off the TV and stretched, sliding her feet out, lifting him from the carpet, though unfortunately he was stuck to the bottom of her perfect foot. He let out a silent whimper as he saw the carpet coming towards him again, Lizzie stood up yawning, unaware that she was standing on her now tiny boyfriend and slowly made her way to bed, every step she took he was slammed into the carpet, then the wood floor of the hall before finally she got to the bedroom and began undressing. Sean was in hell as he was crushed by her entire weight and the floor, like being between a rock and a hard place.

She slipped on the t-shirt Sean had given her a while ago, she always wore it to bed, it made a good nightie before she shivered “ooh cold tonight” he heard her say, though her voice was muffled from his position. He didn’t think anything of that comment at first, but as she sat on the end of the bed and a thick long bedsock came into view, he realised he wanted it to be a warm night. He struggled with all his might but he couldn’t peel off her foot before the sock came sliding over him, pinning him tightly to her foot as she climbed under the covers and happily went to sleep after her long work day.

All night long he was trapped in the warm sock, squashed flat to her foot moving as her foot moved, she tossed and turned in the big bed all to herself and he didn’t get a wink of sleep. When it was morning he had to endure being stepped on again and again, though the sock softened the blows slightly. He heard her getting ready for the day ahead before finally taking the sock off, he had been crushed between them so long that he came loose with the sock, and as she swung her foot for another step, his flat little body went flying, landing in something dark. He saw her walk past the opening of the dark place and slowly began reforming with a sigh. He decided he needed to make a break for his secret room the moment he got the chance, incase he ended up being stepped on again. Just as he reformed, Lizzie threw something soft down on him and he heard a zipper being shut, he was inside her bag!! he pushed the soft thing off him and looked up, but the light had been cut off, then his world shifted, knocking him off his feet and sending him tumbling into the soft thing below.

Lizzie carried her bag to the car and threw it on the back seat, she got in and turned up the radio loud. It was about a 40 minute drive to the dance school but she didn’t care, the roads were pleasantly quiet and she just listened to the sound of her bag sliding across the seat from side to side each time she took a corner fast.

Inside the bag, Sean was thrown about, hitting the sides of the bag, falling on things and getting tangled up in something. By the time Lizzie arrived at the school Sean was so tangled up he looked like a little mummy if anyone looked. His world continued to swing about as she walked. Eventually, it stopped moving as she got to her dance class changing room and opened the bag, she glanced in and saw her leotard tangled up, she shrugged and picked it up, shaking it to untangle it, not noticing the tiny naked man fly out of it and land back in the bag, on her leggings. She put the leotard aside and stripped naked, slipping on a sports bra and picked up her leggings, sliding them smoothly up her legs, the tiny man in the crotch area unseen as she wasn’t looking down at them. Sean gasped, open eyes with panic as he saw her sex shooting towards him, he stood up to try to jump out, just as she pulled her leggings up fully and he slammed into her sex, getting shoved in like a living dildo. “OOOH...” he heard her gasp in shock, it was tight and he didn’t dare move in case he slipped in deeper, he felt her fingers rubbing at her crotch, clearly trying to find what had caused that sensation, but after a few seconds of not finding anything and Sean not moving, she decided it must be nothing and slipped her leotard over the leggings.

For her entire dance class, poor Sean was rubbed against and crushed as she showed her students how to do some difficult moves, by the end of it he was so crushed he actually looked like a flesh coloured thin dildo. All his features crushed away as he was smooshed like putty. When she finished her lessons and went to get changed, she remembered earlier and felt inside her sex carefully, she felt where his putty like feet were and pulled the object out. Glancing at it for a minute she giggled, “Oops, I must have left this in my bag from last time!” she thought Sean was just one of her little sex toys, as he had no defining features and was covered in her juices.

She put him down on the bench and walked to the shower to clean off the sweat and grime after a long day. On the changing room bench Sean slowly popped back to normal, also exhausted from the day but for a whole different reason. He lay there moaning softly when her phone suddenly rang. He saw her quickly run out of the shower wearing a towel and answer it “Hello?... oh hi Amber... tonight? Sure I don’t have anything planned.... yeah OK meet you there.... no really?...” she began chatting to her friend, sitting down, Sean saw her ass coming towards him and tried to run, but barely had time to turn over, before her huge cheek engulfed him in her flesh, flattening him once more against her skin. He was face down on the bench listening to her chatting away, feeling her body vibrate when she laughed and silently wondered when this nightmare would end. Eventually she ended the call and stood up, taking tiny Sean with her as she walked back into the shower. She threw the towel aside and climbed back in and began lathering up her naked body, covering Sean in foam as she did so.

He couldn’t see anything through the foam until the rough flannel was suddenly being rubbed against him as she scrubbed her body, unfortunately, in the hot steam of the shower, her pores had opened up and the flannel was slowly pushing him against the tiny openings. When she turned off the shower and the cold breeze hit her, her pores instantly closed, pinching down on the parts of him that got pushed in, pinning him flat to her skin, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t move, and there was no way he could get himself off her ass cheek without help.

Lizzie dried herself slowly, humming to herself as she towelled off every bit of her body. She had made plans to meet her friends for a few drinks at a club tonight and was trying to decide if she had time for a quick tanning session before she went. She didn’t see the tiny man print on her ass as she passed a mirror, and he was quickly hidden from sight as she slipped her panties up and dressed in her top and skirt. She headed home, rubbing her ass against the car seat, feeling something like an itch on her left butt cheek but couldn’t get rid of the feeling. When she got home she turned on the tanning bed to warm up its lights and stripped down with a smile, as far as she was concerned, the custom tanning bed was the best thing Sean had designed, it tanned while also causing you to sweat, meaning that you lost weight slightly when you used it. Giving it a double perfect performance. She laid down and closed her eyes, setting the bed to an hours tan.

Sean had groaned as he was covered by her panties, they were tight, but at least they were soft. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t move before, when she had been naked, he thought he would pop right off her butt, but he didn’t realise he was being pinched by her skin pores. When she got home and he saw the tanning bed getting closer, he realised he was about to get a tan whether he wanted it or not. Unfortunately, as the hour went on, Lizzie was laying on him, crushing him against the glass as the heat opened her pores more. As she sweat, he was sucked deeper and deeper. When he heard the hour timer go off and she climbed out, he felt her pores closing, but he felt them closing, in front of him! He was sealed up inside her skin like a living tattoo as she wiped herself down and giggled running to the bedroom to get ready. Lizzie chose a black thong and a short tight black dress, though Sean didn’t have time to focus on that as he realised he was actually trapped inside his girlfriends ass!

All night long she drank and danced with her friends, he bounced along with every jiggle her ass cheeks did, as if he were a real tattoo. He heard her getting very very drunk.

Eventually they ended up in a late night tattoo parlour each trying to coax the others into getting a tattoo. Luckily Lizzie didn’t get one, but some of her friends did before they got their taxi home, crushing poor Sean under her dress as they laughed drunkenly in the cab. As soon as Lizzie got home, she stumbled to the bedroom and passed out on her bed, not even taking off her heels.

Lizzie slept like a baby until well past noon before waking up with a moan that always comes on hangover mornings and looked at herself in the mirror, her hair was a mess, her make-up was smeared thanks to the pillow and her ass was showing as her skirt had ridden up in the night. She caught sight of something on her butt cheek and turned away from her reflection, glancing back at her real butt and squinted her eyes confused. She saw the tiny form of Sean there, It looked just like him. She ran a hand over her ass cheek, scratching at it with her nails, but she couldn’t feel a thing, then she remembered vaguely being in a tattoo parlour with her friends last night and groaned, “Ah crap I got a tattoo...” She moaned, but shrugged, “Well least I have him with me even while he is away I guess” she yawned and stood up, taking a shower and having a lazy day about the house, unaware that her tattoo was her real boyfriend.

When the two weeks were up and Sean didn’t come back, Lizzie was confused and worried. She tried calling his phone, but as the battery had died where he left it on in his secret room, it wouldn’t connect the call. After a few months she figured he had walked out on her and spent a good week crying while her friends told her how all guys were jerks. Sean of course heard all this but couldn’t do anything from his situation. Eventually, Lizzie married a nice guy who was also a dancer and had a beautiful wedding, the tattoo of her old boyfriend hidden away under the billowing crisp white skirts of her wedding gown. As the years went on she completely forgot about Sean, she had moved away with her new husband and a new couple bought her old house, never discovering the secret room, and Sean was trapped as the ultimate 3rd wheel for the rest of his life, as a tattoo on his old girlfriends ass.
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