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XR University
« on: June 24, 2023, 03:30:22 am »
So having been involved with bondage fetish over the years, I found I was surprisingly limited in terms of my knowledge of other kinks. This was extremely true when I recently became aware of male chastity and wanted to find out more about the types of devices and more importantly the motivations behind this kink. I am (and likely will always be) the dominate in my relationship, but something made me very curious about "why" a man would be into that type of kink (what do they get out of it). After reading posts and stories in here, I found XR University ( has videos and lectures about almost every type of kink (along with promoting their products). I've found the explanations useful for a number of kinks/topics and thought that others might like it too. If for anything else it's given me some story ideas
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