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Bethany’s Secret Dream by Master Vince
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Bethany’s Secret Dream


Bethany Chambers, was nineteen years old and was just starting her second year of law school. She was a very beautiful girl being five feet-six with a perfect slim hourglass figure. She had long dark brown hair that she always liked to keep tied back in a ponytail; ironic really, for what she was about to become.
Her parents were wealthy; very wealthy. Her father was Lord Chambers and her mother was a well known news reader on the BBC. Bethany was born into money.
Bethany was a shy girl when it came to her sexuality, she wasn’t a virgin, she’d had two boyfriends previously, but the relationships never lasted. Beth was very conservative with her body; she never liked to show a lot of flesh. She never wore miniskirts nor had she ever worn a bikini, she always insisted on wearing one piece bathing suits when swimming, but would never wear anything so revealing on the beach; just shorts and T-shirts. Yes, Beth was a little shy, but when she was in a debate Bethany’s character changed drastically. She was very intelligent and articulate; she could hold her own and stand her ground with the best. She was heading for great things, but, alas, she was never to reach her full potential; or, would she.

Susan Montgomery, her roommate at college was from America. They got on really well together and were becoming close friends. Sue’s parents were also loaded or should we say parent. Her mother died when she was young, so her father brought her up. Simple really, he just hires nannies and nurses. But, Sue received anything she wanted.

After their first semester Sue convinced Bethany to come with her to South America and travel across the state until they reached Mexico and Beth couldn’t have thought of a better plan. She just loved travelling and that was one place she’d never been.
Oh, how things can go wrong.

The holiday was the best, they saw the sights, they partied and generally blew the ten thousand dollars they’d been given from both parents to enjoy themselves and boy did they enjoy themselves.

At the airport on their way home, well Sue, was flying home to visit her dad before returning to England and college. Beth was catching a later flight directly to Heathrow airport. They hugged and kissed and promised to see each other again as soon as school started.
Just before her flight was called Sue spotted sniffer dogs roaming the departure lounge and quickly slid a package into Beth's back pack.
   ‘What’s that?’ Beth said just catching a glimpse of her friend's hand moving away from her bag.
   ‘Damn, you caught me’. She smiled shyly. ‘It’s a present. I’ve been trying to sneak it into your bag all day’.
Beth smiled and reaches for her bag but Sue caught her hand.
   ‘Don’t... Please... It’s personal. I love you, I think you’re great’.
   ‘What is it then?’ Beth said smiling. ‘I didn’t get you anything’.
   ‘I don’t mind...’ Her flight was called. ‘... God, it’s time to go. Look, wait till you’re comfortable on the plane, and then look’. She stood, picking up her rucksack.
Beth stood with her and they hugged one another again.
   ‘See you in college, then’.
   ‘Yeah, see you then. I mean it’s only two weeks’.
They hugged and kissed again, and then Sue was off running for her flight.
   “God, I hope she doesn’t get caught”. Sue thought as she handed her passport to the lady at the departure gate.

 It was a full twenty minutes before Beth’s plane was ready, and her flight called out. She stood, put her paperback into her side pocket and started for the departure gate. She was only ten yards sort when the beagle started running round her feet and yapping. Beth smiled and leaned down and scratched the dog's head.
   ‘Hi Boy, what’s up with you’.
Then it was a police officer's voice behind her. ‘Excuse me, sinorita, could you please come with us’.
She turned round and faced the two police officers; one had his hand on his sidearm. Beth went white with fear.
   ‘B – But I haven’t done anything’.
   ‘The dog says different’. One grabbed her arm and the other officer grabbed her backpack. ‘This way please’.
They marched her off to a side office, Beth, protesting the best she could.

In the office, they handed her to a female police officer and she was led into another room where another woman police officer was waiting. They searched her backpack in front of her and placed the parcel of cocaine next to her.
   ‘Well, yeah... but, my friend just slipped it into my bag. It’s only a present’.
   ‘Only?’ the officer looked at her. ‘So you know what it is?’
Beth looked curiously at the package. ‘No, not really. It does look funny though’.
   ‘Not fun for you, dear.  Stand up. Strip’.
Beth looked at her in total surprise. Turning her pockets in-side-out she exclaimed, ‘look I haven’t got anything on me’.
   ‘We’ll be the judge of that. Now, strip’.
Beth began to cry as she slowly loosened her check shirt.
After three minutes, Beth was down to her bra and knickers, she was covering herself as best she could.
The two women police officers looked at her and shook their heads.
   ‘Bashful, are we. You’ll not be after six fucking months in a hell-hole. Now, strip. Them too’. She said pointing at her underwear.
After an agonising body search, having her anus and vagina probed with gloved fingers, she was given her jeans and T-shirt back, but they give her dirty flip-flops instead of her Nikes. She wasn’t given her underwear back.
She asked again to make her so-called phone call, but as they led her to a holding cell she was just told that the British Embassy had been informed and someone would come to see her within the next two days.
She was driven into the city and placed in the local jail. There she was put in a cell with three other women and all they had between them was a hole in the floor for a toilet.
She curled into a ball and cried herself to sleep in the corner of the cell. She didn’t even have anyone to talk to; none of the other three women could speak English. She thought now that the officer was right, back at the airport, and she’d just entered into hell, but she had no idea, this was a city jail and ten times cleaner than the real prison system; at least here she will get clean food.


   Montgomery received the very angry call from Lord Chambers three days after Sue had returned home. He was demanding that his daughter owned up to planting the drugs on his daughter at the airport. Jason Montgomery would do no such thing and basically told Lord Chambers, “tough” before he slammed the phone down.

   ‘SUSAN!’ He screamed up the stairs to his daughter.
Susan ran down wondering what had upset her father so much, he sounded angry. She ran straight to his study.
   ‘What the fucking hell have you done now?’
   ‘Daddy? I don’t know’
   ‘Yes, you fucking do. Have you not looked at the news recently? No you haven’t, you’re too fucking busy looking at that damn phone of yours’.
He grabbed the phone from her hand and looked at it. On the display was her home page displaying a picture of herself with Bethany?
   ‘This, her?’
   ‘Who Daddy?’ She had tears in her eyes now.
   ‘Bethany fucking Chambers!’ He shouted.
   ‘Yes daddy, she’s my best friend in England’.
   ‘Some fucking best friend YOU are. She’s now about to serve the rest of her fucking life in a cesspool of vomit and piss and probably be getting rapped every fucking day, because of you. You stupid bitch’.
Susan burst into uncontrollable sobs.
   ‘YES, she got caught carrying your fucking drugs. What did I tell you before you fucked off on that holiday...?’  Jason trailed off; he was engrossed looking at the picture of Bethany on his daughter’s phone. ‘... She’s very attractive’.
   ‘W – Who’. Sue bubbled.
   ‘Your friend stupid’.
   ‘Daddy? You travel to South America a lot. You must know someone who could help’.
   ‘I was thinking just that, my dear. Now fuck off to your room. You’re grounded’.
Sue stood there with her head down, waiting.
   ‘What you waiting for. I have phone calls to make?’
   ‘My phone Daddy’.
   ‘I need it for a minute, I need the picture. I’ll give you your phone back later.’
Sue started for the door, but before she left the room her father stopped her.
   ‘And the next time I go to South America, you’re coming with me’. He smiled wickedly. ‘And I’ll let you see what you’ve done to your best friend. NOW, fuck off’.
She ran up to her room in tears.


   After two months of negotiations and eight meetings with a corrupt judge, Lord Chambers was faced with two choices; either his daughter gets 15 years to life in one of Guatemala’s worst mixed prisons or she can sign a legal document for her to work on a ranch as a pony girl for five years. Pony girl being understood by both Lord Chambers and Bethany to be a ranch hand that would work with horses. This was on top of four months training, which would increase to six months if she didn’t learn fast enough. Neither Beth nor her father could fathom what training would take four months let alone six months. Just to learn mucking out and herding. Beth, already was a considerably good rider, she already owned two horses, so she knew she didn’t have to learn how to control a horse, but she was willing to sign. After all, she would be doing something that she loved most in the world. Beth loved horses and if she had her way, that’s what she would want to do all her life. She wasn’t really keen on law, but her grades were good and she thought that was what her parents wanted for her.
Her father was a little reluctant as he had to pay, up front, $20,000 (American) for every year for her keep. He also had to pay $50,000 for her training.
Thinking about it, and a little knowledge of what his daughter had been through already. He willingly signed the paperwork offering his daughters' services for free for five years, including up to six months training.
At least she would have somewhere clean to sleep, get proper meals and she’ll be working in the fresh air. Also, knowing she would only be 24 when she returned home. He was also given permission to visit his daughter after her first year. If he liked what he saw he could visit any time he liked after that.

Bethany hugged her father and told him to tell her Mum how much she loves her. They said their tearful goodbyes, and then Bethany was led away, still in wrist and ankle chains to a black van.
Her journey began.


   The Tesslar Ranch covered almost three hundred square miles in the middle of nowhere. It was owned by Samuel Tesslar. A once successful horse breeder. His business was about to go belly up when he was approached by Paula Marshal a very rich Domatricks and Silvia Maiden a very, very rich business woman looking for thrills.
With a little coaxing and turnover figures he agreed to turn The Tesslar Ranch into a play pen for the very wealthy. Men and women that liked to see females treated as ponies. The more the girls looked like ponies the better, hence the hiring of a doctor and a nurse.
But Samuel had his demands. He wanted no dealing with kidnapping girls off the street.
They agreed only to use volunteers. Girls willing to be treated like a pony for a given time period, but most of the girls came from prison. With access to corrupt officials they were able to offer the girls a reduced sentence, from whatever to five years. Behind the scenes came another contract. Any woman sentenced to death could have her sentence reduced to life as a pony girl. She could in the future have her sentence reinstated if she didn’t like her new life. The other side of the business catered for women that wanted to try out extreme BDSM and become a pony for a specific time they have paid for. Some came to learn how to become a groom or a trainer. There were also the regular prostitutes, theses girls had to pass strict criteria concerning heath, looks and size. The prostitutes were offered 5 year contracts only, for this they had to pay the ranch 20% of what they made to pay for food, shelter and the use of equipment. They also had flexible holidays.
The pony ranch was almost legitimate, but for using of prisoners.

The main house was huge and could accommodate up to 150 guests. Behind the house there were three impressive hangers. Each one equipped with different functions. The first was the entry into pony life and the first training ring. The second was an equestrian sport and a prancing show arena. The third was an auction ring that allowed guests to barter for a specific pony to use for their stay.
Flat roads led from the main ranch to various places within the confines of the ranch boundaries. The longest road was eight miles out to a private house and a single stable like all the other ten roads. There were eleven roads out to different  adventures the twelfth was under construction. The shortest road being only one mile long for the new ponies and of coarse there was the main road into the ranch, this was sixty-four miles long.
Ponies were expected to pull a small two person trap to these destinations so the guests could play their own little games. Any serious damage to the pony, like whip marks or broken skin was punishable by the guests being forced to either hand over one million dollars (American) or become a reluctant pony for three months. Male or female.
Bethany was on her way.


   After eight gruelling hours travelling in the van with only three stops the van eventually reached its destination. Inside hanger ONE.
Bethany was brought outside and her handcuffs were attached to the back of the van behind her. Then some cowboy came round and forced a ball gag into her mouth. Beth started to cry. The cowboy just laughed.
As she looked round she noticed another girl, chained and gagged as she was, to an identical van. The girl was wearing the same prison dress that she was wearing and if it wasn’t for her very dark and cold eyes they could have been twins. The girl didn’t look scared at all, she actually looked happy. Beth couldn’t understand how anyone could look happy in such a situation.

Time seemed to have stopped; both girls were now slumped on the hard concrete floor. Then suddenly Men’s hands grabbed her roughly, bringing her to her feet. They undid the chain to the van and started walking her across a vast expanse of open space, to one of four identical buildings within the hanger. Inside, she was brought to a man in a white coat and nurse stood to his left with a hypodermic syringe in her hand, ready.
Beth’s eye went like saucers.
   ‘Right who do we have here’?
   ‘Maria Conswellas. Full term. Constraints and jewellery permanent from the new shipment. Full two doses of sex drive hormone. New name Beauty. Re- evaluate after five years. Well, that’s if she can’t hack being a pony girl’. The man laughed.
Bethany was shaking her head violently, trying to tell them they had the wrong girl. But they all just laughed.
   ‘Looks as if she’s changed her mind already’. The Doctor said.
   ‘No, she’s probably just trying to tell us she’ll never change her mind. You know she got the death sentence for slitting a client's throat. I don’t think she wants to go back to that’.
The nurse came round the desk, smiling.
   ‘Now, now little pony, just a small prick’.
   ‘She’ll be getting a lot more than a small prick when she wakes up’.
All the men started to laugh.
Bethany fainted just before she was injected, but it helped the nurse administer the tranquillizer.


   Ms Marshal walked past the unoccupied vans and bumped into the cowboy that took the girls for their treatment.
   ‘Mac, the girls went quietly?’
   ‘No problem Ms Marshal’.
   ‘As soon as Bethany’s ready I want her dressed in full show harnesses, all the old ones in leather, with a nice plume on her head to go with her long pony tail’.
   ‘Why is someone coming to see her?’
   ‘Yes, Mr Montgomery and his daughter. He paid half a million just so he could bring his daughter. Apparently it was her that planted the drugs in her bag’.
   ‘Ah, so that's why her new name’s “FRAME”. I did wonder’.
   ‘And since Mr Montgomery is one of our regular customers he’s also brought two friends to help mount her. Poor girl, his daughter was supposed to be her best friend’.
   ‘Why the treatment?’
   ‘He wants to show what will happen if his daughter says a word about Bethany’s innocence. He’s told her that she’ll be here instead of Bethany, sorry, Frame’. Paula laughed. ‘I’ll be in a meeting for some time. Make sure she’s ready for early evening’.
   ‘Yes Ma’am. By the way, that other girl, she looked almost identical to Frame. Why not show her instead. Her new gear will look brilliant. All that Tungsten carbon stainless steel and the engravings are absolutely beautiful.’
   ‘Yes, I know, I can’t wait to see her. But leather straps will have to do for Frame. Remember, we need to take them off before she goes home or her father visits’.
They nodded and smiled as they went their separate ways, but Paula had a nasty thought niggling at the back of her mind. “Two girls arrive on the same day. They’re identical?”  She let it slip as she entered the conference room.

Almost two hours later, Ms Marshal and Ms Maiden walked out of the conference room smiling. After only two years all the ranch’s debts were cleared and they were well on their way to pay off Montgomery. They’d figured 6 months and they could buy him off.
As a wealthy businessman, he’d come in handy with major building work so they could start their little enterprise, but Montgomery abused his position and standing in the business. Bethany was the third girl he had sent to them. It appeared that any girl that upset him or stood in his daughters way strangely disappeared. He’d managed to make eleven women disappear over the years; mainly gold diggers after his wealth, but two were cheerleaders that stopped Sue joining the team. They were lucky; the ranch had opened for business by then. Sue had no idea what her father was like. The two cheerleaders were in stables 61 and 62. These girls were also framed, South America can be a dangerous place, but Beth was a true accident, it was down to Susan’s panic and stupidity.

After the long walk down to stable 145, Paula and Sylvia stopped to talk to the groom.
‘Everything all right Manuel’.
‘Si Sinorita. She seems happy; I think if I remove the gag she’d start laughing’.
Paula was astonished, she’d seen how timid and afraid Beth was only a few weeks ago. She’d visited her secretly and observed her during one of her many interviews. Manuel was describing a different girl. Suddenly the conversation she’d had with Mac before the meeting came back to her.
“By the way, that other girl, she looked almost identical to Frame. Why not show her instead”
Paula screamed and ran to the stable. The girl was lying on her side with her back to her.
She rolled her over quickly, and screamed again.
   ‘What the Hell’s the matter Paula?’ Sylvia said reaching the stall.
   ‘This is not Bethany. This is Maria’. She pulled out the ball gag and screamed at her, ‘you bitch, why didn’t you tell them’.
Working her jaw to ease the aching she looked at Paula with cold eyes and an expression of “Are you stupid or what?”
   ‘How the fuck could we tell them with those fucking things in our mouths. You stupid bitch’.
   ‘They didn’t check?’
   ‘No, they just named me and took the other girl away. I nearly pissed myself. The other girl went nuts. They just fucking laughed at her’.
Paula was paralysed.
   ‘Look, lady. I know whatever she’s going through I’m next. But I fucking signed for this and I know what to expect, but the one thing you got to do is to tell your men not to be so fucking thick’. She started laughing.

Paula looked at her watch and knowing how long the procedure lasts she kicked off her high heels and sprinted for hanger ONE with Sylvia in hot pursuit carrying her shoes.


   Three minutes later, Paula burst into the reception area of building two inside hanger ONE.
Running to the desk, she noticed Maria’s file open, and then from total silence, she heard the clippers start up. She crashed into the operating room and screamed at the top of her voice “STOP!”
The nurse dropped a full tray of instruments and the doctor jumped away from his patient as if she was burning coals.
   ‘What’s the meaning of this?’ The doctor demanded.
   ‘That’s not Maria’. Paula said, out of breath.
   ‘Then who is she?’
   ‘That is Bethany Chambers. Lord Chambers, daughter’.
   ‘OH, FUCK’.

Twenty minutes later, back out in the reception area Paula, Sylvia and Sam were sitting opposite Doctor Martin Jackson and Nurse Millie Tomlinson.
   ‘When will she wake up?’ Sam asked.
   ‘Within the hour’. Millie said, looking at her chart.
   ‘How far have you gone Doctor?’ Paula asked, dreading the answer.
He looked down at his clipboard, dropping his spectacles over his eyes and started reciting a list, each one being ticked off.
   ‘How about telling us what you haven’t done’. Sylvia interrupted him.
   ‘Well, let me see. I was just about to shave her head, so you stopped me creating her mane or Mohawk, and her hooves are just temporary. Oh, and I didn’t get round to laser her nose ring on permanently, but the two titanium plates either side of her septum are permanent’.
   ‘Jesus fucking Christ’. Sam looked like death warmed up.
   ‘Let me see’. Paula asked the Doctor, indicating the clipboard.
Taking it, she scanned down the procedures. Looking up quickly. ‘Rectal implant’.
   ‘Well, you did say if it was ready, Maria would be the first to try it out’.
   ‘What the hell is a rectal implant?’ Sam asked. He knew very little about some of the procedures the girls go through.
   ‘It’s brilliant Sam’, Millie said excitedly. ‘It saves taking their butt plugs out twice a day’.
   ‘It’s a group of sixteen elongated triangles of titanium; they are covered with surgical latex. They look like a tube, five inched long. It’s inserted into her anus and then twenty-four high tensile stainless steel springs slide in them, and are released; they have the effect of opening her anus 20mm at the opening and expand to 48mm inside her. The top titanium rode curls out and up between her cheeks where her tail is attached. It will take her around two weeks to get used to the fact she can’t stop defecating. At first it will act like a colostomy tube, but eventually she’ll be able to control mussels further up inside her colon’.
   ‘Jesus Fucking Christ’. Sam immediately jumped up and ran to the bathroom.
Everyone round the Doctor’s desk could hear him vomit.
Then the Doctor asked Paula if she had the key to the new restraints.
   ‘No, I’ve not been given any keys. Why?’
   ‘Well... When we snapped the wrist bracelets into the upper elbow brackets, we realised we need some form of key to undo them’.
   ‘You mean there was no key in the crate’.

All the rings, bracelets, neck collars and girth belts and ankle rings had just arrived from Hong Kong two days ago in several crates. To get Maria ready they had hastily taken out what they thought they needed.

   ‘Damn! Why didn’t you wait till everything was unpacked, and read the bloody instructions?’ Paula opened her phone and called Mac.

Montgomery walked in uninvited.
   ‘Where is she’? He demanded. ‘I’ve been round all the stables and she’s not there.
Paula jumped to her feet.
   ‘She’s just undergone surgery; she will not be ready till tomorrow’.
   ‘Fuck tomorrow. I want her out there in all her fucking glory by eight PM or I pull the fucking plug’. He stormed out.
   ‘Who the fuck does he think he is’. Millie said.
   ‘He’s our benefactor. Until we can pay him off’. Silvia informed.
   ‘She’ll be due to wake up shortly’. The doctor stood. ‘Standing up as usual?’ He asked
   ‘Yes, Doc, and full plumage, as in dressage. I think we’ll go with the metallic peacock green; it’ll complement her blue eyes’. Paula turned and walked out of the room. She was plainly upset.


   The Doctor, Millie, Paula, Sylvia and Sam stood admiring Bethany. She shone out like a star with all the silver covering her naked body. A high neck collar had been attached to her neck ring to stop her looking down at herself. She’d been stood up, but her full weight was kept of her hooves by all the restraints.
Beth’s eyes fluttered open, the bright white room blinded her for a moment until Paula stepped into her vision.
   ‘Hi’. Paula said; she tried to smile to put Bethany at ease.
It was half passed six, and they only had one and a half hours to prepare her to meet Montgomery. Paula thought they never stood a chance.

   ‘I – I've got a nose ring’. Tears flooded from Beth’s eyes. It was the first thing that she could feel.
Paula almost joined her, she had to bite the inside of her mouth to prevent her own tears flooding out.
   ‘I want to go home’. Beth garbled, through her tears and snot.
Paula grabbed some soft tissues from the table and started patting her face. She shook the fear from her and stepping on a small platform and came eye to eye with Bethany.
   ‘Stop it. Stop it now. What’s done is done. We need you now and eight other girls’ lives are at stake. They face the death penalty if this place is shut down, including that cow Maria. But it wasn’t even really her fault. You’re a pony girl now and we can’t change that. I can only apologise profusely for what has happened. I’m sorry Bethany, you weren’t supposed to have all this done to you, but somehow you need to come to terms with it and fast. I would love to give you a few weeks, but our benefactor wants you out there by eight tonight and it’s just gone half past six. Otherwise, he closes this place down’.
   Bethany sniffed, and stared at the fearful Paula. What she said was right; whatever happens now is down to her. At least she was out of that hell hole. She hadn’t told her father, but she’d been raped three times by the guards and she knew if she started her sentence she'd have been sent to a worse prison. But, here, the surroundings looked clean and tidy. She nodded her understanding, and then she shit herself. It ran out of her like water because she couldn’t hold it in check. That was when she realised there was something in her anus. Her tears started again just as the nurse rushed into view to help clean her up.

It was a strange feeling, but it started the second Millie touched the back of her legs. As Millie wiped her clean with damp sterile scrubs, her nipples hardened and she could feel herself becoming moist. This wasn’t right, there was a female touching her and it was turning her on more than anyone or anything that she’d used. She was blushing like mad as she could feel her vagina pulse with excitement. She felt like a bitch on heat. Beth couldn’t understand her own body now, it was going crazy and as the nurse wiped the inside opening of her anal insertion, Beth screamed as she orgasmed like she never had before. She could feel her own juices run down her legs, and then she came again, shuddering with the effect.
Paula had to tell Millie to stop touching her.
Beth hung there panting, still needing, desperate to be touched again and so close to another explosion.
   ‘Please... please...’ She whimpered.
Paula smiled and stroked the top of her arm.
But, that was enough to send her over the edge again and she reached her third orgasm.
   ‘Oh dear, sorry’. Paula said.
But Beth wasn’t sorry. That was fucking ecstasy.
She’d only ever reached three orgasms that she knew of in her entire life and they were brought about with the aid of a vibrator.
   ‘What happened’?
   ‘I think you had your first multi orgasm’. Paula smiled. ‘You see, you do have some benefits’.
   ‘The silly thing is I want to do it all again’. Beth blushed realising what she had just said in front of a strange woman. Looking Paula in the eyes, she went very serious. ‘What exactly have you done to me’?
Paula looked back into her eyes and saw a young girl in control of her emotions.
   ‘First, I’d like to say how beautiful you look. You are the prettiest pony on the ranch now, no denying it’.
   ‘Please, don’t leave anything out; tell me everything, including what's up my bum’.
   ‘Okay, here we go’. Paula cleared her throat. ‘Your nose ring is removable, they didn’t get the chance to laser it shut permanently, but inside your nose there are two thin titanium plates either side of your septum. They are permanent. Four of your molars have been removed at the back of your mouth to accommodate for a bit. This is so you can still close the rest of your teeth to eat. Your ears have been pierced three times each and irremovable rings, increasing in size have been inserted. You wear a collar round your neck, wrists, arms and a girth ring round your midriff. All these, like the rings are made from a tungsten carbon stainless steel, it’s harder than diamond. The pins that form the hinges and the pins that are inserted for closure are all sealed by laser. It causes the pins to become as one with the collars so the ring becomes one piece of metal. It can’t be cut by anything that industry can produce except for a thermic lance and there’s no way you could use a thermic lance next to your body. These were all meant for lifer’s; not you. The wrist and elbow rings have male and female locks that snap together, same material.Your arms are locked behind you, wrist to elbow, but can be undone with a special key’. Paula had her fingers crossed for that one. ‘Your hooves are temporarily glued in position so they don’t allow your feet to move about inside. They will eventually be free after four to six weeks. Your toe nails were cut down to the wick to allow for the time.
There’s a beautiful star shaped cut out in your girth binding that shows off your navel ring with a platinum bell. It looks pretty’, Paula hesitated.
   ‘And?’ Beth encouraged.
   ‘Your nipples have been pierced and six gauge three quarter inch rings inserted along with three platinum bells on each ring. Your vagina too has been treated. Your lips, both sides, carry three rings each and your clitoris has been pierced and a small bell attached to that too’. Paula stopped waiting for a reaction.
Then Beth said. ‘Okay... then what’s up my bum’.
Paula explained in detail what she’d learned about the implant. After a few moments of silence, Beth looked back to her.
   ‘So, in a few weeks I’ll be able to control myself again?’
   ‘Yes... I’m sorry for the inconvenience’.
Beth turned her eyes away and went deadly silent.
Paula could see she was deep in thought. She stood back a little way to give her time.
Bethany, slightly pulled on her arm restraints and felt that tingle in her groin again. Whatever she was feeling had nothing to do with any drug, it was the fact that she was bound and helpless. That was the main trigger. She’d read about bondage, but thought it was stupid, how anyone would be turned on when they were tied up. Suely, it would have the opposite effect, but no, it doesn’t, it heightens the senses. Knowing they could do anything to her, thrilled her. Boyfriends never lasted because she was a prude, Beth, wouldn’t even undress with the lights on. Now here she was practically in the spot light, helpless and naked. The thought about being a pony crossed her mind and Beth giggled out loud.
Sylvia approaches Paula from behind. ‘She okay?’
Beth heard the other woman’s voice and tried to look over, but couldn’t turn her head, more restraint, her nipples hardened and she could feel those butterflies in her crotch. She giggled again and blushed at the thought there was now four people looking at her.
Then Sam stepped forward from the side. ‘We’ve only got 45 minutes’.
Beth could see his Stetson and hear his deep, rich voice; a million scenarios past through her thoughts as she felt her moisture leak from her vagina and run down her legs. It was enough to send her to the edge; shuddering and tightening her pelvic mussels she sighed as she reached her fourth orgasm.
   ‘Ooooooooh....... Why do I cum this easy?’
   ‘You were injected with a sex hormone’. Paula was shaking her head.
   ‘When do I get my next dose’. Beth said, almost smiling.
   ‘You don’t. It’s permanent, but it will settle down a bit when you get used to the effects’. Paula lowered her head.
Bethany burst into hysterical laughter.
Then came an urgent knocking on the door. While Bethany was still screaming with laughter, Paula answered the door and Sam came bursting in.
   ‘I have the keys Ma’ma’. Taking a deep breath, he added, ‘... and the instructions. You haven’t fastened them yet... shit!’. He looked at the blushing Bethany.
   ‘What’s wrong Mac’.
   ‘The keys are not to unlock the catches. They’re to set the pre-set timers inside the catches’.
   ‘What the hell do you mean?’ the Doctor interrupted.
   ‘Inside the catch, there’s a mechanism you slide the key into. One hour minimum, then it goes to 4 then 8 then 24. Every click after that is 24 hours up to the maximum of 28 days’.
   ‘Okay, so what happens then?’
   ‘They spring apart.’ Mac stared at Beths restraints.
   ‘What is it Mac?’
   ‘You’ve closed them’.
   ‘All the devises came pre-set’.
   ‘Well, when will they spring apart then?’
   ‘They come pre-set for twenty-eight days. You have to turn them down to set them, not up’.
   ‘Shit’. The doctor lost the colour from his face.
Bethany, by now was grinning like a lunatic. She’d heard it all now. Her arms were useless for 28 days, she won’t be able to write home or touch herself for a full month. She started laughing again.
   ‘Beth, are you alright?’ Paula asked, turning back to her.
   ‘So I can’t pick my nose for twenty-eight days, and who gets the job of wiping my arse’. She laughed and laughed until her bladder release. She caught the Doctor nicely down his left leg with her hot pee, then she relaxed and let her bladder empty. It’s not as if she could have run to the toilet and besides, she’d just done something worse than that and so she laughed at the doctor prancing around.

   Whatever happens now, Bethany knew she was in their hands, literally. They could do anything they wanted to her. They could torture her, rape her or even experiment on her, she was helpless, but along with it came the feeling of resignation. She knew it was pointless screaming or struggling and tears were of no use either, what was done was done. She was their prisoner, but she could also see the look of genuine concern on the woman’s face, in front of her. Maybe she had some hope, the woman’s face looked kind and friendly, and Beth knew whatever had been done to her was a genuine mistake, so maybe they would try and undo the mistake. Bethany looked at her again. ‘Excuse me, what’s your name again?’
‘Paula Marshall’.
‘Well, Paula Marshall or miss or do I refer to you as Mistress? Get me down; I want to try out my new feet’.
   ‘Could I have a private word, please?’
Paula asked everyone to leave them. When the door closed, Paula stood back up on the box so she could be close.
   ‘What is this place?’ Bethany asked; searching passed Paula with her eyes.
   ‘It’s a pony-girl ranch. It’s what super rich people think of what to do when they’ve run out of ideas how to spend their millions’.
   ‘I looked them up on the net a few years back. I thought all the stories were a bit exaggerated, I knew some people played around dressing up but.... All this’. Beth moved her eyes round the room. ‘I never would have thought they could really exist’.
   ‘It’s all a matter of how they’re run. We have lots of girls here that actually enjoy it; we have some people pay to try out being a pony-girl and living in a stable. People come and watch you being groomed, walked, trained, raced. They like the feeling of complete power and control. They love seeing a female completely submissive’.
   ‘So, I’ll be expected to open my legs on demand’.
   ‘It all depends. Some just get off seeing you act and be treated like a horse. Not being able to talk, follow the leash, walk on command, and yes, there will be those that have you strapped to a mounting frame so they can fuck you’.
   ‘You said “they’re’. So there are other ranches out there?’
   ‘Yes. Some of them are really nasty affairs. The girls are mainly abducted off the street, and what they do to the girls you just don’t want to know, but we try our best to help our girls. We even get prostitutes off the street, the money they earn here after five years can see them leave that life behind. We’ve had six return, not for the money, but for the simple life as a pony’. Paula smiled. ‘Don’t ask me why, I’ve even tried it myself’.
There was a moment of silence, then Bethany spoke in a soft whisper.
   ‘All I ever wanted to do with my life was to look after horses and here I am now, a pony myself. I own two you know. Spot, and Cinders. Spot, is a beautiful black mare; she’s five and I’ve owned her since she was born, I was there. She’s all black except for this perfect white spot on her rump, three inches in diameter. Daddy said it’s a manufacturing fault.’ Beth went quiet and very solemn. ‘I had a dream once when I was younger, it was a recurring dream. I used to dream I was a horse running wild in the long grass and when I woke up I was always naked with the bed sheets kicked off.... I think my dream is about to come true... please. Get me down’.


   ‘Okay, how does that feel’.
   ‘Ooh, high’. Beth said, tottering on her new hooves.
   ‘Yes, you are tall now’. Paula said, holding on to Beth’s arm to help support her.
   ‘It’s like wearing super high heels, except there’s hardly any pressure on my toes’.
   ‘That’s why your feet are glued in. It stops you from getting blisters and swollen feet’.
   ‘Paula, she’s got thirty minutes to learn how to walk’. Sam said.
His unexpected presence was still making Beth blush, she, being rather exposed, but there was nothing she could do with her arms to cover herself, she wondered if she’d ever get used to being naked all the time. ‘Can I see myself?’
   ‘There’s some big mirrors outside, 8ft by 8ft. We use them so the ponies can see how they are striding and so they can check their own stance and position’.
   ‘Out. Side’.
   ‘Yes, just in the hanger, over by the training ring’. Paula smiled. ‘You’re still shy, aren't you?’
Mac popped his head round the door again. ‘Mr Montgomery’s outside waiting, Ma’am’.
Bethany spun to face him.
Paula noticed immediately her reaction.
   ‘Yes Bethany, it’s your friend's father. Have you met him?’
   ‘No, but daddy said he knows all about my situation’.
   ‘More than that. He’s the man responsible for getting you out of prison and brought here’.
Bethany was stunned.
   ‘Worse still’. Paula carried on. ‘He’s brought his daughter with him’.
   ‘Oh God. Susan’s going to see me like this?’
   ‘I think he’s trying to teach her a lesson, but I don’t know what he has in mind’.

Fear, shame, humiliation and then anger seem to take over her thoughts. She pulled away from Paula not looking at her and started pacing up and down. She even stamped her hoof at one point at something. Then she walked over to Paula and stopped.
   ‘Right. Get me outside for my practice walk, then take me to see them. I want to look into my so called friend’s eyes just to see she wasn’t a part of all this’.
   ‘I think you're a natural’. Paula said, smiling and looking down at Beth's legs.
Then Beth realised just what she’d been doing, she smiled, but it faded just as quick. ‘My bit, I need my bit in. I can’t speak to her and I need a good reason not too’. She opened her mouth ready.
A tear came to Paula’s eye, knowing this was it, this was her final transformation and she was asking for it herself. She nodded to Sylvia.
   Together they attached the final parts to her head harness and to her neck collar. Sylvia inserted her rubber coated titanium bit. It was a little over 5 inches long and snapped into holding rings either side of her face, then two straps were tightened behind her and a lock was snapped shut. As the lock snapped shut the bit settled into the gap in the back of her mouth where her molars had been. It felt a little uncomfortable, being her gums were still sore, but biting down seemed to dull the pain. This was really for the ponies benefit. It stops the punters using their mouths for oral sex. Mounting the ponies was one thing, but Paula was adamant that the girls were not going to be used in a free for all. If punters wanted ponies, they can have ponies and if ponies can’t talk or use their arms, then they can’t give blow jobs either. Short training reins were attached to this and allowed to hang down, a longer one was clipped to the left side and Paula was ready.
Just before they reached the door to exit. Another man entered, another stranger to Beth. She fluttered her eyelashes as she blushed. The man smiled.
   ‘I’ve set the mirrors up close to the door in a closed position. She’ll be shielded for a little while. Mac told me how embarrassed she is and we’ve all heard about her plight. It's happened again, hasn’t it Miss Marshall. First those two cheerleaders, Sian and Tracy and now Miss Chambers. That Montgomery needs stopping’.
‘I wish I could, Cliff, but we’re still in his debt and he owns judges’.
‘Anyway, I’ve got to warn you. There’s about 150 people out there, they’re all waiting to see the new gear. When I realised there were more men than anything I asked some of the punters to come view a debut of a new show pony and they’ve come with their ponies so she’ll be able to see that she’s not alone.
   ‘Thank’s Cliff’. Paula looked at Beth. ‘Ready?’
Beth grunted through the bit, then nodded.
   ‘You have to learn to whinny like a horse. Sorry, rules, you're not allowed to talk when people are about’.
Beth smiled to herself, “well, if they want me to whinny, they can have me whinny” She lifted her head and whinnied. The sound echoed out around the room and to the men standing just outside the door. It sounded almost musical, beautifully high, low, then high pitched whinny, sounding out like a real horse. It shocked everyone there.
Beth hadn’t got round to telling Paula how she used to talk to her horses. Beth, had whinnying down to a fine art. Even her mother thought there was a real horse in the house one day. It excited and amused her Mother, Beth couldn’t understand why.
It sent a shiver down Paula’s spine. Never in all the two years she’d worked the ranch had any girl found that vocal concept natural, it sometimes grated on her listening to some of them practice. But, Beth was something else, it almost frightened her.


   Beth had to duck to leave the room, but as she looked up, the ceiling had risen to 20 meters above her in an arching expanse, telling her she was back out in the hanger where she’d been tied to the black van.
She didn’t have the time to be embarrassed; four men were already standing around her. One came forward carrying a piece of leather with more straps. He stopped and turned the triangular polished black leather, so Bethany could see what was on the front.
A silver ornate triangular plate, highly engraved with roses and in the centre a name. Her new name. Beauty. She nodded. He turned it and clipped the studs to her head harness then brought the straps round the back and tightened them. Another man brought in a plume of bright pheasant green ostrich feathers and proceeded to place them in holding loops behind her head piece.
She heard the squeak of wheels behind her as they started opening out the mirrors, but as she tried to look, but Paula pulled her reigns, turning her to face the wall.
Paula was now wearing her black Stetson and carried in her left hand a riding crop, but what really got Bethany’s attention was all the framed photographs on the wall. She hadn’t seen these when she was dragged into the medical centre, so she concluded this was another part of the complex.
Studying the photo’s she saw the many styles and dressage of the pony-girls. Different coloured collars and leather bindings, fringes, buggy harnesses, and dress up feathers. To Beth’s surprise, she found them to be quite sexually erotic. She felt herself blush.
Without warning she felt the sting of Paula’s ridding crop on her left buttock, and she turned instinctively to see the smiling Paula.
   ‘You’re arse cheeks have gone red you naughty filly. You can play with them later... come, walk to the mirrors’.
As Beth started to walk off she received another stinging blow to her backside.
   ‘High step. Lift your knee level with your hip and point your toes’.
Beth was surprised at the sudden command, but tried to comply. It was hard, and she felt the crop twice more. Strangely though, the stinging pain was making her wet.
Two more steps and she came face to face with her own image. She would have smiled, but for the bit in her mouth, but seeing herself naked with half a dozen men standing behind her made her feel exotic. She studied her bindings, how brightly they were polished and her black leather harnesses. She looked at her hooves and how silver plates had been moulded around the tips. Her legs looked as long as a super model’s and finely shaped which the hoof boots were helping. She blushed, seeing all her pubic hairs had been removed and the rings were quite visible. She turned to one side, then the other and let out a high pitched whinny. She’d been branded.
Paula notices her distress and walked over to her. Stroking her arm, she stepped round to face her.
   ‘Another thing we need to apologise for’.
But Bethany flicked her head away and started walking up and down, high stepping as best she could and checking herself in the mirror.

Sylvia approached Paula, nudging her arm. ‘Is she right in the head?’
   ‘I think she’s enjoying herself. She likes what she sees for some reason’.
   ‘She’ll make a fantastic show pony, but how’s she learnt that already’. Sylvia using her crop pointed at her high stepping feet.
   ‘She keeps horses, she has two. She told me in there that’s all she really wanted to do with her life’.
   ‘What? Be a horse’.
   ‘No, look after them, train them’.
   ‘Oh look!’ Sylvia said, pointing at Bethany.

Bethany had stopped and faced herself in the mirror. She hoofed the ground twice and bowed her head, then without any coaxing lifted her head high and whinnied, then lowering her head, she snorted and started backward and forward stepping like an excited horse ready to be taken out for an early morning ride.

Paula stood there mesmerised. Never had she seen any girl take the part of a pony to this extreme in such a short time. Even girls that wanted to be ponies. The spectacle before her was almost on the verge of being horrific, as if she’d been brainwashed. Pauls ran over to her while the men that were standing close to her, were stepping back, almost afraid.

She took hold of the short reins. ‘Bethany... Bethany, are you okay?’
Bethany whinnied and stamped her hoof twice.
   ‘You know the pony talk?’
Two more strikes with her hoof.

Their little talk came to an abrupt end when Montgomery shouted from the far side of the hanger.
 Bethany looked at Paula and nodded. Paula smiled wanly and started leading Beth to the end of the mirrors.
When they rounded the last mirrored section Bethany came face to face with hundreds of people and other pony girls. She almost froze, but everyone started clapping and whistling.
Bethany blushed with a new found pride and raised her head high, then without any order, she started high stepping towards the man and the young girl on the far side of the hanger.


   When they came face to face, Montgomery smiled wickedly, knowing exactly where his cock would be in a short time. He stepped towards her and cupped her left breast, causing the bells to ring.
   ‘She’s fucking lovely. How did you train her so fast?’
   ‘We didn’t. She’s doing it to save the lives of the other lifers’.
   ‘So, she’s sacrificing herself for fucking murderers’.
   ‘I wouldn’t put it quite like that, Mr Montgomery’.

All this time Susan stood there in tears, mumbling how sorry she was.
Bethany felt sorry for her and didn’t hate her, nor really blamed her. She could tell her friend’s tears were genuine; Susan hadn’t planted the drugs out of malice.

Then the situation changed. Montgomery started laughing and stopped playing with Bethany’s tits.
   ‘I have a present for you Beth, sorry, Beauty’. He changed the name he’d called her, seeing the engraving on her head harness. ‘Or is it just Fuck pony’. He laughed.
   ‘What is it you have in mind?’ Paula asked.
   ‘Well, it’s simple really. We all know Bethany was innocent. So I’ve decided to give her a stable mate’.
   ‘As in?’
   ‘Susan here’.
Susan stepped back, mouth agape, right into the arms of Montgomery’s two men. She screamed but it was short lived as a bit was forced into her mouth. Her struggles lasted all of twenty seconds as the injection took effect. Then she was carried away to the infirmary.
   ‘I think it’s only fitting that Bethany should have her roommate back and besides, Susan was costing me a small fortune. If she’d fucking listened to me and kept the fuck away from the drug scene, these two would be back at college now. Not only that, but Susan is starting to get a drug problem so we’ll call this her five year rehab clinic’. He laughed out loud.

Bethany in the meantime watched her friend being carried away. She would have smiled if it were not for the bit in her mouth since she was quite looking forward to having Susan back as her roommate again. Then startled, Montgomery grabbed her short reins in his left hand and cupped her sex with his right. Gently rubbing then sliding his middle finger into her. Instinctively, she started pushing herself onto his strong hand, trying her best to force his fingers deeper.
   ‘She’s fucking gagging for it, aren’t you Beauty’. He snarled.
Bethany whinnied and stamped her hoof twice.

Bethany WAS gagging for it. She was desperate to be entered. Right at that moment she would do anything, her hormones were driving her crazy..

Paula was shocked at her willingness, but put it down to the drugs that were surging through her body.
He started pulling her away from Paula. ‘I’m taking her to tack room seven, I don’t want to be disturbed’.
Paula was just about to protest when a woman shouted from a distance.
   ‘Montgomery! You perverted bastard. Unhand my daughter’.
Bethany pulled her reins clear and spun to face the advancing woman.
She was dressed entirely in black; black Stetson, bandana, blouse, short coat with a long fringe up both arms, leather chaps on top of black jeans and high heeled black leather boots with silver spurs. Her footfalls chimed out with every step.
Six men followed, big and powerful and fully armed.
   ‘What do you mean daughter?’ Paula exclaimed.
   ‘I’m a Bethany’s mother. Tell them, dear, oh, sorry, you can’t talk’. She laughed a little titter. ‘You’ve been taken over. I own everything here, including you’. She pointed at Paula. ‘And, you, Mr Montgomery shall not fuck my daughter; you can pack your bag and fuck off. Your stock broker had little choice in the matter to sell all your shares to me for this ranch. Sam and I have come to an agreement, this place is going legit’.
   Montgomery was just about to start protesting, when two of Mrs Chambers’s men stepped round and escorted him away. He shouted back over his shoulder that he wanted his daughter back, but Mrs Chambers just laughed. ‘Silly man. It was that stupid cows fault my darling Bethany’s here.’ She turned to her daughter. ‘Now darling, I’ll have you released as soon as possible, but I’ve just found out that those binders stay locked for twenty-eight days. You make a beautiful pony girl though. So, if you don’t mind, would you stay as a pony girl for your Mum for the 28 days’?
Bethany was confused at her Mother’s suggestion, but would have smiled because she liked the idea. She just stamped the floor twice for “yes”.
   ‘Good. Now give me one of your beautiful whinnies’.
Bethany surprised that her Mum hadn’t asked for the removal of her bit so whinnied half-heartedly.
Mrs Chambers flicked her riding crop across Bethany’s thigh.
Bethany jumped. Her Mum had just struck her, but it looked as if her Mum had done it instinctively.
 ‘You can do much better than that, my dear, now, try again’.
Bethany whinnied.
   ‘Oh, how lovely. Just like how you used to talk to your horses.’ She smiled at her daughter.
Paula was speechless watching the two.
   Katharine Chambers stepped closer to her daughter and looked sincerely into her eyes. ‘I could never understand why you decided to study law you silly girl. I always thought you wanted to work with horses. You loved being in the stables and I loved your interest and hoped I could tell you things that I’ve even kept from your father. You see Bethany; he’s not your real father. Your real father is an unknown stallion. I was strapped over a mounting frame and fucked by several likely candidates. All prize studs. I was bread because I was a pony girl just like you are now’.
Bethany couldn’t believe what she was hearing’.
   ‘You look surprised Beth dear’.
Bethany nodded.
   ‘I was a pony girl for several years. We used to have shows with dressage and racing. Your father was never a part of it. It’s my private hobby. I’m a little too old now, but I own a small farm and me and my partner train pony-girls. If you’d shown you wanted to work with horses I would have backed you all the way and eventually if we’d become closer I would have told you all this. You see Beth, you are my foul, and I love you with all my heart. I would release you now if I could so you could return home. I’ve already contacted the Japanese industrialist that knows about this new metal and he’s coming out here next month with modifications for the laser, so we can remove the binders. All I would like for you to do is to try it out, being a pony girl, so you can at least have something in common with me. If you don’t like it, I’ll understand, but I hope you don’t grow to hate me’. Mrs Chamber averted her eyes and looked down. The hanger was silent as everyone who’d gathered round to see their new owner, looked on to see what Bethany would say.

   Suddenly Bethany whinnied, tossed her head in the air and galloped off. She raced around the hanger prancing and whinnying at everyone until she returned to her Mother. She slid to a stop and nuzzled against her Mum’s cheek. Katharine Chambers embraces her daughter with tears in her eyes.
Bethany was where she wanted to be.
She was a pony girl now and soon she would be galloping round with her best friend Susan.
She’d found peace in her mind.
But. She was still dying to be fucked.


   The next day, all 143 pony-girls were encouraged to socialize in the four acre grass paddock, north of the ranch. Mainly, so they could all become introduced. Talking was allowed and all their bits were removed. All spectators and none ponies had to stay away. Bethany bounded about making friends and one of the first was Maria, now “Frame”. Together they looked a matching set, so alike, they could have been twins. Strange considering Beth was English and Maria was south American, but unknown to them and even Beth's mother they shared the same father. That morning, Susan spent her time crying in the corner until Beth and Maria bounded over.
Katharine was only teaching Susan a lesson, so was going to release her after two weeks. The two cheerleaders Sian and Tracy were found and also released.
All of the prisoners were willing to serve their time as pony-girls and the prostitutes and ex-prostitutes danced around the field showing off their moves.
Bethany nuzzled Sue, until she looked up through her tears. Beth whinnied and pranced about, Maria copied her stride for stride until Sue could have laughed. Then, surprising Pauls and Katharine all three bounded out to the long grass. Just girls having fun.

Months later, Katharine Chambers and Sylvia Maiden started organising for two documentary teams to visit. They were adamant that the ranch would become legitimate. The sex part of the operation would still remain but on a voluntary basis only with strict rules. The rings that were pierced in the lips of the girl’s vagina would be tied with red ribbon if the pony-girls were open and willing to be used for sex. It was a thrill for the punter to un-do the bow and slide out the ribbon; it was also a thrill for the girls. Girls that didn't want to offer sexual services, wore chastity belts and minimum covering.
Katharine was surprised to see her daughter wearing her red ribbon with pride just the very next day.
All whips and canes that could cut the skin or leave permanent scars were destroyed. Only riding crops, soft whips (they could still sting) and spanking paddles were to be used, but codes had to be in place for the protection of the girls.
In no time at all, word got round. Outrage, disgust, curiosity and acceptance were the general feedbacks, but curiosity and acceptance ruled, until they ended up with an eight month waiting list for girls wanting to be pony-girls and a year waiting list for customers wanting to stay and use the facilities.

The judge in Bethany’s case quashed her sentence as he did with the two cheerleaders. Montgomery was eventually convicted on only three counts of murder, but was sentenced to three life terms.
His daughter, Susan, well, she’s still on the ranch. Titan is her name now; she still gallops off into the long grass with Beauty and Frame. All three have become trainers, but spend every given free moment as pony-girls.
It’s been over five years now and together they are inseparable. And Bethany, well, she’s quite proud of her prominent metalwork, it's all detachable now but you very rarely see her out of it even when she training another girl.

Bethany’s dream had come true and together with her owner Katharine, she's won best in show three years running.

Her Father, Lord Chambers? Well, he loves his daughter very much and reluctantly accepted her new way of life, but, he's adamant that when he visits she completely covers herself up, he still can't see his daughter running around naked, indeed he did on his first ever visit, but he wouldn't leave his room until she had put some clothes on. Katharine and Beauty tease him all the time about it.

The End


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