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The Girl from Uncle 3 By April Dancer
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The Girl from UNCLE
By April Dancer

Author's Note -  In this 3 part sci-fi spoof we go back to the 1960s, when the forces of UNCLE (The United Network Command for Law and Enforcement) were battling the evil THRUSH Organization. Our heroine, April Dancer, was recruited by UNCLE right after college. In Part 1, April goes through a rigorous 90 day probationary training period, which included the UNCLE Torture Chair Test and a water torture test. When she passes, April enthusiastically participates in UNCLE's bizarre recreational sex program. In Part 2, April takes part in UNCLE's Field Exercises. She is captured and tortured by members of a lesbian women's team. After the field exercises conclude, April and her friends are kept for nearly 24 hours and forced to play lesbian bondage sex games. In part 3, April and her best friend double cross 2 of the lesbian women and trick them into a night of heterosexual bondage sex. April must endure THRUSH's latest weapon, The Fucking Machine! Finally, April becomes a hit in UNCLE's Playroom.
Part 3

Our total cumulative scores for the UNCLE Field Exercises and our training to date were posted in our hallway at 9:00 AM Monday morning. They included the scores from the lesbian girls on the floor below ours. You will recall that we started with 40 girls and lost 5, at the end of the first 90 day training period. Over the same period, the girls on the other hall had 32 out of 35 left. I beat out Yvonne for top score by just a few points. Everyone got their own personal score sheet. UNCLE seemed to score us on everything. Despite being captured, Yvonne and I led everyone else with 5 captures. We received 9 out of 10 for our performance in the field exercises. We each got a perfect 10 score for the torture portion of our captivity. I have no idea what in Hell my pussy eating skills had to do with anything, but the UNCLE Agents who straddled our faces and made Yvonne and me eat them out, gave us perfect scores of 10. I had suspected that UNCLE had eyes and ears everywhere. This was confirmed when Yvonne and I received perfect 10 scores for our participation in UNCLE's suggested recreational sex program, and our captive adventures with Arizona and Rachael in the hotel room. Not only did UNCLE spy on our sex lives, but they kept score. Do you think they scored us on number of orgasms? It was significant that the top 6 scores went to April Dancer, Yvonne Smyth, Arizona Wilson, Rachael Anders, Carole Braun and Beth Cox.

In the 10:00 AM meeting that morning, we got more details, some of which was both shocking and eye opening. I think it dawned on everyone that this was the real thing, and it was time to get really serious and think of our own mortality. Nina and Willow, from our original training group of 8, had washed out, along with Felicity and Clare. Yvonne, Arizona, Rachael, Carole, Beth and I were put in the elite training group #1. From our original training group of 8, Rhonda and Meagan made it into group #2. In all, 3 training groups of 6 girls were all that remained as potential UNCLE Agents. The most shocking news was that about half of the remaining girls were moving out and being transferred to other UNCLE headquarters around the World, for various assignments, but not as full fledged UNCLE Agents. Finally, the remaining girls from the floor below were moving into the empty rooms on our floor. The reason for this move was that a new group of 40 male UNCLE Agent trainees was moving into the floor below ours. This, of course, meant that fresh cock meat would be available in about 90 days. Heterosexual, lesbian and bisexual women would now all be living, socializing and training together. It would be good to have Arizona and Rachael living close by on our floor. However, I still wasn't certain about my own sexuality. I could go either way, but was still thinking that I would enjoy doing the lesbian thing maybe every 4 weeks or so. I certainly loved a good big cock in me and loved sucking them off.
Moving day was on Wednesday. Yvonne and I helped Arizona and Rachael move their belongings into separate rooms down the hall a bit from our rooms. Training resumed in earnest the next day. It was nice having Arizona and Rachael training and eating and socializing with us on a daily basis. Our 6 member training group quickly bonded. Arizona and Rachael were pressuring Yvonne and me to spend a night of lesbian bondage sex with them, but we put them off saying that we wanted to do it with them maybe once a month and to give us a few weeks. The lesbian bar on the floor below had closed. Consequently, on Saturday nights the heterosexual girls had no trouble finding a male partner for a night of recreational bondage sex. The lesbians and bisexuals had to sort it out and try to pickup a girl or guy, depending perhaps on their mood? During all our socializing, Yvonne and I determined that Arizona and Rachael had not truly independently discovered their own lesbian sexuality, until their senior year in college, and had marked "lesbian" as their sexual preferences on their original applications. At UNCLE, they had quickly "found" each other and had become a very playful and open couple. However, we found out that the duo had plenty of fucking and cock sucking experiences prior to that. Yvonne and I hatched an elaborate plan to get back at Arizona and Rachael for kidnapping us and keeping us for a full night of lesbian bondage sex.

Yvonne and I had decided to put together our own duffle bags of ropes and sex toys, which we could use if we played together, or when we hooked up with Arizona and Rachael. At our earliest opportunity, we made a beeline for the PX store. We bought duffle bags, bigger 8" x 2" vibrators, and 400' of 1/2" soft cotton rope, which we would divide and then cut into convenient lengths. In the fem shop we each bought nipple clamp sets and some of those 6" and 7" penis gags. On the shelf between the 2 types of nipple clamps, were 2 open boxes. One contained about 3" long regular paper clips, and the other contained wooden clothespins. A sign in each box read "take 2 FREE." I debated in my mind about what a wire paper clip might feel like on my nips, and decided against them. However, I did take 2 wooden clothespins. We knocked on the door in back and were admitted to the somewhat private lesbian sex shop. It consisted of only a few shelves, of sex toys, adjacent to the back room of the pharmacy. We bought a good selection of strapon dildos, some of which were also vibrators. Any of them could be used in one's mouth, pussy or up the ass.

As far as Arizona and Rachael knew, Yvonne and I had agreed to split a night of lesbian bondage sex with them. That is, Yvonne and I would have complete control for the 1st half of the night, and Arizona and Rachael would have us for the remainder of the night. They were so desperate to get Yvonne and me, even for only 1/2 a night that they readily agreed to be stripped and bound in our bar and taken up to the hotel room. Yvonne's and my plan involved our old torture instructors, Rob and Dean, who were regularly around, but we didn't know how to contact them except at our bar/lounge. The next Saturday night, Yvonne and I got all pretty and sexy and went to our bar, with our new duffle bags loaded with our new sex toys. We fed the jukebox and danced together (Although the teenie bopper girls did it on American Bandstand, were we pathetic or desperate?) through 3 martinis each. Rob and Dean never showed, and Yvonne and I eventually went up to one of the hotel rooms with a couple of guys in Communications. While we were satisfied with the sex, we had to teach the duffle bag-less guys about tying us up. Yvonne couldn't go with me the following Saturday night, because she had a rare bladder infection. She was on strong antibiotics, but it burned when she peed and her whole pussy was uncomfortable. I went to our bar alone that Saturday night, and sure enough Rob and Dean were there.

We were drawn together like moths to a flame. I mentioned that I had a little proposition, but they were more interested in fucking me. I had to give myself to them, for the whole night, before they would listen to Yvonne's and my plans for Arizona and Rachael. As per protocol, they stripped me in the bar. Carole and Beth, along with a number of other women, had or were being stripped and taken off to one of the hotel rooms. Rob and Dean had their own duffle bags, but they pawed through mine. I had everything in there, except the strapons, which included ropes, the 3 types of nipple clamps and the various vibrators and penis gags. Once I was stripped, they tied my wrists crossed up between my shoulder blades. Rob chose my 6" x 2" penis gag to cram into my mouth and buckle behind my head. Finally, Dean decided to use the adjustable sliding type nipple clamps on me. While Rob pinched and pulled my nipples, Dean applied them to the base of my nipples. After I had become used to the initial pain, Rob tightened them up a little more and the pain went straight to my pussy. Satisfied with my bondage, they took me up to their room on the top floor of the hotel.

It was a good thing that I took a mess of caffeine tablets, along with my UNCLE MAXO pill, because Rob and Dean kept me up all night fucking and sucking. Their plan for me seemed to be alternating between one of them fucking me and then having me kneel and giving the other one either a long slow blowjob, or getting my mouth fucked, or a combination of the former two. They usually kept me aroused, ready and frustrated, during the blowjobs, by shoving one of my vibrators up my cunt and letting it slowly vibrate. One time, Dean put me on the floor on my back and packed my hot twat with those mini ice cubes, jammed a washcloth against my pussy and tied my thighs together. It was at that time that Dean removed the adjustable nipple clamps, but he mercifully rubbed each nipple, with one of those mini ice cubes, after taking off a nipple clamp. However, before getting me up on my knees and fucking my mouth, Dean wrapped and tied the base of each of my breasts. When Rob had his turn with me next, he ravaged my bulging titties and nipples, before fucking me. I was so wired and hot all night long that when I got fucked, I usually came fairly quickly in the fucking process, but each guy would continue pounding away, until he came. Most of the times the guys double fucked me. Consequently, I had an early orgasm, during the 1st fucking. They would remain inside me, after they came, and would slowly move around teasingly inside me, until they were hard again. The 2nd time we fucked together and we always came within just a few thrusts of each other. I quickly lost count of the number of orgasms I had, because I had little mini orgasms, while sucking their cocks.

The whole night was a fucking BLAST! I wasn't sure if my favorite part of the night was all the fucking and sucking or the hot tub. Yes, the weather was warm and we had a top floor room, with balcony and an outdoor hot tub. My breasts were still tied, bulging and beginning to turn red. My wrists were still tied crossed up between my shoulder blades. Before they took me into the hot tub, rubber coated pincer clamps were applied to my sensitive swollen nipples and my ultra-sensitive engorged distended clit. The water temperature in the hot tub was probably only a little more than 100 degrees "F". It kind of reminded me of UNCLE's water torture test, where Rob ultimately kissed me. First, Dean pushed my head underwater many times making me suck his dick, until he was hard enough and ready to fuck me. Then, Dean positioned me straddling his long hard dick. He got me impaled on his cock, but I think that because I was on top, I actually fucked him, until we both came underwater. When it was Rob's turn, he pushed my head underwater and made me suck him hard. Instead of our fucking underwater, Rob got me on my knees, with my upper body draped over the edge of the hot tub, and fucked me from behind doggie-style. My pussy was just about at the top of the water's level, and as he knelt and fucked me, water sloshed and sprayed everywhere.

After Rob and I came, I got my only break of the night. Rob turned the hot tub's bubbler on. The pincer clamps were removed from my nipples and clit. Underwater, the pain of my blood surging back into those clamped sexual appendages was not too bad. I was untied and allowed to luxuriate in the roiling water. Rob brought me a glass of white wine from the mini-fridge, while the guys drank bottled beer. After about a half hour of precious blissful stimulating sumptuousness, I got out of the pool and dried myself off. I went into one of the bathrooms, peed, brushed my teeth, blow dried my hair and did what I could to it with a comb. Then, my wrists were re-tied crossed up between my shoulder blades, and the fucking and sucking resumed. I had wooden clothespins on my nipples for about an hour, but they mostly stuck out too far and got in the way. Once, when Rob fucked me, he actually took his time and kissed and made love to me. That was a sweet and tender gesture, but that particular night I was in the mood for some rough raw carnal fucking. Eventually, it was over and time to shower, get dressed and order some room service breakfast. My pussy was pretty well fucked up and I had gotten just about all I could take in one night.

It wasn't until breakfast that I could explain my proposition to the guys. I told them that Yvonne and I wanted to get back at Arizona and Rachael for keeping us for a full night of lesbian sex, after the UNCLE Field Exercises, and told them how those girls had recently swung to the lesbian side, but both had plenty of fucking and cocksucking experience. Rob and Dean had heard about the UNCLE Field Exercise's outcome, and of course, as instructors, they knew Arizona and Rachael. I requested that the guys give those girls thorough ass fuckings, and told them that they didn't need to bring their duffle bags, because all 4 of us girls would have our own duffle bags containing all the rope and toys they would ever need. We set it up for 3 weeks away. Yvonne was ecstatic when I got back and told her the news. When Yvonne's infection had cleared up, Arizona and Rachael were pestering us for that promised Saturday night together. We appeased them by setting a date for 3 Saturdays from now.

The Double-cross -

The weeks flew by and that Saturday was here. The 4 of us went to the bar together. Each of us picked up a drink at the bar and grabbed a table. We danced and kissed for 5 or 6 slow songs. Rob and Dean came in and took seats at the bar. It was time for the show to begin. We finished our drinks and I took Arizona out on the dance floor. Even though someone else's money was playing fast songs, I took Arizona in my arms and swayed and kissed her. I had to make it look real, and actually it was. Then, I peeled off her top and removed her bra. Arizona quite willingly crossed her wrists up between her shoulder blades, for me to tie. Before I finished the bondage that I had planned for her, I had to make sure that Arizona could not make any intelligible protests. I selected a 7" x 2" penis gag from my duffle bag and shoved it in her mouth, and buckled it behind her blonde haired head. I admired her jutting 36C boobs. Next, I tied a rope around the base of each of her breasts, and tied the ends behind her neck. I selected the adjustable nipple clamps from my duffle bag. I tweaked and pulled on each of her nipples, and applied the clamps to the base of each of her nipples. I tightened them up, until I heard a little moan of pain from Arizona. With that complete, I stripped off her sexy miniskirt and tiny panties. I completed her bondage by tying a double crotch rope through her pussy, making sure that each strand of the doubled rope was positioned on either side of her clit. I did one little dance with her, just to get her legs moving and the crotch rope rubbing her pussy and clit. I sat her up on our table, with her feet on a chair, and tied her ankles together. Arizona had a puzzled look on her face.

When Yvonne had Rachael similarly bound and sitting on our table, I signaled Rob and Dean that we were ready for them. Rob and I danced a few slow songs, while we kissed right in front of Arizona. She could only stare daggers at me. My pussy was already getting wet with anticipation. Rob quickly stripped me and rendered me helpless. I received the same bondage, as I did to Arizona, except that I had the shorter 2" x 6" penis gag and the pincer type of clamps on my nipples, but I got perhaps an even tighter and more stimulating double crotchrope. Yvonne's and my clothes had been placed in garment bags by a bartender, as had Arizona's and Rachael's. When Yvonne was all bound up, Dean used the red phone at the bar, while Rob untied Arizona's and Rachael's ankles and got them up on their feet. When everyone was ready, Rob and Dean each grabbed 2 garment bags and 2 duffle bags and led us to the elevators. Once in our 2 bedroom hotel suite, Arizona and I were made to kneel on the carpeted living room floor at a 90 degree angle to each other. Our nearest knees and shoulders nearly touched. We watch Rob get undressed in front of us. I saw the realization pass over Arizona's face, as she became fully aware of what the night's drill would be. Payback was sweet. When Rob was naked, we saw his nearly fully aroused big cock. He came to us and removed our penis gags.

He forced his cock into Arizona's mouth and told her to suck. Rob went alternately back and forth between Arizona and me. On my 1st turn, I licked and sucked Rob's balls. Back and forth we went. However Arizona processed her fate in her mind, she eventually became an enthusiastic eager participant. I was pleased that Arizona had come around so quickly. When Rob neared his ultimate climax, he grabbed Arizona's long blonde hair and fucked her mouth, until he came deep in her throat. Yvonne swallowed every bit of his cum and licked Rob's cock clean. Rob got me to my feet, removed my crotchrope and sat me on a nearby coffee table. My little hot twat was really dripping wet by then. Rob dragged Arizona on her knees over to me and told her to eat my pussy. I was at the short edge of the coffee table and spread my legs wide open for Arizona. Rob straddled the coffee table behind me and pulled me back against his chest to watch. With me leaning back at about a 45 degree angle against Rob's chest, Arizona had full access to my pussy. I was surprised at Arizona's enthusiasm as she undertook her task. She took her time and thoroughly kissed and licked my inner thighs and perineum, before ever putting her tongue to my pussy. I was so hot and starting to lose it by then. Arizona kissed and licked my whole pussy, and she began the long slow torturous process of licking round and round my outer and inner labia lips, before she zeroed in and plunged her tongue into my love tunnel. Arizona tongue fucked my cunt so skillfully and so long that I was getting so high that I pleaded for her to let me come. Finally, she concentrated her efforts on my swollen sensitive clit. She first licked it and then sucked the HELL out of it, until I came and came and came, screaming out of control with every glorious orgasm.

I was left sitting on the coffee table enjoying the continuing spasms that surged through my body. Rob took Arizona into his bedroom. He came for me about 15 minutes later. He got me to my feet and 1st untied the ropes binding my rosy red breasts. He kneaded and massaged them, while the blood surged back into my mammary glands. When he removed the pincer nipple clamps, Rob gently sucked my nipples through my pain. He took me into his bedroom. I saw that Arizona's breast bondage and crotchrope had been removed. She was lying on Rob's bed on her back; with her wrists still bound behind her back and her wonderful breasts thrust skyward, and her pussy was a couple feet above the bottom edge of the bed. I was pushed down on my knees, with my upper body supported on the bed and my face in Arizona's pussy, and was told to eat her out. Arizona immediately spread her legs wide open for me. I had just started on Arizona's pussy. I owed her at least as good a job of pussy eating, as she had done to me. OH SHIT! Rob was behind me and his hard cock pushed into my cunt.

I started licking and kissing up and down Arizona's inner thighs, bringing low soft moans from her throat. When I started licking her perineum, it was wet from Arizona's sopping dripping pussy juices. Her sweet pussy tasted wonderfully delicious. I licked and kissed her whole pussy several times. OH FUCK! Rob was slowly and steadily fucking me, with devilishly long teasing strokes. I turned my head one way and sucked on Arizona's pussy lips, and turned the other way and sucked on her other pussy lips. I was driving her crazy and Rob was doing the same to me. I plunged my tongue into her love hole. I tongue fucked her for at least 5 minutes, but failed to locate her g-spot, as Arizona squirmed and writhed and loudly moaned. I was getting heated up. It was time to finish her off. I captured her sensitive love bud, with my lips, and sucked and elongated her clit, while Arizona had her 1st screaming orgasm. Temporarily ignoring what Rob was doing to me, I persisted. Now that I had some elongated clit to work with, I held on with my lips and nibbled her clit to 2 ever louder screaming orgasms. HOLY FUCK! I couldn't hold out anymore and didn't want to. I blasted into rapid spasms of orgasmic heaven, but Rob had yet to come. He pounded into me harder and faster, taking me to an even higher orgasmic state and nearly simultaneous climaxes with Rob. I wasn't aware of my moaning, but Rob and I groaned loudly, when we came. After Rob finished spurting his hot cum inside me and pulled out, I collapsed to the floor and enjoyed the waves of pleasure that coursed through my entire body.

When everyone had settled down, Rob got Arizona and me to our feet. From behind, he 1st played with Arizona's magnificent 36C breasts and nipples for at least 15 minutes. I was glad that Rob was pacing himself and allowing his cock to recover between orgasms. He squeezed and kneaded those beautiful orbs. He rolled each of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, making her nipples grow to about 1" long, while Arizona whimpered and purred. Then, it was my turn. He repeated everything with my breasts. I watched and felt those wonderful sensations go straight to my pussy, as Rob rolled my nipples to a supersensitive 1" long. Before Rob stopped playing with me, he moved around in front of me and sucked my yearning nipples. I moaned loudly and had to clench my thighs together. Rob sat Arizona on a pillow at the edge of the bed and pushed her onto her back. Remember, Arizona and I still had our wrists tied crossed between our shoulder blades. Arizona's beautiful tits strained and pointed upward, and her nipples were still stiff and long, begging to be sucked. Rob tied each of Arizona's ankles to the bottom bedposts. Her legs were spread so wide open that they nearly formed a straight line, although each knee was raised a little to relieve the tension in her hip joints and loins. As I stood there, I thought that I would soon be eating her pussy.

However, Rob helped me onto the bed and positioned me so that I straddled Arizona's face. I adjusted my position a little and eased my pusssy down to her mouth. She knew what to do and eagerly started lapping away. I was facing the room's wall, but turned my head around to see Rob's big stiff cock slip into Arizona's love hole. Things were going along quite well. Arizona was able to maintain control, while being fucked, and she certainly had worked my pussy and me into a moaning hot dripping bundle of nerves. However, when Rob started pounding into Arizona's cunt, she had trouble keeping her mouth against my pussy. I shifted backwards about 1/2", and Arizona was able to imprison my swollen tender clit, with her lips and teeth. SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! I had never felt anything like it. The whole bed was rocking. Arizona futilely tried to suck, but maintained her tooth hold on the base of my clit. OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK!!! I screamed bloody loud! Everytime Rob slammed his cock into Arizona, the bed rocked and my fucking clit was pulled and stretched. I came so many times so fast that I don't remember, but nearly passed out. I guess that during all of this Rob and Arizona finally came. I was too busy trying to stay in the saddle, so to speak and not tumble to the floor or crack my head open on the bed's headboard. I could tell that Arizona was proud of herself, because she was smiling under my pussy, but Rob seemed a little concerned about my unusually loud and boisterous outburst. I wondered if my clit would ever be the same again.

Rob got me off the bed and made me kneel on the floor. Sticky strands of cum dangled from his cock. He told me to get all that cum and swallow it, and then clean him off real good. When I finished Rob had me suck his cock some more, until he was hard. Then he bent me over the bottom edge of the bed and atop Arizona's body. Our pussies didn't quite line up, but my tits smashed into hers and our mouths were close enough for kissing. Rob screwed me doggie-style, while I kissed and made out with Arizona. After Rob and I had our climaxes, I had to again clean up his cock and suck him hard. He untied Arizona's ankles and got her on her knees bent over the edge of the bed, just like I had been moments earlier. I was totally shocked when Rob untied my wrists. He told me to bring him a bottle of lube from the bathroom sink countertop. When I returned, he said that I could take a few moments to clean myself up and bring back my biggest strapon. OH MAN, I knew what was coming for Arizona, and I wanted to watch! While cleaning up in the bathroom, I noticed that Rob had anti-bacterial soap and isopropyl alcohol to clean his dick. With UNCLE, safety always came first. When I returned to the bedroom, Rob was fucking Arizona up the ass. I got the huge black ugly strapon out of Arizona's duffle bag. Rob told me to put it on, as he continued slowly fucking her rear end. In all Rob came twice up in Arizona's colon and left a double deposit of cum in there. When he finished, he gave me the lube and told me to have fun, while he went into the bathroom to wash and disinfect his cock. This was going to be fun! MORE SWEET PAYBACK!

I knelt behind Arizona, lubed up the long fat strapon dildo and worked it past her tight rosebud sphincter. Take it from my experience, a knobby dildo feels nothing like a relatively smooth cock. Believe me, Arizona felt every bump on that long phallus's shaft , as it passed through her sphincter and along the wall adjoining her vagina. Back and forth and in and out I slowly drove the dildo. Each time I pulled it nearly all the way out, I saw remnants of Rob's cum on the shaft. After a few strokes, Arizona began keening her low throaty moans of pleasure. She had said that she liked a good ass fucking, and I wanted to be sure she enjoyed this one and came more than once. I picked up the pace and screwed Arizona's ass through 2 shrieking orgasms. I paused and asked her if she had enough. She shook her head, NO! I went for the big finish. I hammered into her asshole as fast as I could. At the same time, I slipped my right hand in-between her body and the bed, and found her clit. I rubbed that sensitive nub as fast as I was slamming into her behind. Arizona howled like a woman possessed, when she came, and shook uncontrollably for at least 5 minutes. I took off the strapon dildo and took it in the bathroom. I washed it, along with my hands and pussy, with the anti-bacterial soap and disinfected with the alcohol. I put the dildo in its plastic bag and returned it to Arizona's duffle bag.
Arizona was still lying bent over the edge of the bed. Rob was sitting in a chair keeping an eye on Arizona. Rob told us to cleanup in the bathroom and to join him out in the living room for a break. I untied Arizona's wrists and helped her up and into the bathroom. Whenever us girls spend a night of screwing in a hotel room, we always have that "just fucked" look about us for a day or 2. Since I was letting my hair grow, I wanted that soft lustrous natural flowing look and used little or no hairspray. My problem was that when I was gagged or on my back, my rich red hair had what I called my "just fucked hair." In the bathroom, with Arizona, she had a lot of cleaning up to do around her legs, pussy, ass and face. Meanwhile, I fiddled with my "just fucked hair," using a comb and brush in front of a mirror. I asked Arizona what she wanted to drink, and she chose white wine. In the living room, Rob and Dean were drinking beers. Yvonne and Rachael had yet to emerge from the other bedroom. I poured 1/2 of a split of California Chardonnay for me and ate an energy bar. Eventually, all 4 of us girls settled in chairs around the eating area table and drank wine. The guys stayed in chairs in the living room area. We mostly talked about our experiences that night. Arizona and Rachael said they were having a great time and praised Yvonne and me on our plan. I guess they weren't such dedicated lesbians after all.

For the next 2-3 hours, we played out in the living room. I was tied upright and spread-eagle to the hooks at the corners of Rob's bedroom door frame. An 8" x 2" penis vibrator was turned on low and worked all the way up my twat. After Rob and Dean finished with me, they tied Arizona down on her back over a coffee table. Her pusssy was at one end, with her legs spread open and tied down to the coffee table's legs. Her wrists were tied down to the bottom of the remaining coffee table legs, and her head hung down over the edge. Yvonne and Rachael were only hampered by having their wrists tied crossed behind their backs and they could quite readily move about. Rachael's task was to get the end of the vibrator far enough out of my twat to turn it up to high. Then she was to fuck me with it, until I came. With that accomplished, Rachael could put the vibrator down on a clean towel, between my spread legs, and then she had to eat my pussy, until I came. Finally, she had to retrieve the vibrator, turn it back to low and shove it back up my cunt. Yvonne had to do exactly the same things to Arizona, except that when she finished with her pussy, she could go around to Arizona's hanging head and get her own pussy eaten out.

Well, I guess the vibrator inside me had slipped out a bit, because when Yvonne came to me, she easily grasped the end of the vibe in her teeth, pulled it out a little more and twisted the vibe's end knob, with her teeth, and revved it up to high. Again, she held the end of the buzzing vibrator in her teeth and fucked me with it. I guess she got a little tired and I still hadn't come. I don't know if it was cheating, but neither of the guys said anything. Rachael left the vibrator buzzing away deep inside me, and licked and sucked my clit, until I finally came. Rachael pulled the vibe partway out, turned it off and removed it to the towel on the floor. Then, she ate my hot dripping pussy, until I had 2 quick tremendous orgasms in a row. Dean was there when she finished and told Rachael just to kneel on the floor. Dean's cock looked like it was ready to burst. He easily entered me. I looked over at Arizona on the coffee table. Rob was fucking her, while she ate Yvonne's pussy. As I stood there helplessly spread-eagle tied to the doorway's frame, Dean fucked me long and slow and hard. I loved it that way and my butt slammed against the closed bedroom door on every plunge. I had a deliciously spectacular orgasm a few thrusts before Dean came. He made the kneeling Rachael clean off his cock in her mouth. I was released and stood there, with cum and pussy juices running down my legs, while Dean tied Rachael in the doorway and put the 8" x 2" vibrator up her twat. I was so glad that I was with a group of liberal thinking women. We could go back and forth, from a lesbian sexual act to a heterosexual act, without thinking anything about it and enjoying them immensely.

My wrists were tied behind my back and I was taken over to the coffee table. Dean helped Rob extricate Arizona from the coffee table and replace her with Yvonne. It was my turn to do Yvonne. The vibrator was buried in her cunt. Because she was on her back, the slowly buzzing vibrator was inaccessible to my teeth. I turned around on my knees and fished around her love canal, until I had the base of the vibe out about an inch. From then on, I had no problems. I fucked her juicy pussy. I cheated and licked and sucked Yvonne's clit to give her a colossal orgasm. I ate her pussy and gave her 2 more orgasms. Then, I crawled around the coffee table on my knees, straddled her face and had her eat me out, until I had 3 totally body shattering orgasms. There seemed to always be an unspoken rule to give as good as you got, and the other girls and I always did our best to accommodate each other. As I watched, Rob fucked Yvonne, before she was released. It was then my turn to be tied down on the coffee table. It was Arizona's turn to do me. She did a great and thorough job on me. All this fucking and pussy eating was cumulative on us girls. By that time of the evening, all of us were hopelessly hot and horny, and our pussies were running like open faucets. After I was released and my wrists tied behind my back, Arizona was tied back on the coffee table. Yvonne was tied spread eagle in the doorway, and Rachael was fucking her with the vibrator. Rob was over playing with Rachael's boobs and looked like he wanted to fuck her from behind.

Dean went into his bedroom and returned with his bottle of lube. OH CRAP! This wasn't looking good for me and wasn't in the script. He went over to Yvonne and fiddled with the vibrator in her pussy. I think he cranked it up to high and left her there to come and come. He dragged me over to a large upholstered chair. I was kneeling on the carpet, my body was draped over the chair seat and my face buried in the cushion. I heard him open his bottle of lube. Next, I felt his big cock forcing its way through my tight blocking sphincter. I had said earlier that getting ass fucked by a relatively smooth live cock was far better than having a knobby dildo up there. UGH! My defenses were penetrated and my ass was invaded. He slowly pushed his cock all the way in, and drew it just about all the way out. He picked up the speed gradually. Amazingly, it didn't feel too bad. Faster an faster he ripped into my ass hole. I was feeling pretty good and found that I was getting hot and liking it. Just as I was getting into it, Dean suddenly came, with a huge groan of relief. And I felt his hot seed spurting way up in my inner bowels. Dean rested atop my back, but did not pull out. After he recovered, he started slowly moving around in there, until his cock was again rock hard. He started off fast, and went even faster. Inn and out he ravaged my ass hole with long rough rapid thrusts. I was getting into it and getting more and more turned on. In fact, because of the rubbing of my adjacent vaginal wall, I actually felt an orgasm building somewhere deep inside of me. I started moaning. Another 5 or so minutes of pumping and pounding by Dean, and I actually shrieked and came, at about the same time as Dean had his 2nd climax. This time I felt the welcoming warmth of his hot cum further filling my lower colon. Dean waited until he was done spurting, before he pulled out.

Dean told me that we had to get cleaned up immediately. He took me into his bathroom and told me to bend over. He used the anti-bacterial soap and a washrag and scrubbed my ass crack and all surrounding areas, where anything from his cock might have touched or dripped on me. He washed me a 2nd time and then rinsed and dried all my parts. Dean even washed all the cum and pussy juices off of my legs, but he forgot to wash the girl's pussy juices off my face and neck. Finally, he rubbed cool disinfecting isopropyl alcohol over my cleaned areas. He told me to report to Rob's bedroom. The other girls were freed and taking a break and drinking stronger booze. When I saw Rob, he said that I wouldn't do. He untied my wrists and told me to wash my face and make myself pretty. Something was going on. I washed off the pusssy juices, and scrubbed my face with cold water and patted it dry. I had that nice rosy glow over my face to go along with my just fucked look. There was no makeup available, but I did brush my teeth and got my hair looking pretty good, without the benefit of hairspray. Rob had my shoes and duffle bag. He told me that he was going to get me ready. Now, I was intrigued. I slipped into my shoes. My wrists were again tied crossed between my shoulder blades. My tits were tied at their base and hefted up a little by the rope's ends being tied behind my neck. Before he got my 2" x 7" penis gag shoved in my mouth and buckled securely, he had me take a MAXO female sex pill and 3 caffeine tablets. MAXO was good for about 12 hours, and I had taken one only about 6 hours earlier. I wondered about orgasmic overload. My pincer nipple clamps adorned my nipples. Finally, Rob worked a couple fingers in my pussy and followed them with my 2" x 8" penis vibrator buzzing away on low. That was held in place by a really tight double stranded crotch rope.

Repaying a Favor
Dean walked me out into the living room and left me standing facing the hotel room's front door. My duffle bag and garment bag lay on a nearby chair. Rob tied my ankles together and told me not to move (as if I ever could). I waited. Any reasonable person would conclude that I was waiting to go somewhere. With my shaved pussy and thrust out breasts, I thought I looked really hot. The girls at the dining table on the far side of the living room area were all whispering in hushed voices. My vibrator in my pussy kept up its steady buzzing and I waited some more. Finally after about 15-20 minutes, there was a knock at the door. Rob answered the door and I almost fainted. In strolled UNCLE Agent, Romero Santini, and a beautiful Scandinavian God, UNCLE Agent Hans Nielson, who I recognized from our facial recognition tests. OH MY GOD, he looked 10 times better in person. Rob said, "She's all ready to go." Romero introduced me to Hans, and asked of Rob, "She still likes it a little rough?" Rob nodded, yes, and commented that I liked some pain and my blowjobs were the best he ever had!  There I stood naked and bound, with my pussy juices beginning to run down my legs, and unable to say an understandable word. If I wasn't gagged, my jaw would have dropped, because I was gaping at Hans. I'm sure that I was blushing all over. Since Rob said that I was ready to go, I would go anywhere with these 2 men and let them fuck me anyway they wanted. You, of course remember Romero, who so wonderfully ate my pussy, when Napoleon Solo fucked my ass and left. Hans stood 2"-3" taller than me in my low heels. He had flowing golden hair, bright blue eyes, a gorgeous looking face and luscious sensuous lips. He wore a tight black t-shirt and jeans. I could easily see every rippling muscle of his spectacular pecs and abs. His body tapered to nice hips and undoubtedly a cute tight ass.

Hans walked around me and checked me out. He couldn't have known that I had very acute hearing. I heard him whisper to Romero, "She's got a really nice ass, great legs, and her narrow waist is unbelievable!" I'm sure that I flushed even more. "How long can we keep her?" Romero asked. "As long as you like," Rob replied, "I just gave her a MAXO pill and some caffeine tablets." The 3 of them shook hands, my ankles were untied, Hans grabbed my garment bag and duffle bag, and Hans, Romero and I set off to destination unknown. It was a long walk to their room, with my crotch rope constantly rubbing my pussy parts and the buzzing vibrator inside me keeping me wet and ready. Along the way, we stopped at the ice machines, where Romero filled a container with those little miniature ice cubes. Their room had a spacious living area, but only one bedroom. It appeared that maybe one of the sofas opened up into an extra bed. Once things had been put down, Romero gave me a good shove, saying, "Check her out." I stumbled maybe 6'-8' to Hans, who caught me in his arms. He ran his hands up and down and all over my body, thoroughly caressing my legs, hips, ass and narrow waist.

When Hans had a good feel, he shoved me back to Romero, who had taken off some of his clothes. Back and forth they pushed me. Each time, one of them felt and caressed me all over, while the other took off more clothes. Eventually both men were naked, and Hans gave me a particularly hard shove towards Romero. I stumbled and wound up on the floor on my ass. They pounced on me like hungry wolves. My legs were spread and the 2 crotch rope strands were separated, allowing my vibrator to be extracted from my pussy. Romero told Hans to pack my hot pussy with the mini icecubes, while he went off into the bedroom. Hans held the crotchrope strands apart with one hand, while his other hand shoved ice cube after ice cube up my cunt. Romero returned with a hand towel. He took my silenced vibrator and tamped the ice cubes in my pussy. Hans resumed and filled my pussy to the brim and replaced the strands of my crotchrope on either side of my clit. Romero crammed the hand towel against my pussy and my knees were tied together. They got me kneeling on the carpeted floor. I was looking at Hans's golden brown pubic hair and the beautiful hard 8" cock inches from my lips. Romero removed my penis gag. I licked my lips and was eager to get that cock in my mouth.

You know that the insertion of ice or most anything in my cunt does not stop my pussy juices from flowing. When the ice hits my hot twat's walls, a bit of it melts instantly. This results in a mixed insulating layer of pussy juices and cool water. It's a diabolically delicious sensation. Romero said to Hans, "Let her do her work and you'll really enjoy it more!" As I started sucking Hans's balls and licking him all over, Romero knelt behind me and started twanging the strands of my crotchrope, which strummed my clit. When I took Hans's cock in my mouth, Romero's finger was gently rubbing my clit. He was driving me crazy. DAMN, I came with Hans's cock deep in my throat. I choked and almost bit him, but I continued on. I gave Hans some extra hard sucking and took him deep in my throat many more times. Hans began moaning. I had him and teased him to prolong his orgasm. Eventually, he came and sighed and sprayed his cum down my throat. It was, of course, my turn to suck Romero's wonderful Italian sausage cock. Hans had caught on and was behind me plucking my crotchrope strands. I held out against Hans's rubbing my clit, until Romero was nearly ready to come. After my orgasmic pause, I continued teasing Romero's cock, until I thought he was ready to blow. With prolonged heavy sucking, while Romero's cock head was rubbing the back of my throat, he gave it up and shot his load of cum down my throat.

After I licked Romero's cock clean, they rolled me on my back. I never even thought about the ice in my pussy, but it had all melted, during the 30-40 minutes that I spent on sucking them off. My knees were untied and the damp towel was removed. My legs were spread. My crotchrope strands were separated and my buzzing vibrator was re-inserted. They re-positioned and tightened my crotchrope. GOD, two hot guys had their hands all over my steamy pussy. I was in heaven. While I was on my back, they removed my breast bondage and pincer nipple clamps. The pain, from my blood surging back into my flaming red breasts and tender hard nipples, was searing, and I received no comforting massaging or sucking. Then, I was up on my feet. My vibrator was buzzing at a medium speed and my tightened crotchrope was really rubbing my clit. Romero held me tightly to his chest and began kissing me. Suddenly, he spun me around and began feeling me up and diddling my nipples. Just as suddenly, he shoved me towards Hans, who had positioned himself about 10' away. I landed against Hans's broad muscular chest. Their shoving game was on. As I half ran and half stumbled between each guy, my crotchrope made my clit feel like it was on fire and the relentless buzzing vibrator kept my pussy hot and dripping. Hans kissed me for several minutes, and spun me around to manhandle my boobs and roll my nipples, before shoving me back to Romero.

This game went on for about 30 minutes. The wonderfully rough handling of my breasts and nipples sent more pleasures to my already highly stimulated pussy. I needed to come. My crotchrope was taken off and the buzzing vibrator removed from my love tunnel. Hans had me. He picked me up by my waist, like I weighed nothing, and impaled me on his now rock hard cock. He bounced me up and down numerous times, burying his cock in me to the hilt. Then, lifted me off, set me on my feet and spun me around. There was no need to shove me towards Romero, because I ran to him, hoping that this time I would come. After several exchanges and impalements, I was so hot and close to coming that I nearly begged them. They stopped suddenly and dragged me over to a chair. I was bent over the back of the upholstered chair. They spanked my hot perfectly rounded ass, until it glowed a burning fiery red. This only turned me on more! They took me into the only bedroom. Prominent in the room was a large sturdy oak 4 poster bed. The 4 heavy posts were connected at their tops by heavy supporting rails. I looked around, but the canopy seemed to be missing. My wrists were still tied crossed up between my shoulder blades and I was positioned backwards on the bed on my back, with my head centered and hanging down over the bottom edge of the mattress. From my own duffle bag, ropes were tied to my ankles. My legs were stretched upwards and outwards and pulled, until my hips almost rose off the mattress. The ropes were tied to the overhead rails leaving my legs spread in a wide "V" position. Of course my hairless pussy was exposed and ready to be fucked.

And fuck me is what they did. Romero started, and after he came, Hans was there ready to enter me. While one of them screwed me, the other was kneeling by my head forcing me to suck him hard. I moaned and came and shrieked and came, sometimes completely out of sync with their climaxes, and other times simultaneously with them. I don't know. My orgasms rose in intensity with each climax. It was all I could do to bear them and remain coherent. I have no memory of how many times each of them screwed me. I remember tears coming to my eyes, from the sheer blissful ecstasy I was experiencing. I awoke sitting somewhat reclined in a fiberglass tub/shower, with refreshing hot water spraying me in the face and over my pussy. After a few minutes, Romero slid one of the glass doors open and turned off the water. I knew where I was, but had no memory of how I got there. I felt completely re-energized and completely had. My wrists were still tied. Romero stepped into the tub and got me up and on my knees. His cock was hard and ready to be sucked. So there I was, still dripping wet and kneeling in a tub sucking cock. After I finished Romero off, Hans climbed in the tub for his blowjob. Hans untied me, when I finished, and told me that I had about 15 minutes to get ready for room service breakfast.

I washed my face in the sink, dried myself off and peed. I found a toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed my teeth. Using a comb, hairbrush and the blow dryer, I got my hair looking pretty good. I joined the men at the dining table, where the food was covered and waiting to be served. Hans told me a bit about Sweden and his family's roots there. He made it sound cold and desolate where his family lived, yet strangely beautiful. I was very interested in his story about the pre-20th century patronymic naming system used in Sweden for centuries. If Hans had a son today, under the outdated patronymic naming system, his son's last name would not be Nielson. Instead, Hans's son would get a chosen first name, but his last name would be Hanson (meaning Hans's son). They didn't use these exact words, but said that I was a great fuck! They especially liked playing their games with me, and seeing the ways I responded and came. Hans told me that while he was screwing me, I let out a blood curdling scream and passed out. Romero chuckled and finished the story saying, "Hans continued fucking me, while I was unconscious, until he came!" NICE! Could I have had an orgasm while I was unconscious??? I must have had MAXO overload! Hans could really put away the food. I was famished and thought that I ate a lot of eggs, sausage and buttered toast, along with OJ and coffee. They told me that they liked the position that I was earlier tied in on the bed, so much, that they were going to repeat it after breakfast.

So, there I was in my original position on the 4 poster bed. My legs were stretched upwards and outwards in that wide "V" shape, and tied to the top rails of the bed. My head dangled over the edge of the bed. However, this time my arms were stretched straight out and my wrists tied to the bottom corner posts of the bed. Hans started first, but he had to use his fingers to open me up, before he could plunge his cock into my cunt. What was missing in all this was some good old fashioned foreplay. But I guess when they know I like it a little rough; it's pretty much fuck and suck. Oh well. I was gonna get it good, I knew. I sucked one hard, while the other one screwed me. I was having great orgasms, pretty much in sync with their climaxes. However, the intensity of my orgasms again grew at nearly an alarming rate. I was concerned about my doubling up on the MAXO pills and afraid that I would pass out again. Each of the guys had screwed me twice and Hans was in me again, pounding away at my cunt. I was orgasmically higher than a kite and yelling, "FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER!" I felt it coming. I climaxed and screamed. Hans came and I drifted away. I must have been out for only a few moments, because when I came to, they were still untying my arms and legs.

After I was freed, I sat on the edge of the bed. Romero brought me a glass of water and a cold washcloth. I really felt really great. There was no doubt that I had been fucked more that night and morning than any other recreational sex encounter that I previously had, including my solo night with Ron and Dean, but I wanted more! I asked if there were any of those little one shot bottles of bourbon in the mini-fridge. "If so," I said with a smile, "I'll have a double on the rocks." The cool damp washcloth felt wonderful on my face. Romero said that they planned to tie me standing up right and play with me for a little while, and then maybe I'd like to go out and play in the hot tub. Hot tub? The drapes had been pulled and I never noticed a hot tub out on the balcony. Hans came back with my double bourbon on the rocks. I took a few sips. It felt cool and smooth going down. I put an impish grin on my face, and said that we could have a lot of fun in a hot tub. Both men nodded their heads, yes, looking like 2 Big Bad Wolves contemplating devouring Little Red Riding Hood (ME!). I chugged the rest of my drink in 2 gulps, and said, "Let's get started." In about 15 minutes, I would have a little buzz going, but I would be in their hands and under their control. PERFECT!

They tied me standing upright to one of the heavy corner posts at the foot of the bed. My wrists were tied crossed way over my head and behind the post, and then lashed to one of the supporting top rails. Ropes were wrapped over and under my breasts and around my waist, holding me fast to the post. Finally, my knees and ankles were tied together. My body was appetizingly stretched and bowed a little. My pussy was already getting wet with anticipation. Hans started first. He was remarkably gentle. He kissed me soundly and passionately and then concentrated on my breasts. He squeezed and kneaded each breast and rubbed and rolled my nipples, before suckling on each of my nipples. Hans's hands caressed the rest of my body, from below my breasts down to my knees. Then, his fingers were between my legs. Now I was moaning. He finger fucked my hot dripping twat for several minutes, going both fast and teasingly slow. Finally, he took me over the edge by finger fucking me and rubbing my clit with his thumb. I came with a big groan. That was nice, not mind blowing, but closer to making love. I was anxious to compare Hans's techniques to Romero's, though Romero had previously played with me in a previous similar situation.

All of this was basic foreplay, but every man will do it differently in different situations. Well, Romero kissed me good and long and deep, but while he kissed me, his magical hands were playing and teasing my breasts and nipples. He kissed me around my face and ears, over my neck and down to my breasts, where my nipples had been rolled to long peaks, and awaited some gentle sucking. Romero really worked and teased my pussy, with his fingers, and turned me into a gasping moaning wanting creature. The part I remember best and really loved, other than the stupendous orgasm I had, was that when I came, Romero had captured my mouth and was kissing me passionately, when he finally took me over the edge. When he finished and I had recovered, Romero asked me if I was ready to go play in the hot tub. I knew what we were going to do in the hot tub. It would be a lot of fun, but it brought back memories of my water torture test. The buzz, from my double bourbon on the rocks, had me feeling pretty good and bold. I used my best coy voice and attitude, and asked Romero if he would do me again, except tease me more and make me beg for it. Would he turn me down? NO! He did exactly as I requested starting slow at the beginning. He made me beg and plead for it, and when he let me come, I had one of those knee buckling mind blowing orgasms. As before, Romero was kissing me when I came, and I felt as though I was sharing my orgasm with him by coming into his mouth.

I was freed from the bed's corner post and my wrists were simply tied behind my back. Out and into the hot tub we marched. The night was balmy and the water temperature read 100 degrees. The bubbler was on low and as I was made to kneel in the hot tub, the water felt refreshingly cool on my body. I was probably still overheated from my orgasms in the bedroom. I knew the routine. Hans sat on the hot tub's bench in front of me, and Romero sat behind me. Hans grabbed my head; I took a deep breath, and he guided my mouth to his underwater cock. There was, of course, no licking required. All of his parts were submerged, and I wasn't in a position to suck his balls. All I could do was to seal my lips around his cock, suck for all I was worth, and bob up and down on his cock. After about 2 minutes of this, and before my air ran out, Hans brought my head above water and allowed me to take several deep breaths, before I was back underwater sucking his cock. After 5 or 6 dunkings and suckings, Hans arose to stand, with his cock deep in my throat. Hans's hard dick was only a couple inches above the hot tub's water level. I finished sucking him off and only swallowed a little of the gently bubbling water. I did Romero in the same way, except that it took a little longer to get him off. He had to pause, when he stood up, to turn the bubbler off, because his cock was right at the water's surface. I swallowed considerably more water, but gave him a most satisfactory blowjob.

I didn't notice that somewhere along the way Hans had gone inside. Until Romero prepared me, I also didn't notice that he had taken down an overhead planted basket hooked into an eye bolt beam supporting the roof over our balcony. Romero untied my wrists and re-tied them in front of me. I looked quizzically at him, when he had me stand on the hot tub's bench facing out and overlooking the woods, where our 1 mile obstacle course was located. My wrists were tied overhead to the beam/rafter (I don't know the correct term). Anyone out there could see my naked breasts and shaved bare pussy. I was a somewhat unwilling exhibitionist. Romero had me spread my legs wide apart, and slithered between them, to sit on the bench facing me. He grasped my legs and began licking my pussy. He was really good at this. I had wondered if they would eat my pussy at all. It was so unexpected, that I quickly got totally turned on and writhing about, and came within a few licks of Romero's tongue on my clit. He released me immediately and I sat on the hot tub's bench. Romero said that Hans had gone to take a shower. He said that he would bring me the room service menu and then take his shower. I could relax in the hot tub and he would come and get me, when he finished. I turned on the bubbler, ordered my meal and sat on the hot tub's floor in water up to my chin, luxuriating in the wonderfully refreshing and relaxing bubbling water.

When Romero came and got me, I went into the only bathroom and showered and did all those other lady preparatory things we girls do. I emerged wearing a bathrobe and found that our Sunday dinner had yet to arrive. I made myself a 2nd double bourbon on the rocks. When dinner arrived, it turned out that everyone had ordered red meat and Hans had ordered a bottle of a rich complex flavored California Cabernet. I decided to get to the bottom of things. I asked them how it was that I wound up with you guys. Romero simply answered, "I got something for Rob and he owed me a favor." I countered, "Are you guys making a habit of trading girls around?" "No, no, no, nothing like that," Romero retorted, "I merely brought back an item for Rob, when I was abroad, and he said he owed me one." "Hans and I just got in late yesterday afternoon, and Rob told us about your little plan of double crossing your lesbian friends." "Rob thought that letting them have me would easily repay the favor." "Having these hours with you has been most enjoyable and a lot of fun, and I hope you have had a good time." "April, right now you are the top UNCLE Agent candidate, and when you get out there, you will discover the stress we are under, and you will welcome a stress relieving period of time, anytime you can get it." "April," Romero concluded, "You are one gorgeous hot woman, a lot of fun and a great fuck, and I would get together with you anytime the opportunity arose." "Hell, I probably owe Rob a favor, and Hans owes somebody too!" WOW, I thought, that was really nice to say and quite a compliment. It was the kind of sweet talking thing that would go right to a lesser girl's head. But, I thought he was sincere.

We ate in silence for many minutes, and I realized that all the bourbon and the wine was making me feel a teenie bit tipsy. Hans caught me completely off guard by asking, "Do you like having your pussy licked?" I had to be diplomatic here, because I already knew how good Romero was, but had no idea how Hans would perform. "Ohhhhh Yes," I replied, "I love it and go wild, when a man eats my pussy!" We all let that sit there, while I polished off my Cabernet and tackled my pecan pie dessert. Finally, Hans broke the silence and said, "We were thinking of doing an extended pussy licking session on you after dinner." It was the alcohol talking, but I said, "Let's do it, I'm ready when you are." "HOWEVER," Romero broke in, "We are a little worried about you passing out some more." Rob should never have given you that 2nd MAXO pill, before 12 hours had elapsed." I thought that my MAXO overload was over and that I wouldn't pass out again, besides, it was kind of hot passing out from sexual over stimulation. I said, "I think I'm over my MAXO overload by now and don't think I'll pass out anymore." "I wanna do this, and if I happen to pass out again, just keep going and pinch my nipples hard, or bite my labia lips, or bite my clit, just do anything to wake me up AND KEEP GOING!"

With dinner over, I nearly skipped into the bedroom and flung off my robe. I could hardly wait to get started. Romero tied my wrists behind my back and sat me on the bottom edge of the bed. They arranged and fiddled with 3 pillows behind me, pushing me back several times on them, until they were positioned just right. I was pushed back onto the pillows and my head hung backwards and upside down at a perfect angle for them. Although it was extremely comfortable, it hadn't dawned on me that I would be sucking them off, while they ate my pussy. My legs were stretched upward and outward to form a "V" and my ankles were tied to the top rails at the bottom corner of the bed. My naked and shaved pussy was totally exposed and ripe for the taking. Although I couldn't see him, Romero knelt before my majestic pussy, spread my pussy lips even more open, with his fingers, and began licking. At just about the same time, Hans was kneeling straddling my shoulders and shoving his cock in my mouth. Romero kissed my pussy: licked my pussy all over, sucked and nibbled my pussy lips, tongue fucked me, and teased and sucked my clit. From the onset I was whimpering, moaning, gasping,, shrieking and screaming, depending on my orgasmic state, all while trying to suck Hans's cock and get him off. Their M.O. was to confuse me, frustrate me and tease me, all while making me come and getting their rocks off. They coordinated their efforts. If one of them was close to coming in my throat, he would mouth fuck me, until he came, while the other one kept my hot wanting pussy in a constant pre-orgasmic state, but not letting me come quite yet. It nearly drove me out of my mind.

Hans turned out to be a great pussy licker. He kissed and licked my sensitive inner thighs and perineum, before ever putting his mouth to my pussy. The 2 of them went back and forth. While I was sucking one of them off, the other one ate my pussy. At some point, because I was getting a little confused probably from my drinks, and the fact that I seemed to be screaming uncontrollably from all the orgasms I was having, I remember that Romero and Hans each put their fingers in my cunt, found my g-spot and made me squirt twice. For some reason at the end, Hans did not have me suck him off, but Romero fucked me. I was wide awake and felt really good, when they were done with me. They untied my ankles and let me lie on the pillows, with my legs dangling over the edge of the bed, with one of them keeping an eye on me. I have no idea how many times I came. Talk about mind blowing orgasms. I must have had umpteen of them. Let's see, I sucked off Hans twice and Romero 3 times. Each one of them ate my pussy 3 times, and I squirted twice somewhere in there. And of course, Romero had fucked me at the end. However, something wasn't quite right. I sat up and saw that my nipples had teeth marks in them, and that my clit was still this raw throbbing sensitive appendage proudly standing erect.

Hans came in freshly showered and wearing a bathrobe. Romero untied my wrists and asked me how I was doing. I responded that I really felt great. Romero said, "April, you were re


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