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Bound for Life 13 by Cuffmaster
« on: February 19, 2016, 11:34:19 am »
Maria Section 13

We all got made up and pretty dresses and shoes, and yes, each of us had ankle cuffs on and all choose to have wrist chains also.  I heard one of the girls, in for a penny, in for a pound and frankly I look very nice this way.

Each of the girls was given 1000 us to spend or keep.  One ask, was this their pay or a part of it?

No, this is because you all choose to be bound to the ship and the world that is new.

The 4 of us all had unlimited cards good anywhere for anything, and I doubt we would do more than coffee and a roll, but sight see most of the time.  We were all told back time was 10 pm and bed by Midnight.  We would all have a very long and busy day coming.

We 4 were like high school girls, looking, asking many things and of course French was like a first language to me.  The offers we got from men was countless, and each was given them a card inviting them to the private section of the fashion show.  What none of us knew was the show was open air and all who choose could come and see us, but a private section was marked off for invited guests.

I though it funny when we ran into the girls, as they had sort of stayed as a group and each told of the offers from men also.  I asked, anyone have trouble with your ankles or hands being chained.  To a gal, they all answered NO.  I told them the body guard assigned to them had the ablity to take any ankle or wrist chain off if they would choose.  In fact all asked if they could some how be more permenant like the 4 of us, and I told them, Sir was the person to talk to about that.

We saw a cute little boutique featuring hats and such.  With my long hair, and in fact all the 4 were also growing out their hair which is not the thing that hats usually look good on.  But what the heck, lets look about.  Then I saw somethin I had to try on.  A beautiful black baret with a slight tilt to it.  It was totally made for me, and the others also found they simply looked wild in them.  Now look at the picture.  4 women with ankles in perment cuffs and chain and hands with wrist bands also chained, and of course our necklaces.  We were a sight to behold and we each got one.  Now, we really stood out.

It was getting late and a limo, with our security team, pulled up and said, dinner anyone?  I had totally forgotten about the security team that was always with us, be it one of us or all as a bunch.

Off we went and it turned to be the Eiffel Tower.  Now I was not going to climb that damn thing, and found they had private elavator and up and we were wisk up to the Eiffel Tower resterant went to the top resturant, and boy what a view of Paris.  I can see why they call it the city of lights.  The place was packed and a long waiting line, but we were shown past all that and to a beautiful booth looking out over central Paris.

I expected a menu, but intead we had a team of cooks bring portable carts and cooking things and we were being served as it was cooked.  Steak Diyane and all the wonderful things that go with it.

Then after all was done, a new cart came out.  It had at least 25 desserts on it to choose from.

I wondered if we would be able to get into the custom dresses in the AM but who cared.  It seemed as if we were the center of attention and the owner came and clinked a glass. 

He said, as you can see we have some special guests tonight.  If they look familiar, they are the featured Models at the fashion show to held in the public area along the banks of the river from noon to 4 pm tommorow.  All are invited and you will find with your check a special card that will admit you behind the barriers.  Oh yes, bring money as Harrod of the department stores will be having a sale and showing of many million of dollars worth of chains, and diamonds, and every jewal you can think of.  Now a special treat.  I know some of the items are very expensive, but all of you here tonight can have a credit card, no questions from Harrods and get all you want at prices I doubt you will ever see again.  The chains, and I stood up and showed my diamond wrist chain, as did the others, and the bracelets, which Molly pointed to and also the ankle chains of many types, and chokers, or collars as they have on.  By the way, if case you wonder Maria, the Red Head is the owner of the huge white ship, the MS Maria, at the docks she  is the sponser of this event.  The diners went wild with claping and whistles.  He went on to tell, there will probably never be 4 women in one room that have and are doing more for the world at one time than you see here tonight.  I know the girls have to be back on the ship by 10 pm but a little time for private question if you desire.

I have never felt more important in my life, except manybe with the Queen.  We all talked and many women came and asked the same question.  What if we have no men in our lives, can we still get the chains and all the things you wear, etc.  Yes, of course.  You will have something special you can offer along with your body and mind to a man, men or other lady in your life when you desire.

I was tired from the day of sightseeing but I asked my beautiful husband, can we have sex tonight or are you to tired.  He said, never for you my love.  I asked, can he unlock my bracelet locks as I had a treat in mind.  That was done and I went off to the dressing room. 

I came out with a silk vail and many layers of silk.  I told him I am your harem gril, and with that I touched my wrists to each in back, and heard the click that confirmed they were indeed locked.

I could see him grow under the silk sheets.  Hummm.  Maybe I found a wish of his.  We probaby got a few hours of sleep, but certainly less than the time we got in pure sex.  He was endless and I have been with him for quite a while and I think this may have been his largest ever.  I was cuffed and stuffed.  lol

The morning was exciting as a team of professional hair dressers and makeup people pamper us to no end.  Mia and I had already taken our baths,  You know that is real fun when you know that you really trust it is for each other.  I am not Bi, but I can see nothing wrong with it.  Pure sex and fun.

Harrod had loud speakers all over the public area, and bright crystal spotlights, as they show off the gold and diamonds better.  There was a closed tent at the base of the ship for us to change clothes in and he was talking to the people.  I had no idea he also spoke flawless French.

He told them a little about me and my projects and of the projects of the others. Then he went on to explain that we 4 had by love chosen to have permenant ankle chains on as a sign of devotion and submission to our men.  It he told was so much more personal than a traditional wedding ring, which could be slipped off and play time with another easy to hide.

He told them that each of us would be bound by the ankles and have gold bracelets on with gold chains attaching us to what our Masters wanted.  He told that he had on the main deck of the ship a display for sale of these chains, and diamonds and other stones.  All who wanted were invited to come view, shop and if more permanent attachment was wanted or needed, an appointment could be made for this to happen.  And he told, Ladies, do not worry about your slacks or other items that go on over your legs as we have onboard tailors that put in special zippers which are not visable and you can have anything you want mended, and the fact this ship will be here for a few weeks only, we will train a couple of local tailors to do this.

This is the only show if its kind in the world and when you see the item and beautiful jewlery you will understand, fashion does not have to be that expensive.  You will probably never in your life again see millions and millions of dollars of stones open to hold, pick up and look at.

By the way, the 4 ladies that started this are the feature models/wives, and none of the others showing items are really models, as they are from the jewlery departments of my stores.

Now, May I Introduce your Hostess.  Maria Wilson, who wears permanent ankle cuffs with chain, waist chain, and a necklace, all of which are non removable.  In fact I know so maco guy say, ya non removable.  I will personally give 100,000 cash to anyone who can break or cut the chains we use for the permanent items.


I stepped out, about to pee myself as I had never been this much on display ever.

I wore a green kanomo style form fitting green dress and of course my chains.  For this first item I choose a wrist chain of about 20 inches.

Much to the surprise of the crowd, I did not stay on the carpet runway, but actually went into the crowd and answered question and had little cards to give out to those who wanted or were interested in the stones and chains.  This in fact is the only way they could get up the gangway to the main deck and trust me, they were well watched.

I first went into the vip area, and said hi again to many I had met before and invited. 

Think of this

Totally green silk outfit and beautiful ankle cuffs, bound for life and waist chain and the necklace was gold plated and again bound on me for life.  My red hair to my waist.  My baret I had found.  Frankly I think I looked unbelieveable good and felt each minuite less crowded by the thousands of people.

We all did a show, and changed many times.  Some with hands cuffed behind them.  Some with waist chain cuffs, some with right to left, etc chained with chain going around the back to hold in place.

We probably had chains and cuffs on in at least 100 different ways.

I went to the main deck and greated many of the people after the show was finished.  We had people lined up by the hundreds to come aboard.  We choose to allow anyone who wanted to go home and come back in the next day or the days after to do so.  It was 10 pm when Harrod shut the gangway and the security team locked all the items away, actually they did not go anywhere, but many, many armed guards were on duty that night.

To say we were loved I think would be correct.  After we had finished all the shows, Harrod came and told me, Lady, you put on one hell of a show.  Do you know on the first day we took in over 2 million dollars in orders and delivery, and for the other days delivery another 5 million.  Now this was just the cash and checks and we did 4 million in charge account buying.

He asked, can you guys stay over for a bit, as we have over 400 women who need permant item put on them.  I asked, are you sure you got the proper release forms from all, as when we leave we will not return for a full 12 months or more, and if anyone changes their minds, they have to wait or fly to where ever we are at the time.

He assured me that all was proper.  He asked, could he have one of the machines and materail for future sales at the stores.  I did not even have to call Sir as I told him NO.  Sorry, but it would not be so special if available so easy.  We will give you a schedual of where we will be, and they could fly to us after you collect the monies from them, and we will do it for them.  There will be a charge for the material and interution of our vacation of 1000 for each person.  That will be our conpinsation and what ever you charge them is of course all yours.

We got the limo out and traveled around the Paris area with a local driver.  Now Molly told us it was time for her to go home for a while as Gunther was missing her.  I asked the driver, do you know
France and Germany and the places we should not miss seeing on this trip.  He said yes.  I was born in Germany and speak german and french as well as english.  I asked would he be available for a week or so as we toured the countryside.  He was not excited about this, and then I said, do you have a lady you do not want to leave for that long.   He gave a very long pause and said Yes.  My mistress and I have seen each other every day for the past few years.  I told him, if he wanted, use the phone and call her and see if she would like to come to the ship, pick out some special items or go and buy other things on us of course and would be our guest, hotel, meals and things she saw within reason hers for the asking.

He almost jumped out of the car.  I have heard of you 4 but did not believe.  I told him, it would be Mia, my dresser, her Husband, Mo, my husband personal man and guard, but the car was plenty big for all of us.  He asked, the way the handles it is special in construction, like armoured or something?  I told him, all of the above.

We all left the next day and Molly asked could we go direct to Gunther, and then the rest go on, or if he wanted could he join us.  Yes of course.

The trip was direct to take Molly to Gunther, and as him would he like to come with us on a long road trip, and he poilitly said, NO.   He said to much to do with the interests around the world, but could he join us in Paris and ride along to Italy and the Meditraining for a bit.  Of course.  We all ate, and enjoyed good friends.  I called my Husband and he was busy in putting on anklets, bracelets, and collars and would be free to join us in about 10 days.  We made plans for him to stay on the ship and rest and we all would sail in 10 days.  I was proud he did not fight me on this, as his health was my main concern.


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