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The Slave Dream By Fantasize and Enjoy
« on: February 19, 2016, 11:23:43 am »
The Slave Dream
By Fantasize and Enjoy
   This is a real dream that I had the other morning and it felt so…vivid? That I had to write about it. This is my first erotic story but I thought you would enjoy it. But please bare with me.
   I first woke up and looked around I saw someone with black hair and a red jumpsuit nothing sexy except she looked gothlike no piercings but beautiful. Then all of the sudden there was that same woman with her feet and hands behind her head and stuck there by metal bars. She was only wearing some black lingerie that did not cover her breasts in the slightest. It only made her look that much sexier. She was also wearing red lipstick and black fishnet stockings. Suddenly I was on a close up of her face and it looked like someone in-between ecstasy and pain. Then I was back out to before only difference was that she had a small weird looking tens unit in her ass and then some sort of box sitting under the tens unit. Another change of scene exactly the same except that this girl was being mercilessly pounded by a dildo from the machine.
   Once again there was another flash this time there was another change of scene only difference this one involved me. I was the completely naked put up just like that other girl. Then a pair of hands in black latex gloves came down and only hands, because the way I had my head tilted I could never see her face. But I did hear a very soothing voice just like a mistress would have say
“This is going to give your little ass a shock.”
 And then I saw what looked like a solar panel kind of box she put it right under my ass then she brought down a tens unit anal plug very thin just like the other girl and said.
“So will this.”
I heard a sort of evil giggle then she slowly put it in my ass and propped it up on the side of the solar panel device
Then from somewhere above me a male attachment it looked like one of those vacuum penis enlargement thing came down and slid on to my penis. The voice then said.
“Then this will give you that bit of pleasure IF they allow it.”
I then looked over and saw that the girl I was looking at before was right beside me. She slid me a control thing it had what looked like a heartbeat monitor with a bunch of knobs down the side and she said.
“This one is yours.”
Then I looked over and there was what I think was a hermaphrodite getting pounded by a dildo and being fucked by the same thing I was she was in ecstasy then my tens unit, solar panel, and machine started to move.
Then I woke up.
If you would like for me to continue with this story you have ideas for it want me to try writing another story or were not clear on parts of it feel free to contact me at [email protected]


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