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Forced Orgasm Pt 2 by Sensual Erotic
« on: February 19, 2016, 11:23:21 AM »

The day jade dreaded was  finally here. Friday. 2p.m. Time to get ready for her date with destiny.
After using a hair removing cream in the shower she readied her enema equipment. She chose a standard nozzle instead of her butt plug nozzle or expanding nozzle because she just was not into it as much as usual.
No doubt because of the circumstances.
3 warm and soapy quarts  administered 1 at a time and that task was finished.
Her hair was perfect and she applied her required make up. Extra long and thick showgirl eyelashes followed by thick eyeliner top and bottom. Dark eye shadow and deep red gloss lipstick. High arched eyebrows and jade was satisfied that kailani  would approve.
The funny thing was that this is  exactly how she prepared for her own self bondage sessions and by now she would be wet and horny with anticipation of the fun to come. But she was not experiencing those same feelings now.
Opening her dresser drawers jade decided that if she was actually going to go through with this she would go all of the way.
All out.
Even though it was not specified she went with the sexiest,  not just seamed but full fashioned seamed stockings. Pointing her toes  and slipping them over each foot and pulling them all the way to her crotch where they would stay until attached to her garters.
Next she stepped into her most severe corset as requested. No, DEMANDED by her friend.
With the lacing already started she reached behind her and pulled as tight as possible by hand. The strict hourglass shape settled onto her hips keeping that in place for now as well.
Jade guided her breasts into the cone shaped bullet bra cups and forced her nipples out of the open ends, reached behind her and fastened the strap clasps. She looked down and noticed her nipples hardening just the tiniest bit.
Maybe the mental stimulation that was programmed into her brain from the past was kicking in a bit.
Knowing that dressing for pleasure was going to lead to an orgasm.
Jade knew that once her corset was laced tight she would have trouble bending over there was a few things to take care of first.
Her butt plug.
Since lube might make her plug too slippery  and have an embarrassing accident since she was forbid to wear panties she applied a generous amount of spit and grasping the flanged base, began to twist and turn, pushing a little at a time working the cone shape home.
Her bottom gladly accepted the plug and closed tightly around it.

Her eyes fell on the pedestal in the center of her closet. After a few hours spent practicing during the week maneuvering around her house she was ready for the challenge.
Sitting lightly on her chair with her  plug filled bottom ,jade pointed each toe and slowly felt her slippery nylon clad feet  find their way down the steep instep and come to rest in the pointy toes of her  stiletto heel oxfords.
Picking  up her  anklet from the jewelry tree jade fastened it on. The heavy weight of the wide gold chain slid down and came to rest on the top of her stocking clad ankle.
She worked the laces one at a time until they were snug and tied each off in a bow.
Standing up on wobbly heels jade slowly backed up to her corset lacer . She fed in the laces and held onto the wall mounted bar for balance.
The machine slowly began the tightening process and jade felt her waist slowly being squeezed and forced into the  severe hourglass shape .
Now the machine started straining so she clicked it off and relaxed a bit before continuing..
Jade looked into the rearward facing mirror and saw she still had a few inches to go before the ends were touching.
Damn! Why had kailani  insisted on this corset?  Inside jade thought she knew why. The same reason that compelled her to buy it in the first place. It was incredibly hot!
Let’s finish this. Jade sucked in her waist as much as possible, hit the on button and once again felt the lacing machine strain to tighten the laces, ½”  at a time. Suck in her breath some more, tighten another ½” until finally the ends touched.
 Her breath was coming in short gasps that would continue for a few minutes until she got used to now having an 18” waist. She reached behind her and tied off the laces and tucked them in. Now she was a full 3” narrower.
Her strict corset and impossibly high heels were forcing her to stand completely erect and actually made walking a bit easier.
Jade removed her knit dress from it’s hanger. Now reality hit . This knit dress without being worn was about 50% smaller and tighter due to the stretchy material than  before it was on her body. Once it was on it would be stretched so tight and become so thin it would be like a second skin.
It would hug her curves so tight that almost everything she had on underneath would be outlined and leave nothing to the imagination.. Her stomach began to churn once again.
Jade held the dress at arms length and dropped it over her head, forcing her arms into the long sleeves .Her head popped out of the neck as she continued to pull it down by the waist and adjust the fit.
Finally it was in place and stretched so tight clinging to  her every curve.
She reached for her wide leather belt and tightened  it around her narrowed down waist.

“O.k. that’s done . Let me take a look in my mirror.
OH MY GOD!! Jade screamed out loud to no one in particular. LOOK AT ME!! I am not going through with this. This knit dress is stretched so tight it is like I am wearing nothing at all. You can see the entire outline of everything I have on underneath  this dress.
And look at my nipples! It looks like two pencil erasers are trying to poke through the fabric. You can even see the outline of my garters holding up my stockings”.
She stormed over to the phone as fast as her stilettos would allow and started dialing  kalani’s  number at her office. As the receptionist answered reality took over and she quickly hung up the phone.
Shit! I know what will happen if I don’t go through with this.
She walked back to her closet and put on the short wrist length gloves. Glancing at the clock  it was time to go in case of Friday traffic.
Time to get this over with she thought. Whatever  happens, happens.
Luckily her garage was attached to her house so the neighbors would not be getting a show.
Even the simple act of getting into her car took much effort as her corset was restricting her breathing  and movement and stooping down with her impossibly high heels was difficult.
As she drove Jade noticed the looks she was getting from the other motorists. Must be her makeup.
Even the simple act of using the gas pedal and the brakes was much harder in these 6” heels.

She pulled up in front of her gynecologist’s office, found a parking spot and noticed her next problem.
Construction workers out front.
Had kailani  planned  her arrival this way ?
She hadn’t said anything about sunglasses so jade put on her largest pair thinking maybe someone wouldn’t recognize her.
(You know the scene you always see in the movies of  a shot of the car door opening and a high heel clad foot and then a sexy leg emerging and stepping out onto the street?) All of the construction worker’s eyes were riveted on jade’s fetish style 6” high heels coming out of her car door.
Eyes were wide and jaws dropped as she stood fully erect and hiding behind her sunglasses slowly teetered on her heels making her way to the office door. Confidence overtook her and she strode like she was on the catwalk, swishing her hips with an exaggerated stride placing one foot in front of the other.
If these guys want a show than I will give them one she thought!
Suddenly she was aware of something brushing against  the inside of her thighs. DAMN! She had forgot to trim the length of the tail that protruded from her plug! It was hanging down almost to her knees. Easily visible to anyone checking her out. Then she noticed a worker pointing at the tail clearly visible as  it hung down beneath her skirt .
Along with that another thought raced through her mind, this wide belt was drawing attention to her exaggerated hourglass waist surely making her look like some kind of freak out for a walk in broad daylight!
Jade quickened her steps now, clearly embarrassed  as Kailani met her at the door and ushered her in. “Looks like you enjoyed the attention out front. That outfit you are wearing certainly doesn’t leave anything to the imagination now, does it” she said laughing.
Jade glared and her and said nothing.
Follow me into my waiting room I have prepared.
Jade was glad she wasn’t being led on a leash.
“This is the reason I told you not to wear panties” kailani  said as she pointed to a wooden high back chair.
There was an 8” dildo protruding up from the seat. “This is to start your preparation for your exam.
SIT DOWN” she said with an air of authority.
Jade did as she was told and slowly backed up to the chair and lowered herself onto the dildo. Letting it slide up underneath her skirt. The head parted her pussy lips and entered her with the thick shaft following until jade’s bottom came to rest on the chair cushion. Along with the butt plug jade was stuffed pretty full.

Kailani bent down and buckled two leather cuffs  that were attached to the chair legs around jade’s ankles, effectively keeping her from standing up and pulling free of the invading dildo.
Noting the look of surprise on her patient’s face kalian explained that this was to begin the stimulation process that would hopefully lead to multiple orgasms. “Stay here while I finish preparing the exam room”.
 Did jade have any other choice?
All at once the dildo began pulsating and vibrating wildly. Jade tried to immediately stand up but it was no use as the ankle cuffs held her down fast.
In a matter of minutes jade was on the verge of an orgasm and try as she might could not hold it off.
She looked around for her doctor but she was nowhere in sight as she was pushed over the edge and orgasmed.
Coming down from the after glow kailani  entered the waiting room with a big smile on her face. “I was watching from my office on the camera in the corner of the ceiling there. Looks like you came pretty quick. Maybe due to your outfit and all of the attention you received on the way over here. Now that your first orgasm is out of the way we can work on the second one”.
Jade just panted with short breath and said nothing.
Kailani stepped behind jade and flipping up her hair tightly buckled  a collar around her neck.
‘CLICK’ went the sound of the lock snapping shut. She recognized it as her own collar. The one with the word ‘SLUT’ spelled out. Now she remembered that kalian had taken her toy bag with her. It must be in this office somewhere she thought.
Reaching down and removing the ankle cuffs kailani  attached a leash and helping jade up led her into the exam room.
Jade followed almost willingly.
 I said almost!
The exam room looked the same Stark white walls, white tile floor and stainless steel equipment everywhere.
“Take off your dress”. Jade did as she was told The cool air in the exam room had an immediate effect on her protruding nipples and they instantly hardened and increased in length.
Kailani eyed them and approved of the change.
Jade felt completely embarrassed to be standing in front of her doctor, her friend, dressed the way she was .In her office no less.
Pulling over a stool for her patient to stand on and ease her way onto the exam table kailani  said “ Lay back and put your feet into the stirrups. Those heels you are wearing will  poke through the stirrups and help keep your feet positioned ”.
“We will have to use full restraints on you for this exam. I can’t have you moving and thrashing about . You might ruin my concentration and we will not see the full results”.
Kailani then attached leather straps around jade’s ankles and the stirrups pulling them tight and keeping her legs  properly positioned.
From the sides of the exam table kalian pulled out padded leather arms from each side.
“Lay your arms out straight on those” she ordered. Still afraid to question her, jade complied.  Kailani  tightened leather belts around each wrist and elbow holding her arms firm  to the table. Next kailani  hit a release button and spread the  stirrups, opening jade’s legs extra wide. She tightened her leg muscles trying to resist but the effort was futile.
Kailani opened a drawer and pulled out a vaginal speculum saying  “remember this is an examination of your erogenous zones so I need everything to be open and accessible to me”.
She slowly inserted the cold instrument into jade’s vagina and opened it up ,locking the jaws in place.
Next she grabbed the long tail of jade’s plug and slowly started to pull. When the plug slid out to it’s widest part she stopped , keeping it there letting her sphincter get used to being stretched to that size. Jade grunted but still did not question her doctor.
Kailani slowly eased out the plug with a plopping sound following the removal. Reaching into the drawer again the doctor held up an anal  speculum for jade to see.
 Jade’s eyes grew wide as kalani  explained “I will need to dilate your bottom as well as your vagina  so you can accommodate the test equipment easily”. Jade grunted loudly as her anus was now spread open wide, exactly like her pussy.
“Test equipment? What are you going to do to my body”?
SLAP!! Kailani gave jade a light open handed slap to her face. “That is the first word you have spoken since you arrived and you forgot to call me mistress!”
“Well it is hard to think of you that way when you are really my doctor and you are dressed like a doctor , not a dominant”  quickly adding “Umm, mistress”.  Dr. kailani grabbed a tall mirror on wheels and pulled it over in front of jade so jade could look at herself.
“I will be right back. Enjoy your view”.

Jade heard her walk away and out of the room as the sound of her sensible work shoes grew quieter in the distance.
Looking into the mirror and struggling against the straps holding her down she hoped no one would enter the room and find her in this condition.
She was strapped down with her arms and legs spread wide. It looked almost like she was tied to a cross. Her nipples were held out, pointing straight up and uncovered.
It was as if her bra was working against her, presenting her nipples to whom ever wanted to use or abuse them.
 Her pussy and ass were gaping ,spread wide open. She could see inside  both of her openings through the mirror! She was trapped in this position. My god, I hope no one else is here or enters this room and finds me spread  open like this she thought as panic began to overtake her.
Suddenly jade heard footsteps. These didn’t sound like the  same footsteps of her doctor leaving the room. She heard the clicking of stiletto heels echoing in the hallway. Getting louder and closer. Jade began to panic pulling against her restraints.
Oh no she thought, my worst fear is coming true. Some else is about to see me!!!
Coming around the corner was…Kailani and no wonder  her approach sounded different. She was wearing white knee length stiletto heeled boots  ,a white latex blouse and short  white latex  skirt along with a white latex apron fastened around her waist. She snapped on a pair of white latex exam gloves as well.
Clicking on her heels she moved behind her patient and said” open your mouth”. Not giving it a thought jade opened and kailani inserted a  thick 3” phallic plug attached to a wide white rubber panel gag and tightened the straps behind jade’s head.  She then went around the straps a second time pulling and tugging until the buckles were in the last hole possible insuring an ultra tight fit.
There were breathing holes  on the sides of the plug as well as a hole down the center.
 Kailani wheeled over a chrome stand with a bag attached to it . She grabbed the dangling hose and screwed it to the end of jade’s gag.  Opening a valve she told her panicking patient “ just relax. Breathe normally .This is an aphrodisiac I invented. We will need all of the help we can get to stimulate every nerve ending you have . The effects will come on slow and gradually build as we continue”.
Taking a jar of cream off of the shelf kailani opened it ,dipped in a finger and reaching down spread the cream right on jade’s swollen clit. It wasn’t hard to do seeing that the clit was peeking out from it’s hood as usual.
Rubbing it in ,around and around jade sighed behind her panel gag and felt the warming effect.
“ This will stimulate the blood flow to your clit area” she said as her clit slowly became more engorged and actually grew in length a bit.
Spread open and gagged as jade was all she could do was go along with the exam Kailani then eased two fingers through the  jaws of the speculum into jade’s pussy and began to rub her g spot area. Faster and faster she moved her fingers until jade was moaning in pleasure. Jade squinted her eyes closed and began rocking her hips then suddenly…kailani stopped and withdrew her fingers.
Now a sigh of frustration escaped from her gag.
Jade continued to swallow the aphrodisiac that trickled down her throat.
Kailani moved from jade’s view then reappeared wheeling over a low table with a funny looking device on it. Flicking a switch started a  mechanical whirring sound  and kailani  held up 2 long glass tubes with clear plastic tubing attached to each tube. Jade heard a whooshing sound like air being drawn into each tube as they were brought closer.
“These  devices are suction cups. I will attach one to each erogenous zone , your nipples.
Jade looked down as far as her collar would allow . Kailani held the tube close to each nipple and then there was a ‘ppfftt’ sound as each nipple was sucked up into it’s tube. Jade stiffened with the extra stimulation. It felt like someone was sucking her nipples with out letting up.
“I think you are dilated enough” the doctor said as she removed the anal speculum. She was right as now her lower hole stayed open on it’s own. Reaching into another drawer kalian came up holding a  huge clear plastic plug with control wires dangling from it.
Jade’s eyes went wider yet at the sight of this, knowing where it was going to be inserted.
“Don’t look so surprised. Aren’t you the one who wrote in your journal how you like all of your holes stretched tight and plugged?”
Kailani reached up to the bottom of the exam table, pulled a lever and the seat of the table fell away leaving kailani   full access to her patients rear. Applying a large smear of lube the plug slid  in surprisingly easy  all of the way to it’s base.
Kailani attached the wires to the machine, turned it on a low setting and jade’s sphincter muscles began contracting against their will. All of these stimulation effects were having quite an effect on poor jade’s erogenous zones as her pussy was becoming very wet. She kept swallowing the potion.
Kailani noticed as well and smiled with satisfaction.
 Reaching down to the swollen clit she began working it , rolling the swollen nub between her fingers trying to bring her to climax. She could tell jade was close but she just could not bring her over the edge. Time to step this up!
Jade heard that whooshing sound of air again and watched as the doctor  moved a third suction tube over her clit and ‘ppfftt’, her clit was forcibly sucked straight up, stretching it out to full length and forcing it out of it‘s protective hood.
MMMPPFFFHHH! Came the cry from behind the panel gag!! Now she was starting to really feel the effects of all of this and actually thought she might be capable of a 2nd orgasm. Maybe.
Kailani was not done yet. Out of her patient’s view she attached a harness type of belt around her own waist. She  now held in her hand a  large long stainless steel container that had steam rising from it as she stepped back into jade’s view.
 Reaching down into the container kailani’s  gloved hand came out holding the giant dildo that she had found in jade’s toy bag. Strings of hot thick lube were trailing from the giant phallus  as kailani  attached it to her waist harness.
As turned on as she was jade still began to panic, knowing that giant cock was going to go into her wide stretched pussy.
She tried to cry out NO! NO! But her gag held it all in. She couldn’t even shake her head no, thanks to her very own collar.
Kailani moved between jade’s legs and removed the vaginal speculum. The speculum had done it’s job as jade’s pussy was gaped, remaining wide open and  not closing up at all.
Jade thought she had seen it all but was not prepared for the device. Kailani positioned a round plastic ring about 6” in diameter over her wide open pussy. There were 8 bungee cords with rubber jawed clamps attached to each cord. Each clamp was attached to jade’s labia and the cords were pulled tight effectively pulling her labia and pussy lips wide open. Jade looked into the mirror that was still facing her and saw a pussy pulled wide and tight with an open gaping wet hole in the middle.
She was mortified. 
That is what was needed if this monster dildo was to enter her.
Kailani positioned the huge oversized head  against her wide open hole and began to push with her hips.
Jade felt like she was being torn open but slowly the head advanced into her hole. Her pussy was stretched wide by the head and now the thick shaft, the thick shaft she did not think her pussy could accept was filling her up. Little by little with every thrust of kalian’s hips it worked it’s self further down her tunnel.
The warm lube that was impregnated into the dildo was doing it’s job.
Finally the entire monster was buried to the hilt and jade realized that her love of having both holes plugged simultaneously was happening.
 Kailani grabbed jade’s leash and  began pulling ,using it for leverage to help drive the dildo into her patient’s pussy.
In and out, in and out. Faster and faster kailani  thrust her hips ,the stretched pussy now adjusting to the dildos size and taking the entire thing willingly.
She reached down and turned the control knob on the suction machine making the suction variable. It would suck in one nipple hard , then relax while sucking in the other engorged nipple. Then increase the suction on her clit. Back and forth, back and forth.

O.k. thought kailani,  time for the big finish.
She reached over and in her hand was a Hitachi magic wand. Switching it on  kailani    held the round bulbous end against the glass tube that had jades clit sucked up and trapped inside of it.
The vibrations buzzing the tube transferred to jade’s clit and sent shock waves through her entire body.

That was all  poor jade’s erogenous zones could take as she erupted into a huge climax. Kailani pulled out the monster shaft and jade’s pussy  ejaculated,squirting out a hot  stream of cum.
Kailani jammed the dildo back into her tortured cunt and continued thrusting with all of her might.
Jade was straining mightily , pulling  with every muscle fiber against the leather straps holding her tight to the exam table and a miracle happened!
Jade erupted into another huge climax. And once again kailani pulled out as another stream of cum squirted out onto the tile floor.
All jade could do was scream into her gag MMMPPFFTTT!!!!
She slowly regained normal breathing and basked in the after glow.
Kailani mopped up the mess on the floor and removed her dildo and harness.
 Next off came the gag and she undid the straps holding her patient to the exam table.
Kailani smiled at her not so willing patient. “See, your doctor always knows what is best for the patient.”
Finally a smile crossed jade’s face.
2 orgasms back to back. She didn’t think it was possible.
“You exam is over . I hope you enjoyed yourself”.
Jade slowly slipped back into her dress and walked  on unsteady legs through the waiting room and was startled to see another patient sitting on the same wooden chair that she was first seated on. The same chair with the vibrating dildo attached.
Their eyes met for a second and then they quickly looked away from each other in embarrassment.

Opening the office door she now noticed a sign attached to it saying : ‘ORGASM CLINIC’
Where did that sign come from she wondered? It wasn’t there when she came through that same door at 5p.m. That was weird.

Stepping back outside onto the sidewalk and making her way back to her car she walked with renewed vigor. She was proud of how hot she looked in her kinky outfit and didn’t care what people thought. She was beginning to enjoy the attention. Probably due to the after glow of  2 huge squirting orgasms.
Arriving home she could finally get out of this restrictive clothing.
But first she had a phone call to make.
After dialing the number dr. kailani  answered the phone . “Orgasm clinic”.
‘Hello mistress, this is jade. I would like to schedule another exam for next week. Same time and day? Shall I wear the same outfit?  Thank you mistress”.


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