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The Colony Part 6 by TitforTat
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The Colony 6: Part 1

   Chapter 1

   Several weeks after discussing Jenni's request, she decided to drop it when she saw they way that I reacted initially. I urged her not to let my own feelings get in the way of what she wanted, but she said that she couldn't stand to see me like that. If she had become what she asked for, it would be like constantly tearing open an old wound every time I saw her.

   It was a bit of a surprise when Marc visited me in the same manner with the same request. Mystra was with me again and couldn't help but laugh at the situation. I had to give in and tell him of Jenni's visit and why she dropped the change. Marc was visibly upset on my behalf and agreed that he wanted no part of it either.

   “What if you make me look just like her along with the other stuff?” Marc asked with Mystra now almost crawling on him. I used the term 'him' loosely, but that was how I associated with Marc anymore.

   “So you want to be a petite woman just like she is with no way to control your own sphere? What if someone that you don't want to get a hold of it comes into possession of it?” I asked him before he stiffened visibly. Mystra was in the process of pushing her tail up into his front doll hole.

   “Well... I do have an idea about that.” he said with a girlish moan. I looked at him expectantly while unable to assist him. Mystra had me strapped to the bed, but sitting upright. “We could join your family.” he said with a hopeful grin before gasping in pleasure as Mystra playfully bit his mall nipple.

   “We already have two slaves.” I said causing Mystra to stop and turn slowly to me.

   “You have two slaves” Mystra said as she gave me a wry grin. “Maybe I could take them on for myself.” Mystra said with her grin looking more seductive by the second.

   “You and me will soon share everything. If you take them on, so will I by proxy.” I said causing Mystra to smile even more and push Marc down.

   “So... you don't... want us then?” Marc asked as he pushed back on Mystra to sit up again. It was obvious that he was having trouble resisting her, but serious enough that he couldn't just let it go. Mystra noticed and eased up on him.

   “Marc... I love both of you just the way you are. I like your occasional masculine dominance and miss it from time to time. I like it when Jenni does the same. It's just... Pure and Maid take up most of my time when Mystra isn't sending them on errands.” I said softly.

   Marc stared at me for a moment then sighed as he looked down at Mystra still trying to get more of her tail into him. “I never knew you felt that way.” Marc said with emotion building in his voice. He frowned a little and began to remove Mystra's tail from himself.

   “Marc. I love you, even like this. Please don't...” I said before he stopped me with his hand.

   “No. I get it.” he said with a smile before sitting up a little higher. “Maybe it's just an occasional fantasy that I want to live out. I just get excited when I get stuck like this.” he said before I tried to get out of my bonds. “Would you consider us getting closer to you just as we are?” he asked with the smile being traded for a seriousness. “Jenni and I have both talked about joining the four of you.”

   I had thought of it as well and though I loved them very much, it would make things very complicated. I was just about to turn him down when Mystra stepped in.

   “Do I get half of the decision?” Mystra asked me before I gave her a look. “We are part of this family right? Or at least 55% if you still consider Maid's 5%,  Pure's 10% each and my 40% on decisions and control. You have the majority alone, but something like this isn't to be taken lightly and the three of us could make a decision without you ”

   I sighed again and nodded as I thought of our new way of breaking ties on important decisions. “I know you love them both dearly, but I know why you keep them away. I want them to join us.” Mystra said boldly before turning back to Marc. Her seductive playfulness shrank to nearly nothing.

   “Hey... I don't want to get in the middle of this.” Marc said as he put his hands up.

   “You already are.” Mystra and I said simultaneously before looking at each other.

   “Go get Jenni and bring her here. I'll call on Maid and Pure. We should talk this over if you are serious.” Mystra said evenly after removing all of herself from him. Marc gave her a confused look before looking at me. I nodded causing him to do that same back and stand. He only waved before leaving the room.

   “What are you doing?” I asked Mystra after he was gone.

   “Exercising my right to half of a decision.” she said as she turned to me with a scowl. “I know how much both of them mean to you. I also know how much you mean to them. They love you much more than you know.” Mystra said as she scooted closer to me. I was still stuck sitting upright in the bed.

   “And why do you think you know better than I do?” I asked Mystra with a little anger. I wasn't used to not getting what I wanted anymore with my only decision being the sole direction to go.

   “Because, when you were out like you were dead to the world after making changes to Maid, neither of them left your side. Every time someone would talk about the chance of you being gone they both would get so upset that we had to keep them from attacking whoever mentioned it. It got to the point that it was never brought up again. I had a little chat with both of them and learned that they've been wanting this for almost a year now, but kept their distance. Do you know why?” Mystra asked with a hand on my knee. I couldn't see where she was going with this so I shook my head no.

   “They keep their distance because they don't think you love them like they love you. They don't want the heartbreak of hearing that answer. All they really want is for you to be happy and to be near you. Have you even considered that they can join us but not be our slaves?” Mystra barked almost angrily.

   I took a moment to think on her words only to have my emotions bubble to the surface. I really did love them both and missed them dearly when they stayed away. I closed my eyes and let my head droop at thinking only about my duties to the rest of my family and making a decision without asking.

   “We came as fast as we could.” Pure said as she burst into the room with Maid right behind her. It was obvious that we had torn them away from something sexual as Pure's body was still morphing back to her normal white and metallic self. “What's going on?”

   “Have a seat.” Mystra said as she patted the bed then informed them both of what Marc had just announced. Both Pure and Maid kept staring at me as if I had done something wrong.

   “You... don't want them?” Pure asked before I looked her to with a tremble in my chest.

   “Of course I want them. They are already my family.” I said angrily before Pure frowned and looked hurt. I felt bad about my outburst, but I was still angry.

   “But they aren't ours.” Pure said with a short stare into my eyes then to Maid and Mystra.

   “Marc is getting Jenni so that we can talk all of this over like grown-ups. Marc came to ask the same thing that Jenni did a few weeks ago and Alice just about decided to reject them without asking us.” Mystra said as she again touched my leg. “Ally, I'm not really mad at you. I just want you to remember that we all have a say in this now.” she said before I started to let my anger go and nodded at her. Pure bit her lower lip and placed her hand on Mystra's just before Maid added hers.

   Chapter 2

   We had a long talk that day between the 6 of us with portions of it becoming very emotional. Mystra stated how it would be nice to have a full time man in the house with one of them staying the dominant of the two, but Jenni and Marc said that they both wanted to change that. Things became more complicated and dramatic with both of them wishing not to be a dominant anymore.

   It was actually Pure's idea that whoever was in charge for the day decide what they would be. They would both be stuck however they were commanded to be and become both males, both females or one of each with dominance being decided by Mystra or I at the time of control. More arguing came out of it until Maid created a simple solution.

   “Alice and Mystra share control every other day and lead the family in the way that they want.” Maid nearly shouted using Pure as her means of vocalization. Both Jenni and Marc looked to Pure before and explanation was in order.

   “You know, I do like that idea.” Mystra said as I felt like my family was being hijacked from me.

   “I... I can't make my own decisions anymore?” I blurted out angrily causing everyone to look at me. Mystra gave me a foul look before it softened into something more solemn.

   “Ally... if you are having second thoughts about sharing this equally...” she said before I stopped her gently with my hand.

   “No... I'm sorry. This is what I wanted.” I said causing Mystra to give me a quizzical expression.

   “If this isn't what you wanted, say so now because we only have a month until there is no going back. I only want to voice my opinion and have it heard equally, not make a decision for you. That's why we are talking.” Mystra said with logic backing up her words.

   “When did I get so emotional about such small things?” I asked myself internally

   “Is something bothering you, love?” Pure asked as she moved from her seat to the bed next to me.

   “This is just... hard. I'm used to leading.” I said as I realized for the first time, I called myself a leader out loud. Was I really?

   “I only want to share the burden.” Mystra said as she put her other hand on mine.

   “I want to follow.” Pure said with Maid nodding in agreement. Jenni and Marc also joined the gesture with all of them giving me loving expressions.

   “I'm not trying to take anything from you. I'm trying to... share. I never thought that you, of all people, would have an issue with it.” Mystra said with her words coming from the bottom of her heart. It wasn't a stab at me, it was what she honestly thought.

   “Are you stressed out about something?” Jenni asked me with concern in her eyes. “I never see you get this worked up over anything beyond those meetings you hate.”

   “Yeah. We want to be there for you. For all of you.” Marc said causing me to look up and around at everyone. It seemed as if it were already decided. Deep within my heart, it had been decided long ago.


   We talked it over between the six of us for an entire week. It seemed as though every time my eternal family got bigger, the longer it took to agree on something large. In the end, I couldn't even deny them myself and raised my hand when it came time to vote on bringing them in. I was so happy that I cried. I didn't even realize that I had been holding it back for so long and so deeply. The details were hatched out as Mystra and I's union approached quickly.

   As far as decision making went as a family, Mystra and I both held 30% each with the other four holding 10. If Mystra and I agreed do do something, it would go that way. If we disagreed, the others would be left to decide the vote. It still left the possibility of a stalemate, but it it was that divided, we would reconsider our options.

   When it came to who held control in reference to dominance, I was left at the top with 45%, Mystra at 35, and 5% between the rest of them. If either Jenni or Marc had become a dominant male or female, they would gain another 5 with the submissive one having nothing. If they both went submissive, both had no power at all with Maid and Pure having power over them as well. That was decided between Mystra and I only as to what they were for a day. It sounded incredibly complicated, but it was a good structure to work with that satisfied everyone. It didn't take long for me to come to think of Mystra as a true equal in decision making, but I still had a slight edge in dominance. Mystra preferred to have me a little more dominant than her anyway.

   Chapter 3
   The day of our Union was a nervous time for me because I only had an idea of what to expect. From seeing a few of the shared eternals, I knew that we would be drawn together with the transfer of each others life forces equally. What I didn't know was if she would gain the same powers that I did or anything else that I couldn't think of would be shared.. I trusted that if she did, she would use them as wisely as I thought I had. Like before, we opted to witness the union in privacy of the mansion's dungeon with only my immediate and secondary family in attendance.

   “Are you ready?” I asked Mystra who seemed more nervous than I had ever seen her.

   “I think so.” she said softly as she held my hands. “Are you sure that this isn't going to hurt us? What if I end up...” Mystra started before I silenced her with my finger.

   “It's going to be fine. Our life forces will merge and separate becoming equal, but I don't know if you will gain my powers or not, that is all.” I said with a comforting smile.

   “Wait...” Mystra said with a sudden panic. “You mean, I could end up doing what you do?” she asked as she let go of my hands. “I don't.... I don't know if I want that.” she said as she turned to get away quickly.

   It was too late as I felt something strange like a foreign energy surround me. Mystra stopped in her tracks and put her hand to her stomach before turning back to me with wide eyes. “I'm scared.” Mystra said with a tremble in her voice.

   “It's too late to be afraid.” I said with a sudden confidence and arms open wide to her. “Join me and share me forever.” I said with my voice sounding strange to me.

   “Alice, what is happening to you?” Mystra said with her voice sounding strange as well.

   My gut was pulling me helplessly toward her as the world around us felt like it was slowing down. The aura of energy that I felt from before became a dim, visible light with a swirl of it near my center stretching toward a similar one from Mystra. The closer we came to each other, the brighter the while light became around us and the stronger the pull. As our swirling connection intermingled with each other, I felt a presence within me that mixed with my soul and filled me with Joy. Parts of her thoughts and words entered my mind as I knew mine were in hers. The panicked look on Mystra's face quickly turned to awe as I knew she was feeling what I was. A second longer, I felt like her entire being was floating through me. Her thoughts and desires became my own as well as her body. We were truly one person at the fraction of a second.

   The next instant, I was alone again in my own body with Mystra smiling in front of me and holding me tightly. I knew by how I felt that the transfer was complete, but the energy lingered around us visibly. I never wanted to let her go.

   The moment was identical to what I went through with Maid and Pure, but this was much more intense and powerful. Instead of sharing a portion of myself with Mystra, I shared everything. The empowering, warmth of the energy surrounding us only made me feel stronger.

   “We will share this bond until the end of time.” I said as I hugged her tightly against me with soft sobs coming from Mystra. The first time with Pure, I cried like she did from the intensity of the moment. This time, I was the strong one and smiled with her against me.

   “Alice?” Mystra asked me softly. I let her pull away from me to see her skin changing from red to beige. “What's happening?” she asked before looking at her hands in horror.

   “I gave you my power to change your body. You are starting to look like me because you were me for a moment.” I said as I saw the red regain it's brightness and return.

   Mystra looked at her hands again with wide eyes as her fingernails grew to sharp points. Mystra looked frightened as she quickly grew another set of arms below her top ones then cried out with a dual tone voice.

   “Imagine yourself as you were. Your mind will convert you body to your deepest fantasy if you don't remember who you are.” I said as I took her dangerous hands in mine. Just as her eyes went completely black, the whites because to emerge again. They were trembling in fear, but I nodded with a smile knowing that she could control it. She was half of me now and had the power to control her body like I did.

   “Alice, I'm scared.” she said before I pulled her against me again.

   “I know. I didn't know if this would happen or not, but you don't have to be afraid. You only gained only this, not my magic.” I said to her as she hugged me even tighter. Her arms lengthened and attached at my back to pressed me even tighter into her. “We will work on controlling it.” I said as she sobbed and crushed me in her arms. The pain of her embrace actually freed my mind enough to enjoy the moment.

   It took several minutes for her to calm and let me go before we both looked around. Everyone looked like they were frozen in time around us. I hadn't experienced this before.

   Slowly, people began to move again as the energy that enveloped us both came flooding back to me and me alone. It was almost too much to take in and I felt my insides swell to take it.

   “A gift.” a distant voice called to me from the furthest reaches of my mind. My hands and legs began to tremble at the familiar voice along with the pressure within me growing to an uncomfortable level.

   “Alice?” Mystra asked as she noticed something wrong. “Are you alright?”

   “She gave me a gift.” I said blankly as the energy threatened to burst my skin at the seams. It was like I had taken 40 shots of espresso and feeling the jolt of caffeine just cresting within me. I was terrified, but felt like I could tear a hole in the sky if I wanted it. All I could do was slowly look around me to see each member of my family smiling or crying happily.

   “Tell me about it later.” Mystra said as she hugged me against her again. “This is OUR moment.”

   Chapter 4

   I kept what had happened to me to myself and checked out our new spheres. No longer was my sphere a just a chrome ball, it was now alternately striped with black and red with Maid and Pure's dots still adorning the surface. Comparing it to Mystra's they were the same in every way, though I could instinctively sense which one was mine.

   After a short congratulations from Beringar, Gudrun, Nanny, Chef, Tanya and the Umbach's we all sat to eat the meal that Chef's students had prepared. It was nothing more than for show as none of us would benefit from food, but I had almost forgotten what it was like to eat again. Mystra was able to grow black teeth inside of her mouth and savor the flavors of the excellently prepare meal. Even as I kept myself calm outwardly, the energy that had filled me kept threatening to send me into orbit.

   Throughout the meal, the topic of the Umbach's joining us popped up. Mystra and I had failed to mention keeping it quiet, but it was fairly obvious that everyone was excited to hear the news. In fact, Beringar and Gudrun had similar news that they were going to accept the maids into their family as well.

   When it was all over,  I was anxious to get my family back to our room to talk. Mystra seemed to be in a similar hurry, which was somewhat unlike her due to her showy nature.

   “What happened?” Mystra asked me with a shortness of breath just after all of us were in. Maid and Pure stood nearl the door with concerned looks.

   “The energy that we shared, she gave it all to me.” I said causing Mystra to give me a strange look.

   “What energy?” she asked me and it dawned on me that maybe she couldn't see it.

    It was like when I officiated ceremonies and witnessed unions. The energy could be felt, but not seen. Maybe no one else could see or feel it. I described what I saw in case our experiences were different. Mystra said that she neither saw nor felt what I had described or hear the voice. Pure came to me quickly and put her hand on my wrist.

   “The same one from your dream. The one that you said took over my body and I didn't remember?” Pure asked me before I nodded and turned to Mystra.

   “You might think that I am crazy, but she keeps coming to me at the most inopportune times.” I said before telling her the story of the previous times along with the describing the energy that still filled me like an over inflated balloon.

   “What does that mean?” Mystra asked me, but I didn't have an answer.

   “Maybe something to do with making changes?” I asked before Mystra nodded and looked at her own hands.

   “That reminds me, you said that it took some practice.” she said before I took her hands in mine and looked toward Pure and Maid.

   “Come, join us in welcoming Mystra to eternity.” I said causing both Pure and Maid to enter our embrace. “Though you may need some training, you are already one of us, forever.” I said causing everyone including me to cry at the important words. The emotion of the moment and the incredible energy that filled me caused a buzz of intoxicating joy that I couldn't hide.


   Jenni and Marc joined us later to watch the show that Mystra and I put on as I demonstrated to her how to control her body. For me, I had learned a piece at a time until it had become second nature. For Mystra, it was there all at once with too many possibilities to keep ti straight.

   “Alice.... I'm melting.” Mystra said after making herself a little too pliable. Actually watching her skin ooze down her body and become more or less liquid was more than the rest could take, but I knew what was happening.

   “Control, Mystra. Don't give into to your desire if it is not what you really want. Your thoughts control your body. You have to keep an image of what you want to be or you will find your body wildly changing without you even noticing. That's why I stay Alice most of the time. I don't have to think about it. It's what I see myself as.” I said as I reached a hand into the slowly melting pile of goo that Mystra was becoming.

   “How is that possible?” Jenni asked in terrified surprise as Mystra started to get a hold of herself and rebuild who she was. In under a minute, she was back to looking like her former self with only a few small changes.

   “Alice, this is terrifying, how do you do it?” Mystra asked as she looked over her hands with wide eyes.

   “Practice. You need to reserve a portion of your mind to control it at all times. Why do you think I like it when others control me?” I asked her as I seized control of her body for her. She struggled for a moment then looked at me with a feeling of relief coming over her.

   “If I take control of you, you don't have to think about it anymore.” I said causing Mystra to frown then sigh in defeat.

   “All this time, you've been shouldering this burden.” she said weakly before looking thoughtful. “Do you do the same with everything?”

   “I think about Maid, Pure, you and the rest of my family and what's best for them. I think about the colony and what's important. I keep track of everyone's unions and learn from my magic. It does get a little stressful.” I said with a calm laugh. My admission made me realize just how much I was doing, even when I thought I was relaxing.

   “Where do you find the strength?” Marc asked softly as he stared at the floor.

   “In love.” I said as I took his hand and smiled at him. “I have more strength than I will ever need. And most of it is right here in this room.

   Chapter 5

   It wasn't until later when I reflected on my own words to find the power in them. It was the same power or energy that was overflowing me and causing me to feel like I was going to burst at any moment. As I laid in our bed and thought, Mystra held me tightly with Pure to my right, Maid at my feet and the Umbach's finding any place they could in between while looking content just to be there. I started to wonder if I was in the center of a Harem or just pressed between a collection of people that loved each other intensely. I chose to think it was the latter.

   “Hey.” I said as I tapped on Jenni's shoulder only because it was close to me. I unwittingly caught the attention of everyone. “Do you want me to try to make the changes that we talked about?” I asked her then looked at Marc with both of them nodding slowly.

   “Are you sure that you can do it after a day like this? You have to be exhausted” Mystra asked me softly. I turned to her and smiled as the energy inside of me shuffled as if responding to her question.

   “I'm overflowing with energy.” I said with a laugh then kissed her forehead. I looked to my right to see Pure studying me with her intense violet eyes.

   “Are we going to end up like Mystra and have to learn how to control ourselves?” Jenni asked causing me to laugh and shake my head.

   “No. You will be controlled by Mystra and I as long as either of us have your sphere.” I said happily making Jenni smile. “I'll keep it for now so that I can work the spell.” I said to Mystra who agreed without question. I looked to Pure and Maid to see them nod vigorously in agreement too.

   I knew what both of them wanted, but also knew it was going to be tricky with them sharing the same life force. I imagined that I was going to have to separate them when touching their life force, make the changes individually and put them back together. Little did I know just how tough it would be, but I was thankful that I had so much practice with Maid.

   The spell went exactly as I had imagined it and began to wonder if I was creating my own spells on the fly or drawing from some hidden knowledge that was buried within me.

   As I worked them individually, I felt the energy stored within me dwindle, but not enough to relieve the invisible pressure it created inside my body. When I was finished, I wasn't even tired though the spell too nearly three times longer than normal. I realized just how much power was given to me when the small amount of the stored energy filled me to overflowing again in just a matter of moments.

   “What do I need so much for?” I asked out loud.

   “Did it work? Are you alright? What are you asking?” Mystra asked as Jenni and Marc sat up from the bed looking no different.

   “The energy she gave me. I used some of it to perform the spell. It only took a few minutes to refill it to where it was. It was maybe a hundredth of it.” I said causing Mystra and pure to give me funny looks. Jenni and Marc were still checking themselves out seeing nothing different.

   “Did it....oh....” Marc said as his body quickly became smaller and more feminine to look almost identical to Jenni only with dark brown hair instead of blonde. I changed Jenni so that she became the man with her proportions growing quickly beyond my own. She was muscular, cute and had a sizable penis. She was identical to  Marc as a man only more fit and with lighter brown hair.

   “Hey...” Jenni said then covered her mouth hearing her deeper voice.

   “Nice package.” Mystra said with a wide, seductive smile before reaching past me to tug on it.

   “Wait, I don't want to be a man.” Jenni said causing me to laugh.

   “Tough titties.” I said as I poker her in the chest. “I get to decide what you are. At least like this, you get to dominate Pure, Maid and Marci over there.” I said with another laugh. “Maybe I'll call you Jacques when you are like this.”

   “Haha... a frenchie.” Marci said with a voice identical to Jenni's normal one. Jacques promptly swung a hand at Marci landing on her soft thigh and causing a tight smack to echo in our small room. “Ahhhh, shit! That hurts.” she said as pulled her leg to her chest then rocked back and fourth on the bed. “Do it again.” she said with a giggle as she rolled far enough to expose her ass.

   “See what we started.” I said as I looked to Mystra who watched in awe then looked at me with a big smile.

   “How do you want to finish it?” she asked me with a wide, mischievous grin growing on her face.

The Colony 6: Part 2

   Chapter 6

   “Hey stop! I don't want one of those.” Mystra said as I caused her front doll hole to begin becoming a penis.

   “You can handle giving yourself four arms, turning into liquid and looking like me, but you can't handle this?” I asked Mystra with a hearty laugh. It was actually pretty funny until I realized that she never had one before. “You're always telling me to lighten up and give in to your desires.”

   “How much of me did you gain?” Mystra said as she kept clear of her growing, shiny black cock

   “How much of me did YOU gain?” I asked with another laugh and looked at her formidable tool. I took her question literally and realized it it wasn't evil enough for her tastes.

   I let the tip of her grow into more of a pointed arrow shape and swell larger than her shaft before adding large bumps on it that reminded me of the surface of a gourd or a pumpkin. I hadn't realized that Jacques was in the process of trying to force himself on Marci while Pure and Maid watched us with excitement.

   “That looks... evil.” Maid said with a giggle causing the three of us to laugh. I looked Mystra in the eyes and realized that she now had the full effect of Maid's communication like Pure and I did.

   “Can I touch it?” Pure asked with her nearly white hand extending toward it already.

   “I don't know. Is that acceptable for her to touch it?” I asked Mystra who pulled her eyes from it to look at me.

   “What do I do with it?” she asked causing me to laugh hard. “Shut up! I've never had one before.” she said before smacking my arm hard enough for it to sting.

   “Can I be your first?” Pure asked before Maid pushed her a little.

   “No I want it.” Maid said as they both reached for it and took in their hands. Mystra gasped loudly causing even Jacques and Marci to stop what they were doing.

   “What I think we should do? Let Pure and Maid show you what it's like?  Give one to everyone and we can torture Marci a bit?” I said causing Mystra to stare at me then smile widely.

   “You did get some of me, didn't you?” she asked then laughed again before the hands on her large, evil member caused her to gasp. “Did you make the head so sensitive?”

   “Nope, they just come that way.” I said before kissing her on the cheek and nearly bouncing off of the bed. The energy inside of me was spilling into me physically. I didn't know what to do with it all.

   “I get it first.” Pure said as she roughly pulled Mystra's new cock from her Maid's hands with Maid quickly trying to get it back

   “Give back, slut.” Maid taunted her mentally without realizing what they were doing to Mystra.

   “Maid! Pure! That is my cock and I am the first one to ride it. How about you help Jacques out with his new girlfriend.” I said loudly. As if thinking as one, they both looked down and giggled girlishly before dropping Mystra and moving to Jacques.

   “I get the bottom. Maid you take her from behind and Pure gets her mouth.” Jacques said just as Marci caught a glimpse of Maid and Pure's sizable penises. Maid's had the hoop of ruffle just under the large head and Pure's looked like hers was cast our of metal.

   “No! Shit are you crazy. They are too big.” Marci said as Jacques handled her roughly and rolled so that he was on the bottom. Marci looked honestly scared and tried like hell to get away from them. He smiled widely as he basically pulled her onto his own large cock. “Shit... shit shit shit!” Marci exclaimed with her face a mask of pain. Jacques's impressive tool disappeared into Marci causing her to loose all words and squeal uncomfortably. I could only imagine the abuse in store for her as I shifted my attention to Mystra who was at a loss for what to do.

   “I will make this a little easier to handle.” I said to Mystra as I caused her to hold her position with her demonic cock exposed to me. She felt the change and locked eyes with me as I approached her. “I given one forcefully grew to like it. It's different in many ways, but I can't say that I like having a hole or this more.” I said before delicately touching her bumpy shaft.

   “Alice?” Mystra asked with a hint of trepidation in her eyes. “Can you... love me, slowly?”

   My smile disappeared when I realized what this meant to her. “This is your new virginity, isn't it?” I asked her before she nodded and gave me a small smile.

   “Ow.... ow ow ow ow..... Shit!” Marci screamed as Maid ruthlessly shoved her cock into Marci's rear hole.

   “Shut up and take it you slut.” Jacques growled from under her just as Maid grasped her arms and pulled them toward her. Marci was about to yell once more just as Pure plugged her mouth with her metallic phallus. Soon it was quiet again but the bed was nearly shaking with activity.

   “Is she going to be okay?” Mystra asked with concern before I nodded with a smile.

   “Marci and Jenni both like a lot of pain and really rough sex. She is probably having the best day she has had in a long time.” I said as I watched the three of them ravage the smaller girl.

   “Can you... let me be free this time?” Mystra asked me causing me to look at her again. I nodded with a gentle smile and freed her body. She gave me the same gentle smile and looked down her body before cautiously touching her cock.

   “You can stroke it for me. I'll let you have your first with your own hand. It's no biggie, I gave you the stamina to do it over and over again.” I said happily causing her to smile and nod at me. “It's all set to being as normal as possible, minus the size, shape and recovery time.”

   Mystra slowly wrapped her hand around her new demonic penis and moaned slightly just from her own touch. She smiled at me and moved her other hand so that it brushed the fat, pointy tip of it. “Is it always so sensitive?” she asked with surprise.

   “I guess it depends. To me, the tip feels more like a large clit but a little less sensitive.” I said evenly as I sat in a chair to watch her. It was a little strange to see her so cautious since I knew her as being mush more brash and seductive about sex.

   Her gentle movements finally gave way to more even, rhythmic strokes using both of her hands to get around the thing. As her breathing slowly increased, so did her pace until her strokes became much shorter and focused on just the tip of her.

   “Ohhhh...” she moaned with her eyes closed with her legs coming together to try to stop the sensation. I had been there many times before and knew what was coming. Again she moaned with her hips joining the action until she came. She seemed surprised by what was happening to her and instantly removed her hands to watch the green fluid spurt from the tip of her. “Uhgh ungh ungh.” she gasped over and over again as her demonic cock pumped it's evil load of green cum before finally giving out with Mystra panting heavily.

   “Well?” I asked her happily. Her eyes focused on me as she tried to regain her breath then smiled.

   “I don't know. I think I need to try it for real.” she said with the customary wry grin replacing the surprised look on her lips.

   “I knew I could convince you.” I said with a wink and a sarcastic smile of my own.

   Chapter 7

   Ignoring the action next to me. I stood up from my chair and pushed Mystra's legs together that were hanging over the edge of the bed. With only a stare into her eyes, I mounted her bottom half and rested on her stomach with her cock pressed into my ass crack. Before starting anything, I laid onto her and kissed her passionately. Mystra was more than ready for it and devoured my lips and tongue hungrily. I knew what  happening to her as I felt her hips start to rock and slide her cock up and down my ass crack.

   I slowly extricated my mouth from hers and stared into her eyes as I used my hand to line her up with me. There were no words in the trusting, delicate moment. Her eyes were the only guide as to how much she wanted it.

   When the tip of her pressed against my overflowing, rubber pussy, I sat onto it slightly and felt her width stretch me just enough to be comfortable. Mystra closed her eyes and sighed deeply causing me to smile and sit a little harder onto her. I sighed along with her as I felt her pointy, fat cock head precede her bumpy, thick shaft.

   “Wow... that is an interesting feeling.” I said softly causing Mystra to keep her eyes closed and nod. The little bumps on her shaft kept teasing the lips of my pussy sending erotic tingles of pleasure through me as the rippled at my opening.

   Soon I built to a slow rhythm feeling the bumps on her shaft doing amazing things to me. The four next to us started to get loud and interrupted the mood I was in. “Jacques, take it outside. I said loud enough to get their attention as I stopped. My words caused the four of them to stop what they were doing and removed themselves from Marci.

   “Holy fuck shit god damn that hurts.” Marci said with a shuddering whimper as she held a hand to her crotch. Jacques nearly dragged her from the room using only her hair with Marci's small voice squealing in pain.

   “Shut up slut, you know you love it.” Jacques growled before pushing her roughly out of the room and closing the door behind them.

   “Now, where where we?” I asked with a smile as I turned back to Mystra.

   “You were about to make me cum again.” she said with a sexy coo. I smiled and bent over her to give her a kiss before riding her again.

   Mystra came inside of me again making me smile to see the pleasure that I brought her. After a brief moment of towering over her, she put her hands to my waist and smiled lovingly. “Can I take you from behind?”

   “Getting adventurous already?” I asked her with a smirk.

   “I didn't think I was going to like this. Now I see why you do.” she said with a wink as I dismounted her and positioned myself bending over the edge of the bed. “This time, I want to see you cum.”

   Mystra pressed her cock against me and pushed making it slide in deliciously. It was probably my favorite position as it left me very vulnerable and the addition of feeling her tits press into my back was just a bonus. “Thank you for making this special.” Mystra said into my ear before I turned my head and smiled back at her. She kissed my cheek lovingly before squeezing my ass with her hands.

   As Mystra fucked me hard from behind, I couldn't help but think about the day that we already had. Not only had we fully combined with each other, but I had changed Jenni and Marc into something that we could integrate into our family Watching Jenni as Jacques, Maid and Pure brutally fuck the smaller Marc as Marci, was actually kind of exciting. I knew that in the future, more of the same would become common as Marc and Jenni were both very into pain and submission.

   My thoughts were taken from me as I felt Mystra press a few fingers into my rear hole. She laughed sexily and leaned into my back with her hips doing all the work. “Come for me, wife.” Mystra said into my ear as she used the pet word that Gudrun had given me. The combination of her words, her fingers and her even pace, I felt my orgasm approaching quickly.

   I came hard around her and felt her speed up a little to add to the pleasure that was already melting me in a warm bath. Despite how good it felt, I only wanted more. “Yes.... fuck me.” I said as I reached back and pulled my own legs open wider. Mystra laughed sexily and took longer strokes at the same pace.

   “I love it when you squeeze me.” Mystra said with her sexy, labored tone.

   That evening, we took turns in every position conceivable while not changing a thing about ourselves. I had asked her if she wanted to change me or her, but she said that my normal Alice look was her favorite. I was in the same boat as I thought about her voluptuous demon form and how it turned me on every time I looked at her. Finally we ended up laying in each others arms in the middle of the bed covered in our own slippery sweat. I added that last part to us just to make it feel like we had exerted ourselves. In truth, I was still brimming with an almost endless amount of energy. I felt like I was on top of the world, in the arms of someone incredibly beautiful who loved me endlessly.

   “Should we let them back in?” Mystra asked me with a happy smile.

   “I don't know. You're the one who loves public sex.” I laughed happily. “Besides, do you think they will be quiet.”

   “Actually, I want to just watch them for a bit.” she said before poking me with her still hard demon cock.

   “Watch, huh?” I asked with a laugh before getting in touch with Maid mentally.

   The four of them came back into the room and got back to it next to us like the walk was just hitting a pause button. I had almost forgotten that I had changed Pure and Maid to cum incredible amounts of semen, but neither of them had gotten off yet. Maid and Pure had switched spots with Jacques still on the bottom. Mystra was behind me at the edge of the bed with her cock gliding up and down my ass.

   When the time approached, Maid was the first to go and came silently, but I felt and heard her cries of passion in her mind as her dick jumped and jerked inside of Marci's mouth. Maid's orgasm triggered Pure's and between the two of them, they were filling Marci at an incredible rate. Since there was little to no room for the cum to escape, Marci thrashed in pain between them until the cum forced it's way around Maid's cock in her mouth. Maid laughed as her cock was pushed out from the pressure and the erupting cum landed wetly all over Jacques.

   “I hate cum.” Mystra said into my ear before my smile and excitement turned to curiosity.

   “Really?” I asked while turning my head slightly. She only nodded with a smile.

   “I mean, it's nice to see it because it means the guy got off, but I was never a fan.” she said softly.

   “I'll remember that for next time.” I said as I reached back to fondle her cock at my ass.

   “I did like the green stuff though. It looked sickening and evil, just my style.” Mystra said before we both erupted into laughter.

   Chapter 8

   Once the subs had cleaned up their mess, I changed Jacques back into Jenni then completely stripped Maid and Pure of their genitalia leaving them smooth at their crotches. The six of us ended up as a pile again and talked about our little adventure. Marci said that it was the best day of her life with a cute giggle. Jenni said that it was fun to be in control while enjoying  being controlled by someone else. Mystra and I just stayed silent to listen as our moment was private between just us.

   In the quiet time after the action, I was still boiling with energy despite my calm exterior. I thought more about Jenni and Marc and decided to make some more changes to see if I could do it without notice. I was able to take away both of their genitalia just like I had with Maid and Pure then added some things to make playing with them as females a little more fun.

   When I was done, no one seemed to notice that I had done anything at all. The fact that I could do it so easily was both frightening and comforting at the same time. Not only could I change whatever I wanted to, I could do it without notice. That was the part that scared me. The comforting part was that I could do just that and not feel like the world was ending. Just like before, my energy dipped from the spell but only took just a few minutes to replace itself. I also started to feel the limits of what I could change in someone just like the limits of what the process could do.

   Some time in the very early morning, I was becoming restless and had to go for a walk. Mystra opted to stay behind and said that I should take Pure with me. Pure and I walked arm in arm as we made our way through the mansion.

   “Alice, are you okay?” Pure asked me after ten minutes of walking.

   “Yeah.” I said with a big smile. “It's just that I have all of this energy now and can't seem to get rid of it. I even made some more changes to Marc and Jenni, but the energy came right back.”

   “Do you think it would be a good time to tell everyone in wonderland what you can do. It might be a good use of your energy.” Pure said softly.

   “I was just thinking that myself.” I said to her with a nod. “First, I wanted to offer it to my family, then wonderland.” I said as we stopped just before the master suite.

   As I opened the door, I saw Beringar mercilessly fucking Gudrun who had a maid cock in each hand and one in her mouth. The last maid was kneeling behind Beringar with her arms wrapped around him.

   “Maybe we should come back later.” Pure said attracting the attention of Beringar.

   “Nonsense. Please come in.” Beringar said with ease. I expected to hear at least a little strain in his voice with the force that he was using on Gudrun.

   As Pure and I happily stepped closer, I saw that Gudrun was in near constant orgasm with black cocks in her hands and maid hands caressing her incessantly. “We've been at it for a few hours.” Beringar said with a chuckle. “Do you want to take a break, Lady Bug?” Beringar asked without even stopping. Gudrun's glazed over eyes rolled toward me and lingered before closing them again. “She gets like that sometimes.”

   “It's good to see both of you happy again.” I said with Pure holding me a little closer.

   “So what brings you up here on your second honeymoon night? Business or pleasure?” he asked with another chuckle. I couldn't deny what his manly, muscular form was doing to my libido.

   “Business, actually.” I said causing his smile to droop just a little and nod. He looked like he was having fun, but ready to listen nonetheless. “I am overflowing with energy and  the ability to give changes to those that want them. I was going to ask my family first before I offered it to Wonderland.” I said causing Beringar to slow to a near stop. Gudrun's hands flew to his hips around the maid on her chest to pull at him.

   “Has something changed? Casting that spell nearly defeats you every time.” he asked before rocking his hips again and causing Gudrun to relax.

   “Yes.” I said as I looked to Pure who smiled with curiosity then looked back to the large, bald hunk. “During the final stage of Mystra and I's union. A large surge of energy entered me and I can't seem to drain it fast enough. It's a little uncomfortable and makes me feel like I am always on.” I said causing Beringar to stop again. Gudrun reached for him frantically and rocked her hips under him before shoving the maids out of the way.

   “You're ruining our personal record. I was at 78...” Gudrun said angrily as she sat up then paused when she saw me. “Ohh.... I'm terribly sorry Alice.” she said with a bit of embarrassment before composing herself.

   “I didn't mean to interrupt.” I said feeling a little guilty at stopping whatever game they had going.

   “No no. I would rather see you than do what we were doing. Is everything alright?” she asked as Beringar pulled his massive cock from her that looked more like a thick leg than it did a real penis. Gudrun nearly came again as it caused a sickening, wet sucking sound before popping free from her.

   “Yes.” I said as I sat on the bed and explained it all again Pure stayed rather quiet next to me and only smiled happily as she held my hand.

   “So... you want us to change?” Gudrun asked with a furrowed brow then looked to Beringar.

   “No, please don't misunderstand. I am just asking if you would like to change anything. I love they way that both of you are and wouldn't change a thing, but if you wanted something, I can do it for you.” I said with the two of them staring at each other.

   “This is... a little sudden.” Beringar said with a long pause with Gudrun nodding in agreement.

   “I was just getting used to this.” Gudrun said softly with Beringar nodding back. “Is there a time limit on how long we can think about it?”

   “I don't know. I do know that a change can be changed again and that when I use the energy, it refills quickly. Maybe if I hit bottom it will go away, but I don't think I will ever get there.” I said with both of them nodding at me.

   “Give them some time. This is pretty big news.” Pure said to me softly.

   “Can I get back with you on this?” Beringar asked softly.

   “Of course. You know where to find me.” I said with a happy smile and stood up. I was stopped when I felt Beringar's giant hand on my thigh.

   “Are you in a hurry, or would you like to stay. There is no need for sex if you just want to talk.” Beringar said in his most loving tone. I could tell that they both missed me in that capacity.

   “I have to see everyone else first. After this is over, I would love to spend some time with both of you.

   “Are you going to bring everyone? You know I like seeing you all.” Gudrun said before I looked to Pure who nodded with a big smile.

   “How about this, I pick a night and all of us meet in the dungeon to have a private, family party. We can all talk, fuck, hang out or whatever.

   “That is a brilliant idea.” Beringar said happily with Gudrun nodding. “We will think about your offer.”

   “Family orgy? Yummy.” Gudrun said with excitement to Beringar before moaning in pleasure again. Pure and I both looked back with smiles.

   Pure and I left the master suite and continued to our next destination which was just across the hall. Nanny had taken up residence in the Umbach's room since Gudrun had been interrupting her and her book reading. I gave her the same offer, but she flatly declined saying that she was exactly how she wanted to be, but she did say that she would ask Baby the next time he was born.

   The last place to visit was Chef and Tanya with their small harem of well-fucked- human companions. Again, I was asked for some time to think about it and offered to stay for a bit. Tanya mentioned that she would like to borrow Pure and I at some point because of how we could change ourselves. I mentioned that Mystra was now part of that club due to our union. We stayed to chat for a bit longer about more personal matters before leaving.

   Chapter 9

   It had been a few days since my walk about and reconnecting with the rest of my family. Mystra had her turn in charge and played it relatively safe with her changes, but when I was in charge again, things got a little wild in our room. I was pretty sure that I had gained a little moral freedom from Mystra and she had gained a little restraint from me. Soon, Tanya was the first one to respond to my offer.

   Tanya only wanted a little more strength for herself while retaining her andro-femme body. I actually started to like her look of small breasts, lack of hips and muscular tone. She was a manly female, but with a lovely face and feminine mannerisims. Chef, on the other hand, was altered to gain even more femininity without loosing his male qualities. Tanya was able to make his breasts much larger, alter his pink, vibrator-like cock and dress him almost doll-like when he wasn't in his chef outfit. They both seemed to like the term 'sissy' for what he had become in their intimate time.

    I was surprised to hear from Nanny saying that her and Baby both wanted a change, but it wasn't physical. Baby asked Nanny if he could share a permanent mental link with her so that she could share her reading with him while inside of her. Of course, she couldn't deny him and thought it was sweet. The mental changes were harder to do and took longer, but used less energy to perform. The dwarf-like, very pale man thanked me profusely with Nanny looking happier than she had ever been. They tried it out and talked with each other silently as I left their room

   Using my spell to disassemble, re-engineer and assemble people was becoming almost trivial. With more practice, I barely used any of my energy reserves and started to get used to being always on. It was a little annoying at first, but I did begin to incorporate into  the background of my mind like it was just another part of me. The pressure and tightness of it was always there, I just allowed myself not to think about it.

   As for Beringar and Gudrun, Gudrun had asked that I give Beringar the power to make her breasts any size that he wanted, but her not able to change it. When I asked for a limit, they both laughed and shrugged. I kept it reasonable that they would never grow larger than what could fit in the room, I just never hoped it went that far. Beringar had asked for nothing for himself, but did asked that I do some special things for Gudrun like pussy hands and extra sensitivity when he wanted.

   I smiled and talked as I made the changes as if it were second nature to me. Both seemed a little nervous as it still required me to touch both of them and use at least one of their shared spheres. The last change that I made was to try to do some more repair work to their maids, but they all seemed happy, healthy and completely enthralled with their Masters. It still bothered me that they couldn't be fixed, but then again, neither could Maid. Those that had been changed by Tim had been mentally broken to become what he wanted with me being the only example of making it out unscathed since he left my mind alone.

   In the next few weeks, I spent countless hours changing and re-changing people after announcing what I could do. It was a lot of fun at first as I helped those who had grown out of their fetishes and into new ones, but it soon became more of a chore. When several wanted changes every other day or sooner, I had to put a stop to it by making a rule that people could only have a change per year and that change coinciding with their date that they were inducted into Wonderland. I was a little surprised to find out that it only took two weeks to change everyone in Wonderland who wanted it. I was also a little curious as to why I still had so much energy with each change taking almost nothing to perform.


   “Oh, hello Alice, Pure, Maid, Mystra.” Phyllis said as we entered her room. It had been quite a while since I had talked with her for more than just a few minutes.

   “Good to see you again.” I said to her as I climbed onto her surface and kissed her chocolate brown lips.

   “What brings you all down here?” she asked me with a curious look.

   “I suggested that she come see you. She is like a ball of nerves.” Mystra said with a frown.

   She was right. Lately, I just couldn't seem to relax. The energy that I had conveniently forgotten about, left me no choice but to run from one thing to the next without a break. Even in bed, I couldn't stop and enjoy my family properly.

   “That means that you would like to talk, professionally?” Phyllis asked before I sighed deeply.

   “I don't know if we can do that anymore. I think we are beyond being professional together.” I said before she held her arms out to me and pulled me into her headboard embrace.

   “I still have the tools that work regardless of what you think. Maybe I can help, maybe I cant.” she said as I nodded and squeezed her.

   I think I surprised her when I let my lower half melt between her sheets while still holding her upper half. Just like Phyllis, I allowed many appendages, genitalia and body parts form on the thickening sheet of my body between hers. Her eyes widened in awe as her body responded and mingled with them.

   “Alice... you have... grown.” Phyllis said in a near whisper before I backed away and looked into her eyes. I could already feel the connection forming even before the pleasure built.

   “You are calling me.” Phyllis said to me mentally as we stared at each other. “This is beyond what I can do, but I knew that this day might come.” she thought to me as I started to see more of her than I could before.

   Images and memories of her past including her family, her school and her practice floated through me before I found her desires for kink and rubber destroy her marriage. The pain that she felt was kept walled off and all to herself. This was something that I couldn't do with anyone else as catching topical thoughts and simple emotions was as far as I could go. It was all flowing into me faster than I could make sense of it.

   “Alice... please...” Phyllis said to me verbally before I opened my eyes to see her face a mask of pain. “I... I don't want to relive that. I know it hurts me and that's why I keep it put away.” she said as I tried to keep myself from looking at everything inside of her. She was so interesting and I had so much energy that I felt like I was in every part of her.

   “This... power...” Phyllis whispered. “It's like you are a part of me right now. I can't tell where you end and I begin.” she said with her thoughts before I concentrated and took us to the place that she showed me long ago. It was the peaceful place that seemed to be nowhere and everyone at once. I still remembered the feeling of it. It allowed us to be ourselves in our minds, but still joined in a way.

   “Alice.... what are you doing?” Phyllis asked as she looked around with a terrified expression. Her eyes widened as she looked at me. “Is that... you? Are you still Alice?” she asked as she came a little closer to me.

   Unlike last time where I could see, but had no body, I looked down to see my arm and hand glowing as if I was made of nothing. I had substance... sort of.

   “I thought that I couldn't see myself.” I said as I looked more carefully to see that I was really there.

   “You can't” Phyllis said as she came even closer looking more like the humanoid that I remembered her being, yet rubberized and sexy. “Something is filling you, giving you a shape that shouldn't be possible.”

   “What do you mean? Is this the energy that I can't get rid of?” I asked her before she frowned at me.

   “I... I don't know. You will have to tell me because I can't look inside of you anymore. You have gotten too... big.” Phyllis said with her frown becoming almost an expression of sadness or guilt.

   I explained to her what happened with my union to Mystra, then back further to everything that I felt was related since the day she freed me. She stopped me when I told her about Pure's strange voice within a moment of time that neither she nor Maid remembered.

   “That sounds like a form of psychosis. Are you sure you heard it?” Phyllis asked me as she came a little closer.

   “I didn't want to believe it. I thought that I was just hearing things because I was so tired. But the same voice gave me this.” I said as I held out my arms and showed her. “She said it was a gift and nothing else. No one witnessed the energy transfer or her voice.” I said causing Phyllis to frown and look thoughtful. I was a little impatient and started to look into her mind before she stopped me.

   “Alice....” Phyllis said with a tremble before I pulled out of her. “Please.... please respect my privacy. I don't like it when you get inside me without asking.” she said before I pulled away from her even further.

   “I'm sorry, I've just been so... impatient lately.” I said with a sigh.

   “It's the energy.” Phyllis said softly. “Whatever it is, it's a part of you now. I don't know how I can explain it to you better or how I know, but repeated use of it fused it with you. I can't help you with this part.” she said with a hint of dejection in her voice. I took a moment to think on it and nodded.

   “That makes sense.” I said with a smile. “That's actually very helpful.” I said as I looked to Phyllis who still looked confused or unhappy in a way.

   “Phyllis, are you alright?” I asked her before she backed away from me.

   “I... you pulled some things back into my consciousness that I had long forgotten about, painful things.” she said softly and looked to me with a hurt in her eyes. “I know you didn't mean to, but it still hurts.”

   “Just like Pure and Mystra and I. We all have our painful pasts, but our love for each other helped conquer it. I wouldn't mind staying and helping you if you would want me to. I still need to thank you for freeing me.” I said as I saw actual tears form in her eyes.

   “I need to tell you something that you probably don't see, but I want to talk about me after that.” she said as her pain was still evident. “Your mind has grown far beyond it's physical limitations and now occupies a portion of imaginary space, at least that it how I see it. It's how you are able to deal with all that you are. There is not one person in here strong enough to handle or do what you can.” she said before I gave her a strange look.

   “How do you know this?” I asked as she stepped closer to me. She said nothing before entering my embrace and crying.

The Colony 6: Part 3

   Chapter 10

   I never knew that people could be so complicated until Phyllis gave me permission to look into her with no limits. I searched every memory of her childhood and stopped at one where here parents had a meeting about her unusually high IQ. They were not very well off and Phyllis was struggling in school. I felt h


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