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The Mitts by Techie & Techster
« on: February 19, 2016, 10:49:17 am »
F/m bondage naked, Chastity, bondage mitts, gag, collar w/ leash, butt plug tail, ankle cuffs, slave, spread eagled, displayed, teased, electro sex, cum, TRUE

Well, I stepped into it.                              I should have known something was up when Techie advised me that she and some of her girl friends were having an afternoon get together to watch some episodes of a sci fi series.                                    After 40 plus years of marriage and many unique “adult experiences” I was not surprised when I was “ambushed”.                            That morning I had planned to “get out of Dodge” and hide out in a neighbor’s “man Cave” and watch NASCAR racing.
I had just stepped out of the shower when Techie came up to me and asked me if I would see if a new “toy” she had just received would fit me. I agreed and she pulled a pair of bondage/suspension mitts out of a box.                     I held out my hands and she slid the mitts on my hands and buckled them securely. “See if you can get out of them!” she said with a bit of a laugh in her voice.
For about 15 minutes I walked around, pulled and tugged but the mitts were on to stay. The buckles were lower outside of the mitts and then I noticed that each buckle had a small lock on it.                                    “Hey, Hon, That was a good job I cannot get out of these mits!”
She laughed and said, “Great! That was the idea; now please turn around. There are more parts to this costume.”                              With that she shoved a ball gag in my mouth and buckled it behind my neck and followed that up with a wide stainless steel slave collar with a chromed leash locked to it.
“I guess you are wondering why I did this to you.” She advised me. “As I told you six girl friends and I are getting together to watch some back episodes of one of our favorite chic flick series.  You are going to be the slave whose job it is to bring out the drinks and snacks out to us on the old tea cart and pass them out. I will have everything on individual plates and glasses so you can do it your mitts on.”
 I wondered what would be next; then she ordered, “Now be a good boy and bend over the bed so I can insert that butt tail. You will like this tail, it is a long striped Fox tail that should reach down past your knees. The tail, the collar, the mitts, the ankle cuffs and OH yes the locked on ball stretcher with a bell will be your outfit. If you need convincing I can use a shock collar around your balls!”
I shook my head “NO!”.
“Are you willing to be a good slave?”                         
I nodded my head, “yes” and bent over the bed as she slid the butt plug tail into my butt and then turned around. It was obviously well lubed so it slid right in. I could feel the soft fur down the back of my legs.
Next Techie pulled down on my balls and locked a heavy ball stretcher around me. It was heavy and pulled down hard on my balls. When she locked the stretcher she also locked a small cow bell to the ball stretcher as well.
The bell rang with every step I took.
Then she locked heavy steel cuffs around my ankles the cuffs were connected by a short steel chain that allowed me to take small steps.                     She picked up the leash and led me out in the back yard where she clipped my leash with a simple carabiner to one of the handrails that people use when going up the steps to the back porch.                              Even though there was no lock on the carabiner the mitts prevented me from releasing. To make things even more “dicey” was the fact that all of our friends who visit up come in the back door and there I was on display.
Since I had no choice I decided to enjoy my captive time and work on my tan so I turned my back to the sun and enjoyed the warmth, however my enjoyment of the moment was interrupted by Gracie our across the street neighbor who opened the fence gate and greeted me with a matter of fact tone in her voice.                         She was pulling a small cart with several pieces of long pieces in a canvas bag on it. She remarked, “Techie asked me to bring this. Ordinarily I’d ask you to help me but I can see you are “tied up”.                              “By the way Techster that is a nice outfit. Love the tail! Are you dressed up for our get together?”
I nodded my head, “yes”.
With that she gave a light swat on my butt. When she did I jumped and the bell that was locked to my balls rang.                           “Hey, neat! Love the bell and the chastity device coupled with the tail you have one neat outfit.” She said as she gave me two quick swats and laughed as the bell rang again.
This scene was repeated six more times as Techie’s guests arrived.
When everyone had arrived Techie released me and led me into our living room where she announced, “Greetings everyone, today we’re going to watch back episodes of “Sex in the city”.                                     Techie led me around in a circle so everyone could see my outfit, “Techster as agreed to be our resident slave/ servant. I hope you like his outfit. He will take your orders from list in front of you. Since he has limited use of his hands there can be no substitutions. Please note that if he gets the order wrong there will be a riding crop on the serving cart.          Each error will cost him one swat with the crop, while a spill will cost him two swats. You will have the choice you can have him stand, bend over your knee or kneel to receive his punishment.”                              I turned to face the ladies as Techie announced,” Ladies your orders please.”          Since there were only 8 people I had no problems keeping the orders straight.
When the orders were complete I went into the kitchen to discover Techie had drinks and snacks set out on the cart with labels indicating what they were.               I carefully pushed the cart out into the living room and served the ladies their drinks and snacks. There were no problems so I started to push the cart back into the kitchen when Techie ordered, “Techster, we want to see you watching the series please step over here. Gracie, will you give me a hand after all this is your bondage frame.”
I walked over to the frame which was a rectangle of aluminum box tubing with hinges on the corners and bolted on crossbraces. Gracie saw me looking at the frame and asked, ”How about it Techster? Do you like my artwork?”
I nodded, “YES!” 
Techie motioned for me to turn around and step back. The chain between my ankles was released and my ankles were spread apart. The “D” rings on my ankle cuffs were clipped to steel cables that came out from the bottom of the main upright tube of the bondage frame.   Next the clips which on steel cables were attached to each mitt.         I heard a small winch clicking as my ankles and wrists were pulled outward simultaneously to each corner of the frame.  Soon I was standing spread eagled.         Techie ran her hands along my sides and tapped the bell that was attached to my balls. As you can see, “Techster is arranged for our entertainment; of course since this is an open frame both his front and back are exposed. One of the nice about this bondage frame it is on a pivot so we can rotate him and watch his reaction during some of he sexier parts of the show.                                  You can watch his chastity device.  You can see it raise if he starts to get hard. “ She pulled on one side of the frame and spun it then stopped the rotation by grabbing the bell and tugging on my balls
She paused and pointed to a small table alongside me. “On the table are some supplies bushes, viberator. So we can have fun with him later.” 
What could a say, there I was helpless, spread eagled, gagged in a rigid bondage frame. I decided to sit back and watch the fun.                        It turned out that two of Techie’s guests were really hot looking lesbians who worked with Stephanie our neighborhood Dom.                      During a sexy part of the show when two of the actors were talking about watching lesbians.  Stephanie asked Techie to pause the episode and asked. “Would Gina and Viga strip and show the others how lesbians make love.”                     They stripped and began handling each other very tenderly with a lot of breast licking. The tall one, Named Viga, gave the short one named Gina a tongue bath where she concentrated on her legs, neck and then her pussy.                  It must have been obvious that I was aroused because Techie pointed to me and asked, “Techster are you enjoying this?”                        With that Techie took a brush from the toy table, moistened it with lotion and started stroking the tip of my cock through he slot in the end of the CB6000.
I tried to wiggle and struggle. Techie realized that I was obviously aroused and moved to teasing my breasts.                                  
She advised everyone, “Did you know that a man’s nipples are five time more sensitive than a woman’s?” As she spoke she took a pair of vibrating nipple clamps and clipped one on each of my nipples.                              The stimulation and pain were overwhelming. I wiggled tried to scream through the gag but it was no use.
Then the ladies stopped watching the show and started watching me.
Techie then asked them, “I don’t have to be the only one doing the teasing. Grab a toy and lets see how strong Techster is.”                          Suddenly I was being teased my seven sets of hands. The long finger nails ran down my sides and a tongue stroked the backs of my legs.
Finally Techie took pity on me and ordered “Stop!! Let’s give Techster a break and some relief.” As she unlocked and removed the tube that imprisoned my cock in my chastity device, a CB6000.                               “Now we will put Techster to the real test.” she said as she put two rings of an electro stimulator on my semi hard cock slid a shot glass over he tip of my cock and said, ”Now let’s see how stimulated Techster really is!”                     The pulsing current teased my cock and soon I blasted a very large quantity of cum into the glass.                                 Techie turned the glass upright the cum filled the bottom of it. “Wow ! That was a big one. Good job Techster.”
She paused and locked my cock back in the CB6000. “We’ve enjoyed your show. Now its time for you to get back to work I see empty glasses.” 
I was released from the bondage frame and like nothing had happened I resumed dispensing drinks and snacks.
The lesbian team did not bother putting their clothing back on and lounged seductively in each other’s arms as they watched the show.
I enjoyed the “scenery”.
Being put on display and teased like that really does great things for a 70-year old ego.    Even though I was still locked in my CB6000 cuffed, gagged, collared and leashed I felt great ( and a bit teenage horny) as I dispensed the drinks and snacks and each lady showed their appreciation with a caress or kiss.
They were enjoying teasing and handling me in my helplessness and vulnerability as much as I enjoyed their attention. It really does great things for a “senior ego”.
When the viewing was over I watch Gracie fold the bondage frame up and put it in the storage bag.
Techie helped her out of our home.
Now all of the guests gone, Techie removed the gag and gave me a full kiss. “I like being able to tease and handle you when you can’t do a thing about it. You will be my toy tonight.”
With that she used a small clip to clip the suspension tabs of the lock on my CB6000, ran her nails down my sides, tweaked my nipples and said, “You must be hungry and thirsty, let me feed you.”
She did her best to keep me stimulated as she fed me then led me up to bed. “Tonight you will sleep in your slave out fit and in the morning I expect some first-rate Sex!!”
Of course it helps to have a wife who enjoys participating in our fetishes and fantasies. 


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