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Story / fantasy idea
« on: June 22, 2021, 09:06:41 pm »
I have a fantasy which i would love to one day act but if that doesn't happen to read a story similar would be amazing. So if anyone feels like writing one based on this feel free or has read similar story then please let me know thanks.

It would start with me being mummified with either a sleepsack or vet wrap from head to toe, i would be gagged with a ring and my cock will be outside the bag in a cage which would allow a semi but nothing more (i have found this to be more frustrating than the real small cages).

Next over my head would be a pair of tight shiny hotpants from mistresses which will be wet from her juices so I can't see and with every breath i smell her.

When she is ready she would tease me with out mercy, riding crops, nails, tickling, pegs on my balls. After a while she would put latex rings round the base of my cock and a ball stretcher on and start to play with my cock at the point I'm ready to cum she would leave me hanging. Then she would rub a numbing agent all over it. Once that takes effect she would sit on my cock and use me as a sex toy until she comes, all the time I'm enjoying it but can't reach an orgasm.

Next she gets of me and wipes her pussy with her french knickers which are placed in my mouth. She whispers in my ear that if i spit them out then I'm definitely not going to be allowed to cum.

She comes back after who knows when and this time straddles my face with  her pussy. She gives my cock the same mix of pleasure and pain while i pleasure her all the time my orgasm is building but she comes before me and stops my pleasure. The cage is locked on again and the knickers are replaced.

The 3rd time she comes back she straddles my chest and fingers herself inches from my face occasionally reaching behind to spank my cock and squeeze and pull my balls. When she comes she squeezes my cock so hard until her orgasm subsides. And her fingers and pusy and licked clean by yours truly.

The 4th time i have a 2" cock gag placed in my mouth which has a 7" didlo on the other side. The only slight difference with this gag is it has holes which allows her juices to flow in to my mouth as she gets more excited. She sits facing my cock and again gives me amazing pleasure followed by pain repeatedly until she climaxes but once again not letting me cum. Once i calm down I'm locked back in to my cage and a new pair of knickers are replaced in my mouth which she has obviously been exercising in.

What do you all think?

Ladies I'd love to know what you think of this? And how and if you would let me cum?

Any suggestions welcomed


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