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Tie Up Games - Cowboys and Indians by Emma Bond
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Tie Up Games - Cowboys and Indians
F/ff, Costumes, Role, Bond, Rope, Tickling, Scarves, Gag, Orgasm, Cons, X
(Content warning - young girls playing tie up games)

A couple of years ago I caught my daughter and her friend playing Nancy Drew tie up games on a weekend sleep over. I could hardly yell and tell them off as they were getting to the "curious teen" stage where they question everything and automatically think they know better than everyone else.
I was also guilty of playing exactly the same sort of games when I was their age. So, I made out it was okay and joined in by tying my daughter Emily as she had done to her best friend Jane. I left them to struggle a bit while I went to finish dinner. Emily and Jane eventually worked together to untie themselves, and then we had dinner.
Over dinner that night I explained to them that it would probably NOT be a good idea to tell their school friends or Jane's parents about their tie up games, in case they wouldn't understand. Jane asked me if she should lie.  That brought a smile to my lips. Did I say they were precocious? Now I didn't want to get into the morals of their game, but I didn't want her to lie to her parents. If parents and their children can’t trust each other, then their relationships are screwed, in my opinion.
I told her not to lie and just say they had played kidnapped princesses like in Charlie's Angles. Only tell them, if they asked. Other than that, Emily and Jane just did normal kid stuff like ride their bikes, watch morning cartoons and run around the house under my feet.
My husband John and I put them to bed and then we turned in ourselves. We got to talking as we cuddled up under the duvet. I wished I had another baby boy or girl for Emily to play with. John looked at me puzzled. He knew that having Emily almost killed me. I had blood pressure problems from the start, which I had never had before. Emily came a month early and I was bleeding so heavily I thought I was miscarrying. I bled like a stuck pig.
I was haemorrhaging and had to have an emergency Caesarean section. John stayed awake for two days until I stabilised enough to finally wake up. The doctors couldn't easily fix the tear in my body and I was in the theatre for thirteen hours and had at least twenty pints of blood transfused into me. As quickly as they put blood into me, it drained out of me just as fast.
When I saw Emily I cried. I had almost never woken up to see her, let alone be able to hold her. While I was recovering I saw the Obstetrician and the Gynaecologist. They couldn't understand why I was haemorrhaging, but both advised it would be better not to have more children as it could kill me. That kicked me right in the teeth and I cried for hours after that piece of news.
"If there was a choice between you or a baby, I choose you. We have Emily and I am thankful you are both still here in my life." That was the end of the conversation from John's point of view.

We never really discuss the pregnancy. He has always silent about that. When we have sex which I am thankful we do often, he doesn't treat me like a broken doll, but John always uses Condoms.
Talking with his mother after I came home with Emily, she said John blamed himself I was ill. I said that was stupid as no one knew I had medical problems. Condoms were his way of protecting me from what he thought was a death sentence.

John and I mentioned having a hysterectomy but he told me I had been in hospital so long, that I was not to think about going back for any unnecessary procedures. Emily was healthy and started putting on weight and growing, and our lives settled down again.
I still wished she had a sibling like John and I had. John had his brother and I had my sisters and brother. Emily would only have her friends. Families stood up for each other whereas friends came and went, when you were younger. The good thing was that Emily was very friendly with her cousins.
Mary my elder sister had asked me to baby sit her kids for a few days over the summer as Dan her husband had a works convention and partners were encouraged to go along. They were in a nice spa hotel in the middle of nowhere and they asked me if we would mind looking after the kids so they could have a long weekend away together. I knew what that meant, as Mary had wanted another child but the kids kept getting under their feet, so to speak.   
Thomas or Tommy as everyone called him, was ten and a mousy haired mischief who ran around the place causing havoc. He was the explorer and the game devisor and he had a great imagination, but he was so hyperactive he became bored easily.
Joanna was a mini Mary. She was eleven with the same shade of golden blonde hair and the sparkling blue eyes as Mary. When she smiled you could see the cute little dimples in her cheeks. When Tommy was being mean he called her pit face, but Joanna just turned her nose up at him and blew a raspberry after him. He gave up easily as he could never rile Joanna to make her angry enough to fight.
She was the serious one of the two, but she followed Tommy around everywhere. She was the smart, quiet kid who assessed things before she made just the hint of a suggestion that would put Tommy onto the right track for greater mischief. The two together were a right handful.
Emily had asked if Jane could stay over too and as she had been good and a little treasure the previous week I agreed. I did point out to her that as Jane and she were slightly older at thirteen, in their terrible teens, they would be helping me watch Tommy and Joanna. Emily groaned in protest. 
Well Friday evening came and Mary dropped the kids off. John had come home to a house full of screaming kids.
Emily, Jane and Joanna sat with me in the kitchen helping me make a chocolate sponge cake for desert. I set up a little production line of measuring and sifting flour and cocoa powder, beating eggs and sugar together and making the butter icing. The cake was cooking in the oven in next to no time, and the girls were licking the spoons and bowls out before helping me wash them up.
I had marinated some chicken pieces during the day, so all we needed to do was chop some salad up and boil some potatoes. John said he and Tommy would do the Barbequing. The coals were already alight and John had dug his old baseball glove out and he and Tommy were tossing a Baseball around while the coals got white hot.
John always treated kids as mini adults. He never made soppy cooing noises to them, but he always showed an interest in what they were doing. He was also doing me a big favour running Tommy ragged around the garden.
Tommy looked on in awe as John had showed him how to build a little fire of scrunched up paper and dry twigs in the bottom of the kettle drum BBQ. He gave Tommy the matches and asked him to start the fire. Then he showed him how to add more tinder but to also keep a small air flow. Then they slowly added larger kindling and then the charcoal pieces bit by bit until the barbeque was well alight. He told Tommy that food cooked over wood always tasted better than if you added fire lighter and chemicals to start the flames.
Tommy's father Dan had never let him do that. John explained to Tommy how careful he needed to be so as not to get burnt or set things on fire that weren't to be burnt. I had a secret dread that Tommy would get the matches and be setting fires all around the neighbourhood now.

John walked into the kitchen and told the girls how much he enjoyed chocolate cake and couldn't wait to try it. Then he took a beer from the fridge and the chicken outside to come to room temperature before he would cook it. Watching him and Tommy cook the kitchen was amusing.

I secretly watched as he gave Tommy a sip of the beer saying he earned it for lighting the fire so well. Tommy was so pleased with himself at being offered some beer. He even tried to hide the grimace from his face as the alcohol touched his lips. It was so cute to watch.

Tommy said he didn't want to drink all of John’s beer and handed it straight back. John took it back hiding his laughter well, saying there was plenty of time for him to drink when he turned eighteen.
We ate dinner and the kids had second helpings of the cake and plonked themselves down on the couch watching some TV while John and I cleaned up the dinner things. With a house full of kids I stacked the dish washer for the first time in ages. It allowed us to go join the kids who were watching an episode of Glee. It's not John’s cup of tea, but Emily and I love it. The songs were Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album so even John did a passable sing-along.

As it got dark John asked Tommy if he would light a little fire in the grate of the fireplace. When the fire was suitably aflame John put a few logs on the fire and dimmed the lights. Then he lit a couple of candles on the mantle. The dark of the room lit with the flickering flames of the fire and the glare for the T.V was quite atmospheric. I was content with a cuddle from John, but Tommy started to say we should tell horror stories or watch horror films. The girls piped up in agreement because I know my sister Mary doesn't like them to watch that sort of thing.

John flipped through the channels to find something suitable. On the horror channel was a film called the City of the Dead with Christopher Lee. We had ten minutes or so to wait for it to start so he got up and started making a big batch of popcorn. He shared it out into cereal bowls for the kids and we picked ours from the saucepan he popped them in.
"Now your mother doesn't like you watching late night horror films so it will be our secret, okay kids." He said.
They all nodded muttering agreements as he settled down as the film began. The film was about a New England town of witches who cursed the place as they were tied and burned at the stake. John saw the kids get scared and made a joke about getting some marshmallows out and singing Kumbaya around the campfire as the witch burned. Emily groaned and threw some popcorn at him as he laughed at her.
They were all quiet as the film progressed. One girl was taken by the coven of witches and sacrificed whilst tied spread-eagled to the covens alter. Then someone trailed the missing girl and uncovered the coven. The hero saved the day by showing a cross over the witches as the town clock struck thirteen. As the witches all bust into flames or turned to dust John clapped his hand and laughed in a big scary voice and everyone jumped out of their skin. The last dregs of popcorn were thrown at him.

"Okay you lot. Bed. And don't forget to brush your teeth before you go." He ordered as he kissed Emily goodnight.

"Well that went well." I laughed as the kids traipsed up to bed. "You let them drink cola. You gave Tommy a beer and they will all be scared of the dark from that horror film!"

"Absolutely. That's why I am the favourite uncle. And we get to hand them all back after too. Bonus hey?" He turned the T.V off and I snuggled into him on the sofa again, picking a piece of popcorn out of his jumper and munching on it as we watched the fire burn down in silence.

Early Saturday John got up to play Golf with his friends at the club, leaving me alone with a house full of kids. Yawning I walked down the stairs to get some coffee.

Tommy was already up watching cartoons. He was dressed in jeans and a Snoopy T-shirt. Joanna was reading the funnies from the paper in her PJs and dressing gown. She must have got the paper in from the mailbox. I sat down next to her at the breakfast bar. "Good morning, you two. So what's happening with Garfield today?" I asked her looking over her shoulder. She shoved the paper over and I chuckled.

Cereal or bacon sandwiches for breakfast I asked. "Can I have cereal please Auntie?" Tommy called out. "You have Fruitloops or Applejacks or Cocoa pops. Mummy doesn't let us eat them. We only get oatmeal."

"Sorry Honey I don't have them at the moment. I only have oatmeal. But we can jazz it up a little. How about we put some honey and some banana and some berries in it?"

Tommy tutted but he wolfed it down when I place it down in front of him, so he must have enjoyed it. He was putting the bowl in the sink when my sleepyhead daughter came yawning down the stairs with Jane in tow still in their nightgowns.

"After breakfast you are all doing your homework and then you can do what you want. No arguments got it."   

I cleaned up the breakfast dishes while the kids, now showered and dressed, scribbled in their books. After an hour or two they all finished up.

"Okay Emily what have you been doing. Hand it over." This was our homework ritual. Before it got handed in, John or I always read what she wrote. It was more hands on than most parents, but it gave me something to connect to her and to chat to her about if I thought she hadn't answered the question properly or if it needed to be rewritten.   

I skimmed over it. It was history, about Pocahontas and the first Thanksgiving. It ended with her death trying to return home from the Court of King James with her English husband. "Okay that’s good. You can all go and play." 

That was when Tommy asked who Pocahontas was. Emily told him and Tommy's face frowned in disappointment. "There's no Cavalry or cowboys shooting at Indians. Boring."

Emily explained to Tommy all that came much later in the mid-19th century when the settlers displaced and put the Indians into reservations after being tricked by politicians for their hunting grounds.

"I wanna play Cowboys and Indians. Will you all play with me? I have my cap guns and I'll share them with you."

"I am sure the girls will play with you Tommy. I am sure we can make the game fun too. Emily, Jane and I will be the Indians and Tommy and Joanna , you can be the Cowboys."

The look Emily gave me. Well if looks could kill I would be six feet under. "It will be fun. Besides I will swap sides. You two may enjoy it." I said directly to her and Jane.

I ran upstairs and changed from jeans and a T shirt into an old Halloween costume John and I had picked out when we had a party a few years ago. I had a little buckskin skirt and bikini top and a feather head dress. John called me his slutty Indian squaw and practically ravished me last time I wore it.

I plucked a few feathers from the tail of the head dress. Going to my sewing box I pulled out some ribbon and cut two lengths. I went into John's study and used his stapler to create two circlets and then stapled a feather to each. I handed them to Jane and Emily and they tied them about their foreheads. They weren't exactly dressed as Indians in vest tops and cut of jean shorts but I knew Tommy would be happy if they made an effort for him. Joanna was in a red t shirt and white knee length jeans.

We acted out a few games. Tommy was the sailor who came from England starving as they couldn't grow food. The three of us Indian girls helped the Englishman and his wife; that was why we remember this as the first thanksgiving. I used tall garden canes and Emily and Jane made a wigwam out of an old blanket I let them use. Tommy and Joanna built a little fort out of the loungers and the pillows of the chairs on the patio.

I was also giving the kids a bit of a history lecture. We moved on to wagon trains expanding west, which were attacked by Indians for crossing the hunting grounds and killing the buffalo. Tommy was running around with his cap gun shooting anything and everything. Then I asked Tommy to act as a gold prospector and find gold. I left them running about the garden to change back into my jeans and my T shirt again and came down to finish the story. There was a big fight and the Indians were put on reservations. Then Chiefs Sitting Bull who united the Sioux tribes with Geronimo fought General Custer at the Little Big Horn as the Indians broke out of the reservations to fight for their sacred holy ground where the prospectors had found the gold. After killing Custer, the majority of the Indians were captured and brought back to the reservations. Sitting Bull crossed into Canada for a while until diplomatic pressure from Washington to the British and Canadians forced him back to the USA.

"We have captured Big Chief Emily and Running Bear Jane. What should we do with them?"

"We could shoot them Auntie. Bang! Bang!"

"Tommy you can’t shoot them because they surrendered. They are our prisoners. What shall we do with the prisoners Joanna? They may get away if you don't make a decision."

"We shouldn't let them get away. We could tie the Indians up Auntie."

"Exactly. There is some old clothes line in the shed, Tommy. Will you cover the prisoners so they don't run away? You Indians stay right here or you’ll get it see. Stick your hands up too."

I could see Emily and Jane look at each other and a little smiles came to their faces. I walked to the end of the garden and pulled out the rope. Then I noticed some short wooden stakes at the back of the shed so I pulled them out too. I marched back to the where the girls were standing by the gazebo.

"Okay Tommy and Joanna. Shall I tie them up? Will you keep them covered with your cap guns in case they run away?"

"Yes Auntie."

I asked the girls to stand back to back sandwiching one of pillars of the Pergola. I wrapped the rope around their bodies, lashing them to the post and then tied their hands to each other’s.

I knew it would keep them occupied while I finished off my little plan for the girls. I could see them struggle, trying to free themselves. That's when I paced out on the grass and dropped a stake every couple of strides.

"Tommy and Joanna. Do you really think we should let the Indians go? They have shot and killed the white man. They keep leaving the reservations too. Do you think we should punish them like they would do to you? They may scalp you."  I was totally changing the story now so that Emily and Jane could have a little fun too.

"What do you mean Auntie? What's scalping?" Joanna asked.

"Well in the olden days Honey, the Indians would bury you naked in a red ants nest and you would slowly and very painfully be bitten to death. Imagine all those creepy crawlies running over your skin." I reached out and tickled Joanna and she screeched. "What about you Tommy?" I grabbed him and tickled him. He wriggled out of my grasp laughing. "Scalping, is cutting off your hair."

“Auntie Anne, we shouldn’t let the bad people go.” They both agreed after having a whispered talk about it.

"I say we stake them out in the garden and leave them for a bit while you two help me to make some lunch."

I went back to the shed and taking a hammer started knocking six of the stakes into the ground. When I was done I walked over to the girls.

"You two okay, girls?" I whispered. "Not to tight?"

"We are okay thank you Mrs Dickenson. What on earth are you doing over there?" Jane whispered back.

I brushed away the wisps of auburn hair that covered her face. "You will see my little damsels in distress. Are you enjoying your games now?”

“Weeeellll . . .” My cheeky daughter said in mocking voice. “It’s better now Mum.” She smiled at me.

“Well I have a little surprise for you two. Are you ready to play along one more time?" Emily and Jane happily nodded their agreement.

"Okay. We promise not to be too rough." I whispered to them and kissed my finger and pressed it on Emily's nose.

"Okay Injuns we are going to give you a taste of your own medicine. We are staking you out in the sun." I started to untie the rope around them." Now get your hands up Injuns and walk over there. Tommy, keep them covered." I called to him.

I finished untying Emily and Jane. I stuck a finger in each of their backs as if it were a pistol. "Come on! Keep walking. Now lay down on your backs between the stakes." I walked into the kitchen and taking some scissors started cutting the rope into about six foot lengths.

I dropped the rope on the floor near the girls and then I tied the rope snugly around each of their wrists. Then I pulled the rope and started to tie it to the stakes which were about a foot away from their hands. Then I tied the rope around each of their ankles and pulled their legs out spread-eagled and lashed then to the bottom stakes. They were pretty much stuck with their arms and legs taut.

“I think that will keep the pesky Injuns out of trouble. Tommy, Joanna, lets tickle them.”

“No Mum. Don’t you dare tickle HA HA HA HA” My fingers dug into her ribs cutting her off in mid-sentence.

“Sorry Honey, what was that? I can understand a word you are saying.”

Emily and Jane were thrashing around. They were pulling and kicking out as best they could but they really could only lift their heads and their bodies a couple of inches of the ground.

Tommy and Joanna were tickling Jane who was begging for mercy.

“Okay, let’s rub some sun cream on them and put their sun glasses on.”
I went to the Kitchen and took the sun cream from a cupboard and started to rub it on the staked out girls. I couldn’t help myself and had to tickle them again.

“Not quite like your little games is it girls. Having fun?”

“Until you all started tickling us Mrs Dickinson.” Panted the breathless Jane.

“So do you want me to gag you too?” I whispered to them, so Tommy and Joanna couldn’t hear.

“Please Mum. It will be exciting to try to escape.” Jane also nodded her consent.

“Okay Honey. I’ll get you a couple of scarves.”

Going back up the stairs I found two silk scarves. I knotted them in the centre and took them down to the girls.

“Open wide, you pesky Injuns.” I pushed the knots into the girl’s mouths and tightened and knotted the scarves around their necks. Emily’s eyes widened a little at the knotted scarf. I guess they hadn’t tried a cleave gag like that in their games before.

“You two have fun trying to get out. I’ll check on you in a while.”

Tommy and Joanne were looking at me strangely.

“It’s to stop them calling for help and so we can’t hear them scream when the red ants eat them all up. Okay?” I told them. They both nodded in understanding. “So what do you little monsters want for lunch?”

Tommy immediately jumped in. “Can we have potato chips?”

“Sure Honey. You have been running around all morning. Just don’t tell your mother, or I will be in trouble.”

“Don’t worry Auntie Anne. We will say you made us eat our vegetables and we had to eat salad. I like peas.”

Joanne cracked me up with laughter. I took her hand and lead them both into the kitchen to make some lunch. I was checking on Jane and Emily through the window as they helped me make Baloney salad sandwiches.
Tommy asked for some mustard so I squirted a little on the top of his Baloney.

“So do you think we should let them go or torture them by eating our lunch in front of them?” I asked them both.

Joanna piped up. “That is so mean Auntie. Let’s eat lunch outside.”

I had to laugh. Children are such sadists to each other. Mind you so are adults. So we sat outside eating lunch as Emily and Jane watched and struggled. Joanne and Tommy both said “Mmm. This sandwich is so tasty.” As they smacked their lips in enjoyment.

We sat and ate while Emily and Jane struggled in vain. They couldn’t reach the knots at the stakes to untie them. The ropes around their wrists were snug so they couldn’t wriggle the wrists out. Jane and Emily could not help each other to untie themselves either. Jane was trying to pull on the stake to dislodge it but it was hammered too deep in the ground and she didn’t have the leverage to pull the stake up out of the ground.  It was the only way they could really escape unless we untied them.

They had been tied like it for three quarters of an hour and looked hot and sweaty. The afternoon sun was hot and I was stunned at myself for being wicked to them. I just couldn’t help myself.

“Tommy, my daughter and her friend look a little hot. Before we let them up for lunch perhaps we should cool them off a little. Joanne, do you and your brother want to hose my sweaty daughter down?”

“Can we? Yes please.” They both jumped up with evil grins on their face. They both tugged the hose off the real on the wall and turned the tap on. They didn’t seem to fight over the hose. They both held it together as Joanne twisted the hose nozzle and the water flowed out.

Emily and Jane looked horrified as they walked the hose closer. Angry mmphs from their gagged mouths directed to me were ignored. Pleading was useless as the water from the hose hit them full on.

“You do not squirt them in the faces, you two. Okay?” I told them.

Joanne and Tommy nodded and directed the hose over their bodies. I didn’t want my daughter to drown, but seeing them squirm as the cold water hit their bodies was comical. I laughed feeling such a bitch. I let the kids squirt the hose for a few more minutes before calling a halt. I asked Tommy and Joanne to go to the bathroom and get some towels while I knelt down on the wet grass and untied the girl’s ankles. Squelching up to their heads, I untied the gags.

“I can’t believe you let the little monsters do that to us.” Emily gasped shivering. “You let them torture us. You are so mean.” She shrieked at me.
“Shush Honey. Be mad at me. I suggested it to them. Now before you get on your high horse, did you both enjoy being the tied up damsels?”

Tommy came back with a couple of towels followed by Joanne dragging two more. I finished untying Jane and helped them both stand up.

I took a towel from Tommy and wrapped it around my daughter rubbing her up and down to dry her off. Then I did the same to Jane.

I hugged Emily and she tried to shake me off.

“Emily, Jane. Thank you for playing with Tommy and Joanne this morning. They had a really good time and want to thank you. Don’t you?”

Tommy and Joanne smiling so sweet and innocently, both said thank you.

“Now kick off your shoes and go dry off and change. Your lunch is on the breakfast bar.”

I shooed Tommy and Joanne out into the garden to play by themselves, while I
sat down with Emily and Jane as they ate their sandwiches.

“So you never answered me. Did you enjoy yourself this morning? Come on girls, do you still hate me?” They reluctantly shook their heads.

Jane and Emily sat with towels around their head after jumping in the shower to warm up, before they came down.

“I know you are getting big and are nearly adults, but thank you for playing with your cousins. I know you didn’t want to. I know you wanted to play with your own friends or go to the Mall. Did you enjoy any of this morning?” I asked innocently.

“I did Mrs Dickenson.” Jane muttered quietly. “I liked it when you tied us up.” She blushed. “We haven’t played like that for ages. Even though they soaked us both. The water was so cold.”

“Jane, are you going to call me Mrs Dickenson for ever? I have asked you before  to call me Anne, you know.”

“Mother said I should call you it. It’s respectful she said.” She blushed at me again.

“Why thank you Jane. You are over here almost every day or Emily is over at your place. You are like a sister to her. Call me Anne and Mrs Dickinson only when your Mum is about Okay?”  I winked at her.

“Now sweet child of mine; didn’t you enjoy this morning? Not even a little bit?” I stared at Emily. “Come on spill the beans. You usually tell me everything.” I could see she was holding something back from me, using her anger to keep me away.

“I really had fun Mum up until the hose. Really I did. It was really cold, then the hose hit me and I realised I was so helpless not being able to get free. Then I felt strange and funny inside.”

Why is it teenagers always mumble. She was nearly fourteen. I looked at Emily worried. Then I looked at Jane.

“You feel funny inside too?” Jane shook her head, so I put my hand on Emily’s forehead thinking about her having a fever, but she felt normal.
“You felt funny inside. Where Honey.” Emily hesitated from answering. “It’s important. I may need to take you to the doctor.”

Emily pointed in the direction of her Vulva over the dry jeans she now wore.

“What are the symptoms Honey? Tell me.” I was frantic with worry and had to force myself to keep calm. “No matter how silly you think they are. I want to know. It’s important. This could be very serious.” I frowned. I was trying hard to keep composed so I didn’t panic Emily. I was trying to be steady, but wanting to scream in frustration. I was scared, thinking all sorts of bad thoughts.
The big C? Had I passed on my woman’s problems to my beautiful daughter? She knew of my problems at her birth. We explained to her she was our special baby given to us against all the odds.

“Well the hose hit me here. I was thrashing about so very helpless. I was hoping Nick Jonas would come to rescue me, and well, you know.” She blushed, as I nodded my understanding. “I felt breathless and shuddered. I cried out over my gag. It was nice.” Emily was bright red as she almost whispered the last part.

“Oh thank you God” I mumbled with tears in my eyes. “Honey? You are becoming a real woman. I believe you had an orgasm.”

I had never felt more relieved in my life. “You know our birds and bees discussion about contraception and pregnancy? When a woman enjoys herself sexually she can have an orgasm. This can happen from touch or other stimulation as well as sexual intercourse. I thought I had passed my troubles to you.” I blurted out as I grabbed her and hugged her tight. 

“Please don’t cry Mrs Dickenson.” Jane was getting upset now I was crying.

“This is a good cry Sweetie.” I laughed, sniffing and grabbed her into the hug too.

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Re: Tie Up Games - Cowboys and Indians by Emma Bond
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Hi Gromet. Thanks or putting my story up on your site.
I hear you are on holidays again so have a great time.
Emma xx

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Re: Tie Up Games - Cowboys and Indians by Emma Bond
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Thank you for this story Emma, it is beautifully written and brought back many of my own memories from youth.

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Re: Tie Up Games - Cowboys and Indians by Emma Bond
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Hi there 64Fordman.
Glad you enjoyed the story.
Ah to be back exploring the age of innocence when we all had to play in the park with other kids rather than on the PC gaming lol
Emma x


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