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Not exactly a story but  a story of a session.

My partner has many assets, intelligence, beauty a sense of humour and an fascination with submission, to name a few.
When we play I make sure she is free of food solids. She will be strapped down for maybe five or six hours and the last thing I want is her want is slave being distracted by wanting a poop!

She walks into the room in silence, I have laid out on the bed, her cat suit,
Punishment helmet Corset Boots Mittens collar and breather gag.
There is a box full of  restraints, harnesses, and toys which I have cleaned and prepared for the next few hours.

Our home is a old  farmhouse with long, low oak beams,
Hidden along the beam are Locking points which will hold my slave in place for as long as I wish.

The other toy I have is a bondage pony, which I made out of oak
Which is impossible to get out of once slave is locked in!
Because the pony is only about forty inches long my slaves backside is offered ready to play with, both Pussy and anus
Are clearly on view. ( I open the cat suit zip between her legs
For most of the time.)

Once my slave is ready I have to put her mittens on as she can only get one on, she can’t get the other one on but when they’re both on they’re impossible to get off!

Once my slave has cat suit, helmet boots corset collar and gag (on the outside of the helmet) and Mittens. She is helpless.

I don’t need to padlock anything because there is no way of my slave can unlock anything once the mittens are on!

Usually I lock her onto the beam and cover her eyes with  a blindfold which came with the helmet. That’s the last time she will see for a while. I use a leg spreader to lock her legs in position and she is standing on a large piece of chipboard liberated from  some project I was working on. Which I screwed a ring in the centre. I have a collection of spring rings made ( I believe) for key rings which I use, they won’t break but are easy to remove in an emergency! Slave’s arms now are locked outstretched across the beam. The same Spring rings are used for the same reason.
I leave my slave now to stew for a while. This does her head in!
I quite deliberately leave her without a way of knowing the time I have removed all clocks from the room and she has just spent long enough in the room to wonder just how long she has been there .

I don’t actually leave my slave I have just taken my large black Polished boots off, It’s very quiet walking around in socks on
A tiled floor.

Looking at slave I sense she is slowly falling into a bottomless pit of unknowing. She will be aware of her open pussy and anus and what’s likely to happen to both, but  there is little she can do to stop it, and I get the distinct impression she secretly really looks forward to it, as she always comes back for more!

After around twenty minutes I consider her ready for the next stage I (very) gently finger her nipples, she is very sensitive by now because she has lost her sight and her nipples even more so I play with her for at least a couple of minutes, perhaps five or ten. I stop and start I prep something for later acutely aware that the only sense she can call upon is her hearing.

I start  putting slave into her harnesses, they are tight and once on she knows they are there! The reason for them as slave knows  that they restrict movement from her. I have made a breast harness which straps over her nipples. I have just fixed two mini vibrators the  straps, I turn them on and watch!
The effect is immediate she squeals into her gag. I’ve seen her thrash around trying to lose these vibrators as they’re small but very intense! I let her dance about for a few moments but I turn them down and the sensation diminishes much to her dismay!
If I left them on for too long I think she might come with just the sensations on her nipples on their own.

The entire session I am caressing, touching, teasing
 a movement supposedly to entice me to start touching her pussy. I  know she’s very wet and finally run my finger along Slave’s slit to feel just how wet she is. My touch does wonders for her, she has difficulty standing at the touch, and before now her legs have buckled just for that touch.

I  noisily put on surgical groves, this act of slave hearing me putting on the gloves starts the game for real, but  I am playing a game with her. Although the game has some rules I control all the important ones! If I consider she feels she is trying to top from the bottom and I won’t tolerate that! I gently slap her clit, sometimes I use my riding crop, The shock of that silences her,
The realization that I am totally in control of her every movement must be a turn on for her as she is now dripping wet
And I know that a few strokes in the right place would send her over the edge.

 Although I don’t think that’s very likely! A touch here, a caress there, a tickle there, she cannot free herself  and the one thing filling her head is I MUST COME!

Slave will do anything to reach that goal, I haven’t gone to the trouble to let it go now, as she shakes and tries her best to camouflage what is a feeble attempt to rub her legs together to try to get herself off! The board she is standing on comes into play. The ring is attached the spreader bar and try as she might she cannot lift her leg . 
The worst weapon I have in my box is an old metal aerial, with a
Biting sting A few taps
With it and slave goes very quiet. She knows I know! So I wait
Going back to silent mode, she is trying to guess where I am.
As we have a water bed I might move the water in the chambers
As she hears this she tries to locate where the sound is coming from but I have already moved round her and touch her buttocks ! She is shocked and pulls away from the touch.

Over an hour has already gone and she (like me) is straining to come.
(I don’t think so!)

The first of the toys comes out the box a pussy pump I gel the edge to make a good seal, Because my Slave shaves before a scene she her clit (and her genital rings) are sealed like a drum!

 I’m doing this for her and just to prove the point
my dick is just deciding to soften after being rock hard since I started.

The first she knows is when it touches her , I’m already pumping and her pussy is already looking a rosy colour.  I walk around her a few times  and slowly start touching her bum. after  all, I already have the glove on and finger her rosebud. She dislikes having her bum molested, but cannot do or say anything and just mumbles into the gag which I designed her just having to go with the flow and wait for me , her master to decide  if and when she comes!

After quarter of an hour the pussy pump comes off. I don’t like to make it exactly quarter of an hour because it’s a gauge of time and I have gone to some lengths to deny her that privilege.
I decide today She will ride the pony, so I release her and lay the pony in front of her. I might spin her to disorientate her more but I need to be careful because I can’t prevent her from falling. ( Although I’m over six foot,She is a big girl!) I lower her onto the pony and  padlock it up,  Also I remove her blindfold as part of the fun of the pony is the keys are only inches away from your hands but for all intents a purposes might as well be on the dark side of the moon!
Her vision is mostly limited to the floor as she has a fairly tall posture collar.  It restricts quite a bit of movement so the only view of me is my socks! (Sexy eh!)
 The pony is designed for long term play and I intend on dragging this out until I decide to allow her the privilege of coming!

 As she is very wet and I have already lubed the rosebud I can start with the fun bit. She can barely move a muscle once she’s riding the pony so her bottom become the source of my fun. A few more toys come out of the box and I like to start with  a vibrating butt plug. ( which she hates) I’m only touching her with the butt plug so she has to like it, it’s the only stimulation she’s going to get!
She will try to draw back on the pony expecting me to follow
When she throws her bottom back trying to capture the plug in her rosebud I pull back a bit. It’s fun to watch! I have another, bigger Vaginal vibrator which I touch her with just as she’s planning to throw her weight back  which puts a spanner in her works rather!

After bring slave to the brink countless times  and denying her maybe I’ll let her have what she has been craving all day. I have in the toy box two blow up dildos one front one back which I bait her with  until I force them in and start blowing them up! I hear her trying to complain but if she will submit to me she has to take the rough with the smooth!

I might clip nipple clamps to her, which she hates, and I have already said she’s very sensitive in the nipple department!
With the two blow up dildos pumped up and the nipples covered
I turn on the Vibrator and give her a gentle rub up and down her clit. My slave doesn’t have a pronounced clitoral hood,
So the best I can do is stroke her as best I can until she explodes! 

As an alternative I have “Electrickery” a couple of old tens units run off batteries but when I have used them I have to get the settings just right, she tries to twist on the pony while they’re working, I get the feeling she is desperately trying to get the business end exactly where it would do the most good! Either that or she is building up to  a long overdue orgasm! 

It is never a forgone conclusion that the final stage is slave coming, but for now it is. I’ll leave her to it for a couple of minutes then release her, removing all the things I like her to wear. Slave is usually so tired she falls on the bed and is asleep in seconds, a happy little slave!

There is a lot of work to keep a woman on heat for hours at a time but as I remember reading in a Magazine in the late seventies…
 Good advice! And I still have the magazine!


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