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Miss Jackson’s school Uniform by Worzel
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“Miss” Jackson was a tutor at a very private finishing school for young ladies. In her early thirties, her ability to teach in such a prestigious  establishment had meant a lot of luck and years of hard work and study, finally at university she had got her BA honours degree in her favourite subject.  Miss Jackson, or to use her first name Jenny, had from her earliest years a great fondness for the English language. Hence her preoccupation with the language  and her degrees in English and English literature.   This had brought her name to the attention of the school governors. She was a rarity as rather than applying for a position at the school, the governors had actively sought her services after her graduation.

Being a forceful person by nature, she had no trouble fitting in with the strict confines of the school system. Being located in a east coast town most of the students were borders in the school.
Jenny Jackson or as her students  called her Miss “J” had once been married to her childhood sweetheart, but unfortunately her husband had been killed some years before in a road traffic accident riding a pushbike.  Apart from the fetish parties and the  weekend drinking parties where she got just a little too jolly with her girlfriends she knew from university. as far as she could tell
She was totally respectable.
Usually anything but a tutor’s full name was acceptable
In the confines of the school, but Miss J didn’t particularly Like her name being used ever couple of seconds even though there was the respect aspect  so after thinking about the problem she settled on Miss J! which the students thought was uber cool of her!

Although the girls were over eighteen they were required to wear the school uniform. This secretly pleased  Miss J as she had a real fetish for school uniforms and corporal punishment, so much so she administered Punishment as regularly as possible
In part Miss J mirrored the uniform, wearing regulation
Black pencil skirts and white blouses with the occasional black tie to re enforce her domination over the students, she certainly looked the part!  Her interest in sports meant she had an athletic build, although She had to stop owing to her commitments to the school.

Miss J would usually pick up on  student transgressions, it was too easy to accuse students that thought she had the school rules memorised!
The students were given a complete set of rules for the school, which was a hefty book all on it’s own. No student ever read the whole book let alone remembered it’s contents.
This led to Miss Jackson’s total interpretation of the rules without question.

Miss J was walking through the corridors of the school to teach her next class when the headmistress appeared with what appeared To be a new girl who was Far eastern in appearance.

 Miss Gaunt (The headmistress) ushered the girl into the centre of the corridor for miss J’s approval.

“Morning miss Jackson, may I present Miss Lu ki Su.”
Miss J looked down at the young girl, as the new student bowed as to show respect. Miss J offered her hand and Lu Ki  shook it solemnly.

“Lu Ki’s father is a member of the Japanese embassy, unlike the student borders, the embassy has rented lodgings  for her, so she’ll be driving in each day from town.

“Nice to meet you Lu ki, I look forward to teaching you English. And English literature”

“Thank you Miss Jackson, I look forward to it very much.”

Miss Gaunt and the new student continued down the corridor
Miss J glanced back to see Lu ki’s uniform only to see Lu ki looking back at her! Her beautiful long, black hair down her back was actually longer than Miss J’s! As they kept walking it was obvious Lu ki has a great wiggle under her school pleated skirt.  She  wondered when she would get a closer look at her uniform and bottom.

A few days later Miss J noticed that she would take Lu ki’s class  the following day
She thought for a while what mode of dress would be appropriate, She decided on a black leather pencil skirt, White silk blouse, with her leather box jacket. Shoes would be no problem, she had far to many, all black three inch heels court shoes!
Miss J started to smile, that should do the trick, She started wondering why she was so keen to make an impression on a student she had only met the once?

As the class filed in it was obvious that Lu ki was enjoying making friends and was enjoying school life. Miss J fantasized  about pulling her up about something, but she couldn’t think of an appropriate school rule she may have broken. Anyway she had just got started at the school, there was plenty of time for fun!

Considering Lu ki had just started at the school, she was attentive, and asked relevant questions. Miss J was impressed with her knowledge and ability to get to the point of the matter in question.

As the term continued life in the school  progressed. Miss J’s planning each classes workload for the term played out, planning lessons for the students made the most productive use of their time.

Miss J on a number of occasions had to stop herself fantasizing about paddling her more sultry students. It suddenly dawned on Miss J that
She was fantasizing  about her students, her female students!

She remembered her friend Amanda Keene who had shown her  in the two years at university the world of latex bondage, “Adult” schoolgirl spanking and probably more importantly
The fun between two women. She was brought down to earth with a bump when she realized she was getting wet!

She could keep playing at chastising the students or Just maybe she could try something ultimately more pleasurable…

By chance, she remarked one day that she had more homework than the girls, who were complaining about the amount of work they were given.  later at the end of the class Lu ki (now more commonly known as “Lucky” stopped and questioned Miss J about the work she had to do.

        “Oh it’s planning mostly I have to plan the lessons for each class but I’m overrun with marked essays and just need to file everything for the end of term!”

“Would you like some help?”

Lucky said in a happy tone.

Miss J looked at her student, she clearly wanted to help. In an instant she heard herself saying


Lucky continued

“I’m good at filing, I helped with some of the embassy filing, it was fun!”

Miss J smiled

“OK, Let me write down where I live, I’m in a flat off princes street.”

“Is that, Rowbuck place?”

“Why yes, how did you know?”

“What number?” Lucky interjected.


Lucky smiled at Miss J,

“ I live at Seventeen! I’m  on the top floor!”
Miss J stopped her mouth dropping as it dawned on her that Lu ki had been living a few doors away in the same building. The obvious advantages would open up to her in the fullness of time.

“What time do you want me… To give you a hand?”
I could come over and give you a hand tonight.”

“OK, Thank you Lucky, that’s really kind! Half seven OK?”

“Fine,  I’ll be there tonight!”

 By now other students from her next class were trying to get into the room and sit down around them by now so they both left it until later that night.

The Freudian slip which Lucky had made didn’t go unnoticed by Miss J. Had it been innocent, or could she had meant something else? Miss J put it down to Lucky’s  English. She wouldn’t have expected Lucky, who after all was speaking in her second language to be that advanced in skill.

Miss J was now quite nervous. It  had never happened before, She was quite truthful about the filing her classes essays as she had let it get out of hand for weeks.  As the clock ticked it’s way round the clock face it seemed to slow down as if to frustrate Miss Jackson’s wishes.
She at first thought of leaving on her school “uniform” but then it occurred to her Lucky may have thought her “dirty” as the Japanese are traditionally very clean. So she showered and was changing  into her dressing gown when the front door bell chimed. It couldn’t be half seven already!
She tried to  dry her hair with a towel, she strained to see the time  through her mop of wet hair. It was indeed half seven, so she had no option but to open the door in her dressing gown!

“Evening Miss J” beamed Lucky, Miss J Opened the door fully to allow Lucky into the flat but also exposing she had just come out of the shower.

“I’m not too early am I Miss Jackson?”

“No I’m obviously not as good at timekeeping as I thought I was! Come in Lucky.”

“Nice place Miss Jackson.”

Said Lucky trying to make conversation.

“J Lucky, all the students call me Miss J.”

“It’s not much but I call it home.”
Said Miss J almost without thinking.

“So where do I start?”
Oh, that’s in here, it’s my study. I need this work piled up in classes to go up on the shelf. Now where’s my manners, I bet  you would love a cup of tea?”

“Yes please, I’ll get started!”

“OK, I’ll get dry while I’m making the tea.”

Miss J put on the kettle and continued drying herself,
She walked into the bedroom and a pair of jog bottoms and T shirt. Still with wet hair which she roughly put up!
She longingly slipped on her slippers and picked up their teas. As she walked into her study Lucky had climbed on her chair trying to get the paperwork in piles on the shelf. It was the first time she got a chance to study what Lucky was wearing. A grey mini skirt, not the school uniform but it was part of a uniform with a white blouse! Little white socks and regulation black shoes.
Lucky turned a little and knew she was being scrutinized,
A little smirk appeared on Lucky’s face she was right all along!
“What uniform are you wearing Lucky?”
Said Miss J casually.
“Oh this isn’t a uniform as such, it’s my playthings miss.”
“what do you mean playthings Lucky?
Well my friends and I used to play games and we all wore this uniform, I thought I was far enough away from Japan to wear it
And no one notice, guess I was wrong!”

I know a uniform when I see it Lucky, is there any more to it?”

“ Well I left the tie at home, I didn’t see the point in wearing the whole thing.”

I would like to see the whole uniform sometime.”

“I could go get the tie Miss!”

“Really! Oh I couldn’t put you to all that trouble.”

“No trouble, Miss, No trouble at all!”

Lucky, got down off the chair and beamed at Miss Jackson,

“No trouble at all!”

Ill be a few minutes Miss.”

Miss J was more than a little shocked by the openness of Lucky.

After what must have been four or five minutes Lucky was back tapping on the door to the flat. Miss Jackson opened it and there was Lucky in what could only be described as her school uniform.
Miss Jackson was transfixed, Lucky did a slow twirl  ending in Lucky walking in the flat lightly brushing past Miss J on the way in.

“You must tell me about your games Lucky.”
Miss J guided Lucky into the living room, and motioned Lucky to sit.

“Well Miss, a number of my friends  and I started playing these games, we would all dress up as schoolgirls and we picked someone to be the tutor. They were dressed like a teacher. We would all be in for detention and we would all be
 spanked as a punishment.”

“Go on.”

Said Miss J, trying to tease the story out of Lucky.

“Well It’s as simple as that!’

As we all went to different universities and finishing schools,
“We just went our separate ways, it was great fun and I must admit I do miss it greatly.”

Miss Jackson was beside herself!

“So you really miss it?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Wait here!”

Miss J was almost ripping off the jog bottoms and trying to fix her hair which had nearly dried. Never had she been more inappropriately dressed!  She pulled out her leather skirt, Leather tie, and thigh length boots . She pulled her white blouse off of the hanger, almost trembling
Trying to do up her tie.Lucky followed her into her bedroom She felt Lucky’s hands around her waist taking over  doing up her tie. Lucky’s hands brushed past her breasts having finished. She looked into the reflection of the pair of them. Lucky pulled herself close whispering .

“You look… Dominant Miss.”

 Miss J turned on the stool patting her lap for Lucky to bend over.
Lucky already smiling lifted up her skirt and pulled down her knickers. Almost in slow motion Lucky  took position on Miss J’s lap settling moving her legs well apart, her hands almost touching the floor.

Miss J smoothed Lucky’s uniform skirt and fondled her bottom, seeing how smooth her young skin was, and playing with her. Miss raised her hand.




Lucky was in seventh heaven, her legs pulled together trying to aid her obvious  excitement trying to rub her self to orgasm. Miss said in a authoritative voice,

“Stop that at once, or I’ll take the paddle to you!”

Lucky still gurgling with delight paid no heed, but the paddle was out of reach so Miss continued smacking Lucky’s  bottom!
After over twenty smacks Miss j’s hand was getting sore.

“Right stand up straight!” hands behind your head looking at me!”

Miss J demanded!

Lucky did as she was told, getting up and looking at Miss Jackson. Her upper lip trembling. And knees crumbling She looked exactly the frightened schoolgirl she was pretending to be!

Miss J wagged her finger at Lucky.

“You are specially naughty tonight, I’m going to have to get the paddle.”
Lucky returned,

“oh no Miss, not the paddle Miss! I’m not that naughty, I’ll be good, honest Miss!”

By this time Miss J Had pulled out her Paddle, covered in black leather Lucky looked at it and  just managed a smile laced  with apprehension!

Miss J sat down on the same stool motioning for a rematch. Lucky lay over Misses Lap waiting for her to finish her off!

“This time I want you to count, and if you fail I’ll start again!”


“One, thank you Miss!”


“Two, thank you Miss!”


“Three, thank you Miss!”


“Four, thank you miss!”

Miss J was lifting the paddle for number five when All of a sudden Lucky’s orgasm took her and she flailed about unable to hide her pleasure from her tutor!

Despite having a very red bottom after Lucky slowly stood up followed by Miss J.  composing herself, Miss J was fondling the paddle behind her back,   

She thought that Lucky would like these few seconds to compose herself which was why she turned away from the punished student.
Lucky threw her arms around Miss J, her happiness shone out like a lighthouse in the night sky.

“Now Miss ,I have to return the favour to you as you have done for me, Miss!”

Lucky manoeuvred  around Miss J lightly touching her until they were face to face. Lucky squeezed her leather bum and lowered herself to her knees. Miss Jackson throwing the paddle on the bed, eased her skirt up to her waist and opened her legs a little, something she couldn’t do with her skirt in place. 
She watched
Her student as she peeled her knickers to one side to reveal Miss J’s shaven Pussy.

Lucky’s tougue caressed her way round Miss Jackson’s folds, missing nothing! Miss Jackson’s reflex to such beautiful  work arched her back to allow Lucky better access! Finishing up  bent over the stool she had sat on earlier. Lucky was still focused on tenderly licking and sucking and soon Miss J was brought to a shuddering climax! Miss J shook as the orgasm took her. After she was able to compose herself a little.. They both looked at each other, not quite believing what had transpired.
Soon they were lying on the bed comforting each other, Lucky’s bottom needed constant rubbing, the skin wasn’t broken just  red and sore.

Lucky spoke first.

“I thought you might have been into uniforms, at least I was hoping you were.”

“Whatever gave you that idea Lucky?”

“Well I knew the signs, I thought you dressed in a very uniform way, at times your uniform seemed to complement our uniform!”

“Well I suppose you could, well have been right.”

“Have you still got your school uniform?”

“Yes I have but I don’t think It’ll fit now.”

“Would you want to try it on?”

“You know I might just see if I can still get into it.”

Miss J got off the bed and walked over to her fitted cupboard, after selecting a few hangers pulled out her Bottle green school uniform.

“ I don’t give much hope that it’ll fit.”

“Well I would love you to see if you can get into it.”

Miss J put all the clothes over the bottom of the bed, she had quite a few white school blouses. She selected a blouse and put it on. It was a little tight but it fitted! She slipped on a pair of her green knickers, followed by one of her Bottle green pencil skirts. Again a bit tight, but it fitted! Miss turned around to look into her dressing mirror she pulled on her tie around her upturned collar, knotting the tie and folded the collar as it should be. She slipped some shoes that were on the floor and looked at herself. Miss J pulled her long black hair, still damp and hastily put up  and just let it hang around her face and shoulders. She looked at her reflection in the mirror.

“I’m fourteen again.”

She said softly.

Lucky (carefully) slid off of the bed and followed her to the mirror, both of them in uniform,  Lucky put her hands under Miss J’s blazer resting on her hips, pulling herself closer. Slowly feeling her way to her stomach, then moving upwards until she felt the feeling the edges of her bra. Miss Jackson offering no resistance kept looking in the mirror absolutely smitten with the pair of them. Lucky squeezed miss Jackson’s breasts squeezing them tightly. Miss J turned and hugged Lucky, slipping her fingers under Lucky’s skirt and Squeezing her pert, young bum close to her!

With just under a month until the end of term the pair took turns  being the student and the tutor Miss J was impressed with the change when Lucky was playing the tutor,
It was if she had done it all her life!

 Lucky was  talking about the pair of them going back to Japan for the school holidays and invited Miss Jackson to accompany her back to her homeland.

The remainder of the school term seemed to drag it’s heels .
Both Miss Jackson and Lucky started working out at the school gym. Miss J’s athletic build just needed a bit of toning, the pair of them just wanted to see each other more often at school.

 It helped Miss J fit into her uniform. Not that the uniform was that tight! Miss J felt as though she was a teenager again. At The end of term some students were leaving for good, and although it was sad to see them go  Miss J knew they would be replaced with new students in September. Finally. After the end of term parties they were free to leave for Japan. Miss Jackson carefully folded her uniform and clothes into her suitcases. She had to pick her clothes carefully as even diplomatic travel has luggage limits!

The flight was much longer than expected as they had an unexplained stop at Mumbai airport, they sat about waiting for news about their flight, eager to continue the journey to Japan.

Finally in Japan they made their way from the airport. Through her father,  Lucky had organized a small flat for their stay just outside Tokyo. The building had many diplomats from all over the world  coming home Lucky had grown up in Tokyo, and could contact her friends easily from there.
Lucky organized the games with her friends, the time and date was decided. Miss Jackson got her uniform out of the suitcase and without realizing it was transported back to her schooldays merely by the subtle smell of her uniform.
She undressed and put the components on. It fitted perfectly!
She had her hair in a ponytail which she divided into two giving her a centre parting, just like she used to, and slipped hair bands over both ponytails. She looked in the mirror. Posing in her uniform. She knew that this time it was as real as it could be, and she was ready for it. Lucky looked in on Miss and realized her uniform fitted like a glove.
 Lucky walked into the bedroom looking very much the Japanese tutor. For the first time looked  very authoritarian!
Lucky walked over to Miss Jackson and showed her the paddle.
Not for the first time Lucky was wearing a formal business suit, not unlike the type of thing the female Japanese teachers wore.
Miss J looked down at the floor and Lucky sat down on a stool motioning her lap. Miss J gingerly raised her skirt and pulled down her green regulation knickers and assumed the position.
Lucky positioned the paddle rubbing it on her bottom playing for time, and making it apparent she was in charge!


Miss Jackson felt charged as if a time machine had taken her back twenty years!


She felt the hardness of the paddle, the sting and then the pain.


The pain was now intense, the stinging of her bottom as if it was on fire!




Tears started welling up in her eyes, the shock of it all was all too much!
She burst into tears!

Lucky fearing she had just gone too far just before the meeting with her friends rubbed her friends bottom, there was a redness but no bruising.

Miss Jackson regained a little composure and quietly said,

“ I need to be punished, I need this to be special! This is all I’ve really wanted for years.”

Lucky wasn’t sure what Miss Jackson was actually after, she reached between her legs gently forced a finger into her anus, Miss J reacted by moving her legs so that Lucky could go deeper,
She said,
“We have a strap on if you wish?”

Miss J looked up at Lucky half heartedly as if it was the last piece of the puzzle.

Lucky ordered her to stand, hands on the back of her head,
And to wait!

She walk swiftly out of the room and unzipped her skirt, replacing it with a hefty strap on latex cock  She walked briskly back into the room and ordered Miss J to bend over the table. She grabbed each side of the table and waited.

Lucky carefully covered the thing with lubricant  and stared teasing her by probing close to her anus,
Miss J wanted this in her and sticking her bottom out as far as she could get it lucky started sliding it in. Miss J Let out a wimper and tried to open her legs to accommodate it’s size. Lucky grabbed her long black hair and pulled! The cock was home! Deeply embedded in her ass! Miss J sounded if she was wimpering again, but Lucky now knew what she wanted and she kept pulling her hair, pumping in and out like a steam train !
After what seemed like hours Miss J screamed! Her orgasm shook her to the core, still shaking  Lucky slowly pulled the cock out and  walked around to Miss Jackson’s face she looked at it for a moment, hovering inches from her,  glancing up at Lucky. Then opening her mouth as if she wanted to take the cock down her throat. Lucky positioned herself and pushed the cock into her mouth and started pumping again grabbing her by her hair. After nearly choking her with the cock Lucky pulled it  out of her mouth Miss Jackson  was holding her mouth open so the cock could be re inserted to her mouth. Lucky, pulled Miss J off the table and kneeling in front of her so she could put it back in her mouth, Lucky ordered,

“Put your hands behind your back!”

 this time forcing her to take as much of it’s length down her throat. Again by holding onto her hair  and pulling her towards the base of the cock. Miss J who’s mouth was full of strap on cock. Was desperately trying to breath through her nose. With no doubt who was in charge and who was not, Lucky pulled the strap on out of Miss J’s mouth,  exhausted both Miss Jackson and lucky slumped on the floor.

Miss Jackson looked at Lucky and the cock and in a quiet voice said,

“I feel I’m now ready! If I can do that…”

That evening a number of Lucky’s friends came over, unfortunately for Miss Jackson none of them were in uniform,
As they arrived at the flat, they bowed to show respect to both Miss J but their friend. Surprisingly they all spoke English, but they were all intrigued to see Miss J in her uniform.

She resisted temptation but lucky’s friends were begging her to show them what a real English uniform looked like on a real English girl. The thing was although they had seen English uniforms on English girls they had only seen pictures, never actually seen anyone in the flesh. Apart form this  What surprised Miss J was the mix of ages between her friends, she wasn’t an expert at aging the Japanese but there were a few that were quite older than her.

Reluctantly She changed into her uniform and changed her hair style into the two ponytails she remembered from school. As she walked back into the room there was a hushed silence, just for a second or two and they collectively stood up and clapped
Approvingly At the sight of the English schoolgirl.
The party went on for a few more hours, Miss J left her uniform on, doubting whether the friends would want her to change back, they all wanted to see her up close.
Finally after the last of them left both Lucky and Miss Jackson looked at each other,

“ Great news! It’s been moved to tomorrow!”

Miss J was a little shocked as they had only been in Japan for a few days! For some reason she had expected to have more time to take in her surroundings.

As they were  preparing for that night, Lucky started to plat her hair into two plats one either side of her head. Miss J looked on, Lucky just smiled back.
“I wish I could do that, I just didn’t have the patience to learn.”

“Do you want me to do your hair as well?” Said Lucky. In her understated way.
“Oh, would you? That’s kind of you, Thank you, I’m all fingers and thumbs when it comes to things like that.”

Hair prepared, Uniforms in their bags, the pair ordered a car, which arrived a few minutes before it was due. It was the late afternoon and they were driven through the heart of Tokyo, Miss Jackson had never seen the like, the written language of the city was totally alien to her.

They finally stopped outside a building on what looked like the edge of an industrial estate.  Lucky tipped the driver, gathered their bags from the boot of the car and walked in. There were some of Lucky’s friends from the night before,

Some nodded at both Miss J and Lucky, but no one spoke.
The silence was absolutely deafening! They all filed into a changing room
And started removing clothing, hanging their coats and jackets up on a main hook. Miss J looked to Lucky for guidance but Lucky was smitten with the same thing as the others and just continued to undress keeping her head looking towards the floor. Miss J realized that this must be some sort of mass conditioning, compelling the participants to be submissive. She had dressed in her green school uniform, while everybody else had dressed in the same grey uniform that Lucky had first shown her in her flat. This seemed a little more than a group of friends   getting together and playing spanking games!

They filed into what looked like a classroom, Miss J roughly counted maybe twenty “students”
The students stood behind a desk Lucky motioned Miss Jackson to stand behind a desk next to her. As far as Miss J could tell,  All were looking at the floor. Not wanting to draw attention to herself she bent at the knees to lose some height, forgetting the fact that she had a completely different uniform the the rest of the students!
She was 5’ 7” and with her three  inch heels nearer 5’ 10”!
Head and shoulders over the average height of the Japanese
Around her. Still in absolute silence, she heard footsteps.
Several high heels entered the room and walked to the front of the class. Not daring to look up she listened to a voice in Japanese which she did not understand until the voice in English said her name. the students clapped but the voice continued. Miss J felt for her glasses was a touch short sighted and she had what she called her driving glasses. She couldn’t find them anywhere. 

The teachers walked along the line of students tapping the deck of those she guessed they wanted for punishment. As a teacher got closer Miss J remembered where she had put her glasses. As she put them on she looked up to see Miss Gaunt! The school’s headmistress! She was beaming at  her, Like a spider to a fly! Miss Gaunt triumphantly laid her cane hard on Miss J’s desk narrowly missing her fingers!

Miss Gaunt walked out of the room and Lucky pushed Miss J to follow. Miss J realized that other than Miss Gaunt they were the only two following her. Miss Gaunt unlocked a door and with her cane motioned them in the room.

“I suppose some explanation is necessary Miss Jackson,”
Said miss Gaunt uncovering a punishment stool that was covered with a sheet in the middle of the room.

“I really am lost for words.” Miss J heard herself say, eying the wooden stool. She noticed the leather straps that locked the punished to the stool giving unlimited access to the

“Care to try?”

Miss Gaunt said trying to contain herself.

Miss J removed her Bottle green blazer and  pulled up her skirt and leaned over the stool opening her legs so the  knee  straps could be done up, noting that her wrists and chest would be strapped down as well. Miss Gaunt did up the remaining straps and Miss J was trapped helpless on the stool.

“So where was I? Oh yes Firstly My name’s not Miss May Gaunt that my maiden name I’m actually  Ms May Su, Lu Ki’s stepmother!
Lu ki’s father is weak and easily led, because I wished it he financed the bringing you over and your eventual Disappearance!

None of what was being said was actually being taken in by Miss J, she was more focused on what was going to happen next.

“Oh, I love the glasses! It just sets you off perfectly.”

Miss Gaunt walked round the trapped tutor presumably looking at her prize, ending where she started, right in front of Miss J’s face! Because Miss J head was in the position it was, she could only see the Miss Gaunt’s skirt, Legs and heels.

“Oh dear, Miss Jackson, you have heels on?”

“Yes Miss.” Miss J replied weakly

“You will find that in Japan the punishment is far more intense
Than you are used to in England.”

 “Yes Miss.” Miss J said, weakly sounding pathetically like a little schoolgirl.

“In fact I enrolled  Lu ki for  one reason and one reason only,
To get you in the position you find yourself in now, and believe me I fully intend to enjoy this moment!”

Miss Jackson looked around at Lucky,  Lucky’s whole persona had changed looking very much the Dominatrix, Her legs slightly apart smiling evilly bending her regulation school cane  as if in anticipation of what was to come!

 Miss J’s  Knickers were pulled down exposing the marks left from yesterday.

“You are a great prize for me, I hope you’re worth the expense of getting you here.

 I here you’re a great submissive as well as  a glutton for punishment. The more I hear about you the more I want to expand the boundry’s  of what I intend to do to you. Lu Ki tells me you took a sizable strap on  anally and cleaned it afterwards.

 A true submissive I think!

I suppose the fact you’re a lesbian doesn’t interest me in the slightest, you would be where you are if you were totally straight! Your sexual preferences aren’t my concern, My sexual preferences are!
 I look forward to testing you to find your limits and breaking them!”

Miss Jackson’s jet black hair was hanging still in plats each side of her head,

She realized her tie had pulled taught round her neck, trapped by her own weight, her legs apart for all to study. Although there was only two others in the room and one of those she had been very close to until now.

She felt a stinging blow across her buttocks!

A school cane struck her squarely  across her rump, it took her breath away. She screamed For no particular reason other than the position she found herself in!

As the scream died away Miss gaunt could be heard laughing!

I thought better of you dear,  I thought you might have gritted your teeth rather than scream like a seven year old! I would have thought that you would have at least held out for a few minutes or so before screaming !”

Miss Gaunt pinched her nose and as she opened her mouth for air, Miss gaunt forced a gag into her mouth and strapped it up behind her head. The  gag all but silenced her, not that there was any point in trying to argue.

Miss Gaunt walked back behind her resuming the punishment.

The cane cut through the air!

Tears  already in her eyes all Miss J could do was take the punishment.

Again and again the cane cut the air like a knife eventually Miss Gaunt stopped and checked her handy work.

The red welts covered her buttocks  most were bleeding. Miss J locked in position could do nothing, she could only grunt through the gag, so did nothing. The pain administered was just unreal. She was going into shock There was nothing she could do about her position on so many levels.

She lay strapped to the stool helpless.

“Yes Miss Jackson, today you cease to be a tutor of English
because you’re now my plaything, my slave, my Concubine,
for me to use as I see fit!”

Miss Gaunt barked something in Japanese and after a few seconds a number of the students filed into the room with what looked like long spears of wood .  the “spears” were bamboo and  were past through  holes under the seat of the stool she was strapped to and lifted  her and the stool. Outside doors were opened and Miss Jackson was carried out to a waiting van, still strapped to the stool.

“You already know some of my other slaves!

Said Miss Gaunt triumphantly!

No one in the group looked at her directly, it was if she was just a piece of meat!

 She knew nobody else in the world knew where she was, the only one who knew was Lucky and obviously  that didn’t help very much
! As tears filled her eyes, the realization her life as she knew it had come to an end… 



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I enjoyed the story but the ending seems too unfinished though perhaps you are planning another chapter. I would have liked some more interplay between Lucky and Miss J after Lucky is recognized as a Domme. Perhaps some gloating at having tricked Miss J. I would also have liked to hear about what Miss J was forced/trained to become and it would have been great to find out that Lucky became Miss J's owner after a number of years.

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Re: Miss Jackson’s school Uniform by Worzel
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Loved the story.   I was hoping for some bastinado when the heels were noticed.  But overall great


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