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Tasty by Unknown
« on: February 19, 2016, 05:02:26 am »
F/m; shrink; magic; foot; oral; crush; swallow; reluct; X

She was beautiful, the kind of girl mama wouldn't let you bring home, she was bad but I like that, I liked the way she made me feel the way she would touch me, the way her skin felt against mine.

She looked at me softly, I looked back and whispered to her, "Will you hold it?"

Without a word she reached her hand slowly down stroking my belly until she got to it, I could feel her warm fingers slowly closing around it, soft but firm as she gently stroked and petted, I could feel the warm soft skin of her other hand gently cup my balls.

I kissed her she smiled and then slowly knelt and began to suck, I could scarcely hold it back, the dam was about to burst and my river was about to flow.

She could feel it to so she slowly while caressing with her lips stopped and began reciting a strange incantation.

I felt weird I could feel my body tingling and then I watched in shock as she began to grow.. No she wasn't growing, I was shrinking she was shrinking me!

I closed my eyes for but a moment and when I opened them I was staring right at her enormous toe, I thought to myself why am I not dead? Why has she not crushed me yet, maybe she lost me and doesn't see me.

But I was wrong she did see me. She let me know by brushing me softly with her foot it was gigantic and warm. It was so comforting I couldn't help myself I began to hug and kiss her big toe. I licked it, it tasted salty and sweet at the same time.

Still wrapped around it in a loving embrace I began to stroke my penis up and down its soft hot bottom. She began to slowly raise her toe so I began to climb. I started to climb up her soft subtle arch caressing and kissing as I went. It was wonderful I was overwhelmed with ecstasy and all she could do was smile.

She smiled softly as I (like an ant) crawled all over her foot. Then she pointed her foot and I fell to the ground it wasn't far so I barely felt it. Then she began to caress me gently with her toes it was warm and comforting. Then she stopped but didn't move she just giggled as she pinned me to the floor between her soft and lovely toes.

I was all hers now and she knew it she could do with me whatever she wanted, dreamed, or fantasized.

By now I was hard and only getting harder I didn't care what she was planning to do with me, the sheer bliss I was feeling was simply miraculous. Then she began to squeeze vary lightly and with her toes she picked me up into the air. She then pinched my waist between her index finger and thumb not too hard just firm enough so that I wouldn't fall and held me at face level. She looked me over lightly smiling.

Her lips were huge it was incredible they looked so juicy and luscious my penis was throbbing so much so that it was almost painful. She gave me a sign of her approval by looking me over again smiling and licking her lips. She then kissed me, her lips almost took up my entire torso they were hot and wet. She then opened her mouth as if to eat me but her massive tongue shot out and began to lick up my balls and penis with its comforting tip instead.

She then put me in the palm of her left hand it was then when I really could get a feel for her true size. Her fingers were huge she could easily crush me. All she had to do was make a fist. But I wasn't scared. I just began to stretch out across her palm it was warm and comforting I could have rubbed my skin against it forever. But then feeling a slight warm breeze I looked up and noticing her I immediately turned over and opened my legs. My shaft was hard and erect and I was ready.

She just smiled, licked her lips then slowly puckering began to suck. It was magnificent. I could feel the tip of her tongue pushing softly against it. I could feel her hot wet lips embracing my cock. And then in a moment of sheer bliss I blew. I could feel my hot juices enter her mouth. Then she stopped, cleaned me with her tongue and then gently set me down at her feet. She then stood up I never saw anything so tall before so I just stood there cowering at her enormous beauty. Then she began to slowly raise her foot. She then placed her heel down in front of me and began to move the bottom of her foot closer and closer to me.

Before I knew it I was pinned face down to the floor and she slowly began to crush me. Then right before all the air left my body and I was sure that I was going to die she quickly picked her foot off of me held it just a bit above me and then with no warning at all, stepped on me. But I wasn't dead, I must have been too small to be totally crushed but I couldn't move I don't know if it was out of fear or immobility but I couldn't move.

She then got down on her hands and knees and began to inspect me, seeing that I wasn't dead she simply smiled and said, "You were good sugar.. Real good." and then she licked me off the ground and swallowed me whole.


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