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Sorority by girlfood
« on: February 19, 2016, 05:01:00 AM »
F+/m+; shrink; food; pledge; swallowed; eaten; soft; cons/nc; X

The house was filled with about twenty or so young women. It was a group of sorority pledges that were at the last stage of the rush. Amanda, the group mother, looked down at the women. Each had the same thing on her plate. They had been given strict orders to clear their plate or they would be out of the sorority. If they didn’t have a boyfriend, a guy had been introduced to them the previous night. Each one was paired up and only Amanda knew where the boys were. It was the first real step of a slow recruitment process.

It wasn’t a bad meal, thought Amy. There was a slice of chicken, some mashed potatoes, a bowl of soup and a glass of lemonade. She picked up her utensils and began to cut up the chicken. Amy didn’t have a boyfriend, but at the sorority house last night she had been introduced to a young man named Tony. He had been attractive enough and seemed nice. Today she had sat down behind the table tent with her name on it. She had hoped the boys they had invited over to the house yesterday would show for the meal today. She thought she had overheard Amanda saying something about those guys and today’s lunch to one of the sisters last night. Unfortunately, Tony was nowhere yet in sight. She looked around the room and out the windows. No, nothing. She never thought to look at her plate.

Tony looked up at the cute giantess Amy from where he had been stuck in a bit of the mashed potatoes. He waved and called for help. “Amy! I’m down here! Amy.”

He watched as she impaled a bit of chicken on her plate and placed the food in her mouth. The piece of chicken was about the size of an eighteen wheel truck but the giant chasm of Amy’s mouth easily accommodated the poultry. He watched as she chewed and then swallowed her meal. Her breasts were amazing. They were large when he met her the night before, now they were much bigger than houses. His thoughts were quickly turned back to more practical matters, such as how to escape her unknowingly eating him alive as Amy reached over him and brought a white object with a gold top into view. She inverted the object right over Tony. Suddenly it was hailing. Tony realized she was shaking salt on the potatoes.

Amy still didn’t see Tony despite his attempts to attract her notice. He could not move very easily in the mashed potatoes and he felt uncomfortably hot. Amy suddenly slid her fork into the potatoes and took away what, to Tony, was a sizable chunk. She didn’t get him on that fork full but it was only a matter of time. Tony watched as she ate some more chicken, sipped some soup and lemonade and then went back to the potatoes. On the fifth attack on the potatoes her fork slid under him and he was lifted up and towards her beautiful face. He was stuck between two prongs and didn’t dare let go or he would fall what was to him more than one hundred feet.

Before he thought of a way to escape death, he saw red lips, white teeth, the uvula and then darkness. He knew he was in Amy’s mouth. He waited for the crunch of her teeth to smash him to pulp. Surprisingly it did not come. She didn’t chew him but simply swallowed him with a generous amount of lemonade as he screamed bloody murder. The lemonade cooled him, finally, but he was heading down her esophagus and was powerless to stop his decent. He entered her belly and Amy began to digest him, none the wiser of her crush’s fate.

Three tables away, an athletic young black girl named Mary with a killer figure was sipping her soup. She did not notice the man she had met swimming in her soup because she was lost in conversation with the girl across from her. Mary put the spoon into her soup and scooped up John along with ample portions of broth, beef and vegetables. John of course tried to make his presence known but it was all in vain for a moment later he passed her lips and then was dragged off of the spoon. He waited on her tongue for one terrifying second and then she gulped the soup down with John along with it.

Hannah was sitting across from Linda and also had her attention on her soup. Linda had just gotten up to get more lemonade, when Hannah noticed something swimming in her soup. At first she thought it was a mosquito but upon fishing it out she realized it was Graham, her boyfriend for three weeks. She plopped him in her hand and found Amanda. “I found my boyfriend in my food,” she said and showed the terrified man to her.

“Oh thank God you saw me!” Graham was saying to Hanna. “I thought that for a second there…” His words, too quiet to be heard by either giantess, were drowned out by Amanda.

“Good work, but if you want to get in the club you have to eat him.”

Graham shook with fear “Hanna would never do that to me…” he started but Hanna turned her face towards him and smiled sweetly, “Sorry honey, but I really want to get into the Giantess club. I know you’ll forgive me.”

And with that she tossed him into her mouth, opening it just long enough to show Amanda that Graham was indeed on her tongue. Graham looked out of Hanna’s mouth. Framed by teeth and lips he saw Amanda looking on with a smile as the mouth closed and the tongue, in a wavelike motion forced him up back and then down into Hanna’s throat as she swallowed. “You bitch!” he screamed as he was pushed down her esophagus. She never heard him. “You may be a good candidate for a mother of the club someday,” said Amanda.

“Thank you mother, I’m so pleased!” she said excitedly.

Meghan had also discovered something in the mashed potatoes. It was her boyfriend and she too showed her sorority mother. But when Amanda told her to eat him, she refused. “Sorry to hear that Meghan but you’re going to have to pay now.” Amanda pointed a small beam at her and Linda shrank down to her boyfriend’s size. “Well now we have two extra people here.” Amanda said picking up the pair. “Lisa, will you come over here please?”

Lisa, who was already a sister as well as the track team, walked over and stood in front of Amanda. “I noticed you ate your lunch rather quickly. You know that you had a boy hidden in your soup or in the potatoes? Good. He is in your stomach now. You ate him but if you want to be a club officer I have to see you swallow someone knowingly.” She healed up the pair to Lisa who studied them. “Are they alive?” she asked.

“Of course.” Amanda said.

Lisa paused for a moment and then said, “Sure, they are so tiny. Why shouldn’t I” she took them both in her hand and then placed them in her mouth. She gulped them down and was surprised to feel them wiggle down her throat. “Congratulations.” said Amanda. “You’re now a senior sister.”

The sorority had been started with world domination in mind. The young ladies learn to treat men as nothing more than animals to be eaten. They are spreading quickly. Who knows if anyone will find out before it’s too late?


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