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Shrunken Forever by Remy Locke
« on: February 19, 2016, 04:59:30 am »
 F/m; shrink; play; mast; oral; climax; reluct; X

Jared was walking his dog in the park when he saw this beautiful woman he had been eyeing every evening he took his dog to the park. She was perfect in every way, 5'10", long blond hair, blue eyes, and a nice tan. She had nice legs and her chest was a size 36C, Jared was just to scared to ask her out. He would pass her every evening and smile but not say a word. She worked down at the local pharmacy and when he went to get his prescription medication for his headaches he would try his best to start a conversation with her, but he would always be to afraid and just say "Hi, thank you for my medication".

She would smile and say "Anytime".

One day he was walking his dog on a unreasonably cool summer night and he saw her, hair blowing in the wind. She was wearing a nice, tight spandex jogging suit that showed her body nicely. When she came up to him she stopped and stared into his eyes. "Hello, Jared. Every time you come pick up your medication you never stay and talk to me, why"?

"Well...umm....... I mean...... I want to but I never have had enough courage to ask you out", Jared said.

"Well, you just did, and I will say yes because you look so cute with that dog of yours" Heather said. "My name is Heather, and you can pick me up at the drug store after work".

"Ok, I have to pick up my mediaction anyway, I'll meet you there at 8:00pm,ok"?

"Sounds good to me", and she blew him a kiss as she went jogging off into the sunset.

No way, he finally had a chance to date the girl he wanted to go out with since he saw her in his junior year of high school. He was now 20 years old and was living out his fantasy. He was not a bad looking young man, 5'11", short blond hair and blue eyes. He was just shy and never had enough courage to ask any girl out. He was excited that whole night wondering how to act and what cologne to wear. He finally fell asleep with the picture of Heather in his mind.

The next morning he woke up extra early to go buy a new shirt and shorts so he could impress Heather. He went to the mall and picked up what he needed and stopped by the pharmacy to say hello to Heather. For once the fear that held him back in the past was gone and was going to take advantage of it. "Why hello Heather", he said without a doubt.

"Well we sound cheery today, don't we", Heather said with a smile on her face. "You only have a few hours until we go on our date. You better not be late", she said.

"Of course not, I wouldn't miss this chance for the world", he said smiling even bigger.

"Ok, I have to get back to work on these prescription orders, I think I'll save yours for last......", and she smilied as she walked away.

He could smell her perfume and we went crazy, on the inside. He could feel himself becoming excited and got a hard on. He walked out with an extra spring in his step and went to the grocery store to pick up things for his dinner he was going to prepare for his date. Hours past and he started getting dressed when the phone rang. He ran to go pick it and it was Heather. "We are out of your prescription, but we have the generic brand. Is that ok"?

"Sure", he said and they talked a minute and she said she was excited about tonite.

She had no idea how excited Jared was, he was going to make this night special. He jumped in his 1996 Ford Explorer and took off toward the drug store. She was waiting outside dressed in a nice summer dress that showed her cleavage nicely. He knew she was pretty, but she looked ten times better in what she was wearing.

"Are you just going to stand there with your jaw open, or are we going to get this date started, she said laughing.

"I'm sorry, you just look so beautiful", Jared said in awe.

"Well thank you and you look handsome yourself", Heather said.

"Thank you", Jared said as he blushed.

They got in Jared's car and sped off to his house where Jared had a nice candlelight dinner waiting for them. "This is too much", Heather said. "Why did you go through all this trouble for me"?

"I have liked you ever since our junior year in high school. You mean a lot to me, more than you'll ever know", Jared said with feeling.

"Well let us eat", and Jared sat Heather down and they began to indulge in heavy conversation. "Here are your pills, I hope they stil help your headaches", Heather said.

"I am sure they will, they they saved me money!" Jared said jokingly.

"Go ahead and take them now, I don't mind", she said.

Jared popped two of the pills in his mouth and swallowed them with some wine he had at the table. Heather giggled.

"What's so funny", Jared said

"You'll see, and I hope you like the new you!", she said while sipping from her wine.

All of a sudden a warm sensation went through Jared's body and his head felt better than it ever felt since the migranes started.

"Wow, these are giving me instant results! Hey what's happening"? Jared said with fear.

He felt himself slip from the chair and his fraternity ring slipped off his finger. Heather walked over as Jared stood up and found Heather a whole head taller than Jared.

"I must be hallucinating with the mixture of the wine and the pills".

"I don't think so", Heather said with a giggle. Soon he was eye level with her breasts." Like the view from there, Jared" she said while Jared continued to dwindle.

Soon he was eye level with her crotch and Heather pressed his head in to her now wet pussy. "What is going on!", Jared screamed. "Heather, are you behind this", Jared said with fright.

"I always wanted a dollman of my own, and you're the cutest little doll I have ever seen, well you will be!", Heather said with a sexy laugh.

Jared was soon looking up at Heather and was staring at her knees.

"Just a little more", said Heather.

Jared finally stopped shrinking and was standing only six inches tall. " did this happen"? Jared yelled up to the now giantess Heather.

"I can hear you just fine, you don't have to yell my little doll", Heather snickered. Heather picked Jared up and held him at eye level. "You are so cute, I hope you will enjoy tonite's festivities".

"Well, you still have your clothes on, and so do I, I think we need to change that." Heather took her finger and ever so gently began to undress Jared with the greatest of care. "I'll leave your boxers on so you won't be too embaressed. I think we better go to my house, I don't feel right doing it here", Heather said with glee.

"Do what", Jared said, still shaking with fear.

"You'll see my sweet little Ken Doll, where are your keys"?

Heather grabbed Jared's keys and put them and Jared in her purse and jumped in the Explorer and sped off. They arrived to her apartment and she unlocked the door and turned on the light.

"I almost forgot about you in there", she said with a smile.

She gently picked Jared up and began to dance with him with Jared stories above the ground. This made Jared very nervous and he clung to her thumb.

"Are you scared my little lover", she said with feeling "I would never hurt you, Jared"

She took him and placed him in her cleavage. The perfume she was wearing made Jared forget about his current problems and he got a raging hard on.

"Do you like it down there", she said. With Jared still tucked in her valley, she slipped of her shoes and began taking off her dress. It was like a wall of cloth being lifted over Jared's head. For a moment all the light was blocked and Jared was scared. When she was done taking it off she was only in her bra and panties. She sat on her bed and started unfastening her bra. "Hold on", she said laughing. Her laughing made it hard to breathe because her breasts were squeezing the air out of him. When she threw her bra off Jared slid in between her nice, tan thighs.

"I'm not done with you up here yet", Heather said.

She laid on her back and quickly Jared climbed up her panties and up on her stomach. He was amazed on how big she was! It was like standing on a giant, tan field. Her bellybutton was just huge. He began walking up her stomach and came to her gigantic tits. "You are so small compared to my boobs!", Heather said.

Jared thought their was an earthquake and he fell down on his knees. "Climb on my left breast, please", the giantess Heather said.

"Play with my nipple", Heather said with a hint of arousal in her words. Jared climbed and climbed and started massaging her nipple. "Ohh.....ahh..........ooh, that feels good Jared", Heather said panting. "Keep it up."

Jared rubbed and sucked and kneaded her nipple until she souldn't take it anymore. She starting bucking and Jared went flying off onto the floor. "Where did you go my little man? I'm sorry I did that, you are just too good".

Heather picked up Jared and began rubbing his body over her enormous breasts. Jared was getting turned on by this giantess we was about to blow his load.

"Well, you seem to like me doing this", and she ripped off his boxers. "For a little doll, you sure have a nice cock", Heather said with laughter.

She began taking his cock and rubbing it on her nipples. Moans escaped her mouth and Jared was really enjoying it as well. Just when Jared was at the point of no return, he came all over her breast.

"How cute, you gave me a tiny pearl necklace". Heather then slid off her panties for what was coming next. With Jared in her left hand, she took her right hand an lifted her breast to her mouth and began sucking her tit with building passion. "You taste good Jared, you are so sexy!", Heather said while licking her lips.

She then put Jared between her giant tits and began titty fucking Jared's body. She slammed back on her bed and began fingering her self still ramming Jared between her mountains of flesh. Just when Heather was beginning her orgasm, she dropped Jared between her legs and smashed him against her labia. Her love juices poured on Jared like a waterfall on rocks. Jared ws covered head to toe in her orgasm.

"I'm sooo sorry my little love button, I hope you aren't mad at me" Jared was too tired to say anything and just passed out from exhaustion.

When Jared awoke he found himself on one of her titantic tits. He began licking her nipple very gently. Heather opened one eye and pretended to still be asleep. It was hard for her to keep still with Jared working on her breasts. He then slid down her valley and he noticed something different. He was smaller, before he could see over her boobs, but now they where towering over him. He climbed up her other breast and began to work his magic again, licking, sucking her nipple. Man they were bigger than before. Last night he could almost fit the whole nipple in his mouth. Now, they were as big as his head! He starting biting her nipple when Heather let out a ear shattering moan.

"You are smaller?!?" Heather said puzzled "That wasn't supposed to happen."

"How tall am I now", Jared said after he slid off her boob.

"I would say about three inches at the most."

"You were still doing an excellent job. You look so cute in bewteen my breasts, and so small!" She grabbed the sides of her breasts and began pushing them inward toward poor, helpless Jared. It was like a car crusher found in a junkyard that are used to turn cars into scrap metal. When the walls finally were close enough to touch, Jared put both his hands out to try and stop the force that Heather put behind them. It was no use, the giantess's tits just engulfed poor Jared. He was tossed and turned under her huge breasts. He couldn't breathe and began to fear for his life.

Last night he could have easily escaped at six inches tall. Now, we was no more than a mere insect to her. Heather finally stopped, but not before Jared had his orgasm. "Another pearl necklace, I can barely see it", Heather said laughing.

The laughing, now more violent than when we was six inches knocked him down betweem her legs. She used her tongue to lick the tiny gift Jared gave her. When Jared stared at her giant pussy, he could tell she was horny. It was now bigger than he was, and he wanted her. He ran to her cunt and began rubbing it as hard as he could, Heather went crazy. She began moaning and yelling out loud and held back from fingering herself, fearing she might grind Jared to a pulp inside her huge snatch.

Jared found her clit and began playing with it as well. Jared was almost at the point of exhaustion when the same love juices that covered him last night came gushing out form Heather's huge pussy. Only this time they were bigger. Jared found himself on the bed covered so much we couldn't breathe. Just then, Heather picked up tiny Jared and began licking him all over. Jared thought this felt wonderful and began getting life back in his cock.

She noticed the "small" change and started concentrating on his prick. He blew his entire load in her mouth and she let out a sexy moan. "I love you, Jared", Heather said with a smile.

"When do I turn back to normal", Jared said with what voice he had left after the greatest experience he has ever had in his life.

"Never, you can live with me forever and ever, never having to worry about anything except how to please your giantess Heather. My friends will love you, they are coming over tonite to see my new toy......."


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