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Lisa the Giantess Wife by Boniboy
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Lisa the Giantess Wife Boniboy Solo-M; F/m; FM; caught; mast; punish; shrink; giantess; tease; torment; cockold; lover; insert; condom; climax; sex; anal; crush; cons/nc; XX

“For Christ’s sake, not again”, Lisa screamed as she came in from getting the groceries.

He had been caught again, despite the difficulties they already had in their marriage.

“I’m sorry, love, I couldn’t help myself” was Mark’s reply.

They had been married for a couple of years and the sex life had been wonderful throughout their courtship but things started to turn sour after they bought their new computer and Mark discovered his ultimate fantasy on the net - the phenomenon of the giantess.

She was truly a beautiful woman - 6 foot in height, well formed bust, lovely rounded backside and legs that she would often show off because they looked fantastic, especially in high-heeled pumps, which obviously emphasised her already curvaceous figure. She looked great again today and he loved it too but he couldn’t control his fantasies and he would dream of being a tiny man, exploring his beautiful wife’s body.

She could not understand how his fantasy had taken over his life and it was starting to make her own sex life suffer. She thought about having an affair and she often would become aroused at Conferences she would attend, when a handsome man would take an interest in her (which often happened). She had caught him masturbating on many occasions whilst surfing through the Giantess web pages and she had warned him not to do it so often but he was weak and couldn’t help succumbing to his ultimate fantasy - to be toyed with and finally terminated by a beautiful giantess.

This time she really was mad. She was at the end of her tether and this time she would not forgive him.

“I’m leaving you!” she exclaimed. “I’m going to find somebody who really wants to fuck me and not some stupid giantess!!”

With that, she threw down the groceries and left the house, slamming the door behind.

“Good, fuck her” he thought, but underneath he was embarrassed and upset. He did care for her and he loved her company and her body - he just wanted to be small.

Lisa screeched the tires on the car and left, pondering her thoughts. She had been out with the girls from the office the previous week and they had gone clubbing. She met one guy there. He was about 6 foot 4 inches, handsome and very well built. She loved tall, well-built men and she dreamed of having an affair with just such a man, so unlike her own husband, who was slightly built, although reasonably tall himself. She had made up her mind. She was going to leave Mark and go in search of Tim, the guy from the club. She felt warm with him. She had danced with him close the week before and she had felt his manhood against her. She loved it… and she wanted it - desperately. She was desperate and she wanted a good fuck more than anything else.

She pondered her thoughts and wondered just how she was going to get rid of her husband. She had some interesting ideas but she was an intelligent woman and she knew what she wanted to do.

The following week, after moving in with a friend, Lisa returned to the family house, knowing that Mark would be at work. She booted up the computer and connected to the net. She quickly found his favourite pages - all giantess and crush related and started to scan. After reading a few of his favourite stories she grinned to herself. She knew what his ultimate fantasy was, and she wanted to give it to him. She had always known interesting friends from around the world when she travelled as a student - one in particular she recalled lived in South America and she remembered her talking about strange black magical powers that could make people change their relative size. One call was all it took for Lisa to get what she needed. She had no idea what the outcome would be but she knew she would have fun trying anyway. All she had to do now was find the right timing.


Mark returned home from work the following week, trying to figure out where Lisa was and how he was going to get her back. Of course, he was aware that his wife had been in the house because some of her make up and clothes had been taken and the occasional message left but he had no idea where she was. He made good use of the time whist she had been away and immediately connected up to his favourite pages. He started to read one of his favourite stories, posted on Giantess Shrine, and prepared to masturbate, dreaming of the impossible.

“Hi Marky!” He jumped up, scared stiff! Where had she come from?

Lisa stood behind him, smiling beautifully and holding a glass of what looked like a blue cocktail - it was fizzing a little but looked tropical.

She looked fantastic. She had dressed up in beautiful white silky lingerie, with stockings and white high heeled pumps. The sensuous lingerie emphasised her already perfect form - god, she had such a wonderfully smooth complexion and her lips were big and full. Despite being caught red-handed again, he started to get hard. He wanted her and he wanted her now!

“I’m sorry for…”

“Don’t worry, my darling. I don’t mind. It’ll all be over soon”.

He didn’t quite understand what she was talking about and he quite literally didn’t care. Mark wanted to give her a good fuck and relieve himself.

“Let’s drink” she said.

“Let’s drink to our future happiness”

He was overwhelmed by his wife’s return and in what splendour! He took the cocktail from her. She raised her glass of what appeared to be the same drink. They touched glasses and he gulped down the cocktail, unaware of what was going to happen to him. She sipped her Blue Monday and smiled at him gracefully. They embraced and she kissed him hard on the lips.

“Take of your clothes, sweetheart” she said, sexily.

He duly obliged and stood in front of her stark naked, his little cock poking out in front of him. He felt nervous about her sense of power she had about her but it felt wonderful. She unclipped her under wired bra and allowed her beautifully rounded breasts to pop out, shaking a little, but firmly. She sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs, allowing the silk stockings to glide over each other, licking her lips as she did so. Her breasts looked fantastic. She always had played sport and was particularly proud of her body. Her nipples, naturally pointing upwards, became erect in the cooler atmosphere and she saw him looking at them.

“Come here”, she said “I want to feed you as if you were my baby, taking my milk from me”

Mark did not hesitate. He adored this fantasy and he carefully positioned himself upon her lap so that his head rested between her legs in the dip between her thighs. He looked up and saw the two firmly rounded orbs and the two erect nipples that looked like football boot studs.

“Come on, suck me!” she offered “Suck my milk, little baby”.

With that she bent forwards and placed the erect nipple into his gaping mouth, cupping his head in her arms, stroking his head. Mark felt the hard nipple in his mouth and the smoothness of her perfect breast on his face. He closed his eyes and sucked. It was fantastic and he couldn’t help stroking his cock. Lisa knew it wouldn’t be long now and so she continued to look at him, smiling, slowly becoming a little bit wet between her legs at the thought of what was going to come.

Mark felt pleasantly dizzy. He thought it was merely the effect of the cocktail (he was right) but also the sense of euphoria he was having from sucking his wife’s tit. Everything started to go blurred and he felt hot and sweaty. He opened his eyes but all he could see was a blurred vision of something big and round in front of him. The nipple in his mouth became bigger and bigger. Soon he couldn’t fit it in his mouth, it was just pushing on the outside of his face, smooth, damp and rubbery. He could no longer feel the dip between his wife’s legs, all he could feel was himself lying on something warm and seemingly large. He felt drugged - like he was very drunk and so dizzy. He closed his eyes and called out:

“Lisa, what’s happening to me?”

She said nothing. It happened suddenly and almost very quickly. She felt him reducing in size and his mouth tightening around her nipple, until it popped out of his mouth with force. She cupped her hands, scooping up the child sized Mark in her hands and still he continued to shrink. It was amazing for her to watch and she felt excited from the experience. Still Mark was shrinking and she wondered at what height he would stop. He could now fit onto one of her cupped hands but she still held him close to her breast so that he did not panic. She didn’t want that yet. He was the size of a cockroach when he squeaked something to her, which she could barely make out. His vocal chords obviously shrunken as well. She brought her ear closer to him and she heard the tiny voice. She grinned and whispered to him.

“It’s OK Honey, you look so much better now”, and with that she bent forward further and kissed his body, her lips smothering him completely, leaving him covered from head to toe in pink lipstick.

Mark started to come round from the wet coolness of her lips, thinking that his whole body had been dowsed with a lukewarm sponge. He shook his head and looked around.

“Jesus, Christ! Lisa what the fuck have you done to me? Lisa? Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! Help me, Oh God, help me, please”

“What’s the matter Hon?” came a thunderous voice above. “Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?”

Mark looked up and saw a pair of enormous eyes staring at him. He screamed in fear but he soon realised the reality of the situation as she giantess lifted her hand with the tiny insect man upon it up to her face. He was raised approximately 200 feet above ground level (according to his size) as Lisa stood up and carefully examined him. She grinned again and showed him her enormous mouth and the merciless teeth inside that could easily have diced him and devoured him.

“You hypocritical insect!” she boomed. “You have continually fantasised about this very situation and now I feel that it is only right that I should fulfil your ultimate fantasy. I think that I deserve that right, don’t you?”

She heard some squeaking from the tiny man but she chose to ignore it because she was adamant that she was going to fulfil her plan, regardless of other circumstances. It was time to put phase two into operation and she prepared herself.


Mark felt himself falling as Lisa grasped his tiny body in her hand and then proceeded to walk upstairs to the bedroom. Mark felt the distant thud of her pumps on the carpet, realising that anything under them would be squished by this incredible woman. He felt himself move to and from as she casually swung her arms in time with her walking. He was terrified but a little aroused as this was indeed what he fantasised about.

In the bedroom Lisa set him down on the bed and opened her wardrobe. She pulled out a few of her best and most exotic party dresses. They were all tight fitting and he knew she looked stunning in them. She held a few up above him and said:

“What do you think Hon? Which one shall I wear for the nightclub tonight?”

“Nightclub?” he thought. Why would she go to the nightclub on her own, unless it was a girl’s night out or something. He wondered what her plans with him were going to be. Would she leave him here or would she take him with her. Maybe she was going to do something else with him, after all, she had said that it will be all over soon.

“Yeah you’re right” she said “I’m going to keep it white tonight. It’ll go well with my underwear”

She was right. She looked good in white and it went well with her mousy hair and tanned, smooth skin. He stared at her dressing in front of him, the way in which she put the dress on and it fitted snug around her buttocks and breasts. She felt good and she felt hot. She looked good and she knew that if she wanted to, she could easily get a lover tonight. She bent over, adjusting her white high heeled pumps and revealed her gorgeous pouting ass to Mark as it towered above him. He stared at it in awe. He had always fantasised about being sat on by a giant woman but this time he knew that he would be instantly crushed to pulp if she was to sit down.

She turned her head and noticed him looking at her formidable ass above him.

“Do you like what you see, baby?” “Here, take a closer look” and with that she lowered her gargantuan form above him. The dress stretched, the fabric creaked and Mark prepared himself for the inevitable. A shadow formed over him, her ass just a few inches from his tiny form. She held it there and wiggled, giggling to herself. She could here the tiny screams coming from below, knowing that her husband understood the reality that he was in. She then stood up, turned around and asked her husband:

“Tell me how I look? Do I look beautiful? Here, take a closer look”

She picked him up and put him down on the carpet, just in front of her magnificent white pumps. She looked down at the pathetic insect below, knowing that she could get rid of him right now, leaving her free to get on with the rest of her life. She raised her foot in anticipation of this and placed it above the tiny man. She felt her foot come to rest on the tiny creature and thought about increasing the weight, instantly ending the life of this pathetic worm. She wanted to do it, she really wanted to crunch him up to paste but she also wanted him to suffer, just as he had made her suffer for the past two years. She took her foot away, and picked up Mark who was limp in her hand. At first she thought she had killed him but then he flinched and she realised that he must have passed out from fear. That delighted her and she decided to fix herself a drink before her friends arrived. She took Mark downstairs and put him into an empty jam jar with the top removed. There was no way he could get out of that, even when he came to.

Mark woke up with a terrific headache and a sharp pain in his chest. He felt cold and looked around inside his glass prison. He sat up and held his rib cage, it was badly bruised but he managed to stand up and compose himself. He remembered what had happened. He was standing in front of his wife’s heels looking skyward at the beautiful form above him when she lifted her leg and brought the shoe over his body. Again he was shadowed from the light as he lost sight of his wife’s silk stocking tops and silky panties above. He saw the sole of the shoe coming closer, the smell of leather and the remains of some crushed insect on the base, easily the size of himself before it was unknowingly pressed flat. Closer the sole came until it made contact with his body, pushing it further into the pile of the carpet. It was somehow arousing for Mark, with the smell and the reality that he was nothing more that an insect to her who was about to be crushed to death. He then screamed, knowing that his life was going to end. He didn’t want to die but the pressure was increasing, more and more and…


That was all he could remember and he concluded that she must have cracked a couple of his ribs, merely by placing her foot on top of him.

Mark now shivered and wondered what his seemingly torturing wife would do next. He didn’t have to wait long until he found out.


A car drew up outside and honked twice. Lisa jumped up from the sofa and finished her drink quickly.

“Just a minute” she called out.

She ran into the kitchen and spied the now woken Mark in the glass jar.

“So, you’re awake are you? Well, I’m not going to leave you here. You’re coming with me where I can keep an eye on you. I can’t have you escaping and running off now, can I?”

With that she upturned the jar and Mark fell out onto her palm with a thud. It was extremely painful for him but he survived without blacking out.

“Oh, aren’t you cold!” she exclaimed. “Well, we’ll have to do something about that won’t we?”

Winking at him she lifted up her dress over her hips revealing her sexy silk panties, hugging the perfect outline of her crotch. She pulled out the elastic at the top of the panties and slid Mark down against her moist crotch, carefully positioning him so that he fit snug against her vaginal lips, his head forced against her clitoris hood. She looked down and smiled, allowing the elastic to snap back into place and Mark was left alone in his warm, dark, wet prison, the tightness of the silk forcing him up close against her wet flesh. He could not move, only his head could turn from side to side but it hurt.

Lisa shivered as her husband was pushed up close against her nether regions. She reached down the outside of her panties and massaged the small bulge that was there, moaning at the pleasure that spread throughout her body.

The car outside honked once more and Lisa snapped out of her senses, fixed her dress, grabbed her handbag and ran out of the house, high heels clicking on the road outside.

In the car Mark heard Lisa and her three friends talking as he was driven further into his wife’s wet hole as she sat down, occasionally shifting her weight.

“When are you going to tell Mark”, said Julie

“Yeah, it’s not fair to keep him guessing all the time” said Jo, “You should tell him it’s over and then you can be free to date Max without a guilty conscience”

“I would just let him suffer” said Sharon, “The dirty little pervert can rot in his own perverted fantasies. By the way where is he these days?”

“I don’t know” said Lisa, “Maybe he’s gone away for a holiday or something but I don’t care anymore. Let’s not talk about him, I want to have a good time tonight, OK?”

Mark heard the conversation and wondered who the hell Max was. He was subjected to about 20 minutes of this humiliation before the car stopped and the girls got out. The smell inside his wife’s panties was incredible and he felt himself being smothered side to side as she swayed with her walk. Mark could hear the clatter of heels far below and the amalgamation of voices as the girls entered the club. The girls were all in their early twenties but because they were all tall and well done up, they looked older. The bouncers recognised them and instantly allowed them in, commenting on their beauty.

Mark was in a world of his own inside his wife’s panties. He couldn’t hear any conversation now over the noise of the music but occasionally the girls would dance, causing Mark to be rocked all over the place as his wife gyrated her hips. The heat inside his wife’s panties was incredible. Mark was covered in a combination of sweat, vaginal juices and mucus, which seemed to increase the more he moved around. About an hour or so passed before Mark noticed a reduction in the volume of the music and the sound of his wife’s heels on a tiled floor.

“Come on, come on, I’m dying for a piss!” she blurted whilst she waited in the queue for the toilets.

Mark was relieved because now he knew that he was going to get some fresh air but not before Lisa relaxed prematurely and allowed a small, powerful jet of urine to blast against his body. He was instantly soaked in hot piss, the urine stinging his eyes, painfully. Lisa crossed her legs and forced Mark further inside her hot hole. She then dropped her panties allowing a rush of cold air to hit his body and he could breath freely once more. He lay in a damp patch in the inside of her panties on the tiled floor between her high heeled pumps. He heard her piss from below and it sounded very loud, she must have been desperate. She than wiped herself and stood up, looking down below at the pathetic, sopping wet form in her panties.

“I see you’re still alive then.” She giggled “Well don’t get comfortable, cos you’re going straight back!”.

Lisa then pulled up her panties and adjusted herself so that she was comfortable. Mark was back against those wet pussy lips but they were warm and reasonably dry now. Suddenly Jo came in to the toilets:

“Lisa, quick, Max is here. He’s asking after you. Go on, enjoy yourself!”

Lisa felt warm inside. She knew that she looked stunning. She was going for it tonight. She had wanted to fuck him for some time and now there was no holding back. She fixed her make up in the mirror, twisted on her heels and marched confidently out onto the dance floor.

Mark heard what was said and started to shake with fear. “Who was this Max” he thought to himself. As the music became louder again, Mark noticed that his wife was becoming aroused, incredibly aroused. Her lips were damp at first and then her cream started to flow. He loved it, it tasted so sweet in his mouth as flowed thickly all over his body. He could hear a deeper voice from outside, coupled with her own voice and he sensed that she was getting really turned on by this Max.

Mark’s head was being forced into the silk of the panties by the growing rosebud shaped clitoris in front of him. It was actually starting to hurt as the beach-ball sized organ pushed against him. He started to turn his head frantically to ease the pain but this only had the effect of making the organ grow bigger and her cum flowing even more. When he couldn’t take it any more, she started to walk again but the conversation was still going on, the deep voice and then the lighter one. The music faded and Mark could only guess that the inevitable was going to happen. His wife was going to be fucked by this guy. He felt totally humiliated and started to cry but it was all too late now, Lisa was hooked and she wanted sex, good sex.

They stopped walking and Mark again felt the clitoris push against his head. Her cum flowed yet again and he heard muffled moans from above. “They must be kissing” he thought. Then the panty elastic was pulled back and the fresh air rushed in. Mark was momentarily relieved from the pressure of his wife’s clitoris but to his horror a huge male hand entered into Lisa’s panties and started to fondle her mons. She moaned deeply and Mark could only stare in fear as this huge male hand massaged her clitoris and his middle finger eased into her gaping wet cunt, with a loud slurping sound.

“My God, You’re wet” he said “You really want me don’t you?”

She nodded and kissed him hard again as he pumped his finger in and out of soaking cunt. With skill and dexterity Max brought her to climax in the car park of the nightclub, as his fingers bashed to battered Mark, still held inside his wife’s panties.

“Come on Baby” said Max “Let’s take my car and go someplace else where we can enjoy ourselves”

At the Mark was forced again against his wife’s clit and pussy lips which were pumped and gaping wide. Her pussy easily swallowed the puny creature inside the panties and it was there he has to stay until the car drew up outside their home and the lovers went inside.


“Let’s go upstairs” said Lisa to Max.

The couple went up to the bedroom and lied down on the bed, gently caressing whilst Mark suffered the indignity, waiting for his torture to be over and done with. Max did not see the little glass jar that Lisa had brought upstairs just moments before and now stood on the dressing table, amongst her range of perfumes and make up. A picture of her and Mark stood next to the glass jar. Lisa got up and strolled over to the dressing table to take hold of the photograph.

“Is that your husband?” asked Max

“Ex husband!” she interjected

“It’s not my place but he looks a bit of a dweeb and I certainly don’t think a gorgeous creature such as yourself should be with a dweeb”.

“Yeah, you’re so right” she said and dropped the photo onto the carpet before driving her right high heel down on it, smashing the glass in the process. Mark wept inside her panties.

“Just a second, Baby, I must go for a piss” he said and then left the room.

Lisa pulled open her panties and pulled the broken form of Mark out. She put him into the jar and scrutinised him in there, wet and caked in her cum. She smiled at his total humiliation.

“Now you can watch and see how your wife can fuck, Mark. In fact, I want you to see on a closer scale”.

Mark had no idea what she meant, maybe she was going to lay him next to them as the fucked or just give him a birds eye view from sitting on the bedside lamp shade. She smiled and winked at him before turning round and embracing the returning Max from the bathroom.

They started to undress each other and kiss each others body as Mark stared from the his glass prison on the dressing table. He fell to his knees and wept. He felt so humiliated that he wanted to die now. It was all too much for the little man, only one inch high.

Max had a great body, the two lovers really complemented each other well. She worked her way down to his briefs and took his member out, starting to suck the now growing dick in her mouth. He was big, about 10 inches when fully erect. It was no wonder she wanted this man. She worked on his cock until it was almost ready to burst, before she turned over and allowed him to strip her off, peeling off the stockings and tossing the white high heels to the other side of the room. He massaged her feet and lovely long legs before kneading her big firm breasts and sucking the nipples. She moaned and pushed his head downwards towards her gaping hole. He lapped away, sucking on the clit and stroking the pussy lips with his tongue. She was ready for him and he was ready for her. She brought his face up to hers and told him to wait.

She walked over to the dressing table and opened the top drawer, pulled out a blue, circular, shiny package and tore it open. She spied Mark in the jar and showed him the condom as she started to unravel the head of it.

“What’s going on Baby?” said Max

“Nothing, I just want to play safe, that’s all”

“Sure thing Baby, now come on over here”

She quickly picked up the glass jar and emptied the contents onto her hand. Mark started to scream. He knew what she was going to do and he had to escape. “Just kill me” he thought, but she wanted this and she swiftly turned the lights down low. She sucked Max once more to get him rock hard and dropped Mark into the teat of the condom. She carefully placed the condom over the head of the erect penis and started to unravel it down his shaft. She could see Mark held fast against the eye of his bulging purple head and she started to lick the head of his shaft to disguise the fact that Mark was there. Max started to moan with pleasure and she sensed that it would not be long before Mark would drown in her lover’s sperm.

With the 10 inch shaft standing tall, Lisa straddled her lover and lolled the bulging head of Max’s penis in her own wet lips. She was soaking and she easily sank down on his shaft, taking him all the way to her cervix. She gasped at the size of this huge cock and she gyrated her hips to make it more pleasurable. She could never have done this with Mark. It was incredible. She started to move up and down before she felt herself start to climax. Max leaned forward and sucked on her breasts, causing her to moan excitedly before erupting in an orgasmic frenzy, humping wildly up and down, taking the big shaft right in. Max could not resist the movements of his lover and although he tried to hold it, he let go with all his might, exploding his sperm inside her as she bounced.

Mark’s screams were muffled out as the condom started to be rolled down the huge member, the top of which he was perched on. He saw Lisa smiling at him from the outside of his rubber trap and cried as she took the head of the penis and himself inside her mouth. He felt her tongue rubbing him and the almighty cock beneath him. The cock became even more hotter and Mark could feel the thud of the pulse. Some clear liquid seeped from the slit on the head, causing Mark to become all wet again. He looked up to see the gaping hole of his wife’s pussy come down upon him and the shaft. She paused for a second and then he felt her warmth as she lolled him around the entrance to her hole.

It was unbearably warm and he gasped as the lights went out, the walls around him closing in and squeezing him and the shaft tight. He started to feel sick as the warm hot walls surrounding him started to go up and down, faster and faster. He could only hear slurping, gurgling sounds and an increased heartbeat from his wife’s body as some muffled were screams came through very faintly. It suddenly became baking hot and slimy inside the tube and then he heard a hiss from the slit on the head of the penis. He heard a deep groan before a hot, burning jet of liquid blasted him in the face once, a momentary pause and then a huge blast of thick male cream knocked him over, forcing against the rubber wall, another pause and then another thick, creamy blast, a pause and then another and another. Mark could not breath. He swallowed lots of the seminal fluid before the pressure subsided as the spunk seeped down the edge of the shaft. He found a small air pocket and coughed up all the sperm in his mouth and guts. He was able to momentarily breath but if he didn’t get out soon, he knew he was going to die.

Lisa climbed off her lover and kissed him. As she came down from her orgasm, she remembered Mark and quickly pulled the condom off her lover’s cock, which was now going limp. She went into the bathroom and could not believe it when she saw movement inside the used sack. She got Mark out and washed him off, bringing him up to her face.

“You are a stubborn bastard aren’t you?” she said. “Don’t worry, Hon, you’re not going to live through tonight, I can guarantee you of that. We’ve only just started.”

She then sat on the toilet, pissed and grabbed a tube of KY jelly from the cabinet. She then smeared some all over Marks’ body and fingered some into her moist anus.

“Guess where you’re going, Hon?”

She leaned forward on the toilet, allowing her anus to open slightly and then eased Mark inside, ensuring that he went in deep. This really turned her on and she squeezed her butt cheeks together before making her way back into the bedroom for round two. Again she sucked Max until he was rock hard and she offered him to take her from behind, which he seemingly obliged. She loved his deep penetration and found herself rising for the next climax before she withdrew his cock, looked at him and said

“Fuck me up the arse, baby, I want to feel that big cock up my arse”.

Max loved the lead she was taking and got really turned on. He pulled her butt cheeks apart and pushed his throbbing member up against her puckered arse hole. She moaned as he skilfully worked his giant cock inside her, ensuring that she did not feel uncomfortable. Soon he had his whole shaft inside her anus and she reached behind to masturbate her clit. She climaxed, threw her head back and howled with pleasure, feeling the minute movements of Mark deep inside her body. Max loved her orgasm and started to built up tempo himself, in and out, in and out, faster and faster, faster and faster, his cock moving in and out like a well greased piston. Max jerked and groaned and he filled her arse with the second load of his hot cum. He was still moving in and out a minute later, taking some time to recover from the intense orgasm.

“Christ, Baby, that was fantastic, you are brilliant. It’s one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had”

They lay together on the bed for a couple of minutes before Lisa realised that she had to go to the toilet, something embarrassing could be seeping out very soon.

Mark could not believe what his wife was doing to him. He realised that she must have been totally unhappy in their marriage to do this to him but she was. He broke down again as the gel came over his body and he expected the inevitable as he saw her fingering and greasing up her anus. He knew he would die this time. It was time to say goodbye to the world once and for all. He looked up at the gaping, fingered anus, wet with get and felt himself being closed in on all sides by slimy, shit smelling, fleshy walls.

Once she had pushed him in past her sphincter, he was not squeezed so much and apart from the putrid smell and heat was not too uncomfortable. He felt himself upside down at first, as that was the way he was put in but he soon found himself lying almost horizontal. He felt something big and menacing beneath him, moving in and out many times, along with moans and groans from both parties. He could feel each time the head of the shaft passed beneath him, giving his wife the pleasure that he could never give her. Then the movements stopped and he thought it was over. He realised it wasn’t when he heard a slimy, slithering sound in front of him, the walls of her shit canal opened and the huge cock met with him once more.

It pushed him further and further back, deeper and deeper into Lisa’s body, until he felt his feet come into contact with a turd behind him. Still the cock pushed, no match for the puny man inside her anus and so he found his feet sinking into the soft shit behind him. The huge cock speeded up in its movements and once again erupted in front of him, soaking him in sperm, forcing him to swallow the salty goo. He moved upside down again momentarily and this allowed the sperm to run out of Lisa’s anus, giving Mark air but he was stuck in her shit, he couldn’t move.

Mark felt some internal rumblings behind him and he felt himself being pushed forwards slowly towards the anus hole, but he had 10 inches to go yet. He felt himself turn upside down again and he knew Lisa was moving around. She stopped with a thud and he just lay there in the dark, shitty dungeon wondering. Then a blast of hot air came over him and stank awfully of rotten eggs. In front of him he heard a loud hissing noise and then he felt the shit behind him move him forwards at increasing speed. He knew now that Lisa was shitting and that if he didn’t do something fast he would be washed away forever.

He tried in vain to stop the turd behind him from moving forwards but the giantesses internal anus muscles were no match for him and he was pushed towards the exit hole which was now opening. As her anus opened Mark hung there in mid air, his feet being trapped in the turd above. Lisa pause for a moment and he saw her piss a beautiful waterfall of golden rain down into the bowl below before she groaned and pushed with her anus muscle once more. Mark was a couple of inches from the water when the turd dropped, forcing down under water with incredible force and he came to rest on the bottom of the bowl, still trapped in her shit.


Another turd hit the water above and came to rest next to him, fortunately dislodging his feet which were trapped in the first turd. Stunned, Mark floated to the top of the pissy water and gasped for air. He thought that Lisa had stopped shitting but she sat there, not moving. A load rumble over head was swiftly followed by a blast of shitty, runny acidy water that jetted out of her arse at huge velocity. It knocked poor Mark under but he came up to see Lisa wiping her arse and tossing the used paper into the bowl. She noticed the small movement in the shitty water below.

“Jesus Christ!” she exclaimed “I’m sorry Mark but I tried to make this easy for you. Now I’m going to do what I should have done in the first place.”

She dropped a piece of toilet paper into the bowl and allowed Mark to climb out. She put him into the basin and washed him off, leaving him there whilst she walked into the bedroom.

She returned wearing the white high heels she had on earlier but nothing else. She stood there stark naked in her heels and she looked incredibly beautiful.

“Come on Mark, let’s go into the bedroom and make up, you’ve been through a lot.”

She picked him up and took him into the bedroom, placing him on the floor near the dressing table. Mark was starting to believe that his wife had forgiven him for the giantess fantasy and that she was going to throw out this awful Max, coming back to him with open arms. What a wonderful finale that would be, to have experienced the fantasy and then return back to normal. What a story he could post on the pages of Giantess Shrine and all the other fab sites out there. He would be the envy of all GTS worshippers.

Max got up off the bed and stood with Lisa next to the dressing table. Mark’s dream was cut short as he saw them kiss each other and cuddle closely. Lisa said “I want you to be with me Max. I’ve known you for a little while now and I want you stay with me. I don’t want to be on my own anymore.”

“Sure Baby, I like you a lot. I would love to stay with you”.

He cuddled her as she looked down, over her beautiful breasts, at the speck on her carpet.

“Shit, was is that?” Max inquired.

“Damn cockroach” said Lisa “but don’t worry, Ill take care of it”

She lifted her white pump over the speck and slowly brought it down. She felt the resistance as she did before but this time she pushed down, allowing her glorious weight to end the creature’s life. She heard the dull crunch under her sole and pushed with all her weight, before twisting left and right a few times. She removed her foot to reveal a red circular paste on the carpet.

Mark looked in horror as his giant wife stood gloriously above him with her arms around her lover. He saw them kiss and then understood that he was no longer any part of her life. He was nothing to her, just an annoying speck on her carpet. He saw her look down over her breasts and smile at him. He heard the creak of the leather as she lifted her right foot and brought it over his puny body. He sat down and feebly put up his weak arms to fend off the enormous sole above him.

The cold surface came into contact with him, driving him deeper into the pile. The weight was impossible as she simply suspended her foot there momentarily, allowing him to ponder the last few moments of his life as a worthless insect beneath his wife's body. The pressure increased and he couldn't breathe. His already damaged rib cage strated to crack loudly and he screached in pain. He felt fluid rushing up inside him and his screams were muffled by the gurgling of his blood. He started to see brilliant white flashing stars, coupled with the continued cracking of the bones in his body. The pain was incredible and then all his like went blank. He saw only a black wilderness with nothing in it. He was gone.

“Christ, I didn’t know cockroaches had red blood” said Max

“Only the perverted ones” giggled Lisa and she kissed him on the lips once more, before they spent the rest of the night together.


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