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Marie's Plaything by Gromet
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F/m; Solo-F; FM; majick; spell; shrink; tease; nipple; insertion; cuckold; messy; condom; torment; sex; anal; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

It all started when my wife Marie looked over my shoulder at the computer screen, asking “What’s that you’re looking at?”

Startled by her creeping up on me, I didn’t know that she was there until she spoke; it was too late to deny what I was reading on the computer. “It’s just some stories.” I replied, hoping that she would leave me and not delve any further.

The site in question was a giantess stories site, I love reading the stories on there and get quite turned on by some of the action in some of the stories, I have several favourites that I daydream or fantasise about. But it’s not something I’d ever shared with anyone let alone my wife.

We’d been married for a couple of years, I met her whilst in college where we both graduated and had gotten jobs in the same city, we sort of lived together for a while as things progressed in our lives, we moved from our apartment to this house the week after we got married.

“So what type of stories are they?” she asked.

“Fantasy stories” I replied, “just fantasies…”

“Yes but whose?” She said looking more over my shoulder, “Let me see what you’re into...”

With that she butted me off the chair and sat herself down in front of the computer screen. My wife is a quick reader, she can devoured a novel in a matter of hours, so she zipped through the stories I had on screen in no time at all.

“Well, we do keep secrets, don’t we!” she smiled as she looked back over her shoulder at me. “So you’d like to be dominated by a taller, more powerful woman?”

I stuttered, “Maybe, but they’re just fantasies, there’s no way they could happen…”

“Don’t be so sure!” she said, looking back at the screen and reading some more. I could hear her mutter things like “Mmm, interesting!” “Maybe…” and several other comments as she went through all of my favourites.

I’ve never really met her family, she said that were all overseas or far away and that she doesn’t have much contact with them. When we married it was a small affair with just my family and some friends, none from her side. She remained tight lipped when pressed on the subject of her family and would quickly change the subject when asked. I didn’t know then what I know now about her family and her abilities – but that was soon to change.

She finished up reading the stories I had open on screen and had read several more that I had bookmarked, and some more besides. She turned around in the chair and asked, “Do you get off on this? Does it turn you on?”

I went from beet red in the face to shocking white, I felt like a schoolboy caught out playing with himself by his Mother, I managed to say, “It’s just fantasy, but yes I do like the scenes in those stories, but I always think of you doing those to me.” I added that last part so that she didn’t think of me as such a pervert.

“So you’d like me to play with you, dominate you, shrink you down and play with you, would you like that little man?” As she said that shivers went down my spine.

“I... I would, but it’s all fantasy, it’s just something I read…” I said.

“But what if we could, what if I said that I could shrink you down to size and do some of those things you like reading in these stories.” She said teasing me.

“There’s no way…” I started to say, but she stood up and pressed her fingers to my lips.

“Never say never, where there’s a will there’s a way, as the saying goes.” She said. “What if we could do this – would you?”

“Sure, with you I’d love to do anything you ask, but…”

“No buts, Mister, if I say we can do it, do you not believe me?” She looked slightly hurt at my reply.

“I’m sorry, but can you really do this?” Now starting to question myself, and start to think that maybe I was asleep and dreaming all this.

“I’ve never told you about my family or much of my past have I?” she asked, “What if I were to tell you that I come from a long line of powerful witches, that my family have kept their knowledge of magic and spells throughout the centuries.”

I went to say something, but she placed her finger across my lips to keep me quiet.

“It’s all true, my family have been practising witchcraft for many, many years, the knowledge passed on from one generation to the next, each member giving the next more powers as they gained more knowledge. I am from a very long line of witches; all the females in my line have been witches and will continue to be for many years to come.” Marie said.

“Now I do know a spell that will reduce you in size, it will allow me to play with you and help you fulfil some of your fantasies,’ she paused, “and some of mine!”

“But beware what you wish for, sometimes it has a habit of biting you back!” she laughed.

“If you’re really a witch, how come I’ve never seen you do magic around here?” I asked, still not too sure if this was a dream or not.

“I can assure you that you’re not dreaming,” she said as if she’d read my mind.

“Wait a minute, did you just read my thoughts?” I said.

“And you say that you’ve never seen me do magic…” she laughed, “my dear I’ve been using magic on you since the day we met, I’ve wanted you from day one, I knew that you were the one for me. You just didn’t know what charms I’ve used on you and not just this great body of mine either…”

“Well yes, I did fall for you the moment I laid my eyes on you, and you do have a fantastic body, one that I worship and adore.” I smiled back at her.

“So do you want to become my tiny plaything?” she asked.

“I do,” I said, “but… seeing you’ve read the stories you know that sometimes the guy gets swallowed and eaten, I’m not really into that, it’s all good in fantasy but in reality I’d rather continue living.”

“So no eating then!” she laughed, “not even a tiny nibble? You’d look so delicious being so small; I may have to try…”

“Please…” I pleaded, “no eating, I want to share my life with you, not end up flushed down the toilet pan.”

“Okay, so no eating, anything else?” she asked.

“I’m still not sure that this is actually happening, but as long as I’m not harmed, damaged or injured – or eaten, then everything is fine, I’ll be your plaything after all, so you’ll control whatever happens.”

“Damn right too little mister!” she smiled, “you’ll be nothing more than my plaything, something to use and abuse!”

“So when do you want to start?” I asked.

“Well it’s Thursday today, we both have work tomorrow, so Friday evening would be good, unless...” she smirked, “you take the day off!”

“Well I have caught up on all my work, I don’t really need to go into the office and they do owe me some time…” I said, “Why what were you thinking?”

“Well we could start tonight, I just need to find the correct spell and I could shrink you down to size and you’ll start to become my little toy.” Marie said.

“Okay, if you wish. You seem eager to try this!” I said, “I’ll ring and leave a message that I won’t be in tomorrow.”

“I’ll get my spell book and look up what’s needed, then you’re mine little man…” she said as she licked her lips.

That look sent shivers up my spine; I wonder if she did plan on eating me, how could I escape when shrunk down in size. The thoughts left my head as soon as they entered, was she still reading my mind?

Phone call made I locked up the house and went upstairs to look for Marie, she was located in the main bedroom, in her lap was an ancient looking leather bound book, one that looked like it had seen many, many years, funny I’d never seen it around the house before.

“That’s because I keep it well hidden,” she smiled.

Damn she was reading my mind again, I’d have to watch what I thought in future, it could land me in trouble!

She just smiled at me, that wicked smile that told me she knew what I’d just thought.

“Ah, here it is!” she announced, “it’s pretty simple, not much to it at all, but then there won’t be much of you either after I’m done!” Again she licked her lips, she was teasing me I knew, but it created doubt in my mind about being on the menu. “You ready?”

“Sure,” I said, thinking that this isn’t real.

Next I heard or thought I heard my wife muttering something, it didn’t sound like English to me but she seemed confident in what she was saying, then a blue light blinded me and I felt myself falling, I thought that I had passed out, but it was the spell working and I was shrinking.

I came too with my wife’s beautiful face beaming down at me, she was on her knees but she towered over me, my clothes lay scattered about me and I found myself to be naked and shivering with the chill. I looked up into her eyes, her smile beaming across her face like a cat who’s caught its prey.

“D... Did it work?” I asked.

“Sure did little man, how do you feel?” she asked.

“Very scared and very small…” I replied as I looked at her towering over me.

She held out her hand and bade me climb on to it, it felt warmer against her flesh and I suddenly realised how small I’d become, I could easy fit in the palm of her hand with room to spare. Her fingers closed around me and I felt a rush as I was lifted up higher, her fingers gripping me tightly so I couldn’t fall or get away. I was still unsure what had happened, how it all happened and where I was, I was totally disorientated.

I felt her moving, I could only see through the gaps in her fingers, I was as tall as them and I laid back in her grasp as she carried me to wherever she was taking me. Moments later her palm opened and I looked up at her face, she smiled back at me and then tipped me off of her hand, I fell and was fearful of hurting myself but I landed on top of the bed, the bedding was very soft under me, it was difficult to stand, I was still slightly dizzy from the shrinking after all, so I just laid there.

“Well my little man, what do you think now?” she asked, “surprised at your wife now huh!”

“Yes…” I managed to stammer out, “how tall am I?”

“Well you’re as big as I want you, but you’re currently about 2 inches tall, though that can change! So you’d better do as you’re told little man.” Her laughter boomed out deafening me.

“Now you stay there whilst I get ready, we have some playing to do and you’ve got your work cut out making sure you do what I want.”

I lay back down and looked as she moved away; she was heading to the bathroom mere steps away but to me at my size it seemed to be in the far distance. I looked myself over, everything seem to be in the right place, nothing missing and everything in proportion. I don’t appear to have suffered any side effects other the slight dizzy feeling that was wearing off. I started to wonder what fantasies or ideas she’d read in the stories that she wanted to try out.

Marie soon returned to the bed, she was now naked and I could see her in all her glory, she appeared to glow and her smile still looked like she’d caught her prey, I would soon find out what she was going to do with me.

She lay down on the bed, this sent a shock wave through the soft covers underfoot, knocking me off balance and I fell down and held on tight as she continued to move about on the bed, each movement causing more waves. I never realised just how much movement there was in getting into bed, but at my level it was pretty big.

Now Marie lay on her side, her face looking down on me, “Well little man, let’s see what you can do, shall we?” Her hand moved over to me and her fingers picked me up and lifted me over to her, she moved her body to lay on her back as she continued to transport me towards her. Soon I was laying down on top of her left breast, her nipple like some large mound in front of me, one that started to grow.

“Well little man get on with it!” she demanded pointing out her nipple.

I reached over and grasped it with both arms, her flesh even softer than the bed underfoot, it was hard to walk on her skin. I opened my mouth and started to suck on the offered nipple, it continued to grow, my arms gripping it tightly, my mouth and tongue lapping at her flesh. Her hand moved behind me and she started to kneed her soft breast, making me hold on even tighter less I should fall off.

I could hear her as I teased and suckled at her tender flesh, she was enjoying this immensely she had control over her little man and would get him to bring her to climax whenever she wished. It was a huge task ahead of me and we spent many hours with me exploring her body, but she did manage to orgasm with me wriggling about like a worm at the entrance to her quim, it loomed large over me and very soon I would be exploring it’s hidden depths and bringing her to another shattering climax.

All too soon we both fell asleep exhausted at what we’d just being doing, me more so as the effort on my part just to tease her was monumental, let alone bring her to orgasm. I was totally spent, they never tell you that in stories, being so small required super human efforts on my part just to get her to feel me touching her.

I awoke the next morning with the full face of my wife looking down at me, a big smile across her face. “Morning little man, how do you feel this morning?” she asked.

“Fine,” I said, “very sore but okay. I think I found some new muscles last night that I never knew existed!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll soon recover, that’s part of the spell. Soon you’ll be bouncing around and getting into all sorts of things!” she said with that devious smile of hers.

“Breakfast?” she asked.

“Yes please I famished!”

“Well you’re going to need to keep your strength up little man; I have many uses for you today!”

After a small breakfast on my part, I took a bath in a saucepan that she placed on the table, she helped me inside and I plopped down into the water.

“Hang on, what’s going on here?” I asked, “This is one of your ploys to get me cooked is it!”

My wife’s devious smirk returned, “What me... cook you, no I couldn’t possibly… after all I’ve just eaten!” she laughed whilst rubbing her tummy. “But a good idea all the same…”

After cleaning off she left me sitting on the table as she cleared away, I loved watching her move, she was like a goddess, her size and her demeanour left me in no doubt who was in charge. When she looked back at me she could see that I was sporting a huge erection.

“Is that all for me?” she asked. “My what a little beauty…”

She picked me up in her hand and lifted me bodily towards her face, her smile and her eyes never leaving me, as I got closer to her face she opened her mouth, with a fear of dread coming over me I thought that she was going to eat me.

“Don’t worry little one, I won’t eat you… yet!” as she closed her lips around my member and ran her tongue across the tip. “I have an idea…”

With that she opened her mouth and placed me face down on her tongue, she rolled her tongue around underneath me getting me excited and playing with my own little man. She kept her mouth slightly ajar as she continued to use her mouth to tease and play with me. I was in giantess heaven, here sliding around inside her mouth being brought to climax. As I came she closed her mouth sealing me inside, her tongue continued to play with me and move me around inside her mouth. She even hummed that caused vibrations to flow through my penis and into my being.

If this was how it was to end then I was pleased, all she had to do now was swallow and I would be gone, down her throat and into her stomach. I was in sheer bliss and came again across her moist warm flesh. She felt me cumming a second time and gave me a hug with her tongue by holding against the roof of her mouth.

Soon after she opened her mouth and I was returned to the palm of her hands, covered as I was with her mucus, dripping with her saliva. “You seemed to have enjoyed that!” she stated, “and no I won’t eat you, well not yet anyway we have more things to do.”

After she placed me back in the pot to get cleaned up again as she left to get ready for work, she returned a short while later saying, “Change of plans little one, I’ve taken the day off too! I think we need more time to play.”

She lifted me up from the table and carried me into the bedroom, soon she was again undressed and laying on her back, though she left her panties on, I would soon find out why. Again I started on her nipples, then the rest of her breast and worked my way down from there, teasing her body as best I could. Her hands also helping to stoke her fires. Now she lifted up her waistband and picked me up and placed me down inside, right next to her clit, now I love teasing and tormenting her with my tongue with this particular bodily part, now was no exception.

I started to work with my mouth, hands and even my feet teasing, touching and generally fooling around with her hardening nub. It grew bigger the more I played with it, her skin becoming more sticky with secretions, the smell of her turned me on, it was heavenly in my normal size, here I was in nirvana. Her hand was fluttering under me working her soft tender folds, her fingers moving in and out of her hole, she was getting closer and closer to orgasm.

Just then my footing slipped in all the wetness our playing had caused, I fell down and was quickly caught up in her fingers moving around her love nest. Marie was so turned on by now that she didn’t notice or just totally ignored what had happened, but soon her fingers pushed my body in between her labia, her vaginal opening was directly in front of me, her fingers continued their thrusting and I was engulfed within her sex.

My entire body, except my feet was inside of Marie, here I was being used as a mere sextoy, soon her fingers found my feet and she moved me in further, then pulled back and pushed me inside again. This went on for a short while until the wetness of her impending climax caused her to loose grip of me and I slid all the way inside her just as she climaxed, I felt the walls of her vagina close around me in a tight grasp, they shuddered in waves as the orgasm rolled over Marie.

To me inside it seemed to go on for a long time, I could not move as her muscles held me tightly in their grasp. For Marie this was one of her most intense orgasms, we have managed to achieve these on rare occasions but at the end of it the intensity causes her to pass out, as she did with this one. I was now stuck inside my lovely wife until she recovered enough to realise where I was, or start looking for me anyway.

I felt fine, I had no trouble breathing and other than the tight grasp holding me inside I was in no pain. ‘Funny’, I thought, ‘shouldn’t I have difficulty breathing or even be dead by now?’ I lay there in the complete darkness of my wife’s pussy, held tight and stuck fast and drifted off to sleep, again worn out from my exertions.

Marie eventually work up an hour later and she felt wonderful as she always does when she’s climaxed like this, then as the fog of her orgasm lifted she started to wonder why I wasn’t in bed with her, then it dawned on her the spell, the shrinking, our playing and then she realised what had happened. Her fingers moved down to her crotch, her underwear pushed aside and her fingers searched around in hopes of finding me down in her underwear. “Where the hell is he…?”

Then it came over her as she remembered her fingering herself, my position on her clit hood and then not feeling me any longer as she finally climaxed. Her fingers then entered into her vagina and sought out what was inside of her. She was worried that I was dead as she found my feet and pulled me out. The cold air woke me up and I shivered as she held me aloft. “Well little man it seemed that we have found another use for you! – A human dildo!” she laughed.

After a clean-up all around it was decided that playtime would come again later, now was some much needed rest time. Marie was going to lay out in the garden and sunbathe for a while, whilst I recovered but I would be recovering in a very special spot – in her crouch. She walked back to the bed in her bikini, she held open the front of the bottom part and lifted me and placed me inside.

“There little man, just like in the stories you get to spend some time relaxing in my knickers, or in this case my bikini bottoms, whilst I rest and catch some rays.”

With no further thought about me she gathered her stuff and headed outside to the garden, she placed a towel down on the grass and laid herself down face first on her belly, I was stuck inside her outfit caught between the tops of her thighs and the folds of flesh that made up her sex. The cloth preventing any movement to try to get away and I soon drifted off to sleep.

Now we live in a nice part of town, each house has a large garden at the rear but each house overlooks the garden next door, ours being no exception we have Roger & Jane next door one way and Erica & her girlfriend on the other side, I don’t know her name as they change quite regularly. The trouble with having the gardens overlooked is made worse when my lovely wife likes to sunbathe outside in her bikini or sometimes without it. Roger has a bit of a thing for my wife and has been caught peeking over the fence a few times, much to my annoyance and his wife’s too.

I think my wife secretly loves it when Roger spies on her laying out in the garden, I even think she deliberately teases him by taking off her top or moving about in her tight bikini or even a g-string. I think Roger has been caught out a couple of times by his wife too, judging by the cold stares she gives Marie when we go anywhere, the air is certainly frosty between them.

Marie lay there feeling the sun’s warmth on her skin, she’d oiled herself so she didn’t get sunburnt, her skin glistening under the sunlight, every time she moved it seemed to be in a sensuous way, taking her time and stretching like a cat would, knowing full well that Roger was watching her every movement. I’m sure he’d like to do more than watch.

My wife caught sight of him watching her and she played all the more so upon it, her top removed she rolled over to expose her breasts to his gaze. The poor guy would have burst watching her move under his gaze. He tried to look busy in the garden as he came closer for a better look, pulling away when he thought she was looking in his direction. I was totally unaware of what was happening whilst stuck between her thighs inside her bikini bottoms, I could feel her moving around thinking that she was evening out her tan.

Marie suddenly stood up, her breasts hanging free, like she’d been stung. “Roger, come out I know that you’re there!” she said. Roger lifted his head sheepishly and tried in vain to look into Marie’s eyes but they were firmly stuck on her magnificent breasts, her nipples standing loud and proud. I was tumbling around in her underwear, going from a laying position to standing caused me to fall into the gusset of her bikini bottoms.

“Roger…” she said again, “show yourself! Ah there you are, I have a favour to ask of you, my husband’s away on business and I need you to do something for me, would you come over.”

I was unaware of Marie’s plans, even if I did know I could do nothing about it from my position, Marie was acting out another scene she’d read in one of the stories she’d read, I would soon find out all about it. Roger came bounding over the fence as my wife smiled sweetly at him, his eyes never leaving the wondrous sight of her breasts. Marie turned and Roger followed her inside the house, like a fly to the spider, he would soon be caught in her web.

“Roger I need you to scratch an itch I have, would you be able to help me!” she cooed, tuning on her charm.

“Sure I would love to help you out Marie.” He salivated.

“Good then follow me upstairs…” Marie’s finger curling enticing to follow.

Soon they were both upstairs in the main bedroom, “Well Roger, you’ve wanted this body for a long time now, here’s your chance, my husband’s away – I’m all yours!” As she said that Marie lay down on the bed, her arms outstretched begging him to join her.

Roger seeing his chance jumped on to the bed and soon they were both building up a heat of passion, I could feel things going on outside and also feel the moisture build up inside her garment. The foreplay got hotter and more intense, Marie was at boiling point now, Roger’s hands were all over her body, his clothes removed in a rush as they both sought out each other’s tongues. Marie still had her bikini bottoms on but for not much longer.

Marie slid her hand down between her legs to locate me trapped inside, Roger thought that she was just removing her bottoms, but Marie knew what she was doing as she located me wrapped in the soft folds of her flesh, her fingers started pushing me inside of her, I took the hint and aided her in locating me inside her. It was very hot and humid inside, I could hear her heartbeat it was certainly pumping now, she must have been really turned on by now.

My wife’s hand returned to Roger’s shoulder, “Could you remove them for me?” she asked him. Roger now very eager to get inside my wife took no time ripping them off of her, flinging them to the far corner. “Take me Roger! Use me! Fuck me!” she pleaded.

Roger climbed on top of Marie and he pushed his erect penis inside of her moist hole, there being very little resistance Roger rammed himself inside her. Meanwhile inside Marie I was just laying there wondering what was going on when this thing shoved me further inside of my wife’s love tunnel. It continued to press me further back with each thrust and then I realised what was happening my lovely wife was being fucked by someone, and whilst I’d read stories about this happening I didn’t believe that Marie would do this to me.

At this time all that mattered was for me to stay out of the way of that thrusting penis coming in and out of her vagina, I was now pushed up as far as I could go against her cervix but still the thing kept pushing into me. Outside Marie was egging him on, saying, “OH Roger, you’re so big, you’re filling me up!” In between screams and pants, and a constant stream of “Ohhs” and “arrhhs”.

Roger meanwhile was having the time of my wife, sorry his life, this was a long sought after dream, one that he had masturbated over time and again thinking of doing just this to Marie. Soon my wife had her first climax, I felt her muscles contract inside her, they shivered for a while and then relaxed, the wetness inside increased too, I was swimming in her juices. The pounding continued, each time I fell forwards his member would shove me right back up there, I wondered if I was as big as he was.

Marie approached her second orgasm and not long after Roger released his, she could feel him inside her as he released gush after gush of sperm inside her, knowing full well that her tiny husband would be on the receiving end, this tipped her over further into her climax.

Inside I realised that Marie had cum again and then thought it wouldn’t be long before the inevitable happened, and sure enough shortly after my wife’s climax the man had his own sending his spendings my way, I was already at her cervix when the torrent hit me I was covered from head to toe in layers of his cum, holding me fast against the walls of my wife’s vagina, stuck like a fly in amber. I’d held my breath beforehand so didn’t manage to swallow any but it’s clawing smell still invaded my nostrils, I had trouble moving my arms and legs, it was like paste gluing me to my wife’s insides.

Outside Marie had finished climaxing and was luxuriating in the afterglow of great sex, she was like a cat who’d got the cream, I thought I’d got that! Roger meanwhile continued to lay on top of Marie, and soon his member had recovered enough for the next round. “Oh Roger, you’re so naughty!” she said as she snuggled down for the next course. “I wish my husband was like you!”

Well to cut a long story short, they continued on until Marie had climaxed three more times and Roger twice more. I was well and truly covered inside of Marie, it seemed everywhere was. I tried to wipe it off of me but I had to give up in the end as there was so much of it in here and just laid there hoping that they’d finished, my body was bruised from the battering ram that kept shunting into me, pressing me against her cervix and still trying to push me further inside.

“Oh that was great Roger, I’ve never cum so many times in all my life!” she snuggled up next to Roger.

“I don’t think I have either”, he said. “You are one hell of a woman Marie.”

“You rest up here for a bit whist I freshen up, and then maybe…” she winked at Roger.

She made her way towards the bathroom on very shaky legs, as she stood up some of their orgasmic spendings ran down her leg, she hoped that I was not dribbling down her legs at that very moment.

Inside the bathroom, the first thing she did was sit on the toilet and pee, more cum mixed with her own fluids seeped out and into the pan, as they did I slid down and Marie caught me as I exited her. She held me in her hand whilst she continued on the toilet. Marie then carried me over to the sink and ran the tap, filling up a small soap dish she plopped me down inside and said to clean myself up, I was a mess.

Sure I was a mess, you and that steam-powered engine out there had made me into this mess, I dove under the water to clear my hair, my face and even my ears. Marie changed the water and I continued under I was de-cummed. Marie was over the moon, she was like a schoolgirl, I could see her radiate heat and glow from her lovemaking. She’d just cheated on me with someone else but to her it was part of her fantasy, one where her little man was there as she was screwed royally. She loved the fact that I was inside as they both had cum and she told me so.

“I’ve never had sex like it!” she gushed, “It was so intense, I lost count of the times that I came, my legs still feel shaky.”

I just sat there in the dish, the water lapping around my ankles as she continued raving on about what a great session she’d just had, not realising that it was hurting me deeply that she’d cheated on me, was this the first time? It seemed very easy for her to get someone to lay her, maybe I would be replaced now that she’d found this well-hung stud. I wondered who it was and guessed that maybe it was Roger from next door.

Roger meanwhile had woken from his brief slumber and had recovered his senses to realise where he was and called out for Marie. “Be right there hun, don’t go away!” she said, the smile beaming across her face. She turned to face me, “Well once more unto the breach…” she whispered.

Marie picked me up out of the dish, I struggled for all I was worth, I wasn’t going back inside her for more sex, just so she could get her thrills. Truth be told this was one of my favourite stories, Marie had obviously read this one and it had sparked her interest. “Don’t worry little man it’ll all be over soon enough!” she said.

Now I feared for my life, what was Marie going to do, eat me and let this usurper into her bed, I’d be out of the way inside her belly digesting whilst he banged the living daylights out of my wife, well I hoped that it would turn her on one last time before I was gone. I stopped struggling and let her do what she wanted with me.

Marie reached over into a drawer and picked up a little packet, I suddenly realised what this was, maybe I wouldn’t get slimed again this time if she made him wear that. Marie opened the packet and brought out the condom, as she did she started chanting again, the same blue light surrounded me and I felt myself falling again, she was shrinking me even more. As I reached the size she wanted me to be she stopped chanting, then she lifted me up to her face. “Well littler man, bet you didn’t think I could do that did you! Now for round two.”

With that she tipped her hand I fell into the condom, right down into the ‘bell end’ as I call it, that little nub at the end. She then carried me and the condom back into the bedroom and towards the waiting Roger. Roger upon seeing my naked wife started to get aroused again, “Is that for me?” she asked.

“Sure is” said Roger gloating at my wife’s body.

“Well it’s time for something different, would you like to try ‘around the world’?” she asked.

Roger’s face brightened up and his smile was a mile wide when she mentioned that, his wife would hardly give him blow jobs let alone let him stick his prick up her rear! Now Marie was offering it on a plate, he could hardly contain himself.

Meanwhile I was now stuck inside the condom that my wife was carrying towards her new lover, soon I would find out what she had planned, though I had a good idea.

Marie got up on the bed pushing Roger back down, she was like a cat with its prey and he was the dish before her. Roger lay down without protest as Marie slowly moved her head down to his now erect penis, there was some slight pre-cum glistening out of the end. Marie placed her mouth over the end teasing with her lips and tongue, searching out the drops and swallowing them down. Then she moved her head down taking more of him inside her mouth, she continued until she had as much as she could take inside her mouth.

Roger lay there enjoying, savouring Marie’s mouth being around his prick, he loved this more than sex itself, more of a power thing for him to watch as the female went down on his member. He would prolong this as long as he could, taking in the sight of her bobbing her head up and down bringing him great pleasure. But Marie had other ideas, she took the condom that she’d held in her hand and quickly placed it inside her mouth, Roger was watching this and then looked stunned as Marie gently rolled down the condom with her mouth, covering his erection with its rubbery confines and her warm mouth over the top. “Don’t cum yet!” she pleaded.

Now not only was I stuck inside the head of the condom, that said condom was now firmly fixed over her lovers prick. It was like being in the capsule of a spacecraft waiting for launch, with me being the pilot, only I wasn’t driving! I felt and saw my wife’s mouth leave his rubber clad penis, now what was she going to do I wondered.

Marie meanwhile had moved around on the bed and laid down face first on top, a pillow placed under her belly and she beckoned Roger to use her rear hole for his pleasure. “Take me Roger, use me and abuse me, I want you inside me now!”

Roger needed no second prompting and quickly took position behind Marie’s lovely arse, her hole puckering and inviting him inside. Again he pressed forward, the lubrication on the outside of the condom giving him some slipperiness to enter her. Marie moaned as her burst into her rear, the muscles at first resisting but giving way as Roger’s members slide into her. He thrust as hard as he could to get as far inside as possible.

Marie lay there enjoying this invasion, knowing full well that her husband was at the coal face and would soon be enjoying the fruits of their labours. Marie likes anal sex; it’s one of the things she enjoys especially at that certain time of the month. She may not climax from the penetration but she does find it stimulating and she always has her hands busy beavering away at her clit whist being pounded in her rear.

It was thus that day, Roger unused to anal sex and the tightness of Marie’s rear hole soon had him shooting off his load, his cum slashing the inside of the condom and coating it’s occupant again with more sticky fluid. This time I couldn't move to get out of the way and had to just sit there and let it happen. Marie had brought herself off whist Roger had ‘rogered her’, so to speak. They were both happy and exhausted from their sex together.

“I hope that cured your itch?” said Roger. His member still firmly plant in Marie’s rear.

“Oh yes!” Marie squirmed under him, enjoying the feeling of him inside her. Knowing that she held the power over him climaxing and also the power she now had over her husband.

“I’ve enjoyed you… inside me,” breathed Marie, “and I hope that you’ll scratch my itch again soon.”

Roger was taken aback by this, he thought that this would be a one-off, that I would soon return and nothing would be said about this again. “Are you sure, what about your husband?”

“He’s very tiny compared to you, I need someone who’ll fulfil my desires, maybe I’ll get rid of him and get myself a new man.” Marie said teasing poor Roger.

Roger blushed, he was in way over his head, he didn’t know what to do.

As he slipped out her rear, Marie turned over and smiled, then she went down on him, removing the condom and taking his penis in her mouth. Roger thought this woman was insatiable, but in reality Marie was checking that her husband wasn’t stuck to the sides of Roger’s penis.

“Marie, I… I don’t think I can go again!” Roger stammered.

“That’s okay baby I was just savouring your taste.” Marie said licking her lips, now sure her husband wasn’t there. “Hmmm! I know where I’ll find some more of your delicious juices!” she said as she eyed the condom laying on the bed.

She then picked it up and held it over her open mouth, Roger’s cum started to slide down the condom and into her waiting mouth. Marie licked her lips as she sucked down every last drop.

I meanwhile was stuck, literally in the end part, glued into place by Roger’s cum, I’m not sure I liked this part of the story, being inside my wife was one thing but being there whilst someone else was using her was something else. What was the word I was looking for, ‘cuckold’ sprang to mind.

Marie had sucked all she could out of the condom and still not found me, now she was getting worried that I could be anywhere lost to her. Roger laid there watching her, then noticed the time.

“I must get back as my wife will be awake soon, she’s been on nightshifts and sleeps in till 2pm.” He stated.

“But Roger my itch still needs attention.” She pleaded.

“Maybe later when my wife’s back on nightshift,” he said, knowing that his wife would be gone for a good 8 hours. “I have to get back before she gets up.”

“Roger it was fun today, like I said maybe I need to replace my husband, he’s not much use to me at the moment.” She said smiling.

“But Marie… I’m married!” Roger spluttered.

As Roger dashed for the door clothes in hand, Marie sat back down on the bed laughing to herself. “It’s been a good day little man, I wonder where you are?”

Marie folded back the outer casing of the condom, her tongue exploring further inside until she reached the top and found her little man stuck inside. “Well there you are! I was worried that I’d lost you.”

With that she flicked her tongue across my sticky, cum covered body and soon I was resting on top of her tongue inside her mouth. I was exhausted, bruised and battered, I couldn’t move to save my life. I just let Marie take me in her mouth.

“Well little man it’s been fun, but all thing come to an end, now it’s time for yours!” she said, “like I said to Roger maybe I need another man in my life, and you being so small are no use to me, maybe I should just swallow you down.”

I just lay there hoping that she would, maybe it was time that she found someone new, obviously I wasn’t up to the task. ‘Just tilt your head Marie… and swallow.’ I thought.

Marie tilted her head as she read my thoughts, her tongue fluttered underneath me and I knew soon I would be swallowed. But Marie rolled me around in her mouth, pushing me with her tongue, covering me with her saliva, I was waiting for the end, she was now teasing me.

Next thing I knew was Marie spitting me out onto her hand, “No baby, you’re not going so soon, I still have some things I want to do to you…” Marie smiled down at me. “Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

Well if Roger hadn’t managed to get ‘around-the-world’ I sure had, all three holes and I was completely knackered, I wonder what Marie had in store for me next, I must refresh my memory on those stories.
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This is by far one of more favorite pieces. Any thought at continuing the adventures Grom?


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