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a better self image
« on: July 25, 2020, 01:56:58 PM »
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“Damn I wish I looked that good…”
Amelia looked up as her friend spoke, noticing right away the look of saddness and longing. Her friend, Penny, was staring at a picture of a rather attractive girl, smiling at the camera in a rather seductive pose.
“What are you talking about? You’re pretty too.” Amelia rebutted.
“No I’m not.” Penny replied, putting the phone away. “I mean, sure, maybe with a bit of makeup I could look halfway decent but anyone who takes one look at me...well...they know what they’re looking at.”
Amelia watched as Penny entered the nearest store, feeling a twinge of sadness. She always hated it when her friend got like this.
Ever since Penny came out as transgender, her already shakey self image seemed to have only gotten worse. Every person to call her “sir” or “mister” or any other male term seemed like a punch in the gut for Penny. Amelia always tried to defend her but...there was always at least one asshole.
And it only caused Penny to sink further into this idea that she is not attractive. Not even a little.
“Hey, what’s up?” Amelia turned to see their friend, Liara, approaching, licking away at a strawberry ice cream cone. “What’s on your mind?”
“Penny.” Amy replied. “She’s slunk back into her self abusing thoughts again.”
“Isn’t she always like that?” Liara asked, continuing to lick away.
“I mean...yeah but some days i think she’s getting better...then this.” Amy sighed. “I just wish there was something we could do to help her improve her self image. I mean...i know there’s only so much that can be done, but still…”
“Has she started HRT yet?” Liara asked, tilting her head. “That would help a lot i think.”
“No and i don’t think that’s the sole sollution. She needs...something more. Somehow.”
Liara raised an eyebrow. “Training?”
“Yeah. like training her to think of herself as beautiful. Because she is.”
Liara tilted her head, resuming licking her ice cream cone. “How are we going to do that?”
Amelia didn’t respond right away. She’d found herself somewhat captivated by the way Liara was eating her tasty treat. The way her tongue shot out for just a moment to lick the melting ice cream...and then it hit her.
A big, wolfish grin spread across Amelia’s face. Liara noticed almost imediately. “Uh-oh. I know that look. You’re planning something that could end either really really good...or really really bad.”
“Oh i might have an idea...Any idea if Penny has any plans for the next few weeks?”
Liara thought a moment. “Last i heard she was laid off from her job. This damned virus…”
“Oh that’s just perfect.” Amelia said, meaning it. “well...I’m sure Penny will find herself PLENTY to occupy herself with in the mean time…”
“What are you planning…?” liara asked, officially concerned.
Amelia turned back to watch Penny in the store, browsing the dress section. “Something fun. something...Bad. Something…

Penny had bought 3 outfits. On the way back to her and Amelia’s place, she looked over her purchases. One was a rather cute pink skater dress with a white embroidery along the hem, and little slightly darker pick flowers all along the dress. The other two outfits weren’t as cute in Penny’s opinion but they were still worth it. A bright blue crop top paired with a red and blue skirt, and a cute shirt that read “You got this girl!” all in all she was quite happy with her purchase.
“Alrighty, Penny, you wanna grab the groceries? Liara’s gonna be by later on for dinner.” Amelia called as she hurried inside. She had a lot to do to prepare.
“Um sure. What are we having?” Penny asked, grabbing the bags.
You. Amelia thought, amused. She had so many things in store for Penny. By the time she and Liara were done with her, Penny would have no doubts in her mind about how cute, pretty, and beautiful she really was.
While Penny put the groceries away, Amelia got to work in her bedroom. Throwing open her closet door, Amelia began pulling out her bdsm gear. First she tied several ropes to the bedframe, one for each appendage. Digging around, she found her rope, and a custom made arm binder. She left the gags in the box. Penny’s gonna need her voice for this. And last but not least…
Amelia grinned wide as she pulled out what is probably her favorite torture device for people with dicks.
At first glance it didn’t look like much. Just a strange looking cock sheath. But at the tip laid a pair of massagers, specifically designed to endlessly torture the tip of one’s dick. Amelia knew from experience that for most people with dicks, the tip was the single most sensitive spot they have. Brief moments of attention to it can trigger momentary bursts of pleasure...but none stop attention to the tip can have the victim writhing helplessly under ones grasp. A feeling of pleasure so intense it can leave some people breathless.
Of course, everyone is different. For all Amelia knew, Penny might not be that sensitive there. Still, Amelia had more than one plan up her sleeve. For now, it was time to lay the trap.
“ work fast.”
Amelia whirled around at the voice, her heart freezing at the prospect of being caught before the trap was sprung. Luckily, it was just Liara. “You’re late.”
“I know, i had to put the rest of my ice cream away.” Liara looked at the bed, with it’s myriad of toys scattered upon it. “ sure this is a good idea? I mean we’re not exactly asking her permission…”
“Relax.” Amelia said, placing a hand gently upon Liara’s cheek. “I’ve been through this once before. We will do NOTHING to her besides tie her up until we have her consent to proceed.”
“And what if she says no?”
Amelia smirked, stepping toward the door. “She won’t. I know her well enough to know that inside that innocent persona is a fucking slut just waiting to be ravaged. You should hear some of the fantasies we’ve talked about. She actually has one similar to what we’re planning.”
Liara sighed in relief. “That’s good at least. But how…”
“Enough questions. We’ll give her a safe word. If at any point it’s too much, or she doesn’t want to proceed, she’ll use it. Now, get on the other side of the door. I’m gonna call her in.”
Liara quickly complied, hiding behind the door. “Now...once she’s inside, you grab her, pin her to the bed, and i’ll tie her up.”
Liara nodded, getting ready to act. Amelia poked her head out of the bedroom. “Hey, Penn? Can you come in here a moment?”
Penny looked up, making her way over, completely oblivious to the devious plans Amelia had in store. “Sure, what’s up…?”
The moment she was through the door, Liara sprung, like a lion leaping at it’s prey. In an instant she had Penny wrapped in an iron tight bear hug, and dragged her down onto the bed, on her stomach. Before she knew what had happened, Amelia had sat on her head, pinning her in place, though being careful not to smother her.
“HEY! What...AMY??? What are you doing?” Penny called out, confused.
“Relax, hun. We’ve got big plans.” Amelia replied, swiftly binding Penny’s arms in the arm binder.
“You’re okay, sweety.” Liara cooed. “Just relax, we just want to have some fun.”
Penny whimpered slightly, her heart pounding. It wasn’t unusual for Amelia to prank her on occasion. Penny had gotten used to it, and even gotten her back more than once. But this...felt different.
“Alrighty. Up you go.” Amelia commanded once Penny was properly restrained. Liara helped Amelia pick Penny up and set her on her butt. Penny was very clearly pouting.
“Amy, c’mon this isn’t funny.” Penny whined.
“It’s not meant to be funny, sweety.” Amelia cooed, slinking up in front of Penny to straddle her lap. “See...I’m tired, Penny. I’m tired of hearing you constantly berate yourself for your looks. I’m tired of you constantly lying to yourself about how you’re “Not pretty”. I’m tired of watching your self confidence slowly die with every passing day. And so i’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.” As she said this, Amelia caressed Penny’s face, bringing out a nervous whimper. “Liara and i are going to retrain you. We’re going to MAKE you see that you are as pretty, as beautiful, as WORTHY as you see yourself. And we’re going to make you see yourself as the drop dead gorgeous babe that you are.”
“But i’m not, i still look like a guy, i…” Before Penny could finish her sentence, Amelia tightened the arm binder, causing Penny to yelp in pain.
“Stop that.” She commanded. “You know what the worst part about that mindset is? It stops you from trying. It prevents you from even attempting to change anything about yourself. You’re so convinced that you’re just not pretty enough, that you’ll NEVER look the way that you want to, that you just don’t even want to TRY to improve your self image. Well that ends now. Because as of this moment…….You belong to us. You are my pet. And i don’t keep ugly pets.”
Penny whimpered slightly, her dick slowly growing harder despite her fear.
“Ohhh.” Amelia smirked, feeling it. “Does that turn you on? Being someone’s pet?” Amelia began to very gently grind against Penny’s bulge. “Well if you behave...maybe I’ll give you a nice reward yeah?”
“I…” Penny quivered underneath Amelia, a million thoughts racing through her head.
“However……” Amelia sighed, stopping what she was doing and letting the tension she held on the arm binder go, letting it loosen a little. “If you don’t want any of this...I’m not going to force you. I’ll untie you, and we’ll just chalk this up to another prank. But between you and me...I’d really love for you to play along.” Amelia leaned forward, brushing her lips against Penny’s cheek. “If you don’t want to do this...the safe word is Red. So???”
Penny whimpered, wracking her brain, unsure of what she ACTUALLY wants. “I…”
“Well?” Amelia tilted her head, gently biting Penny’s ear. “I’m listening.”
“I…” Penny hesitated, closing her eyes. “What...are you going to do to me?”
“Oh so many things. I have so many wonderful plans in store for you my lovely little doll.” Amelia smirked, rolling her hips against Penny’s still growing hard on. “So?”
Silence. Penny’s mind raced. She was a virgin, having never actually been in any kind of sexual relationship before. But still…...she couldn’t deny how much she wanted it.
Amelia’s smirk widened. “In that case...let’s get started. we're gonna build you a better self image."

To be continued...
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