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Snatch and grab, accidental victim
« on: June 01, 2020, 02:26:29 pm »
Also known as "Supergirl's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"

"30 girls in the last two months Alex, that we know of!" Kara can't help but look at her sister again, hoping for a different answer.

Turning away and shaking her head, Alex moves towards the door "They were all human Kara, it's horrible yes, but it's a matter for the police or FBI, not the DEO".

As Alex finishes putting on her jacket and grabs the door she doesn't react to Karas last plea "Well I never put a limit on who I'd protect, so I'm going to investigate and find out what's happening."


It is 5 minutes later that J'onn receives a text:

Agent Danvers: "Kara is going after them, we need to increase our efforts to track that missing shipment"

"Does she know we suspect them of stealing that shipment of Kryptonite?" :Director Henshaw

Agent Danvers: "You know damn well she doesn't know we still have any Kryptonite at all, much less that some has gone missing"
Agent Danvers: "Besides, the clubs and gangs at the dock is an interconnected nightmare, there's no telling what any of them are up to without a lot of surveillance"

"Which we have tried for weeks now without getting anywhere" :Director Henshaw
"She might help us out, her attempts at subtle tend to be a bit like a bull in a China shop" :Director Henshaw

Agent Danvers: "That's what I'm worried about, put Winn on surveillance full time and I'll prep some agents she doesn't know to go undercover and keep an eye on her if she tries to imitate Lois"


Looking through her wardrobe, Kara ponders what to do "Flyover with super sight and hearing, or the investigative reporter bread and butter, undercover work?"

Deciding to go as ace (undercover) reporter Kara Danvers, she hurries over to her bedroom.

'Now, what to wear?' She roots around in her wardrobe, throwing dresses, skirts and shoes about until she finds the little black dress she wore under the influence of red Kryptonite 'Perfect!'

After finding the right heels to match, she goes to her jewelry box and finds a silvery bracelet with some multi-colored stones stuck through it so it touches the skin on the inside as well as looks pretty on the outside.

'Ugh, I really don't want to wear this'


A few days earlier:

Kara fiddles with the bracelet, looking at it much the way she'd look at a kale salad if someone called it dinner, before handing it over "I really appreciate you doing this Zatanna, the whole point of appearing human goes out the window if anyone recognizes this or tries to steal it thinking it's valuable"

"No problem Kara, but isn't it a bit risky, taking your powers away and then heading into the lions den?"
She then holds the bracelet for a moment before saying "!elbacitonnu eB" and handing it back to Kara

"Well, after the latest alien invasion attempts and all the meta-humans starting to show up, a lot of the clubs acquired L-Corp power-detectors. And while they aren't as bad as the alien detectors Lena suggested a few years ago, they'll still give a good indication of a persons, or their possessions, relative power to a human."
She puts the bracelet in her jewelry box and closing it before continuing "The bracelet is made out of Nth-metal and has a mix of blue, light red, light green and light golden Kryptonite that takes away my powers with skin contact, but I'll get them back almost fully within a minute or so of removing it, and with your little cantrip neither pick pockets, bouncers or power sniffing machines will notice it."

"And what if say, you're captured and don't have your hands free to remove it, or you get caught in the crossfire at a strip-club and shot, and ignominious ending for Supergirl"

"Pfft, no one is going to catch on that I'm anything but a normal club patron, having a good time. Besides, the machine does however not care much about durability, so the bracelet is designed to only take away my strength and offensive powers. If you stabbed me, I would bleed, but you'd also break the knife before reaching more than skin deep, at least unless I wore the bracelet too long."

She opens the box again and takes out the bracelet "And as for being unable to remove it, it pops into 4 pieces if I touch either of these two places for more than three seconds" She points to two smooth areas between the stones "And if I can't reach that, there's a microphone in it and a tiny chip tuned to my voice, so if I say the magic word, it also pops apart. I've tested it and it works, it took an hour to put it back together again though, it's not the most reusable design, oh, and the magic word isn't actually magic, obviously"

"Obviously. Well, I guess you're all set, but just to be safe" Zatanna grabs the bracelet and says "!ylbmessassid fo em mrofnI"
"There, now I'll know if you ever do break apart your bracelet, and I'll know where it happens."

"Thank's Zatanna, that does help me feel safer"


'Hmm, where to go, there was no single place all the girls had been too, or even most, but there were two that stood out, a bar and dance club named Blaze's where 4 of the missing women had been shortly before going missing, and then there was The Gilded Cage. Only 2 of the missing women had been there their last day, but as it was a bondage themed sex club they already tied people up and hit them, so it'd not be a big leap to just not let them go again'

Kara knew that was a bit narrow minded, but well, the things she'd heard about that place had her... curious.

Taking a deep breath, Kara picks up the open bracelet and puts it on her wrist. She hated the feeling when she blows out her powers, but the feeling when all the crystals press against her skin after she closes the bracelet with a click is something else entirely.

Everything changes, even with filtering out most of it and pushing it to the back of her mind, her super-hearing makes her constantly aware of the city and it's going ons; shouts for help, doors slamming, the ding of an elevator several blocks away. With the bracelet closed, all she can hear is her own breathing, and a few cars outside. The darkening city looks like some sort of fairy tale without her enhanced sight letting her see into every shadowy corner.

The biggest change though was her sense of presence, normally gravity didn't really touch her and nothing she lifted felt in any way solid, her clothes were on her but she didn't really notice them. Now she could feel her own weight, and the clasp of the bracelet, the pressure of her bra ('I really should have gotten that fitted and now just bought one that was close enough') and the touch of her clothes when she moved. She wasn't sure if that was just the way people normally felt, heightened Kryptonian sensitivity or if she just temporary felt more due to the novelty of it all.

"Slightly more people went missing after visiting Blaze's so I guess I'll go there, some music and dancing without having to be afraid I'll hip check someone through a wall would be nice too."

Having decided, she orders an uber and heads on out, finding the car waiting on the curb by the time the infuriatingly slow elevator has gone down the 4 floors.

"Where too ma'am?"

"Blaze's, it's um, I don't actually know the address, I just fl... take the bus to the docks normally"

"No worries ma'am, I know exactly where it is, I didn't know any bus routes went there from around here though. So, out to have some fun or do you work there?" He for some reason nods towards her as he says the last part.

"Oh, no, no work, I'm all about the fun tonight!"

The driver just nods and hums and drives on in silence he drops her of at the club "Good luck with your fun, that's quite the line."


10 minutes later, Karas position in line has hardly moved, she's still at the buildings corner as she watches a gaggle of people dressed up in a variety of super-hero suits walk up to the bouncer, and quickly get let in.

'What the heck! I guess I should've come in my red skirt instead and I could've just walked in too' Looking around she spots two girls wearing almost identical dresses to herself entering the building through a back door.
'Oh, I guess that's why he thought I might work there, I guess this is close to their uniform or something'

'To sneak or not to sneak... no, be strong Kara, all these other people wait so you ca-'
"They budged! The hell, here I've come dressed to the nines and a bunch of rejects from a superhero cosplay party budged the line, gah!" The tall blonde that's stood next to Kara for the last 5 minutes throws her hands in the air in apparent exasperation at the world. She then holds out her hand toward Kara "Uff da, how rude of me, I'm Emma."

"I'm Kara, and that's ok, I got quite miffed at those wannabe capes too" Kara shakes Emmas hand "Wow, that's quite the handshake"

"Ah, sorry there Kara, I grew up with 3 older brothers and the only acceptable handshake was one that left the other person grimacing, at least that what they kept telling me"
"So I'm all alone here because I'm just in town for this weekend and don't know anyone, but you seem to be a local girl born and bred, how come you're here all alone?"

"Oh no, I'm definitively not from around here, I was born somewhere a lot warmer" Karas eyes un-focus as she's lost in thought

"Oh? I'm here about a job, and while I like my childhood home a lot, I don't think I could ever consider moving to somewhere colder, well, not unless the money or company was really excellent" Emma looks at Kara with a small smile.

"I don't normally care too much about the temperature, and I ended up around here through adoption, not work, so it wasn't really voluntary. Not that I have any complaints about where I ended up, except for my sister being a bit of a b-word my first year on E.. uh, in Midvale both she and her mother have been wonderful. It's always nice when we fly out to see her."

"Aww, now I'm both sad and jealous. While my brothers are great and I even work with them at times, my mother and I don't really get along. Even so though, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have my family, though I guess if I was young enough I'd not remember anyway. Anyway, enough downers, this slow as fuck line is enough of a downer as it is, it's been 20 minutes and we're not even half way there!"

"Ugh yeah, I had no idea it could take this long, I don't usually go clubbing, and whenever I go to a bar it's usually with my sister, but when I was trying to get her to come along she refused, and just ended with an argument."

Emma looks over at Kara rubbing her bare arms and starts to shrug of her light jacket "Here, you take my jacket, my top is long armed and growing up in Minnesota this is borderline balmy"

A Blushing Kara shakes her head "Oh no, I couldn't possibly, it's not that cold and.. hey, I said.. no don't give it, ok, ok!" giving up quickly, it is after all pretty cold without her powers to keep her warm, Kara puts on the jacket
"Thanks, I've known you for two minutes and you've already been more considerate than my ex boyfriend"

"Hah, they don't call it Minnesota nice for nothing, and he sounds like a bit of an ass if the bar was that low" while Kara looks off towards the entrance Emma gives her another once over and nodding to herself

"So Kara, this is taking forever, and I mainly came here because I heard this place was great not because I absolutely had to go to a club, what do you say we go and find somewhere a bit less popular so we can continue this talk in-doors?"

"I don't know" Kara looks around, then back at the entrance and the line that's standing still yet again "I kinda wanted to go to this place, but going to the docks area was more important than it being this specific club, so hmm"

"Whether or not you want to change venues, we could always start the party here" Emma makes a pointing movement towards Kara's left breast "If you check the inner pocket there, you'll find a little pocket flask there"

Fumbling around a bit Kara finds the flask and pulls it out "Oh, I guess you came prepared"

Emma grabs the flask "Jupp, regular old girl scout here, got my merit badge for knots and all." Unscrewing the top she lifts the flask and leans her head back, drinking down some of the contents while pressing her finger at a small divot mid way up the flask.
"Ah, yeah that hit the spot, here" Emma holds the flask out towards Kara

"Sure, thanks" Kara grabs the flask and drinks from it, making a face at the strong taste "Whoa, that was some strong stuff."

"Hehe, yeah, special home made blend, my older brothers recipe" Emma grins and pulls out her cellphone, hitting a button, then puts it away again "My ride should be here in about 5 minutes if you want to join us."

"I don't know Emma, I really did want to get in here, and now the line seems to be moving again." Kara is feeling all tingly and stares a bit at her hands as she flexes her fingers 'That's kinda weird, maybe it's colder than I thought, or maybe I don't just Like Emma, but like-like her. I've never really done anything when I've felt things for girls before, having to appear 'normal' at all cost, whatever that means'

Emma is studying Kara, and her smile turns cruel as she watches Kara flex her hands, waiting a bit as the bimbo seems lost in thought, she decides it's time to start moving to the rendezvous.
"Come along Kara, time for us to head on to bigger and better things" She starts moving while reaching around Kara's waist with her right arm, and grabs a small loop on the end of the arm of the jacket she's wearing, and then pulls it over and hooks it to a carabiner on the side of the jacket, effectively tying Kara's right arm to her body. In a move borne from long practice, she does the same with her left hand just after and just as fast.

"Um, wha..?" Kara can't seem to move freely, and Emma is pushing her along in a direction she hadn't quite decided if she wanted to go yet, but any protest she tries to voice comes out slurred and muffled.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about anything Kara, you just put one foot in front of the other and everything will be just fine" Emmas voice is calm, but both the sweetness and the Minnesotan dialect seems to be completely gone.

"Nuh, shtop, cant" Kara tries to stop, she tries to move in a different direction, but her body doesn't seem to be listening to her and her walking is now more along the lines of falling in the direction Emma is guiding them with only her arm preventing it from becoming an actual fall.

As they round a corner and (unbeknownst to Kara) enter an area where none of the CCTV cameras work, a blue van with the logo of a plumbing company comes up besides them and stops.
"That's our ride, upsy daisy" As the side of the van opens Emma grabs Kara by her waist and pushes her towards the opening, just as two pair of hands reach out to pull her in.
Emma immediately follows her in before the door closes and the van speeds off.

"Elp! Leht ghoh!" Kara wants to shout, she wants to fight, but her body seems to not want to follow orders.

"Her name is Kara, she might not be a virgin, but I'm sure she's next to untouched, she doesn't have many friends and she's adopted so probably not much family either. She does have a sister but they've just argued so I'm fairly sure no one will notice her disappearing today, maybe not even for a few days." As she's talking, Emma has undone her handiwork with the carabiners and stripped Kara of the jacket.

"She should fetch a good price, as blonde and blue eyed all Americans are still very popular, she didn't seem particular smart or at least stupidly naive, accepting drinks from strangers."
Kara opens her mouth to protest, but one of the men seems to have been expecting that as he grabs her jaw in a huge hand pushes a ring into it to keep it open, before buckling it around her head.

"Whathh, noh, do-glck" any protest gets cut of as he starts pushing some sort of sausage into her mouth, then as he keeps pushing, it starts going further and her minimal fighting gets a bit more frantic. 'Oh Rao, why didn't I put a heartbeat trigger on that damn bracelet, I want it OFF!'

"And let's shut you up for a while" The big man pushes a button at the end of whatever it was he pushed into her mouth, and there's a sudden sound of rushing air as it expands to fill whatever it can fill, and then some.
Kara feels her knees buckle at the sudden and intense pain as the inflating gag hit's her capacity with a ferocity that feels like it'll unhinge her jaw.

Emma rips of her own wig and throws it in a small box, followed by Kara's purse and phone before she picks up a wicked looking knife "Ok slut, stand still or I might accidentally take your nipples as well"
She grabs Kara's dress at the top, and unceremoniously starts cutting it all off, any attempts at stopping it from the drugged and gagged woman is too ineffective to even be noticed, as she gets to them, she quickly cuts of her bra and panties too and ending by pulling her shoes off.

"Natural blonde, nice, you got the air and eye things?" Emma asks one of the men as she throws the remains of Kara's clothes into the same small box that holds her purse. 'Bitch! I can't believe I actually liked you, I hope you fall on your damn knife!'
"This will be the last time you hear or see us Kara, I'd wish you a nice life, but honestly, you won't have that and I don't really care either way" Emma lifts up her cellphone, where she's been writing down the capture info on Kara, and takes a picture for her profile.

The smaller of the two men comes over carrying what seems like two sticks and a small case for contact lenses.
He grabs Kara's head and bends it to the side, taking one of the sticks and pushing it in her left ear, there's the sound of a button being pressed, and a sudden intense pain explodes from her ear as whatever was showed in there suddenly expands violently. He then turns her head the other way and does it again to her other ear.

She can see his mouth moving as he looks at her, the only thing she can read from his lips are the words "tears" and "good", then one of the men forces her eyelids apart, as the other one takes out the first black contact lens from the case and puts it in her eye, blacking out all sight there. She's starting to show signs of severe panic as he puts the other lens in, effectively cutting Kara off from the world, she hears nothing, sees nothing and can say nothing.

As soon as the last lens goes in, the larger man does a response check to see if she'll react to any sight or sound, but there is no response at all besides the constant low level movement of Kara trying to get out of his grasp. "Ok, she's safe. Good work Michelle" he nods at the woman who'd introduced herself as Emma "I'm glad this is the last one in this city though, the heat was getting a bit much."

"Yeah, agree, get her ready for storage" she presses a rivet in the floor, and a hatch opens up, showing a roughly human outline, a bottle of air and a cut out on the side the size of the box that Kara's clothes and purse were put in.

"Sure 'sister'" the bigger of the men chuckles as he grabs a belt with shackles from the hatch in the floor and fastens it around Kara's waist, shackling her arms to the side before grabbing some bigger shackles and fastening her legs together.

They then lift her and lay her down in the foam hole, before connecting the flask to a hole in her gag and closing the hatch again, removing all traces of her ever being there.
Inside the hatch, Kara is experiencing one of her worst nightmares, she can't move, she can't see, she can't hear, it's as if she's trapped in the phantom zone all over again, or maybe she never left, maybe it's all been just another dream.


A few hours later, a question goes over the DEO comms, repeated to every location they've got under surveillance at the moment, until it comes to the team outside Blaze's:
Agent Danvers: "Seen any signs of my sister or the Dodo?"
Agent Vasquez: "Nada, we've seen neither hide nor hair of her."
Agent Danvers: "Good, this is enough of a cluster fuck without her here too."

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Re: Snatch and grab, accidental victim
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Alone in the dark, a frantic Kara is trying to stop her panicking 'No.. no.. this is not /vrrosh :dokhahsh/, this is not the Phantom Zone, calm down Kara, there, you're turning, you're still in the car... naked and paralyzed, this is bad, Rao, I didn't even tell Alex where I was going. We've stopped a while now I think? Are we there? We can't have gone that far...hello?'

In a small interior garage of a darkened warehouse on the outskirts of National city, the kidnappers have left the car next to several containers.


Early the next day two men in hard hats and the high visibility gear of dockworkers enter the interior garage, making sure to close the gate again behind them.

"So what do we have here Pete?" the younger of the two asks as they get close to the car.

"Another of those 'Special' consignments like a couple of days ago, plus we need to deliver the car to the junkyard this time, I guess this is the last one for a while"

Pete gets in the back of the car and starts fiddling around for the release on the floor "Ah, there we go, blonde one this time it seems" he then reaches into the cut out next to Kara and takes out her clothes, purse and cellphone as well as Michelle's discarded Wig.

"Damn, a phone!" the young man who's been preparing a small coffin takes a step back as he sees what Pete has got.

Pete rolls his eyes at the other mans outburst "Oh for fucks sake Steve, the car is made to stop signals, this garage is an improved Faraday cage and besides the phone is dead already anyway" before walking over to a seemingly bottomless hole in the ground and throwing it all down "And in a few minutes, all of that will be in the incinerator anyway. Is the transport box ready?"

"I don't know what a Phara Day cage is, but if you say it's safe I trust you, I heard the other guys talking about the take down in Gotham. And yeah, box is open and ready, perfectly sized from the pic in the cap-notes... I hope" Steve moves from the open coffin and over to the still oblivious Kara "At least she didn't shit herself like the last one"

Pete disconnects the flask from Kara's gag and crouches by her head "Hah, yeah, that was a stinky mess, ready to lift? 1, 2, 3.. hup!"
Steve walks slowly backwards as a crouched Pete moves out of the car with Kara between them 'Rao, something's happened, I'm being taken out, be ready to fight Kara!'

"Besides, that Gotham job was just a clusterfuck that won't happen here, they captured fucking Batgirl without knowing it, didn't notice she wasn't properly paralyzed and she had some sort of hyped up bat-tracker thing in her purse bringing the whole damn family down on them. Too bad the ID she had was fake" as he's talking, Pete maneuvers the shackled Kara to the new coffin and places her into a depression almost perfectly formed like her in the gel-like material.

Steve hooks some sort of stiff hose to the hole in Kara's gag before grabbing a small tub of grease "Yeah, I'd like to get my hands on her when she doesn't have all of her gadgets, almost as much as I'd like to get my hands on Supergirl, now there's a sweet piece of ass" sticking a few fingers in the tub, Steve grabs some of the grease before bending over the coffin "Hey, lift up her legs will you, I need to hook her up in this end too"

"Why am I not surprised you're volunteering to do that, heh" Pete grabs Kara under her knees and lifts until her legs stick straight up

Steve sticks a greased up finger up Kara's ass, moving it around to spread the grease before slowly forcing a second in there 'Ow, bastards! Get your fingers or whatever that is out of my bum... that's not a finger, oh oh Oh! That hurts, stop please Rao!'
Having finished lubing up, Steve sticks a small plug attached to a a small hose in before pressing a button that slowly inflates it until it's well and truly stuck "Enema hooked up".

"Ok, you can drop her legs now, she's almost good to go." Steve walks over to a paper dispenser while surreptitiously sniffing his fingers.

"Jeez Steve, it's bad enough you don't use gloves, do you really have to fucking smell them after?"
Having dropped Kara's legs down again, Pete takes a small tube with a plug at the end and then starts spreading her labia, looking for the smallest hole. Once he locates it he starts pushing the tube slowly up her urethra until urine starts to come up the tube, before it reaches the plug he presses it producing a clicking sound and closing the tube. 'No, not there, don't... wait, what the... that hurts, why are you sticking something up my- ouch! Fudgesticks, shit, I think I peed myself... or... that's weird I can't control it at all, I hope tha- fuck, stop pushing it in me! Rao, god, me'

"Can you finish her head? I'm about done here" Pete pushes the tube in another inch and then connects the plug to a small hole in the packing material just under her and between her thighs "Catheter hooked up".

Steve connects the thicker tube from Kara's gag to a hole next to her head and then grabs grabs two smaller tubes that are sticking up next to them, and plugs them into her nose "Food and air hooked up, she's good to go"

After closing the lid, they start pushing the wheeled table with the coffin on it over to the container, the two men slot it into one of the free coffin-sized slots on the right hand rack.
"I wonder why they wanted to finish before filling it this time, there's just 16 boxes here yet. Oh well, their loss" Pete shrugs and checks the small display next to Kara's coffin, making sure that it's hooked up to the containers power and bigger supply of food and water.

They close the container up, leaving it for the actual dockworkers to load before driving off to the junkyard with the car


Over the next three days as she travels out over the ocean, Kara spends her time alternating between blind panic, incandescent rage, complete apathy and fervent prayer with the occasional bout of going slowly insane
'..not the zone, not the zone, please not the zone...'
'...ugh, more foodstuff, I'm not sure if I'm glad or sad that the damn gag goes so deep I can't even taste the food, at least it's not bad enough to choke me...'
'...when I get out of here I'm going to break every bone in all of their bodies, except Emma, her I'm gonna kill...'
'...gah, enema time, the frequency of which is too damn high, hehe, Rao, I don't know how much longer I can take of this...'
'.../sem :dhehrivodh/...'
'...It might sound crazy but it ain't no lie, Baby bye bye bye...'
'.../,rao, voikir khap/, God if you're there, I'll convert to you if you can make my bracelet stop functioning now, no? Well fuck you too...'
'...Alex, I'm sorry, please find me! ...'


This is the point where Alex realizes that Kara hasn't just been busy, she's missing and starts trying to find out what happened.

A red faced Alex is standing behind Winn, staring at grainy video footage showing over several monitors "What do you fucking mean, you don't know where they went, I agree the video is pretty shitty but that blonde Kara leaves the queue with is the key to finding her and saying they walked out of frame and fucking vanished won't do, find them!"

Unfortunately for Kara, she's still got 4 more weeks in the box before it arrives at it's destination.
What's worse, the sedatives that have been added to the water to keep the containers living cargo calm and so out of it it borders on unconscious are designed for humans, and have no effect on her.

Translated from Kryptonian:
/vrrosh :dokhahsh/ - Phantom Zone
/sem :dhehrivodh/ - I want to die
/,rao, voikir khap/ - Rao Save me
/ieiu/ - mommy
/vokai/ - help

It's early morning at a container harbor half the world away from National City and a man and a woman who are most certainly not dockworkers are checking the state of their container.

"Shit, my last one is dead on arrival, that's 2 dead and 6 live so far, not the best trip. How is the last one in your rack?" the man checking the left hand rack asks

Over at the right hand rack, the woman is bent over her pad checking the readings "I'm not entirely sure to be honest, the first 7 were all alive and well, or mostly well enough anyway. This one in slot #16 though is kinda weird, heart and movement tracking indicates she was conscious for more or less the whole trip, which means I'd expect her to be at deaths door by now, but she's showing up as one of the healthiest individuals I've ever decanted"

"Huh, that's kinda weird, something wrong with the sedatives?" the man walks over and peers at the pad as well "Hmm, no, that all looks to have been full at departure and been administered as it's supposed to, maybe she's one of those genetic freaks that's immune to one or more types of drugs?"

The woman shrugs, and starts to pull the coffin onto a rolling table "Don't know, and don't care, but the other times someone didn't get their meds during transport they came out so fucked in the head they were pretty much useless as anything but spare parts. I'm gonna advice they not give this one, and the one in #4, a full evaluation for the special auction and instead just send them to the standard auction and sell them 'as is'. While #4 might fetch a pretty shitty price, the good health of #16 at least means the brothels and harem guys are likely to want to pick her up, assuming she looks ok."

A little while later, they are ready to take Kara out of her travel coffin and open it up "Ok that's good, she's a natural blonde, they fetch pretty good prices around here at least." the woman reaches over and unscrews the hose stuck in Kara's gag, then pulling the tubes out of her nose "Ok, vitals still good, though elevated heartbeat, her breathing seems good"

'Is someone there? Hello? Who are you, where am I? ...who am I? I'm... I'm...Alex, no I'm Kara, or am I Lucy or...? I think we're blind...and maybe deaf?'

The man reaches between Kara's legs and clicks the plug on her catheter to the closed position before disconnecting the coffin tube from the plug "Ok let's see, grab her legs will you? Thanks"
As the woman lifts up Kara's legs the man grabs the enema hose and twists it loose, removing it from the plug in her ass before taking a smaller plug and twisting it in the hole the hose was in "Ok, she's closed up down here, ready to lift?"

The two grab Kara and move her over to a horisontal metal rectangle roughly 7' long that's laying on the table next to her coffin, they place her legs on a small platform at the bottom and attach her leg shackles to the frame itself and then lock her belt, with her hands shackled to it, to the side a little under the middle of the frame, high enough to keep her standing when the frame is flipped vertically.
Finally they take an iron posture collar with a small platform to hold her chin and lock it around her neck, before taking two adjustable arms sticking out of the frame in roughly head height and move them so they can be locked onto her collar.

'This is wrong, why is the void hard and cold, I want to go home, I shouldn't feel anything, Rao is good though, because feeling is better than not feeling, so say we all, do we? yes! Noo! why is the world tilting, I don't understand, ooh dizzy'

Having finished hooking her up to the frame, the two of them bring what looks like a small rolling clothes rack. Taking Kara's frame between them they push her partially off the end of the table and flip her upright, before lifting her over and attaching her to the rack "Phew, that's the last one, let's get these loaded and get the hell out of here."

Rolling the rack into a covered truck already containing one other woman in a similar rack as Kara, as well as two larger racks each containing five women, they jump in the cabin and drive away from the docks, the guards at the gate just waving them through.

'Are we landing? I don't know. Of course you don't, you're a fucking moron, we're in a car or a train, obviously! Well excuse me for not being a kidnapping expert, bitch!'


It's a few hours later as the racks are rolled out, by now even the sedated humans are aware that something is going on and are trying to get free, squirming around to the total indifference of the people handling them.

Kara and the other singular woman are rolled into a shadowed courtyard and next to a drain.
A large man in a local uniform comes with a garden hose and starts washing the both of them, or rinsing them with cold water at least, before they are spritzed in a extremely high SPF sunscreen.

'Rao be praised, this is glorious, feelings on my skin again, I feel cold! Shut up, I swear to god, if you're going to start praying about cold water I'm gonna kill you! Hah, can't touch this, nananana!'

After the wash, the girls are rolled from the small courtyard to a much bigger one filled with people and placed in an area dedicated to one of the wholesalers, there they are left in the sun for potential buyers to check out.
The sign above the first one says "Lot #542-4 - sold as is" while the sign above Kara says "Lot #542-16 - sold as is".
It doesn't take long before interested buyers start checking out the wares.

'Fucking hell, I think that's actual sun I can feel, we're outside somewhere. Maybe it's just like really bright lights? I agree, this doesn't feel like Rao. Will you shut up, this is the best sensation I've had since- What the fuck! Get your fingers out of my cunt you dirty whatever you are! Hey, stop that, don't scare them away, this feels even better than the sun. Slut! Bitch!'

"Hmm, these health numbers are through the roof, I wonder why they are selling her here?" A man in a well tailored suit is looking at the info sheet next to Kara.

"I don't know, she seems very responsive though, look at this, she's pushing to follow my finger when I pull it out of her again" A younger man that looks enough like the first that he could be a son,or maybe a younger brother, is sniffing the finger he just stuck in Kara's pussy "At least some arousal, though we've had some before who were touch starved after shipping and handling, so this could just be that.

"I don't know, let's look around some more before we decide, she may be pretty, but so are pretty much all of them."

'Aww, why did they stop, I was getting so close? Because they are too good for three dollar whores like you! Hey, don't tell me you didn't enjoy that too, I can feel what you feel, we all can!'

A few hours later, Kara is rolled up on the stage and the bidding starts, there aren't too many interested buyers, but a short bidding war gets the price up a little higher than the slavers had expected so there are smiles all around as the deal is concluded.

Kara is then rolled of the stage and handed over to her new owner, as deaf, dumb and blind as when she was boxed a month ago and completely oblivious to where she is or what just happened.


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