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Debbie's Doll by Unknown
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F/m; shrink; serum; giantess; enslave; box; shoes; foot; worship; cage; pet; escape; discovery; vacuum; revenge; cons/nc; XX

Caution: If scenes where the character dies upsets you - then don't read chapter 5. Chapter 1:“The Beginning”

My head began to swim as she said the words, “You will never leave my grasp again”. I didn’t know what she meant, I only knew she was mad. My wife of five years had just found out that I had been seeing my old girlfriend, the one I had been dating prior to meeting and marrying her. And even though my meetings had been innocent, catching up on old times, talking about people we used to know, my wife didn’t like it. When I arrived home from work that day, she confronted me at the door with her proof, a picture of the two of us having lunch at a restaurant near my office.

Apparently my wife, a very jealous woman, had hired a private detective to follow me. I was initially outraged as the invasion of my privacy, but was more concerned with explaining the meetings and letting my wife know that nothing was going on. Unfortunately for me, she wouldn’t listen, all she kept saying was things like, “and I’m going to fix it so I always know exactly where you are.” And, “I’ll never let you get away from me ever!”

After the fight she stormed out of the house and I began to think about how I should have seen this coming. She had always been jealous of my ex-girlfriends and overly concerned with my whereabouts throughout the day. I decided when she came home that I would apologize and try to make things right. I loved her more than anything and did not want to lose her. Little did I know that she was already formulating the plan that would bind me to her for the rest of my life?

After midnight she returned home and quietly got into bed with me. Neither of us said a word. During the night, I was struck by a horrible pain in the small of my back. It was almost like being stabbed with something. Half a sleep, I sat up and looked over at my wife, she appeared to be asleep. I rubbed my back for a few minutes and then went back to sleep. By morning I had forgotten the entire incident, unfortunately, it would loom very large to me in the days that were to come.

In the morning I apologized to my wife and swore that I would never see my ex-girlfriend again. I told her how much I loved her and how I would never leave her. She looked me in the eyes and with a very strange expression on her face said that she now knew that I could never leave her as well.

After a few days I began to notice some changes. My clothes were becoming loose fitting and my wife appeared to be taller. I asked her if I looked like I was losing weight, and all she would do is laugh. Finally, about a week later I awoke to find that she was actually taller than me now, and that none of my clothes were even close to fitting. She told me to go back to bed and that she would call the doctor. About an hour later she brought me a glass of water and said that she had spoken to the doctor, but they couldn’t see me for a few days. She explained that she would call in sick until then so she could take care of me. As I lay in my ever-growing bed, I wondered what could be happening to me and thanked god that I had such a good wife.

For the next few days, I pretty much stayed in bed. Debbie would spend a good deal of time lying with me. She would hold me and we would make love and talk. The smaller I got, the more she seemed to want to be with me. At the end of the third day, I had been reduced to a little over 3 feet in height. I looked like a small child compared to my wife, and I didn’t like being out of bed as standing next to her ever growing body only made me feel more insignificant. She would get into bed and pull me into her breasts and hold me. It was warm and soft and smelled of her.

On the morning of the fourth day, my wife informed me that the doctor had an emergency and that he couldn’t see me until tomorrow. I was about two feet tall, I began to panic, and I begged my wife to take me to the hospital. All she would say was that it would be better to go to my own doctor given the strangeness of my problem, as a doctor at a hospital might want to make me some kind of guinea pig and take me away from her. With that she helped me back into bed and told me to get some rest.

When I awoke that afternoon, I found that I was totally naked. I was snuggled up against something that was soft and warm and I thought I had my arm around my wife’s waist. There was a familiar smell in the air, somewhat sour, but not unpleasant. As my eyes opened I discovered to my horror that what I had my arm around was my wife’s foot and that I was snuggling against her bare sole. The smell in the air was her foot’s odor mixed with the moisturizer that I often rubbed on her feet when I was normal size. As I looked up I saw my wife’s giant face looking down with a broad smile.

“I came in to check on you and found that you had shrunk some more, before I could do anything you started to snuggle with my foot. You looked so cute I didn’t want to disturb you. I hope my foot doesn’t smell, I haven’t had a chance to shower yet today.”

I jumped up and fell back from her into a huge pile of sheet and comforter. Judging by her size I couldn’t be more than 15 inches tall.

“Oh don’t be afraid, I would never hurt you.”

With that she leaned over and began reaching for me with both her hands. Her right hand wrapped entirely around my waist and she cupped me in the palm of her left hand as she lifted me.

“You don’t weigh anything at all anymore. I can’t believe how cute you are at this size. I can’t wait until you reach your final height.”

“My final height! What the hell are you talking about, put me down!”

“No, I don’t think I’m going to put you down anytime soon. And as far as your final height is concerned it should be around 3 or 4 inches. I told you I would never let you out of my grasp again.”

She then began laughing at me in an almost deafening roar. It was then that I realized that she had done this to me. The woman who I was so thankful that she was there to take care of me was really the cause of this entire process. How she had done it I couldn’t imagine but one thing was for sure, she was in charge now.

“How do you think your girlfriend would like you now that she could almost fit you in her purse? I told you I would never let you leave me. It’s going to be much better now. I will keep you safe and sound and always know where you are.” With that she placed me back on the bed.

“Don’t try to get off the bed, the fall could hurt you. The final few inches of shrinkage will take place over the next hour or so. Just relax and it will all be over before you know it. In the meantime I’m going to get your new home ready.”

With that she walked over and opened her closet, from the floor she lifted a very ornate brass birdcage.

“I bought this and several nice pieces of doll house furniture for you. By tonight, you’ll be safely tucked away where nothing can harm you. Sweet dreams little man, get some rest, you’re going to need it.”

Chapter 2: “The Nightmare Begins”

In my amazement I was unable to speak. I wanted to ask her how she did this and beg her to return me to normal, but all that came out was a muffled gasp. As her giant figure left the room she closed the door behind her effectively trapping me inside. As I sat there on the bed I could feel the shrinking process at work. I was dwindling much faster now and I was furious over being trapped by her. I decided I was not going to give in without a fight. There was no way I was going to let her put me in that cage like some kind of pet.

I began to walk around the vast bed and look for a way down. I knew I had to act fast before I shrunk any smaller. Finally I decided to push one of the pillows off and then slide down the blanket on to it. It took all of my strength to move the ever-growing pillow, but I finally accomplished the task. Winded, I then grabbed a hand full of the edge of the sheet and rappelled down to the pillow. Once there, I lost my balance and rolled off the pillow onto the floor.

When my eyes opened I was staring directly through the toe of one of my wife’s now giant sandals. The shear size of it was unbelievable. It was brown, with a three-inch heel and straps that wrapped up her ankle. I had often referred to them as her giant sandals and now they truly were. I could see the outline of her toes in the sole and smelled the light odor of her feet mixed with the leather. Judging by their size, I was probably down to about 6 inches in height and still shrinking. Shaken by the realization that my wife could now crush me like a bug under her foot I began to look for a suitable hiding place. As I ran around the room I was amazed by how huge everything was. I needed to find some place where she would never look and where I would not be in danger of being stepped on.

Finally, I noticed that my wife’s closet was slightly open. As I walked into the darkness I was struck by the very strong odor of her feet mixed with the smell of leather. As my eyes adjusted, the sight of several rows of giant pumps met me, facing toes up, in shoetrees. My wife must have had 50 pairs of shoes, but I never realized until now how truly astounding that could be. As I scanned the darkness, I saw in the back of her closet, behind the shoetrees, several shoeboxes that were filled with older shoes that she no longer wore. It was then I realized that if I were to hide in one of those boxes, she would never find me, as she probably had forgotten that they were even there. It was then I decided that in one of those boxes I would make my new home.

I crawled under the towering forest of pumps until I reached the back of the closet. I picked the show box furthest from the front and slowly pried open the top. Gazing in I saw a pair of black leather sling back pumps that she hadn’t worn since last winter. I could tell by the scuff marks on the toe and the wear on the sole that these were shoes that had long since passed their usefulness and were no longer something she would be looking for. With that I climbed into the box and pulled the cover closed. As I settled down in the darkness I positioned myself with my back against the side of the box and my legs stretched out into the toe of one of the pumps.

Being that she had not worn these shoes recently, the odor of her feet was almost undetectable. Mostly there was only a stale leather smell that hung in the air. As I lay there, exhausted from my struggle to find a hiding place I began to think about how surprised my wife would be when she is unable to find me. A smile crossed my face as I starting thinking that even at my dwindling size she wouldn’t be able to control me. I decided after her initial search for me failed, which I was sure it would, I would wait a decent amount of time and sneak out later at night. Once out I would have to find some food, but continue to use this shoebox as my base of operations. Content that I was safe I fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke, several hours had passed. I could hear loud sounds from outside the shoebox. It was my wife, and from what I was hearing she was ransacking the room looking for me.

“Come out you little shit! I told you not to leave the bed, but you disobeyed me. The longer you make me look for you the worse your punishment will be. God Damnit, come out now or so help me god I’ll get the vacuum cleaner and finish you off!”

I could tell she was very mad. I don’t know how long she had been looking for me, but my hiding place was obviously better than I had even thought. It was then I realized the folly of my decision to hide in this shoebox. When I originally entered the box I was approximately 6 inches tall. Since falling asleep, however, the shrinking process had completed and I was less than 3 inches in height. As a result I was no longer tall enough to reach the lid, or strong enough to lift it even if I could. It was then that the sudden realization hit me that if my wife didn’t find me I would die of starvation in one of her old pumps. I now had a decision to make. Give up and die in this shoebox, or try to get my wife’s attention and hope that she doesn’t kill me in her anger.

After a few frantic seconds of deliberating, I decided that I should try to get her attention. If she were to kill me, at least it would be over quickly, instead of dying slowly of starvation. Also, maybe she wouldn’t kill me and over time I could convince her to return me to normal. That decided, I began to scream with all of my might.

“Debbie, Help Me!!!”

I screamed and pounded at the side of the box for what seemed an eternity when finally I heard stirring outside. Then suddenly the entire box was lifted from the ground, knocking me off my feet. After a dizzying flight, the top was removed and the box was flooded with light. I strained to see as my eyes adjusted after being in complete darkness for several hours. As my vision cleared I saw the scowling expression on my giant wife’s face. She was huge beyond imagination. Holding the box with her right hand she reached in toward me with her left. I tried to evade the giant fingers, but it was no use. She closed her grip around me and lifted me from the box. Her hand held me firm. Her skin was surprisingly soft and warm and smelled a little of perfume. She lifted me to eye level and I feared that this was the end.

“You scared the hell out of me. I tore this room apart looking for you. Why in the world would you try to hide from me when I specifically told you to stay put?”

I just trembled in her giant hand, her huge fingers tightening around me. She began stare intently at me and then her expression relaxed.

“You’re really terrified of me aren’t you? I can feel your tiny heart beating a mile a minute. I’m sorry I scared you, I didn’t realize what a big adjustment being tiny would be for you. Let’s start over shall we?”

“Please Debbie, don’t hurt me I’m sorry I hid, I was just so afraid.”

“I know you are tiny one. I will never hurt you.”

She then carefully opened her hand and repositioned me so that I was sitting in the middle of her palm.

“Let’s talk. I’m sure you have a lot of questions.”

With that, she cupped her other hand around me and carefully walked over to the bed. Once there she slowly placed me on one the pillows and then sat on the bed next to me. Her size and beauty were incredible.

“What do you want to know first, How I did this to you? Or What I have planned for you now.”

“How did this happen?” I stammered.

“Well, remember that night a few weeks ago when I found out you were seeing that tramp you used to date. After our little fight I was so mad. That’s when I decided to do something that up to that point I had only fanaticized about. Basically, I had become aware of a drug compound that my company has been working on to shrink cancer sells. Well, based on the reports that I have been typing up for the various scientists in the group, this stuff not only shrinks cancer sells, it shrinks all cells. They shrunk one of the test dogs so small that they couldn’t find it. My department has been assigned to fully document the drug and identify uses for its rather unique action. Based on all of the reports that have come across my desk for data entry they had come up with a formula for handling the reduction based on a subjects height and weight. So I calculated how much of the compound I would need to shrink you down to 3 inches tall. So that night, I went back to work and took a syringe full of the serum, enough to shrink you to three inches, and came home to inject you in your sleep. Because I basically run the departments inventory no one will ever miss the 6 cc of the drug that I took. When I injected you, you barely noticed enough to wake up. Afterwards, I’ve just been waiting for you to complete the shrinking process, so our new life together could begin.”

“You’re crazy, what kind of a life can we have together with me no bigger than a small doll.”

“We can have the kind of life I always dreamed of. One where I can completely possess you and where you will do whatever I tell you to do. It’s going to be great; you won’t have to worry about work or daily stress again. All you will need to do is obey me and everything will be easy for you. I’m going to take great care of you, I’ll feed you and clothe you and keep you safe from harm. I’m also going to let you explore my body as much as your heart desires.”

“Please honey, think about this, I don’t want to be small. I’ll never hurt you again. Just change me back and everything can be good again.”

“You’re right that you’ll never hurt me again. At your size you have more to worry about from me than I do from you. Now I’m going to put you in your cage so we don’t have any more hiding incidents. You’re going to need your rest, as the shrinking process usually causes the subjects to tire easily. After a nice nap, I’ll bring you some dinner and then maybe I’ll let you rub my feet. You always used to like doing that for me before, although at your size it should be quite a different experience for you.”

With that she gently grasped me in her right hand and lifted me to her face. She then very gently kissed me. It was a kiss that covered my entire head. She then walked over to her dresser and slowly placed me on the floor of the cage, closing and locking the door when she was done. Before leaving me she bent down so that her face filled my view through the bars.

“Get some rest little one…you look so cute in that cage I could just keep you in there forever!”

She then turned and walked out of the room leaving me in my tiny prison. I scanned the inside of the cage and saw that she had placed a small doll’s bed on one side. There was also a small doll’s dresser, table and chair. Looking closely, I could see that she had glues all the legs to the floor, I guess to stop them from moving around when she carried the cage. I also noticed doll clothes laid out on the bed. I was totally humiliated. Here I was, only three inches tall and a prisoner of my wife in a birdcage. I went over to the door of the cage and tried to open it but the huge lock would not budge.

At this point I became very tired and depressed. I walked over to the bed and tried on the clothing that she had left for me. It was some kind of sweat suit, but it was made of a very course material. The fit was actually a bit large and the fabric was uncomfortable, but it least it was warm. Exhausted and completely humiliated I lay down and soon fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke many hours had passed, as it was now dark. I could see from my vantage point on the dresser that my wife had already gone to bed. I was very hungry at which point I noticed that my wife had placed a small soda cap full of water and a few crumbs of bread on the floor of the cage while I slept. As disgusted as I was with the situation, I ate the crumbs and had some water. As I sat there I couldn’t help but be amazed at the shear size of everything around me. Once I was done eating I lay back down in bed, since there was really nothing else to do and waited the morning when I was sure my wife had big plans for me.

Chapter 3: “Time for Work”

In the morning I was awoken by what felt like an earthquake that knocked me out of my bed. When I fully woke up I realized that my wife was taking my cage downstairs. She was holding the cage by the handle on the top so that I was directly beside her knees. She had already dressed for work and was wearing a black sundress with flowers on it. As I looked up through the bars I could see her face as she walked toward the kitchen. Once there she placed my cage on the table and went to the sink to get a glass of water. I waited quietly wondering what was in store for me. When she returned she noticed I was awake.

“Oh good, you’re finally up sleepy head. I told you that shrinking was really going to take it out of you. Did you get good nights sleep? I see you had some of the dinner I left for you.”

“Please Debbie, let me out of here. I don’t like being kept like some kind of pet.”

“Oh, you’re not a pet, you’re my slave. I have a big job for you today and it’s one that really only you can do.”

“Slave! Job! What the hell are you talking about!”

“Don’t take that tone of voice with me little man, you’re in no position to argue with me. At your size I am going to have to take complete care of you, so it’s only fair that you carry your weight in whatever way that you can. I have devised a list of chores that you are going to have to handle to earn your keep. Nothing extraordinary, but important work none the less.”

“Why are you doing this to me? I thought that you loved me?”

“I do love you, which is exactly why I am doing this to you. Once you accept your new life everything is going to be fine. Things will be even better than before. Now stop your whining and listen to me before I get mad, and believe me little man, at your size you don’t want me mad.”

I decided to heed her warning, as the sight of her bending down over the cage was very intimidating.

“Now, during the day today, you are going to be responsible for cleaning some of my sandals. They have gotten very dirty from me walking around in them and at your size you should be able to clean them in places that any normal sized person could never reach. I am going to take you out of your cage and put you in an old packing box, which will keep you nice and safe while I am at work. I will place several pairs of sandals in the box with you along with some torn up paper towels, a bottle cap of Windex and a bottle cap of water. I’ll also give you some drinking water and bread for lunch. You will spend the day cleaning my sandals from top to bottom. I want them to look like new when I get home. If you do a good job I may have surprise for you.”

She then opened the cage and reached in for me. I started to pull away, but stopped as there was no where to run and I didn’t want to anger her. Her soft smooth fingers circled me and closed tightly around me. She then lifted me from the cage and placed in the box on the floor. Once inside I saw the supplies that she mentioned as well as two pairs of leather sandals, one tan and one white. I looked up at the towering figure standing over me. She was magnificent.

“Now please do a good job Fred, I really want to give you your surprise tonight and not have to punish you.”

Having said that she bent down and blew me a kiss that almost knocked me off my feet and then left for work. Leaving me all alone with my chores.

After a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself, and deciding that there was no way out of the box she had placed me in, I set about my task. As I approached the first sandal I could once again smell the odor of her feet mixed with the odor of the leather. The sandal itself was incredibly huge. The heel was taller than I was and the expanse of straps across the toe area was almost three feet wide. In reality, the heel was only 3 inches high with each strap being an only an inch or two across, but to me they were incredibly large.

I walked up on the sole of the sandal and could see the outline of my wife’s feet in the leather. Each toe print was incredibly clear, almost down to the actual grooves in her skin. I leaned down and inhaled deeply, the smell was actually getting me aroused. I stepped down from the sole and got a hand full of paper and dipped it in the cleaning fluid and water and got to work. I labored on each sandal for hours on end. My back and arms ached and I began to smell like my wife’s feet mixed with cleaning fluid.

I stopped only briefly to eat lunch when I got hungry and kept working. I was very afraid that I would not be able to complete all four sandals before my wife got home. I had no idea what time it was, but from inside the box I could tell it was getting darker. Finally after an eternity I was done. I had removed every speck of dirt, every scuffmark. Even the outline of my wife’s foot was only a faint image on the sole. Exhausted, I collapsed in the corner of the box and went to sleep. Shortly afterward I awoke to a loud noise; my wife was home from work. I quickly stood up and tried to neaten up my appearance. A few minutes later a huge shadow fell across the box and towering over it was my wife.

“Well, how did we do today with our first day on the job?”

With that she bent down and picked up one of the sandals. I nervously waited for her response so that I would know my fate for the evening. Slowly a smile broke across her face and she gazed down on me in the box.

“You did an incredible job. These sandals look like new. They even smell better!”

She then placed the sandal back in the box and leaned in to grab me.

“You did an excellent job. See I told you things would be OK if you just do what I tell you.”

She then placed a giant kiss on me that covered my entire face at which pint she immediately started laughing. A deafening, booming laugh that shook me to my core.

“My God you smell, you worked so hard cleaning my shoes that now you smell like my feet. Here let me show you.”

She then sat down and removed the sandal she had worn all day from her left foot and crossed her legs so that the sole of her left foot was resting on the side of her knee. She then cupped me in the palm of her right hand and brought me close to her still warm and sweaty sole. The smell was unbelievable.

“See, you smell just like my feet after a hard day of walking around.” I tried to back away but did not want to fall out of her hand.

“Oh, don’t be so shy, why don’t you kiss my foot. You always used to like them when you were my size; this has to be a dream come true. Besides, it can’t make you smell any worse than you already do.”

I looked up at her and then approached her hot, pink, sole. As I got closer I could feel the heat from her foot and the smell was so strong that my eyes began to water. Finally reaching the point of no return I pressed my entire face into her warm wrinkled sole and kissed. From above I could hear my wife moan softly and I could feel her toes begin to wiggles slightly.

“Harder little man, I can barely feel it.” I pressed my face deeper into her sole and began to bite and suck the folds of skin. The taste was a mix of salt and sour vinegar. The harder I bit the more she moaned. Finally I released and fell back into the palm of her hand.

“That was pretty good, Fred. We’ll have to try that again.” Looking down at me she began to smirk.

“So, should I wash you up or leave you smelling like one of my old shoes?”

“Please clean me up, honey. I worked hard on your sandals and really want to feel clean again.”

“Oh all right you little baby, I guess you’ve earned a bath.” She then carried me, cupped in the palm of her hand, over to the kitchen sink where she placed me on the counter. She then took down a cereal bowl and filled it with warm water from the sink and mixed in a few drops of dishwashing detergent. She then grabbed me in her hand and dropped me into the bowl. The water was hot and as she moved me around bubbles started to develop out of the detergent she had put in. I was clinging to her hand and trying to keep from slipping under the bubbles as she began to rub me down with a dish towel in her other hand.

I was covered with foam and being rubbed raw by the giant towel. I gasped for breath and tried to scream to my wife that she was hurting me but kept getting mouth fulls of water and suds every time I tried. As she washed be she removed each piece of doll clothing that I was wearing, rung them out and placed them on the counter. Finally, completely naked, and rubbed raw by the towel, she scooped me up and placed me on a potholder on the counter top. She then dropped a paper towel on me and told me to dry off. As I was drying she dumped the cereal bowl out and placed it in the dishwasher below me.

“There now, do we feel better?”

“Yes, honey, though the towel was a little rough.”

“What a cry baby you’ve turned into, it’s obvious more has changed about you then just your size. You’re a real little whiner now aren’t you?”

“No Honey, it’s just that everything is so different now. You don’t understand how easily I can be hurt at this size. It’s very frightening.”

“Oh poor baby, I’ll never let anything happen to you. You’ve never been safer than you are right now. Just to prove it, I think it’s time for someone to go back in their cage.”

“No! No! Not that! That’s not what I meant!”

“Oh come on now, make up your mind. First your afraid of being so small, and then when I want to put you in your nice safe cage you don’t want to go. Why don’t you grow up? Oh wait, it’s a little late for that now isn’t it.”

With that she burst in to a deafening laugh and closed her hand around my naked, squirming body. She carried me to my cage and dropped me in not even hearing my protests. As she locked the door and walked from the room she continued to laugh. I could see that she was enjoying my diminished size and my fear of being hurt and especially my dislike of being kept in a birdcage. I collapsed on the bed in complete exhaustion and disgust. I started to wish that I had stayed in the shoebox in her closet and died of starvation.

Chapter 4: “Doctor Debbie”

A short time later she returned to the kitchen and sat down at the table. She had changed into sweat pants and a tee shirt and was barefoot. As I opened my eyes and looked up from my position on the bed I saw that her giant hands were working with something. As I sat up I realized it was a syringe.

“Time for your booster shot little man, we don’t want you growing back now do we.”

“You mean this isn’t permanent.”

“Oh didn’t I tell you, to make the transformation permanent it takes four doses spread out over a ten day period. So after three more doses of this serum the shrinking effect will become permanent and you will be my little pet forever. Now hold still, at your size one slip with this syringe could be fatal.”

“No please, don’t do this to me. I’ll be good, I’ll never leave your side.”

She then opened the cage and reached in with her giant hand. I jumped off the bed and scurried to the back wall trying to evade her grasp. Unfortunately for me it was no use, her huge hand dropped on me and closed tight. She then lifted me, curled in a ball, from the cage and held me upside down so that she could see my exposed rear end.

“Don’t move or you’ll be run through!”

I felt a horrible pain as the needle broke the surface and the warm serum coursed into my body. I was suddenly very dizzy and felt as though I might vomit. Once the process was complete she rolled me over and let me fall flat in her open palm. Staring down at me she with a slight look of concern and poked me lightly with the pinky of her other hand.

“Are you OK. I’m only guessing now at how much I should be giving you to make your size change permanent. Please don’t die on me, OK” With that she placed my limp body back in the cage on the bed and locked the door. I slowly rolled over onto my stomach, threw up and fell asleep.

When I woke up I felt like I was hung over. I was still in my cage, but my clothes felt loose. Once I regained full control of my faculties I realized that I was now barely 3 inches tall. My cage was once again on my wife’s dresser, but the bedroom was empty. After a few minutes my gigantic wife returned.

“Oh thank god, I thought I had overdosed you. How do you feel?”

“I feel like I got hit by a truck!” I yelled back at her.

“That’s normal, the lab rats were groggy for a day or so after the second dose, so you’re actually doing better than expected. Although, it looks like I shaved another quarter inch off of you.”

She started to laugh as I sat there in my loose fitting doll clothes.

“I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to shrink all these doll outfits I bought for you. That shouldn’t be too hard though, I’m getting pretty good at shrinking things don’t you think?”

Now she really started laughing, obviously amused at herself and my ever-dwindling predicament. I was totally humiliated and wanted to crawl away and die, but trapped in my cage in this giant world there was no where for me to go. So I sat there and tried to pretend that she wasn’t getting to me.

“Since you’re feeling a bit better, I think I’ll give you a treat and let you out for a while tonight. I have a new chore to teach you and it’s one I think that you’ll really enjoy. Get some rest for now though, I have to step out and do some shopping, see you in about an hour tiny”

She continued to giggle to herself as she walked out of the room. I could only imaging what torture she had in store for me later.

Several hours passed and when my wife returned I could tell that she had been drinking. The smell from her breath was strong as she bent down to speak to me in my cage.

“How’s my little hubby doing. All rested up for your nights work?”

With that she open the cage door and reached in for me her huge fingers encircling my torso. She lifted me from the cage and carried me into the living room. Once there she set me down on the coffee table and proceeded to sit in front of me. I saw her bend down to remove her sandals and then before I could react she swung her giant bare feet up and placed them on the table next to me. They landed with such impact that I was thrown from my feet. I lay there staring up at her huge soles as her feet rested on the backs of her heels with her toes pointed skyward. The smell was unreal, she had obviously been walking a great deal today.

“Well, hubby, the next job that I have decided to give you is ministering to my tired feet. You always loved rubbing and kissing them when you were my size, let’s see how good you are at it now that your pocket sized.”

Not wanting to anger her, I stepped towards the sole of her left foot and placed my hands in the center. Her feet were warm and moist with sweat. I slowly began to squeeze and kneed the giant wrinkles of flesh that I was holding. The harder is squeezed the more my wife seemed to enjoy it as she began to softly moan to herself. As I rubbed, the smell of her feet began to permeate everything. I worked down to her heel and then back up towards her toes.

When she realized that I was too small to reach her toes she gently slid her feet down to a 45º angle. I now grabbed each toe and rubbed all around it. The longer I worked at this the more aroused I became. Rubbing her feet when I was normal size had always turned me on, but this was proving to be truly incredible. Because of my small size and the amount I began to actually enjoy the work it took me over an hour to finish both feet. When I was done I realized that my wife had fallen off to sleep. I was also exhausted and curled up next to her foot on the table and went to sleep.

Chapter 5: “My Last Hurrah”

I was awakened by a terrible crash. My wife had woken up and decided to go to bed, but in her sleepy state had forgotten all about me. On her way to the bedroom she had knocked over the coffee table throwing my tiny body to the floor. I was fortunate to land on a throw pillow that had fallen from the couch, but now I was all-alone in my giant living room. It was then that I realized that she had inadvertently given me my chance at freedom. I realized that if I could somehow find a hiding place, I might be able to exist on crumbs and scraps, traveling around only at night until the serum had worn off enough for me to escape the house and find help.

With that I began to travel from room to room in an attempt to find my strong hold, all the time hoping that my wife would not remember she had left me out of my cage until the morning. I finally found a small hole in the baseboard behind the love seat in the family room. It was about 4 inches high and 2 inches wide, more then large enough for my tiny frame to fit through. I ventured in and looked around as best I could in the darkness. The space inside stretched about a foot and a half down to a wall stud. This would do very nicely. For the rest of the night I ran back and forth to the kitchen collecting all of the crumbs of food that I could find on the floor and storing them in my new home. At around 5:00 AM, after also finding some old tissues under the couch and forming them into a crude bed, I fell asleep.

My rest did not last long however, I awoke to the thundering screams of my wife.

“God Damn it little man. Get your tiny ass out here before I crush you like a bug! I am not kidding Fred. If your not groveling at my feet in the next 2 minutes so help me God I’ll make you wish I’d shrunk you down to nothing.”

This time I wasn’t going to panic and give in. I had decided that this was it, I would make my get away now or die trying. After about an hour of her ranting and raving and violently moving furniture all over the house I heard it. The horrible earthquake rumbling of the vacuum cleaner. I couldn’t believe it, she was actually vacuuming the house in an attempt to find and probably kill me. I prayed that she did not find my hiding place.

For another whole hour she moved through the house with the vacuum, going under every piece of furniture. Finally the reached the family room and began her search. The noise was deafening and the vibration made it almost impossible for me to stand. As I peered out from my hiding place I saw the love seat in front suddenly lurch out of the way to the middle of the room. I stared in awe as my titanic wife dressed only in her Bra and Panties moved the mammoth piece of furniture with amazing ease.

I ducked back into my hole just as her bare foot slammed down in front of the opening. She began to vacuum every visible inch when suddenly I heard the vacuum stop. I wondered what had happened but did not have to wait long to find out. I hear some loud movements outside and then saw her huge hand slam down in front of the opening. I realized, having discovered the hole in the baseboard, she was crouching down to have a look inside.

“Well, well, well, looks like we have a little mouse hole here. I wonder if the little mouse is home.”

Suddenly her huge eye appeared in the opening. I dove back to avoid detection. Shortly afterward her huge fingers began reaching in and probing for me. I moved further back into the wall to get out of her reach. When her hand retreated I thought maybe she had given up, but then I saw and heard her shove the vacuum hose into the opening. I began to panic and looked vainly around for anything I could hold onto, but it was too late. The vacuum roared to life and I felt my tiny body begin to be pulled toward the nozzle.

As the vacuum gained momentum I found the suction more than I could resist and I was instantly pulled through the air and into the waiting hose. The speed and shock were incredible and I could feel bones breaking as I shot through the tubing on my way to the canister bag. I was flung with incredible force into a huge pile of dust, dirt and lint. There was no light and even less air, I was in incredible pain and immediately blacked out.

When I awoke I felt as though I was paralyzed. I could taste blood in my mouth, I couldn’t feel my left arm and assumed it was severely dislocated and broken and by the pains in my chest I knew I had several broken ribs. As I gained a better awareness of what was going on I realized that I was not paralyzed, but taped flat to a smooth surface. Then it came to me in a sudden terrifying moment. I was taped inside the microwave. The door was open and I could hear someone moving around in the kitchen. As I peered out the door my wife’s gigantic fact appeared.

“Well, looks like you finally woke up. I was afraid your little trip through the vacuum might have killed you. I’m so glad it didn’t as cooking you to death in the microwave is going to be so much more fun.”

“Please Debbie, don’t do this, I’ll do anything. Whatever you want, give me the rest of the serum right now and make the change permanent, anything, just don’t kill me like this.”

“Sorry, Fred, it’s obvious that you just aren’t going to ever understand how much better life like this could have been. I can’t be worrying about you always escaping, and besides, your in pretty bad shape since the vacuum. I think your bleeding internally and your one arm is barely hanging on by a thread. I’m really doing you a favor. Your going to die of your wounds anyway and there are no miniature doctors or hospitals I can take you to for help. I love you Fred and I am going to miss you.”

With that she kissed the tip of her index finger and gently placed it on my lips. She then slowly closed the door to the microwave and I could hear her pressing the buttons to set the time and temperature.

“NO, NO, NO, don’t do this please” I screamed.

She had stopped listening, her giant face peered at me through the window of the microwave and her heard her press the start button. The overhead light came on and I began to fell horrible pain shoot through my body and the heat began to rise rapidly. The last thing I saw was my wife turning away so as not to see the carnage.


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