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Hot Play
« on: April 13, 2020, 02:01:26 pm »
Hot Play

Normally, everyone who practices self-bondage will observe some safety rules, such as how to free yourself from the situation or how to avoid certain risks such as injuries.
I did it in the same way, means i ensured a ice release, but I consciously accepted the risk of injury, more than that, the thought of it makes me more than wet
Just some words to myself.
I am a 40 years young Self bondage Enthusiast, about 1.70 meters tall and 65 kg weight, brown long hair and my body is in good shape since i do my daily workout
What i now intent to do is a special kind of workout, a self bondage session where I accept a certain injury or am I willing to risk it.
So here at first the setup for my hot game:
I screwed a ring eye into the wall in the garage, strong enough that it can hold my weight.
The same on the opposite wall. The ring eyes are about 80 cm from floor level, just high enough to cover my high step height. I have screwed a steel cable to a ring on the ring eye. The rope is long enough so that it can reach the ring eye of the opposite wall and thus the ring eye screwed there and can also be screwed there. The width of my garage is about 2.80 meters, and the steel rope is correspondingly long. I bought a chrome Tube of about 2.50 meters, drilled a small hole at one end and pulled the rope through it before the other end of the rope was screwed into the wall. I then connected the small hole in the chrome Tube with the ring eyelet on the wall, so that the Tube, which is shorter than the rope, cannot slip. So the opening of the Tube on the other side of the wall is about 30 cm away, enough for what I plan to do.
I then screwed another ring into the ceiling a meter away from the wall, to which my ice release is attached, so that I can go back a little 1.80 meters from the opposite wall to reach the key for my cuffs. On the wall side, on which the chrome Tube is open 30 cm from the wall, I screwed 2 more ring eyes into the wall, to which a steel cable for my nipple clamps is also attached, so I can't do more than this 1, 80 meters back to the key. In order to make things even more exciting, I also attached a rubber band, which additionally tightens my nipple clamps, even before I am at the key.
At the end, where the chrome Tube was about 30 cm from the wall, I put a stool. On this in turn there is a blow lamp, the fire of which blows into the Tube and thus heats the Tube. I had deliberately refrained from checking how hot the Tube would get, even if I had retreated to the key.
That was exactly the risk I wanted to take, not knowing how hot the chrome Tube will get. It could either burn my pussy from a bit to burns or even fry my pussy
Not knowing how hard it will be, how far I am going to suffer, makes me shiver down my spine, and I feel my love holes begin to drip
A small chain, which is attached by my chain attached to the waist, is led around under the tube and is attached to the chain around the waist again, ensures that the tube is always hard on my pussy and no escape is possible, no matter how hot it gets
The only way is to get the key for my handcuffs so that I can release the chain with my hands/ A spreader at knee height prevents that I can close the legs, so the tube will be on my pussy, and I can only try to move back about 1.80 meters and hope that my pussy will not be roasted there, even if I do wait an hour ms until the ice has melted and the lock for my handcuffs falls within reach.
An hour after all
A ball gag and a blind fold complete the scenario
So in the best case I will probably get away with a few blisters, in the worst case my pussy will be properly roasted. I would rather not think about the possible consequences and hope that it will remain with blisters
An hour after all
Well, my setup is now complete.
I first tried a cold run, i.e. the chain around the chrome tube, the knee spreader, the nipple clamps. The blindfold, but without the blowtorch.
I also checked the ice release beforehand. It will really take an hour to get the keys.
Actually, I would be horny enough to do the hot test right now, but after the ice release test I have to wait until the ice has frozen again. I considered of course, what if I gave up the key and just start it. But I knew that with the spreader and the chain around the chrome tube there would be no escape. My pussy would be roasted for sure if the blowtorch blow its fire long enough into the Tube, and there would be nothing, i could do.
But really, the tube feels very well on my pussy, and i can see the juice on the tube floating from my love hole.
Just i considered, what if i keep the key on the wall on the other side. I have to tear the clamps off my nipples, and the more you pull them, the more they close. So I would my nipples torn off once to avoid being roasted, once the Tube is too hot. This is of course highly unreasonable like my whole action, but if you're horny like a whole herd of rabbits you don't really think about such trifles. The alternative would be hot, either tear off the nipple or the pussy is properly fried. Either way, it would be painful and cause serious injury. However, even if I use the ice release method, the Tube can get so hot in an hour that my pussy is roasted anyway.
I decided to loosen the nipple and fastened the key for my handcuffs to the ring eyelet on the back wall. I had to use a piece of short rope, which I could grab with my hands tied and pull the key up.
Another shiver ran through me. So I could go back as far as the nipple clamps allowed, wait until the Tube heated up too much that I could not stand it any longer, and then I had to tear the nipple clamps until they were gone. This will be a more than painful process and I will probably tear off the nipples rather than the clamp coming loose from the nipples. In the meantime, my pussy will roast.
After I put the nipple clamps back on, I thought, what keeps you going to lie down after the hot start
So then nipples off or the finest pussy grill ever. A very high price for my freedom from the self bondage adventure
I see my pussy juice on the Tube, as horny as a whole company, when a voice in my head tells me
Stupid horny bondage bitch, what are you doing?
I shooed the thought away, grabbed the blowtorch and lit it. I set the flame to the lowest level and made sure it blew into the Tube.
I immediately noticed how the Tube heated up, I pulled back a little, put the blindfold on, and closed the handcuffs on my back as fast as I could. I was now trapped.
Although the flame was set at the lowest level, I quickly noticed how the Tube heated up. In the beginning it was ok, it got hot, but I could still move backwards where the heat was not so strong. But that didn't really last long, the Tube heated up faster than I thought.
The rubber bands on my nipple clamps were already pulling very hard on my nipples, and the pain when the clamps clawed deeper into the nipples was almost unbearable. After I was blindfolded, I couldn't see how far I had to step back, which was also tedious with the spreading on my knees, but at least I could take small steps
My nipples were already aching violently, and I felt the rising heat of the tube on my pussy, the heat was now almost unbearable and I tried to pull back even further when the steel cables on my nipple clamps ended the way back. Apart from my aching nipples, the tube heated up and I felt the constantly increasing heat of the tube on my pussy. I think I almost had to be carried away by blisters. I tried to move my lower body, tried to jump, but the chain on my hips held the tube close to my pussy. also, the clamps on my nipples hurt like the hell when i tried this. I thought I could no longer bear the pain as my pussy was toasted bit by bit.
I was really panicked now, my lust was over, I just wanted to get out of the situation.
I wanted to scream for help, but the ball gag didn't let me scream. My pussy burnt like the hell now. I tugged on the nipple clamps to get back to the key, which only made them close more tightly, I had no chance to get back to my key. With all of this, my pussy was toasted further. If the pussy is roasted in this way, it is a hell of a pain, and I didn't think I could keep it, tugged on the nipple clamps with a hard jerk, and almost passed out from the pain. It went black in front of my eyes, and I thought I could overturn every moment.
The heat continued to roast my pussy as I trembled trying to recover. I took several deep breaths.
Something seemed to have just happened at the jerk, at least I felt that I could now go back further. It was more of a fall than a walk. The Tube here was just as hot as further ahead, I had no gain from my pussy. My pussy was burning like hell now and I could hardly believe it. But somehow I had managed to reach the wall and was able to take the key, even if my fingers were trembling.
In the meantime my pussy was still being fried.
I managed to release the handcuffs, then the chain around the chrome tube and let myself fall to one side with a thump. Here I passed out, still hanging on the hot Tube with my spreader
When I woke up the blowtorch had stopped burning, the gas was probably over.
I was able to release the spreader with all my strength


My nipples were torn, but not completely torn off.
However, my genital burns had to be treated in the hospital. It was more than difficult to explain how the banishment happened.
Whoever comes up with such an idea would rather leave it.
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Re: Hot Play
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Hi Franck, what you did was very dangerous. I don't know if it was worth it for you in the end but please be more careful next time.  :o


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