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Hogtied in the Woods by Franck
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Hogtied in the Woods by Franck
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It was in a large meadow surrounded by a forest, and if you went for a walk in that forest you would have a nice view. Especially today, on a clear day with sunshine.
However, this is a rather rarely visited place, at least during the week. The meadow was big enough and at a distance of about 3 meters in the qua trad they had struck a piece of earth and fastened a wire all around it. A battery-powered device was attached to this wire, which energized the wire. The batteries would last about 4 hours. This causes an electric shock when you touch the wire. Within the square she had put the three keys for her padlocks in a box.
She had put a chain around her waist, tightened it so that it could not slip, and closed it with a pad hole at the front.
She had put cuffs around her wrists, she had left the key to this at home in her bedroom. Likewise, the keys for your leg cuffs. The cuffs were each provided with an o ring with which she could be closed with a padlock. Once done she would be trapped, until she had gathered the keys in the box. Finally, she had a short chain to connect her wrists with her ankles, so she would be in a solid hogtie. Also fort his chain she hat a padlock. Well, the box was not too far away, about 20 meters over the electrical wire, then it could reach the key. But crawling and slipping on the belly, in hogtie, this means the box was just far away.
To refine the matter a bit, she had used a monster dildo, which caused a contact, which was attached to her waist chain, and caused moderate electric shocks, as soon as this was activated while crawling in hogtie. Finally, she had decided on a blindfold, which, as she later found out, was a mistake.
So in the late evening twilight she went into the middle of the meadow, activated the electrical wire, within she left the box with the keys, then she went into the middle of the meadow, with the short chain for the hogtie, the 3 padlocks and her blindfold, which you had previously only pulled over her forehead.
When she was standing in the middle of the meadow, she pulled the blindfold over her eyes and fastened it with a firm leather strap so that it could not slip from her face. Now she was completely in the dark, there was no chance that she could see anything.
Now she quickly turned a few times around her own axis, so she could no longer say where she came from or in which direction her keys can be found. If she was bound in hogtie now, she would have to crawl around to find the place on the meadow where her box with the keys are.
The thought of it made her shiver, and her private parts of the body reacted to the shower, she became more than wet.
Wait a little longer, she said to herself, and first started to secure the ankle cuffs with the padlock by including the chain for the hogtie
You are crazy, you stupid bondage bitch she said to herself. If you now close the wrist cuffs on your back, it has happened completely, you will not be released until you have found the keys.
She lay on her stomach, taking care that the dildo in her was not yet activated, then with a click she closed the cuffs on her back, which were attached to the chain around her waist.
Now she just put on her legs and with another click she fastened the chain from her feet with her wrist cuff.
So now it was done, a shiver ran through her body again, and she forgot the button that activates the dildo. He immediately sent electric shocks into her pussy. She began to breathe violently, her body reacted when the dildo hit the cervix with the shocks, and she experienced her first orgasm
All this made her orientation, blindfolded especially, completely fail, she didn't know where to look for the keys now. She was stuck in her own trap
She tried to crawl around the meadow unsuccessfully, but had no idea where she was going. In addition, the dildo in her also played crazy, which suffered an electric shock in her pussy every time the button touched the ground
After a few orgasms that shake her body, her strength was at an end
Well, she said to herself in a hint of panic, you wanted it so you crazy bondage slut. She had not any clue how late it was, or where she had crawled in the meantime, nor where is the box with her keys
I am in big trouble she said desperately to herself, this only for your hornyness.

Part two

While she crawled around the meadow for a while, disoriented and absolutely not knowing where she was going, the dildo gave her an ever stronger electric shock every time she touched the button on her waist chain, she was finally at the end of her strength and slept on in her hogtie chain. She woke up when she felt a foot kicking her in the side. Not firm and brutal, but noticeable. What are you doing here ? Someone asked. It was a man's voice. So it had been found. She had no idea what time it was, day or night. Her blindfold hadn't opened the night to any distance. She tried to say something in your ball gag, but it only stayed at a grohhh.
Did you do it yourself asked the voice
She tried to nod as best she could.
So you like being tied up?
She was totally panicked about her being discovered, but on the other hand she hoped whoever found her would help her and let her go. Another steps into her side and the prompt "answer yes or no" caused her to nod briefly. She was crying under her blindfold now.OK, then I can help you, the stranger said to her.
She wasn't sure what the stranger meant. He would just leave her and leave her to her fate.
Or worse
She began to fidget in her bondage to signal him that she wanted to be released.
But he just laughed, and she heard the steps move away. It wasn't long before he came back to her.
Is this box with the keys in yours? Asked he
She nodded violently, hoping he would release her now
OK, he said, I'll keep the keys for now
She tried to shake her head violently to signal a no. She was now completely helpless and defenseless against a completely strange and unknown man. Not that she had already dreamed and fantasized about it, but fantasy and reality often go very different ways. So she was more panicked than excited.
But he just laughed again, which made her panic even more.
I think you want that secretly, he said.
Again she shook her head desperately.
Really not? he asked back
Another panicked head shake as her answer.
Well, he said, we should be clear about the situation. If I leave you here you will never find your keys with your blindfold and it will probably take until the weekend until you are found. Until then, you are starved and totally dehydrated. Your chances of survival are really not very high. Do you agree with me ??
He was probably right, she had to admit to herself, so she just nodded
On the other hand, if I take you with me, you have a better chance of survival, unless I was going to kill you, which I don't intend to do. I can bring you to me, give you drink and eat and enjoy you for a while, he said. I can use you for some time, which you surely dreamed of, otherwise you would not do such self bondage sessions, he added.
Her face blushed, he was right. Better to be raped than to die here, and so she nodded again, feeling caught, more naked and ashamed than ever. The stranger had seen through her mind and was now taking advantage of them
She was still unsure whether he was a sadist or just someone who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.
Again his footsteps moved away and behave somewhere. Where did he go
 would he really be lying here alone with the keys he had taken? Desperate and panicked again. Why didn't he just take her, have fun with her and then released her ??
To make matters worse, the button for the dildo had touched the ground again, was pressed and caused a violent electric shock in her most feminine part. She wanted to scream, but the ball gag just let out a quiet grooh
She had no idea how much time had passed while helpless and desperate spent in her hogtie. She only noticed how suddenly hand struggled on her ball gag, and removed it from her jaw. She could have shrieked loudly, on the one hand from salvation, and on the other hand because her jaw ached like hell from the sudden salvation
I thought you need something to drink, said the stranger, lifted her face carefully, almost tenderly, and carefully let the opening of a drinking bottle slide between her teeth.
She greedily drank the water he gave her. It was better for her at that moment than the best champagne she had ever drunk.
Thank you she said no after drinking enough.
The stranger said with pleasure and put the ball gag in her mouth again and closed it more tightly than before with the leather straps.
He put her back on his stomach, then he took the chain that connected her hands and feet to her hogtie and carried her away

to be continued

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