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Amber's New Pet Unknown
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F/m; majick; giantess; captive; oral; foot; rub; insert; shoe; squash; crush; reform; mast; nc/reluct; XX

It is a warm day in Wildaron Forest. Amber Nightwind has been waiting for this day a long time. At last, the stars are right. Life as a Dryadani is a busy one. But lately she has been wishing for someone - someone she can Play with. After much study, she has determined that today will be the day.

Stepping into her garden, she begins to pace out a circle. At each quarter point, she lights a small torch, picks a few flowers to weave into her long red hair, then recites a brief invocation.

"Ohh, Powers of the East, come if you will, you blow so good! Ohh, Powers of the South, come if you will, you are so-o hot! Ohh, Powers of the West, come if you will, you are so wet! Ohh, Powers of the North, come if you will, you are so-o hard!"

By the time she completes the circuit, she has gotten a bit hot herself, so she unbuttons her silken chemise, exposing her full round breasts. Standing in the center of the circle, she balances a little precariously on her red spike-heeled pumps, legs spread, and begins her prayer to Sharalisa.

In another part of Wildaron, you, a thin melancholy Gwelfani, are taking a break from practicing your borashan. You are resting against a rainbalar tree, your long blond hair wisping over your shoulders. Although musicians are honored and in demand in Shaharasai, you sometimes feels restless and unfulfilled. Leaning back, you close your pale blue eyes for a moment, pondering your situation.

Suddenly, the very air around you seems to thicken, swirl, and hum. You open your eyes, but there is nothing to be seen. You try to stand but your limbs won't respond to your thoughts. You breathe in deeply, once, twice; trying to understand the situation.

On you third breath, the air begins to clear. You find you are able to move, a little. You look down at yourself; your black boots are still visible under the edge of your golden robe.

But by looking down instead of up, you are not prepared for what comes next. You are suddenly scooped up in a large hand, whose crimson fingernails form a threatening cage around you.

"Ah, by my Lady Sharalisa, the spell worked! It worked!" a musical voice trills out. Looking at last upwards, you behold the face of the Dryadani Amber. She is truly magnificent, towering some twenty-five feet above where you are sprawled in her palm. Her full, ample breasts hang just across from where you sit, though each one is twice your height.

"Long have I wished for just such a little toy to amuse myself with," she continues. "And now I have you. Tell me, my little trinket, what is your name?"

"T-Terry," you stammer out. You have, in your most private moments, fantasized about a similar situation. But now that it is real and you are lying in her huge warm hand, you find the reality of your predicament quite overwhelming.

"Well, Terry, I am Amber Nightwind, but you may address me as Goddess', " she giggles. Her hand shakes a little as she says this, bouncing you slightly. "From now on, you are MINE. I can be a most loving Goddess, but you must do your best to please me at all times, is that clear?"

You nod your head a little. You are not sure if you like this situation, but for now it seems best to play along. You cannot even see the ground from where you lie in her hand; who knows how far down it may be?

"That's good," she says. "Now, for starters, let's get rid of these clothes - you won't be needing them anymore." She grabs your left foot between the index and thumb of her other hand and pulls your boot off.

"Hey!" you start to protest. But she is already pulling off the right one as well.

"None of that now - you are supposed to please me, not the other way around." Amber frowns down at you slightly. "Now, how does this robe come off?"

She begins to prod at you, lifting the edge of your golden robe with her long fingernail. You struggle a little to keep it down - for despite your trepidation, the sight of the lovely Dryadani's immense breasts has had its effect on you. You are not ready to reveal this to Amber; besides, your plans to escape will be complicated if you are naked.

Still, she is intent on having her way. Grasping the hem of your robe, she succeeds in lifting it over your head, forcing you to raise your arms as the garment is pulled up, and at last, off. You are now completely nude and helpless in her giant hand.

"Ahh, and what is this?" she smiles. "I see my tiny captive is savoring this after all!" With one tapered finger the size of your thigh, she strokes your erection as gently as she can. To you, however, this presses your manhood hard against your stomach. You momentarily forget all ideas of escape and lie back, letting her bring you to the height of arousal.

"I'm glad you're enjoying this, my dear. But I am ready for some enjoyment myself." Amber ends her fingertip massage, instead gripping you firmly in her hand. Her tight grasp nearly knocks the wind out of you and bruises your ribs just a little.

You can just manage to peer out over the top of her hand. She is carrying you towards a gargantuan castle whose misty spires you have seen soaring above the western clouds when conditions are just right. She enters a door in one turret and climbs the stairs, two at a time. This rapid ascent jounces you so severely you close your eyes to keep away the vertigo.

When things settle enough, you open your eyes, just in time to find yourself being set into a golden birdcage. "Stay there just a moment, my pet," Amber says breathily. "I won't be a minute."

She steps over to a washstand and slithers out of her silken blouse. Seeing her standing there, running a moist cloth over her immense torso, you find your arousal returning. But more important, she has turned her back on you - perhaps now you can make your escape.

You slowly make your way to the cage door. Fortunately, it is only latched, not locked. Peering out over the edge, you decide you might be able to leap down onto the red-cushioned sofa below. You swing out and down, dangling from the cage bottom to get yourself as close as possible. Unfortunately, just as you let go, the door swings shut with a clank!, alerting Amber.

"Tsk, tsk. Didn't I tell you to stay where you were?" Amber asks a little peevishly just as you drop into the cushions on the sofa. You try to hide behind a pillow, but she is too quick. Grabbing you around the middle, she shakes you a little. "That is no way to behave! Now -" she continues, "all that work in the garden has worn me out. I could use a foot massage.."

She sets you down on the floor by her feet. She is wearing bright red pumps; their pointed spikes are as tall as you are. She crosses one huge shapely leg over the other, the sole of her foot hanging just above your head. "Look out below!" she laughs, as she slips her heel loose from the shoe. You narrowly miss being impaled on the spike as it swings forward.

Letting the shoe slide off completely, she orders you to start rubbing her foot. "Rub it hard , little man," she commands, "my feet are sore!" She shoves her foot towards you. It is even larger than you are. She slips off her other shoe, nudging you forward with her other foot. Seeing no way out of your predicament, you begin to rub her foot. She pushes it against you. "My feet are so-o hot and sweaty," she complains. "Can you give them a tongue bath?" You look around for a way to escape this, but with one foot caging you in from behind and the other waiting in front, there seems little chance of that. "Go on!" she urges impatiently.

So you stick out your tongue and begin to lick the bottom of her enormous foot. It smells of leather and sweat and something indefinable. You are soon intoxicated by the heady aroma and begin to lick all over her sole, pressing your slim body up against the wall of soft pink flesh. You are about to be carried away on waves of salty enchantment when she suddenly grasps you between her feet.

Leaning back on the couch, Amber raises you up in the air, still firmly between her feet. "Oh-h, that was very nice," she giggles. "I'm feeling much more relaxed now." Beneath where you are suspended some forty feet in the air, Amber is a symphony of fire. Her dark red hair spills over her shoulders and onto her creamy round breasts, each capped with a strawberry nipple the size of your head.

She is wearing a bright red miniskirt that stands out against the ruby red of the couch under her. With her legs raised like this, that little skirt has fallen back, revealing the sheer black panties underneath. Through them you can make out a tangle of reddish curls. You squirm a little, but not too much, for a fall from this height would surely kill you.

Amber laughs up at you "Well, little one, I'm tempted to play' with you right here. I've been waiting so long for this chance," she says, running her hands over her breasts, squeezing them, making her nipples stand erect. "But I've a better place in the other room. Only I better make sure you're safe for the journey; I'm not sure I can trust you yet" she frowns.

With that, she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, pulling them down to just above where the thick curls begin. She bends her knees, bringing her feet just above where her hands now lie, the left one idly stroking her womanhood through the sheer black silk.

With her right hand, she pulls the fabric out away from her body. Then, abruptly, she loosens her foothold on you, dropping you down so you land in the soft deep nest waiting there. With her right hand she reaches in and positions you before pulling the panties back into place.

"Get used to it, dear," she coos. "You're going to be spending a lot of time there!" With that, Amber stands up, wiggling her hips a little to settle you into place. You are wrapped tightly against her enormous femininity, the moist black silk taut against your back.

You are battling against your imprisonment, but there is no place for you to go - well, except for forward. The musky female scent is overwhelming, and her pussy is very wet. You can feel her huge thighs brushing together behind you as she walks; each step burying your face in the hot darkness of her vulva.

Suddenly she stops. You can tell she is sitting on something soft, as it is pushing up against your feet. Your position muffles her voice, but you feel it vibrating throughout her body - and yours.

"Ahh that's better," she says. "Now we are completely alone - and you are completely at my mercy. And I am so-o horny!" There is a sudden blaze of light and fresh air as she lifts the fabric away from her stomach, but these are rapidly blotted out as her hand sneaks in.

Grasping you about the shoulders, she begins to masturbate. Softly at first, but increasing quickly in tempo, she slides you into her warm wet cunny, feet first. You attempt to struggle but your arms are pinned against your sides. Your face is being pressed into her clit, half again the size of your hand.

"Ohhh yes, that's so good! Now lick me, little man!" she commands. You turn your head this way and that but there is no evading the throbbing swell of feminine pleasure. She pushes the back of your head, mashing your nose and mouth up against her. "Lick me! NOW!!!" she moans.

Her whole body begins to shudder as she reaches her delightment. You feel as if your lower body is being crushed as her gigantic pussy contracts around you. You can feel your bones cracking and fear that her titanic ecstacies will squash you into jelly. A wave of thick creamy lovejuice washes over you, covering your whole body in sweet smoky balm. Your mouth is forced open by her pulsing clitoris; it is too large for you to suck, but the strong rhythmic pulses shuddering through it and her force as much of it into your mouth as is possible.

The urge to suckle is strong, but your desire for your freedom is stronger. You extend your tongue a little, trying to quell the spasms. This however only drives her to new peaks. "Yes! YES!! Ohhh Goddess I am coming!!!" she shrieks, grinding her snatch against your tiny battered body. As she reaches a new height of blissful euphoria, she briefly shoves your entire body into her pulsating pussy. With a final massive orgasmic shudder, her quivering quim closes around you. You feel yourself being mashed into a pulp. Determined to escape this voluptuous imprisonment before your consciousness is gratifyingly extinguished, you widen your jaws a little more, then rapidly close them, biting into her tenderest inner recesses.

"OOWWWWWwwwwooo!!" she shrieks again, this time in pain and anger. Her grasp on your thin shoulders tightens and you are yanked roughly away from her still-twitching puss and out of her now drenched panties. You see that you are now in a lusciously appointed bedroom. Far above your head hangs a lavender silken canopy, attached at each corner to the high wooden bedposts. In fact, you realize as she lifts you overhead that they are actually young saplings, their leafy tops lost in the shadows of the canopy. Amber glares at you. "You look like a Gwelfani.. but you seem to have the soul of a Demonii. What black Shaharasian cave did I drag you from, I wonder? Well, such insubordinance is not to my tastes. You are MY pet, and you will learn to obey me!" A wicked glint creeps into her eyes as she notices that, despite your insouciant attitude, you have very much enjoyed serving as her living dildo. Despite being squeezed flat just moments ago, you find you have miraculously regained your former shape, as well as your former state of arousal.

Without another word, Amber brings you close to her lovely face. You tremble as you contemplate what punishments may await you, but this does nothing to quell the excitement raging at your groin. Slowly, she extends her massive pink tongue. Beginning at your feet, she flicks the tip over your sticky epidermis.

"Mmmm - you taste like me!" she giggles. "But will all of you taste the same?" With short swift strokes that nonetheless cover more than a foot of your body at a time, she begins to lick her own juices off of you. This is as titillating as your previous entrapment was excruciating. Her eyes close in rapture as she methodically covers every inch of you.

"Well, that's most of it, I suppose," she purrs. "But I better make sure." Opening one eye lazily, she looks you up and down, being sure you are nearly at the peak of stimulation before parting her sensuous carmine lips. Grasping you around the waist, she dangles you above them momentarily before plunging you into her greedy mouth. She begins to suck on your torso as she might a grape, pulling you in past her pearly teeth, into the darkness below.

Her eyes once again close. She lets you go once you are in up to your shoulders. You can see nothing but her face, but the expression of enthrallment on it leads you to suspect she has moved her hands inside her panties again. She moans softly as she continues to suckle, the action of her lips and tongue thrusting you in and out, over and over. Your hard-on is being rubbed against the firm slippery roof of her palate; her soft tongue cradles your backside. Unable to resist, you finally explode with hedonistic rapture. As you do so, she brings herself to yet another climax, and her murmurs of pleasure vibrate through you, intensifying your orgasm.

When at last she slowly withdraws you from her mouth, you are warm, wet, and thoroughly relaxed. You have forgotten about her threats to make you comply with her will, but she has not. While you lay idle in her palm, she sits up in her huge fluffy bed.

"It's a good thing you're all floppy and yielding," she says, "because it will do you no good at all to resist me!" Before you quite realize what is happening, she has closed her fingers tightly around you. "I told you I don't put up with mutinous little toys!" she cackles.

In a sudden swift move, she whips you behind her back, pulling her panties away from her milkwhite skin with her other hand. As you are still sorting out what exactly is going on, she drops you down inside. Once again you are trapped between black silk and pale flesh.

Her enormous derriere envelops you, huge soft twin hillocks of rounded delirium. They are huge and cushiony, and offer you no purchase for hand or foot. As the enormity of the situation seizes you, you begin to struggle in earnest. You squirm around in an attempt to grab the sheer material and make your escape, but to no avail. Instead you drive your small nails into her plump fundament, convincing her to exact the severest revenge upon you. She squeezes her cheeks firmly together, wedging you tightly between them.

The air is driven roughly out of you. You strive to catch your breath, but there is precious little air to be found; and what air there is is permeated with an overpowering musky scent. It is exceedingly warm and more than a little damp. Despite the precariousness of your condition, you find your body responding to the proximity of her enormous femininity; yet you wriggle desperately, hoping to find some way of fleeing your impending doom.

Suddenly the cushiony mattress seems to drop away from beneath you and you realize that Amber has stood up. You battle vertigo from the sudden altitude change while contemplating your predicament, but you have barely regained your equilibrium before the direction reverses. With an abrupt whoosh, she sits down hard on the bare wood floor.

The immediate thwack of her shapely tush against the hobnowood planks crushes you into the immense womanly flesh. She begins to wiggle back and forth, grinding down upon you, flattening you into a gelatinous mush. The last thing you hear before blacking out is the crunching of your fragile bones as she reduces you to a pithy ooze under her enormous bottom.

You are not sure how much time has passed when you finally regain consciousness. Once again you have somehow managed to regain your original form, despite being squeezed into formless goo by your cruel loving Goddess Amber. At first you are not sure of your surroundings; it is still dark, and musky, but not the same as you recall your last view before passing out. With a shock your vision clears and you realize you are now laying head down into one of her grandiose red patent pumps.

"You haven't figured it out yet, have you?" You are on a slant, your feet higher than your head, making it difficult to look out. But there is no mistaking that viciously honeyed voice. You feel barely able to move; it seems nearly every drop of resistance has been pressed from you like wine from a Chablis grape. However, it seems imperative to you to get out of the enormous shoe, so you try to sit up.

"Oh no you don't!" Amber cries cheerfully, poking you back down with her big toe. "You ARE MINE. Sharalisa Herself brought you to me to do with as I please. And what I please is that you learn your place, which is to worship me and obey my every whim. And as you are realizing, I have many ways of enforcing that! And no matter how I choose to use and abuse you, you can never be rubbed out completely. So let's get this clear.."

Ignoring her remonstrances, you still are determined to make your getaway. Calling upon your reserves, you press your arms against the insides of the shoe and struggle to lift yourself from the sticky leather insole. This has the unwanted effect of bringing you rapidly in contact with the base of her gigantic foot, now encased in a sheer seamed black stocking. She begins to worm her foot into the shoe, pressing you flat on your back again.

Despite the additional layer of material, the odor is still both intoxicating and enchanting. You find the scent overwhelming your entire being. The joy of licking that salty essence from her foot envelops your memory as the sight of that same foot now engulfs your field of vision. Your will to escape transforms itself; can you really be aroused yet again?

Her foot is all the way into the shoe now. Your head is wedged between her big toe and the long digit next to it; your slight body pressing against the moist stocking, whose seam runs coincidentally right between your legs. Amber begins to put her full weight onto the foot now. The ball of her foot extends from your shoulders to your hips. The pressure is intense, much moreso than when she sat upon you. Your delicate skeleton, amazingly reconstituted several times already, begins to give way with a crack. She is obliterating you again, smooshing you into a creamy mush inside her shiny red pumps.

Is it an eon or only a moment later when you wake up? You are still in the shoe, but her foot is not. You can feel your limbs, torso, every part of you swelling with life as you resume your lithe Gwelfani shape. Odd; it seems the more brutally she pounds you into oblivion, the more revitalized you are upon recovery. Amber is not immediately visible from where you lie. Slowly, you sit up, grabbing the edges of the shoe and pulling yourself erect.

She is not far away by her dimensions, but to you she seems a mile off. She is sitting on the edge of her cushioned canopy bed, languidly peeling off her stocking. More important, she is not looking in your direction. Balancing in the heel of the shoe, you can just make out the hazy outlines of a door a long way away. You swing over the side and out of the shoe, intending to hit the ground running. But the high thin spike heel is thrown off balance by your desertion, and the shoe tips over on its side.

Not only does this nearly send you sprawling but the clatter attracts Amber's notice. "Not again!" she sighs, standing up. You don't look back, however; the door is located on the far horizon and you are running as fast as you can towards it. The floor begins to shake underneath you, though, as Amber strides towards you. You don't look back. There is a dresser twenty-five feet to your left; you dash underneath it and keep going, hoping you can slip out on the far side and continue your journey towards the door.

The floor has stopped quaking; you hope that she didn't see where you went. There is light just ahead where the side of the dresser marks the next leg of your escape route. You are so intent on what is in front of you that you don't look to the side. If you did you might've thought better of making that dash out along the baseboard, but you are focussed on that one goal. You break from under the dresser; the door is less than half a mile away, now. You are almost there when -

THWACKK! Amber stomps down, narrowly missing you. The air that rushes towards you in it's hurry to get out from under her foot sends you sprawling face down on the floor. "You just won't listen, will you?" she booms in exasperation. And lifts her now bare foot again, high above where you lie in awful anticipation of what is to come. Your mind still reels at the wicked reproof she seems to have an endless store of, but your cock knows what exquisite annihilation awaits, and straightens out underneath you.

This time there is not even the luxury of her leather insole to cushion you from her punishing step. She brings her foot down quickly and firmly upon your struggling carcass, grinding the ball of her sweaty naked foot down as if she is grinding out a cigarette, or stomping a bug. Despite what she says, you think this must surely be the end; her preponderous weight is squishing you, squishing you, until you dissolve into agonizing rapture, becoming nothing more than a puddle of warm jism bathing her sinfully benevolent sole.

By now you are becoming accustomed to the feelings of re-inflation after Amber inflicts her discipline upon you. You feel like an elven-shaped balloon being filled with an onrush of nitrous oxide. With a surge of virtually psychedelic energy you sit up, wondering where you will find yourself this time. Ah, this must be back to the bed - and yes, just there is your titanic mistress, more beautiful than all seven known species of Shaharasian dawn, luscious red hair cascading down over those breasts like lava flowing across pale twin moons.

"Whatever shall I do with you, Terry?" she frowns. "I told you at the beginning that I am your Goddess now, and you are here for eternity as my lover and my pet. I have given you only a few types of ecstasy so far; I am capable of many more. Yet you persist in defying me. Now it seems I must correct your errant ways once again."

With that, she reaches over and scoops you up from your niche amongst her thick quilts. With a flip of her wrist, you find yourself turned face down across her massive, generous lap. She has balanced you just at the junction of her tremendous thighs. Your magical resuscitation has once again had its effect on your manhood as well. You press down against her, gently fucking the erotic crevice beneath you. You wonder if she can feel it. This distracts you from what she is doing, which is raising her palm high in the air over your bare, upturned bottom.

"You are a very very naughty Gwelfani and I am most upset with you!" she says as she administers the worst spanking of your life. She slaps your tiny cheeks ferociously; she is very angry at you for being so rebellious. You feel yourself flattening out again; she is hitting you too hard, and yet you perversely enjoy it. You continue to fuck the space between her thighs as she dispenses a punishment you begin to think is well-deserved.

The spanking seems to go on and on. You wonder if she is aware that you are dissolving under her blows, that she is crushing you with their severity, that you are fucking her in earnest now despite the fact that your pelvis was cracked at the outset. The profound pleasure and pain bring you to crisis at last. As her final and hardest blow smooshes you into liquid oblivion, you spend your seed and lapse at last into nothingness.

It seems to take much longer for you to regain awareness this time, but when at last you do, you realize you now feel better than you ever have in your life. With a start, you realize that your borashan is at your side, you are dressed in gold jewelry, golden robe, and black boots; and you are once again resting against the rainbalar tree. Shaking your head, you resolve to cut back on mialshan, if this is the kind of quixotic nightmares it can produce. You stand up, stretch, and begin to walk. Before you get very far, though, the familiar forest begins to thin. You cannot believe your eyes, and start to run, only to smack into a translucent sheet marking the edge of your private forest. On the other side, a familiar chamber can just be made out. Lit only with a single twenty-foot taper, you stare in astonishment at the enormous canopy bed where Amber Nightwind lies asleep.

Or is she? "Ah, good evening, my pet. I hope you find your accommodations to your liking." Swinging her legs out over the edge of the bed, you finally see her completely, stunningly nude. "I hope you rested well. I have many more plans for us tonight.."


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