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Treasure Hunt
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Here is another little tale.....

Treasure Hunt

“Do you fancy a Treasure Hunt? That might explain something.”
I had made a whole dinner of questions to the man walking by my side. It was an interview, that was opening whole new worlds for me.

But let's retract to a couple of weeks before. I got a call for one of the websites I work with, it was the editor that commissioned me a job. There was the story of a professional domme, that was said to have worked for high profile movie stars, indulging in some racy thing.
And my job was to spin him to have some juicy stories to build an article around.
I had some trouble to get him, I tried to lure him with a professional request for an encounter, then I tried to meet him in a fancy joint where I got notice he would appear, then again I tried to contact him using his own website, drafting some of the points that I would like to touch during the interview. I wrote in the email some generic questions and some insight on what I’d  like to get from our encounter.
Yesterday I got a reply, that he was sorry to having responded so late,but that he was in town and that he would like to meet me for dinner in a fancy restaurant in the center of the city, where I would be his guest.
He treated me to a posh restaurant in the most fancy part of town, and while he told me something of his job. At the end of the meal I had to excuse me to the loo, and while there I realized that he had spilled just little beans, some anecdotes, some stories. Obviously no name, and recognizable peculiarity was coming up from his mouth. That chatter still tickled my curiosity. I’m pretty clear of what he does to his paying partners, and I think I know what is in for him, for his libido, but I was still dubious about what his “victims” find in it.
After my toilet break, I returned to the table as he was paying with his credit card, and when we were alone I asked:
“Well, but can you tell me why your “victims” come to you? What are their feelings?”
All I got was a simple smile, like he was thinking on a way to explain it to me, as if it was something very difficult to grasp with just words.
And then he said: “Do you want to walk with me?”
“Yes, sure.”
With that we left the restaurant, and we take a stroll in a nearby park. He was still silent, and did not responded to my question. Then the Treasure Hunt question.
Well, I thought, this may be interesting, and nodded.
He called up a taxi and we hopped in, in direction of a sport equipment store.
“Well, that is the plan. You get this and since I want to do some jogging because I feel stuffed up by our meal, your task is to buy all the required things for me.”
With that he gave me a credit card, that I should use for this, apparently.
I was amazed, yet I managed to tag along and asked him what kind of thing he preferred. He told me that whatever should do, and he told me his size for the clothes, for the running shoes.
The cab stopped in front a huge store. I’m not so much the shopping spree type, but I was impressed. Is this a trial? How much would I spend not to seem cheap? And not to seem a big spender?
What a conundrum. Obviously he had other plans, since he left me at the entrance going with decision to a certain section of the store. I was so involved with my task that I forgot to check him out.
It took me the most of a hour, just to figure out the size and model. You would not believe how it is nerve wracking to buy something for someone you barely know. Finally I set down for a plain tracksuit and some running shoes, then socks and such.
As I got to the cash registers I saw he had a big shopping bag in his hands and he was waiting for me.
So as I went to pay with his money under his watchful eye, I immediately felt humbled by this. I could feel his control over me, he had told me what to buy, he had subconsciously set his expectations over me. Something in my mind was screaming “What the hell is going on?”
As we left the store, he hailed for a cab and told him an address near the park we were before.
The car ended its journey in front of a bar, a very posh one. He told me to exit and as he enter the bar, I could spy that he handed a bill to one of the waiters. We were conducted in a backroom, a sort of reserved space.
There was a table, some seats, and I could see that there was also a private bathroom.
“Can I?” I asked, like I was a little girl asking his teacher to leave the room.
“Absolutely. By the way, please change in these, we are going to the park afterward, remember?”
With that he handed me something that he had in his shopping bag. I went in the most luxurious bathroom I’ve ever been. A large mirror on a side, a basin, stalls big enough to have a dinner in it.
I closed the door after me, using the key that was there. Then, as I was alone I browsed what he had bought for me. It was a one piece tracksuit, made in a flimsy material, enough to cover me from ankles to neck. Did not actually know what to make of this.
There were also running socks and shoes. He got my size, incredible. Well, decided to play the game and proceed to undress to my underwear.
The suit was more substantial than what I had guessed, and it was form fitting. As I got to the bust part I figured out that there was some sort of support, so that also my bra was useless. So I took it out.
In the end I found myself nude, but not really nude.
Well, I had to admit it enhanced my body, and all the right curves were in the right place. Would I be comfortable to go outside just with this? Would I be comfortable to let him see me in this?
I guess this is part of the hunt itself, and since I had come to that, there was absolutely no point in fleeing right there. On top of that he did catch my measurement with a marvelous skill, and also he got my taste, the suit was in a light blue and despite not being heavy, the fabric was not see thru.
I collected my clothes in the bag and went to the other room.
He had changed as well, and I must say he did look good in his track pants and jacket.
“You look gorgeous my dear. I think you have reached the first step of the hunt.”
Looking at him distracted my sight from what he had strewn on a nearby table, there was a bunch of rope, all neatly displayed in coils.
I was silent.
“Here are the ground rules. You can stop me anytime, but obviously the treasure hunt stops here, and the interview stops too. Do you understand?”
I just nodded, has he took a coil from the table and with measured gestures he proceed to find the middle point. Slowly he then ties a nook in that position and rest it behind my neck.
He comes near me, I think he can smell my odour. I look at him while he is looking at the rope. The two drapes come down in front of me and he makes some knots every 5 inches.
“Open your legs slightly.” I did as I was instructed and the rope passes between my legs with a knot resting just between my legs.
Then he thread the rope in the nook on my back. Then he started to weave around my torso.
“This is the basic form of rope bondage. It is called “shibari” and it is quite comfortable, I can assure you.”
Crisscrossing on the back and then threading on the rope in the middle of my torso, he proceeded to create what I later learned is called a “harness”. As he was positioning the rope, I could feel the pressure growing either in my crotch and in my anus, and on my breasts.
The harness forced also my back to keep straight.
The excess was knotted in the small of my back, out of the way, then he picked up another rope and proceeded to thread it above and below my breasts trapping the upper part of the arms to my side, then he again cinched under my armpits, adding pressure.
On the table there was also another thing, it was a fitness overall, pants and jackets.
“Wear these over the harness we do not want to make a scene, do we?”
“No, okay.” At that point my voice was trembling as if the balance of power had shifted significantly. I gave him just a hint of control over me and he definitely took it all.
I wear those clothes and in the end I could look at a mirror that was on the side of the room, and he was right. Nothing could be seen from bystanders. But I knew was was under my dress, and the worst of it was that every movement I made by simply walking had its repercussion on my body, squeezing my breasts, moving the knots over my crotch or tensing the rope on my belly.
“Shall we?” he gingerly said, and I realized that I had no other choice than to follow up in this treasure hunt.
We left the place and, before I could completely process it, we were heading again to the park. Among other people, among other runners, trussed like this?
He noticed that I was trembling and hesitating, and he gently pushed me by the elbow, whispering “Don’t worry, there are only two people that knows! Me and you.”
“Are you sure?” I managed to ask.
“Well, nothing is showing and I can assure you that there were no one else in the room before. Third, do you trust me?”
“How can I? I’ve known you for three hours, how is possible that I can trust you?”
“Well, actually, you have trusted me enough to let me bring you in a room, make you dress in clothes of my choice and follow me in the park without alerting anyone.”
This made me blush, how much he had twisted my hand without me even acknowledging, really impressive.
“Should we sit and talk?” He gestured a wooden bench in the park, a little sideways from the walking paths, to get a more reserved space.
A million  questions were twirling in my mind, but I seemed to have lost my voice. So the interview took another sharp turn from my expectations.
“So, tell me how you feel?” Direct to the point.
I just closed my eyes, could not bear his inquisitive stare.
“Well, I have to confess that I feel as if I have lost all control on the situation. Then it seems to me that everyone in the park is able to see through my clothes and understand all the trappings underneath.”
He pressed.
“And physically, how do you feel?”
“It’s like a million fingers are teasing a million different parts of my body. I can feel pressure, friction and million different sensations. It’s arousing, in a very strange way.”
Oh god, I’ve said to a complete stranger that I’m aroused by a rope he himself knotted on my upper body.
“Perfect, I think that you have understood what is the deal, here.”
The thought was starting to form in my mind, he is a dominator, he takes control.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Do you take control even if the subjects are unwilling?”
“Absolutely not, this is a two player game. It’s something that I take from you only if you give it to me. For what I do, there must be no other way. Else it is violence, and I do not deal in that business.”
I tried to pinpoint when I did give him such a power over me, but it was so seamless in the flow of things, that I had trouble to understand what did change in me.
“And, most important of all, if you say stop, it all ends there. That’s the most important of the rules that I follow for my job.”
I was stunned by the force that he put in those words.
“So, after all, you are saying that I’m in control?”
“Yes, definitely. Put your hands forward.”
I forwarded my hands and he produced a rope from a pocket. In a matter of seconds he proceed to tie my hands in front of me.
I was shocked by the precision and the speed of the tie.
“Do you want me to untie?” his voice was calm, he had done something to me and now he was expecting a response. Instinctively I tried to budge the knots, to free myself, but I found that he had done a perfect job. Then I looked around, after all we were in a park, and I saw that no one was looking at me. The bench we chose, he chose, was detached from the others and there were some bushes on the side screening us from passersby.
“Yes please.” My voice was a murmur, and quickly as he had tied me, he prodded the knot and in a matter of seconds my hands were completely free.
“See, this is it. This is the communication channel. There must be always communication between you and me. It’s important. And you have the power and the control. Always. Is it clear?”
That was a powerful explanation, then a question ran thru my mind: how far could he go? And how far could I go?
“Yes. Very clear.”
“Do you want to return in the changing room?”
“Ok, you have found another treasure in your hunt. Could you please put your hand in your pocket?”
I did so and I found that he had removed the internal pocket in the jacket of the tracking suit. Then he opened the zipper to see  my hands. With the same rope he proceed to tie again my wrists, cinching the rope leaving a strand hanging. Then he moved me and used the strand to secure my wrists to the harness, tying the rope on the back. Finally he closed the jacket.
Now I had my hands secured to my belly, closed in a jacket, my emotions were running wild, almost making me dizzy with excitement.
“Ok, done.”
I was trying to get free, but as I tugged to the rope circling my hands, I was adding pressure to the harness, which triggered a lot of different sensations on my whole torso.
“Let’s walk, would you?”
With that he made a gesture to leave the bench and walk amongst  the others in the park. I think I got red from embarrassment, but he seemed decided to go and he sort of forced me to move along.
It was strange to stand up without the use of my hands, this made me realize that there are a lot of things that we consider granted, and this constriction was having an effect on my psyche.
“Do not worry, no one could see the rope before, as no one can see it now. You have my word.”
We went for a walk and he did some small talk that I absolutely cannot remember now.
“Ok, tell me, what you fear, right now?”
The bluntness of this question stopped in my track, nearly losing my step. Instinctively I tried to steady myself with my hands, but they were safely tied to the harness. Swiftly he took me by the arms, giving me equilibrium.
“Err…. I fear that someone is in a way, able to see what you have done to me. I fear that you will leave me alone, and I fear I may hurt myself since I’m not able to use my hands and arms to steady myself.”
“Yes, yes and no. Since I will not leave you and that I will protect you in a way that I can intervene whenever you are to get into trouble.”
I must have a puzzled look, so he continued.
“If I do decide to leave you, first I make myself sure that there are no troubles for you. And were I to leave you alone, I would made sure that you got the best of it.”
“What do you mean by the best of it?”
“I mean that, you have told me that the harness gives you something. Well, you are being teased, pinched and prodded, in the middle of millions of other people walking in the park. Does it mean something for you?”
He was giving a name to a sensation I was feeling right there and then.
“You could try to masturbate for me, would you?”
More than an order than a question, startling me. Automatically I tried to reach my labia with my fingers, but the rope was tied high enough to keep them far away.
“Try more.”
Then it dawn on me and I started to pull my hands up and down, tugging at the harness, and it worked, I could feel the knots shifting on my skin, gently pinching and squeezing. Meanwhile I had to focus on simply walking.
As my steps were becoming more strenuous, he picked me by my arm and drove me to a bench. I was barely aware that he made me sit and, going to my back, he took the strands of the rope securing my hands and tied it to the bench itself.
“Go on, do not stop. Close your eyes.”
As I close my eyes, he apparently got something out of his pockets and I felt something on my eyelids. As I try to look, I found that I was completely in the dark, he had put some plasters on my face, obscuring completely my sight.
Then he put something, a pair of glasses, on my head.
“What the….?”
“Do not worry, I’ve put sunglasses on you. Your secret is safe with me. Stay calm, and go on with what I told you….”
It was really difficult to continue, while taking stock of the whole situation. I was tied to a bench in a public park, unable free myself, blind and the only thing that I could actively do was tugging on a rope knotted between my crotch to bring myself to an orgasm there and then.
To my astonished surprise, I was growing more aroused by this predicament.
He must have seen it, because he whispered in my ear.
“I see you are busy. I think I will go to take a little jog. I have yet to broke this new pair of running shoes you got me.”
This brought chaos to my mind. Should I cry for help, attracting all attentions on me? Should I stop immediately this huge wave that I feel growing in me? Should I go on, trusting that there will be no harm for me in the end?
The movements of my hands picked up speed, and I came with a force that was something new to me, biting down my tongue with all my strength not to howl like a bitch in heat. As I relaxed, I slumped somewhat on the bench, gasping for catching my breath. Then stood still and waited.
I was totally blind, so really could not see if I made a scene, if there were nannies calling the cops on me or grannies running away completely deranged by my sexual discharge, or whatever, so I strained my hearing to catch any signal of danger, waiting for a very embarrassing situation to develop, someone to cry “That lady has just had an orgasm!” out loud.
As someone said: “You have no idea on how many people have a phone with a camera, until you are the subject.”
A minute or so, must have passed, but I could not feel it, it seemed to me that ages had pass, I was worried I was left alone there, nowhere to go, unable to free myself.
He had forgotten me, I was so stupid that I let him put in that situation.
I was startled by his voice.
“Was it good? Just tell me and I will let you go, if you want. This is the end of your treasure hunt.”
“Yes…. and no, don’t let me go.”
And that was the beginning of it, and this was the first of crazy experience that I have done since.


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