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Find the key
« on: February 02, 2016, 09:55:12 am »
So I felt like playing a game of find the key to the handcuffs while hooded and a vibrator stuck on my penis.  The vibrator is cylinder shaped and has flat buttons to vibrate/pump, increase/decrease in speed for 3 levels.  Now I know from previous (lots) experience that if I turn the vibrator on before the hand cuffs are closed the game won't happen as I bolt my load.  So I found a way around this!

I placed a tiny screw on the increase vibrate button and wrapped tape around the vibrator and screw.  Not too tight as to set if off on its own but when any pressure is applied.

I have to calm myself down to slide the vibrator on normally but I decided to add a spiked sheath to the mix.  The sheath has a strap that goes around my balls then the spiked part is wrapped around my penis and velcro straps used to tighten as much as you dare.

Time to start.  I placed the key to the handcuffs on the lounge floor next to the rug and set my phone to record.  The phone was positioned so you could see the key and the route to the patio doors.

The strap to the sheath went around my balls and the shaft of my penis.  Always a struggle and always makes me rock hard!  After a short time thinking of 'other' things I was able to strap the spiked section tightly around my flaccid penis.

Next came the hood.  I was using a leather double hood with eye/mouth holes and a zip down the front.  I pulled the laces tight and the front zip was left open.

I slipped on my leather catsuit leaving the front zip open all the way to my crotch,  grabbed the handcuffs/ vibrator and went outside shutting the patio door behind me.

I sat on a chair furthest from the patio doors and slightly viewable from the main road. It was 6am so no one was around!!!!

Leaning forward in the chair I worked the vibrator tube on to my spiked sheath covered cock making sure that the screw section was facing out.  I carefully worked the front zip of the catsuit over the vibrator and up to my neck making sure to keep leaning forward.  I zipped the front of the hood closed, put my hands behind my back and locked the cuffs on.

So now I'm sitting in leather on a chair outside, blind, handcuffed and in view of the road.  The only way out is on the lounge floor and as soon as I stand up the vibrator will start.

Right time to move.  I slowly stand up.  Suddenly the tight leather suit presses against the screw and starts the vibrations.  My cock is rock hard now and the spikes are really digging in!

It's quite a large patio and my sense of direction is rubbish when hooded.  I eventually get to the patio doors and i've managed not to cum yet.  I turn my back to the door and have to lift my handcuffed hands high to the door handle due to the step up. Doing this causes the suit to press against the screw again setting the vibrator to level 2.  That does it and I blow my load.  Now the spikes hurt and I've still got to get the key.

After bumping into the table, wall and sofa I find the edge of the rug with my feet.  Eventually I stand on the key.  Now to get it and stop this b****y vibrator!  With hands tied behind my back I have to fall to my knees.  Doing so I have to steady myself as I drop down which presses the screw again. Level 3 now!  The key hole to these cuffs is tiny and off to one side which takes a lot longer than my old big hole in the middle cuffs.

I get one cuff off and reach around to turn the vibrator off.  That's better but the spikes are still digging in and I can really feel them now.  The other cuff comes off and then the hood.  I unzip the catsuit and take the vibrator off.  It's a lot harder to take off than put on.  Then the relief of unstrapping the spiked sheath and releasing my balls.

Now to watch the video and get horny again.

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Re: Find the key
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2016, 02:27:18 pm »
Nice story!

You really should wear your heavy boots when doing this..... ;)
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Re: Find the key
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2016, 04:03:02 pm »
Yes, thank you so many for this story is so good. Tell more please!


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Re: Find the key
« Reply #3 on: March 07, 2016, 04:39:30 pm »
This is a great story.

I have 2 requests:

1) where did you get that vibrator?

2) can you post a link to the video?


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