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 To start this off my name is Ej and I am an 18 year old African-American Aspiring dominant. My age might be a turnoff to many but all I am going to say to that is listen to what I have to say and you might change your mind because it is not the age that matters but how mature and how much knowledge the dominant has regarding the lifestyle.


    Now What Am I Looking for.

I am looking for preferable a wealthy HWP  single Caucasian genetic female of any age who wishes to be  micromanaged, modified, humiliated, degraded, shared, punished for the benefit of your owner. This person should be willing to turn over everything to me such as any social media, email, personal information to become my lifelong permanent slave with no limits whatsoever on what I can impose on them. You should be willing to provide pictures and video evidence of your daily life, maybe even installing surveillance cameras in every room which can be viewed over a wireless connection.


   Please write a decent message including what name you prefer to be called by so that it gives me some substance to write my reply. Such as what body mods you want, specific things you want micromanaged, stuff like that.

Thank you for taking the time to read and digest this and I can't wait to read your responses.



 Here are Some examples of rules/mods/task you will be subjected to







Whereas I,Name, hereafter called 'The SLAVE', agrees to voluntarily give up all rights, personal and legal, and become the personal property of my master, hereafter called 'The OWNER'; and, whereas The OWNER has accepted The SLAVE as his legally titled property, the purpose of this Slave Contract is to codify and enforce the property rights of the OWNER over the SLAVE.






Following the initiative and firm wish of The SLAVE and The OWNER, both parties pledge and agree as follows:


1. The SLAVE agrees to become the property of and to submit completely to The OWNER in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which The SLAVE may refuse to obey any wish or order of The OWNER. The SLAVE will never be given the option to act on its own desire, but will be trained to complete obedience by a combination of systematic humiliation and punishment. The SLAVE's status and duties are permanent and will be performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each day of the year without any presumption or provision of leisure time for The SLAVE, independent from whether The OWNER is present. By execution of this contract, The SLAVE has surrendered his personhood to The OWNER at all times and for all times.


2. As compensation, The OWNER will seek to use The SLAVE, his property, for his benefit and enjoyment in any fashion he desires. The SLAVE will be at The OWNER's complete disposal to perform or submit to any task commanded by The OWNER. The SLAVE acknowledges that The OWNER is a committed sadist and dominant male, and that The SLAVE will be required to suffer pain, deprivation, degradation, and humiliation far beyond its endurance. The OWNER takes the slave as his property specifically wishing to humiliate, harass, torture and punish The SLAVE, without any mercy, respite, or recourse, by means of sadistic and mean orders and permanent obligations. Further, The SLAVE understands that The OWNER wishes to invent continuously new torments and cruelties to which The SLAVE will be subjected, and to enforce compliance by any punishment, torment or humiliation required.


3. The OWNER will endeavour to ensure that all orders for The SLAVE will be extremely mean and humiliating, forcing The SLAVE to do things, or do them in a way she never would be prepared to do under normal circumstances.


4. The SLAVE's will and psyche will be reprogrammed to complete obedience and servitude. The SLAVE's personal desires and sexuality are irrelevant and also become the property of The OWNER. The satisfaction of any and every of The OWNER's sadistic and sexual desires will be The SLAVE's highest duty; The SLAVE's only pleasure and arousal will come through his fulfillment of The OWNER's every desire.


5. The SLAVE will be locked in chastity that may include features for punishment of arousal. It is fully at the discretion of The OWNER to deny sexual relief to The SLAVE as long as he desires; The SLAVE does not have any rights to any personal satisfaction or gratification - it exists only for the betterment and pleasure of The OWNER. However, if in rare cases that The OWNER considers sexual rewards to the slave is appropriate, The OWNER will take care that it is combined with pain and/or humiliation and will often be ruined or be stopped just before orgasm, be it while performing enforced masturbation, or be it while The SLAVE is violated by The OWNER or one of his friends. The SLAVE will always be required to consume his semen or that of any others required by The OWNER.


6. For the pleasure of The OWNER or one of his male or female friends, it is The SLAVE's duty to lick or suck them, or to submit to any sexual or personal use, at any time or place requested. Alike, at any time The OWNER can sexually use The SLAVE in any way, or ask one of his male or female friends to rape her. In any case, there will be severe punishment if The SLAVE's performance is not absolutely satisfying, even when being raped. If the slave unwillingly has anything exit from her body during these exercises, whether it be her own puke, urine, or shit. It will re-enter her body through her mouth at the owner’s discretion. Subject to V(6) below, the slave can only release her bodily excrements on command of the owner.


7. The OWNER will have the enjoyment of any male and female lovers she chooses. The SLAVE may be required -or denied- participation to enhance The OWNER's sexual experiences. The SLAVE can be expected to prepare The OWNER's lovers by orally satisfying them or by submitting to sadistic cruelties to arouse them. The OWNER may require The SLAVE to orally or otherwise enhance his and his lovers enjoyment during foreplay or copulation. Further, The SLAVE understands it will be required to clean and sooth the genitals of The OWNER and his lovers when they have completed their enjoyments. The OWNER may vest any lovers or friends with the right to give orders to The SLAVE and punish her according to their caprice.


8. The OWNER will take as long as necessary to train The SLAVE. Training will be harsh, and will by no means be fair. Such training will be delivered by The OWNER or by other Mistresses or Masters. The SLAVE may also be sent to a slave training facility that is documented for a most severe training regime.


9. The SLAVE will be provided a limited source of food and water at the OWNER’s discretion. However, at times, food will be used as both incentive and punishment for The SLAVE's performance and behaviour. The SLAVE's normal meals, even in the absence of The OWNER, will be dog food eaten from a dog bowl on the floor. Long periods of time will ensue when the slave will only consume that which comes out of the owner's body, his friends bodies, or her own body at his own command. This includes piss, shit, spit, and vomit. Rewards may include table scraps. These periods of time could last from several hours to days or weeks. It is completely at the OWNER’s discretion and is used to completely denigrate the slave.


10. The OWNER will take videos and photos showing The SLAVE in most humiliating situations. It is up to The OWNER's sole discretion to publish them in the Internet, or in sex magazines or videos which are available in sex shops. These pictures or videotapes become the sole property of The OWNER at the time the pictures or videotapes are taken. While The SLAVE would prefer to keep these pictures or videotapes private, The SLAVE understands that they are not her property and The OWNER may do with them whatever he likes.


11. The OWNER may loan The SLAVE at any time to any other person. There, The SLAVE may be subject to rape, torture, severe whippings, and whatever else they desire. Further, The OWNER may charge for The Slave's slut services in any way he chooses. Any money or other negotiable earned in this manner or any other is the sole property of The OWNER.


12. To enforce the permanence of the slave's status, The OWNER shall tattoo, brand, or mark the slave on any body part and in any way he so desires. The purpose of such tattoo, brand, or mark should be the permanent reminder and humiliation of The SLAVE. The SLAVE may be required to publicly expose

such markings at any time in any way.


13. The SLAVE will sexually please the OWNER or any of his friends in any way he sees fit. This predominantly includes complete anal and oral penetration. If the OWNER sees fit he will also use her vaginally, but this method is used for procreation or at the OWNER’s discretion. She should not expect or desire to be used for her own pleasure at any time. Furthermore, if the slave does not adequately clean her rectum before the OWNER penetrates her, she will slowly clean it with her mouth by exchanging either a toy or his cock back and forth until the owner is satisfied. The Slave will regularly be given enema’s by the OWNER and will dispose of them at his request. If the slave releases the enema before commanded by the OWNER, she will surely be punished.




1. This Slave Contract will be in force for an indefinite period of time up to the rest of the life of The SLAVE, unless terminated by The OWNER. The SLAVE will have no rights to legal recourse if terminated by The OWNER.


2. The SLAVE has no right whatsoever to terminate this Slave Contract. The execution of this contract will be videotaped and the complete contract will be read aloud by The SLAVE. Upon signing, The SLAVE's status will become forever and permanent.


3. The OWNER can at any time discharge The SLAVE, but she shall remain a slave subject to sale on the Internet or transfer to any other Master or Mistress.


4. The OWNER has the right to transfer all rights of this Slave Contract to any other person, male, female, or shemale, if She so wishes, without asking The SLAVE. By means of a simple transfer of the original of this Slave Contract this person will then become The OWNER.




1. Henceforth, The terms and conditions of this Slave Contract may be modified and supplemented at any time at the sole discretion of The OWNER in whatever way he likes. The OWNER will ask friends and also people in the Internet for proposals to aggravate the Slave Contract especially with regard to further humiliation of The SLAVE, and implement such proposals without further consent.


2. The only original of this Slave Contract will remain with The OWNER. There will be no copy for The SLAVE, since it is considered to be an undue duty for The OWNER to provide always a copy of the amendments to this Slave Contract to The SLAVE.


3. It is agreed upon that a copy of the Slave Contract will be mailed to a distribution list including The Slave's employer, friends, and relatives should The OWNER decide to terminate the contract. Therefore it should be in the genuine interest of The SLAVE that The OWNER will not terminate the Slave Contract.




Should The SLAVE ever try to avoid its obligations under this contract, it is agreed that The OWNER will destroy the all keys to The SLAVE's collar. If that action fails to compel compliance, or if there is any other attempt of The SLAVE to not fulfill its contractual obligations, The OWNER will mail copies of the Slave Contract to The SLAVE's employer, friends, and relatives along with any other video or photographic records he chooses.




1. Without any exception all rules apply to all situations and locations at any given time, may it be when only The OWNER is present, may it be in the presence of other people or in the public.


2. There will be absolutely NO safeword for The SLAVE.


3. The SLAVE shall speak only when being asked or when The OWNER gives permission. If being addressed by somebody else, The SLAVE will wait whether The OWNER instructs her to answer with the words 'answer, slave'.


4. The SLAVE shall address The OWNER as 'MASTER', his male friends as 'SIR' and his female friends as 'MISTRESS' at all times and any place. In the presence of other people The SLAVE will address The OWNER at a voice level that it can be clearly understood in what way The SLAVE has to address The OWNER. The OWNER will never address The SLAVE in another way than as 'slave' or as 'slut', and he will ensure that all his male and female friends will do the same.


5. The SLAVE will have absolutely no right to privacy. When asked by The OWNER his thoughts, The SLAVE will respond truthfully and completely. The SLAVE will promptly confess to The OWNER all thoughts and fears and desires.


6. The Slave will not use the toilet without permission of The OWNER. Anything released without permission of the owner will be re-implemented through the slave’s mouth until the owner commands her to release it at a later time.


7. The slave will be expected to perform toilet service whenever the OWNER desires and shall always be ready and eager to use her tongue to clean the master after his  use of the bathroom, or at any time he wishes or requires. The Slave can never deny the owner from using her as his toilet, and must always swallow what he gives her along with cleaning him after.


8. Indoors The SLAVE will always be completely naked apart from her steel collar. If The SLAVE is on duty outdoors The SLAVE will always wear what The OWNER determines to be the appropriate attire for any given situation. This may be as little as her slave collar, even in public. The fact that this may cause The SLAVE embarrassment is of no concern. The OWNER may command 'Strip!' at which point The SLAVE must stop wherever it is, and immediately strip itself of all clothing on the spot. Whether completely naked, clothed in a revealing or humiliating outfit, or fully dressed, The SLAVE will always make every part of her body available to The OWNER at any time, displaying and exposing the demanded area within easy reach of The OWNER, and following all spoken commands as to the display and exposure of its body for any and every purpose.


9. The SLAVE will perform any domestic services required by The OWNER. These will include all cooking, food service, cleaning, home care, as well as bathing The OWNER, dressing The OWNER, shaving The OWNER's body, or in any other form of personal service. In addition, The SLAVE will always clean The OWNER and the fixture after any toilet use in any fashion required.


10. The SLAVE will never touch its vagina, clit, anus or nipples without The Owner's permission or allow others to do so. They are for The OWNER's enjoyment only.


11. The Slave shall live by the rule that everything is forbidden which is not explicitly permitted or authorized.




1. The SLAVE will be fed limited nourishment, subject to I(9) above.


2. When sexually surrendered to others, The SLAVE will be used in whatever fashion his mistress or master desires whether or not it is for the betterment of the slave.




1. The SLAVE acknowledges that her performance will never be more than adequate and that The SLAVE will be punished regularly for her shortcomings. The OWNER will be required to punish The SLAVE severely for any lack of immediate compliance, lack of performance, or poor performance, or for any other deficiency in The SLAVE's duties, or for no reason at all. Punishments will be administered mercilessly at least as severe as announced, and under no circumstances diminish a punishment threatened. The OWNER, however, has every right to enlarge any punishment in any way he likes. It is being agreed explicitly that punishment may even be out of all proportion with regard to the misbehavior of The SLAVE.


2. It is up to the sole discretion of The OWNER to decide whether there is a case of no immediate compliance, lack of performance, or poor performance. In the opposite, such decision holds true even if not valid at all. Similarly, any allegation of no immediate compliance or lack of performance if claimed by anyone is to be taken as given. The SLAVE does not have the right to argue even the falsest allegation resulting in a severe punishment.


3. The OWNER may ask other Mistresses or Masters to execute any punishment imposed on the slave.




1. I, the undersigned, certify that I am ___ years old, that I am not physically or mentally impaired by influence of any drugs, including alcohol, or other reason where I do not know what I am doing and am legally and mentally competent to contract in my own name. I am signing this Slave Contract of my own free will, without coercion or pressure of any kind. No one has made any promises, guarantees, warranties, or offered threats or inducements of any kind to get me to sign this Slave Contract.


2. I hereby totally submit to The OWNER without limit and without reservation. With full understanding of the meanings and implications of this Slave Contract, I specifically desire and request The OWNER to force me to comply if necessary, using any means at The Owner's disposal without any limit. I specifically request and authorize The OWNER to use force to compel my obedience, and I specifically request and authorize The OWNER to ignore anything I may say or do what might in any way be considered a refusal or retraction on my part.


3. I do want The OWNER to enforce his orders by punishment without limitation, by making me to do whatever She wants done. I do want that, as one method of discipline, I will get whipped, lashed, or caned. I do want the whippings to hurt and accept that they will make me bleed, may leave long lasting marks on my body, and will make me cry uncontrollably. Under no obligation will the owner stop even if the Slave is to fall unconscious from pain. The OWNER may punish me either for a lapse in my behavior, for a completely arbitrary reason, or just for his enjoyment, amusement, or gratification.


4. I desire to be placed in a position where I CANNOT change my mind ever again.


5. Furthermore, I hereby execute an unconditional, unlimited, irrevocable, assignable Model Release in favor of The OWNER covering all pictures, films, video, audio, public performance, and recordings of me of any kind, whether true to life or manipulated in any fashion, and all associated material, including promotional, either factual or fictional. I waive all rights to inspect the products before or after use and waive my claims for embarrassment or mental distress specifically and all other claims of any sort generally. I consent that such material may be sold with all revenues due to The OWNER, or distributed free of charges, or put into the Internet at public display.


6. I accept and even request that The OWNER destroys immediately all keys of my steel slave collar while I am locked in them should I ever dare ask The OWNER for Her consent to annul this Slave Contract. This would clearly leave me forever locked in slave collar, with no possibility at all to remove it ever again.


7. Last, but not least, I accept that the OWNER may freely convey this Slave Contract to anyone at any time and I will continue to abide by the terms therein.




By my signature below, I, _______________________, now, to become on my signature The SLAVE as described in this contract, acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to to be bound by the terms of this Slave Contract. In my last act of my own free will,




(Signed and dated by the Slave)


Accepting this Slave Contract and obliging me that I will under no circumstances give consent to cancel it, but do everything to enforce execution by the use of punishment as outlined above.



(signed and dated by the OWNER)


The parties also wish to have a witness who is prepared to testify about the circumstances under which the Slave Contract was executed and that the Slave Contract was entered into voluntarily, consensually, and without coercion or force.


This is a slave contract to enforce the rules and regulations of the slave now “Bitch.” This contract will be divided into multiple sections and once signed can be changed anytime by it’s Master. This slave’s contract can also be transferred to anyone that it’s current Master.

Here is another example


Bitch will super glue tacks to the pedals of bitches car.

This things work dress should be put in a mailbox along with the key to its office. That is the only thing that this slave is allowed to carry.

For one hour each day this slave will hitch itself to a cart by the waist, pussy, nipples and collar and pull around 200 pounds of cement around the grounds fully nude wearing only fully fashioned stockings, a stocking hood, fully packed mouth.

This slave will live on the rule that everything is off limits that is not clearly permitted.

This slave will ask permission for everything that does not have a stated time, even sending and email or spending money.

Slave is only allowed to piss twice a day right before bed and right after and must drink 4 glasses of water right before bed and right when it gets up. Morning pee is to be in bowl or in slaves stilettos if slave is to wear heels that day. If not, slave is to keep her stockinged feet in the pee bowl for 20 minutes before moving.

This slave will drink tap water as that is what is suitable for a slave.

This slaves heels shall be modified so that its soles are covered in tacks, this is also apply to its toliet seat, the only thing it is allowed to sit on.

This slave shall drink piss daily and regularly to remind it that piss is valuable and should never be wasted.

Slave will order a gallon of horse or bull cum weekly, to be drank during the week.

This slave will administer to itself daily enemas.

This slave’s name is now Bitch or Katie and will call herself as such. (Katie is for business)

This slave is not allowed to sit, only stand and kneel in the prescribed fashion.

This slave will only. Sleep 4 hours a night

This thing is to do its best to live as cheaply as possible, all unused income is to go towards buying more stockings and more torture equipment.

This slave will use the spanking machine daily to hit her ass, each stockinged sole, each palm, each face cheek and pussy at the highest setting. 200 hits each spot.

This things boobs must be in bands or tightly tied at the base whenever slave is at home.

This slave will only use the toilet or a hose outside to bathe, and never with warm or hot water.

No clothes except fully fashioned stockings are permitted in this thing Master’s home or work, and must strip before entering.

Everything this slave owns is now the property of her master and will be respected and used as such.

This slave is now a thing and when speaking about itself it will talk in third person always, even at work.

When this slave enters her Master’s house, it will wear it’s prescribed uniform.( Will be specified in a different clause.

This slave will now permanently walk on its tiptoes. It’s soles will never touch the floor again.

This slave will keep its body to its Master’s standard. (Will be specified blater.)

This slave will learn her new vocabulary( List will be in a different part)

This slave will complete all body modifications that is required by its Master.

This slave will not speak without its Master’s permission unless it is work related.

When Bitch wears heels they must be at least 7 inches high non platform and 3 sizes too small with the insoles modified to be covered in tacks. Also, if heels are to be worn, slave must have peed in them first.

It must clean the heel after wear using its tongue which includes the bottom of the sole.

Bitch’s diet will consist of the cheapest dog food it can find  and water with a daily topping of dog shit and cum ..spread on top of it. Cannot eat until food is in prescribed fashion

Bitch is to smoke 2 packs a day and put out all the butts on bitches titties, then eat all butts.

Bitch is to wear a buttplug 24/7 except at its Master’s workplace where it will sit on its designated pole.

This slave will wear fully fashioned stockings 24/7, tearing of stockings will result in severe punishment.

Master WILL punish this slave extremely on daily basis even for no reason. Because no matter how hard bitch tries or how good she does something, it`s never good enough!

Slave is to not speak to anybody until spoken too, and never look directly into the person’s eyes.

Bitch will address every other male and female other than its Master as Sir and Ma’am. Even children, while females who know of this dynamic will be called Mistress.

When bitch is spoken to by a youngster, bitch is to guess its age, if the youngster is 15 or younger by bitches guess, the youngsters word is law and bitch must obey no matter what!

Bitch will never cross it arms to protect modesty. It will actually use those assets to show them off when ordered.

When it snows, Bitch is required to shovel it in nothing but fully fashioned stockings except when Master orders it to wear heels, which must conform to the standard

Slave is not allowed to wear any clothing except fully fashioned stockings ( and a garter belt for the stockings )  and those permitted by Master.

Slave will never cross its legs even when sitting, unless slave is ordered to dangle while wearing heels.

Slave on weekends will wear its weekend uniform and do all chores to keep Master’s house in tip top shape.

Slave is not allowed to any entertainment without Master’s permission. Every minute spent enjoying such things will result in a severe and extreme punishment at the discretion of the Master.

When Bitch arrives at her Master’s house, it is required to lick it;s stocking feet clean for 30 minutes.

Bitch will get rid off, buy, rearrange anything for its Master’s house as Master desires.

Bitch is only allowed to use the phone for business, and all personal correspondence must end and be deleted including contacts.

Bitch is not allowed to leave the house of weekends at all, and only on weekdays to work, or anywhere else that permission has been obtained ( only allowed to stop for food and such or if equipment order is finished and has to be picked up ) .

Slave will always complete daily exercises

Slave will cook 3 Five course meal daily, and then after throw them away to remind her that she is a slave, and is undeserving of good food.

Slave will go to bed every night tightly tied and gagged after drinking laxatives in a cage inside its Master’s bedroom.

Slave will clean home and do all chores on weekend, washing floors will be done with bucket and slaves hair used as a mop! During cleaning, slaves hands are to be taped up, rendering them useless.

Slave will drink a double dose of heavy lactation inducing stuff daily!

Slave will purchase the strongest milking machine possible, and have it attached to its nipples at all times while at work, until slaves nipples have been permanently stretched to minimum 3 inches in length!

Slave will also attach the machine to its clit while working till it`s atleast 2 inches long! After that, every evening, slave will stand at table corner with it`s clit on the table and beat it with a rubber hammer 25 times hard!

Slave will order, or have made 5 automatic tennis ball shooting machines, that shoot randomly in a specific pointed area, with adjustable speeds. Once obtained, slave will tie itself up, hood itself and put a bull spike in ground with chain from it leading to collar, machines pointed in slaves direction, and randomly shooting at slave. Time till slave release is to be set for 4 hours!

Slave will obtain an automatic treadmill, and daily be fixed to it, with arms bound and slaves nipples and tongue and nose chained to treadmill. Slave is to run 10 miles on it at full speed without stopping daily ( if slave fails, the piercings will be ripped out! ) slave is to wear fully fashioned stockings for this, and several sizes too small yoga pants to make slave sweat hard! Heels only when ordered to.

Permitted Clothing

Micro Skirts

7 inch heels( 3 sizes too small)

Fully Fashioned Stockings

Micro Dresses

Obscene tops that show off its assets

Non-Permitted Clothing




Skirts and dresses that barely cover the pussy


Any heels that fit and are under 7 inches.

Body Modifications

Full body electrolysis, leave only hair on head!

5 rings in each ear, decreasing in size.

Thick  very large bull ring in Septum

Padlocks in both of the nipples

Navel piercing

Ring in tip of tongue and two studs behind it

Breast Enhancement to FFF

Lip Injections

Waist reduction to 20 inches


Owned on left sole and Slave on right in big bold letters

Permanent Slut Make-Up

OLD on one breast above nipple, COW on other breast.


Breasts= Boobs, Tits

Vagina= Pussy

Mouth= Cunt

Anus= Ass

Master’s grooming standard

Finger and Toe Nails must be painted the color that its master specifies and be 1 inch from the nail bed.

Lips will be painted a deep, very sluttly red, until it is tattooed that way permanently.

It is to apply heavy slut makeup, until it is tattooed that way permanently.

Body must be kept completely hairless until full body electrolysis is performed apart from head.

Weekday home Uniform

Regular Steel Collar

Steel wrist and ankle cuffs


Chastity Belt

Heels if ordered

Thick 3 inch ball gag with additional mouth packing behind it.

A non fully fashioned tan stocking hood on head.

Tight waist cincher

Fully Fashioned Stockings with garter belt

Weekend home Uniform

Fully Fashioned Stockings

Full french maid outfit

Waist cincher

High steel posture collar

Long and Thick Penis gag

Steel ankle and wrist cuffs

Heels if ordered


Chastity Belt

Daily Exercises

Slave is to run 50 laps around the house every morning

Then slave will hit each sole 100 times with a cane

Then 100 times to each palm

25 hits with rolling pin to each breast

Hit each face cheek with leather belt 10 times

After run another 50 laps

Then another 100 hits to each stockinged sole

Then hit each cheek with a belt 100 times

On weekends 5Kg weights are to be attached to nipple, clit and tongue piercings.

Upon signing this contract. This slave agrees on her own free will to follow these rules and regulations, and that it has not be forced at any time




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