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An unbelievable (true) experience
« on: April 12, 2018, 04:53:17 pm »
I had the strangest experience while out having fun one day.

I have several bins that i frequent, i know the kind of trash that goes in them, soft bagged in thick trash bags, i also know the collection dates of these places as i have researched and tried to witness collection times, as well as back it up with information on government websites.

So, one of these locations is a nursing school, and there are 2 areas for trash, one at one side of the building that deals mostly with recycling and medical waste, and the other side is by the dorms. This is the dumpster i use. There is one main dumpster for dorm trash and the small cafeteria next to it.

I visited this dumpster one day after it had just been emptied, there were around 5 full bags in there already. The area is mosrly walled off and very little sees down on this area, so after a quick look to see if the coast was clear i jumped in, supplies in hand. I had a roll of 10 big trash bags that i was going to use to conceal myself but during the prep i heard noises outside. I had a bag over my top half and my bottom half but middle was exposed. I stayed as still as i could, but felt a hand come down and pull on the bag, which i held on to, but eventually gave up and let go.

I whipped the bag off properly and saw a woman looking at me, holding the lid open. I jumped out and she asked me what i was doing, i panicked and started to say "i just.. i needed.." and she looked at me and said "if you just need some place to sleep, you can jump back in"

I was taken aback, i just kinda looked at her for a few seconds and hesitantly said "are you sure?". She smiled at me and said it was ok. In my head i was thinking its a trap, you'll go back in and she will phone the police.

I eventually said ok, and started to head back to the bin, rushing with excitment, like she was throwing me out, and accomplice to my sexual fetishes.

She stopped me just before i reached the dumpster and reached in, pulling out a couple of bags of trash, then said "ok in you go".
I climbed inside and sat down amongst the bags, she was looking down at me, with a curious look on her face, which she directed to the trash bags i had with me. I grabbed one and slipped it over my body, and another over my feet, i curled up, my face slightly poking through a hole in the bag.

The woman then replaced the bags she had removed, covering me so that i would blend in i guess. Then i hear her say "its ok, i wont tell anyone your in here" then the lid was closed.

Left in my head i had time to think, a lot was swimming through my mind, it didn't feel real. I wondered if she really thought i was some homeless guy, or if she knew it was a kink and wanted to have fun herself? Who knows. My mind did draw back to my first conclusion, that she would call the cops and tell them im in here.

Eventually some time had passed, i checked the time and it had been about an hour, i felt safe, so i stayed. A short time after that i heard the lid to the paper bin next to me slam, then my lid opened and  a little light shone through the bag. Nothing happened for several seconds, i could only imagine she was standing there watching me, or perhaps someone else. But before i could really think about it i felt a large, full bag fall in, then another, and another, in total i think it was 6 full bags.

The lid closed.

A couple more times one or two bags were dropped in here with me and it started getting full. Once the activity died i climbed out and went home, after having pleasured myself in there, thinking of that woman trashing me. I don't know what happened, if she was one of the people who came back, or if she did tell anyone.

I don't expect to experience a moment like this again in my life. So wondering, has anyone else had an unexpected encounter like this?
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Re: An unbelievable (true) experience
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2018, 05:17:44 pm »
Nice Garbage fun experience :) I love playing in a stinky Dumpster humping and licking Squishy's :)
 :) :)
Garbage bag Diaper :)


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Re: An unbelievable (true) experience
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2018, 05:24:13 am »
Well Mr Bagged_pipes,

Looks to me like you got lucky, I'm glad you came out alright
on that one, thank you for sharing.


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