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Billy part 6
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He felt it slip up into his crack, the pantyhose slid in as well, with no
panties to keep that from happening. His cheeks were divided now. She
helped him put the corset on, tugging his pantyhose up higher, so they
really tugged at his behind. After tying the laces she helped him with
the white stockings which slid on easily, tugging them and fastening them
to his garters she then helped with his ballet boots, the locks clicked

He stood there, his behind sticking out in the little circle that was on
the corset, the one allowing his bum to peek out. "I should leave you
like that today," she teased. "It would be easier to spank you."


She giggled. "Okay beg me to lend you a dress."

He looked at her, she was so humiliating sometimes. "Please lend me a
dress Krissy," he said.

"No," she told him.

He stood there, balancing in the ultra high heels, white stockings
fastened to the tight pink corset with his bum peeking out.

He sort of wanted to be forced to go out, wearing just this today,
knowing he would be spanked, a lot.

She went to her dresser and opened a drawer, she handed him a skirt, one
she hadn't worn for a very long while. A plaid skirt, a tiny one. Pink,
with blue and white lines. She handed him a white sweater top with short
puffy sleeves. It will be a bit cooler today, so you can wear the
sweater. He put both on, before she changed her mind, he loved the skirt.

When he was dressed, the skirt slid naturally into his tiny waist that
the corset gave him, he tugged it back down but it just went back up. His
behind peeked out. Even when standing perfectly still the bottom half of
his bum was showing beneath the short skirt.

Krissy pretended not to notice, she had him sit on her stool so she could
make him up. The stool was cold on his almost bare behind, the only thing
between the stool and him were his pantyhose. Robyn entered and smiled at
him in the mirror, he really looked so cute, she thought.

Krissy looked at her. "Okay, your turn. She pointed to another pile of
clothes on the bed, White stockings, beige pantyhose, another plaid skirt
and a pink sweater top. Her skirt was red with blue and white lines. It
was just as short though. When Robyn stood up, her bum was showing as
well, she also had a thong on. Billy thought she looked so hot. Robyn
blushed and tugged at the skirt again, but it would not sit any lower.

She made Robyn up as well, pointing to the chair making it clear she
should sit there. Robyn felt strange being told what to do, being dressed
by someone, having them choose what she was to wear.

She was given a pair of white sandals with a four inch heel, much easier
than the boots to walk in, but still she didn't wear much more than
tennis shoes normally, she thought she was dressed awfully sexy for just
being here, she looked like a poster girl found on a garage wall, so did
billy she thought.

They went downstairs, Sara had the notebook computer out and was reading
something, probably the website Billy thought.

Sara looked at him then Robyn. "Oh don't you both look cute," she said
smiling. They both still had collars locked on she noticed, Robyn had not
even asked that it be removed, the tiny lock bounced when she walked, so
she must be aware that it was still on her neck.

"The site has had a lot of updates billy," she told him, pointing to the

Robyn and Billy stood beside her, looking at the screen, she noticed that
both of them had cheeky cheeks peeking out from below their skirts. Well
that may work well for what the site said for Billy she thought.

The site recommended variation first. Chains some days, none other days,
changing how the chains were locked on, some days more freedom, some days
hardly any. Dresses, skirts, some long some short. Long ones should be
very snug, so they limited steps, like pencil skirts or what was called a
hobble skirt.

Corsets were recommended as they had proven to help posture, there were
collars that did that too, special posture collars, but again the site
recommended alternating everything so each day was something new.

Days of freedom in short skirts or dresses worked well, but the "patient"
should be watched and punished if they showed bad posture, as in bending.
Pantyhose must be worn at all times, the site was clear about that. Their
legs must be kept warm.

What became interesting is what made the "patient" more aware, more
focused on being careful to maintain a proper posture. To curtsey as this
was one of the best exercises, to wiggle when walking, which was
difficult to remember it seemed.

Things to remind them constantly to do these things had been
investigated. The site had many suggestions.

First, oddly enough, humiliation was key. This was clear from the start,
hence the short dresses, no one wants to expose their panties, it is
humiliating. That was how this part of the program worked, but taking it
further seemed to be successful. Keeping the patient constantly
humiliated offered more success.

That could be achieved in many ways, the site recommended, if there were
two ways to do something, always consider the one that would humiliate
the "patient" more.

The choice of clothing. Dresses or skirts that were more feminine. They
found that with test cases, some patients had been clothed in drab
dresses, some in more of a sissy dress and surprisingly enough the
"patients" in the more girly dresses took much more care in being careful
in following all the sites recommendations the patients in the drab
dresses not so much.

They also found that keeping the "patient" standing was best, but they
could not be watched at all times, so locking them to something for
periods worked well, so they were stuck standing. Not by the neck though
as injuries could occur. Wrists could be chained to banisters, door
knobs, backs of chairs, there were many possibilities. Just so they could
not sneak sitting down when not being watched.

Kneeling was also beneficial, but only when kneeling almost folded up.
With experimentation they discovered simple pet carriers could be used
for this. The patients could be stored when not in use in one of these
small cages. They went on to say though, this should be varied with being
chained standing or freedom, a rotation that was random worked best.

Sleeping freely or kept in a cage, to change it up. Experiment, to see
what people could come up with, they were taking suggestions. It was
again best not to keep them in these cages every night.

Spanking was humiliating. They encouraged everyone to freely spank the
patients, even if for no reason. A tingling behind lasted for a while and
reminded the "patient" to follow the rules.

There were a lot of letters received, saying how the "patients"
complained, that the program was too difficult, almost cruel. It was
true. This is how it was successful though. Patients that complained
bothered their helpers, their family members that were trying so hard to
make sure the patients hips would heal. So, complaints should not be
tolerated. Not at all, to feel free to cover their mouths with gags. This
was a good learning lesson. Some commercial gags available were quite
cruel and some were very humiliating, to choose those gags was most
beneficial. If commercial gags are not available it is suggested to pack
their mouths with something memorable, leaning again toward humiliation.
You can choose a clean cloth, but it is not nearly as effective as a
dirty sock or some other such garment. The patient soon learns not to
complain with such punishments.

Punishments were encouraged as they were a faster lesson in reminding
them to follow the program. To feel free to punish for no reason, it kept
the patient off balance. Punishments were not always spankings, demeaning
duties or being bound could also be punishing. When punishments were
spankings, those same specialty shops offered implements to aid with
this, rather than using bare hands, which hurt the punisher almost as
much. Walking around in a revealing skirt or dress, with red lines or a
red glow on a behind was another humiliating effective treatment. More so
if in public with a striped behind showing.

Walking with wiggles worked so well to strengthen the hip, but most
seemed to forget to do so, or would do it on and off. There was a lot of
research invested in this area, the site went on to say. It seemed that
this could be overcome by combining a humiliating experience with a
physical reminder.

When the patient had a tail that wiggled in their behinds as they moved
about, they received constant reminders to wiggle their behinds, the tail
also could be effective in preventing them from sitting down. It was also
extremely humiliating.

Some tails, they could be found at specialty shops, could deliver mild
electric shocks if the patient sat on them, they also had remote features
so the patient could be reminded at a distance they were not wiggling.
Vibrations could also be turned on at low settings that were great
physical reminders. They also found that plugs that could be inflated
worked, the humiliation experienced when someone else pumped it up was
very memorable.

Billy gasped.

So did Robyn.

There was a lot more though.

Doing chores can be done the easy way, dusting with a cloth, washing
dishes with a dishwasher the way most people would do these things, the
site encouraged people to find difficult ways to have the patients do
chores, find a way to bind them to make it harder, choose outfits that
made them feel silly, humiliated, or that would be revealing when
completing a chore, such as dusting. Set a chore up that they could not
complete without revealing their behinds as an example, but to punish
them when they did. Set up a chore to be completed and then bind them to
make it virtually impossible, then to punish them when it was not done.
This complex action created a mind set that was more receptive to
following instructions, to following the program. Tell them to clean the
kitchen by noon and then chain them to a banister in another room,
pretend to forget about them until the deadline is almost past or has
past. They soon realize that they are not in control at all. This is the
desired outcome. Punish them for no reason.

Being forced to wear lingerie with no dress or skirt caused intense
awareness. Little things like this should be explored to see what worked
best for the patients on an individual basis. Dusting the house in a
corset, stockings and heels with no dress is demeaning, it forces the
patient to show extreme care with posture, remarkable as it seems.

There had been a lot of research too, on having the patient wearing very
feminine dresses, shorter being better, with no restraints, moderate
heels, but on the high side. They found that the patients were very
careful when dressed this way and exhibited proper posture, remembered to
wiggle and curtsey. Adding silky camisoles and slips with lace seemed to
add to all of this. It become overwhelming, the patients showed
remarkable awareness. Research felt it was due to the humiliation factor.

They also determined that the patients should have no choices on what to
wear, all their clothes should be picked for them each day, even changing
their outfits frequently during a day could be beneficial, just look at
it as playing dress up with a doll.

Most patients felt less uneasy if they looked the part of a girl, meaning
hair styles and makeup that enhanced that look, they would be more
relaxed if they could pass as a girl. However, they should not be taught
how to apply makeup, or style their hair, again this should be done for
them. It removes a degree of control for them, keeping them off balance
making them more careful. This too is a part of the humiliation factor.

Robyn looked at Billy, reading the sites recommendations, the way she
expected Billy was going to be treated was making her tingle. He looked
so cute in the school skirt, she was embarrassed that she was dressed the
same, but he must be so much more so. Now it seemed that would be normal,
to embarrass him as often as possible. She really wanted to spend more
time here, but wait, billy was going to be loaned to them a couple days a
week, that could be so much fun she thought. Everyone was reading the
computer screen, she slid her hand over billy's behind, as he was bent
over reading the screen also, a lot of it was showing. She felt him
shiver as her hand glided over his cheeks. She gave him a loud swat. He
jumped, everyone looked. "He was bending over, I could see his bum," she

Sara told him to be more careful then thanked Robyn. "Robyn feel free to
spank him as much as you can, it seems this is a part of his treatment,"
she encouraged. "Oh and you don't have to wait until you see his panties,
feel free to smack it anytime."

Krissy walked by and gave Robyn a smack, she also jumped. "I could see
your bum too," Krissy told her, watching Robyn blush. Sara giggled."Fair
is fair," she said.

Robyn rubbed her bum, she could feel it peeking below the short skirt, it
was no fair, she would be exposing it all day. She notice Krissy was
smiling as she watched, she came over and whispered so that only Robyn
could hear. "You may be spanked as much as billy today," Robyn blushed
deeper but didn't say anything. She could have asked for a longer skirt
or even her jeans, but she didn't.

"Billy we will have to go into town today, there is a shop there that may
have some of the items we need," Sara announced. "I was talking to the
owner a few minutes ago on the phone, it is a friend of Debbie's that
owns it."

Billy looked at her panicking a bit. "Like this?" he said motioning to
his outfit.

"Mm hmm," he heard her as she nodded.

"But this skirt is too short, my bum is always showing," he stammered.

"So is Robyn's," Sara started. "But you don't hear her complaining."

Robyn suddenly realized she was going into town today too, dressed like
this, with her bum peeking like some sort of hooker. She looked at Sara
and Krissy, realizing she had no choice. This was going to be very
embarrassing, were they going to spank her in public? Her thighs rubbed
together as she stood there shuffling on her high heels lost in thought
while squeezing her legs together.

Billy started to complain again, he really didn't want to go into town
like this, he knew they were planning on taking him into at lest one
shop, others were going to see him.

"Billy, one more complaint and we will gag you, look at the site, they
make it clear that you should be gagged when you complain. Maybe I should
find Robyn's panties from yesterday and use those?" Sara told him

Robyn blushed, no not her panties she thought.

They debated billy's shoes for his trip into town, Sara felt the ballet
boots may attract too much attention, they would be suitable if they were
only going to the one specialty shop, but she felt while in town they
could visit some other stores.

Billy froze again, they were going to take him into other stores like
this? He squirmed. He didn't notice that Robyn was squirming a bit too.
Krissy agreed with her Mom, she felt maybe a pair of sandals may be
better, she had another pair with a four inch heel. Both Robyn and Billy
were wondering how they were going to pass unnoticed wearing the short
'school girl' skirts, skirts that didn't cover their behinds and the
white stockings that cried out 'Look At Me.' They both knew everyone that
caught a glimpse of them was going to do just that and for as long as
they could too.

Krissy went upstairs, shortly later she had the other pair of shoes and
the keys, so she swapped billy's boots with the shoes, and she locked
them on too. Robyn panicked and looked down, she hadn't thought of it at
the time, but sure enough, her shoes were locked on her feet too. Another
thing people were going to look at. OMG, her hand came up to her neck,
she had totally forgotten the pink collar that was locked on. She tugged
at the lock, no one had said anything about that either. She felt very
funny inside. Meek like.

Sara looked at everyone and announced. "Let's not waste any time, we can
have breakfast in town, it will be a nice treat."

Billy gulped.

Robyn gulped too.

They went off to the car, Robyn and Billy were holding hands, and Robyn
whispered in his ear. "Our collars are still locked on," Billy's hand
came up to his neck, feeling the tiny padlock holding his choker on. He
had forgotten. He looked at Robyn, with her pink collar locked on as
well, she was blushing. "At least they didn't put cuffs on us," he
whispered back.

Krissy turned and whispered to the pair. "I still may," she grinned at
the shocked pair and got in the car.

Billy opened the door for Robyn, who slipped in the seat gracefully, not
exposing more cheek than she already had, Billy was hoping to sneak a
peak. He got in beside her and was about to buckle his seatbelt when his
mother was pushing him. He looked and she had some water jugs. "Scoot
over billy" she told him as she put one jug on the floor and one on the
seat. Billy was pressed against Robyn now. Who had buckled her belt.
Their stocking clad legs were tight together, rubbing and sending little
electric charges into both of the excited teens.

Billy and Robyn looked down, saw the pair of legs beneath the short
skirts, the pantyhose and then the white stocking tops fastened with the
garters, billy's pink Robyn's white. It didn't escape their notice that
they looked like sex posters.

They bounced along the road together, billy had his hand on her thigh
rubbing her nylon encased leg slowly. As per her rule she just sat
quietly and let him feel what he wanted, she enjoyed this game quite a
bit. His hand would slip between her legs and slide up to the hem of her
skirt, feeling both thighs. She wondered how bold he may get. He flipped
her skirt up once and she immediately smoothed it back out. He saw her
tiny panties clearly though and a lot more thigh. She flipped his up, and
he did the same putting his skirt back in place.

Krissy coughed, Robyn looked up to see she was looking over the seat at
them grinning. Maybe I should cuff your wrists? Or maybe your collars
together again? She teased watching Robyn suddenly blush deeply.

Krissy went to a small restaurant they ate at once, the meals were priced
fairly, especially for breakfasts. It was a busy spot. Robyn noticed all
of the cars in the parking lot and shrank into the seat.

Sara parked, she and Krissy got out quickly, the girls in the back didn't
seem to be in a hurry though. Sara opened Robyn's door, come on girls she
teased. But then, that was the correct term for billy today, unless he
wanted everyone to know behind that pretty girl was really a boy. Nope.
He didn't want that at all.

The pair slipped out of the car, Robyn tugged her skirt down again, of
course it didn't move, a pair of cute little cheeks were showing below
her hem. Billy slipped out and did the same his cheeks were showing as
well. They started walking toward the restaurant, Billy started to take
Robyn's hand and she hissed quietly "Billy you are really going to get
people looking if we do that," Krissy giggled. When they went to their
booth, Krissy made sure to sit beside her Mother, so the two girls had to
sit together. Both were relieved to be seated, most of what they were
wearing was hidden by the table now.

"Oh look Mom, they have a buffet now," Krissy said happily.

Robyn and Billy looked, noooo, they didn't want to get up, go in that
line up with all of those people. It was Crowded. Sara told the waitress.
"four for the buffet please."

She told them they could go up whenever they were ready. Robyn thought
she may never be ready, but Krissy got up and tugged her collar. "Come on
Robyn" she told her. Robyn was blushing, she also knew she was giving
billy a good look as she got up. He even slid his hand over her bum,
unnoticed by Krissy and Sara, but his touch was felt by Robyn, was that
much of her bum showing? She wondered.

The four of them went to the buffet, and separated, there was a large
selection of items the buffet was huge and filled with people, you had to
push in to get to the counter. Robyn took a plate and slid into the line,
she was pressed against a pair of men that looked like they had trucking
rigs in the parking lot. As she was scooping some fried potatoes on her
plate she felt someone sliding their hands all over her bum. Not just a
casual feel but squeezing her cheeks. She continued to scoop her potatoes
hoping to move along and away from whoever was touching her. Then she
felt a hand siding over the front of her thigh and under her skirt, she
wiggled but the press of bodies was quite thick. It took a few moments
for her to escape, meanwhile she had received some pinches to remind her
how short her skirt was.

Billy hadn't expected anything like that, he was in a line, hoping to
grab something quickly and return to the table, he was scooping some
bacon on to his plate when his ass was grabbed, He froze, He couldn't say
anything his voice may give him away, the hand was rubbing, squeezing and
even pinched hard once. Then he felt a smack, he heard someone say 'slut
likes it.'

Robyn was looking in the line trying to see Billy, another hand slipped
on to her cheek below her hem, she moved but he followed her. 'What kind
of restaurant was this?' she wondered.

Billy was wondering that too, the person that was squeezing his ass was
starting to hurt, he was stuck bent over the counter someone was pressing
on his back. He squirmed more and managed to get away, even with his tray
and plate of bacon. He knew he needed to put more on his plate though, or
his mother would just send him back, she wouldn't be happy paying for a
meal that he didn't eat. He worked his way over to the section with eggs.
There was a chef cooking them to order, he looked and she asked sunny
side up dear? He smiled and nodded, she cracked two eggs on the griddle
and they started to sizzle. The crowd thickened too. He felt a quick feel
on his leg, he looked but there was no way to know who did that. Then
another brush on his behind, it felt like his skirt had been flipped up.
Then a girls voice. "told you it was a thong," followed by a smack. His
skirt had been left up, he was holding his tray if he let go with one
hand his drink would slide off, the crowd was too thick to put it on the
counter. Another hand started to feel his behind. Patting it lightly then
caressing. This was not good.

Robyn saw him and what was happening, she went over tugging his skirt
down and sliding beside him. "Oh look two," they heard, both tensed at
the same time, it seemed two was too tempting a target, both of them were
being groped. Billy's eggs were almost cooked. They had to wait a few
more moments. Robyn gasped once. "Owwww," she said trying to turn. Then
billy felt a sharp pinch, someone was taking great joy in pinching tender
flesh trying to get the girls to squirm more.

Krissy saved them, she walked by and noticed the two teens bent over the
counter being groped. She called out "There you are, come on we don't
have all day," Quickly the crowd around them dispersed, billy and robyn
meekly took their trays and went with Krissy to the table. Both were beet

"Mom I need to use the washroom," Billy told Sara toward the end of the
meal showing her his food covered hands.

Sara looked at Robyn. "Would you like to as well?" Robyn nodded.

The waitress was just then walking by, Sara called to her. "Could you
show my girls where the washroom is?"

The waitress told her of course, waited for the two to get out of the
booth. She looked them over and with a grin she took both of the padlocks
at their collars in her hands and led them away. Both felt so humiliated
being led by their collars through the crowded restaurant, their bums
peeking as always, from below their short skirts. Billy noticed she
brought them both to the woman's restroom, but that made sense, he was
just not expecting it. They both went in, their waitress waited outside
the door for them.

When they finished they were led back to their tables the same way. Many
patrons were laughing out loud at them. Both were blushing furiously.

Sara settled up her bill and they went back to the car, then Sara decided
to walk to the shop, it was only a few blocks away. The girls had to keep
holding their skirts down as the wind was blowing with enough force to
flip them up. Their heels clicked on the sidewalks loudly, their legs
were gleaming with the white stockings, it was doubtful anyone in town
wasn't watching them.

The shop had a very large bay window out front, that you could walk
around on three sides to look at the display inside. There were blinds
covering it right now though, so they couldn't see what the theme of the
store was, Billy just knew Debbie had bought his corset here.

They all entered the shop, Sara was looking around for the owner, she had
talked to on the phone that morning, Robyn and Billy were standing
quietly, looking around the first room, there were corsets displayed on
manikins, nothing too out of the ordinary they both thought.

The owner came out when the bell mounted on the door tinkled. Sara
introduced herself.

"Oh you are the lady that called this morning," she said. "I am
Katherine, please call me Kathy. She looked at the three girls. "These
are your daughters?"

"Krissy is. This is my neighbor's daughter Robyn and beside her is
billy," Sara told her.

"Robyn? Are you Debbie's daughter?"

Robyn nodded. "Yes, do you know her?" she asked.

"Oh yes, we went to school together, we have been friends since we were
your age," Robyn was much more at ease now.

Kathy didn't greet billy, she turned to Sara. "I visited that website you
sent me the link to, it actually makes a good deal of sense and I think I
can help you out quite a bit."

"Oh that would be wonderful," Sara said happily. Billy was watching,
wondering why she hadn't said anything to him.

"So, you need quite a bit of specialized equipment from what I saw. Let's
go in the next room where we keep some of it."

They all went through the door into the next room of the shop. This room
was a bit different. There were still manikins, but what they modeled was
not corsets. "This is the room of gags," Kathy told them. "We have all
manner of gags in here," Billy looked at a female manikin that had a pink
ball stuffed in her mouth with a strap that went around her head. Most of
the models were just heads displaying the gags.

"May I demonstrate?" she asked Sara. She nodded, the site was clear that
this could help keep him from complaining, so it was one of the items on
the list.

"As you can see, we have many styles on display. Some are balls, some are
inflatable. Some are more specialized, also designed to humiliate as much
as keep them from talking when you wish silence.

Sara looked up, hearing the part about humiliate, the site encouraged
this to be a choice whenever possible. "Oh? Some are designed for
humiliation as well?" she asked.

"Yes, I read the sites information a few times, and thought this would be
of interest to you. We have a number of models that will do that. Shall I
put one on him as a demonstration?"

Sara nodded. "Oh yes, please do."

Kathy took billy's collar and tugged him over. He stood demurely by the
counter, Kathy opened a drawer and selected a gag. With her back to
everyone else, she was also concealing billy as she raised something to
his face. "Open up please," she told him. They could tell that she had
slipped a gag on billy and saw her fastening the straps behind his head,
there was a click as the lock closed.

Billy stood there, facing them all, looking mortified. They could see a
black strap covering his mouth, but that was all. They had no idea what
was now in his mouth, filling it.

Billy felt the rubber gag invading his mouth, he was surprised at how
quickly she locked it on. his hand came up to feel the mouth piece, the
strap covering his mouth, holding in the gag, his mouth held open, around
the intrusion, he tugged but it was stuck, his tongue felt around the
gag, it was in his mouth more than he thought it would be, quite a bit
more. His tongue felt the tip, quickly sliding along a shaft. Wait. A
shaft? His eyes opened wide as he closed his mouth around the gag,
discovering it was penis shaped.

"Can you talk billy?" Krissy asked.

He tried, he wanted to tell them to take it out, but all he could do was
mumble. This was so humiliating, he wanted this out of his mouth right

"Wow, that is very effective," Sara commented.

"We have balls too," Kathy said. "She looked at Robyn. Can you help me
Robyn to show them?"

Robyn felt at ease, this was a friend of her mothers, so she nodded
stepping forward. Kathy took another gag out of the drawer, it was a pink
ball, it was slipped in Robyn's mouth and the strap fastened behind her
head, there was a click. Robyn froze, hey, this was locked on now?

She looked quite cute with the pink ball in her mouth and the panicked
look in her eyes was very becoming Krissy thought.

Robyn's hand came up, she felt the ball holding her mouth open. She
tugged on it as well, she tried talking and it was also muffled.

Kathy then ignored the two teenagers, continuing on to point out
different designs and how they worked. Sara and Krissy followed along not
worried about the now silent girls. Krissy wondered what billy's gag was,
as she hadn't seen it.

Billy still looked uncomfortable with it. What ever it was.

Sara was talking quietly with Kathy who was making recommendations.

Then she announced that they should move to the next room. Billy and
Robyn seemed surprised that the gags had not been removed, they mewed a
bit, but not one noticed it seemed. Both of them followed along, their
tiny skirts still showing so much cheek.

The items in this room confused billy at first, most were hidden in
drawers. There were no manikins. Kathy started. "We will start with the
most humiliating device first, I can send you home with some other models
for you to try later."

Sara nodded, billy didn't know what they were talking about.

His collar was tugged again as Kathy pulled him over. She bent him over a
counter, that wasn't a counter, billy noticed this as he was cradled in
it, and his skirt was really raised now as his bum was completely
exposed. He mumbled into the penis that filled his mouth, it was so
embarrassing. He squirmed and then felt a very strong slap on his behind.
"Be still," Kathy told him.

That was more humiliating, being spanked just then by her. She tugged
something out of a drawer, billy couldn't see it, but Robyn did and her
eyes were as big as saucers.

"So the best thing to do, is to make a tiny cut in the gusset of the
pantyhose so we can slip this in," she told them all. A tiny pair of
scissors was used to do just that. Billy felt pressure as Kathy pulled
and tugged between his cheeks making the tiny hole in the gusset of the
pantyhose, Billy thought it odd, why was she doing that? Then he jumped a
bit as the scissors tapped his rosebud. 'Hey why was she cutting a hole
there?' billy thought.

We have some decent lubes for these devices, there are some though that
can be used in conjunction with punishments. This one I am applying now
is a mentholated one, it will cause a lot of tingling that will be
uncomfortable. Billy again thought, 'What?'

He felt some pressure, then something was poking him, it slipped beside
his thong and worked its way in, it was burning a bit too, it was pushed
harder, it started to slip in more. Wait, what was slipping in and why
was it becoming larger. The device entering him was tapered, it was
indeed getting larger, it was quite long too, then it popped in, she
stopped pushing at this point. What ever it was, it seemed to be lodged
in firmly.

She told him to stand up now, as he did her heard giggles, then he felt
something very strange in his butt.

Something was moving.

Billy noticed the mirror, he saw the pretty blonde girl in the pink plaid
school girl skirt standing there, with her high heels, white stockings
and that gag in her mouth, but now, peeking out from her bum and curved
up around her skirt, was a pink plastic tail.

"This model is one of our higher end units, it has a feature that I think
is well suited for you," Kathy started to tell them. As you can see the
tail protrudes out a good deal and is curved up. This design causes it to
move freely with each step taken, it will wag. What becomes more
interesting, is that each movement the tail makes is amplified inside due
to some liquid metal compounds inside the plug. So when the tail wags,
the part inside doesn't just wiggle it moves around considerably, it
almost feels alive. Further, the tail will keep the wearer from sitting
as if it is touched it inflates the bulb inside, increasing its size a
lot more. Sitting or bumping into it will instantly cause the bulb to
inflate. If it is pressed harder, as in bumping it or sitting on it, it
delivers a shock that will make the wearer very uncomfortable.

Robyn was looking on amazed, Krissy was smiling, and Sara seemed very
interested. "Do you think it will remind him to wiggle more when he
walks?" she asked.

"I am quite sure it will," Kathy answered.

Billy turned to look at them, he wanted it out and right now, it felt so
odd, but as he turned it wiggled, and boy did it move around inside. He
mewed into the gag and twitched, which caused the tail to wiggle more,
making him jump. Each movement made the tail wiggle, and each wiggle was
transmitted inside, he was in constant motion now, twitching, jumping and
jerking. Kathy told them that there was a period of adjustment as it was
difficult to get used to.

She suggested they head to the next room, Billy looked on in shock, and
this was to be left in?

As they followed Kathy, Krissy came up behind him and grasped the tail
firmly, Billy jumped arching his back, and a fairly strong shock had just
been issued from the plug. Krissy wiggled the tail "let's go billy, you
will keep them waiting, I want to see what is in this room."

Billy moaned. He was drooling, it was dripping out of his mouth.

Kathy smacked his bum hard. "You will make a mess if you keep drooling,
suck on your gag and you won't drool."

Billy looked at her in shock, he was not going to suck on that, but then
if he drooled he would be spanked, so he was resigned to the fact that he
was now going to have to suck on that thing in his mouth, all the time.

They entered, on the walls were a series of straps, crops, paddles and
assorted whips. Kathy picked up a larger broad strap of leather. "I would
suggest this one along with a crop for now, maybe some of the others
later on. The strap presents a different impact than the crop which is
much narrower. The strap is good for longer punishments, it sneaks up so
to speak as it turns the behind red. May I demonstrate?" she asked Sara.

Sara nodded, looking at billy who was almost trembling, that cute little
tail peeking out from his bum and curving up behind his skirt, it was
hard to miss. Kathy lifted his skirt, exposing his behind. The strap
whooshed through the air and the smack was very loud. Billy yelped but it
was muffled. A large red patch appeared on his bum, just below the tail.
Then she picked up the crop and looked at Robyn. She mumbled in her
little pink ball gag, noooo but it came out mmmmfph. Kathy lifted her
skirt and the crop zipped through the air, striking her in the same spot
as billy had been, her lower cheeks where they were tenderer, she jumped
forward and mmmmfphed into her gag as well, a bright red line appeared
across her behind. The crop had a tiny flat area at the tip, the red mark
duplicated this tip.

"You can see the difference between them this way," she told them.

Robyn's eyes were very wide open her skirt was still raised, she was
wondering if she was about to receive another smack with the crop.

"All these items you have shown me are a bit pricey," Sara started. "I
know they will help billy, but I am not sure how we will afford them."

Kathy looked at her. "Well I do need some help at the shop, perhaps billy
can work here a couple days a week? He could clean up and would be
helpful when I demonstrate products, he could even model items in our
window display for us. Billy shivered, to be kept here in this house of
horrors, allowing her to tie him up and whip him so people could see how
a whip worked? It was too much to contemplate.

Sara looked at her. "That would be amazing, you would really be willing
to do this?"

What? Billy looked at her, she was serious?

"Of course, I have a question, are you and Krissy in a hurry to go home?"

"Well no, we were planning on doing some shopping," Sara told her.

"Excellent, why don't you leave Robyn and billy here, I think if I put
them in my window display customers would be lined up down the street."

Now Robyn shivered.

Sara smiled. "Oh that sounds like a wonderful idea," Robyn and billy
heard her say.

Kathy packaged up some of the articles she and Sara had looked at, then
told them to have fun and maybe pick the teenagers up later that day.
Sara agreed, she and Krissy left.

Robyn looked at billy and then at her mothers friend. She was very unsure
at what was about to happen, interested but unsure.

Kathy led them to her large window, helping them step up into it, she had
to open the door first, there was a manikin there with some items on, she
removed it. "Your collars will help greatly for what I have in mind," she
told them. "Maybe it will be some fun for you both too."

She clipped a short chain on Robyn's collar, the other end was fastened
to billy's, they were joined just as Krissy had done yesterday. But with
the gags in their mouths, there was not going to be any kissing it
seemed. All they could do was stare into each others eyes.

A bench was between them so they were both bent over slightly, well quite
a bit in fact. Their hands were placed on something in the center of the
bench and cuffed in place. This was enough to hold them in the center of
the window display. Billy's tail was still protruding out his bum. Both
their skirts had risen up considerably, they were both showing a lot of
cheeky behind.

Kathy rolled up two units behind each of the awaiting teens. "You know,
wearing skirts this short is just asking for this sort of treatment," she
told them.

Treatment? They both wondered.

Billy saw a name stamped on the side of the device positioned behind
Robyn. It said, robospanker.

Robyn didn't see the name on the box that Kathy rolled up behind Billy,
she suspected there was one behind her as well but with her collar chained
to Billy's, she just couldn't turn her head to see. Kathy took a few
minutes working on each box, she really wondered what they were. Then she
came back to the 'school girls' who were bent over the bench in a most
precarious position.

"Robyn, would you like me to take that ball gag out of your mouth now?"
Kathy asked the pretty teen.

Robyn nodded her head quite quickly.

"With every action there is a consequence," she started. "If I take the
gag out, I will send it home with you, you will have to tell your mother
that she is free to use it whenever you sass her, and I know you do that a
lot. I will check to make sure you told her just that too, so if I take
the gag out now, you may find that your mom puts it back in a lot, or
maybe she won't. This is the chance you have to take."

Robyn watched and listened, she did sass her mom a lot, if she stopped
then she wouldn't be gagged, but if she did, hmmm, well that could be
interesting too. Amy would make such fun of her walking around with this
gag locked in her mouth.

"Have you decided? Shall I take it out?"

Robyn nodded again.

"Fine, but if you talk, I will put it back in and you will still be taking
it home, do you understand?" Robyn nodded again. Kathy unlocked the strap
and gently pulled the ball out of Robyn's mouth. She licked her lips and
worked her jaw loose.

"Billy, would you like that gag removed as well?" Kathy asked Billy.

He nodded furiously he really wanted this thing out of his mouth, this
thing that he had to suck on to keep drool from spilling out.

"The same applies to you Billy, you will be taking that gag home, I know
it will be used too, but for now, the consequence of having it removed
from your mouth now, is that I will put it in Robyn's mouth."

Kathy paused for effect, watching the two exchange looks as that set in.

Billy really wanted it out, he didn't want Robyn to know what it was
though, let alone have it stuffed in her mouth.

Kathy continued, "It would not be in her mouth long, I will just poke it
in a few times, with the intention to humiliate her as a price for taking
it from your mouth. Then it will be removed, you need to decide now, Robyn
you may speak to billy now, but only about the gag."

She watched, Robyn whispered to him. "Nod your head Billy, nod it, she
said it will be removed from my mouth too, how bad could that be?"

Billy shook his head. "Billy don't be silly, nod your head," Robyn

Billy shook his head again.

"Robyn, I am going to let you make the decision, if you say yes, then I
will remove his gag, you will have it in your mouth for a few minutes and
then I will take it out."

Robyn immediately said to Kathy, "Take it out of his mouth please."

Billy moaned.

Kathy unlocked the straps, Robyn was watching, Kathy slowly pulled the gag
out of his mouth, then pushed it back in. "Billy I don't want this all wet
with your drool, suck it off please." She slowly pulled the shaft out of
his mouth again, he felt the knob sliding across his tongue, he sucked at
the gag, the penis, in front of Robyn and blushed, but Kathy pushed it yet
again slowly back in and once again started to pull it out. Robyn blinked,
she saw a shaft sliding in and out of billy's mouth, what was it?

Kathy didn't stop, she was pushing it in and pulling it out, watching as
he sucked on it each time, finally she pulled it all the way out, Robyn
gasped. Kathy slid it slowly back and forth over billy's lips, even poked
it back in just a bit. She held it there and looked at Robyn who was beet

"Ready dear?"

Robyn shook her head, this was not what she expected.

"Too late honey," Kathy said pulling the penis gag out of billy's mouth a
final time, it was still covered in billy's drool, even with all the
sucking he had done.

"Billy!" Robyn whispered, but just then the knob was rubbing against her
lips, it was wet. She didn't part them.

"Robyn, you agreed to let me put this in your mouth. Open your mouth right
now, and be sure to suck on it, I don't want drool coming out of your
mouth either," Kathy instructed, watching her eyes widen and lips press
tightly together.

She waited, holding it steady, just below her nose, Robyn could see it was
defined, accurate, real looking, and large.

She sighed and opened her mouth, Kathy slipped it in slowly. "Suck Robyn."

Robyn sucked, she was still very red, she didn't look at billy who was
staring at her intently. The shaft slid into her mouth, deep into her
mouth and then Kathy pulled it out, then pushed it slowly back in and out
again, just like with billy, robyn had to suck the shaft as it probed in
and out of her mouth for a few minutes, then Kathy slid it out, wiped it
on her cheek and stood up. Both of the 'girls' were quite red faced.

Kathy vanished  for a moment, neither of the school girls said a word,
both were still picturing what had just happened. Kathy returned. She had
a large sign that they couldn't see.

"I find window displays often draw in a lot of new customers, creative
displays even more so but animated ones can be phenomenal. I think you
both will be just that. Billy as you will be working here, you will find
that you are a 'window display' quite often. Robyn I would like you to
work here as well, so please think about it, I will mention it to your
mother. I am sure the money could go to your collage fund."

Robyn thought, great, her mom would just say yes and Robyn would be in
this window every day.

Then Kathy turned the sign around. "Disobedient slaves being punished."

She affixed the sign to a rack facing the window.

Billy and Robyn both started to object. Loudly.

Kathy looked at both in surprise. "You don't seem to understand, when I
say do not speak, it means just that, there are consequences for

She left again, returning moments later with something in her hands,
something black and large, with straps.

She knelt down beside billy displaying a strap on penis gag. Billy's eyes
opened so wide.

Kathy took the gag part, it was much like the one he just had in his
mouth, but twice as thick.

She pressed the knob against his lips, he resisted, she pushed harder and
it slid in, she was angry now so she took the gag and ruthlessly pushed
and pulled it in and out of his mouth, it was sliding back and forth over
his tongue, his mouth was wide open, it was so thick. Then she pushed it
in all the way and fastened the strap. She didn't need a lock, his hands
were locked in front of him, but she locked it with a large brass lock. He
looked furious, it was so cute.

The other end of the strap-on was protruding grotesquely out of his mouth,
it was pressed against Robyn's cheek. Her eyes were open wide with shock
as well.

Kathy didn't waste any time, she unlocked the chain at her collar, pulled
her head back. With a tug on the chain to billy's collar he faced her, the
penis wiggled below robyn's cute little nose. "Noooooo she whispered."

"Yes," Kathy said sternly, pressing her face forward, Robyn's wet lips
slid over the strap on. The knob of the penis rested on her tongue, it
filled her mouth it was so thick.

Robyn felt the chain at her collar lock again, she tried to turn her head
to spit out the disgusting thing, but she couldn't it was stuck in her
mouth, she looked at billy, the long shaft sticking out of his mouth, his
eyes wide open still.

"If you are both going to dress like sluts, then you will be treated like
sluts," Kathy told them. She went behind robyn and turned on the device
that was parked behind her...  well behind.

Robyn heard something winding up, then there was a click as it was
released, a whoosh and at that time, she felt the first swat across her
lower cheeks. It was such a surprise, she lurched forward, the shaft in
her mouth slid in deeper, she pulled her head back as much as the chain
allowed, Shortly after there was another winding sound, another click,
whoosh and she yelped into the penis that was stuffing her mouth.

It wasn't that it hurt too much, it was a wide strap, she had been spanked
much harder, it was just catching her by surprise.

Kathy watched her for a few smacks, she started to know when they were
coming and was not yelping anymore. "Robyn this machine will continue to
spank you in the exact same spot, I can adjust it so that it moves up and
down if you want, otherwise in a little while it will really start to
hurt. Would you like me to adjust it?"

Robyn couldn't nod, she tried to say yes, it came out 'yepthss' or
something as she tried to speak around the giant penis in her mouth, but
it was clear she wanted the adjustment made, to spank all of her bum and
not just the same spot, over and over. How many times was she going to be
spanked she wondered.

"Very well, but remember with each action there is a consequence. The
machine is set at 4 now, so it really doesn't hurt too much, it is more
for show for our customers that will be watching as it spanks your pretty
bum, which is bare by the way, nice thong. With the moving up and down in
a random pattern, it will now also be at a random strength. So some smacks
may be much harder"

Robyn heard that but only picked up on the customers watching part and her
bum being bare. Kathy made the adjustment and the machine hit her higher
on her cheeks, a new spot. That would be better Robyn thought. Then there
was a grinding and the release but this time she yelped loudly.

"That was a six," Kathy told her.

Robyn was breathing had, wow a six really hurt. Six out of ten she
suspected everything seemed to be out of ten, ten would make her cry she

"The machine goes up to fifteen," Kathy told her quietly and went over to

She turned on his machine, the first smack was just below his tail. He
gasped, it stung a bit, but was not too bad. The second hit in the same
spot, he quickly realized in a few moments it would indeed really start to

"Would you like the same deal as Robyn?" Kathy asked him.

He thought for a moment and another smack hit the same spot, he yelped, he
nodded and watched Robyn's head bounce at the end of the shaft, she gave
him a dirty look and then her eyes glazed over as the machine spanked her

Kathy made the adjustment to billy's machine, he was not thinking clearly
she thought and grinned. She stood back and watched, the next smack hit
directly over his tail. The tail inflated the plug when it was struck, it
also activated a small shock in the plug. billy wiggled in surprise, The
plug slowly deflated, then the machine hit him again, it was harder this
time, the tail pumped the plug up much more and the shock made him gasp.
"That was a six," Kathy told him. You two are in for such fun now."

She opened the blinds covering the windows, the two were on display now,
it was a busy street both of the 'punished slaves' could see people
walking down the sidewalk, some glanced in, surprised. They stayed to

"Oh, I almost forgot," Kathy said, flipping  switch that activated the
center unit that was holding their cuffed wrists. It started to descend.
Robyn looked in amazement at billy as she was slowly forced closer to him.
The shaft was sliding deeper into her mouth. Robyn was in shock, this
penis, this very thick long penis was sliding deeper into her mouth and
people outside could see just that. Her mouth was held open wide, her pink
lips in a very large round O as this large cock slid into her mouth. The
center unit stopped going down, it then started back up, the gag slid out
of robyn's mouth. The knob slipping over her tongue, the realistic veins
at the side of the shaft were clearly felt, as it moved back out her soft
pouty lips.

Then it lowered again, slowly it went back into her mouth. Kathy said,
"Well that is not realistic." She made an adjustment, turned a tiny dial,
the center unit started moving much faster, and the cock started pulsing
in and out of Robyn's mouth at a very fast rate.

The spankings continued, there was a winding sound, a click, swoosh and
then robyn would yelp, then another winding sound, a click, swoosh and
billy would yelp. It was relentless. Some spanks were not so hard, ones or
twos on the gauge. Then there would be a six or seven even and they would
yelp loudly into their gags, into the cock that was in their mouths,
robyns thrusting repeatedly. As they were bent over, staring into each
others eyes, as the town slowly stopped by the window, to watch.

After fifteen minutes or so, of cock sucking for robyn, as she could not
put it any other way, the shaft invading her mouth relentlessly, she
having to keep sucking so the drool would not drip out, it was the most
humiliating experience she had ever had. Then she heard, "Isn't that

"OMG IT IS ROBYN," she heard someone call out from outside, just then she
felt one of the hardest smacks yet, tears formed in her eyes, her face
scrunched up, it hurt so much. That must have been a fifteen, it was
terrible. She hoped there would be no more like that. Then that voice,
which belonged to one of the girls she went to school with say. "I wonder
what that red number is that keeps changing on the machine spanking her,
look now it changed to a nine."

Billy watched, he really couldn't avoid it, Robyn's pretty face kept
coming closer to him as the unit dropped down, pulling them lower, forcing
them closer together, her lips sliding down the shaft closer to him, that
huge penis sliding into her mouth, the panicked look as it disappeared
past her lips, her wild eyes, then it would slide out as the unit raised,
he could see the thick veins on the side of the shaft, Robyn's cheeks
sucking in as she tried to keep drool from escaping. In and out, the shaft
slid, there was no change in the speed no rest, just in and out. Just like
the spanking, constant, no rest, being swatted, everyone watching in the

Billy fought to keep from wiggling, the strap kept hitting his tail, not
every time, but when it did the plug in his bum inflated, then it would
deflate, if the strap hit him again, on his tail, it felt like the plug
was pumping in and out with the inflation. It was an odd experience.
Watching robyn slide up and down on the shaft, well that is what it felt
like in his bum. The shocks didn't hurt that much but they really made him
jump. it too was an odd feeling, to have a shock in his bum and completely
unable to do anything about it.

They were on display for quite a while, the crowd never seemed to thin.
Every once and a while he would hear someone call out "Look that is Robyn,
from school," and billy would see her blush like she never had blushed
before, but she too, was stuck, being spanked over and over on her bare
bum while the penis was thrust into her waiting, helpless mouth, over and
over. His behind was tingling all over now, he was sure hers was as too,
the spanking for the most part didn't hurt, but it built up, and then
there were the occasional very strong swats that would bring tears to
their eyes. Sometimes they would get a few in a row like that, robyn had
screamed once.

Kathy came back into the display, she pushed a button and the blinds
slowly closed. she watched them for a few moments, as the machines
continued to spank them and the cock continued to go in and out of Robyn's
mouth. Finally she switched off all the machines. Their behinds were a
very nice cherry red.

"You can not imagine how much business you have brought in today, I am
incredibly impressed," she told them as she removed the cuffs from the
center unit, allowing them to gradually stand up. I want you to spend a
bit of time walking through the store now, so people can get a closer look
at my star window display units.

Robyn and Billy waited for her to remove the strap on,  but... Kathy was
making no attempt to do so. she tugged them out of the display into the
crowded store. Now this was humiliating. Their skirts still barely covered
their behinds, so the red stripes were clearly seen. Most though, were
looking at the huge cock that was still in Robyn's mouth, her face
couldn't get any redder, someone  cruelly pushed her closer to billy and
the cock slid into her mouth again, people laughed. The two were joined
with this obscene gag.

They looked around but Kathy was gone, serving her clients, the two teens
were left to wander, feeling ridiculous with the item stuck in their
mouths. The item that was clearly a penis. They tried to hide in a corner,
one of Kathy's clerks found them and led them back to Kathy.

"Oh there you are." She grinned and unlocked the chain on their collars.
Robyn slowly pulled away, the penis now jutted out of billy's mouth.
Robyn's wrists were still cuffed together in front of her, just as billy's
were. Billy looked at Kathy, the penis pointing wherever he looked. She
asked if he wanted it out.

He nodded and it jumped up and down, he felt so silly. Kathy unlocked the
strap and slid the cock out of billy's mouth, it was so degrading. She
handed it to her clerk and led them both to one of the specialty rooms. "I
want you both to work this room for the next hour or so. You can be of
great help to my customers as they try to decide on their purchases."

Robyn doubted that, what did she and Billy know about anything that seemed
to be sold in this shop?

Then Kathy placed a little sign around each of their necks. "PLEASE FREE
TO TEST ANY IMPLEMENTS ON ME," was written in large bold letters. Robyn
looked around the room and sighed, they were in the room with all the
spanking devices, and there were even a few machines set up. Oh great.
People would be able to test the straps, crops, whips on them for effect.
Maybe even the some of the machines. This was not what she wanted now, her
bum was tender enough after the hour in the window.

It didn't take long before someone tugged on billy's tail, this sent a
tiny shock into his bum as it inflated and wiggled. "Not so fast you, I
want to see how this crop compares to the strap." The woman was holding a
long black crop in her hand and a black leather strap in the other. "Put
your hands on your knees please and let me know which one hurts more,"
Robyn watched as billy put his hands on his knees, his tush raised into
the air, the short skirt rode up. His tail was wiggling a bit as it peeked
out of his bum. The woman wasted no time and swung the leather strap hard
against billy's unprotected cheeks, just below the tail. Billy yelped.
Then she swung the crop, just as hard, another loud smack filled the air
and billy yelped again. "Well? Which one hurt the most?" she looked
impatient. Billy said he thought that the crop had. "You only think girl?
Shall I try again so you can be sure?"

"Uhm no, the crop stung more," billy assured her.

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