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Billy part 1 "this is not my story, looking for an ending"
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Day One

Billy, his mother Sara and sister Krissy, moved to the country, their
new home was quite large but isolated. This didn't bother billy too
much, living in the country with a forest beside the property sounded
like a lot of fun. He was a bit of a computer geek, where as his
mother, who managed to use the internet, really knew nothing about
either. Nor did his older sister Krissy, so Billy was in charge of
keeping the families computers working, he was quite good at it too.

Billy was barely a year younger than his sister and for the most part,
they got along fairly well. Some of the time, well once and a while ok
so hardly ever. He did annoy her a lot, he would spend most of his
time finding ways to torment her. Sara was hoping the move to the
country would remedy this. Billy was quite a handful to manage at
times and managed to get himself into a great deal of trouble.

Being slight, he felt he could pass, possibly as a girl. No one had
ever seen him dressed up though, he did start to take more chances but
was never caught. He fought his mother often, to be able to keep his
hair long. She finally gave up years ago and it was very long now.
Quite a bit longer than Krissy's hair was even. His mother gave up and
actually forbid him to cut it, to teach him a lesson

Billy liked to borrow his sister's clothes when no one was at home, he
was very careful and knew neither his sister nor mother knew of his
hobby. Billy fantasized of dressing as a pretty girl in front of them,
not hidden away. More to the point he dreamed of one day being forced
to dress in cute clothes and even to do the family chores, kept as
pretty girl.

He often thought long and hard about that and came up with a plan.

During dinner he was clearing the table and dropped the plates on the
floor collapsing. His mother and sister jumped in alarm. When his
mother asked what had happened, Billy responded that his hip had given
out. She was quite alarmed and asked if he was ok now. He tried to
stand but found he couldn't put any weight on his leg. She had noticed
his hip was bothering him on and off this past few months.

"We will have to go to the hospital," his mother announced, money was
very tight and this was going to cause problems for them.

Billy told her that he just needed to sit for a bit and it should pop
back in, that it went out a few times recently and seemed to pop back
in after a while. His sister Krissy helped him to a chair with a
worried look. Her long brunette hair not covering her cute but worried
face. Billy grimaced but managed to sit in the chair and told his mom
not to worry again.

Of course over the next few days, Billy fell to the ground a few times
and his mother became quite worried again suggesting that maybe they
best go see a doctor. Billy knew money was tight so suggested that he
look on the internet to see if he could discover something.

A few hours later he called his mother to the computer and pointed to
an article, his hip was popping out of its joint. This condition was
called snapping hip syndrome, something that was common for martial
artists and those that studied ballet. There was no real corrective
surgery for this, though there were treatments that could help. It
seemed, according to the article, that there were a few things that
could cause the hip to pop out, each time it popped out, it would do
so easier and easier until it may not go back in.

His mother was concerned when she read this so she continued on to
read what could cause it to pop out.

Poor posture when seated was listed, Billy did slouch a lot.

Poor posture when walking, the body should be kept in line, shoulders
square with feet.

Cold temperatures would cause muscles to contract, if the legs and
hips were kept warmer at all times it would help.

Compression was very beneficial for the leg muscles. This involved
compression stockings or pantyhose.

When walking, taking too large a step could contribute to the hip
popping out. Billy took very large steps, he was a fast walker.

It also seemed, walking with heels raised helped the stretched muscles
that were pulling on the hip to relax, the higher the heels were
raised the more benefit.

Bending by the waist was bad, this pulled on the same muscles. Bending
should be eliminated.

Sitting too much, the muscles needed to be exercised.

Arms should not be raised too high or moved too far to the right or
left, if possible keeping them aligned in front of the waist or behind
would keep the body from twisting and tugging at the hip.

As she read she wondered how they would be able to do these things.
She realized the old farmhouse was cooler than their previous home.
That the new cooler house may be causing some of the problems. She
thought perhaps if Billy wore long underwear this could help with
keeping his legs and hips warm, but he didn't have any and it was back
to the money being tight again. Also the long underwear would do more
than keep his legs warm, they would become uncomfortably hot. The
article mentioned stockings or pantyhose.

Krissy was standing behind her reading over her shoulder and noticed
the same thing, she said she found her legs ached a bit since moving
but she found if she wore her pantyhose or tights it solved the

Both of them looked at each other at that moment, a light bulb went
off. "Billy would never wear pantyhose," she said to her daughter.

"Well maybe if he discovered that they helped he would not fight it so
much," Krissy said.

"I still think he will fight it, I am going to have to put my foot

Suddenly Krissy pointed to the screen and said, "Oh look there is
more, it says to click here for page two."

Sara moved the mouse and clicked, sure enough page two appeared on the

The article continued: Snapping hip syndrome is common among ballet
dancers and martial artists as they extend their legs during training
causing hips to become weakened to allow for more stretch.

Billy took ballet for a few years, he was quite adapt at it, this
helped his body become quite supple.

The website indicated:

Treatment for this condition is quite frankly easier for girls than
boys with the following method.

Method: This program is designed for a year of trial, in most cases
this year strengthens the hip.

Detailed studies have been completed to help with the previous issues
causing the hip to dislodge from its socket. The methodology is
unorthodox but the results speak for themselves. First off, it is
imperative that the legs and hip be kept warm, but not hot. Woman
found wearing pantyhose or tights would solve this issue, men found
long underwear to be too hot and uncomfortable, it is not rocket
science, the pantyhose and tights worked. Pantyhose with compression
are even more suited as the compression helps the muscles to relax and
keeps them from tugging at the hip. They are also cooler than tights
or long underwear. It is critical that pantyhose or tights be worn at
all times, day and night.

Krissy giggled a bit, Sara shot her a look. "Krissy this is important,
it says each time the hip pops out it is weakened, we need to stop it
from happening or your brother may not be able to walk in the future.
I am going to need your help with this to make it go easier for

Raising the heels off the floor, or walking on toes will almost
immediately relieve the pain and reseat the hip. Walking in this
fashion for very long becomes difficult though. Wearing high heels is
the simple solution, the higher the better, the ideal position is
almost completely on toes which involves extremely high heel shoes.

This site is under construction and will be updated daily with more
information and help. Please check back daily.

Sara moaned, "High heels too, he will never go for it"

Krissy looked at mom and said, "But didn't he show you this site?
Hasn't he read all of this?"

"I don't think he realized there was a second page, he just told me
this is why his hip was popping out."

They exchanged glances, getting him to wear pantyhose was going to be
a challenge, adding high heels a virtual impossibility.

"I am going to need your help with this," Sara told her daughter. "We
can't make a big deal of it."

Billy was in his room on the second floor wondering how his website
was going over. The thought of being told to wear pantyhose at all
times was quite exciting to him, little did he know that this was
precisely what his mother had in mind as she climbed the stairs.

Billy jumped when his mom knocked on the door, he was so deep in his
fantasy, the one that was about to become reality. "Come in," he
called out, closing the book he was reading, well sort of.

"Billy I read that article you showed me, did you know that there was
a second page?" his mom asked as she sat on the edge of his bed.

"Uhm, no, there was only one page wasn't there? Explaining why my hip
was popping out, from ballet."

Sara smiled. "No there was a page two that had some helpful tips on
how to keep your hip from popping out" She passed the notebook
computer over to him and watched as he opened the top and started to

Billy pretended to scan through and then sputtered, "Pantyhose? Mom I
can't wear pantyhose."

"Yes you can honey, the heels too, it is important that we stop your
hip from causing you so much pain, the article said this works, so
let's give it a try, there is only the three of us here, no one is
scheduled to visit, it is a good time, besides your legs will be
warmer and stop aching with the pantyhose on."

Before Billy could reply Krissy walked in with her hands behind her
back. "How did he take it?" she asked her mother, watching Billy.

Her arms came forward one dangling from one hand was a pair of heels,
the other clutched a pair of beige pantyhose and there was a flash of
something shiny and pink in the middle of the hose.

Billy saw the flash and looked at his sister grinning and over to his
mother. "Mom don't make me wear pantyhose please, there must be
something else that will work?"

Sara just shook her head quietly back and forth a stern look appearing
on her face. "Billy you are to put on the stockings and heels and come
downstairs, I want you to give this a try, if it doesn't work, then we
will look for something else, but I am serious about this, there is no
discussion or argument. Now change please."

Krissy stepped forward, her grin quite wide now, holding up her
pantyhose and heels for her brother to put on. This was going to be
good to see the little twerp prancing around in heels.

Billy looked at the pantyhose that were just inches from his face now
and saw the pink again, he turned to his mom... "Panties too? I have
to wear panties?" His face showed a look of shock.

Sara held up a pair of his boxers that were lying on the floor "Come
one Billy, do you think it would be comfortable to wear these under a
pair of snug fitting pantyhose? Thank your sister for your new
underwear Billy and stop this nonsense, they are just clothes, we wear
them all the time."

"Girl's clothes," Billy complained again, taking the shoes and nylons
from his sister. She ruffled his hair. "Come on bro, I won't tell
anyone and look" pointing to her feet below her jeans, "I am wearing
them too, they help to keep my legs from aching too."

"Yes, but you are a girl!" Billy pointed out, very clearly.

"Billy! I have had enough. You know what to do," Sara told him, with a
very stern look.

Sara and Krissy left the room, closing the door behind them, loudly.
Billy's heart was pounding, he had been actually told to put on
panties, pantyhose and heels, furthermore that he had to wear them
until further notice. He was very excited as he stripped off his
boxers and jeans. Taking the pink satin panties, noticing his sister
selected a high rise bikini, he pulled them on, feeling their snug fit
as they slid over his bum. There was a seam in the center at the back
that slipped into his crack, accenting it. There was going to be a
vivid panty line across the center of his cheeks, he peeked in the
mirror twisting back and forth. The pantyhose he was careful with,
tugging them up so as not to put a run in them, they fit snugly over
his hairless legs. His sister was always envious that he had no hair
on his legs whereas she had to wax.

Tugging his jeans back on, he noticed how easily they pulled up, and
as he moved he felt them slide across the nylon sending shivers up his
back. With each move he was reminded that he was wearing pantyhose, it
was a feeling that was going to send shivers up his back, all day
long. He looked at the shoes, they were a brown sandal with a four
inch heel. His feet were small so the heel seemed very tall to him as
he slipped his foot in each shoe fastening the ankle strap. Standing
he wobbled a bit, looking in the mirror at the tall heels. He was
close to standing on his toes, the arch was so high.

Carefully he made his way downstairs to the kitchen, where his mother
and sister were making lunch. His heels clicking loudly on the
hardwood floors he entered, watching them look first at him and then
down at his stocking clad feet which were peeking out below his jeans.

Sara smiled and asked if he felt a difference. Billy acted surprised
and said "my hip is not hurting and it seems to be fine right now, but
seriously could you find a pair of shoes with a higher heel?"

Krissy reminded him the article said the highest possible heel should
be worn and that she had some shoes with much higher heels that they
would give him when he became accustomed to walking in heels.

"Much higher heels, you expect me to wear heels that are even higher?"
Billy exclaimed.

"Oh yes, I have a pair that I wore to that kinky Halloween party last
year," she said, "you should love them as they are ballet heels."

Billy rolled his eyes "Ballet slippers have no heels" Billy mumbled,
walking to the table so he could sit down.

"Ballet shoes silly," Krissy corrected. "They have heels and I can't
wait to see you mincing around in them." She added, "They lock on too,
so once you are wearing them, you will be stuck in them."

"Krissy..." Sara warned with a stern glance. Watching Billy sit down,
his jeans riding up and his cute feet fully exposed with the sandals
now. "Oh no you don't missy, you have to stand and walk as much as
possible to get used to the heels and to help reseat your hip." she
told him. "You can make us lunch.

Missy, did she say missy? Billy moaned but his heart did another
pitter-patter as he was ordered to do chores. His heels clicked as he
walked around the kitchen gathering bread and cold cuts from the
refrigerator to make sandwiches. He loved the feeling as the nylons
rubbed against his jeans and the confining feel of the shoes squeezing
his feet forcing him to walk  almost on his toes. He planned his next
edit to the web site as he opened a tin of soup to heat. When lunch
was prepared he set the table, his mother and sister talking and
watching occasionally. When lunch was finished he was delegated to the
cleanup as they left to sit outside. Later Billy joined them on the

Sitting down he reached down and slipped a shoe off. His mother
called out "Hey what are you doing?"

Billy complained his feet were sore. She just said "They will be until
your feet become used to the heels, but that won't happen if you take
them off. Don't let me catch you taking off your shoes again without
permission. The article also said you must keep your heels raised to
help your hip so no way are you taking them off."

Billy's plan was clicking in place, now he was not allowed to remove
his shoes. Then he was surprised when his mom asked, "Isn't today a
lawn cutting day, the grass is very tall."

Billy looked out at the lawn, sure enough the grass desperately needed
to be cut. His mom said, "No time like the present." looking at him
with that.. Well get up and do it look.

Billy asked if he could go put on his runners so he could push the
mower about. "No, I just told you that you were to wear those heels
all day, the walking will do you a lot of good."

"But mom my heels will sink in the grass, it will be hard to walk."

"That will do the lawn some good too, you will aerate the lawn, that
is supposed to be good for the grass," she smirked. "Put the weight on
your toes and you won't sink in too much. Now off you go."

The sun had come out and it was hot on the porch, the lawn was going
to be much warmer, even though the house remained cool most of the day
with all the shade from the trees, the lawn was going to be too hot
for jeans and pantyhose. Billy tried the next part of his plan....
"Mom it is too hot to cut the lawn now, with the pantyhose on I am
already starting to melt."

"Billy, put on shorts. I don't expect you to cut the lawn in your

"Can I take off the pantyhose then?" he asked, knowing the answer.

"NO Billy, I am getting tired of this, you are wearing pantyhose and
high heels for the rest of the month, stop asking. We will then judge
if it is working, if so you will continue, is this clear?"

Billy fought to keep a smile from forming. "Yes Mom," he quietly said,
leaving to change into a pair of shorts.

"Billy, borrow a pair of Krissy's shorts, yours are long and will not
allow you to cool off much," she called out to him as he was walking

"Aww Mom really?"

"Yes Billy."

Krissy had heard and quickly provided Billy with a cute, very short
and snug pair of shorts, they were white so he couldn't whine about
girly colors, well mostly white, there was a cute flower pattern
around the waist.

Later as he walked back and forth, his heels making pushing the mower
so much harder. The only way he could walk was prancing carefully on
his toes. The sun gleaming off his nylon encased legs he was feeling
more like the family servant. Forced to do chores wearing heels and
pantyhose. When he finished his mother came over and instructed him to
sweep all the walk ways and driveway. He felt so exposed, but almost
no one came down the long road, but still...

The day continued, both his sister and mother tried to keep him filled
with chores and tasks to keep him on his feet. He would sit down when
given a chance and remove his heels, hoping to be caught. He was each
time and his mother was becoming annoyed. "Billy please go and check
the mailbox, and if I catch you taking your shoes off again I will be
very annoyed"

Billy gulped, the mailbox was at the end of their lane, which was more
like a road it was so long, then the mailbox was on the street. Cars
did drive by out there, only the first half of the drive was treed,
then he would be exposed with nowhere to hide. "Ok Mom I will just put
my jeans back on"

"Don't be silly, it is still quite warm out, off you go," she smiled.
She watched as he left, Krissy's shorts were much cuter on him than he
probably knew.

Billy began the walk down the drive, his heels clicking loudly on the
asphalt. The breeze tickled his legs and the sun beat down at them,
the feeling was intense. He felt the nylon rubbing as his legs brushed
each other while concentrating on keeping his balance, still getting
accustomed to walking in the high heels. He watched a car drive by on
the road as he started to clear the trees, he knew the pantyhose his
sister gave him, had a shine to them, they would be noticed if anyone
drove by. He hadn't expected to be told to wear her shorts. She did
pick a very girly pair, he knew she had much plainer shorts, but he
wanted to wear these, so he didn't put up much of a fuss. They were
quite snug and were showing a lot more of his pantyhose than any
shorts he owned.

He debated going back and saying there was no mail, but there was
always something, junk mail and a paper. It was another quarter mile
of lane to walk before he reached the road, he now felt his mother was
punishing him for taking his shoes off with the long walk and possibly
some embarrassment. He dwelled on what he had gotten himself into as
he continued, he set up the parameters but his sister and mother were
the unknowns in his little experiment. What they could make him do was
the exciting part.

Before he knew it he had reached the end of the drive and looked up
and down the road, he couldn't see around the corner, so there was
really no way to know... He opened the mailbox his back to the road
when he heard a car go by slowly, pins and needles tickled his back as
he broke out in a cold sweat. With his long hair, he hoped the driver
or passengers, he wasn't going to look, would think it was just a girl
checking the mail. The horn tooted and he still didn't look. He heard
the car continue on and gathered up the mail and paper quickly then
began his long walk back to the house.

He walked wiggling his behind like his sister did, enjoying the
feeling of the nylon rubbing over his tush, the sun on his back and
the excitement at being seen. He began to think of his next edit,
wondering how it would morph with his sister and mother interjecting
their own ideas. He thought it would be humiliating if he had to walk
with this wiggle all the time...

Reaching the house with no more cars sneaking up on him, his feet now
hurting quite a bit from the long walk he again wondered at the events
he started, knowing now, he was stuck in the high heels and pantyhose
for at least a month with no way out.

After being told to make and serve dinner, following up with washing
and drying the dishes. Billy felt more like the house slave. They had
a perfectly good dishwasher but Billy's mom decided if he did them by
hand he would be forced to stand longer. There was no arguing with
her. His feet were really sore now.

When his kitchen chores were completed Billy made his way into the
living room, his heels clicking loudly on the floors. It was still
quite warm and the heat finally managed to find its way into the
house, so Billy was still wearing his shorts, he kept sliding his
palms over his thighs feeling his silky legs. He stood at the edge of
the living room and asked if he could now sit down.

"Yes honey, but leave your shoes on please, you have taken them off
quite enough today," his mother answered. He slipped onto the couch
across from his sister to watch T.V.

His sister stretched out, her feet brushing against his thighs. She
giggled sliding her foot up and down his thigh and said "oh that feels
nice, you do have pretty legs Billy." watching him blush. She had
caused him to blush a few times today with remarks she had made.
Telling him that she loved having a new servant to wait on her. It was
what he wanted so this caused a blush rather than an argument as he
hastened to do whatever she had asked. She enjoyed ordering him about,
knowing he had to obey.

"Mom don't you find Billy to be very eager to please today?" she asked
her mother, pressing her feet against his thighs. "I bet he would even
give me a foot massage if I asked," she giggled.

"I bet he would love one after wearing those heels all day," Sara
said, "too bad he can't take his shoes off."

"How about it Billy,  can I have a foot massage?" Krissy asked
slipping one of her feet onto his lap.

"That's just mean Krissy." Sara giggled.

"But mom you told Billy he had to do whatever I told him to do today."
Krissy pointed out. "Besides I spent most of my day helping to make
sure he stayed on his feet moving around. I think I deserve a reward
for all my trouble."

"Oh all right." Sara said "Billy rub your sisters feet, she is right
she did spend her day helping you."

As Billy took her nylon covered foot and started rubbing it he
thought, yeah, helping me... more like tormenting and teasing me as
she made me her slave. The aroma of his sisters foot mixing with the
nylon teasing his nose. Her feet were damp and he knew his hands would
be taking on that same smell. It wasn't unpleasant, but it was the
smell of feet. His mind twitched on being the house slave again.

Krissy smiled and rubbed her other foot in his lap, stroking the
inside of his thighs as she wiggled it about. "Mmm that feels good, I
think you should do that every night from now on."

"Mommm," Billy said looking over at Sara.

"Oh shush, she has rubbed your feet enough, honestly you two. If your
sister asks you to rub her feet, can't you just do it without making a
big deal?"

Krissy smiled. "Oh goody, a nightly activity then, this will be so
nice to look forward to, my personal foot massager." Smiling as she
stretched her toes out, lifting one foot teasingly toward his face. He
glared at his sister as the aroma intensified while continuing to rub
her other foot. She was such a tease. But she made him rub her feet
the entire time they sat there. The nylon of her stockings rubbing
over his nylon covered thighs, she seemed to like the feeling as she
kept sliding her feet back and forth while watching T.V. He wondered
if she knew what that feeling was doing to him as her delicate feet
slid up and down his legs.

It wasn't too long before Sara sent them off to bed, reminding billy
to keep the pantyhose on all night and asked Krissy to get a fresh
pair of panties for him in the morning.  She offered Billy a night
shift to sleep in and Sara told Billy he may want to consider that,
wearing pantyhose under his flannel PJ's would be too warm. Billy
relented, excited at the thought of being forced to wear girls clothes
to bed too.

Before going to sleep he edited the web page, with new tips, for
tomorrow, wondering what the changes would bring as they snowballed
out of his control today. Snuggling under his covers, the "night
shift" his sister provided was of course very girly, she didn't miss
an chance to humiliate him.


Day two

The sun was streaming in the window and Billy woke up and stretched,
feeling his pantyhose slide across the sheets. Getting out of bed he
glanced in the mirror. The cute nightgown his sister gave him barely
covered him, he then realized she had given him a new pair of panties
for today, they were on his dresser, as he put them on he noticed that
they were pinker and covering even less of his behind, he pulled the
pantyhose back on and stepped into the heels that were also left on
his dresser, they had a slightly higher heel. Great.

Getting dressed first thing in the morning was something none of them
did, they usually lounged around in their nightwear until after
breakfast. He didn't have a bathrobe, he wondered what to do when he
heard his Mother calling him. "Billy are you awake yet?"

He called out, "Yes Mom."

"Then come down now please, the website has been updated and we need
to talk."

"I only have on Krissy's nightgown Mom," he yelled back, hoping he
would be told to come down wearing that.

"That's fine honey, it is all Krissy has on, come on down please, and
don't forget your heels," she added.

Billy sipped the sandals on his feet, fastening the ankle strap and
looked in the mirror, his legs shining with the tan hose right up to
his butt, he would have to be careful bending over or those pink
panties were going to make an appearance. He was sure he would be
teased at that. He noticed that the extra inch of heel really forced
him to stand on his toes.

Moments later he clicked his way into the kitchen where his mother and
sister were peering into the computer whispering. His mother looked
up. "Good morning sleepy head. First off how is your hip?"

He told her it hadn't bothered him for a while now. "Since yesterday
when you started with the pantyhose and heels?" she asked.

"I guess so." He nodded pulling out a chair to sit down.

"There is more on the site today as this morning Billy," his mother
said watching billy stand there in the short nightgown. "The research
indicates, as was mentioned yesterday, that bending from the waist
caused the hip to grind and weaken the joint." Billy nodded. "So we
need to be sure that you do not bend at all, rather bend your knees
and squat, if you need to pick something up."

"ok, so I won't bend," Billy offered.

"Well it is not that easy, you bend and will bend without knowing it,
even tiny bends. There is a technique to make you more aware of this
though, to help curb you or train you to not bend at the waist. It is
something girls learn at an early age."

Billy offered a confused look. His mother pointed to the large mirror
on the wall across the room. He looked. "Bend over just a bit," she

Billy did so and blushed right away, the hem of the short nightgown
slid up exposing his pink panties. "Very cute bro," his sister said
walking into the room. Billy blushed more.

"Bingo," said his mother. "This is how girls learn not to bend, or
they expose themselves, just as you did, so the world will see their
cute little panties too."

Billy stood up and tugged at the hem of the nightgown, but it was
short and would not come down any more. He glanced in the mirror again
and saw he was covered, barely.

Krissy giggled.

Sara continued, "They recommend that if you wear a short skirt or
dress for a while, you will quickly learn not to bend. Just as a young
girl does, just as Krissy did."

"Oh I remember that, you would smack my bum whenever you saw my
panties, quite hard too," Krissy said.

"It worked though didn't it?" Sara asked her daughter.

"Yes, you still do it too," Krissy said. "You mean you will smack
Billy's bum if you see his panties?"

"Well, we both will," Sara told her daughter, glancing at Billy. "Just
as I do with you. If I see you expose your panties, I smack that
cheek, if you bend enough that I see panties on both cheeks, you
receive two smacks."

"If I remember right, you would increase the smacks if you caught me
again that day," Krissy said.

Billy looked at the two of them. "You expect me to wear skirts and
dresses now so you can spank me? That is nuts, no way I am going to
wear a dress."

Krissy started to laugh and pointed at him. "You are wearing a dress
now Billy, and it is very short."

Billy blushed and his mom continued, "They also said, that to
strengthen your hip you should wiggle your hips back and forth, like a
model does on a catwalk."

"Wiggle my hips?" Billy pretended to look confused. His sister got up
and walked across the room. "like this silly," she said as her bum
wiggled back and forth in her jeans.

Sara watched. "Yes like that but they said more exaggerated, to really
swing your hips."

Krissy again walked across the room, her bum moving considerably now
in her snug jeans. "You want me to walk like that?" Billy exclaimed.

"Yes," his mother said, "and if I catch you walking without swinging
your bum, I will smack your bum and make you walk back and forth until
you get it right."

That wasn't on the website, another way his suggestion morphed beyond
his control.

Krissy grinned at him, "Oh do I get to give him smacks too if he
doesn't wiggle while he walks?" she asked playfully.

"Of course, we need to enforce this treatment for Billy, so yes, you
will also smack his bum if you see his panties, or he fails to wiggle
his bum when walking, and smack it hard, this is not a game," Sara
said, looking into Billy's eyes.

Billy glanced at the website again, he hadn't put on that the smacks
should be hard, as he was reading he felt something at his ankle, his
mother was bending down working on the ankle straps of his shoes. He
heard a click. Then another one. Krissy giggled. As his mother stood
up, he looked at the two tiny padlocks she had fastened on his shoes.

"There, you won't be taking them off without permission today."
Putting the keys in her pocket. This also wasn't on the website, he
wiggled his foot, felt the lock bouncing on his ankle, the weight
feeling like a brick even though it was a tiny brass lock. A slave,
the feeling washed over him again. His suggestions on the website were
quickly becoming beyond his control.

"Breakfast please," his mother said smiling, watching her son prance
across the kitchen in the nightgown, his stocking legs and the high
heels clicking on the tile floor. She was enjoying having a servant.
He also seemed to be much easier to control, the wild behavior was
gone, he was obedient. This was going to be an interesting month, if
this continued, she may make it the entire summer... or longer.

Billy was quiet as he made his mother coffee, toasted bread, scrambled
eggs, already composing his next edit to the page, the slave feeling
and the padlocks on his ankles had given him an idea. But once set in
motion, he would be stuck that way for a while, truly a house slave.
He twitched thinking about that. Lost in his thoughts he didn't hear
his mother approach. The loud smack and sudden stinging feeling on his
bum was a shock, before he could react she smacked his other cheek.

"Bending Billy, you have to concentrate, no bending. I saw your pink
panties, they are quite cute by the way," his mother said pulling his
nightgown down. "Next time you get two on each cheek. Too bad they
don't cover more of your bum."

Having her lift the hem of his nightgown, so she could smack him on
his panties, was so embarrassing, but the tingles that this sent
through him, left him speechless. He still felt the smacks, glanced at
his sister to see her smirking. He wondered how long before she would
be spanking him as well. He knew she would be watching closely and
quite likely setting up chores for him where he would need to bend.

He quietly continued making breakfast, feeling the hem of the
nightgown brushing his thighs, tickling his legs. The heels were
definitely harder to walk in, his steps were more careful. He began to
set the table, feeling strange as he walked up to his sister,
virtually wearing her clothes, the shoes locked on his feet made him
very aware that he was stuck this way. he placed a plate in front of
her and seconds later felt another smack on his behind. He gasped as
the second smack arrived, his face inches from his sisters, she
peeking into his eyes watching as the second two made him blink.

"No bending, Billy," his mother said, with each smack. Krissy watched
him blink with each smack, noticing how his face scrunched up and he
twitched, mom was hitting hard, she was looking forward to doing the
same. Keeping her brother all femme was making her feel funny inside,
to have him do whatever she asked... it was like having a slave.

When the spanking was finished Billy rubbed his behind, feeling the
pantyhose covering his panties, he blushed when his sister watched.
"Mom I can't help it, to do some chores I have to bend a bit, how else
do you put plates on the table?" he asked.

"Bend your knees or kneel," his mother told him. "Next time you will
have eight smacks on each cheek. Each time they double in number, you
will soon remember or your behind is going to be very red."

Kneel he thought, like a slave, kneeling before his mother and sister,
serving them. He twitched again. He wanted to try this, to submit. He
went back to the counter to get another plate and the cutlery. When he
got back to the table he dropped to his knees and placed them on the
table. His sister watched carefully as he knelt by her feet, she slid
her foot along his leg, to the hem of his nightgown, teasing again. He
waited until she finished before standing up, he was becoming
submissive she thought. Maybe he should have a collar too she thought.

Billy brought the coffee over for his mother who was now sitting,
waiting. He knew if he put the cup on the table he would bend, so he
dropped to his knees again and raised the cup as in an offering. His
mother took it from him and asked when breakfast would be ready, yes
this servant routine was becoming very pleasurable. Billy told her a
few minutes yet and went to get some OJ for his sister. Again, he
dropped to his knees before her raising the glass up to her. She took
it smiling. "Mom I could get used to this I think," she said.

Sara looked over smiling too. "Yes I am liking the new Billy too," she
said watching him blush yet again. "After breakfast could you pick out
a skirt or dress for him to wear today?" she asked Krissy, keeping an
eye on billy. "Something very short?"

Billy turned to look at his mom, still kneeling before his sister who
hadn't taken the juice yet. "How short Mom? Do I really have to wear a
skirt or dress today?"

"Not just today, but for the rest of the month you will be in a dress
or skirt and heels Billy, longer if this works." Thinking that keeping
her son in dresses for the summer would solve a big problem, no more
fighting, arguing from him, just obedience.. and all the chores would
be completed. This was too good to be true.

"Now, is breakfast ready? Haven't you rested enough?" she asked her
kneeling son. Krissy giggled and took the juice from him.

After breakfast, and the clean up, where Billy avoided any more spanks
as his mother and sister left him alone in the kitchen, he went into
the living room where his mother told him Krissy was waiting in her
room with his clothes for the day.

He went carefully up the stairs, the shoes were so much more difficult
to walk in, he wondered about a month of this. Knocking on Krissy's
door he wondered what outfit she would choose for him.

The door swung open and she pulled him in the room. On the bed was a
black mini dress. He remembered she wore it years ago, it was short,
very short. With long puffy sleeves with heart shaped openings at the
top of each sleeve.

She told him to take off the nightgown and she would help him with the
dress. Before he could offer an objection, she said he was covered and
she had seen his panties a few times this morning, so to just get to

Billy tugged the nightgown off, folding it neatly and holding it. She
took it from him and came back with the dress, she held it over his
head and tugged it down. It barely covered his tush, she zipped it up
in the back. "You will need help unzipping this," she said. "I could
never reach the zipper when I wore it, so I am afraid you will be
stuck in it unless we help you take it off."

As Billy tugged at the hem she came back with a black choker and
quickly fastened it around his neck, it had a tiny padlock that he
always thought was decorative when Krissy wore it, but he heard it
click. "Why do I need a choker?" he asked grasping the tiny lock and
tugging, only to find it was not coming off.

"It goes with the dress silly," she told him. "But I can clip a leash
to it if you want?" she added teasing... sort of.

"Krissy, come on, this is hard enough. I don't want to wear a dress, I
mean, I am a guy. Now I have to wear dresses, panties, pantyhose and
heels that mom locks to my feet and now you put a dress on me that I
can't take off. Then I have to do all the chores. I feel like the
house slave." Billy sighed as he let it all flow out.

Krissy smiled and tugged on his collar. "I like that... house slave,"
she said. "Mom said to gather up all the laundry and take it
downstairs, she said to do it one article at a time so you get more
walking in, don't forget to swish either, unless you want to be
spanked..... slave."

"One article at a time? I will be doing that all day, up and down two
flights of stairs. I am not going to do it," Billy stammered but
thinking, this is what he wanted, to be forced to do chores and the
dress was so cute.

"Oh?" Sara said walking by the room with perfect timing. "You are not
going to do it? We go to all this trouble to help your hip heal and
you just stand there and say you are not going to do it?" Her voice
was rising and she was getting quite angry.

Billy hung his head. "But mom these shoes are so hard to walk in, now
with the swishing you want me to do and the spankings, then up and
down the stairs so many times, I don't know it just seems so unfair."

"Would you rather just go back to your jeans and loafing on the couch
while your hip gets worse?" she asked him.

He looked at her and quietly whispered, "No, I want it to heal too
Mom. I will do as you ask."

"Good then, but don't forget to swing your behind, if we catch you not
doing so you will be spanked, you understand this right?"

"Yes mom," Billy said, tugging the hem down on the ultra short dress.
He caught his reflection in the mirror and it was just so cute with
puffy sleeves, a flared skirt, a tiny opening below the collar in a
heart shape and knowing that he couldn't take it off or the shoes now
that he thought of it, he was truly helpless now. The black choker
around his neck with the shiny brass padlock centered... a slave girl.

He walked over to Krissy's hamper to start his trek up and down the
stairs, of course the first item in the pile was a pair of delicate
panties, and his Mom and Sister were standing watching him. He picked
up the wispy yellow panties and started out the room, he was blushing
furiously. Sure enough he forgot to wiggle his tush.

"Billy, I just finished telling you that you must wiggle your behind
or you will be spanked. Seconds ago!"

"Sorry mom," he replied standing, holding his sisters panties
carefully looking cute in his oh so high heels and hosed legs. "The
dress was truly short." She went over and lifted his hem, using a
brush from Krissy's dresser she started spanking him, the swats were
loud and painful. She wasn't counting, she just continued alternating
cheeks with a methodical spanking.

Billy looked in the long mirror again seeing himself in the short
black dress, the hem raised and smack after smack landing on his
behind each one stinging more than the last. After forty or so she
stopped, his behind was red and very tender but a glow spread through
him as well, he never thought he would be spanked so long when he
started this. He never put on the website how many smacks he should
get, just that he should be spanked. He figured one smack. Boy was he

"Perhaps you will remember to wiggle now, I know your behind is
stinging, maybe that sting will jog your memory." She gave him one
final hard smack and dropped his hem, tugging it down. "Now back to
your chores."

Holding the panties, Billy walked slowly out of the room, wiggling his
behind with each step. In his head he started to calculate, yesterday
his sister wore pantyhose, jeans, a bra, top and panties. Five items,
five trips up and down two flights of stairs. He knew he had three
days of clothes in his hamper, so she probably did as well. fifteen
trips, about the same for himself and his mother, forty five trips,
one item at a time. wiggling, with a stinging behind. a slave. clothes
locked on, such a short dress, he was in a trance as he walked down
the stairs.

He walked down the hall catching his reflection in the hall mirror
again, looking at himself in the black mini dress carrying a pair of
yellow panties, turning and going down the stairs to the basement,
remembering to keep wiggling, he wasn't sure if he was ready to be
spanked more. Knowing he set that in motion and it couldn't be stopped
now, wiggle or be spanked, and hard too.

Reaching the laundry room he put the panties on the washer and began
his journey back to his sisters room for the next article of clothing
in her hamper.

He passed his mother in the hall, she commented on his nice wiggle, he
blushed. She said, "You know, you may want to have Krissy do something
with your hair, something to match the way you are dressed, then if
someone catches a glance of you when you pick up the mail they won't
think much of it."

Billy stopped. "You want me to get the mail wearing a dress?" He
tugged at the hem, it was just so darn short.

"Yes of course, the long walk down the drive is good for you, this
will be one of your daily chores, rain or shine. So give some thought
to what I said, maybe some braids or a ponytail, it is certainly long
enough" she patted his bum and continued to the kitchen.

He continued up the stairs and down the hall to his sisters room, he
was thinking of the long walk down the driveway wearing this dress,
more shivers and tingles. Krissy was sitting on her bed going through
some magazines as he entered, she watched him wiggle carefully over to
her hamper where he grabbed the pantyhose sitting on the top of the

She smiled and said, "You will have to hand wash those, the machine
will destroy them."

"Hand wash? I am not washing your underwear," he stammered.

She laughed, "Of course you are, you do all the chores now, so washing
is one of the chores, hand washing lingerie is what you do, not just
the pantyhose. Yours too now, your panties and pantyhose" Pointing to
his legs.

"What panties too?" he asked.

"Umhum," nodding and giggling.

"Billy ask your sister about your hair," his mom called out from

"What about your hair?" she asked him.

"Mom said you should braid it or put it in a ponytail" he said looking
down but secretly hoping she would.

She hooked a finger in the lock at his collar and pulled him over to
her dresser, pushed him in to the chair, where he flopped down. She
was still holding on to his collar and used it to turn his head from
side to side as he sat there holding on to her dirty pantyhose. More
tickles in his tummy.

She snatched a brush from her dresser and started working, long
strokes and grabbing hand full's of his long blonde hair. Pulling
tightly she quickly formed a pony tail and a black scrunchy held it in
place. She turned his head side to side again and reached over to her
makeup.... Billy was just sitting quietly not paying attention when a
tube of pink lip stick was waving in front of his face. She pulled his
hair back, tilting his head, before he knew it, his lips were a glossy
soft pink. She giggled.

Just then their mother passed the room and peeked in to see why Krissy
was giggling, "oh very cute" she said looking at the ponytail, then
noticing the soft pink lips on her blushing son. She giggled too.

Billy started to put up a fight, even though the soft pretty face
staring back at him sort of amazed him. "Mommmmm," he started.

"Oh Mom nothing," she said, "let your sister have some fun, she has no
girlfriends near, so a do over could be some fun for her."

"Really Mom?" Krissy asked

"Yes honey, do your best, let's see how pretty you can make him."

Billy squirmed, still holding the pantyhose, his hands resting on his
nylon covered legs, the dress so short it just covered his panties.

"Mom," he started again.

"Sit quietly Billy, let's see if you are as pretty as I think you

It didn't take long to transform Billy, he looked in the mirror and
his reflection sent more shivers up his back. "Mom can I wash this off
now?" he asked with a quiet voice.

"OMG Billy, no, you look too cute. You may spend the day like this,
and thank your sister please." Billy never thought his plan would go
in this direction.

He got up from the chair in a trance and took Krissy's pantyhose to
the laundry room, 46 trips later and another spanking he had all the
laundry on the counter ready to be sorted. He was so tired and his
legs and feet were being tortured. But each time he passed a mirror he
saw this cute blonde girl looking back at him helplessly.

His mother met him in the basement and had him sort the clothes into
whites, lingerie and colors. The whites went in the washer right away.
She then told him to fill the laundry tub with a soapy water so he
could start hand washing the delicates. A pair of Krissy's panties
were on the top of the pile, she handed them to him and told him to
dip them in the soapy water and then to rub the material with his
hands to work in the suds. He dropped them and reached down to grab
them from the bottom of the sink. Of course this got him another hard
spanking, he stood there holding the damp sudsy panties while his
mother turned his behind red again, each stroke stinging more than the
last, this was a real spanking, totally out of his control.

"Be more careful," he was told. "When the load in the washer has
finished, put it in the basket and take it outside to hang on the
line, Put the colors in the washer. When you have finished hand
washing, you can hang them on the line as well."

"Do I have to do this all the time now?" he asked.

"Of course, each morning after you clean the kitchen this will be your
first chore, then make the beds. After that you can dust and wax. By
then the clothes will be ready to hang outside."

"Outside?" Oh great, outside dressed like this, locked in his clothes
too, his tummy really twitched. What was going to happen next?
He carried the load of laundry, in the basket, upstairs. He was
surprised that he didn't have to carry each item up one at a time like
he did when he brought the laundry downstairs. He shook his foot, the
padlock wiggled against his ankle, reminding him that the high heels
were locked on his feet, there was no taking them off today. Which of
course meant he couldn't take off the pantyhose either, or the panties.
As he turned he caught his reflection in a mirror over the laundry tub.
What a silly place for a mirror, there he stood in a short, very short,
dress, a tiny choker around his delicate neck... locked on with a tiny
padlock, pink lips and soft makeup adorning his face, the pony tail his
sister gave him with the pink scrunchy holding it in place.... he
stared in a trance. Even if he wanted to now, he couldn't stop this,
his clothes were locked on, his mother told him this would be for at
least a month. There was no backing out.

He smiled a bit at the thought. Taking the laundry up the stairs, his
feet were becoming quite sore, this was not something he had thought
of. As he went outside to the line, to hang the clothes, his dress
ballooned suddenly in the wind, lifting. His hands were full with the
basket so he could do nothing about it. Of course just then Krissy was
walking by and saw. She giggled. "I can see your panties billy."

He blushed, but was then surprised when he received a smack. "Hey, I
wasn't bending over, that is not fair."

She smacked him again, and again. "If we see your panties we are to
spank you. I saw your panties. Two more, hold still" She struck his
behind two more times, watching his blush grow deeply on both his face,
and his behind. She lowered the hem of the dress. "You better not ruin
that dress, it is one of my favorites you know."

"You picked it for me, I have chores to do and I can't help if anything
spills on it." He wanted to rub his tush, it was burning a bit, but he
was still holding the laundry basket. She grasped the padlock on his
choker again, and tugged him forward so her face was close to his. "You
are very pretty," she whispered and walked away.

His heart was pounding a bit with mixed feelings. He continued to the
clothesline and began to hang the first load of laundry up. Of course
his hands were raised over his head as he attached the pegs. Suddenly
he felt a stinging slap to his bum. Again.

He turned in surprise to see his sister was back. "This is going to be
fun." she said, watching him. "You have to hang the clothes, and I get
to spank you while you do it. But first, I have something for you," she
said with a bit of a twinkle in her eye as she held out a white lacy

"No way," Billy exclaimed.

"Yes Way!" she said as she held the pretty apron out. "I will not have
you messing up my dress with carelessness," She spun him around and
spread the apron over the front of his dress, tying a nice tight bow
behind him. The apron itself was small, Billy didn't know how it was
going to keep much off the dress, it didn't even reach the bottom of
the hem and it seemed more decorative with the lacey border.

He felt a pat on his behind as she stepped back. "There, now you won't
splatter something on my dress, back to work billy," she told him,
pointing to the line.

Billy was in a daze, the apron was snug around his waste and it seemed
to pull the dress a bit shorter. His sister was watching carefully, he
knew he had to bend down to grab the laundry and then raise his hands
over his head to hang them, she was going to spank him each time he
hung something up. Then he noticed she had a fly swatter in her hand.
He looked up at her grinning face and saw what could only be an evil
gleam in her eyes.

Sighing he bend down, grasping a pair of panties, hers of course, and
stood, ready to hang them up. "Be careful with those billy, they are
delicate, maybe tomorrow you can wear them," she taunted, enjoying the
change in her brother, watching as his hands raised up to the line to
hang them in the wind. His hem rose up and she stepped forward quickly,
the fly swatter whistling as it spun through the air, a loud smack
announced its arrival as billy jumped in surprise, and pain. She
quickly swung again, smacking his other cheek as he struggled,
wiggling, while trying to hang the panties on the line. It was like a
dance she thought, as he wiggled back and forth, trying to evade the
fly swatter as it stung his behind with each smack.

Billy looked into the basket, a pair of jeans, a skirt, two more
panties and a top yet to hang. He just gave in, accepting he was in his
sister's control. He went as quickly as he could, the fly swatter
smacking time after time, the stings becoming a glow. The swatter
seemed to make more noise than inflict pain, but it did sting never the
less, and the humiliation seemed to be powerful.

Finally he finished, tugging the short dress down, adjusting the apron
begrudgingly, he picked up the basket and actually stuck his tongue out
at his sister as he left... to get another load, another load,
certainly she wasn't going to follow him around all day he wondered? He
was feeling more like a slave, he began to think of another edit for
the website. How much trouble could he get himself into, each edit
seemed to snowball, out of his control.

As he walked in the house his mother was on the way out, she stopped
cold and smiled at him, seeing his apron over the black mini dress.
"OMG billy, where did you get the apron, don't you look cute, we have
our own little maid it seems. Maybe you could get me an iced tea? I am
going to sit on the patio for a while," dismissing him she continued on
her way still grinning.

Butterflies were dancing in his tummy now, when she used the 'maid'
word he almost collapsed. He put the basket in the kitchen, she said
she wanted the ice tea now, not when he finished the laundry. He wanted
to be obedient, it was part of his plan. He got a tall glass and filled
it with ice tea, fortunately there was a jug ready in the refrigerator.
He put the glass on a round tray and tugged down his dress again. The
darn thing was so short. He tried to loosen his apron, but his sister
tied a double knot and it was so tight he couldn't spin it around, it
was stuck on.

He minced out, remembering to wiggle his behind from side to side,
balancing the glass on the tray. When reaching the patio he saw Krissy
was sitting beside his mother, smiling at him. "Oh that looks
wonderful, please get me one as well," she called out.

He brought the tray over and dropped to his knees, knowing if he didn't
he would bend, and his sister was playing with the fly swatter as she
watched him, grinning she made a swoosh in the air with it.

Sara looked at the youngster kneeling before them, holding out the
tray, she waited a moment enjoying his submissive. He had always been
such a handful, it was so nice to see him like this. He looked up
wondering why she hadn't taken the glass yet.

"There is no ice billy" she told him, pointing to the glass. "Please
bring me an ice tea with ice cubes, with a straw too, I think. Would
you like a straw Krissy?" she asked her daughter.

Billy stood, finding it harder to get up holding the tray as his sister
told him of course she wanted ice too, tapping his pantyhose clad thigh
with the fly swatter gently. "Wait billy, you haven't been dismissed
yet," she joked.

Sara giggled and told her not to be mean, it was so nice to have a maid
to wait on them, looking at billy blush deeply as he was teased. "Off
you go, there are still a lot of chores to be done" she told him.

Billy started back, remembering just in time to be sure to wiggle his
bum, the short skirt swaying back and forth. Moments later he was back,
two drinks, ice in both. He dropped to his knees between them, holding
up the tray. "You know mom, I could really get used to this," Krissy
said, taking her ice tea from the  little maid.

Sara smiled. "Well, we have him this way for a month at least, we will
see how things go. Billy has your hip popped out at all today?"

"No mom, it hasn't" he said, as she took her drink from the tray, he
waited before standing. Krissy was tapping his behind gently with the
fly swatter, teasingly. Each tap was getting a bit harder though, Sara
didn't seem to notice but billy started to squirm a bit.

"Have you finished the laundry?" Sara asked, looking down at billy.
Watching the fly swatter tapping his bum, seeing him squirming as she
tormented him. "Krissy!" she scolded.

"Oh you too, always teasing each other, off you go billy, there is work
to be done."
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