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Re: The Sun I Can't See by Tigerstretch
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Gosh - it took me a long time to get back to this story to read the 'final four'. Btw - be aware that the link from 4a to 4b doesn't work - it returns to top of 4a.

The story changed a lot in chapter 4! Kind of.... got adult. Changing from just the wild fetish-rush into handling such emotions. And it does work well. Chapter 4 was interesting and thought-provoking more than plain sexy. But well - I could reread the first three chapters if I needed some inspiration to wank off. Or read other great stories at the Plaza. This one is deliciously thoughtful.

Thanks for letting us read your story, Tigerstretch.

Thanks for reading it. Yes, chapter 4 was more of a reflexion on life, friends and love. The Sun was always meant to be a bit like that. No matter your strengths and weaknesses, you have to fi d your path in life and try to grow up and understand what you want.

If you want wanking material, chapter 4 was not it, but I have a few stories coming down the pipe that are designed to be wankable. Lol. One is about mermaid and the other is the good ending of building reality. Both full of rubber. And sexiness. :)


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